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A Life That Could Have Been pt 2: The Weakness of the Weakest

Taj Pacleb


Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries




  • October 23, 2015
    8:00 PM


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Thank you so much there Lord for the Sabbath. That is upon us. Thank you for bringing us safely through another week for helping us with our school and are studying in our tests. And thank you Lord for giving us this. Sanctuary in time for us to come apart. To rest. And we asked know that you remove every earthly thought every worldly care that you would shut us into your presence and that you give to us. A fresh revelation of Jesus tonight. Please fill this room with the power of your spirit. Lord. Speak to us in and personal and intimate way. And give a spiritual ears to hear what you would have us to hear this evening and bless us Lord as we contemplate what it means to stand for in the final hours of this world history in these last days. So please bless us now as we open your holy word. We pray this in Jesus' holy name Amen. Our message tonight. Is part two of last night's presentation its entire hour to a life that could have been a life. That could have been and last night we introduced it. We introduced the fact that according to our theme here we stand that in order for us to stand firm in these last days. When the winds of strife and Shabab learning upon the room. That we need supernatural and spiritual strength and stability. To make it in the last days. This past Wednesday evening we had a message and titled Who should be able to stand. And we learned that nothing matters except that question in the last days. There's going to be a group of people described in Revelation they're going to be running and seeking to hide from the face of Jesus be. They are the ones that are falling. But in contrast to those who are falling there's a description of a group of people who are standing firm. The able to look into the face of God without any fear. Be ready for his return. And we learn that in order to be amongst that group. We must be spiritually strong. And so last night in our second message. We talked about the strongest man in the Bible. And we learned that there are two specific things that made him strong were dealing with Sam sinner and for those who were here last night. You'll remember that the two things that made Samson strong. Was number one. Samson understood his identity. His identity was rooted in his own agenda. His own genius from God God willed for him to exist. In other words the existence of Samson was called for by the prophet acquire. And we learn that that's the same with us. The secret of our strength is when we understand who we are in Christ not only as individual. Children of God. But also as a corporate church. To recognize that we have a prosthetic identity. That there's something special that God has caught us to do that no one else has done. And is doing in these last days. And that was the second thing the purpose. Identity. And our purpose. Satan is working overtime to cause us to forget these things. Because when we forget them. It neutralizes. Our spiritual strength. And so those were the two things that made Samson strong. But we also learned that the strongest man in the Bible. Also happen to be the weakest man in the Bible. What made him strong was he understood his identity and purpose. And we're going to see tonight that there are certain things that made sense and we can soar with that introduction that foundation let's open our Bible to the Book of Judges are we going to go to the Sistine Chapel. Judges chapter fifteen. And I want you notice what the Bible says here. Judges. Chapter fifteen. In fact we're going to go to a Chapter thirteen first. And I want you to notice the verse that we left off last night in Judges Chapter thirteen beginning with Verse twenty five. If you're there and if you're ready to study the Bible would you please let me know by saying amen. The Bible says here in Judges thirteen twenty five. It says and the spirit of the Lord. Began to move. Samson. At times in the camp of Dan between zero and as strong is the spread a little began to move him what at times. Which reveals to us that even though Samson was so strong in his identity and purpose at first that the Spirit of God was with him. It tells us that he was moved. Only. At times which implies that at other times he was not moved by the Holy Spirit in other words. This expression must at times. Indicate that Samsonov was struggling. He was rather. At times he was moved by the Spirit. At other times he was moved by his own flesh. At times he was on fire for the Lord. Back. Other times. He was living for himself. His life is characterized as what I call roller coaster religion. Spiritual heights of victory. Followed by say Canada lose. Of defeated by the world his walk. Is like many of our walks today in consistent. Own stable. Wavering and fluctuating and that's leading an ever changing. He was strong but he was also weak and I'm wondering if you can relate with that tonight. Friends do you find yourselves moved by the Spirit of God. At times. Some days you're specially focused but other days you're distracted by the world. Some days you're on fire for the low but other times you are concerned with more about what other people think about you and you live to guard your reputation. Sometimes you find yourself moved by the message at other times. You're bored in church. This was the condition of stamps it was a look one condition a double minded condition. Half hearted those Sanson were strong. He had some major weaknesses. And we're going to look at that his weaknesses tonight. We're going to see that it was the weaknesses of Samson. That was neutralizing his strength. And we're going to discover that the same things that made sense in week. Is what makes many of us weak in our walk with a lower today. Sense and had one main an internal problem. And this one of many an internal problem was revealed by five major X. turn all symptoms. And so we need tonight is reeling to look at the five X. to know symptoms that reveals to us the main internal problem of sounds and I hope you bust up the right with if not you can ask the spirit to write it in your mind. But notice. Samson's fired. Epstein our problems were the number long he had a problem with his feet. Number two he had a problem with his eyes. Number three. A problem with his ears. Number for a problem with his hands. And number five a problem with his mouth. His feet his ears. His eyes his hand and his mouth. Simple number one a sound C.N.N. did not keep his feet from treading on enemy territory. You see when you spend a life of something and we don't have the time to read all the chapters of his life. But you'll notice that in the Bible narrative. Samson was constantly treading on dangerous ground. We find sense in frequenting the Philistine territories of Tim and Gaza and story. He was fretting with the enemy. Dancing With The Devil. Because he thought that he could freely welcome monks the enemy without being contaminated by the enemies influence. And that was his first symptom. Problem controlling his feet. He was attracted to the enemies. Third Tory. He thought that he could stand in the midst of the wickedness. Around him. But friends there's a universal law that none of us can escape from. And that was simply this that by beholding do not address will become change. Whatever we look upon. Think about compression upon. We become just like that our parents used to say birds of the same feather flock together. It's a universal principle Francisco last called an effect. Just like the Jamaicans they say. If you lie down with dogs your rise up with fleas. And that's a bit of a principle by the holding. If you can change and that's the reason why I notice that the Bible says. In the Book of Proverbs Chapter four verses fourteen to sixteen it says. Enter not into the past of the wiki and go not in the way of evil men are varied it passed not by it. Turn from it and pass away for they sleep not except they have done some mischief. And their sleep is taken away. Unless they cause some to fall the Bible friends want to spend over and over again. To Be careful little feet where you go to choose our companions and I'm so sure it's lies really and to our voices. The enemy's territory Tez right here in the Book of Proverbs Chapter thirteen verse twenty. He that rocks with lot with wise men shall be wise. But a companion of run for rules. Shall be destroyed. And then and saw me stop the run and burst when I says Blessed is the man that rocks not in the Council of the and Godly. No stand in the way of sin is no sits in the seat of the scornful over and over again the Bible warns us to be aware of where we are our feet to take us this was one of the first witnesses of Samson. Even though he was physically strong. His weak. His feet were spiritually weak. The careful little feet. Where you go. I love what it says in the book testimony to the church Volume four page five eighty seven it reads. And notice with me on the screen. The influence of association is very great. The link is a mysterious one which by inch human hearts together. So that the feelings and principles of two individuals are closely blended. One catches the spirit and copies the ways and acts of the other as rocks retains the figure of the C.E.O. Sir of the mind so the what everyone. The mind retains the impression produced by intercourse and association. The influence may be unconscious yet. It is no less powerful and so one of the lessons we learn from the life of some C.N.N.. Is that we need to be very careful where we are our feet. To take us. Let me tell you friends. I share this little bit last night. But I wasn't born and raised in a Christian home. My parents never went to church and. I was conceived out of wedlock and. Because my mom and dad did not know God they couldn't get to me that which they didn't have and so. Growing up I had no idea what was God or who was got totally ignorant things of things and of God. And as result I started making very bad decisions in my life. By the time. I was in fifth grade I began to smoke and steal and burglarize and. I was arrested for the first time when I was in fifth grade can imagine that. And life just got worse and worse and worse. Because I didn't have that strong spiritual foundation. And I'm going to show you a picture of what I used to look like this was me about fifteen sixteen years ago. In high school. If you look into those eyes. There's no life in those eyes. But that was me a drug. A chronic smoking weed every day burning up my brain cells and it's because I was hanging around with the wrong crowd. And I'll never forget. Let me tell you this person doesn't exist anymore. He's been crucified with Christ. But I was sixteen years old when this picture was taken This is actually my school reporter. I went to high school to get high that's why they call it high school right. I went to school but I didn't go to class. But this was me. I just want to show you the conscious of the crisis there and it was in this last condition that someone came and not to my door and invited me to a Bible prophecy seminar. And I went to those meetings not us tonight. And the began to change my life completely. He gave me a victory over it by one prayer. Over the life of drugs he had set me free in and. He was a kid in my heart at this hour for something more something more lasting than what the word was off. And I'll never forget during those meetings as it was a course of four or five week. Weeks long. And I continue to go to the meetings and God will give me victory like I give my life to him and never forget a few days after I made the decision to surrender all to the node A friend of mine. Or an individual that lives in the same house is me. She was one that introduced me to a lot of bad things. I don't want to go into too much detail. But I needed a ride to the meeting that night and so I asked her if she could take me to church. I didn't have a car back then I was sixteen years old and so I asked her Can you give me a right to church and she said Sure no problem but first let's stop by the drug house and pick up a bad. And I had to tell or not to do that in my. I'm done with that. But can you still take me to church. And she said I'll take you to church but let's just go there. One last time you don't have to smoke just get it for me because she didn't know the person and she said. One last time I refuse a satellite have anything to do with this. And I tried to call others to find a ride to church but I couldn't find anyone to give me a right to church. She was the only one. And her condition was I needed to pick up. And she said I won't talk to you about this at all ever again. Just one more time. Isn't that what the devil does. And finally I was desperate I wanted to go to church and so I could pitch related I said OK one more time. And after that don't bother me with this ever again. And I went to that drug house. Been there many times before. Maybe exchange. And as I was leaving on my my way out of that house. That drug dealer stopped me and he said something to me that he never said before even though I've been there so many times. He said Ahead our whole problem. You know you come here a lot. Why did you start selling for me. If you do you can make all out of money and you can smoke for free. And he was right because a lot of my friends would go through me to get to him and so here was the temptation the devil knew that this was his last chance to get me on this area in my life. Why don't you sell from. You can smoke for free you can have a lot of money in my God's grace I said to him thanks but no thanks. I turned around. Walked out. And by God's grace I never looked back. I should've gone but thank the Lord that He is a merciful God a human and his patient when we grow. But friends I often think to myself what would have happened if I had given in to that temptation. Where would my life be. Today. My life would be very different. And so my friends the lesson is be careful little feet where you go. You see Samson did not have spiritual power to control his feet from treading on the forbidden path. Association with the heat enough. We can his sense of identity and began to thwart his purpose. And that was his first outward symptom. The second one. You can find it right here in the judges chapter fourteen. The Bible tells us in verse one the second symptom is that he did not guard his eyes. From looking upon the forbidden. Notice what it says judges fourteen first one it says. Now Samson went down to turn and run. Saw a woman of ten of the daughters of the Philistines. So we went up and told his father and mother saying I have seen a woman. In ten of the daughters of the Philistines. Now therefore get her for me as I write here we find Samson Saul. A beautiful woman. Well he's strong in enemy territory. Stimulated is eyes. Excited his flesh. And instead of looking away. He began to gaze upon that which was prepared and he began to covet that which was prohibited. Instead of walking by faith. He began to walk by the sight of his eyes. Let me tell you friends. This was his second. Out which sent the eyes are the window of the mine. And the avenue to the cell and in order to protect our soul. We must protect our mind. And in order to protect our mind. We must protect our eyes Samson song. And he move he was moved by his site over and over again young people. Satan is doing all that he can to cause us to forget our identity. And throughout our purpose. But exciting. Asked with the lust of the eyes. And that's the reason why the Bible says. I will said no wicked thing before mine eyes. Is times and songs one nine hundred thirty four turn all my eyes from looking at restless things. And revise me. In your way. And then Joel chapter thirty one verse one. It says I have made a covenant with my eyes. Why then should I look upon a young woman. Be careful their eyes. What you see. Now let me make something clear seeing or is not sin. Seeing is not sin it send is when we allow the slate of the forbidden to find a large man in our minds. One preacher said like this you can stop birds from flying over your head. But you can stop them from building a nest on your head is not right in the same or you can stop. Wicked images from from coming into your eyes all the time. You can't stop. Evil thoughts from flying into your mind. But you can't stop them from lingering and remaining there. So seeing is not sin. But nonetheless we need to be careful what we allowed to come through our eyes and so the question is What do you look at upon. What do you watch. By the holding you become changed and I have Samson beheld the the enemy. In the enemy territory. His identity became we can. And again to forget what his purpose was Samson did not have spiritual power to control his eyes. From looking upon the forbidden. And this is where blinded him began to blind him from his mission. His third symptom. You can write it down. Is that he did not open his ears. To godly counts. He did not open his ears. Notice what his father said in verse three judges fourteen verse three. Then his father mother said to him. Is there no woman among the daughters of your brethren or among all my people that you must go and get a life from the uncircumcised Felicity's here we find the parents of stamps then objecting to his choice. In a mate. But Samson would not hear it. He simply responds by saying. Get her for me for she pleases me. Well. Samson's parents objected to his desire for a Philistine life. But Sampson did not want to hear it live because Sampson knew that this was forbidden. Samson knew that it was a sin to be an equally yoked together with an unbeliever. He knew that it was specially being pressed to link up with one. That was an enemy of God. He knew that God could not bless our relationship that God could not bless America. That was contrary to his word. But despite what sent to New. He persisted in his own way because friends what he felt in its pledge was stronger than what he knew in his spirit. Can you relate with that tonight. We know a lot. Those of those of you who have been brought up in the church and going to church all your life you have a head. Perhaps that is full of knowledge. And you know a lot but sometimes in our in our religious experience. What we know in our mind is weaker than what we feel in our flesh. Just like the song says. I'll hearts are so prolific to wander. So prone to leave. The God that we love. Something close to two. And got to get me counts. Now and he's the closest is to the count of his parents. He also closed his ears to strong warnings for Notice what happens next in verse five. It says so Samson when down to ten men with his father mother and came to the vineyard to Tim verse. That's part of us five. Now to surprise a young lion came a ruling against him. Now stop right there. What would you do if you were Sampson. You're going down the forbidden path you're going to link yourself up with one that is an enemy of God and on your way down the wrong path. You see I why I'm running against you we're going to do. You would turn around right. This was a picture taken by a Pakistani photographer. He was on a safari in Pakistan and he saw a line in the distance so he got out of the car. And he set up is try part on the ground. And we're going to take pictures with is wrong telephoto lens of this line. But the pictures the sound from the camera began to irritate the lion. So the lying got out and we got to charge the photographer. But instead of running away he stood right there and take taking the pitch. And he got this incredible shot. And he turned to grab this camera. Jumped in the vehicle. Inches away from the line was right there he almost got heated. Now if you saw a lion. Running towards year running against you you would turn around is not right. But chance and instead of turning around. He still wanted to move forward to get what he wanted. You see in the lion's roar and Samson should have heard a call to repentance. Sam to get Grondahl when you're going down the wrong path. You need to turn around and go back home but stamps it would not hear it he used his spiritual gifts for selfish purposes. And I will say that he told the lion to pieces. As if that. Ryan was a helpless. Young go to Santa and used his spiritual gifts for selfish purposes. He tore that line to pieces as if he was a young girl in France it's interesting when I read this story. It's very interesting that the same description of this ruling lie and that is like a weak helpless code is similar to that of Jesus. For when you read in the Book of Revelation. You're fine. John the Revelator hearing a lion rule or the lion of the tribe of Judah. And he looks upon the lion. He sees our lead them that have been slain in friends in the same way that Samson had to slay the lion to get what he wanted. We too must fight passed across and crucify Christ in order to get what we want. What sounds in detail the line is what many of us have done to Jesus. What are you using your spiritual gifts for friends. God is gifted us young people. And everyone has a talent. Everyone has a gift. Everyone has a purpose. But Little using it for tension is using it to get what he wanted to satisfy his own desires to reach his own goes with Samson due to the line many of us have done to Jesus. The Bible tells us that when we see and we crucify him a French U.C. Santa will let anything stop him. He felt like he was strong enough to handle a heathen woman. He would not listen to gallop. Counter from his parents never strong ruler and running from the lion. He was deaf to the voice of reason. He had an ear problem. And that's what the Bible says in Revelation Chapter three. He the has an ear to hear. Let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches and first Corinthians ten twelve the Bible says Let him who thinks he stands. Do a take he that means listen. Left the farm. And then and Isaiah thirty first twenty one. God gives us this promise. And you and your ear shall hear a word behind the saying This is the way. Walk in it where the turn to the right. Or you turn to the left. So be careful over ears. What you hear. We don't make sure that we open our ears to God accounts are open our ears to hear the spirits voice. As I mention my wife and I we just got back from Tonga the kingdom of Tanga just a few days ago we had a dental and health clinic there. During the day and we had evangelist meetings that night. And I we had a wonderful time there. An hour during the health clinic there was a mother that came to the clinic Here's a picture of us. Serving the people of Tonga. But there is a mother that came to the clinic. Bringing her son. And she came to the doctor that was on our team and said Dr. Can you please check my sense is. I think there's problems with his ears he can't hear this. There's something wrong because whenever I call him. He is not only he is like he can't hear what I'm saying you know that the doctor gave a thorough examination of his ears and guess what was wrong with his ears. Absolutely nothing. This young man just wasn't listening to what his mom was saying. He heard but he did not listed. And too many times were just like that we hear the Word of God are not listening. We're not responding to. It's going in one ear and out the other. And so the question is What are you listening to be careful or ears. What you hear. Samson did not have spiritual power to open his ears. To godly counsel. And this is what made him spiritually week. And I want you notice. Many young people are making that same a stake in this area in the book Adventist home page sixty one it reads men and women who are otherwise sensible and conscientious closed their ears to counts. They are deaf to the appeals and entreaties of friends and kindred and of the servants of God. The expression of caution. Warning in regard. Is regarded as impertinent meddling and the friend who is free for enough to our women strength is treated as an enemy this is talk about in the realm of relationships where your sensible on every other point but when it comes to this area. And your with the wrong person. You are not here comes to your path to the voice of reason. It is all this is as Satan would have he we need his still about the saw and it becomes be which infatuated reason that fat the reins of self-control upon the neck of lust. Unsanctified passion very sway until too late. The victim. Awakens to a life of misery and bondage. Now that's a very strong strong warning. And so my brothers and sisters. The lesson we learned from Santa is that we need to make sure that our ears are open to hear the sweet. Still small voice of the long. His ways are bests the furthest and some outward symptom of Samson. Is that he did not stop his hands from handling the unclean. He had weak feet. Weak eyes weak ears. And we can't. The Bible tells us in the book of Isaiah fifty two verses leaven the party the party. Go out from thence and touch No I'm clean thing you. Be clean the beer. The vessels of the Lord God has called us to bear the vessels of the Lord to give the message of the Crucified. Resurrected and soon coming savior in all the world. And there are for us to feel fulfilled the purpose of which were created by was that we must be clean because we have a holy message to give to the world. But this. Samson did not do. Notice what happened to the lion. In verse eight. Verse eight says. After some time when he returned to get her. He turned aside to see the carcass of a lion and behold a swarm of bees and honey. Were in the carcass of the line. He took some other in his hand and went along eating. And he came to see father mother and gave some to them and they had also eat. And he did not tell them that he taken the honey out of the carcass of the line you see friends this in carefully. In touching the and eating from the unclean Ryan. Samson was violating his Nazarite vow we talked about that last night and how our Samson was unnaturally from his birth and the natural bow in two to three probation. It's three. Prohibitions in the Book of Numbers Chapter six and there was the right to not cut their hair. The written not touch anything that is unclean. And they are to abstain from the fruit of the vine and lose the Nazarite was to live a life of consecration and distinction. And holiness. And so as Samson. Each honey from the unclean carcass of the line. He is basically validating his Nazarite vow. He's going against his identity and a sacred calling. He's beginning to treat it lightly and the outward association with the enemy is causing him to rationalize and compromise this commitment and friends. Time is not going to permit. First to cover every detail of his life. But when you follow the Bible narrative. You know to sense in repeatedly. Violating the spouse by touching the and claim. His hands were weak and unclean. He touched the I'm clean. Job and of the doc in the mountain of letters to the unclean body of the heartache. In the crowded city of gases to the strong intoxicating Reiner in the valleys of Sorich. Samson buying this bounce. Little by little. And that's had no power to live out and fulfill the purpose of his existence. Each violation of we can his conscience and separated him from the source of to strength. But even though. God was patients and covers most of you study his story after twenty years of victory. After his his near death experience unless he sounds in the Bible says Judge. Israel for the next twenty years. It was a time of victory. And a time of peace. But Samson did not learn from his last. After twenty years of victory in judging Israel. Samson. Again. Ventured on forbidding ground. He sought out a woman in the night. The harlot of gas and almost proved his room. You remember the story. At midnight Sam Summers awaken. Clement by the accusing voice of conscience. And he found himself trapped in enemy territory with no way out. Trapped in the carloads of his own skin. But despite his sin. Even after knowing better. Despite his sin. God gave Samson spiritual strength to break through the guarded gates for the Bible tells us there is no temptation. That God will not provide a way of escape for. And for Samson was able to break loose from Gaza. He tore out the gates. Here we see the mercy of God. Saving Samson. Despite his sin. But listen friends with Samson did to the gates of gas. The enemy was doing to the gates of his heart. The gates of watchfulness return from the hinges of righteousness. And now the enemy could come in and out and Samson's wife. Because he did not guard. The good of his heart his friends is a roller coaster religion. Up and down back and forth in and out spiritual had to victory. Followed by spiritual say Tanika lose of the feet. And now Samson instead of growing up on the higher ground to be can still go down down down to the valley of serving. He had weak hands. Weak eyes weak ears week feet. He also had a weak mouth. That's the first thing. He could he did not close his mouth. From eating and speaking that which was forbidden from the contaminating honey. That came from the carcass of the unclean line to the intoxicating line at his wedding feast. Samson ate that which was forbidden. But it wasn't just that came into his mouth but also what came out from revealing the secret of this riddle to his betraying wife and then uncovering the secret of his strength to the seductress at Sorich sense and friends had problems with his now. He ate and speak that which was for a billion over and over again. Violating his nouns right back out. But friends these are just extra no symptoms. Revealing one major internal problem that Samson had. And what was that. You see the Bible tells us that out of the abundance of the heart. What happens. The mouth speaks. So these extremists symptoms. Problems with his mouth and as I was in his ears and his hands in his feet were simply an outward symptom of a main internal problem. A problem with his heart. And friends tonight you may be. Be able to relate with Sampson. You have weak feet spiritually weak eyes which is. And so many times we try to focus on those extra not things we tried to correct the extra not behaviors of our life. But friends. If the heart is wrong. There's nothing we can do to correct the outward behavior. The issue is an issue of the harms and every day hearing the story of a man who had an expensive clock and this clock was very expensive had gone out and jewels and precious stones in lead in the clock and and one day this clock stopped working. But this man was afraid to go and take this clock to get fix. He didn't want to risk. Someone stealing the go taking the jewels out and forth prevented him from taking it to the clock technician. He didn't want anyone to steal the precious gems and goat. And then he thought one day Well it's the hands that don't work anymore. So why don't I just take the hand. And so what if that's exactly what he took the hands of the clock off. And he brought it to the clock technician. And he said I have an expensive clock and these hands start working I'm wondering if you can fix it. And the clock technician said. Man. If you want that clock to work you can bring me the hand you have to bring me the heart because it's a heart that causes the hands. To move. And that's the same thing in Iraq with the Lord. Many times we bring our feet to God I stick out our ears to got our hands in our mouth. And we say God would you fix this problem. I'm watching the wrong things I'm listening to the wrong using. I'm going to wrong places I'm doing things with my hands I ought not do what you please help me with these things. But God is saying don't bring me that bring me your heart. It's your heart that I need. And so will Samson's main internal problem here is. He did not guard as hard as from the enemy in the Sky Jump down with me to judges chapter sixty. As we look at that which made Samson we judge is sixteen and verse four the Bible says. And I came to pass after word that he lot of women in the valley of Surrey. Whose name was what was her name. They live on the line. And that were Delilah. It literally means consumer. That's what her name means to be brought no. You see the outward beauty of this worldly woman a story caught something like a fish on a hook. He was intoxicated by last drunk with infatuation and Samson was being reeled in for the kill. And so best this strong man of supernatural strength. Finally meets his match. In the beautiful but deadly form of the Lion consumer. One who brings you low. She was so easy on the eyes. But she was simply. The enemy. In a beautiful. Voluptuous disguise. And if anyone could make Sampson forget his identity and stop him from from fulfilling his purpose. Surely it would be. Delilah. And the record tells us that Stanton loved her but she did not love him and for the right price. The rial committed to selling out sense into the Philistines. And so it says in Judges sixteen. Now notice. With me in verse fifteen. The bible says his Delilah speaking to Samson. She said to him How can you say I love you when you ask what harm is not with me. You see at this point. Samson did not give his whole heart to this woman. Just a part of it and she's complaining how can you say you love me when your heart is not with me. You have mocked me these three times and have and have not told me where your great strength lies. Three times. She asked him. The secret of his strength and Samson did not reveal that Sansa did not give to her. All his heart. And these three times something had clear evidence that she was the enemy. In disguise. But Samson trusted. Is physical strength. And he felt secure in her arms. But listen friends. In reality. It wasn't she in his arms. It was he in her arms. And just like a wrap I wrapped. Wrapped. By up by a snake. Samson was in the arms of the lion. And at last he could not escape from her brief witching embrace and so it says in verse sixteen. And it came to pass that. She pestered him daily with her words and pressed them. So that his soul was vexed to death. Were seventeen. That he told her how much on his heart and said to her. No religion has ever come upon my head. Cry been an ass right to God for my mother's room. If i'm sure even then my shrink will leave me. And I shall become weak and be like any other man friends listen. In be trained the secret of strength. Ryan is here. Samson was giving away his commitment to God. There was no spiritual virtue or supernatural strength in his long hair his long hair was simply a symbol of his consecration and its commitment to God and in fact referencing the symbol. In the intelligence of passion in making known his secret. Sampson was sacrificing his identity as a NASA right. And thus giving away his purpose. In the sacrificing of his identity. Bible says that he became like any other man a listen carefully friends in the same way. When we sacrifice our identity as a seven day evidence church. We end up becoming like any other church. A fallen church. When we forget who you are and why are we here. And when it is God is calling us to go. When we are a lot better harlots of that want to shave off our head. We will lose our supernatural strength. As a church. And please listen carefully and don't misunderstand what I want to say but someone has to give a warning. Many in the remnant church are sacrificing their God given prosthetic identity. At the feet of the heart it's of the churches of Babylon. Not long ago. I was in such and such a place. Sitting under such and such a professor from such and such a school. That gave such and such a few our G.. Theological class and hit the name of this class was rethinking our mission in a time of great. Emergence. And then this class I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing from this. Adventists theologians because they see saying that the Bible is culturally condition. Rather than divinely inspired. He was saying things like the creation story in Genesis is just a poetic him. And that God used evolution. To create. We can preach. Absolute Truth pastors you need to stay in your lane. Because everything is relative and. So instead of preaching. The final message. We need to focus on social justice he said. We mean that we need to stop. Emphasizing our distinctives. Let's just focus on social justice and friends when you study church history. That's exactly what the church is the Babylon has done. And that's the reason why in the Christian community in general there's an increase in quantity. With these mega churches and get the churches an increase in membership. But a corresponding decrease in spirituality. Yes friends list and don't misunderstand. We need to stand up for social justice. But never at the cost of the truth. Yes friends. We need to meet people's felt needs. In ministering to people physically and mentally and clothing the naked and feeding the hungry and and clear encouraging the discouraged. We need to meet people's felt needs. But we also need to meet the real needs. Which is salvation in Jesus Christ. It's not either or it's. And both our mission is not simply to hear the world and make it a better place. A mission is to prepare a people. For the coming of the Lord. Because I was on is broken beyond repair. So I message is an evacuation message. We need to get ready for the Lord Jesus is coming. Be with their friends there's an ecumenical apostasy emerging. Even within. And some are allowing the hard it's of Babylon. To cut off their here. And strip us of our identity. This is what Samson did in the Reeve radical revelation of a secret. Samson was giving to this woman his heart he gave to her. Would belong to God alone. All my friends Be careful who you give your heart to don't give it to the enemy in disguise. And let me just say something practical tonight sisters. Don't be distracted by the broad shoulders and. And the handsome face of that brother. Because if he does not care about your soul he's not your soulmate. If he's not a man of God He's not going to treat you like a woman of God. And in order for him to be ready for you. He must learn to first learn to love. Like God love as I hope he will not be able to love either way that you deserve and need to be loved and until he learns that lesson. He's not wrong to the OF YOUR HEART. Make sure you don't give your heart to an enemy in the sky that my brothers. Don't be mesmerized by the make up. If he's just a pretty container. Remember that content is more important than the container. Amen. Instead of being made out with the make up she needs to be filled up with the love of God. Until then. She's not worthy of a luxury not worthy of your heart she's not ready for you and make sure that she is not the enemy. In disguise. Sisters you need to let your life be still hit in Christ. That that brother needs to find Christ before you can find you and brothers your life needs to be so here in Christ that sister must find Christ first before she can find you don't make mistakes in this area I know that. In this phase of your life we're looking right we're looking we're looking we're praying. But keep your eyes on Jesus. The Bible says they that are wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength we must learn to wait in order to have spiritual strength to be chairman and sober. The plan is that we need to be careful who we give our heart to you don't give it to the enemy in disguise. And that's what stems him did he gave to the lilac that which belong to God alone. And I want to know just now with Delilah did with his heart and verse nineteen We're almost done notice what it says and judges Sixty nine hundred percent was. Then she led him to sleep on her knees. Oh man of God. What are you doing sleeping on the knees of the seductress. And my beloved seven of his church. Where are some of us doing a sleep Spears the on the measles the hearts of Babylon. Bible says she learnt to sleep on her knees and called for a man to shave off the seven locks of his head. And she began to torment him and his strength left him. And she stirred the Philistines or upon you Samson So he went from asleep and said. I will go out as before at other times and shake myself free. But he did not know that the Lord had departed from him. Now Samson tries to fight. Like effect the third But first in the victories of the past. Are insufficient to protect us from the temptations of the present without any consistent battle connection with Christ. Victory is not possible. Sense and gave his heart away and to live abroad it alone. She consumed. That's what the name Delilah means. The consumer some sense an unguarded a hard. Read him right into the hands of the enemy be aware friends who you open your heart and your gay to. Be careful. The wise man Solomon. Describes the danger in Proverbs six wrist twenty five to twenty eight notice what it says Do not lust after her beauty in your heart. And let not her allure you with her eyes have ever been alert by lights for by means of a heart at a man is reduced to a crust of bread. And I don't just reprint upon his precious life. Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned. Can one rock on hot coals and his feet not be seared do not lust after her beauty in your heart. And then a proper seven twenty five to twenty it says. Let not your heart decline to her ways. Girl not astray in her paths for she is cast down many wounded many were kind of men shrunk men had been slain by her. Her house is the way of head or bring down to the chambers of death. Be careful who you give your heart to that were Samson's maiming internal problem. Of which the extort of problems was simply the result of. And so friends. The Bible tells us as we get ready to close. Keep your heart. Don't give it away so easily. Keep your heart with all diligence. For out of it is the issues of life. The problem is not with your hands in your eyes in your feet and your ears. It's with our hearts. And so what is God calling us to do in Proverbs twenty three twenty six. He says my son. My daughter. Give me your heart. See. And when you give it to Jesus. He's not going to bring it low. He's going to make it home. So be careful little feet where you go. Be careful little eyes what you see little ears what you hear a little hand what you handle a little mouth what you eat and speak and be careful of the heart. What you desire. Samson had a weak heart. Because the bear is the principle were broken down by the thrills of pleasure. And union with the strange woman caused him to surrender his identity. And its purpose. And so I beg you my beloved brothers and sisters. Be careful who you give your heart to. In Peterson profit five sixty seven it says physically Samson was the strongest man. Upon the earth. But in self control integrity and from this. He was one of the weakest of men. Many mistakes strong passions for strong character. But the truth is that he has mastered by his passion is a way. Is a weak man. The real greatness of the man is measured by the power is measured by the power of the feelings that he controls. Not by those that control him. Sampson was able to conquer the enemy without what he could not conquer the enemy with them. And as results. He lived a life. That could have been a life. That could have them. How does the story am the champion of Israel. Becomes the sport of the Philistines his eyes. Could not see anything but darkness. We see him now with his hands and feet bound by Philistine fetters his ears could only hear the tons of the enemy. And in this situation of blindness and darkness because of the foolish choices he made. Now all he could do is to wait upon the Lord. And as he did God began to renew his strength because let me tell you our God is a merciful God. His hair begins to grow. And now Samson is broad and displayed as a trophy of victory at the feast of day gone. And they are at the eleventh hour. Sampson prayed one last prayer. And God gave him strength to fulfill his destiny. At the eleventh hour. The record tells us that he killed more in his death. That he did in his life was the implication. The implication is this. Samson could have done so much more. So much more. So much more how dark and terrible the record of the life. Which might have been appraised to God and a glory to the nation. Had Samson been true to his divine call. The purpose of God could have been forth accomplish in his honor and exaltation. But he yielded to temptation and proven true to his trust. And his mission was for fear of how in defeat. Bondage and death sentence and did not wait upon the Lord. He wanted to live his own life. He wanted to choose his own life. And as a result. He lived a life. That did not reach its full potential friends here's the bottom line there's a lot we can learn from Stanton. But here's the bottom line. Just like Sampson. God has given to each and every one of us. A profit of identity. And a most sacred purpose. He's called us to live a life of devotion and separation and consecration. And God desires to reveal his strength through our weakness. But don't waste your life chasing things that will only destroy you don't give you don't want to give to the enemy that which belongs to God don't live a life. That could have been you want to live a life that has no regrets. Emma. You want to make every moment count for eternity. You want to surrender to God. Your hands and your feet your eyes or ears your mouth and most importantly your heart. And that's why the Lord says my son my daughter. Give me your heart and tonight as Esther comes and gets ready to sing a closing song. Have you given the Lord your hearts. You might have given him your hands. And your feet. Your eyes. Your ears. But does he have your heart tonight. Why shall we give ourselves to Him because He gave his all for us. I want you to consider friends that Jesus gave his mouth. To us in speaking words of kindness and compassion. But we would not hear the words that came from his mouth. Jesus also gave his ears to hear our prayer. But instead we feel his ears with taunts and cursings. And the Nile. It's our blessed that Christ gave his eyes. To us. And in response we showed him nothing but hatred anger and rejection. Jesus also gave his hands the heel of his feet are back with us. And this sort of accepting it. We know those hands and feet to the core and most importantly Jesus gave his heart with the spirit of our rejection humanity was settled physically strong. To crucify the crease in reality we were so weak. The Christ physical weakness. On the ball was our spiritual strength. So today. He gave His life for you. Let's give our life to him that surrender. Let's allow God to take full control. I want to make a special invitation a special appeal to my to give your whole heart to go. Now I believe that many of you have already done that but I believe that there are many in this room that have not. He has your hands perhaps your feet. Not your. But tonight as your heads about it dries your clothes I invite you to pray in your heart and surrendered. Below. As you listen to the words of the song. Give Jesus your hearts and as your heads about as your eyes are closed before we pray. I believe that many of us have already surrendered on. The Lord. The night he has your heart. If you've already made that decision. Commit yourself once again. And stay where you are. But there might I believe there is others who have not yet come to that point of full surrender. Tonight. The Holy Spirit convicted use that you need to make that decision. You don't want to live a life that could have been. You don't want to come to the end of your life and realize that you did not reach your full potential and you recognize that the only way you can live. A life that reaches its potential as if Jesus has your heart because when he has your heart. You have your head. Your feet. Your eyes. Your ears. You have everything you want to surrender and say Yes Lord tonight I'm giving you my. That one area of my life that I've been withholding from you tonight. I want you to take it because I recognize that. But that answer winded area is what is rubbing me from Peter I want you to be in control now. Because you gave all for me. I want to give all to you there's someone here like that tonight. If so would you raise your hand and say yes. Running all to your heads about Isaac bless you. Lloyd use your heart. Would you please take it. We don't have the strength to give it to you take our hearts Lord it is already your property. Make it clean. Forgive us know. Allowing our feet upon enemy territory. Forgive us not for allowing us to gaze upon the forbidden for locking things that corrupts the mind and destroy the soul. Forgive us not for closing on to your voice. Nothing. Being the Met them to the enemy. Forgive us for for using our hands. To get what we want. Instead of glorifying you forgive us for the things you allowed to come in and out of our mouth. But more than that Lord tonight we realize that those are just symptoms of a heart condition. We pray that you take a hard. Make us your children. We don't want to live a life that might have been could have been should have been but was not. We want a life of strength. Spiritual stability. And so large and help us to never forget our deficits he was down asking. They would fulfill your purpose in us and serve in these last days. Thank you for your mercy. And for your forgiveness blessed us now is really in Jesus' day. Amen. This media was brought to you by audiobooks a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon. 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