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David Kim


David Kim

Adventist Business Executive and Co-Founder of the Nicodemus Society



  • October 30, 2015
    7:00 PM
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I'm going to share my full testimony tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning so I won't say too much more than the introduction that Esther gave me today. But one thing I will do is I will share with you something that. That you may have noticed but just in case you haven't noticed. In that is. I'm Asian. Physically I'm Korean. Good evening. And if you know any Asians I know there are some Asians here. There's some Asians here. But if you know any Asian. You know that when a group of Asians get together oftentimes or when you meet someone who is Asian. Particularly when they're from Asia Asian but not always even Asian immigrants. One of the first questions that will often come up is how old are you. Did you know that you didn't know that did you offer me of the Asians are nodding because they know that oftentimes the question will come up. How old are you. In fact there was one gentleman who was a friend of ours. When my wife and I were back in Chicago. And we had a friend and he was in medical school. At the time. And whenever there would be a group of people together. He would always go around say how old are you. And then he pointed each person in the group and work all the way around. And then he would of course. Tell us how old he was. And I'm actually my wife said this to me. Her cereal why he did this all the time. Is because he had skipped some grades along the way and so he was one of the youngest people in medical school. So I think he just wanted to highlight that fact. Now. So that was one but when I was speaking at another camp meeting last year. I was sitting at a meal time out in the cafeteria and I was sitting across from one of the young people there I was I was speaking to actually actually was at the Vietnamese can't meeting I was speaking at a to the English group their English speaking group there. And there was a gentleman across table from me and he asked me How old are you. And. Now when whenever someone asks me that question. I always answer the question with a question. So I always ask them how well do you think I am. And he said. You're probably in your late twenty's early thirty's. And I thought. And I said to him. You are either the most wonderful person or not very perceptive. Because I'm in my early forty's actually. I'm forty three. Which means that I'm a Genex or. You have any Genex or here. We have five Gen X. or C. or seriously. So everyone else is either a baby boomer or a Millennial. Is that right. We have five Gen Xers here. Right well the. You know the boomers are. The old folks now. Scuse me. No disrespect. All right so we have a few Gen X. ers here. And when it comes to Gen X.. We're really talking about people who came of age in the nineteen one thousand nine hundred or at the one nine hundred eighty S.. Who was actually alive during the one nine hundred eighty S. in this group. All right. So for those of you who are alive during the one nine hundred eighty S.. What are some of the things that iconic cultural or political or social things that you remember from the eighty's. The Soviet Union was around in the one nine hundred eighty S.. That's a good one. What else. President Reagan. That's right. Ronald Reagan. The Gipper. That's a good one. What elf from the eighty's. Strong economy yes. That's a good one. What else. What about on the social cultural aspect. Anyone remember anything from the eighty's. I heard someone say music what about the music. Yes So a lot of things in music. Specifically I think. Aleck tronic music sort of really emerged during that period of time. You know Aleck trying to pop music. Some other things that you might remember from the eighty's. With that shoulder pass. Well yes. That's a great one shoulder pads and going along with shoulder pads were was big hair right remember the poofy in the front. You know big bangs with lots of gel. Lots of gel do we remember that. Anyone remember acid washed. Jeans. Acid washed jeans that was a thing. During the eighty's. And then going back to music there was a lecture on it music and the other thing that was quite popular during the eighty's was what was known as heavy metal music. They will remember that. Of course we're Advena so we didn't listen to it at that time I'm sure. But you may have had some awareness that such a thing existed heavy metal music. Now. Does anyone remember one of the well known. Groups. OK Guns N Roses was out there. OK who else was our Van Halen. Yes. Van Halen. And Van Halen was probably one of the most iconic. Heavy metal band. During that time and they had the hair and they had the attitude and they had the skin tight. Whatever and. And so they had it all. And there were some interesting things about Van Halen. Specifically they were one of the first bands to do. Highly elaborate shows very elaborate shows with lots of a quick mint and lots of the electronics and lots of special of sax. And in fact they would go tan to town with nine eighteen wheeler semi trucks full of equipment. Ninety nine eighteen wheelers going from Count to town to town to town. And when they would tour. They wouldn't. Only go to the major cities. They would go do what we would consider some secondary and tertiary cities as well. And they brought the most elaborate shows. To the secondary and tertiary series cities like Syracuse. Or Rochester where I went to school for a time. So the secondary tertiary cities. And so they would bring all of this stuff. It was very complicated and there was a lot involved. And so in order to make sure that they could put on the show. They had a very detailed contract. A very detailed contract. And it was in fact. Fifty three pages long. Fifty three pages long. About all kinds of things technical specifications. Security specifications. The physical plant. The layout. And even things like food. Everything was was specified in this. Fifty three page document. And I actually have a copy of some of the pages from this document I have pages thirty five. Through forty. Of this document so I'd like to share with you. Some of the degree of specificity. And the items that were articulated in this contract. And this is for Van Halen. All right. So the first section I have here is about dressing rooms and. It starts by saying the the purchaser. Or the promoter the person putting on the show. Agrees to provide him pay for five comfortable and private. Dressing rooms for the producers sole use these rooms shall be clean dry and well lit. Heating or air conditioning. Shall be provided to maintain a pleasant temperature. All rooms must have electrical outlets. All rooms must be in the same building as the concert hall and accessible to the stage without passing through audience. Area. All dressing rooms must be connected to clean lavatories which contain toilets. Sinks and showers and are supplied with toilet paper. Fresh bars a so. Paper towels and garbage cans. These lavatories must be for the producers Xclusive use. Dressing rooms must be available by twelve noon on the day of the show and must be large enough for the following uses and furnished as described. So then he described five different kinds of rooms one to the bad hospitality room. Large size. Where all required band refreshments should be placed containing one sofa. Six comfortable chairs two full length mirror to six by street six foot by three foot tables and a private lavatory. The band room. Large size with electrical outlets to sofas six comfortable chairs. One day bed. One six foot by three foot table. And a private lavatory. Tuning room for tuning the instruments. Medium size. Containing one six put foot by three foot table. Four chairs electrical outlets and private lavatory. This room. Must be the same temperature as the stage area within plus or minus five degrees Fahrenheit. And so it goes on. It goes on about the room. Now. The next page start to talk about the food requirements. The purchaser shall pay for and supply of his sole cause and expense the following items. The day of each performance of the engagement scheduled here in for the Xclusive use of producers Representatives. Any food or drink for union personnel. Is in addition to that mention below. And should be provided separately and out the promoters discretion. Note. No beer. To be provided in till dinner at six P.M.. Apparently Van Halen did not want the crew. Getting drunk in the middle of the day. Breakfast. To be served a six A.M. or at commencement of rigging and sufficient for eight people. Coffee. Forty Cup earn. Key to gallons of milk. Two gallons of orange juice. Four dozen doughnuts. One half case of Coke. One half case of seven-Up four dozen bass sized towels and six bars of soap. And then they have a second breakfast at eight thirty. Sufficient for twenty people. Coffee in T. four gallons of milk two gallons of chocolate milk. Two gallons of fresh squeezed orange juice. One gallon of grapefruit. Apple or grape juice. Two cases a seven up. Two cases of coke. Two cases of assorted other soft drinks. Six dozen various donuts. To toasters. Three loaves of whole wheat bread. One half a pound of butter and assorted jellies one dozen hard boiled eggs. Assorted cereals to include cornflakes Raisin Bran Fruit Loops. Etc. Two dozen English muffins. Thomas' two dozen raisin muffins. Hot cereal. But meal. Plates knives forks. Spoons napkins. Salt pepper. Cup. Etc. Assorted fresh fruit. Where feasible. A hot cooked breakfast would be greatly appreciated. Note. All cold drinks should be kept in large buckets and well. Iced with a continuous adequate supply of ice. Throughout the day of the show. That was the second breakfast. And then we have lunch. To be served at approximately one P.M. and sufficient for twenty four people. And I won't go through all that. But you get the idea. One note on this is wherever possible all food should be served in the Van Halen crew room and have all times. Away from public access. In any case the room should be. Well lit with tables and chairs and should be kept at a pleasant. Temperature. Now dinner gets more complicated. To be served at approximately six P.M. and to be sufficient for thirty people. Plus for vegetarian meals. Apparently there are some vegetarians. On Van Halen screw. In addition five dinners for the band will be required to of which are vegetarian. All right now here's the menu. Salad choice of three dressings. One must be low fat. Soup optional. Beverages. Two cases a seventy two cases a Coke. Six gallons of various juices including orange juice. Six gallons of whole milk. Two gallons of chocolate milk. Two cases of beer. One Heineken. One Budweiser. In addition to more cases of beer. One Budweiser. And one Heineken are to be given to the producer stage manager at seven P.M.. Then they go through the entrees on even days. They gave a choice of roast beef. Barbecue or fried chicken roast turkey. Italian or pork chops and stuffed pork chops on odd days. It was to be either steak fried a roast chicken Chinese barbeque spare ribs. Lamb chops or rack of lamb. And so they go through the main entrees the vegetables. Potatoes and bread and desserts. And what should be served on odd days versus even days. Because they didn't want to eat the same thing twice in a row. One note that was very important here. Place settings. Not plastic. All forks must have four prongs. Place. Not China. Plastic or paper. Salt and pepper. Note. Any caterer not providing adequate condiments utensils. Or ice will be subject to a one hundred dollar fine. Now they go through the hospitality room and what they want to have on hand. All day. Cold drinks on ice. One case of Budweiser beer. Twelve ounce cans four cases of Shalit malt liquor. Sixteen ounce cans. One half a case of tab. Diet soda. One case of Pepsi. One case of Coca-Cola. One case of country time. Lemonade. Two cases of seven-Up twelve bottles of Perrier. One leader size eight quarts of gator aid. Non-carbonated line. Flavor. One gallon fresh squeezed orange juice. One quart fresh grease squeezed. Great juice. One quart great choose a great fruit juice one quart grape juice and one quart. Apple juice. Note please put these drinks on ice in shallow containers. E.G. bus trays. And then there was a whole list their drinks that need to be a room temperature and these were all the hard alcohol. And then they wanted a deli tray in the room. Which includes herring. In sour cream. Among other things. And they wanted a cheese tray assorted fresh unnatural cheeses including Jack. Munster chatter. Brie Motsa rela and pepper cheese with assorted crackers. They wanted a vegetable tray. Fresh cut. Including carrots celery tomato scallion broccoli and cauliflower with assorted dips. They wanted a fresh fruit platter including apples oranges grapes. Pears melons. Kiwi and whole bananas. They didn't want parts of a banana. They want to hold and anise they wanted hot drinks. They wanted. Other kinds of supplies and then they have munchies they have a category here for munchies. And here they say. Potato chips with assorted dips. Nuts pretzels. And then ends. Warning. Absolutely no. Brown one. Absolutely no brown M N N's and then. Twelve Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and twelve. Assorted Dannon yogurt yogurt. On Ice. So what do you think of that contract. Very very detailed I heard wasteful. Could be why would they be so detailed about all these things now. Of course I skipped all the. The first I think we started on on page thirty five so the first thirty four pages are like that and then there's another thirteen pages after that. And it goes through every element of the program. And it goes through the staging. And the electricity and the infrastructure and the sound and I just took you through some of the. The stuff about their dressing rooms and their food but incredibly detailed. And why would they throw something in there. Like absolutely no brown M. and M's. And in fact. If they found brown M. and M's. They had the right. According to the contract. To cancel the show. At the promoters expense. So why they do that I heard someone say because they can. Could be any other theories as to why they might have done that. Maybe some superstition. They are also there. Their rock star divas right. So is this just rock star divinest rock star diva excess. Or could there be a reason. A legitimate. Valid reason. For this kind of specificity. Well let's let's proceed. These shows that they were they would put on were incredibly complicated in very dangerous in fact they had explosives. With the with the special effects. They had a large array of a thousand lights that would move and do all kinds of colors and things that would be suspended above the stage. In and they have a huge stage. With all kinds of power requirements. These electric guitars and these speakers and monitors and amplify they don't run themselves. It was very complicated very dangerous. In fact there was one example where the floor actually collapsed. Because it was not up to spec. And so I suspect that that promoter. Had to eat the fee on on not putting on that show that night. And you remember. Just to highlight the danger here. Some of you may remember that at one point Michael Jackson when he was popular. Was doing a commercial for Pepsi. They will remember that. And you remember what happened to him. His hair caught on fire. So these were dangerous things. These were dangerous thing. Does anyone remember Monica Seles the ladies tennis champion what happened to her. She got stabbed in the back. And so when when we read some of those that language about absolutely no access to the public. This was some of the kind of thing that they were talking about. So you can kind of see some valid reasons for them putting all this specificity in there. But then we get to this thing about Brown M N N. What are we to make of this. Brown M. and M's OK that the electricity supply. The the staging the the foundation in the infrastructure like OK. I think we could all get behind that that that kind of makes sense in the security. Consideration. That makes sense. But brown M. and M's. They want M N N's but absolutely no brown one. And so in fact there were you know. They don't sell packages of M N N's that don't have brown ones in them. You know this right. So how did they get how did the concert promoters stock. This never ending supply of M. and M's backstage with no Browns. How did that happen. Yeah so you would have the caterers back there. Literally hand picking them out. They would buy. Bags and bags of eminence and some poor person would sit there at a table with rubber gloves on plastic gloves on and pick out all the brown ones. Because this is what would happen. When Van Halen. When Van Halen. Would pull up to to the venue to the city to the venue. The first thing that David Lee Roth. The lead singer Van Halen The first thing he would do. Is he would go backstage to the refreshment room. And he would slip to see the bowl of them and ends. And he'd look through it to see if there are any brown ones. And if there was one single brown M. and M. And there he and the band would go and trash to the dressing rooms. Trash the backstage. And then what they would do is they would order a top to bottom. Inspection of every term of the contract in the entire auditorium. Can you imagine. He goes back there. He finds Brown M N N's. And he just trashes they just trash the whole place. And they order top to bottom inspection. Why might this be. Is there a legitimate reason for this. Well. And that's exactly where we're headed because you hear David Lee Roth talk about this. Yeah there's actually a video him. Of him talking about this and said look we had a fifty three page contract with all of these details around power supply and infrastructure and staging. And we were going from city to city to city with with nine eighteen wheeler. Semi trucks. This was serious business. And we didn't have the ability. We didn't have the time to go and do a full top to bottom in inspection of every single place we go. And so what we did was we came up with the brown M N N test because we put this. M. and M. clause in the contract. Just one little detail. One little line in a fifty three page contact. A contract. We put it in the middle of the contract. And there's really no intuition about why we would care about Brian M. and M.. So very detail in the middle of the contract with no intuition. But what it did was it revealed to them which concert producers were trustworthy. And which contract which concert producers were untrustworthy. Because if they went backstage. They looked in the bowl. And they sound. Saw Brown M N N's they knew that this promoter either hadn't read the contract or didn't care. And so that's why they would inspect the brown M N N's and then essentially take punitive action against that promoter. And there were times when they would cancel the concert and the promoter would have to eat all the feed. Now. You all have been very patient. Because some of you might be sitting there wondering why. Why did David Kim come all the way to California from Philadelphia to talk with us about Van Halen. Is anyone wondering that right now. Well. You've been very patient. And I want to draw a spiritual application there is a spiritual application here. And the spiritual application I'd like to draw is that God also has a contract with his people. Let's turn to Exodus Chapter nineteen. Verse one through nine. Exodus Chapter nineteen. Verse one through nine. Exodus of course is the second book. Of the Bible. Right after Genesis. Exodus Chapter one thousand years is one through nine while you're getting there. Just to set the stage. This was after the Exodus where the children of Israel were led out of Egypt by Moses. And they had arrived at the Mount Sinai. So let's pick it up here in Chapter one thousand one in the third month after the children of Israel had gone out of the land of Egypt. On the same day. They came to the wilderness of Sinai. Where they had departed from Rafa diem. And I've come to the wilderness of Sinai and can't in the wilderness. So Israel camped there before the mountain and Moses went up to God and the Lord called to him from the mountain same. Thus you shall say to the house of Jacob. And tell the children of Israel. You have seen what I did to the Egyptians. And how I bore you on eagle's wings and brought you to myself. Now therefore if you will indeed obey my voice. And keep my covenant. Then you shall be a special treasure to me. Above all people. For all the earth is mine. And you shall be to me eighteen doom of priests and a holy nation. These are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel. So Moses came and called were the elders of the people and laid before them all these words which the LORD commanded them then all the people answered together and said all that the Lord has spoken. We will do. So Moses brought back the words of the people to the Lord. And the Lord said to Moses. Behold I come to you in the thick cloud that the people may hear. When I speak with you and believe you forever. So Moses. Told the words of the people to the Lord. So this was the setting up of the Covenant between God and His people. And another word for a covenant might be contract. And so got a setting up a contract with his people. And then. We see the full terms of the contract in the next chapter Chapter twenty which we call the what the Ten Commandments. And so let's do a quick review of the Ten Commandments. What is the first commandment. You shove no other gods before me. What's the second commandment. That's right you shall make three You shall not make yourself. Any graven image. And you shall not bow down to them nor worship it. What's the third command. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. What's the fourth commandment. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy fifth commandment. Honor your father and your mother. Six commandment. You shall not murder. Seventh. You shall not commit adultery. Eighth. You shall not steal. Nine. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor and tense. You shall not covet very good. I'm obviously Ave hope. Some churches where you do that you don't actually get much response. They remember the fourth one generally and the first one. But once you get into the Dow shalt not do this and I'll show not do that murder adultery what order does that all go when people get confused but well done Ave hope. And so we have God's covenant we have God's contract. And let us think. Is there a clause in this contract which is very detailed buried in the middle and has no intuition. Could it be that the Sabbath is God Brown. And then M.. Could it be that the Sabbath is God Brown and then it is the most detailed of all the commands and it is right in the middle. And there's no intuition about it. And of course now is Bible students. We know why God established the Sabbath and we know why he commands us to keep it. But if we ask our non Sabbath keeping friends. Often times they will say well. Why does it matter. Why does it have to be the seventh day. What's so special about that day. I think every day is a good day to worship the Lord. Anyone ever heard that. Yeah now. It is true that every day is a good day to worship the Lord. But it's disingenuous. When it is presented as an argument against the seventh day. It's disingenuous. And so why would God do this. Why would he create this commandment is stablished this commandment that So detail. Buried in the middle of it and has no intuition. Why would suggest to you this evening. That it's for the same reason that Van Halen. Created the brown M. and M. clause. Because they wanted to know Do you remember they wanted to know who was trustworthy. And who was not trustworthy. When it came to putting on their concerts. They wanted to know which promoters had read the contract and followed the contract and made sure that all of the right. Materials and electricity and infrastructure and all of that had been put in place. They want to know which concert promoters were trustworthy. And which ones were untrustworthy. And I would suggest to you this evening that god. In part. There are many reasons for the soundness. There are many reasons and there are dissertations on the meaning of the Sabbath so I certainly don't mean to. This is not a comprehensive presentation on the meaning of the Sabbath. But I would suggest to you perhaps one overlooked. Benefit of the Sabbath. From God's point of view. Because think about the big picture. When we go to heaven when. When all is said and done. And the new earth is created. Will there be sin. This is not a trick question. There will not be sin. After all is created new. There will not be sin. Well how can that be. How can that be. Is it because God takes away free choice. No because if he was going to solve the problem that way. He could have skipped all of this. God would never take away free choice because free choice as we know is required for love and God. Optimizes for love God. Places more priority and value on love than anything else because God is love. And so God needs a people who he can trust with eternity. God need the people who he can trust with free choice. With attorney who will not sin. He needs a people who will follow the lamb. Wherever he goes. And so perhaps just perhaps by putting a brown M.N.M. clause in the middle of his ten commandments. That can help him to know who is trustworthy. And who is not. So the Sabbath is not just some odd detail. And the willingness to follow it is not insignificant. I do as you'll hear. At my seminar tomorrow afternoon. I do. Lots of witnessing in Bible studies. Was what. I've dug the. The wealthy worldly and well educated are the W three S. of our society. And so in the course of this I was having a conversation with a financial advisor at at a major firm. And he's a believer he's a Christian his in fact his father in law's a pastor and a Baptist pastor and and. He's gone to church all his life and considers himself a very devout Christian and I don't doubt that he is. And so we are talking about what I believe in. I mention that on Seventh Day Adventist and. Explain that we that means we go to church on Saturdays we observe the seventh day as the Sabbath. And he looked at me and said Oh of course it is. And my jaw dropped because this is a Baptist fellow and. Actually we had a very interesting conversation about the differences between Baptist theology and Presbyterian theology. And so he this is someone who thinks about his faith and has been in the face for a long time. And he says to me. And I said excuse me what do you mean of course it is. And he said. Well you know what we all know. We meaning Sunday keepers. He said. We all know that Saturdays the Sabbath. We all know that's the seventh day. The reason why we don't keep it is because everyone else keeps Sunday. So it's just more convenient. I was stunned. I was stunned to hear such a Open ID mission. Now I don't think everyone is like that I'm sure there are people who are don't understand it or haven't thought about it or. There's probably all different kinds of people but here is a very serious Christian. I mean serious enough that he could talk with me about the differences between Presbyterians and Baptists. And he just flat out said to me you know what you're right. Saturday is the seventh day and that is the Sabbath. But it's just more convenient to keep Sunday because that's what everyone else keeps. God is looking for people who will follow the lamb. Wherever he goes wherever he goes. And even if even if there's a brown M. and M. class. That's very detailed buried in the middle and has no intuition. We need to follow that. Because God needs to know who he can trust with attorney. And so with that. Let us pray. Lord God our Father. We thank you for the Sabbath. And we welcome it. And Lord we pray that we would keep it holy not out of a legal listicle burden. But because you are away. And by keeping it holy. We are filling it with the things. Of you. Lord I pray. Each one of us here. Would have this Sabbath rest. And that would spend time meditating upon your word and upon Jesus Christ and what he did for us. Lord I thank you for this truth. I thank you Lord. That you love less than us to tell us what the covenant is. We don't have to get. And Lord I pray. They each person here. And each person who hears this message with fall into line. Wherever he goes. We pray to Jesus precious. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave visit. W W W dot. Audio person. Dot org.


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