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Peter Chung


End Time Events, Supeme court decision Daniel 11:40, preparing for Christ's soon return.  


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.


  • July 11, 2015
    11:00 AM
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Holy Father. Our Father and God and heaven. Father I'm just a very hypocritical very caring person. I'm a weak man. And I'm unworthy of the preach this message for followers spite of myself and I be a blessing that a curse or people may fill me with your Holy Spirit. May you fill this room with the Holy Spirit father we need something special here today. Special beyond any Sabbath that we've had before. So Father we claim the promise of inspiration that you're readily to answer prayers on the Sabbath. That we ask and seek for a special experience here today. That hard speech truly change that we make a firm final decision for the in these last days. Father we thank you for your love and we thank you that you've given us the sure word a prophecy. So we have certainty that we have security and you. And as the world is in terror. And as the world is falling apart Father we thank you that you're provided an ark of safety for us to protect us. In these last days. And so Father we ask him plead for something here special today. May hearts and minds be moved by your love. This week for a in Jesus name Amen. I want to share with you a true story of a gospel worker evangelist sees up plain looking man is not a handsome man. Any like a very beautiful girl. And so it was a situation where this beautiful girl was actually considering the overtures others gas corpora Vangelis in a possible courtship. Now on the background was a doctor and a physician he's a handsome There is a very rich man. So there's two competing guys. Vi for the affections of one girl. And so there was a time when the young man confesses feeling. And the young lady considered. And ultimately the young lady said. You're not my type. And that's it on does the Gospel work avenged because even though he said no he still tried to win her heart. But as the months went by a good friend of this Gospel worker evangelist. Called him and said to him listen. It's going to happen she's going to get together with that physicians. And sure enough five months later on Facebook. There was a relationship change. Now. If he did not know beforehand this guy for vendors did not know beforehand this would happen. How would he feel a pitcher happened to your been shot. Human scared. He would get angry would you not be but because he had that adequate preparation and adequate warning. Leading up to that event. Say to head a doctor in that beautiful girl is going to get together. He was mentally prepare. And when that happened. It didn't faze him why he was prepared. That is why God is Bible prophecy is not to scare us. But to prepare us for what is coming. And those are the Bible says in as if forty six verses nine about prophecy as in forty six written in the Bible service. Remember the former things of all. For I am God and there is none who. None else so there is no one else but God. I am God and there is none like me. Why is that that God is like no one else. Because he declared in the end from the beginning. And from the engine times the things that are not yet done. Say my counsel shall stand. And I will do all my pleasure. So rest assured. No matter how the world is and no matter how the world is falling apart. Jesus is in control. And he knows it in from the beginning. Now what does fulfill prophecy do for us. Notice the words of Jesus and John fourteen verse twenty nine. The Bible says and John fourteen twenty nine The Bible says. And now I have told you before it come to pass. And when it come to pass that ye might what So prophecy is fulfilled. And it's told before they come to pass. So that we might fully. And so today as we present the show where the prophecy. I pray that we may believe the Bible. And the Spirit of Prophecy and what is the purpose a prophecy. Second Peter chapter one verse nineteen. The Bible says we have also a more sure. Word of prophecy in other words it is sure as my tie is black white red and blue. Sure were the prophecy. Why don't you do well. That you take it as unto our life that status in the dark place on to the day DA and the day Star arise in your heart. So prophecy is a sure word. And it is a light. And what it is like to know the Bible says. In for assessing the chapter five. Verse two five. The Bible says the first US when we sat for five years to the five. For yourselves know perfectly. That the data Lord so come as a thief and a NY question. When a see comes in the night is a surprise that are known as a surprise and it is not correct. But notice. For when they shall say peace and safety. Then certain the certain come with upon them as travail upon the woman with child. And they shall not escape. So when I say peace and safety. The federal government say. We will protect you. We have the world's largest military. We have homeland security. We have the anti-terrorism. When they say peace and safety sudden destruction coming up on a woman with a child. And they shall not escape. But there is hope. But you brother are not in darkness that. That day should overtake us to feed just what. That a Dale or may come as a thief in the night. But those of us. It doesn't come as a thief and I why you are children of what light. And the children of the day. We are not of night. Nor of darkness why because we had a sure word a prophecy that shines a light unto the shines a dark place. And a purpose a prophecy is signed alive. And so as the world will be in the overall me surprise when Jesus comes. We will not be surprised. That's why God has given us a prophetic message is not to scare us is to prepare us for this momentous occasion. That all the universe has been waiting for six thousand years. Can you imagine it to the world is so transfixed on what's going on but all of universe is waiting for child abuse to end waiting for divorces that is waiting for child molestation. And for the killing of children. And for the murder and terrorism. All the universe is waiting for disease the end. But we in the world do not want that to end by our choices here today. And the universe is waiting for syntheses. And I will cease. When Jesus comes in the cloud of glory when I was in Atlanta. Few years ago I was traveling to a meeting. I found this magazine cover news we are pocalypse now. Tsunamis earthquakes nuclear meltdown. Revolutions economies on the brink. What the expletive is next. Every seventh their avenue should explain what the blank is next. Because we have assured a prophecy. God has given us the gift of prophecy. Not to scare us. But to show us the certainty of our church. And the certainty of our message. So we can go to a sin dying world. And give them hope. As it isn't Jesus. There is no hope in the federal government. There is no hope in education. There is only hope in Jesus. And today we're going to focus on a prophecy. And Daniel Chapter eleven. Starting with verse forty. Daniel eleven. Verse forty. The Bible says and Daniel chapter eleven verse forty. And at the time of the what time of it shall the king in the south push at him. And the Canon north shall come against him like a world when. What chariots and with horsemen and were many ships. And he so enter into the countries. And so overflow and pass over. So you have at the time an end. You have a king of the South. Pushing at the King of the north and the can a north wall come in return and defeat the king of the South. So today we're going to determine who are taking the south is and who the killer north is and what a exactly happened in a couple weeks ago with the Supreme Court decision. Now the Bible interprets itself a minute. And so we have to determine that the Canucks out and Aquino north. Are symbolic figure it's. Now Daniel Chapter eleven. Deals with the history of the world. Beginning with the Persian Empire. All the way to the coming of Jesus and Daniel Chapter twelve. So that's a long history. It deals with Julius Caesar. It deals with Cleo Patra it deals with a rise in Roman Empire. Deals with rides a papal role. It is a detail of history of the world. And it's a fascinating study. But I'll take a while but we're focusing on down Chapter eleven. Verse forty. Now who is the king of the South knows the Bible says and Daniel chapter eleven verse eight and nine. The Bible says and shall also carry Catholics in the Egypt. There are gods and their princes and with the precious vessels of silver and of Gore. And each of continue more ears than the Canaan north. So the king of the South shall come unto its kingdom and to return unto its own land. So the Bible says the king of the South is from where each and all represent Egypt. Now we know that Egypt right now is not a major figure in last events. So obviously we have to conclude that this is symbolic language. Now. What is Egypt what is Egypt known for knows the Bible says an exit chapter five years to the Bible service and Pharaoh said. Who is the Lord that I should obey his voice. To let Israel go. I know not the Lord. Neither will I let Israel go. So Egypt. Represented the not of the true God Egypt. Represents atheism. And what else does the Bible say about Egypt also about us and Hebrews chapter eleven verse twenty four twenty five. The Bible says by faith. Moses when he was come to years. Refused to be called the son of ferals daughter question whose Pharaoh. What country does the elite Egypt. Choosing rather to suffer the afflictions with the people of God then enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. So easy to represent. Immortality and atheism. Pleasures of sin for a season. Now what is Egypt connected to north of the Bible says and Revelation chapter eleven verse eight. The Bible says and their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city. Which apparently is called Saddam and Egypt. So Egypt is connected with what city. Saddam. And now what Saddam known for no water bottle service and Genesis Chapter nineteen verse four and five. The Bible says. But before they lay down the men of the city even the men of Sodom Qantas the house. Around both all the young. All the people from every quarter. And they called on to lot and said unto them. Where are the men which came into the that night. Bring them out into was that we may know them in other words the minute Saddam was seeking to have same sex. Raping of the angels that visited lot. And just fly. The people in Saddam. Persecuted. God's representative It's so to hear today. L G B T agenda community is beginning to persecute that represents a god. Here in these last days. And what is Saddam known for at least that was the authors And what about the new Jew Chapter one Verse seven. Even at Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them in like manner. Giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh. Are set for those example. Suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. So saw them as no for fornication. Heterosexual immortality. And also all homo sexual immorality. Sexual immorality is known by side. Often times we take on the homosexual. But we don't realize that more the sexual sense. Come from heterosexuals and homosexuals. And we must be responsible for our own actions Eamonn why. Point the finger on start a speck of a brother's eye. When there is a lot in our own marriages. There's a lot in our own relationship. And the reason why people. Persecute or people. Disparage homosexuals because they are sustained sin in their lives. Heterosexually. We got to stop the hypocrisy. And what is the key the self do. The Bible says that the time and shelter came us out pushed at them. Who is the can start pushing out. The King of the north. This is a map of the king of us out in the canon or. They can south in the King or derive from the four generals. Of Alexander the Great. And Alice for General Alexander great that viper power after Allison the great die. To remain in power. So Lucas and. Paula me. So Lucas represented and took over Syria Babel and all of the North Palm me. Took over the south which is Egypt. And so. So Lucas they came to North. Is that Evelyn. And also represent spiritual babble and now. We have established that the king of south. Represents. Immortality. Atheism. Now notice. What happened. June twenty sixth two thousand and fifteen in a landmark opinion divided Supreme Court in Friday. Ruled that same says couples can marry nationwide establish a new civil right and handing gave rights advocates a historic victory in the five four ruling. So we know that in June twenty sixth. There was a momentous Supreme Court decision that marriage can be for same gender people. Now. For me personally. I'm not opposed to civil unions that's their choice. That's government business. And if they want tax breaks that's all right. But what this decision does it affects religious liberty. Continue on watching the polls June twenty fifth two thousand and fifteen. Here are a key there are certain religious liberty from the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage that case has raised questions and how legalizing gay marriage would affect religious institutions. During oral argument in March. Justice Samuel Alito. Compare the case of that a Bob Jones University. A fundamentalist Christian University in South Carolina. The Supreme Court ruled in one thousand and three. The school was not entitle to tax exempt status. If that bar in a racial marriage. Solicitor General Donald be verily Jr arguing for the same sex couples on behalf of the Obama administration said you know. I don't think I can answer that question without knowing more specifics. But it's certainly going to be an issue. I don't deny it. I don't deny that Justice Alito. It is it is going to be an issue now let me translate this for you all our religious institutions are what's called five all one c three institutions. In other words. They don't pay property tax. All their earnings are not taxed by the government. They are. What's called charity organizations. It could very well lead to. If private schools do not provide accommodation for same sex couples. Against their biblical convictions. If they don't provide accommodation for same sex couples in our hospitals. Then the government could take away tax exempt status. And the school. And the hospital could be taxed. In other words that's a death kill in our schools and hospitals because that. Why. Because our church believes in that marriage between a man and a woman and the government's interest is saying no your religious convictions. Is not as important as the accommodations. Of same sex marriages. So they are intruding in our religious belief in the Bible. Think if you don't do that we're going to show your institutions down. That's where alternately friendly to using the American Constitution is on breakable. We're seeing the talents of our first and then the right here right before our eyes and L.-Y. told us in the great column or see a hundred years ago. That America. Repeated every part of this constitution. And we are only for their hard questions arise when people of faith exercise religion this is Chief Justice John Roberts. Hard questions arise when people of faith exercise religion and ways that may be. Seem to conflict with the new right to same sex marriage. When for example. A religious college provides married student housing. Only to opposite same. Married couples or lose adoption agency declined to place children with same sex married couples. And did the solicitor general can only acknowledge that the tax exemption. Of some religious and situation would be in question. If they oppose same sex marriage. There is little doubt that these and similar questions will soon be before this court. Unfortunately people of faith. Can take. No comfort in the treatment they receive from the majority today. Are religious freedoms are being challenged. This is the chief justice from the Supreme Court that said. Now what did Jesus say about marriage. North of the Bible says. In Matthew Chapter nineteen. Verse sixteen. Matthew nineteen. Were sixteen What did Jesus say about mirrors. So some Christian yet or some cemetery Avenue says that it is OK for same sex marriages. As long as I'm of non this. Committed relationship. But let's go buy a Bible that's not go by man's opinion but let's go by the Bible we met. And by the way this is the words of Jesus how many of you want to followers of Jesus. I'm sure all of us do because we're Christian north of I was at the map in chapter nineteen. But for this is this is a call from Jesus himself. And he said. And he answered and said unto them. Have you not read that see which made them. At the beginning made them male and female and said For this cause. Shell a man of the father a mother. And so Clippers wife and a twain shall be one flesh. Wherefore. There are no more Twain. But one flesh. Wherefore therefore God had joined together. Let no man put asunder. So Jesus himself had declared the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. Now what is the purpose of marriage. The Bible says and first John chapter four verse eight that God is love and that God is love. Praise the Lord for that we serve a God that is love. And John chapter one verse four in John Chapter five or twenty six. The Bible says God is also all. Life. So God is Love and God is this life. And Genesis chapter one verse twenty seven God created man and woman in the image of God. So now God is love. God is life. God created life in a man and woman. And they were made into the image of God in Genesis Chapter one Verse twenty eight The Bible says the purpose of the marriage is to express love. And to create life. Remember the Bible says Be fruitful add. Multiply. So the intimacy between a man and woman. Expresses the love. And that love results in life because God is Love and God is the life. Now. Same sex marriage does that result in life. Therefore if there is no live there for that love is not God's love a minute because God is love and that love results in life. That is the purpose of marriage. Now notice. Avonex home page three forty paragraph four. This is a statement that should wake us up. The marriage and the savages have their origin. What institutions. Twin institutions for the glory of God and the benefit of humanity. Then as a quitter join their hands the holy pair. And one law saying. A man so leave his father and his mother. And so cleave unto his wife and they shall be won. He would say the law emerged. For all the children of Adam to the close of time. That which the Eternal Father and self. Have pronounced good. Was a lot of highs blessing and development of maths so inspirations this. L. was said that the Sabbath in marriage. Our twin institution. What came from the Garden of Eden was a souvenir from the Garden of Eden. That's the with us today. Marriage. And the Sabbath. And so the counterfeit marriages happened. Right now. That's law. Can we be far from the counterfeit. Sunday last Sabbath that we seem to happening here today. One twin has already been born. Which is a counterfeit marriage. Twins attention. Could it be. They can if it's Sabbath. Will be soon to be born. Point institutions. And a can of south. What they promote the counterfeit marriage where they can a north will promote the counterfeit Sabbath. Now I notice you are twenty one two thousand fourteen Fox News dot com. This has been a process that's been going on for the last few years. Obama's L.G.B. T. executive order. Dangers religious liberty. President Obama. Son executive order Monday barring federal contractor can discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Ignoring the police of Christian and other faith leaders including exemption for religious organizations. The executive order would prevent Christian and other religious organizations. What federal contracts from acquiring works. That here to the tenets of the religious beliefs. Christianity Today reports the order can impact. Religious non-profit such as World Vision. World Relief and Catholic Charities and I would also add address. To this. Last month. National Security Adviser Susan Rice told a gathering at the White House for global algae BT human rights. That it was their responsibility to sway feel logical thinking on the L G B T issue. So the government say. Christians. You need to change your mind. On the position of same sex marriage. The government to say. You need to change your mind. For the faith community. How can we reinforce to religious groups that God's laws all the children of his creation equally. He at the crowd. Change will come. She want to say is already coming. This isn't representative of President Obama. That's saying that the federal government is saying to us that when he to change our position on there. Now last time I checked the First Amendment protects us from this type of thing. The First Amendment says that there is a free exercise of religion. And the government saying you need to change your mind. And so in October fourteenth two thousand and fourteen in the city of Houston Fox News dot com. The Houston mare. Required every pastor to submit his pastor notes. And she is a lesbian. And she said that all sermons. To go through my office to make sure there's no anti-homosexual messages. We know Dr Eric was our very own seventh Avenue. Brother who lost his job because he preached the truth and one of the things he declared. Was that marriage between a man and woman. And he lost his job as a public health official. Based upon his seventh Avenue beliefs and in my parents' home town in fact in the city where my parents live Gresham Oregon. This happened recently. There was a Christian. Bakery business. That was fined one hundred thirty five thousand dollars for refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. By the government and the state government said. We don't care about your religious conviction. We care about same sex civil rights. And therefore you have to pay one hundred thirty five thousand dollars. Not only that you know what happened to them. They lost their business their car was vandalized. They got death threats. And they can all longer operate a public business. They operate their bakery. At their home now. One is in America. Were persecuted for believing different from everybody else does not the United States. Advocate freedom of speech. We're live in a society. If we don't believe in a certain way. We're going to persecute you. The spirit of prosecution is already there in this nation. You know. I could be in trouble for preaching this message here today. Do you know their people if they heard this message and I'm telling you today right here that we want to kill me. In Los Angeles. And so we are status of the King of the South. Represent Saddam and Egypt. Saddam in Egypt. Represents atheism. Immortality and life into S.S. and we have seen that says can you to sell that power has advocated a false. Institution that challenge the twins' intuition and they promoted the counterfeit. Marriage. And now. Who the Canon north is notice. And at that time and then surely keenness out pushed out of in the canon or so come again some like a world where to the Canucks out. Challenging the key the north and the Kia north will make a counterattack. That it came to sell. Now right now. The Christian world is talking about religious liberty. But don't let that for you that's going to soon change. Now who is the key in the north. And also the Bible says and Daniel Chapter eleven percent is six. And they kidding refer to the north and call in a verse thirteen. Shall do according to His will and he shall exultant self and magnify himself above every got. And shall speak marvelous things against a god or gods. So who was really just power. All man a fire. Himself above every God and to speak marvelous things against the God of got I want to do that if we could prove that through history. And shall prosper to the indignation be accomplished. For that is determine. Shelvey does neither shall we regard to God his father's. Nor the desire of women now what religious institution. Does not ordain marriage for priests. No regard any God for he shall magnify himself above all I wonder who that is knows a Bible says and then Chapter seven Britney five. The Bible says he shall speak. Great words against the Mossad. And so we're out to think the Mossad and seem to change times than last second doesn't suffer too personally and for the same power. There was a Bible says. Let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come. Except they're coming up phone way first. And that man a symbol reveal the son of perdition. Who oppose an exultant self. Above all that is called God or that is worship. So that he has God sits in the temple of God showing him self that he is God. So we see here. That this power. That claims to be God in sin and God's throne. That does not desire woman. Now let's have history. Back of who this power is the pope and got are the same. So he has all power in heaven and earth. Polkas the fifth. The Polk case a place to Jesus Christ on earth by divine right of poll has supreme and full power and faith and morals over each and every pastor in this flaw. Quoted in The New York catechism. The pope has the power to change time to abrogate laws and to dispense with all things. Even the precepts a crisis. So even in their literature. There is saying that and they are God. Here on Earth. So they can a north represents the papacy. So the keenest out represents the old separate old immortality. Any theism. The King of the north represents the papacy. So they can us out a task and bring says counterfeit marriage. In the Canon north will do a counter attack. And push against a king in the south. Now notice this war. Even in our current event. Articles they said this is a war. Notice. C.N.N. dot com. June twenty ninth two thousand and fifteen. The next battle over gay rights. They're already declaring that this is a battle. So we see here the key the south in the key North already in battle. They're already in war when polls show that the majority are religious Americans now support same sex marriage. Many prominent groups such as the Catholic Church. The Southern Baptist Convention. And the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Do not leaders from those groups close on Friday. To seek legal means that Hugo their beliefs from state interference. So you see you have the papacy and you have the first say churches. All combining to war against the king of the self. One of the statements Arnie's Russell more present other Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Call religious liberty. The next front in the skirmish in American life. That skirmish will likely endure for years. More set up press conference on Friday. We cancel these are both sides. One of the most tragic results. We could possibly see isn't on we lent thing. Cultural war. From progressives towards those who dissent. Because a deeply held religious convictions. We see YOUR right before our eyes that they can a status in the King of north. Are battling. Just like it said in Daniel Chapter eleven report. Now. One might argue. Wait a minute. Are Protestants. Those that talk test against a papacy. If you look at the last few years. This ship TONY PALMER A PISS Capelli and priest. He said this. When my wife saw that she could be a Catholic. And I charismatic and evangelical and Pentecostal. And it was absolutely separate in the Catholic Church. She said that she would like to reconnect to Ruth was a Catholic culture. Brothers and Sisters. Lutherans protesters overt is yours. In other words they're saying that the process Reformation. Is over. We're going to go back to our mother church. The Papacy. Rick Warren. Purpose Driven Life has a mega church down the freeway. He says about the papacy. We have more in common then what divides us now to notice what Pope Francis said. In May twenty seventh two thousand fifteen. Christianity Today dot com. He says he knows that Christians are disciples of Christ. That they are one that they are brothers. He doesn't care of their YOU BAD gelcoat Orthodox. Lutherans Catholics are apostolic. He doesn't care. They are Christians. He described the vision between Christians as a wound in the body of the Church of Christ. Adding that we do not want this wont to remain open. Notice he says won't. Now this was for filming great constipated for forty five paragraph was great constipate five sixty five. Test some ways church. Volume five page seven sixteen. Look it up in your own time. And notice the papacy. Francis says that the vision between Christians and process is a won't. Now knows what the Bible says. And I saw one ahead of war wanted to death and a deadly one was what he'll. And all the world. Wonder after the beast. We're seeing the warm being healed right now. And all the world is begin to wonder after the papacy. It's wife before our news article. Do you know in time Ellen White people are saying the Avonex were crazy. At that time the papacy. Was not that much in power because Protestants were so anti papacy. That the pope himself. Cannot enter the United States. So they were laughing at a lot here today. In two thousand and fifteen. All these evidence is fulfilled. Right before our eyes. Is More face to be Avonex now. But they were more faithful and when there's so much evidence here. Why are we less faithful and more faceless. When the evidence is right before our lives is to light the children in Israel. They saw the Red Sea part. This our man a come down. This other water coming out of Iraq. They saw all those miracles. And they're on move. Could it be we're seeing the fulfillment of prophecy. And we're like the children of Israel. And our hearts on the move by the evidence right before our eyes and God has made it easy for us because prophecy been fulfilled Rob for our eyes. And notice how Speaker John Boehner. This is C.N.N. dry a two thousand fifty job banner is preparing an operation like setting on the west front of the U.S. Capitol. So members of the public can view Pope Francis a visit to Washington September. Now question. The pope is a religious leaders and I correct. Yes. Do you think. If elder. Ted Wilson are general conference President. This is it Congress do you think that they were given an operation city. Do you think they'll make it in the operation center for any other religious leader yes or no. They only do it for the papacy. The speaker was Catholic last year. Extend a formal invitation to the pope to address Congress and the pub officially accepted this February. The pope's visit will mark the first time. They had a Catholic church. Addressing a joint meeting of Congress in L.-Y. time. This would be seen as impossible. But what she wrote a great Conover see. And we're seeing in Revelation Chapter thirteen. Is being fulfilled right before our eyes. And what is the papacy doing what is called Francis doing. He's still popular. Everyone loves a. But do you know he has an agenda. Do you know what he's trying to do. Paul Francis has lamented the abandon the other traditionally Christian practice of not working on Sundays saying it has a negative impact on families and friendships. He said that spending Sundays what family and friends. Is an ethical choice for faithful and non faithful alike. So in other words he's saying that everyone should read on Sunday. This is from the Associated Press. July five two thousand and fourteen. Now how does the papacy. And for Sunday observant. It's already happened in Europe. In Germany and Croatia. Knows what they do. German court and Forces Day are rather Germany's higher score. Strictly enforced as they are rest. Than Sunday shopping. A.B.C. News dot com. December three two thousand and nine. Many of those in Germany can find themselves standing outside a close Aparna store perplex the find that they cannot do a bit of shopping there on a weekend trip. This is a result of Germany's long held resistance to Sunday shopping. Even the face of growing. Consumerism. You see when the papacy. Is passing the Sunday last. They want nobody to work. Now question. If the papacy keeps its Sabbath where no one is working. I'm going to step on some toes with brothers and sisters. I need to speak the truth. And I'm doing this because I love you. Why are we not keeping the Sabbath. The holy Sabbath probably. Why are we going out to eat on the Sabbath right after church. Why are we going to a city schools and study on the Sabbath and doing all these training programs on the Sabbath. While we doing also some users and doing everything and buying and selling on the Sabbath. When the papacy themselves when sincere papal followers are keeping their Sabbath. Who are we when we keep the truth out of. And we're not even keep on Sunday July eighteenth two thousand fifteen on Sunday operators the patient in the Eucharist. This is Paul Francis has special important. Sunday like the Jewish Sabbath is meant to be a day. What heals a relationship with God with ourselves with others. And with the world. Reza opens our eyes to the larger picture. And just as renewed sensitive the. The rights of others. And so the day of rest. Enter on the Eucharist sets its light on the whole way and motivates us to greater concern for the nature and the poor. This is in cyclical that are that the pope. Wrote in June eighteenth two thousand and fifteen. Saying on top of the keeping environment. We need to keep Sunday. And everyone should keep Sunday. Now that's got forces not to keep the Sabbath yes or no that he passed a law government law for us to keep us out of the yes or no. So God is a God of choice and the papacy is one of force. And we're seeing the contrast right before us. This is from Fox News website. On Facebook. Pope Francis this is awesome to Kate I I when I saw this. It's clear as day. Maybe it's time to ask ourselves if working on Sunday is true freedom. Right before our eyes on the Internet on the official news channel. Facebook site. The Pope and self is saying. Do you know that the prophecy of the market of these. It's coming. And it's in the horizon. And yet we are some of the Haven't we learned three. Now what is the purpose of the Senate. What about this is a nexus point. For six. So what is the focus of the Ten Commandments and the Sabbath show I'm working for thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments are the come out as a base upon love. And I was the purpose of the Sabbath noice Remember the Sabbath day and keep it what keep it holy six days shout out labor and do all our work. But the seventh day is a sabbath the Lord's I got an adulterer not do any work that out in the life not our daughter I man serve it now and I may serve a know what our cattle the other stranger does within their gaze for existence of or made. Heaven and Earth and see it all that in them and what on the seventh day rested our seventh day. Wherefore the Lord bless the Sabbath day. And hollow the. Do you know that God has given us a holiday. Every seventh day of the way we don't have to do any work when I have to study. We could just relax and focus on God and have peace and regenerate. God is want to give us rest. That's what he gives us the Sabbath. And when we go out to the launch. After the Sabbath. What we're doing. The Bible also says that love is the fulfillment of the law. And we should love our neighbor as ourselves and have someone an employee in a restaurant is toiling on the Sabbath and working on the Sabbath. We all love them because they should be keeping the Sabbath with us and we truly love our neighbor as ourselves. We are not going to condone businesses that work on the Sabbath. Because God is going to give us a Sabbath rest to all humanity. And therefore when we buy and sell on the Sabbath. And we support business on a Saturday. We don't love the employees there. Because they're working. They should be resting. And we're condoning the designation of their spiritual. And even their physical life. And if we love people and we profess to be Christian. And we love our neighbors our is ourselves. Why are we condoning Sabbath breaking by for to supporting these kinds of activities. You see even an ancient Israel. We had this problem was the Bible says in the M.R. thirteen for sixteen. You know was one of my favorite books. The Bible says in the a lot of thirty first of teen. In those days. So I in Juba. Some twenty one presses on the Sabbath and bring in cheese and Lanny donkeys as also wine grace and favour and all manner of burdens. Which they brought into drew some on a sabbath day. And I testified against them in the day. Weren't they saw victuals. So in ancient Israel. At that time they were working. And they were buying selling the selling on Sabbath in the AM on a set and he testified against them trying to bring the people back into Sabbath rest. So how is the counterfeit Sunday. Or how is the son the law. Going to happen. So we have already established that the keenest south. Represents life into its next atheism immortality. The Keno stock has already fulfilled a part a bubble prophecy. What I can assent marriage where the same sex marriage. The Supreme Court has passed would persecute the church as we already seen that in current events that if we don't adhere to their agenda. If we don't reject our Bilko principles. Then our institutions. Our schools and our businesses may be shut down. We saw the chemists out do that but how is a key the north going to counterattack. Knows about this as a Matthew twenty four seven and the Bible says. For nations to rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. And there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes and diverse places. All these are the beginning of sorrows that sells mean birth pains. So there can be more instability. More nation against nation. More race riots. There will be more families more people. Not hungry. More people not having sufficient food. More pestilences more disease and more MERS like it is in Korea an earthquake more natural disasters and diverse places. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted. And so kill you is your behavior of all nations. For my name's sake. Now before I comment. I want to show you the words of inspiration great conversely page five eighty five. Paragraph two inspiration right. Already the doctrine that men are released from obedience to God's requirement was weakened the force a moral obligation and open the floodgates of iniquity upon the world. Lost in this this position and corruption. Are sweeping in upon us like an overwhelming time. In the family. Satan is at work. We see it right here right before our eyes. His banner was even professedly Christian households. There is envy evil surmising hypocrisy in strange men. Emulation. That's competition. Strife. But trail of sacred trust. Indulgence of Lost. The infatuation of vice. The long time take a lot. The terrible increase that intemperance. And in the quickie of every order and degree should all rouse all who fear got to inquire what can be done to stay the tide of evil. In other words. There is going to be a more proliferation of immortality on as there are there can be more natural disasters there any more terrorism and went up to the Supreme Court decision path. When I was in a why I said I don't now want to live in the United States right now. Expect more natural disasters. Expect more terrorism. But there are security men we love Jesus Amen. And G.'s will protect the teacher the religious leaders have open the door to infidelity. The specialism and to contend that God's law. And upon these leaders rush the fearful responsibility for in the CLI that exists in the Christian world. Yet. This very class. Who put forth the claim that the fast spreading corruption is largely a trivial to the desecration the so-called Christian Sabbath. And that the enforcement of Sunday observant what Chloe improve the whorls of society. So in other words when the canon north. Attacks and counterattacks. What is going to do is like United States. Look at you. More natural disasters. More social unrest. Once ability. War school shootings. What we need to do to get America back to its glory. Is to keep Sunday. The counterfeit marriage has been already passed. And as a twenty two sion with the Sabbath. And a counterfeit Sabbath is on the horizon. This crime especially urge in America or the doctrine of two sabbath. Has been most widely preached and over to a Congress page five in the nine. Inspiration says it accidents and calamities by C.M. by land in great can flag operation in fierce tornadoes in terrific health stores in Tempus floods. Cyclons tidal waves in or quakes in every place and thousand four of Satan is exercising his power. He squeezed away the ripening harvest. The famine in this thread follow Him parts the era deadly pain and thousands perish by the pestilence murders. These visitations are to become more and more frequent and what that serious. And what's going to happen when it because more frequent disastrous. And then the great deceiver. Will persuade and then that those in sort of God A causing these evils. The class that provoked the displeasure of a heaven or charge all their troubles. Upon those whose obedience to God's Commandments is a perpetual reprove to transgressors. It will be declared that men are offending got. But a violation of the sending Sabbath that this sin has bought calamities. Which will not cease until Sunday observance shall be strictly enforced. And that those who present their claims of the four come out of the Cicero in Brevard percent to our troubles of the people. Preventing their restoration. To divine favor and temple. Prosperity. So what can happen. And I will say this when the shorter prophecy out of the Supreme Court case for natural disasters can happen more quickly going to happen. More race riots are going to happen will happen in Baltimore. Soon to happen in L.A.. It's going to happen everywhere Detroit. There's going to more instability. You have terrorism and ice isn't all that at the up everywhere. Americal be falling apart and up when people are hungry. When people lose their homes. And when people are not feel safe. Will they listen to anything for a solution yes or no and then the solutions going to come. The evangelicals. And the people of the papacy. And the first A church is going to say what we need to do is go back to God. And we need to pass a law to keep Sunday. Can the South has already came here and attack the Kenan North counterattack. Is going to happen. We're seeing it right before our eyes. Soldiers who what's happening. Walls are declining. Water column is happening we're seeing here right now. Increase calamities. Decrease temple prosperity an economy is falling apart you see what's going on China and Greece right now. If China's economy collapses you know. That's a free market system must be swept away. So that no man could control. Buying and Selling it has to be regulated by one entity and therefore the capitalistic system must be swept away. And we see instability of capitalism right now right before our eyes. The results. National chaos. People whose in their jobs are losing their owns the solution. A matter of return to God in the form of the National Center. This is the sequence of events that are right before I've got has given us this morning. To let us know what is going to happen. And we know before it happens. We can be prepared. Spiritually mentally and physically. Because God loves us so much that he warns us. So we don't have to be surprised when it happens. This is not to scare us. It is a Paris. This is reality brothers and sisters. And so what is happening now is what's happening now. Yet Akina sell the ultra left liberals. That's what I'll watch says not to be involved in politics. Yet Akina south. Liberals. What are they want they want. Elegy beauty. Same sex marriages. Destroying Christian values and Christian morals. Do what you want to do over what feels good. Counterculture. The entertainment Hollywood. They all promote this. But then you're the Kenan north you have the ultra right consider as you have the Republican Party. And what I say. We need to go back to God we can maintain morals and society. We go back to America as a Christian nation and a solution to do that is to pass a law that makes every want to go to church on Sunday. One. The counterfeit marriage. The other the counterfeit Sabbath the twin institutions. Sabbath and marriage. Are both being attacked. Seaton is using a left hook. And a right hook. And who is in the middle. Seven that. At that the time and then shall the Canucks out push the at him in the King on the court. So come again some like a world wide what Cheriton horsemen and what many says. And you shall enter into the country and show over for and passed over them. And what is the final argument. What is a Sunday law known as Obama's the Revelation thirteen fifteen. The Bible service. And he had power to give life under the image of the beast that to him is a beast should both speak and cause them as many what not worship. The image of peace should be killed. So the market abused the worshipping and abuse is forced or ship is not Sunday worship is forced some they worship. There's a kind of occasion in the people that were sponsored they do not have a market to be. But for Sunday worship is a market obese. Religion thirteen seventeen. That No ma'am I buy or sell. Said he that have them are or the name of the beast or the number of his name. So the final argument is the one of Seaton's Qaeda is one of forcing people to become all good people to church and state. But it's gone operate that way. How does God operate. The bottles of the religion fourteen twelve. On the third in his message. Here are the pages of the saints. Here are they that keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus. So God sometimes people. What have tasted and will keep to come as a god and I have the faith of Jesus and what his patient. The Bible says. Love there is All Things. Believes all things. Hope all things in dearth of faith patience and insurance is the same. So God's principles is based upon love. And what is love how do we keep the commandments. But this we know now we love the children got. When we love God and keepers come at us for this is the love of God that we keep His commandments. And his commandments are not needed or burdensome. Like I said many times. If you love something you're going to do it. You know one thing I like about Korean culture. Korean people once they put their mind to it are very devoted. They're all when you look at the Cape Oxana the setting sun fans or whatever you call it. That just run around and spend thousands of dollars stocking their boy bands a goal rest vans are following every concert and follow me everywhere and giving charity to all the their idols they're false gods. They're very dedicated. And it's day follow the true God. Magine the working career we finish just like that. Koreans are very devoted. If we could show them the true God. Not these false idol. This will be finished. And because they love and can pop idol is no burden that their own wants and debt. Is no burden that are wasting time following them and saw traffic. All around is no burden for them. Why because they love their idol. But if you love Jesus. Even if your home is taken away. Even though your job is taken away. Even though people discriminate you. And hate you and ridicule you and your hate about all nation. Because you love Jesus. All of that does not matter because you love them. With all your heart and Jesus will give you that extra power to stand in that Christ is our you and I can make it. In this crisis our. The reason why God may be permitting this to happen. Because he could see that there is a generation of people. That is willing and waiting and are all in to serve Jesus. While the heart soul of my. And they'll be transfixed with the love of Jesus. And no matter what Satan does then they will love cheese. And what is love love versus force. The Bible says and Romans Chapter five. For is an intent. What is love. The Bible says God come out as love towards us. This is love and out while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Much more than being now. Justified by here's what blood. We shall be saved from wrath through him for when we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of a son. Much more being reconcile. We shall be saved by a slight the love of God is us. Yet while we are sinners. Yet while we treated Jesus darling. Yet when we curse Jesus. And we stand on Jesus. And with bts us. Jesus died for us. And he is there to justify buys blood that war justification means he will forgive our sins. And we accept God's forgiveness. Right there at that moment when we accept forgiveness and from God you are ready for Jesus' Second Coming. He was dull that you've never sent. That's justification by faith. And what is quite blood do. In home we have redemption through His blood to forgive us a sense. According to the riches of His grace. That message that we should declare to the all the world. That Jesus forgives our sins. But not only forgives ourselves. But the cleanse us all right as is and to give us. Victory over that sin. God forgives and God gives us victory. It is not a greasy grace as my boss evangelists cause papa would point out it's not forgiveness and doing the same thing over and over again. No. The message is Jesus forgives or sense. But it gives you victory over that sin. Gives you a change of heart that you will for the sake that sin. This is a message of hope. So what drug addict that asked for God's forgiveness. Will be forgiven. But then given victory. So he doesn't go back to that drug addiction. The person that beat his wife asked for forgiveness. And he no longer beat his wife. The person as alcoholic. Asked for forgiveness. And he no longer becomes an alcoholic. Because the blood of Jesus forgives and cleanse us from all sin. And that's why. In first Corinthians Chapter six person I don't live in the Bible service. Noisy not that they're right as shall not inherit or kingdom of God. Be not to see neither fornicators or idolatrous nor adulterers nor famine it. Or abusers of themselves a man current northeast or covered it nor drunkards nor revolvers. Nor extortioners. So a heretic in a God that's pretty bad news. Many of us have been involved the sins of mentally. In our hearts. If we didn't do it our actions were guilty good mentally for the let's hope and such were some of use up. Past or present tense. Past tense. By you are washed. You are saying to five. But you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus. And by the spirit of our God. So we have the hope that the former a lot of a murderer a fornicator. And the feminine. With the brother Jesus can have a new life of forgiveness. Restoration and victory. Guy was a give you a life and life more abundantly. But you must choose God here today. Is your choice. God is want to give you everything but oftentimes we rather have swat me type material. Then the good alternate brand name. Which is just as every As a final point. I have to confess to you when the Supreme Court decision happen. I didn't like it. I was like there. This past year I just have a stable job. I'm saving up for a house. I'm finally getting on with my life financially and this is going to happen this is ALL THE be taken away soon possibly. We don't know how long. How is life then and now all these natural disaster going to happen. Just when my life is just turning to normal. This is happening board. But I hope. God spoke to my heart. Jesus knew that the crisis was near. That is seventy percent to twenty three. The bottle service. And while they rob jolly Jesus said unto of that son a man shall be betrayed. And then I handsome air. And there's a killer. And a third day. He should be raised again so Jesus knew that he had to go to the cross. Matthew twenty verse eighteen and nineteen the Bible says the whole we go to Jerusalem and the son a man shall be betrayed unto the chief priests. And as a squad. And a to condemn him to there and show the lever and of the gentiles a mock and scourge of the crucify and a third day he will rise again. Jesus knew that he will suffer persecution. That they'll be a crisis that Jesus goes through a lot of what happened to Jesus when the crisis was near. This isn't just seventy or fourteen thirty six. He said Alvar father. All things possible entity. Take away this cup from me. Never less not that I will. But what dowell in other words. Jesus when the crisis is near. He didn't want to go through persecution. He didn't want to go through a crisis. So Jesus feels. What we feel our loving God understands. When we feel we don't want to go through this. Because Jesus said. Board. If it's your will take away that cult. Take away that crisis. But what if Jesus never less Not my will but I will even though we don't like it. You must learn to love God and to trust him at his word that God knows what's best for us. Even though it's painful. And this is hope he was happy to persist in eighty four verily he took not on him the nature of angels. But he took on him the seed of Abraham. Wherefore all things are behoove them to be made like unto His brother and that he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest and things pertain to got to make reconciliation for the sins of the people for him that he was himself has suffered being tempted. He also was able to be sick or or help or comfort them that are tent that Jesus understand that you don't want to go through the crisis. He wants to work for you and I He knows how it feels. He knows the apprehension. That's why Jesus came to die for you and I that's why Jesus came as a human being so that we could stand. Because Jesus went through that. And therefore the Bible says and he shouted twelve years to looking into Jesus the author and what. Finisher of our faith. Do use is already role and finish the fee for you and I so when that crisis comes. He already is a given the scripture you were not to follow. He already wrote it. Who for the joy that was separate for endure the crowd despise me ashamed and I sat down in the right hand a throne of God Jesus is already pave the road for us to make it to be victorious in this crisis hour. Do we believe in is where the Bible says and Jan fifteenth thirty three knows where Jesus. These things are spoken to you that in me. You might have peace in the world. You shall have tribulation. But be a good cheer. I G.'s us. Have overcome the world our Jesus. Have overcome the cross. Eyes Jesus. Have overcome the national son the law on your behalf. So that I could give you the power to make it in this question. And that's why the Bible says a relationship between first twenty one to him that overcome it. Well I grant to sit with them in my throat. Even as I also we came and sat down with my father. In my room. And so the Lord spoke. Lord said to me. Peter. What's a condo. To the mansions of heaven. What's working and ministry every week. Compared to having the ultimate one thousand year holiday in heaven. What's toiling for food was toiling to get a paycheck. Was toiling to pay your pay your nine stenciled. One every need. Has been provided for you in heaven. All the food. All the free groceries. Free medical care. You don't need medical care insurance. Because Jesus paid and all he gives you in a mortal body so normal health health care. Perfect body. If you want to vacation. You could fly to the next cosmos to the next galaxy galaxy. If you want to watch a movie. Goal was to see the history of the plan of redemption and the right course of heaven. To see what happened to see how was over can. If you want to C.D.N. or can look at the history of the world. And I've recorded in your opinion and you want to stay on this or really Peter. I'm giving you a life and life more abundantly. And soon very soon. I will come in the clouds of glory. To bring you home. But many of us. Like this present count called Earth. War Then the mansions of heaven. Have you heard of Stockholm Syndrome is one a hostage. Is so much mentally the rest. That he starts. Sympathizing. What the hostage taker and. Whatever the hostage taker does he accept it or see access to excesses. We are life. Stockholm Syndrome. Because Satan has taken us hostage. And we think we'd like it right here on this earth. Of GOD IS want to give us true freedom here to these countries. Some of you. This past year and a half. I've seen your faces every time I make an appeal. There is that struggle. There is that. I know it's right. I'm always presented this true. But I can't take that first step. Because there's so much pulling in the world. But today I tell you my child. We not make a decision for Jesus. What can the world offer. What more stress. More deadly day soon. Being beaten the seas. Get your life and life more abundant. You know what this man is. This is over to the General Conference president this is a man of God right here. I believe God raised him up to lead a seven to have a certain this comet or sister. And he said today in this morning sermon we have the general how concession. Here and San Antonio Texas where the World Church went together to decide on certain issues. And he said something on the sermon. It's time to go home. Cross the Jordan don't retreat. We are on the banks of the Jordan here today. Can you imagine that the second coming damn much real Can you imagine that we may be the generation. To see Jesus in the cause of glory. All the talk about our grandfathers. Was great and grandfather. The pioneers. The Bob the core hero. Do you know that's of this very very real that we may see Jesus coming to cause a glory in our lifetime and Jesus is providing everything for us. And why do we see why we hold onto our culture want to be real Why don't we hold onto our culture. Why do we hold on to our compassion. Why do we hold on to the strong hold one G.'s want to give us wife. And life more abundantly. Today the evidence is here. The choice is yours. Jesus say my child. I want to injure stress. I want to end death. Cry and and star. I want to make those things former things and pass the way I want to status a new world order of life and love and liberty and of self-sacrifice the love of paradise. There is no more death. Guys that people will be eternally. Happy forever. That's what I want to offer. But yet we choose. Suffering and pain. Because we like suffering and pain. Because we've been abused by sin. But Jesus is offering feeling you today. As much as Jim you're just to me or her. All I need is your heart. And if you say I'm bored. Take my heart. For I cannot give IT guy will come in and take your heart and give your heart transplant and give you a new heart. And the things that you hate. Now you love. And the things that you love. God has blessed you with this prophetic message. Us some of the avenues What are you going to do with this message. This world is falling apart. But God has given us the assurance of eternal life for you want are and the question is what will you do today. What this message. The choice is yours. What will you do. What will I do much for. Father. Forgive me for being so worldly. Forgive me for wanting this world to last longer than it should forgive me for my selfishness. Forgive me for thinking that. Having a condo or having a job as a teacher is far more important than eternity Father forgive me for being a mockery to your message. In the way I think and father today. I asked for forgive. And I thank you that you've given this prophetic message to remind me of moderates that I am a Seventh Day Adventists gospel worker of than joyous commissions the priest in time gospel message in the last days. Father I thank you for that privilege. And I thank you that I could share this message with your church family today. And brothers sisters in your head about the not to close if you desire to or today. Father today. I want special prayer. I don't know where to start where to begin. But today. I don't know how to get my heart. But I want you to come in to take it. Father I me for the show prayer and if I hate the things the right to do today father. Help me to like you help me to love you help me to trust you teach me father. Today. Could be the day that we renew or start. Our relationship with Jesus as you desire to say Father today. I mean special prayer. I simply asked that we kneel for that experience. If you need special prayer to God and then the Father we thank you. Given the sure prophecy. Not to scare us but to prepare us for the things that are red. And as inspiration says is what has more than the mark of the beast the soon to come upon us. Bother you your prophet counsels us to pray that the crisis may be delayed just a little longer. So that we can prepare more people. For your coming. So father today my prayer is that you hold the winds of strife just a little longer. So you can. Young people in your church. To call the commission to be the army your workers the finished our father here today. We are kneeling because we don't know where to begin. Some of us here today do not know how to have a relationship with you father. Teaches. First and foremost to ask you to come into our hearts to take our hearts are stony simple hearts and teach us to ask you to give us a new heart to heart of flesh and father. Teach us that having a relationship with you. The spending time with you in prayer and Bible study. And as many who are fans of celebrities. Read magazines and watch news articles and to focus on media and inclusion of their study of these idols. They think that they know these celebrities. So to father. Help us to study your word help us to saw this great a prophecy so we may know you. Father we thank you for being so merciful to us and Father we thank you that you surance that although the world is falling apart. That you have given us an evacuation plan to lead us to the seas those eternity. Now we could be in the sea of glass. What palms in our hands. All mine. On seeing the son of Moses and singing the song of the land. All Father help us the part of that number. Help us to experience. The glories of eternity. But here today. Help us to see beyond our present condition. Father we thank you for your Marcy we thank you for your long. Father we asked the U.N. General Assembly price. This media was brought to you by audio person a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave visit. W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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