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Corp Fitness: Crossing the Chasm From Served to Servicer

Dr. Bradley Smith


How do healthcare professionals find the time and energy to engage in acts of Christian service? How do they inspire the pastors and fellow church members into embracing service as essential? What are the challenges for those in need of care, the volunteers, the clergy & the health professionals?



  • The essential need for each Christian to actively exercise service ΅ Practical exercises to begin and encourage service
  • Factors for performance enhancement and sustainability 


Dr. Bradley Smith

Orthopedic Surgeon



  • October 30, 2015
    4:15 PM
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Well. Welcome. What a joint a privilege. This. This kind of fell together at the end didn't. Wasn't really planned and they happen the slot opened up and I was available and interested. And so here we are. And I am so excited to be able to talk with you. This is something that I thought was interesting. Mornings we we do a call in and we do a discussion and we go through different books. This was a a church in a quill organ. Probably saying that wrong. So they had a trip down to Mexico and they had cross training. And here on the back. They paraphrase Hebrews twelve seven. And they said God is educating you. That's why you must never drop out. He's treating you as dear children. This trouble you're in isn't punishment is training. He was twelve seven. It's good to keep that in mind isn't it. Well. This topic to me is very compelling. And I'm so excited. A little about who I am so you know my perspective and my bias. I finished it med school in one thousand nine hundred three. At Loma Linda and orthopedic surgery. In one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. I now practice orthopedic surgery in Red Bluff which is in Northern California not too far from ready. So that's who I am. And now I'm interested in know about you and have any of you participated in the bridges or the pathways. Activities. OK here we have somebody here. Anybody else. I mean this really is is something that is starting to foster a lot of these little types of grassroots activities and I have to tell you that we didn't come up this. With this idea on our own you we're with bipartisan patient with that. But if it's grassroots. Then it's powerful. And I think that the Holy Spirit is pouring out this effort. In many communities there's been tremendous interest in it and I see some that are well established some that are well on their way and is just their lights. Turning on all over. And in the in the late hundreds. There was the temperance movement do you remember. I mean there was really it was coming on strong. And so the Holy Spirit when time is starting to get into a transition period. Then you see. Movements. Come along and I think that the. We're seeing the beginning of the momentum. That will build into a full medical ministry work. And I'm really excited about that I'm really excited to be a part of it because I see my job as going away. At some point. I don't know about you guys. But medicine is getting more and more difficult. And I feel like an Israel light that stuck in Egypt. And then Moses comes along and Pharaoh says well. Fine you guys have a lot of energy. Why don't you get your own straw. And so here they come with a new thing and I see ten. They come and put a computer on my desk. And they say you have to use this computer and it. And now the computer is the priority not the patient. And so I see these things. As a indication that time is short. I also feel. When I deal with my computer. That just like those Jews in Jerusalem. Hated the Romans. And they blamed all the problems on the Romans. But the Romans were there. Because God wanted to teach them something and he wanted to manage them so that they wouldn't self-destruct. And so God has given me a computer. So that I will learn patience. And that I will be kind and that I will work with my colleagues. So. Well. I have a lot to learn. Well. I'm not an expert. OK For sure I'm not an expert. And I'm not even a teacher. But I am a seeker. And a learner. And I need to hear the things I say as much as I need to say them. If I am not giving you. Relevant information. Please stop me from squandering your time and direct me to something that would be more helpful to you. Now these are not my ideas. They're not my photos. And they're not my words. In fact even the limited experience that I have is only the result of God's mercy. In gathering. The insight and motivation of others to make me a participant in this. If you hear something that challenges you or you feel like you need a reference please stop me. And or you can stop me afterwards and I can do what my best to identify where I've come up with this particular idea quote or or thought. Why have I been given the opportunity to take up this valley of time. And the space. I want to relate to you. A small grassroots medical ministry effort by a group of dentists and doctors called Adventist compassion care. This little effort has had a significant impact on the community of Red Bluff. And we want to encourage you and others. To hear the call to start. Or if you are have already started. Enthusiastically encourage you to begin moving forward with the medical missionary effort. Because this will be your stream. That will then coalesce with other streams. That will become a river that becomes a mighty cataract. And this world that is why axing old like a garment. Is desperately thirsty. And you can meet that thirst. With what you know. And with what you've experienced. So this is pivotal important. And as a result of this discussion. I hope that you will dig deep into the word that you will wrestle. Prayerfully with these thoughts. And then begin to plan and to execute a medical man. Ministry in your neighborhood. No matter how big it is or how small. If you already have a medical ministry in your backyard. Network with us. So that others can see the momentum and link arms with us and move forward. I would like to pray if you. If you don't mind I just feel that this is real important. Lord God we can do nothing of ourselves. And the words that we speak are not our own. But they're those of yours who sends us. And we seek to do your will and your will alone. And we know that we can draw no man. But that you father. Can draw all men. We seek your glory. We seek that your glory reflecting and shining on us. Would Send us. Father glorify dining in Jesus' name amen. What makes the difference between a pro Fessor. And a contest or C one talks. And one does one hears. And it goes through the conscience. Into the Heart. And it transforms the character. We have some Hansard. Especially Seventh Day Adventists. You see truth. On exercised. Is toxic. It's hazardous. It would be better to be ignorant of truth. Then to be exposed to truce and fail to implement truth does truth need a companion. It does doesn't it and. And who is truths companion. You see in a fetus for fifteen. It talks about speaking the truth. In love. Benevolent action is essential. As a companion of truth. Remember there was a group of one hundred twenty. That gathered together and put away their differences and United. They were given a gift of fire. What was unique about that fire. Anybody remember it was clothed and wasn't white too. Why was it split. One of those was truth. But the other was love. You see the truth. In love is paramount because truth can be talk sick. It can wound it can injured when it's in appropriately administered. Now is Christian service and acquired taste. Is it spontaneous and natural for some it may be. But for many. I think it is an acquired taste. And like any acquired taste. The first exposure may make you wonder what people find so interesting and exciting. But with investment. Persistence and vision. The rewards are otherworldly. I want to read this from review and Herald February nineteen. Eight hundred eighty nine. Every important truth. Received into the heart must find expression in the life. It is in proportion to the reception of the love of Christ. That men desire to proclaim its power to others. And the very act of proclaiming it deepens. And intensifies. Its value to their own fold. When Take another look at that. There's a lot there isn't there. So does this statement. Give us a metric. Something to measure with for our reception of Christ's love. It does doesn't it. You see the truth. Finds expression in the life. Proportionally to the reception of the love of Christ. So I get on my right my yardstick and I say wow. How do I measure up. And I find myself horribly short. Well. This statement gives a practical tool for us to find what to do about it because the very act of proclaiming it. Then deepens. And intensifies it for us. So participation in Christian service is essential. Not only because we want to commute. Can we communicate this to others. But that we ourselves. Need to hear it. We need to participate in it and it will deepen intensify our experience. So what about Christian service. Well. If there's no service. Then there's no Christian. And there can be no vision of who Christ is now the corollary of that is also true. If there is no Christ. There is no Christian. And there certainly won't be Christian service. This is a thought. That is from a sermon. Called the rediscovery of Jesus Christ. For from a a fellow named Major in Thomas. And this is is what he says it has been said of these early disciples that they were in court. Julie happy. Utterly unafraid. And nearly always in trouble. They had a good reason to be happy. And they had a good reason to be unafraid. They knew what they believed. And they believed what they knew. The problem by and large for the church today is that the church doesn't know enough of what it believes to make it happy. And it doesn't believe enough of what it knows to make it on Afraid. And it neither believes or no than up to get itself into trouble. And this sounds like a lay it is seen condition doesn't it. So we have an opportunity. Or we have a dilemma. And we can trust his omnipotence. Are we can languish in impotence. Anybody familiar with this quote This is from review and herald March thirteen eighteen eighty eight. The cause of our great. Deficiency in the Christian life. Anybody know the answer to this. What is it. In activity in the work of God out. But. But this then gives us another tool doesn't it because now we we can engage. Now. Christian service isn't the God is it. The God that we know and understand leads us into service. So it really have to be wed. Doesn't it very much so you know where this. This quote comes from is a review and Herald article and you know what the title is The title is the necessity of labor. And in it are discussed the essential practical aspects of delivering the third angel's message and. This statement in paragraph one caught my interest. It says. The third Angela message is not a system of truth. Simply to gratify and please the intellect. It means. Diligent and sacrificing labor. To all who accept its holy teaching. So truth. Can't just sit here. Truths have to be expressed here. And it goes through here. To get there doesn't it. So it goes from your mind. Through your heart into your hand. We must arise and shine activity. Activity that's what the world needs to see because they don't have faith duty when they see you then they can say. I can believe. So the dying world must hear. And more importantly see. And most importantly experience. Some good news. So how do we change. Acts of duty. Into acts of beauty. You see when you're working for yourself. Your boss is a tyrant. And when you work for the master. Your boss is a loving father and Savior. It doesn't mean you won't get tired. But in light of who he is. And what he has done. Why would one be resentful. I want to read this quote from review and Herald February fourteenth. Eight hundred ninety nine. You're probably familiar with it. When this experience is ours. We shall be lifted out of our poor cheap. Selves. That we have cherished. So tenderly. We shall empty our hearts of the corroding power of selfishness and shall be filled with praise and gratitude to God. Anybody want to be lifted out of their porch eep self. This guy. Desperately anyone want to be emptied of the corrosive power of selfishness and men. So what experience does this speak of. And how can we actively engage in this experience. Peter main this great summary. In X. ten thirty eight. He's going to Cornelius in his friends after the vision of the sheet. And this is what he says he says god. Anointed Jesus of Nazareth. With the Holy Spirit. And with power. And what did he do. He went about doing good and healing. All who were oppressed by the devil. For God was with him. Truth was an isolated in a test tube at the university was it. It was real it was tangible. You could see it. You could touch it you could feel it. There's this powerful quote from actually the Apostles. One zero five. Paragraph two. And it says this. Strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service. Aggressive service. How lujah. This is another tool that we have. So we can be protected from the enemy. By being engaged in it. Now not like an iffy gin. Remember the a fee gins. They were a busy church doing lots of lots of very good things you'd be envious of having a Debian membership or being involved the pastoral community at that church. But they had left their first love hadn't day. So we mustn't lose our love. But we must engage in service. In May of two thousand and fourteen Adventist compassion care began as a grassroots effort to minister to the community. In a practical way to go about doing good as Christ did. Now there were some barriers. And what do you think the biggest barrier was. It wasn't the pastor. It wasn't the volunteers. And it wasn't the money. Well. Maybe it was the money. The money in a way that you might not think of it was fear about shouldering the liability. You see the conference is very very anxious to not shoulder the liabilities. And if you're running a program like this. You're going to have some liability aren't you. Whether whether it's related to your medical X. or whether it's related to the volunteers or you know slip and fall all of these things and so they were really we. We reached out to them and we said. Help us. And they said. Been no. So that put our little group. Back into desperately seeking. This practical expression. And so we engaged in prayer and Nora. Right here. Was not one to accept no. And so she set about a chain of events that ultimately formed a board. Filed a fictitious business name and established five hundred one C three status. And also more importantly located. A liability broker. So a synergy has developed between the pastor. The church membership. And the health care professionals. And that has resulted in a monthly. Gratis medical and dental service to those in need. Whether they're on the street. Or in the church or in the neighborhood. So we've ministered to a significant number of of our fellow church members and and first we will Sutton is that you know. The what we what we should be doing. But Hallelujah Yes we should take care of our brothers and sisters shouldn't we those in need. We should. Desperately take care of them. Absolutely. But perhaps the most important. Saying it has done is it has given each member of our congregation. An opportunity to be involved with the potent. Transforming power of Christian service. From the very young. To the very old from the highly educated. To the least educated. From the wealthiest to the poorest. We've been approached by many wanting to know how a similar effort to be established in their church. Well the process the paperwork and the planning but mostly the liability. Can be very daunting. But God leads. Step by step from glory to glory. Doesn't mean every day in many ways. We stand at the crossroad. And with every new day that dawns. We are challenged with what we do with the gifts that God has bestowed on us. And at every opportunity. And every never. And every new undertaking. These crossroads. Are pivotal the important darn thing. Did you know that being rich. Makes you a debtor. This is from the volume six the testimonies. Page twenty two paragraph two. According to the truth we have received. Above others. We are debtors to impart the same to them. Wow. How rich in my how indebted am I to those who don't have the riches that I haven't earned. And that I don't deserve. How rich and indebted are you. How rich and indebted our congregations are conferences our divisions how rich and indebted are we as a denomination of Seventh Day Adventists in planning anything. Deliberations start at the foot of the cross Don't be beholding him face to face. Because revelations of love and truth. Require drawing near to the one who is Love and Truth. And in beholding across a focus on self sacrificing love begins. And it starts to ignite a long dormant. Tender. If not hindered or extinguished. It will continue into a full. CROSSFIRE. And it only takes one fire. To start another fire. Conventional wisdom says fires. Ultimately will burn out. But there was once a guy who wondered why does this bush. Burn and burn and burn. I want to read this from review and Herald February fourteenth eight hundred ninety nine paragraph ten. When the truth is received as truth by the heart. It has passed through the conscience and have captivated the soul. With its pure principle. It is placed in the heart. By the Holy Spirit who reveals its beauty to the mind. That is transforming power. May be seen in the character. So again this is a lot right this is a lot of stuff going on right here. So here's the quote. I don't want you to know is that you. You see here. Heart soul and mind. God is engaging the whole mechanism is an E. There's a trilogy here he's engaging the whole thing and the whole thing then is resulting in a transformation of character. And so we find truths. That then goes through the conscience. Right into the heart. By the Holy Spirit. And then the soul is captivated. And then that reveals it back to the mind. So there's a real reinforcement going on here. And then the character is transformed. Did Alija teaches that even wet wood. Would burn. Even when it would can be soggy it can look at you to say that would never burn. God can make it burn. Remember the guy we just talked about that was walking and stopped to watch a Bush burn and burn. Well. He started to have heartburn did me. And he began to know a guy named. I am that I am. And step by step. Under that leadership. Millions of stiff necked rebellious slaves were emancipated from the then world power. Does the fire burn out. True enthusiasm is infectious. But it isn't a pansy passing fancy. It's not for just now it persists and presses on even when the impossible. Presents its profile and Edward Butler here this quote one man hasn't Susie has been for thirty minutes. Another for thirty days. But it is the man who has it for thirty years. That makes a success of his life. A famous coach. Stated this. If you aren't fired. With enthusiasm you will be fired with enthusiasm. And does God struggle with and incipit group in the last days. To the find himself meeting. An anti emetic a medication to make him not Nazia did. He does doesn't he he so much wants to have his people fired with and Susie F M. So what's the cost of doing nothing. Or what's the cost of not getting it right. But starting. Seth Godin is can't as quoted here the cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing. You see. Our friend brother a broom. Packs and leaves earth does he make mistakes. Yes he does. But he begins he walks. He progress is. What's the cost of being a minimalist see. Brother lot left with his brother a broom didn't he but he didn't have the same enthusiasm Diddy. He didn't have the fire. What is James say about wooden stubble. And being a minimalist. And then having your building construction. Subjected to fire. How many of Lott family were saved. We must get on fire. Let's look down the road. How does Earth future look. How does the trajectory of your profession look at the beginning of this we talked a little bell. Medicine and where it's headed and. This system will fracture. And will implode. It's unsustainable. From any aspect you want to look at it. Does that cause me anxiety Yes it does this quote here from reviewing Harold June eight eight hundred ninety seven paragraph seventeen. All who will gather warmth from the coldness of others. Courage from their defections. And loyalty from their treason. Will triumph. With the third angel's message. Defined this. Perplexing. Define a promising. It's it's a promise isn't it. But how do you draw. Warmth from cold. It's physically impossible isn't it. I mean that that violates what we know in the way we think. But this is what it says. We get warmer. By being near the coldness. And we get courage from cowardice. And we get loyalty from the an oil. And all this probe Pelz. One into triumph. Wow. The slide says as an architect you design for the president with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown. Well. Do we know our past. Do we know our future. We do don't we we've been given a special gift. A whole bunch of truth about what's coming. How will we leverage the present. How we leverage the past. For the future. Planning is essential but well we would love to eliminate risk. And we would love to plan out every detail. It isn't possible. And it's not desirable. See. Martin Luther King or do near said face is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. Thoughts become plans. Plans become actions. Actions become habits. Habits determine character and character decide. Destiny. Quoting Richard Branson here I've not particularly spiritual man. From what I know. But I thought this an important thing to think on. You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn to walk by doing. And falling over. That's true isn't it. This is how we learn. So step by step. Glory to glory. Face to face. As anybody here. Listen to. Dave Asterix sermon. Titled The single secret to succeeding in the Christian walk. I would highly recommend that go to youtube and search that. And watch it. I mean is that a little bit of a a challenging title. It is it is. But I would encourage you go and watch that. Go and watch it. Now as we start to plan and start to move into execution of this plan. We really have to include our community don't we and we need to know what our community needs. And so having some understanding that becomes very important because you can. You can build a beautiful. System to deliver something. And if nobody wants it. Then your system is not very valuable is it. So foundational elements become very very important. And many feel that this is dreadfully boring stuff. But it is necessary now I've just I've just said that you learn to walk by just walking right and falling down but here I'm telling you to plan. So I'm speaking out of both sides of my mouth. But there is you know when you when your plane lines up to take off where does that line up right in the middle of the runway doesn't it. That's so if a little gust of wind comes and you get off to the side you have some room to correct. So you don't start and one side. Do you start right in the middle. And there's there's tension isn't there between this and that. Right and Left. And so we need to build these tensions into our systems. Thinking through foundational elements makes for sound constructions. When the storms hit. So one of these include developing a mission statement. Byelaws filing the appropriate paperwork. And most importantly a statistician a board now boards are a funny thing. There are a band. But they're the necessity aren't they seek for diversity. You don't want to parrot. Puppet board do you see God leaf. Praying fervent deliberate committed folks will probably disagree on everything except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. But these tensions that we're talking about. Will the wold and shape and journey this organization. Into being the success that it is to God is organized and got a systematic. So be deliberate and measured. But at the same time. Be spontaneous and extravagant. In a Godly way. Diversity will help to foster. This apparent oxymoron. And God has a way of a semblance special teams. The A spree decor. That will bring the needed talent. The personality. And the dynamic necessary for the organization. Teams that will ensue the ass to clean the work together in the dirtiest. And most challenging circumstances. How many here have read. Dave feelers book. The so though. How lujah powerful book. Powerful book. As you start to identify talent and assemble your special teen the clergy is essential. We have to to reassemble. What the devil has divided the ministry and the medical coming together and engaging our entire community. So that every member. Now is participating in action. And if you want to study. Who I think. Made some of the most successful programs. John Tyndall T. I N. D. a L. L.. That man. Understood it and he did it well. Unfortunately the conference wasn't particularly enthusiastic to support him. And if you want to look at the. One of the most successful things that was done it was a Field School in San Francisco. And they had all the right things going on and he mentions they feel their mentions this and in his book Desoto. So the clergy is important to have on board and engage. Of accountants are necessary aren't they. Because if you've established a non-profit. Then you have an accountability to the state into the fed. They help shepherd. Around the bureaucratic craze. Of paperwork. There is some good news. In January of this year. They simplify the five hundred one c three application. So it is not nearly as onerous now as it once was you need volunteers. They are the backbone of the operation they're the boots on the ground there at the front line. Notice this guy over here. Sleeping in the pew. That guy when he gets to engage in this kind of activity. He may become your best salesperson. There is something about activity. Now it may not happen the first time I mean I haven't the second time. But persist persist. Persist. And then there are donors. Aren't there. Donors that will contribute their money their time and their expertise. And they also are the lifeblood of any organization. And you need a building don't you. And if you can use a building that's already existing. We're using. Dr Elway's office. And it's been very successful. And you need tools. Don't you. Again if you can avoid duplication. Here. It really helps with the efficiency. And then mentors are incredibly important asset. And of course our best mentor is or elder brother. Who knows all of our flexion. Oh but now we're back to this. Aren't we pesky liability. So this is probably the biggest impediment to starting organizations. And we could have spent the majority of our time talking about this. But needless to say it can be arranged and managed. And I would love. I would love to discuss with our conference with our division with anybody at our church level. That would see fit to change. The construction of their position on risk management and liability and say hello lujah. You want to do medical ministry. We will facilitate you. We will Bert will shoulder this burden of risk we will assume the liability. We we will work in concert with you. And we will not make you jump through these hurdles. So I want to trumpet that message. And I want to give them the opportunity because they have talents and. They have opportunities. And they can assist is a great deal. Because churches are looking to us at Venice compassion care and they're wanting to come in under our five A one c three and under our liability. And it's starting to to be. How do we manage all of this. Going on we're just a little group of people from Red Wolf. You know. We'll see how God works this out. So here's the gory details and I polish guys because it's a busy slide with lots of little little writing on it. But the week before. In church. We remind our members that they have an opportunity to participate in Christian service. And then the young adults will go from door to door. They'll go through the park. They will go to wherever they think there is need and they will provide people with the knowledge and information to come in Access us and we want to keep it small we want to keep it sort of low key. We then on the morning of. On Sundays we've done it both in the morning and in the afternoon but we'll meet with all of all in tears. And we will have a worship we'll have prayer. And then the people come in and we register then we collect collect a little bit of demographics. And we try and identify what their needs are they then are. Ushered into an area where they have access to literature. Smiling volunteers that will meet and greet. And then we can also start some exploration here about what their expectations are what their needs are. So this discussion is started here. Now we haven't implemented this yet the young discipleship Sabbath school is working on this. So that there's eight health laws that are going to be then managed by them so we're incorporating more people in our church and I find this very exciting. Once we've brought these people in then we one by one bring them. Before a doctor a nurse. We collect some vitals. And now we ask questions. Provide resources. And we affirm and encourage change. Then they go through dental tree Asha where. Again. There are specific dental needs are identified. And we set expectations we're not doing complex stuff. We're keeping it simple things that can be done in one setting. Then we take them from our church. To Dr Elway's office. And then from there. We have our early teen register them. And then here. We have can. CONCIERGE again. So they have access to literature. We have smiling gauge meant. Even massages if we have that available at that. At that time. And then we have volunteers that have made food. Of the in mill for these people. And then they get the. The advantage of seeing that this food doesn't have to be just raw cabbage. Which is what everyone thinks. Have a head of broccoli There you go. Right I mean you can make good food right that is vegan. So we're trying to break some myths here. Then dental treatment is carried out. And we make an emphasis as you heard from the speaker before. On praying with these people. Prayer is so important then. If there are it's medical me that we have the meet with a physician and a nurse. Again. Minimal pharmaceuticals here. Maximal education. All right medications. Ultimately are a Band-Aid to get us. So that we can be free of those medications. Then they meet with chaplaincy. And we identify their spiritual needs. And we identify non-medical needs. And we do what we can to meet those needs in a very practical way. We help them to be aware of what resources are available either through our church or through our community. We provide them war literature. And we commit to continuity with them. We give them a gift bag. Some of the things that you see there. And then some of the is a sweet. Elders in our in our church have Hanif things for these people. And some of them don't have homes. And some of them have cold nights so they've they're very appreciative of these things. We try to connect them with whatever support groups they need. And then they are bathed in prayer again. Then there are transported back and their D. briefed and reinforced here. And then here's one of the most important things. Vehicle for continuity these four things. So this is what we call the A.C.C. Sabbath school the advent of compassion care Sabbath school. When vite every single person and that's one of the folders that you have the fire that you have there to come to our church. From nine thirty to ten thirty on Sabbath. To meet in small groups with doctors and dentists who can then help shepherd them through change. Be a resource for them answer questions. Provide some direction. We also are doing. We typically will do two things a year currently we're doing a life at its best there is words like dinner with a doctor. So that then they can come and they can interact in with a little bit. A larger group. But they also get a vegan mill. And so again they're given the opportunity to see this stuff is practical and and easily. Incorporated into every day. We invite them to our fellowship mills. That are that follow our services on Sabbath. And then we also have an Adventist community services where clothing showers. Food can be obtained So those are those are all those things that we're trying to facilitate. All right now. This thought and if you. If you want to to explore this further because I am not going to do the great job. Eighty Jones. Eight hundred ninety five. General Conference. Safe. Righteousness by face. THURMAN number twenty. He makes this point. If you and I look upon the sun for even a short time. We'll get a rental burn. Right. So we can look at the sun and behold its glory. But if you take a prism. Then that powerful glorious white light is refracted. And now beautiful colors are cast about that we can look at length. And not injure the sensitive retina. Now God is much more brilliant than the sun. A glance by mere mortals. Would consume us. But he wants us to see His glory. And he wants others to see His glory. Therefore from the foundation of the world. A plan was constructed. That Jews Christ would take on sinful nature and place himself. Between the father and us. And in re Fredericton the glorious brilliance of the Father. The free frak to the light now falls where we can behold it and study the splendor. Jesus becomes the prism and refracts the glorious light of the Father. This refracted light then is cast on any reflective surface. Now the question is will you let yourself. Stand there. Open to the riff raff refracted and reflected rays of the glory of God as they shine through the blessid prism of the Lord Jesus Christ. Will you let those reflected. And now reflected rays fall on you. So that men. Looking at you will see the reflected glory of God through the Lord Jesus. I have a question. Can mud. Reflect these glorious colors. There's often a discouraged question. How can such a person as I am reflect the glory of God. See the virtue is not in the mud. That makes the rainbow shine. It merely reflects the light cast there by the son who is reflecting the glorious brilliance of the Father. It is our art. To furnish a place for the glory to fall. That we may shine in the beautiful reflected rays of the glory of God. The Virtue is not in you. It is in the glory. This is what it is to glorify God. Shall we choose to be. You see the one who chooses to be reflex and thus glorifies God God wants such beings as this eternally in his univers or shall we choose not to be. And glorify or selves here for a little season. In John twelve twenty seven. We read the savior pondering the cost of dissemination and this is what he says now is my soul troubled. And what shall I say. Father save me from this hour. But for this purpose. I have come to this hour. What is the purpose of man. What is our purpose. Is this our hour. If not. Should we begin planning constructing refining for that hour. Now in verse twenty eight. We read. Father glorify signing. And then a voice came from heaven. I have glorified it. And I will glorify it again. That word is for you and me. In every trial. Because we read in John seventeen twenty two. The glory that Val gave us me. I have given them. He will see that his glory. Is reflected on us. Frew us. That men shall know that God. Still manifest himself in the flesh on the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly. To the Lord of the harvest to send out labors into his harvest. Luke ten. Verse two together. We can save a life. If each and five thirteen says this but when anything is exposed by the light it becomes visible for anything that becomes visible. Is light. Therefore it says. Awake. Oh Sleeper and arise from the dead. And Christ shall shine on you. And in Isaiah sixty. It says arise. Shine for your light has come. And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you for behold darkness shall cover the earth and thick darkness the peoples. But the Lord will arise. Upon you and His glory. Will be seen upon you and nations so come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising. Lift up your eyes. All around and see. They all gathered together they come to you your sons. Shall come from afar. And your daughters. Shall be carried on the hip. Then you shall see. And be radiant your heart show thrill and exult. Because the abundance of the sea show we turn to you in the wealth of the nations. So come to you. Hello lujah. The earth will be covered with darkness. You. And you. And you will be light light reflected by Jesus Christ who is refracting the glorious brilliance of the Father. Are there questions. The diagram of all of our. We're doing that once a month. You do this program once a month to do it it sure is correct so yes so we're doing it once a month. We start of the church we go to the professional office of Dr L. a way to do all the dental treatment and to do some of the medical treatment but because most of the medical is just consultation and Education Week. We have a lot of latitude that. In that regard. You know maybe we're seeing anywhere from fifteen to twenty and. Well it's you know it ends up being a long day be we here here's by the time you get your worship in your registration done. You get your people in and and. So typically. If we start at where we were starting at nine. An issue with with actually seeing patients. But starting at eight thirty for worship. Then we would finish by six. Well then we wanted to see if we could get more participation by doing it later so now we've been starting at two with worship. But then that means that often we're not getting done is because specially because we have a board meeting at the end of the day. So that turns into ten o'clock really really quickly. So sure. When they are just showing up. And we want to keep it. Informal enough that we don't have to make a bunch of phone calls. And so those that are there. We will do our best to treat them. There and there have been times where we've had more than we can. We can treat. And sometimes we'll do a partial will say we'll we'll clean your teeth today. And then come back next month and we will do more work. So that's another opportunity that we can have to establish continuity. Sure your best for you a few odd No I am an orthopedic surgeon. So I I won the medical side of this. But I you know I observe and i certainly a talk to my colleagues on the dental side as well. With the very good question because in the era of hip and everyday all of this. Because we are primarily doing education on the on the medical side. We are not keeping much in the way of any real records. There's a whole lot of difficulties as soon as you start to keep much in the way of records. Like how do you store them how do you secure them how do you know. Make them available to the primary care provider and and and so all men. You know. So he by keeping it primarily to education. Then we don't have to enter into so much of this documentation like you would normally be required. Moment to moment correct. So we want to the question is if we change medications how do we provide the propre documentation and how do we facilitate that. We want to work in concert with their primary care providers we don't want to usurp any of that responsibility. And we don't want our colleagues to think that we are then. You know creating any kind of division or. So what we have done. In those situation where there's changes that need to be made. Then we have worked. To coordinate that with their primary care provider now. We're very fortunate because we have a mid-level who is is very involved with. Psychiatric care. And we have a psychiatry's. And they work together. And so then that means that then. Those that needs psychiatric medications can be incorporated in Newark in existing practice. That then all the record keeping and things can happen at that facility so again the big simple is better here and so we're doing what we can to keep things very very simple. And ultimately. When we get down to the nitty gritty and when this world covered in darkness. It's simple remedies isn't it how a lujah. It's charcoal. It's hot packs. Right. And it's prayer. So it and I I can see how the devil has tried to construct things. So that it would be so impossible to deliver medical care that then people will shy away from it. But as the systems. Precess into destruction. Then we'll have an opportunity but it will be by simple methods. Or use regimes and I'm sure you know. God has been very good about bringing to us the question. I want to restate the question. How do we screen for people that have adequate resources that are then trying to catch a ride on a on a freebie. Well. God brings us the people that need us. It's amazing. And in the in the. There's been a couple of patients who are more than able to economically. Cover their costs elsewhere. These people were so appreciative that one made a large donation. And the other wanted some additional work done. And so he's. Swapped putting a solar system in. For the work that he got so. I mean God is he cut arranges this stuff. Yeah we have not made it a priority. And be because again we want to keep this sort of low key. And we don't want a whole lot of hype. When we're not put it in the newspaper we're not. Now we do want. We do want to make the. The the Sabbath school. They add minutes compassion care Sabbath school available so we want to promote this. Because in connecting our community with this. Then you know we're not having to do the the recordkeeping we're not having to do the. The troubles of connecting with their primary care and things so this. This gives us an opportunity an informal setting where we can do a lot of discussion and. It's been it's a growing thing is there a blessed for for me here for I need duct tape over her friends. Remember that they're trying to the wealth but by pointing out that there are spectrum you're in prison I were there done that document where we're doing the record but you're right there is a bigger. Yeah. Straight out for a week later. Yeah. Yeah. So the. The comment is is that if there's inadequate recordkeeping there's trouble with keeping the continuity. And the and I guess what I would say is we haven't had the continuity. That you would have in a patient physician relationship. It has been more episodic. Because ultimately what we want to do is we want to move people from having sort of I come to you you write a post. Richard for pills. I go away. To now. I come to you. You give me some good ideas. You point me to some internet resources. I go. I exercise all of those resources. And then I may not need you again for a while or until I have another question or maybe I find this. Your Sabbath school so interesting I come just to hear about what's being discussed and so those are that's what we're seeing more. Then come back and see me in six weeks or come back and see me. You know. Again and we'll work on another thing so we haven't had that kind of continuity now on the dental side we are keeping records because they are they have the physical office there they have their dental records already and it's much less onerous. In terms of of the record keeping us all specially for boys or baseball. So the question is is dead we evolved. Nonsense Day Adventists in our activities and. We have and it hasn't been a a prominent thing. But as a group. We feel that we would welcome. Anybody who has the. The spirit of Christian service. And that perhaps by working with this. They will be interested enough to see what a. What is it that those crazy Advena struck to. Yeah. If you're a hissy fit your strength again. Yeah. So the question is do we do we have a sense that people are connected with a primary care provider. Or do they have access to care on a consistent basis and. I would say that we've got both. We've got both because we service a significant number of homeless and their access is the emergency room. So you know a mean there. Their view. Yeah. And we're in those situations we're certainly not going to provide a prescription. You know we we have had you know. Crises. During our clinics. And they've been primarily psychiatric. Severe depression. You know. And so we have work to facilitate in those system settings. People to access the appropriate care. In an acute and stable environment and then we have transition them to the AL patient setting so that mean that's you know an excellent point. Mean it's chaos it really is chaos the medical system is turning into chaos in this. Obamacare did not help. You're sort of delicate situation. Thirty days or refers to a few times of station. Their local physician. Disagree with my view of happy with you because you're out for your do this with you know the truth. Have that happen to all of just drive. So the question is is has there been any resentment by our. Our colleagues who are practicing in the community. And the good news is no there hasn't been. And that that our colleagues have been sensitive to the idea that lifestyle does matter and. None of them have have poo pooed to the point where they have been in conflict with us as they talk about patients. So that's the that's the that's the good news and. There's this growing awareness isn't there I attended the. The plant based nutrition conference in Anaheim. That was three weeks ago a four week four weeks ago or so. Yeah the plantation project and. I mean. Like I said the temperance movement in the late eight hundred is moving forward isn't it and this idea of being a V. and is really sort of catching hold and gaining traction and. God is pouring out His Holy Spirit. He wants people to have a mind. That can be prepared to have the discernment. So that when truth and love. Present itself. To to a person that they can engage in start this journey. And that is a profoundly exciting to me that we see this happening. So our medical community is and has been willing. To consider these things and it's it continues to gain traction. Well we appreciate this very much or our time to ask a question to you but otherwise. Let's just have a word of prayer at this moment. There are thank you for giving us the example of Jesus to whose whole life was devoted to medical ministry and helping us whose influence is alive till till today. Teach us better ways to see what he was like so we can be like you and develops a full message from the can relieve the stress. Bless our community through medical missionary work. Christ this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it the W.W.W. audio verse or.


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