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The Price of Love

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.



  • September 19, 2015
    11:00 AM
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Holy Father. Our Father God in heaven. Father I'm kneeling your presence right now because I need help and father in spite of myself and I'd be a blessing not a curse or people. After the Holy Spirit here in a mighty way to touch minds and hearts to fill me with the Holy Spirit that Christ be seen and not I. And so Father. Do for us. And do for me what I can I do for myself. Make something special here happen here today. We thank you Lord for the Sabbath. We thank you for the privilege of worship in spirit and truth. And we ask for your presence in the market manner this we pray and Jesus' name amen. In one hundred eighty one. The crown prince of Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Mohammad Bonzai you'd married. A princess named Salama to celebrate the occasion the sheikh father to ruler of Dubai. Provided the venue for the wedding. Which is not unusual just there for a parent to make in this case however the venue happened to be a multipurpose twenty thousand seat stadium at an estimated cost around twenty two million dollars. Ladies how would you like that when he gets upon completion the couple enjoyed a week long celebration. Within the stadium. Of their marriage. According to the Guinness Book of World Records that is the most expensive the wedding. Ever cost the incredible. One hundred million dollars. Weddings are expensive. How about love we don't know the for that for sure but when these are expensive and then what we see here that love can oftentimes be expensive. And notice how expensive love is not of the Bible says. In first Corinthians Chapter six. Verse twenty. The Bible says For you are by what the what. Price therefore glorify God in your body and your spirit which are God So the Bible says that we are bought with a price. So what is a prize most of the Bible says and First Timothy to go to First Timothy Chapter two. No to the Bible says the first time if you Chapter two verse five First Timothy Chapter two verse five. How are we bought with the price first Timothy Chapter two verse five. And when their police Amen. You see I Powerpoint all my slides. Because in my church we have a time limit and potluck time is very valuable. So therefore I'm trying to save time some used to it. But I forget that you know Aben hope we turn the by the way meant. So that you are working with the first time at the Chapter two verses five and six. The Bible says For there is one got and one mediator between God and man. The man Christ Jesus who gave himself a ransom for all to be testified in due time. So the price I was bought for the price that was paid for our bodies. Was the ransom of cries. Old life. Heaven. Poured everything in the form of Jesus. They mortgaged everything in the form a Jesus. So that we could be bought and love is expensive. Notice what the Bible says in John chapter three verse sixteen. This is a famous text. John chapter three verse sixteen. We know this is still unknown to us when we look at a deeper. It is that has special significance to Seventh Avenue. Living in earth last history here today and also the Bible says and John's to be. Verse sixteen. For the Bible says. For God so loved the that he what is love. It's a good. And what it again. His only begotten Son that whosoever believe this. Believe if in Him who is the only begotten son who is Jesus Jesus is the truth a man. Jesus the word. Jesus the high priest. Jesus is our king. Jesus is our intercessor. Jesus is our sin bear. Jesus is our substitute. Whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world. But that the world through Him might be say. And still God had a point man to when it's over. You see right now we are in the abusive relationship with Jesus and we are the abusers. We have used God's goodness. We have used class mercy. We do everything we can to be abusive. But Jesus himself said I will take the buz. Because I want to demonstrate that my love for you is expensive. In fact. This great demonstration does greatest gift of heaven. Was demonstrated in the beginning. No to the Bible says. What I was demonstrating those of I was in Genesis Chapter three. Genesis chapter three verse six. This is the time. And the air and sacred history where humanity itself. Genesis chapter three verse six the Bible says. And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food. And that it was pleasant to the eyes. And the tree to be desired to make one wise. She took the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also want to or a husband. With her and he did eat and eyes of them. Both were open and they would knew that they were what naked and they sued fig leaves together and made themselves what. This is the invention of the very first mini skirt. Aprons emit. And so. Realizing that the pleasure of sin is temporary. I bet you that food tasted good either to taste more good in a Christian. Clean don't it. I bet you taste more good than ice cream or any to consider trees that were ever devised by humanity. It tasted good. It tasted delicious. Just like finance pleasurable and fun for a season. But then the guilt. That said. Then this change that stayed. And they realize they were naked and ashamed. And all the time when we sin. And when we are exposed to our sins. What do we do we go everywhere else before we go to God we try to solve it before we always go to got. We try to cover it up. Politicians trying to cover up things we try to hide things we try to get public relations. To fix things out. Rather than go to the one store skins that could solve all our problems. And so humanity. Adamant he said the president that when they spin. They were now ashamed. Then my peace we add a moment. But and ultimately the bitter reality kicks in and our first entity is to fix it ourselves. And what they do. I made the first miniskirt. That was ever made that how did Adam and Eve react when God approached and those are the Bible says. In Genesis chapter three verse eight. The Bible says. And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in a garden in the cool of day. And Adam and his wife his themselves from the presence of the Lord God. Amongst the trees of the garden. And the Lord God called on to Adam and said unto him. Where are that. So it's interesting. God. Even though we sin. God is pursuing this. God is trying to dialogue with that God is still trying to establish a relationship. And a dialogue with us yet as to manatee. We run away. We are running away from the very essence of one that could save us. And to solve our problems. And yet God still pursue service because God is love. And so oftentimes we have a bad picture and got thinking when we sin. We have to run away from God that we deserve God's wrath but the Bible clearly tells us. No God is trying to seek and approaches and try to win it over with his love and yet we run away. Now. Why did they run away from God's Presence knows what the Bible says in Genesis chapter three verse ten eleven. Notice Adam's rationale. The Bible says and he said I heard I voice in the garden and I was self frayed. Because I was naked and I hid myself. And he said. Who told the that Dow was naked. Has out in the tree where of I commanded V. that doubt. Shit is NOT eat. And so Adam is saying that he was afraid of God's presence. He was afraid and ashamed of God. But what is God and who is God knows about us and first on chapter four were sixteen. The Bible says. And we have known and believe the love that God has to us. God is what God is love so Adam and Eve was running away from love. How many of you want to run away from love. None of us do. But yes sin often cause messes our minds so much. That's the very essence of love. We run away from. And he that Walton loved Well thank God and God in him here in this our love made perfect that we may have boldness in the day of judgment. Because as he is so are we in this world. For there is no fear in love but perfect love casts not what fear because fear hast Torm it. He'd ask there is not made perfect. In love. So we see here. There is a server and a disconnect. Adam and Eve mis represented the character of God. Because they know that they violate the God's law because they knew that they sin. They ran away from love himself. You know oftentimes we are sent to add in this. And you know we're living in that time and her sister E.. When we realize that things are happening in rapid order. The Papacy is coming and having more and more power. We see here. All these Supreme Court cases and whatnot. Going along. And I see many Seventh Day Adventists afraid. I was going on but when we know Jesus. And we know that God is love. Perfect love casts is all fear. Because as that song said Jesus paid it all and here Adam and Eve because they have a misrepresentation. Other characters got thinking that the wrath of God will be upon them. That the close of probation. Was upon them. At that moment that day. Ran away from love himself. Will you know what I love about God God diagnosis our condition. But he has a solution. You know we do essence Alice. Firstly present to seven thousand ministers. We're easy to diagnose the problem though we were often alone solutions for God has a solution for every problem. Knows about was the other solution is knows about us as in Genesis chapter three verse twenty one. Genesis chapter three verse twenty one what did God do for a snake in its genesis chapter three verse twenty one. The Bible says. Genesis chapter three verse twenty one and to Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats the skins and clothe them. So here. Adam and Eve were naked. They try to with their own self righteousness make an apron or a mini skirt the cover their sin but God had a solution. God made them. Coats of skin out there's a coat cover your extremities and everything yes he gave the ultimate brand name clothes in the alternate fashion designer. Cut and perfected. To fit. Our bodies to cover us from our shame and our nakedness you think brand name clothing is good I want to wear that code name. And God the ultimate designer. Gave that brand name clothing that coat the skin. But this coat of skin I think had a very emotional significance as Remember in Genesis chapter two verse nineteen. Remember what God commission Adam to do the Bible says and out of the ground. The Lord God formed. Every beast the field and every fall of the air and brought them on to Adam to see what he would call them. And whatsoever Adam call. Every living creature. That was named there of so we know that in the Bible. Adam was commissioned to name the animals. Is that correct. Could it be that Adam named that Adam all that was killed. To have that skin cover in. Imagine the emotional connection. You name the first species of that animal. And you see the animal killed. And then you see that animal that you have an emotional connection with. And the closing of that cover to you for what you did wrong. You're responsible for that animal's death. So like you're having that prize. Ted and you absolutely ran him over with your car. You see God was trying to teach us that sin is expensive. Well not only that soon this expensive. But that the solution to sin is expenses. Because love is expensive. So this cult of skin was a daily reminder of the price of said that their nakedness was called by God because it resulted in the loss of life. Perhaps there was an animal that Adam personally name. That Adam witness died. And we know that that was a type or prefigure of Jesus coming to die for our sins as a sin bear. As a lamb. That taketh away the sins of the world. And can you imagine. Do you think perhaps. I'm I think the Adam and Eve war that cultures skin. Till they died. It's a reminder of God's mercy. That they were not consumed. But is also reminder of the prize that sin. Causes world. And notice what Adam was experienced the one his clothing that coldly. Also reminded him of God's mercy and got rid of this. But exceedingly simple as and a cause to sit and notice what. What Adam experiences I believe he experiences. This in motion and also what the Bible says and Zachariah Zachariah chapter twelve. Verse ten. The Bible says. And our poor upon the House of David and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem. The spirit of grace and the supplications. And a shell local Pommy whom they have peers and they shell more for and as one morning for his only son and shall be embittered for hand. As one that isn't bitterness. For his first born. You see I believe when Adam. Day after day as he looked upon his garment that causes cancer is reminded that that his action will cause the very death of the Creator. So that he could be saying that Jesus will pay it all. And Adam by face look in the future and realize that his sin. Were cause of death of Jesus. You know was also deep about that situation. When Adam and Eve fell. Remember when Adam a nice and God said so who told you about a fruit who cause you to eat the fruit. What Adam said it was the woman. You may for me now know as we say that Adam was blaming the woman right. But if you look at the deeply. It was the woman that you made for me. In fact. Adam was blaming God for creating the woman. So Adam was say God is your fall. And what does Jesus do. Even though it's not his fault. Jesus says. I will make it my fault. Jesus has the blame for us. Even though he doesn't deserve to take the way. He says we're sponsibility. The Bible says he became sin for us. So that we don't have to experience it. And so in this age where men. Don't take responsibly for their actions. In this age where men are not from Philly. Their God given roles. God is giving as example that even though. In the midst of this time. God has given up an example that as men we should take responsibly for accidents. And the responsibility of our family member societies. And so. Adam I believe was experiencing the morning. As he saw the garment. And a fat the Bible says. In second currency in chapter seven verse ten four galleys stall work of repentance of salvation. Not to be repented of. But the sorrow of the world. Work it said. Can you imagine. Adam and Eve when humanity became to procreate and more and more people came on the scene. That they're very garment show the rightness is in the mercy of God. They're very garment. Was a testimony of God love em or see other plan or redemption their very garment. Was not only a symbol of sin entering the world. But that's a sin Berridale rescue them from sin. And Adam and Eve. Remorse. Realized that love is expense. If that knows with inspiration certain education education. Page two sixty three paragraph one. Those who think the result of hastening or hindering the gospel. Think of it in relation to themselves and the world. If you think of its relation to God. If you give thought to the suffering that sin has caused our Creator. All heaven suffered in Christ. Agony. But that suffering did not begin or in with this manifestation humanity. The cross is a revelation to our dull senses of the pain that for it's very inception. Sin has brought to the heart of God. Every departure from the right. Every deed of cruelty. Every Fillery Comanche to reach his high ideal. Brings grief. To him. And also in this great incessant step to Christ that the Cross page thirty one paragraph to inspiration says. The exceedingly simple noticed and can be estimated only in the light of the cross. One man urge that God is too good to cast off the thinner. Let them look to Calvary. It was because there was no other way in which man could be saved because without this sacrifice. It was impossible for the human race escape from the defiling powers to end and be restored to communion with holy beings. Impossible for them. Again to become partakers of spiritual life. It was because of this that Christ took upon himself. The guilt others disobedience and stuffed bird in the sinners. Said Jesus said. It's my fault. Even though it was not my fault. The love and suffering and death of the Son of God all testified to the terrible enormity of sin and the clear that there is no escape from this power. No hope for the higher life. But through the submission of the soul of Christ. You know what I believe Adam and Eve experience. They experience death in a very personal way by seeing that animal killed in the coast this can be enclosed death affect us to how close it is. It's a fixed us a mostly by its proximity. Now recently we see here in Syria. We have a massive refugee crisis because of ISIS and on C.N.N. of a week or so ago. There was a picture of a two year old infant boy. That was drought in the coast of Turkey. And it went viral. And people were in the upper or that something must be done for the refugees in Syria. And I believe there are churches that should be in the forefront a man. But at the end of the day. Although that death is terrible. It's business as usual after we see that picture. But as that death comes closer. What if there was a death in your neighborhood. One of those deaths in your calculus. It gets closer and closer may perhaps you knew what student. That you want to school with that died that dead becomes more and more meaningful. But when it becomes or family member. When it becomes your best friend. Want to become someone that you love that death has great significance. The reason why we fall into sin. The reason why we keep on going back to our old ways. Is because the death of the cross is still a mere existence in our personal experience. There is not a close proximity we don't realize that Jesus. Should be our best friend. That whom we were responsible for killing. But when we realize the person sniff it can. That death has close proximity. Then that love will awaken its love and receive the mercy of God and the love of God and God will work through us and in us. So that we could have victory over sin and God desires after you when you see Recently I learned this in the profound manner. Death has visited in my circle recently. One of my best friends in high school and back in high school I was in who I am today. One of my best friends in high school. Died of a motorcycle accident. And the circumstances behind that was very saddening. And very tragic. And knowing that he died. Affected me why because he's my friend. And therefore that death has impacted me. More than say. And I'm not trying to be callous someone that I knew from my church or someone that I knew from my neighborhood. Or someone that the closer it is the more thinks. You see my best friend in high school talked me out of committing suicide. I was depressed in high school hours. All crazy. I had an identity crisis and I was under depression. And he somehow God used at that time to talk me out of committing suicide. The regret that I had is that I didn't have the opportunity of fully share Jesus with him. Share Jesus with your friends while you can imagine what I'll go to the share with his friends. And the sound of the nurses how sad the praise God for mercy that he would use the time in. And so we see here. That the closer death is the more significant it is in fact you know the term wearing your heart in your sleep. Yes. I believe that Adam was wearing the heart of Jesus in the sleeve. While wearing that COTA skin. The heart of love. Now what is God speaking to do for us. Even though we pain and even though we sin. And also the Bible says and Isaiah sixty three vs. The Bible says. For he said Surely they are my people killed and I will not lie. So he was their savior. In all their affliction. He was afflicted. Now. No matter how we treat got no a Bible says. Surely they are likely to God considered you. And I his people. Even though. How we treat him. Qualifies for him to reject us. And even though we may treat him that he says that we are His people. Children that will not. He was their savior. In all their affliction. He was afflicted. Are paying is his thing. And the Angeles presence. Save them in his law then this pity he would deem them. Any bear them. And carry them. All the days of all. You see this was happening during the time when Israel in Judo were teetering towards apostasy. And they were calling closer and closer to the point of no return. When babbling will come to carry them away. Yet Jesus said that in the inspiration lies they are that his people. Is Israel. No matter how they treated God. Do you see the mercy of God. Today that God loves you and God is seeking to forgive you and God is trying to save you. No matter what. And you committed. Now as Adam and Eve was naked. When they sinned there is someone or a group of people that are naked in these last days and also the Bible says in Revelation chapter three verse seventeen. The Bible says. Because now says I am rich. And increasingly good. And have need of nothing and no it's not that doubt are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked. So God is telling are in time church. The load to see in church. That were riches. Poor blind and they could even though we don't realize it when they look at our church we my worst suit and attacks. We may be in these institutions. We might have a good income. But the Bible says that we are rich and poor blind and naked. But I praise god it. When Jesus diagnosed the problem. He gives a solution. And notices. Pollution. The Bible says. I counsel V. to bother me goal tried and far. God down man to be rich and white Rayment out dogmas be close. And that the shame of our nakedness do not appear. So just I Adam and Eve were naked soldiers got in town church. The Laodicean church is also naked was thin. But the difference is the time of Adam and Eve. They were ashamed and naked. In this day in Earth history. Were not ashamed that were naked. Because sin has been known their minds. But yet God is telling us that he has a wide remit. To clothe us from our nakedness. Now what is that white remit. Those are the Bible says and Revelation Chapter seven. For sporting. The Bible says and I said unto you sir about Noah's and he sent to me. These are they to come out a great tribulation. And I wash their role as a maid that why in the what a lot of the way. Just like that coat of skin. Require the shedding of blood. So to got entire piece will that come out of question is our will have a white Raymond. With the blood of the land. Because love is expense. And what is that blows to this why it was all about was as in Revelation Chapter one Verse five. The Bible says and from Jesus Christ. Who is a first faithful when this in the first begun the dead. And the prince of the kings of the earth. On to him that. Loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood. So that blood represents the washing of our sins and to cover us from our shame. Now was the prices still she did with this blood also the Bible says in the fetus Chapter one Verse seven. The Bible says. In whom we have read Densham through his blood. The forgiveness of sins according to the riches of His grace. In other words the read Denson to be redeemed from the hostage of sin. God shared his own blood for us so that we could gain for a given this. And we were Dean because Heaven's entire bank account was paid for you in the You and I are valuable to you know that humanity may see that you're not in that you're not valuable. You may not get the job that you want. You might be at school or you might not measure up to your fellow classmates. Teachers may look down upon you. You may not have the greatest clothes in the world. You might not have the greatest social status in the world. But you all are valuable because Jesus paid it off for you. And when we have a glimpse of this love and when we had a glimpse of this forgiveness. This love awaken its love. And then we can obey God's commands. No matter what this world that no matter what church and state does to us no matter what persecution cause because we see the significance of the forgiveness and love of Jesus. We will stand in that crisis or. The reason why Jesus has not come yet is because we have a misperception of the character of God and this forgiveness of sins for you in that we were trying to do what every other way. We're trying to cover it up. And oftentimes we get excited by the truth. And we start making changes outside of the will of God. Because we don't realize that the friggin this a sense empowers us the whole lot. And we try to do it ourselves. And we think we're better than everyone. Because we eat better. And we dress better. And then we get discouraged and we fall outside the church. Because we have a would be misrepresentation of the character of God No These meet force is not to condemn us in to give us. Joyless was Jesus is going to give us life and life more abundantly. G.'s want to give us something better. His blood pay for us. So that our sense will be forgiven now what does the blood of Jesus make us. And also the Bible says and Romans Chapter three of you know mine is a biography today's OK. And then. The Bible says and Romans chapter three verse twenty five. Whom God has set forth to be a P.C. Sion through faith in his blood. To declare his right to his for the remission of sins that are passed through the forbearance of got to declare I say at this time his righteousness that he might be just. And the justifier of the him. Who believe it and. Jesus. So the Bible say to faith in cries of blood was shed for us. He declares us. Right. As though we have never said you know as a difficult concept. Because we're so inundated by the relationships that we have with our parents and our friends and our family members. We can't phantom that when we say. And we confess our sins. God is faithful a just a forgive our sins. And at that moment. You are perfect. That moment. All the records of the sins of the past. All are covered. You see human beings. In a lot of Asian and Asians you know when you do something that again says they remember everything. I mean extremely Koreans especially. And I'm Korea. In over to Liberty does something bad in Korea you know what happened. They dig out what they did in their junior high school. Their high school record. Every bad thing is thrown at them. All the records of sin is going to ponder. But God isn't operate that way. When God hears that you seek to have your sins forgive us is as though that you have never seen. God has said. You are just in the course of heaven that you are just. And you are perfect in the eyes of God. There is no more since you seem when we accept God's forgiveness you know that we're ready for Jesus' Second Coming. We're perfect as a guide. Weeks of justification by faith. When we accept the forgiveness of sin. That means that we at that moment are ready for Christ's return. And that love awaken and love and I can tell to still day his command. And those with faith the worst page one or three says inspiration says. Pardon and justification are one and the same thing. Through faith the believer passes from the position of a rebel. A challenge sin and Satan. To the position of a loyal subject the Christ Jesus. Not because of an inherent goodness. But because Christ and sees it as a child by adoption. Let me stop here. As I said before last weekend. I was at my friend's moral service. It was the first time I met some of my high school friends in one thousand years I don't go to the class reunions. And they don't go either. We were all. Outcast from that school. And when I was there. And I was walking around some woman came out to me said. Are you Peter Chernin said yes I have I heard you're still mean in high school. You're a bully want to. I said yes. I was when I was in school teacher. And now metasearch. Because I am experiencing just because a lot of the center receives a free consistence because these things are born biased us and to ensure to the Lord speaks to his heavenly father saying this is my child. I will prevent from the condemnation of death and giving him my life insurance policy. Eternal life. Because I have taken his place and have suffered for it says. Have you signed up for the life insurance policy today. Most I don't want. And it's not all stating that. It's all heaven. And all Jesus. He is even my beloved the this man. Part of enclosed with a beautiful comes across as righteousness. Stance. Follows. Before God. But the question is if we're forgiven. Can we do everything we want. It's I.O.I. were forgiven so I could just go along partying and go to a nightclub and have a good time this afternoon. What when we're forgiven we can do whatever we want. And those are the Bible says in Romans Chapter six persist team. The Bible says What then shall we sit in. Because we are not under the law but under grace. God forbid. Knowing not that to whom you yield yourself serve until they his servant the are to whom you obey. Whether a sinner to death or of obedience and A right is so Paul is saying there that when we're forgive us we're under grace. That does not compel us a sense because we become servants will fold. Service. Not for service. We choose God. Therefore we obeyed. And that's why inspiration says and signs of the Times March one eight hundred ninety nine. God does not forgive sin to encourage us to continue in stead. How then can we experience the true forgiveness of God and to an experience. Obedience through the merits of Jesus knows what inspirations says and desire they just. Page six sixty eight paragraph three all true opinion comes from the what. Hard. It was the hard work were cries. And if we can said he will so identify himself with our thoughts and aims. So bland our hearts and minds of the conformity to his will that when obeying him. We shall be by carrying our own impulses. The will refine and sent to five. Will find this higher civilized in doing a service. When we know God is our privilege and know in our life will be a life of continual obedience. Through when the precision of the character of the cries. Through communion with God. Then will become hateful to us. You see ancient Israel. When they brought out lamb. To be slain last meaning of the sacrifice. And its significance because they were still fixated on their own selves and what they were doing that all timidly. They were selling. What is then their time for a light indulgences all we saw in the dark ages. They bought sacrifices. The last meaning. Other significant other deaths across. Because their religious it was distant with God. Well like Adam when the coast is kinda animal that reminded him the cost is ten. So to only ask for forgiveness. And we're reminded of the death a cost of the blood life that called a scan shows us the price to love. And that's why we see here in Luke Chapter seven we don't have to turn their will remember the woman with the alabaster box. The woman I was prevent for being a woman of the night. Jesus said that he'd asked. Love us much. Is Forgiven. Much. Do you realize how much we can when i are forgiven for our sins. Session we are Seventh Avenue. We have a more simply because we have all the light in the world yet we still say God is still worth will do it without mercy to compel us to love him in. And so what does putting on the white gray men. Or the code a skin. What does that do for us know what the Bible says a colossal chapter three verse eight. The Bible says. In caution chapter three verse eight. But now you also put off all these anger. Rast malice blasphemy filthy communication add your mouth. Line now want to another thing that you have put off the old man with his deeds. We have put on the new man which is renewed and knowledge. After the image of him that created have. So the Bible is telling us that God is seeking to restore us into the original image which is. So God created man that own image in the image of God created him. Male and female created and them through low light chestnuts. Across a restoration of what we lost. And that was that the christ as a page fifty one paragraph three. There is a condition to this promise that we pray appointed the will of God. What is the will of God to cleanse us from SENT TO MAKE US is children into and able us to live a holy life. The purpose is the restoration of we lost in the Garden of Eden. Now what does the white garment do for us as we reason final points Revelation Revelation sixteen were sitting. Those are the Bible says what is the white garment do for us Revelation sixteen verse it in the Bible says the whole. I come as a thief blesses is he that watches and keep it is garment. Lessee walk naked. And they see his shame. So the Bible is telling us that the garment allows us to be closed. So that when Jesus can't. We will no longer be ashamed because the coast is can or top of the right. The Christ and Genesis is linked to Revelation. It is where even last will be even restored. And that's why when we have a course and scared and were no modern it is known for the Bible says and Revelation nineteen. Revelation nineteen verse seven. The Bible says of Revelation ninety seven let us be glad and rejoice and give honor to him for the marriage of the Lamb is come and as wife had made herself ready answer her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen. Clean and wise for the fine linen at the right is the same. And he said unto me ride buses are they. Which are called into marriage supper the laugh. And he sits on to me. They are the two things I've got until God gives us. And we're ready. Because we're not naked. And we have a garment of Christ to that we could see Jesus. In the clouds of glory. You see there is another group of people they'll be running away. That same fall on us because they don't receive the free garment that Jesus really gives you an out and so the theme. All the price of love is what we lost and Needham will be restored. Redemption and restoration. In Genesis chapter two verse seventeen What is that garment do for us. Genesis chapter two verse seventeen. The Bible says. Bible tells us in Genesis chapter two verse seventeen. That man and woman. Humanity loss access to the tree allied. And that they will die. And Revelation Chapter two verse eleven the Bible says that those that overcome a wall not be heard of the second that the Genesis chapter two percent in the Bible says that whoever eat of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil. They will dots but Revelation chapter to pursue a letter to the Bible tells us that doles are condemned as I will not have a second death. Because they overcome by the Blood of Jesus in Genesis chapter three verse ten. The Bible says and he said I heard dive boys in the garden. And I was afraid because I was naked. And I hid myself in relative chapter three verse five the Bible says he the elder comics the same Shelby cloak in white Raymond. And I will not blot out of his name out of the book alive. But I will confess his name before my father. And before the angels. So in Genesis. We are naked in Revelation. We have our clothes which story in Genesis chapter three verse twenty four humanity. Was exiled from the garden with a caravan that was guarding the gates of the garden. When religion chapter three verse twelve. The Bible says to him that overcome a while make a pillar in the temple of my God and each of go out no more. And I will write upon him. The name of my God in the name of the city oh my god. Which is New Jerusalem which cometh down out of heaven. From my God and I will write upon him. My new name. No longer. What we not have access. We will have complete permanent access to the presence of God. But we lost in the garden even in Genesis chapter one verse twenty seven twenty eight. The Bible tells us that God gave humanity. Still minion over the earth. But we lost it when we did. But the Bible says and Revelation Chapter two verse twenty thick. To he to overcome it and keep in my work on to the end. To him while I get power over the nation. And religion three twenty one The Bible says to him that overcome a. Well I glance to sit with me in my throat. Even as I also very can't the bill million that we lost in the Garden of Eden. The Dominion will be restored. In the time of complete redemption. And we will rule what Jesus to eternity as call rulers of the universe. You know what a difference between the papacy and Jesus is the papacy restrict the power and consolidate power. Jesus shares his power with his children and then Genesis chapter three verse twenty one. The Bible says and this is the crux of the matter and to Adam and also is why did the Lord God make coats and skin and clothe them and then in Revelation Chapter seven. Revelation Chapter seven. Verse fourteen. The Bible says and that's gone to him third out militant he said and to me. These are the which came out a great tribulation and have lost their roles that made them wide in the blood of the Lamb. These are they. Before the throne of God and serve him day and night in this temple and that's the that's it honest Rome. Sold well. Among them and they shall hunger no more need a thirst anymore. Neither shall the sun light on them. Nor any he for the Lord which is in the miss the throne shelf the them. And so lead them on to living found in the water and God to wipe away all tears from there on the coast to scan as a tide of the garment. Of pure white. Purity that crisis fifty to give his people here in the last days. And in Genesis chapter one verse twenty seven we see here that command he was denied the access to the garden the Eden. What interest graduation to twenty six and Revelation three twenty one. They have now access to the tree of life. The one that a lost access to now they have restored and closing. Knows a great college page has forty seven paragraphs to say. And Adam discerns the prince of the cruel Mel. He does not fall upon the bulls in the Lord by the humiliation. Cason self at his feet crying. War of the world is a land that was plain tenderly the savior lift him up and did send local palled more upon the Eden home from which he has so long been exiled. After that fortune from the Eden Adams life on earth was filled with Starro every dying leaf every victim of sacrifice. Every blot upon the fair face a nature. Every stain upon man security. Was a fresh from my nervous in terrible was the agony of remorse. As he be held in equity about me in an answer to his warnings met the reproaches kept upon himself as a cause of sin. With patient humility bore. For nearly a thousand years. That tells you a transgression. Faithfully duty repent. Others stand in trust in the merit of the promised Saviour. And he died in the hope of a resurrection. Those Son of God would D.-Man failure and fall. And now. Through the work of the Atonement. Adam that reinstated in his first domain. You know what's called the brothers and sisters. The only beings in entire universe. That were rebellion against God. Us. Will be given access to God's throne. To rule with him. The same planet. That was the only planet in the tire universe rebelling against God and his government will be given the privilege of being the capital of the entire universe. In the New Jerusalem. When we see the for a given this. And mercy of God. When that love. Awaken that love. That would do so before I said nothing else can do. And we may focus on the papacy. We may focus on in time of death. We may focus on all the things going on and brothers this is I know it's not business as usual. There is a new normal going on right now that's not normal. But when we focus on Jesus and His forgiving and pardon power. No Sunday long. No president no terrorist can move us because we realize that love is expensive. That's why the Bible says and Romans eight thirty two he that spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all. House we not with him. Also freely give us all things and what if you give us religion twenty first one and three are final text. And then show me a pure river of water of life. Clear ice crystal. Proceeding at a throne of God and of the lab in a miss the street of it. And on either side of the river. Was there the tree of life. Which bear twelve man our fruit and the yielded her fruit. Every month. And the leaves of the tree. Were for the human even nations. And there shall be no more curse. Because the curse is reverse. But the throne of God in the lab. Shall be in it. And the servant. Self-serving explain want to see Jesus come. The only access is to Jesus and his pardoning love for you when the. When we understand how God forgives us. And God is seeking to restore us. And God is trying to give us life and life more abundantly. To us. Then we experience the third angel's message. Here are the paintings of the saints. Here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith in Jesus. My burden. And I've been to some here today. Is not only to teach prophecy. And in time advance which I'm known for and which is I did many meetings for my bird and. Now in the past few years. To show that God loves you. God is seeking to forgive us. And redeem us. And restore us. And he loves us. What it unconditional love. And even though we treat them badly. God is open to us. Having a door knocking on the door of our part. Say my child. Please let me get probation closes. Because of us. And not because of any exterior thing. The reason why the market obese in the seven last plagues happened is because corporately. Every human being on the planet. Made a complete final decision either to love God completely or to reject God completely. And so because the corporate people of the earth. Reject God completely. God has no choice but to close provision. Because there's no point in the forgiveness of sins. You want I have a choice. We determine our destiny. By choosing to choose God's forgiveness and to where the coats of skin or to try to fix fly within ourselves. The choice is ours. Our Father and God in heaven. Father forgive me for the sequel presentation. I'm almost ashamed of this message. And how inadequate it was presented of your love for us. And your mercy for us. The father's bottom I felt ease. Mayor love you clearly see. That Jesus was seen in this message has a head about and eyes are close. Is there is someone here today say father today. I want to extend your forgiveness. I've had some guilt of bandages in my past I am beating myself up with some bandages and situation from the past but today. I want to experience. Your mercy. I want to experience or forgiveness. I want to experience justification. And I want to experience the experience that you're freely willing to give us. Which is when we receive you when accept your forgiveness. As though that you have never said. If that's you here today. That want to let go of the bandages of the past and to experience Christ forgiveness. Love and Mercy. I asked to you stand here today. Is that you desire is that you do your desire today. That you want to let go of the past and be restored. And those that stand I want to ask you something can you please come forward while the special prayer. Those that stand Can you please come forward. As we have a special prayer as a family. Today could be a new day for us. If you had to choices abuse in the past Today Gallup wants to heal you. Today if you had a situation of abusive parent that you were in the expectations of someone and you're not good enough to know that you're good enough to guide. Today is a day when you could let go of your past that your sins will be blotted out that completely the record the sense could be blotted out and cover art as though that you have never seen. Today is a day where we have human and restoration. And once we receive healing and restoration the forgiveness. We can see Jesus come in the closet glory get out loud cry. Of justification by faith of the power to turning those message. Realizing that forgiveness is connected with the keeping the coming months ago today could be a NEW DAY Let's pray. Father I'm standing here today. For I need healing. Father I pick you in these last few years you are giving me this journey. This hard journey of life experiences. Not from a book or from life experiences and justification by faith. Father although there were times that are severely painful. Father I thank you for your love and mercy. That you're seeking to restore us. He's seeking us to let go of the bandages of the past. To give us a new life a life more abundantly a new father made you. Restore us. And heal us from our past mistakes our past sense. If we have guilt. Then we realize that the thin. Part and Savior Jesus is seeking the fully forgive us and restore it and declare is right isn't perfect. At this very moment if we accept the Father help us to realize the preciousness of your love. The preciousness of your glory. The preciousness of your mercy for them when we realize the love and mercy. Then we realize that we are say. Father may we today have a new day a new life. May we be here or the restored. So that we could share this precious. Message. A justification by faith. Other forgiveness is sent to a thin dime world a world of abuse a world of very good to the world of suicide a world of utter despair. Father we thank you for this message. As we experience healing where we extend that feeling to others. Father we thank you for the message. And we thank you for giving us the coast to scan to remind us of the pride in the mom made me realize in every day more by moving closer and closer your love for us this media was brought to you by audio person. 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