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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • October 23, 2015
    7:00 PM
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I bring you greetings from Lagos Nigeria. I was recently there free. What they call the mission empowerment conference. This particular conference is essentially design. To empower the youth. There in Lagos and around different parts of Nigeria to get involved in mission. With training and various seminars and so I did a seminar they're entitled The three interest messages. My culture and my worldview. I did not choose the title. That was given to me. I probably would have chosen that title but it was a nice thing to be able to go through the three in jewels messages with them. And look at some relevance to today as we look at the trends of technology and things like died. And how we can actually use the range of messages and leverage them through these various forms of media. But this weekend I wanted to talk to you about something is very close to my heart. And having been a young creature. For a long time I don't know if I'm still considered a young creature. But I found that over the years. I've also had the privilege of not just preaching the Bible. But I've also had the privilege of teaching the Bible and. Not only about the privilege of teaching the Bible but I've had the privilege of counseling with young people. One on one sitting down and listening to their very personal pointed problems. The things that they probably are not open to even sharing. On the same deep level with their friends as they might share with me in a conversation and. I consider that to be a privilege because when you look at the Bible. In the Gospel of John Jesus values. One on one encounters in fact Ellen why uses the terms that Jesus had a faithful regard for the one soul. Audience. She says he reasoned with the woman at the weld. Even greater. As if he was reasoning with kings. This is how Christ viewed one on one encounters. And the privilege of being able to reach that one soul was the avenue to reaching thousands of schools and through my years. Which are not that many. But they are getting up there. Of preaching and counseling. I found that one of the issues that always seems to emerge. Outside of relationships. Course. And God's will for your lights. That one is eternally. Present. It will always be president to with the Lord comes. But it's been the struggle that people have in knowing God all and I'm not talking about him from each I'm talking about the private life. Maintaining the true. Undergirding of the Christian life. And what it means to be a Christian There's an old negro spirituals do you know what a Negro spiritual is there in the him though. Some of them. Well the reason I ask what a Negro spiritual is because some people just assume that a Negro spiritual is just a song that was sung by slaves. But a donor stand why we called it a Negro spiritual could just be a song that was sung by sleepers. But this idea of a Negro spiritual had to do with the fact that these slaves were not Christian. When they became sleeps. They did not believe in the God of the Bible. But as they were slaves. They were always allowed to go to church because of course the slave masters believe that old or not even Christian. They don't believe in Christ I don't believe in the violent gospel. And this is my responsibility as a dignified master. To bring them the knowledge of the Gospel right why you and slave them and with them throughout the week. And so they will let them go to church to listen to the preacher preach. And as the slaves would go to listen to these preachers preach in the preacher was white and was not block any be preaching the stories that the slaves began to resonate with in their own life. He started preaching the story about Israel light slaves in Egypt where their burdens. Were heavy. When there are being beaten by their slave masters they begin to understand and value Moses so you have the Negro spiritual go down Moses or wade in the want to hold. Because as they were singing these songs they began to communicate hope to each other as they went through their hardly been. They began to resonate with Christ who was also all oppressed and beaten. Misunderstood. But you know one of the the songs that came as they grew in their faith and generation will lead to generation and so they started being raised to believe in God. Even though they couldn't even read the Bible. They weren't allowed to read. So they listen to the stories from their parents. And eventually after a couple generations of this. The song. Emerged that we now call the Negro spiritual This is Lord. I want to be a Christian in my hearts. Think about this song. Not song in him nor a song by Asli. Because even though he's not killing his master. Run. Even though he's not physically abusing him for waking up. His wife in the middle of the night to report. That's not what the slave is doing but the slave is recognizing that actually looks at Christianity. It's not enough for me. Just to pick my cotton. Do my labor around the house and just say well I didn't put my hands on the master. I didn't kill him. We didn't rebel and decide to rape his wife. That's not what we did. But even though we may not have done those actions that doesn't make us a Christian. In order for us to truly be Christian. Even asked Lady who are oppressed. Suffering the things that we are suffering. We must learn to be a Christian. In our hearts. And it began to be the prayer of the slave Lord I want to be more holding in my heart. Lord I want to be more loving. In my hearts. Lord I want to be like Jesus. In my heart. You know that song is in the consecration section of the him say when it's time to do devotion. To seek the Lord this song is really the prayer of devotion. We don't not see God. So that we can behave well. We see God so that we can be Will. In that sense of being begins in the heart. So I don't want to talk to you about behavior. As much as I want to talk to you about your heart. The Bible says that as a meant thinks in his heart. So we see who you are who I am. Is not so much the some of our activities as much as it is of what goes on in our hearts. Because if you're not a Christian in your heart you not a Christian at all to adopt another term. Sister Wife says in the design of ages. That with Christ. It is always hard work. This is where Jesus focus on the heart. And so this weekend I want to spend time talking about the part of the Bible warns us that we should keep the heart. With all diligence. For out of that idea. Issues of. If you. And I can allow Christ to maintain control of the heart. We shall win every battle calls. We're not lose. So my first message is really to address one of the things that I feel. Leads to the neglect of the heart. And that is the issue of Business. The issue of Business I want to share some interesting facts with you can take your Bibles and go to First Kings Chapter twenty first Kings Chapter twenty. Want to share with you eight facts about the facts about business in America. And since we are here in America. You might resonate with some of these. The first fact about business in America. Is that we are the most stressed out. Nation. And this is what they say they said that commuters. These are people who drive in traffic. Anybody who lives in tell a foreigner knows about traffic can you say human. I learned about traffic. The first time I came to Ellie. Several years ago I came to preach in Los Angeles and. I was picked up by my ride. Only to discover that as I got into the car and front of L.A.X. Airport. That we did not leave the airport for the next two hours. Because of the traffic. I'm not talking about L.A. area I'm talking the actual airport. I still saw luggage. For two hours. You know the hogs and the sea for two hours in the car. Unable to move. Police yelling at individuals. I was just beside myself. Now course you're thinking Sebastian you have to speak at seven P.M. and you think you arrived at two o'clock plenty of time only to find you spent the first two hours cut the airport. So now the people started getting stressed out they started calling them hey he's on his way he's he's on his way we're we're just stuck at the airport. They called an hour later where are they were at the airport. They caught an hour where aren't We're at the airport and they called an hour later we just left the airport we were now on the what they said Where you not well we just got we're we're But to get on this highway but we're stuck in traffic. Seven hours. Got there and nine o'clock at night. They say. Commuters experience greater levels of stress than fighter pilots or riot police. Think about that scientifically they say you are more stressed out than a fighter pilot. Now I've been in the military most of you probably have not been in the military. A war situation is very stressful. A fighter pilot in a war situation is double the stressful. Because you're not on the ground. You know you can shoot some bullets and run. They shoot your airplane. It's pretty much game over. Number two two out of the din dust realize countries America. We were the longest hours. Now get this right. In Italy and Germany they work about a six point eight hour day. Right so it's about six. Almost seven hours a day in England they were seven point eight hours a day and United States. Eight point eight hours per day. That's the average. We also have the longest work we did you know that in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. Futurists right these people who are like forward thinkers economists and the brilliant minds of the world. They actually came before Congress. The United States Congress and they said listen. By the year of nine hundred eighty five. The work we will have gone down to twenty hours a week. And people will be so bored that they have nothing to do. So we need to plan for this bright. When in actuality. Right. The work hours went up to sixty. Not down to twenty. In America we have a sixty hour work week. Number four. We rest. Less than other nations. You know there is this trend in businesses now of giving unlimited vacation. Says a big trend. Netflix is doing this now another company I read about just decided to do that you want to know how much time do you know that people in Norway. Enjoy seventy days of vacation a year seventy S two months and two weeks of vacation. Workers in the United States are busy putting in nearly fourteen more work weeks. And taking only a negligible amount of time off. You know most time we get off. Two weeks. In America. And people say that's generous right if you get three weeks. Norway still known for its work ethic. In high standard of living. No it was a very wealthy country I've been there several times. High work ethic. Diligent excellent. But they get more time off. Whom I wonder where this principle. Came from. Number five. You know we believe the lie that we need more time. How many of ever told yourself Man I wish I have more time. And he by would so just on that. I wish there were twenty eight hours in it it really so you could die younger. Because that's what would have you think you need more time but listen. The supply of time. Is the same A meant. So you. You sit down and ask yourself this question today. Martin Luther King Jr had how many hours in a day. How many twenty four. Mohammad Gandhi had how many hours in a day. OK Bill Gates had how many hours in a day. Steve Jobs at how many hours in a day. Jesus had how many hours in a day. I can hear you. You're sure. So what twenty four hours in a day. Christ was able to basically transform the world. Right. But you say Nah he's Jesus. OK. Peter James. John does the cycles of price and how many hours in a day. You say Yeah but they were the Apostles they walked with Jesus. OK Martin Luther during the Reformation. How many hours in a day. Twenty four hours. You say no Sebastian early. I've been a spy in the years. Had how many hours a day. So if the issue is not. They accomplished so much more Jean engines. The whole New Testament in five languages. Memorized. Because he had twenty eight hours and a day. Is that why I know he had twenty four hours in the day. Just like you just like I did. So why is it that he's able to memorize the whole New Testament and find different languages. With the same amount of time per day. It is not because he has more time. It's because what he doesn't do funny. I sat down with the girl because I do consulting. And one of the things that people always me consulting on is work life balance I sat down with this girl she said I don't have enough time for the causes that I want to support the ministries that I want to do the things I want to contribute to. You know we did. I said OK. How much time a day do you spend on Instagram. She said thirty minutes. How many how many how much time a day do you spend on things book. ONE HOUR. How much time do you spend on Twitter. Thirty minutes. I said now two hours a day. That's what that adds up to. I said Now times thirty that sixty hours a month on that you're spending on social media. And what are you looking at how to cure AIDS. Small short videos about how to build your own rocket. What are you doing with sixty hours a month of your time you're looking at people take in some things on themselves on the beach. Clicking like adding comments. That's what we're doing for sixty hours a month. And you wonder why people have read more books than once. Now you can imagine to yourself that. Therefore in this generation I tell people all the time that. When I was coming up as a young preacher. The reality was. I was a more intelligent. I want to be even more gifted. I was a mortuary. The reality is. While other young people were wasting their time on You Tube and all these other things. Almost in the Bible. What they were saying only thing you know with their friends and in peace and ice cream and watching who knows what I was in the Bible. Then it come. And now the same people who brought me into the church. Are asking the Bible question. Not because they didn't have the time they were advantaged years before I became agitated. Was it because of bashing Bronx and had more than twenty four hours in a did. No we don't need more time. We don't need more time. The realities. We don't know how to use. Time. We waste time for nothing. We have a saying. Where I grew up in Chicago. That you know. If you have a dollar left. You know you grow poorer. So it's very often you only have one dollar left. What do you think you're going to do with that dollar. Now I'm an inner city kid. There's one thing we love is the candy store. Back then you could get a Payday candy bar for ten cents. Ten cents. I'm not even lying. I notice a mole people here know what I'm talking about. And in those days paydays actually came with money. Inside the bar. A nickel. Packaged up. So if you got five of. Two of them right you could get another one that's how it were so I use the reason right here is my business my. Well so that seen. I can find ten pennies right. Get a payday. Then find another ten ten. I could actually get three. So this is. This is how you start raising your mind is a kid so now you have like we got one dollar left. You know the funny thing is as a poor kid who loves candy. Right. I wasn't even Christian. Even I knew. One dollar less. You're not going to the candy store. You're not going to go to the candy store. Even though it's sweet right. Even though you like gummy worms. Even though you like all the like and I do because I'm already sour patch. You only got one dollar left soon as you put that last are larger pocket you go to the candy store. You start getting a little plastic bag in the low bucket with the shovel. You stop one that you weigh in the guys like this will be ninety eight cents you're like. Actually I can do it because it's my last dollar. So you go home and you think to yourself. I'm going to go to the storm and buy a loaf of bread. I'm not going to buy canned. And then my mom will be proud of me right a model look I use my last dollar to get a sunburn it. Now mollify What else would you have gotten chords and I'm going to tell it I was a kid the back a kid to slap you inside the head. Police the bomb wouldn't like coming back with a magic beans. But you think this is a thing. But you look at the fact that the issue is not that we need more time. But you see we say we need more time. Because we're so busy. Just a couple more things. I hope you're there in first kings. First Kings Chapter twenty two more statistics. They say that secondhand stress is a big problem. I don't even know this existed. They say. According to this research your name is Ellen Galinsky. She interviewed more than one thousand kids in grades three to twelve and she asked them if you were granted one wish to change the way that your mothers and fathers work. Affects your life. What would your wish be kids answers were surprising. Instead of wishing for more face time with their parents. They wish that their parents would simply be less stressed out. We're talking third graders. I just wish that my mom would be less stressed out you don't want to see your mom or no no no she can go to work. I just don't want to be stressed. This is not a kid is viewing the situation. Only half of them wanted more time with their parents. Do you know that most people who are adults. They get less than six hours of sleep a night. Now for not for some of those we know why are we getting six hours of sleep. Is not because you're not home. This is what happens to us right. We get home and we we tell ourselves. I'm going to be responsible I'm going to go to bit. Brush our teeth do whatever you need to do you know pick up your Ellen White whatever you do in. They like our north on the go to sleep. And they saw you get under the covers. Hit the light. Grab the foam try on luck now you only knew about the unlucky and I just put your finger on it unlocks to. Maybe I'll just check you know and then that big S. icon has my one little red number on the top right corner. I just I just gotta see what this. You open it is like sub such invited you to like their pates such as US want you to play Candy Crush what. Clothes. You're like well let me see what. They go on Twitter and. There's the little bird icon with that red number on the corner. Got a notification. Next you know you were in the bed thirty minutes ago. Now. You're not even tired. And somebody know what I'm talking about. And you know was so funny you were so tired from your business during the day you're like man I'm going straight to bed. Amen. So is not your home on knocking out. That's it. Brush my teeth. I only want to eat I'm so tired. But you want to phone for two hours. I was so tired brother Sebastian I try to stay awake in your Bible study. I was trying to listen to some Him and I'm just wore out. You see this person in the car. Listen I drove up to my house went on as I pulled in to part. One of the most startling things to find at midnight. Is someone sitting inside your car. Right your kind of like. It's not like you get out your car you just sitting inside your car. You know she was doing. Texting on her phone at midnight. Now my goodness in the city. You gotta be stupid to be a woman to sit in your car with the door unlocked. Texting on your phone your peripheral vision. You can't even see if I'm at the window. So this girl sitting there I'm like This is the. You came home from work. Pulled into your drug we opened your phone and you can't even get out your car. I'm Mike was paying the phone bill here. So I think you paying for the phone the phone is not paying for you. But this is how we behave like the i Phone is bought you get him a sixty nine ninety nine per month. And we're just within. Yet we told ourselves right we can wait the clock out. We can wait to get out of class. Go home get some rest. And we'll come back to this point again leader. First Kings Chapter twenty. My point is not going to be very long sue. You'll get it. We're starting to find the Bible says now a certain man of the sons of the Prophet said to his neighbor. By the way. What is your Bible says He said to him by the what the word of the Lord. Now what does that mean that he said to him by the word of the Lord. That means that it was not. This man's idea. It was God's idea. Are you following me. If someone tells you something. By the word of the Lord that means I'm not telling you this on my word. I'm not telling you this on my opinion on my thoughts I'm telling you this because this is what God's will. It's. So he goes to a man and he says. By the word of the Lord. Strike me please not as a little ot is it not some one came to by you'll punch me in the face. A quick look God told me does say of the Lord. Hit me in the face. That don't sound right to you right. It doesn't sound right to you say mentals be turning the other cheek not turn to your G.P. I'm supposed to be serving the way. How are you going to expect. This is what I know the Bible says but he says look. It was by the word of the Lord. And apparently it was so clear that it was God's will that this man was a prophet. That God was speaking by him that when the men refused. Look at what the Bible says. Then he said to him. Because you have not obeyed the what the voice of the Lord. The Word. Because you have not obeyed the voice of the Lord. Did that man. Hear God's voice. Yes or no to trick question right. He didn't hear God's voice. Are you with me. He heard the prophets voice. But the words were actually coming from where from God This was not dismantle idea and because he didn't listen he said you didn't obey the voice of the Lord. Surely as soon as you depart from me a lion shall kill you. And as soon as he left him. A lion found him and killed him. Just like that you didn't obeyed a voice of the Lord. You know it's very interesting that when individuals. Get into conversations about different issues. When you sit down and you talk to people about things. It's very important to separate what is someone's opinion. And what the Bible says. I oftentimes deal with the fact that I was counseling this young girl in London or in England when say was London. And I she was coming to me she said brother Sebastian I need your advice. I have this relationship. We've been bringing child there down spiritually right haven't really prayed I've been really study my Bible. And I don't know how long we've been dating for five years. Right. I'm just not with the Lord and we both recognize that this relationship is not helping our walk with Christ. So I'm asking you what what I should do and why would he me why you ask me what you should do you know what you should do. You just told me it's killing your relationship with Christ. Do you want to relationship with Christ or not she says of course I do. Unconvicted that I need to do this I said All right we need to call him and tell him. It's over. She looked at me and she said. Well you know I feel like five years. I can just call them and ended like it's a little abrupt. You know. We've got five years together. I said way so you're worried about his feelings. Should you have them. I just feel like. He'll be hurt if I said. No disrespect. But I said what about Jesus's feelings. Said When you were doing all this stuff with this guy. You didn't care anything about the Lord's fields. You weren't like a man let me. Eason to this sin because you know Jesus not been together for life five years. Is that how you're below. The process once. She's I've well vassal like that's a little bit harsh. I said. It's a little bit true. Because here's the point you know what I'm telling you is the truth. So if it is you know this really. Why are we having this conversation. I'm not tell you this because it's my opinion. I'm telling you because what the Bible says. If you're on causes you to offend. You should pluck it out. Don't even pluck it out. Cast it from human know where you through it. Is there anything wrong with an eye. Yes or No No But he says if it's causing you to offend. There's something wrong with the eye. And it's better for your eye to perish. The for your whole body. So guess what is better for your boyfriends feelings. Your ex boyfriends. Feelings. To get hurt and realize that this is just an ounce of what the Lord felt this whole five years. While you were doing your own business your own way. And you want to come with this. What about his feelings I say what about God's feelings. No one thinks about God's feelings in these situations just about his feelings I say he die for you. He resurrect for you. That man might have told you girl I'll go to the grave for you but he did. Girl there's no mountain high enough there's no value. Well Jesus already showed us how you more committed to some do claim don't mourn and pay for meal for you. Sorry I'm just. It gets me upset because the reality is why we worried about his feelings we say look I'm telling you by the word of the Lord. All you know and in a funny thing is another young person came to me after that was like well. I asked Pastor skeet. And I asked. This person as that person I want to get your opinion. I don't know who cares about my opinion. He just looked at me start while you're not there's wisdom in a multitude of counsellors I'm like. The Bible says Jesus's name is counseling. Not just counselor. The wonderful counsel. If he tells you something. I got nothing to add. It makes no sense to go to Christ. And Jesus says. You should go left. Face of action which in thing. Whatever he said that's what you should do. I'm a tell you what Mary said whatever you tell so you do it. While I need to add. Because here we go again. Why are we having this conversation you're pulling a bail I'm. You just want to do your ONLY thing you want to for somebody to tell you what you want to hear. Even how you tell me to store where you see. Even though I said this but this really happened and it wasn't really like this. Look bro. Are you trying to convince me to or yourself. Don't try to sell me a story meant of a preacher people are you crying used to tell you all kind of foolishness. Amen I feel so bad for this person. I lost that years ago. Because people don't want to do according to the word of the Lord. So don't come back weeping years later and be like oh man you know. People start avoiding you. When you see hey there Sebastian. You know to just duck out. Don't want to talk to him. Why not because I told you the truth. By the word of the Lord. Young person I'm a tell you something just straight talk from a brother in Christ to a brother and a sister in Christ. Most young people come to me and ask me about relationships. Because it's always a big thing. They tell me whatever the situation is and I tell them Look this Abass a jewish. Never hear from the young person again. They were blown me a weekly Facebook texts. What's App. I know you're. I know you're in France. But I just need to hear from you. So as you tell them. No God cannot bless this situation. Flatline. Don't hear from them. They probably not even on Facebook their phrase you my message didn't shut down arrow account. It's the truth. Listen if you're not ready to hear no you're not ready for a relationship. Don't come to anybody asking for counsel. When you're not really looking for counsel you're looking for sense. I'm not going to rubber stamp your relationship. Then you don't get married to the person be living in hell and be like brothers of asses told me this. Nah. You know I may have it. I'm a tell you straight up. This is what your marriage don't look like you go to direction because I'm just going to tell you find the word of the Lord. This is what the Bible says. I cannot tell you anything else. But don't you feel like. No it doesn't matter what I feel. It doesn't matter what I think. It doesn't matter all the other examples and this is the last point I need to make. Because we're in an advantage campus. When I was first coming into the church. After I first came into the church. I used to give Bible studies to this small group. These youngest this group was like their evangelistic Lee focus. So I came in and I said Brothers of asking you to a Bible study on Daniel. The Book of Daniel so I did you know couple Bob studies on Daniel. I didn't know what I was giving this bible study that this family. Family a fine. Was sitting in the Bible study and were just asking me questions I'm just responding. I'm thinking there Adventists come to find out do not Adventists. So I turned to the lady after the bombs and why did you tell me that one answered his like. I'm just unloading on these people. Yeah because of Revelation thirteen that you know this because look at Revelation eight this before just like all twenty eight. Fundamental beliefs in twenty eight minutes. I think. So I'm leaving go home and I'm praying I'm like Lord forgive me I had no idea. The Bible says you wink at in ignorance. Please cover these people. I just went off down to the next thing I know I get a phone call. This whole families getting baptized. Some like. OK praise the Lord God like to use the foolish things of the world. So then they say. We're getting baptized but that day I had to preach Christ said when I'm done preaching I'll come down to see you. So some of the afternoon. I'm driving down to see them southern part of Chicago. As I get down there. I'm immediately confronted on the phone with an issue. This is brother Sebastian there's a problem we were going to need some intervention. OK So young lady picks me up from the train station. As we're driving to the house she's like the pastor is that the house. OK. That's odd he never comes to the Bible study says well here's the situation. After they got baptized. The personal ministries leader. Decided that it was a good idea to go out and celebrate and I hope. Go out to eat. So the young son as he was walking around I hopped in his suit because he just came from church on Sunday. Our Lady next. At the next table said Young man you look very nice today. And he said. Oh well it's the Sabbath day. This is the day that God set aside because he created the world to see the kids started on loading on the lady she's like No the Sabbath This Sunday he said no was not the second. Seven. He started counting Sunday with me. Saturday is the seventh day the seventh day of the Sabbath Sundays the first day. She's like no. Sunday is the Sabbath he says no. Jesus got up on the first day. What day is that Easter Sunday. Nine year old boy. She's I disses interesting so she comes to the table with the boy. Your son has just told me some things I just have not heard some want to learn more about this. So I get to the house. They're all sitting in the circle you can feel the tension. You know Adventists are men like to talk. Know By want to bring it up. Elephant in the room is not even elephant is being like a brontosaurus. So as I walk in the room I sit down. And as I'm sitting down. They begin to explain what I was just told. So after it's all done the person ministry leader says brother Sebastian I mean she's passionate you could hear the fire in her voice. Brother Sebastian. You know if we had not gone to that restaurant that lady would not heard about the sound. So we just want to get your take. I said. You don't need my take. I'm going to what the Bible says you meant it for evil government for good. Because good things come out of bad choices. Does not make the thing good. In front of the pastor who had not told them that you. So then we start having a Bible says it will buy the special. What do you mean. So we go into the sink and I'm soon to myself saying listen. You can't look at the fact that hey look. Something good came out of this situation. We are Christians. We're not utilitarian. We don't believe that because good. And come. The means is OK. Just because someone married someone who was a Buddhist. And they ended up being a happy couple doesn't mean it's OK to marry a Buddhist. Look they ended up fine but I know many had been is couples that are going down. Why no Many couples period. They got to be advantageous that will mean anything. Fifty percent of marriages fail. Christian or not. Agonist or not and it's not because they're not Adventist with tell you the truth. Avenues people think because you can say the name of Jesus is not a magic word. You don't behave right to relationship will fail. There's just laws of relationship. You can't go all the time on mission leave your wife at home. One month at a time and expect your marriage to be amazing. And your wife is so happy to see you. Even people in the world know that. But we think because we're Christian we can do whatever we want but the marriage will survive. As long as you have Jesus. The marriage will work. That's a lie from the devil. It is a lie. But this is the very fact by the word of the Lord people don't want to do a God says. Not knowing there's a lion waiting for you when you walk away. There's a line waiting for you. I'm way off my copy the Bible says in verse thirty seven that he found another man and he said strike me please. So the man shrugged him. Inflicting a wound. Then the Prophet departed and waited for the king by the road and disguised himself with the bandage over his audience. Now as the king passed by he cried out to the king and said. Your servant went into the midst of the battle. And there are a man came over and brought a man to me and said guard. This man. If by any means he is missing. Your life. Shall be for his life. Or else you shall pay a talent. Of silvered. While your servant was busy here and there. He was gone. Then the king of Israel said to him. So shall. Your judgment be you yourself have decided. And he hastened to take the bandage away from his eyes and it in the biz will recognize him as one of the profits. Then he said to him. Thus says the Lord. Because you have let slip out of your hand. A man whom I appointed to utter destruction. Therefore your light shall go for his life and your people for his people. So the king of Israel. Went to his house sullen and displeased. In keen to Samarium. Now want you to notice in the text that as the prophet is trying to reach the king of Israel a have has just defeated. The king of Syria. His name is Ben had he won but God told him. When you capture him. You need to destroy him. But you know what a how did he decided to make an agreement with him. He decided to make a treaty with him. Is up with gotta. Because by the word of the Lord right. This what he should have done. So now the prophet said Let me give you a situation your Majesty. There he knows that this is the King's Road. This is the way that the King passes so he aligns himself to sit on that path. But he needed the a woman so that he could hide his identity. Because if they saw the prophet coming a have doesn't like profits we should know that by now. So I was coming down the road he says Your Majesty Your Majesty. You know I went into war. And as I went into battle. They brought me this mandate only guard this med and if he's missing. For any reason. Your life will be for his life or you going to pay a talent of silver itan something you can't pay. And he says. And Your Majesty you know what happened. While your servant was busy here and there. The man was gone. I want to pause there. Because that's really the core of my message. When you think about the fact that God hasn't trusted people to ones. It's easy to understand the context of a battle. We know. A Seven Day Adventists who believe in all the Bible. And all the spirit of prophecy that there is a conflict. The great controversy is a different kind of war. This is not the usual stuff you go out there when machine guns. That's not this kind of war. This is a more dangerous war the war is different. There's a conflict not necessarily of I want to take over your country. Or you know what you angered my son or you divorce my daughters I'm going to come conquer you. That's not the situation. There's a conflict of issued. And while easing disconsolate of visions. There is something. Someone that isn't trusted to him. And this man who was intrusted him was so important that the man told him. Listen. If this guy disappears. You duck. The very ability to maintain him in our custody. Your life depends upon your success. It automatically forces us to ask the question as readers of the Bible texts. Has gotten interested in the one to me. You see you can sit and realize that. There you were in your dorm in your apartment you got a roommate. God trusted you with that person. You've got married. God trusted you with that person. You have a child God trusted you with that person. You in wool and that professor's class. Got trusted you with the professor. And he says I gave you a Tonks to guard this person you need to watch them. But aunties watching him he said let me tell you how important it is that you are successful. Your life depends upon and this is a life and death matter that you do not lose this person. They don't end up missing. They don't end up in a situation where you don't know their whereabouts. So one thing goes to this the Bible says that the man's response was. While I was busy here and there. That's your excuse. He says well you have to understand I was. I was busy here and there as if that was going to exonerate him. What does he basically saying. What are you saying is I have a task to do. To guard this man. But I also had other tasks to do. And these other tasks consume my attention so much that I neglected the tasks. That would determine the fate of my own life and existence. You see. There's no one else and like really. Right we can we can argue that Israel was intrusted with the world. God said guard this man but guess what is or was too busy here and there with the rituals. To worry about the fatherless and the widow. The stranger. No message. No ministry. Insulating itself. Because you're busy here and there you can goal to the parable of the Good Samaritan. Only yet there was this man for many sir but guess what you know. I'm busy here and there. What do you think the goats are going to tell Jesus when He comes back and there on the left side. I was sick and you didn't visit. I was in prison. I was homeless. I was hungry. What do you think the goats going to say I was busy here and there these are not. Unbelievers. These are people who are probably very active. Busy here and there. But recognizing that why is it that all these little tasks. Have taken away our attention that we neglect the most important tasks. I can tell you right now. As a consultant. The number one lesson of time management is priorities. The reason why you feel that your life is out of balance with work and like balance is because your priorities are messed up your spending time on things that are not very important. That's why you're not happy. This is why you're not satisfied. This is why you feel like you have no energy. This is why you feel like you have no motivation. You're not spending your time for what is priority. But listen. Even if you say Well Sebastian. You have to guard your wife. You want to guard your children. You have to guard your church. You have to guard. Whatever you can call that it say these things are entrusted to you. But guess what I don't have full control over those people. Moses can lead. Moses can handle him self. Moses can pray to move can do whatever he wants but the Israelites are going to continue to be hardheaded there's nothing you can do. God says. I'll deal with them. Joe. There's nothing he can do with his wife. Curse God and dies when she told. So at the end of the day God can't really hold you fully accountable. But there is one man. There is one woman in your life that God can. And that is you. That is you. You see God. Trust us with ourselves. And as he trusts us he recognizes that. We must be guarded. We've gotten so obsessed with diet to self. And oh it's not about self. I was just reading this morning. Spirit of Prophecy along MY says you know when you become obsessed when you become completely into rolled when Christ and His sacrifice for you. Self is nothing. Jesus is everything. But what she doesn't need is that because self is nothing you don't pay attention to yourself. That's not what that means. Because it was going to say that why is cry spending so much time in prayer by himself. Because self is being exalted know how else would you keep something checked if the result of beholding Christ. And knowing Christ and seeking Christ is keeping self in check that you got to keep yourself with Christ. You have to guard this man. He always wants to go missing. But in looking at our lives. We've been so consumed because when you look and say stop a person it's a how does your spiritual life. Nobody is going to have and who doesn't know God. That's why they say. Did I not cast out demons in your name. Did I not do many wonderful works in your name. I never that's a strong word. I never knew you. I never knew you didn't say I don't know you. I don't remember you. He says. I never knew you in when God says he never he means. Innocent. He doesn't exaggerate. We've lost ourselves. I cannot tell you how many souls in our church. Do not have enough time with Christ. And guess what. Just like this men were waiting for the king. We know the path he's coming. We know exactly where to meet him. But only to discover when he comes you know I went out into the battle. I got involved. And while I was there. They brought me said. Guard this man. And if by any means he's missing. Your debt and you know what happened Lord. I just got busy. And I have time to pray. When the devil knows. No no no she says. The devil. Well known this. That if you can get us to neglect prayer and Bible study. Not attendance to vespers. Not small group. Not your job. Not that day that you want to go out went with your boyfriend your girlfriend. He well knows that if he can get us to neglect prayer and Bible study. We will have no defense to his device. The devil. But we don't. And guess what I'm not talking about the ritualistic of what we do. Oh yeah you know I get up I read my little devotional one little Bible verse and three paragraphs in the spirit of prophecy. Insufficient. That's not how you get to know God I can tell you right now. People and people are one people are friends. When people are in love you can't even shut them up. Still on the phone. I'm about was talking to his girl one time. So late. The phone was burning hot I couldn't even hold the phone. I was balancing it on my ear. Laying in my bed. Five o'clock in the morning. Seventh morning. I'm like yeah we should probably go to sleep. Gotta go to church. Please let some I do like all not printing they got the wrong Christian. Good night. I'll go to bed. Y'all can pray all night. Jesus got me covered he's my intercessor Amen. He ever lives to make it to session for the I'll need to pray all night. But you get on the phone you can't shut up. Get to some chat rooms. Go to some conversations. Go to a small group. Hang out at a barbecue. Whatever it is. We don't want it to and. We're brothers and sisters my thing is not to not be busy. That's not the point. It's the kind of dizziness. There is a business that reflects a plan of life. Where priorities are maintain were first things are actually first. When I read you an e-mail I received from close this message came from a young person. That I used to work with this very closely. She said Good evening Brother S.B.. I hope this email finds you will want to ask a favor for prayer. I just went through my phone. Looking for a pastor an elder. Whatever. I feel like saying. Has really been on me for some time now. I think he's winning. I just need help figuring out how to get my life back together. I haven't read my Bible or prayed in weeks. I don't even know what to see or what to read. I'm still going to church. But I just sit there. And when I walk out. Nothing comes with me. I just feel super lost in every sense of the word. Satan wants me to believe that that's what I am lost. And it's never going to change. I feel like I might believe him more. If things don't change. The Where do I start. What if it doesn't work. Please help me. Pray for my life. I guess or someone I trust to be a spiritual leader. So I thought I sent you to see me. Thank you and I apologize for unloading all the stuff on you. I just don't know what else to do. So young lady. That is organized events. To bless people. This young lady that has brought revival to her local church. So young lady. That is done amazing things. By the grace of God. But yet there's the men prefer my life. What do we do when things fall apart. Matel you right know. People are burning out. Left and Right. I know you see me. You think it's just a wonder that you have so many more youth committing suicide on university campuses. Who would ever covet death. Then finishing a paper. Then getting a C. would just rather hang yourself because you couldn't pledge. When you and I think about this. And you see even in your own life. People who spiritual life. Cannot support the public life. There's a man who wrote a book called ordering your private world. The first chapter of the book is called The Day. I hit the wall. He was thirty years old. Young pastor of the church. And he says one day's wife came to him. Asked him to do something. He just broke down and started crying for four hours. And he said I knew that all this public life. All the things that I was doing as a pastor all the things that the ministries. Everything that I had on my plate. I known and felt as if it was just a sham. And then he goes in the next chapter and he says you know. The problem was. Many of us have the sinkhole. Syndrome. Do you know what a single that's you know if you go to Florida you'll be very familiar with singles. A sinkhole. Is the fact that in the earth. Right we build our cities and towns and we think the ground. Is firm. Your house is OK. You know barring an earthquake or something. But in actuality in some parts of the world. Underneath the ground. Are literally rivers of flowing water. And when there is a drought. Sometimes in Florida and other places. And that water dries up. The ground collapse. People drive back to their house. And from the rolled to their yard. Is hundreds of feet into the earth. The whole house. Sometimes the whole block. And all the sudden. The secret part of the earth. That part that you thought it wasn't significant that it hasn't been raining in a while. Since significant that adds a little hot it's low dry but we're all going to go only to. When you call moment that's when it comes crashing down and you realize there's nothing under them to things. As long as water is flowing underneath that house that will always stay. But as soon as the water runs dry. Comes crashing down. And many of us. The water. Is dry. Can't sustain it for much longer. And we're not going to be able to say to Christ. Lord I was busy here and there. And I lost myself. Listen when I started preaching. There's a lot of young people I was rolling with committed. Charging up credit cards for the Lord. Paying for people's mission trip tickets. Giving everything. Now you look at those same people. They don't even come to church the don't even know going to. No longer interested. And you sit down to see what happened to you. Sis Vashon just come burn down. And when you get to the place of burnout. The guy slipped me in his eyes. He started crying. He says you can't shake. He says you try and try and you try. You just can't shoot. No matter what you do. She said whatever you do men. Don't let yourself get to that point. Take a prank. Go spend time. Which of life. Go for a walk. Sit down and be quiet. Turn off your phone. And talk to the Lord. He says because when the water runs dry. It will come crashing. And then everyone will see the emptiness. That was there all of them. Busy here in their. Every head is about every eyes closed. Every head is about every eyes closed. My invitation is very simple. You know who you are that your life has gotten so busy that your priorities are messed up. Your life has gone so busy that there's no time for you to make sure that you are well. You say Lord. I can have the same call syndrome. Your life doesn't have to come crashing down. You don't have to come to the point of burnout. You can make a decision tonight. And you can say Lord. Help me to guard this man. This life. This heart. That you've been trusted. Guard it's time with Christ. God it's time from business and work. And if there's anyone this is Lord. I can feel myself. On the brink. And I need a radical change in my business. I want you to slip out. Come up front to this altar. I can feel myself. There's no need to be ashamed. We've all been there. But us while making this appeal is enough for the week. Because only people going to come up are serious. But people are afraid of being embarrassed because they want to keep up the public appearance. I'm spiritual. I'm strong. OK. Wait until it crashes. Then we want to cry for help. That's what we always are in the church. Now when she's broke down. Now when she got pregnant. Now we want to help her out. Let's not wait until you get pregnant. Let's not wait until you got off into some false doctrine. Let's not wait. Let's stop it today before the water runs dry. Come. Wherever you are wherever you are. And Jesus says. You don't have to crash and burn. You don't have to crash. Your private life. Your inner man. Your heart. Can be fit. And you can say from. Tonight Lord I'm going to be a Christian. In my heart. That's why I want to be a Christian. That's what I want to be a prayer. That's when it. That's where I want to be a Bible student. That's where I want to be interventionists in my heart. Because if you keep the heart. With all diligence. How does it. Are the issues. Anyone else. Before I pray the Lord is speaking to your heart. Don't be afraid. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Jesus came for people like us. We are the ones for whom His grace is given important. And just by coming to this alter God is going to dispatch. Even more of his grief into your life. Because God is for you not against. God wants you to when God wants you to be victorious. God wants you to live an abundant life. God wants you to be fulfilled. He wants you to be a Christian in your. That's what he wants. Christ is for. He's not here to condemn you to see. To do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Let us free. Father in heaven. We thank you so much. That we don't have to wait for our lives to crash when. We're thankful that when we run out of options then our heavenly Father has a thousand ways of which we know not one. And Lord that simply by coming to this. Altar. With the heaviness of our situation and saying bored. I feel like I'm not in control of my life. I feel like my life is driven by activities by P.C. and I need to get back to that police. Of deep spiritual. Why can drink and drink and drink. Not from broken cisterns that can hold no water. But from the living for. Until my soul is satisfied. Lord. That's the kind of devotional life we want. That's the kind of inner life we want. And I pray that these will have come. That you would place your hands upon them. And I prefer that you begin to work inside. That father in secret. They would hear your voice. And Lord that they would look at their time. They would look at their time. And say the best thing for me to do is to seek board. Help them. To not be busy here and there only to neglect. Themselves and be lost in the end. This is all prayer. And trust that you will help this to be our experience. We offer this prayer. Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it the W.W.W. audio verse. 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