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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • October 24, 2015
    4:00 PM
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I want to finish out our series today. And with a very simple message. You know I'm a believer in the fact that as a preacher. One of the hardest things for me to do is to listen to sermons. Even though right. Technically I'm listening to myself whenever I'm preaching. But you find that many times when you know preachers preach sometimes you kind of struggle to know what to take away from. You know there's so many different points there so many different things you're kind of like. What's the very core or simple. Wrap my hands around and work on that thing on Tuesday a message from this sermon. And so I want to speak to you. Very simply and that's why I chose a very simple title. Only only. So I want you to take your Bibles and go to the book of easy Q Chapter thirty six. It's great because Esther just mentioned this in her pretty easy Keele Chapter thirty six. So as we've been talking about the heart. We've been dealing with a on Friday night that we're busy here and there were not guarding ourselves. Why we end up losing ourselves. We're so caught up in the business of life the business of ministry that we say oh you got to die to self doesn't literally mean neglect yourself in your own spirituality. Those do not translate it doesn't align God is not in the business of trading souls. You go out and spend yourself or others to be saved. Only to end up last that's not the goal. To the Same and. God wants us to bring souls and yet be rejoicing in his salvation day after day after day after day. That's what he wants for us. But too often we get so caught up in the service of Christ. The number one competitor to Jesus. That we lose. Christ Himself. And we are in danger of making the Savior. On of our activities. This morning we don't with the fact that this is where the true story lights. Is in the heart. The private life. The inner men. As we looked at name and story in the fact that yeah he had all these accomplishments but at the end of the day. He was a leper. And that's where the real story was that's what God. Sol when he looked at. And he used his providential leadings to allow this young girl to leave naman to be Clint's. So now if we take this point about the heart. And we say it's all about the inner life and. It's about who we are in our hearts as we just saying Lord I want to be a Christian. In my heart. Right we talked about the negro slaves. That wrote that song which only adds even greater significance to the prayer itself. Because these are people who are oppressed. Who are not as free who are not as blessed as we are. And yet they're saying to themselves Lord I want to have the kind of love in my heart that I can even love the man who's a person. That's a serious prayer. But that's where real Christianity takes place. So you're an easy cure thirty six. Let's go in read verse twenty six twenty seven. The Bible says. These are the words of God to Israel after they've in after they're in captivity. He says I will give you a new heart. And put a new spirit within you. I will take the heart of stone. Out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes. And you will keep my judgment. And do them. Then you will. You shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers. You shall be my people and I will be your gaunt. And I will deliver you from all your unclean this is I will call for the grain and multiply it and bring no famine upon you and I will multiply the fruit of your trees and the increase of your field so that you need never again bear the reproach of famine among the nations. Then you will remember your evil ways. And your deeds that were not good. And you will load yourselves in your own site for your iniquities and your abominations. Not for your sake. Do I Do This says the Lord God. Let it be known to you. Be ashamed and confounded for your own ways or house of Israel. And on that day. I cleanse you from all your iniquities. I will also enable you to dwell in the cities and the ruins shall be rebuilt. When a pause there for a moment. Take your Bibles and go to Proverbs twenty three. Because in the afternoon when you had lunch. Need a more of a Bible study keep you awake turning the pages of the vital layman. So you don't pass out only. Proverbs twenty three. Now we have a popular text maybe you know this verse in the Bible it says. For as a men things in his. Can you finish it. So easy you know. We don't often understand the context of this verse. So I want to read the context with you as we explore is if you're thirty six. So there in verse one it says. When you sit down to eat with a ruler. Consider carefully. What is before you and put a knife to your throat. If you are a men given to appetite. Amen. Somebody should have put a knife to their throat this afternoon. Do not desire his delicacies for they are deceptive food. Do not overwork to be rich because of your own understanding. Cease. Will you set your eyes on that which is not for riches. Certainly make themselves wings they fly away like an eagle toward heaven. Do not eat the bread of a miser nor desire his delicacies for as he thinks in his heart. So is what he knowledge re what he says. And what he thinks. Keep reading in the verse it says eat and drink he says to you. But his heart is what. His heart is not with you. So the Bible says the man is saying. Eating drink but his heart is not with you. The more so you have eaten. You will vomit up and wastrel pleasant words. So in other words he says look you need to be careful when you're going into situations what individual can says listen. This man's going to say you eat. Come to our house for a potluck you have no problem you're definitely welcome. And he says and you don't even realize that his heart is not even with you can you imagine that you have somebody. You know you're going to someone's house a potluck they're so welcoming or so open about all their thinking is calculating all the food you're eating. We did not plan to have all this pasta. This guy just ate us out of house and home. We can be having a college students over again honey. This is not going to work for our grocery bill. And within their calculating calculating how can he says Listen. This man is looking at you. But as he thinks in his heart that's who he really is. He will say this. He will say that but who he really is are you following what I'm saying. You see what we're going is we're saying. There can be a contrast of who we present ourselves to be. And who we actually are. And the answer is Who am I really hold the man is really is not based on what he said to you Do you know we oftentimes do that. No no this person is totally supportive. This person is totally my friend. Because they said this and this. But you see behavior. Clearly communicating they're not for you. You know God goes with the same thing. Oh yeah. She told me that she loved me she prayed this morning said Lord help me to walk in your ways. God. Look at what she is doing. She is doing everything but walking in your ways. Because as now you look God says. I want you to see the situation as I see it. When you look at yourself. When I look at myself. Let's start looking at our words. Let's not looking at what we post on Facebook. Let's start looking at this is what's on my C.V. and my resume. Let's start looking inside to see who I really am but you know in order for us to do that that takes time. Not only just to take time it takes quietness. When every other voice is hushed. Have you heard the statement. The silence of the soul. Makes more distinct the voice of God. If we look at how we think in our hearts and. Let me just get very practical with this because this is the last message is no sense to beat around the bush right. You coming there and are like all men. Listen to this ministry presentation to augment that this is the impact of movies on the brain. This is why should not be watching you and you know you're the person sitting in the circle thinking to yourself. Oh yeah that's old Crazy Man Yeah but in your mind you're like I'm in a hole they don't find I got Netflix on my i Pad. Because other watching movies. But you want to make sure that these people don't find out that you're watching movies. So when the conversation as they come up with Yemen's crazy man look at this look at that and people all into Disney and this is this and we should be watching this film but in your heart. C'mon. In your heart you know what you're going to do. Are you understand what I'm saying. And what that allows is in this ruling. We can't be friends. And we can't be friends because I'm not sure how you're going to react if you find out who I really am. I'm not sure if we're going to be able to fellowship. Once you really know how I feel about X. Y. and Z. standards. X. Y. and Z. doctrines. X. Y. and Z. outreaches. Listen I've been in all kinds of environments people look at you and be like oh yeah we're all going to order door we know you're going preacher. I never said I was going. But you feel the pressure. Somebody know what I'm talking about on. Everybody starts getting their bags and. They're ready to go to out was but you don't want to sit back and you feel real spiritual at that moment don't you. Oh yeah I'm in Jesus. Know everything you're thinking in your mind is you feel that pressure. That tells on your heart. You feel that pressure to conform to go along and I'm not saying there's no power to community. Because community does have power to move us in the right direction. But the difference is it will not get us to the train station. It will push you in the right direction but that's not getting you into the gates of heaven. At some point in time. You a night have to make our own decision. My dad sat down with me one time and he said Sebastian. You have to make a decision. Now that you're about to be eighteen years old and that decision that you have to make is what kind of man you're going to be. When people hear the name. Sebastian Broxton. The only person that decides what comes to their mind is you. So you need to sit down and define. Sebastian Broxton. Right now right here. Before you go out there. And you're eighteen in your big man on campus. And you doing this and that in the third. You need to make up your mind to you or me and as you define. This is who I am. It doesn't mean you're not open to growing. It doesn't mean you're not open to changing. But it leaves you know. You change. And you know why you can change and it was actually you who changed. And the second thing my dad said is the reason. Also why this is important is. You will really know who your friends are a friend is not a person who says Yes I just told someone this last night. I said your friend is not a person who says yes to everything you say that's a fan. That's not a friend. Oh yeah yeah yeah. You know we can go to heaven. Yeah girl let's go to heaven hope. All you know I feel like I should study right now. Yeah and this study. A friend is a person's woman to tell you know I'm a friend is a person is willing to disagree. A friend is a person who's willing to look at you and say look I don't agree what you're doing are respect you as a person. I love you to death. I will take ten bullets for you on this side and ten bullets on the other side. But I don't agree with this. I don't think you should do this. I don't think you should do that but what makes us friends is not that we agree. Is that we love each other and that we are committed. We used to have a saying in Chicago because you have to train the metro in the L. train. And we used to say when you get on the train and you realize your friend gets off at different stops on the train. We would say Look men are you getting off right here you notice is my stop. And I look at my friend I say nah man I'm with you to the end of the line. So we get there that's fun. All right which you the whole way. But you see. That was metaphorical language to say. I am down for the counts. I'ma be with him to be and that's a friend. So when you come into the church. Having had friends like that in the world. And now people in the church flimflam all the time. So as you sit down the Like a Man you're not trying to do this it. You know I'm telling the truth. Oh when you're a loan the lender your avin hope we're all friends. Soon as everyone graduates and now he's living here and she's living here we don't call a job. We got no contact no email no text. No nothing. Only stuff you find out is on Facebook and Facebook is art students for not making a phone call. And I said we live in a generation where a phone call is revolutionary. You know why because you don't have to call. I told this guy in my business that we have some employees overseas. And I said Listen man we've got to go visit them. He's I'm not trying to get on an airplane. I'm like look. We need to get on an airplane we need to go but he's like look man we have Skype meetings. We have Google Hangout meetings we've got video meetings why do we need to go see them I said. Because we don't have to. And what that communicates to the people that work for me is. Sebastian didn't have to fly halfway across the world. But he chose to come in the way. Because it wasn't required. So when we when we when we when we look at who we are and how we relate to people. This allows us to be friends. To have a real connection with people one like look man this is why and. So my dad said when you define yourself. And you recognize this is my friend. Why because you look at him you say look if you don't like Sebastian Braxton at least it's the real Sebastian bracket you don't like not someone I'm presenting to you. And then we break off our friendship all I'm thinking is. Well maybe I should have just showed him. Who I really was too late because are you going to go back to your friend is a man I was hiding his whole part of my life from you. But I want you to see. Why should I believe you this time. Is what the person's going to say. As a man thinks. In his heart. That's who he really S.. That's who you really are. That's why I really am so why is it that we can sit in this Pew. And we can sit in come to these worship services. And these bible studies. But we know how we really feel in our hearts. About different things going on. But the reason why we're not going to walk out of here is friends because you know I tell people all the time. Christianity. Is no different at concerts. Everyone comes with their friends. To the truth. You go to a concert in the world. You came with your friends. You don't come to make friends. You came with your friends. But the church should not be a place where you come only with your friends and you leave. Only with your friends are you following what I'm saying. This is not the environment for that because the reason I'm a little skeptical of that sister. The reason I'm a little nervous about that brother I heard him talking about this in this is. I know that I'm into that. I had a woman come to me one time. And I was in. I was at a Division meeting. And so we're talking about the state of young people in the North American division. Only when Ohio got invited to this meeting. To be on this. So as we're sitting there in a circle. You know of course there's the elephant in the room because one of the groups I'm in has a female pastor. And she's just letting people know how you know I work for this conference in our conference and that a lot of Dion. I you know people saying this and I start him to have the conversation I don't know how anybody could be against. You know women being ordained in all this kind of stuff on like Listen. So all I just like I'm not going to see him pretend. Just because you guys are have a dispassionate discussion like I supported. I don't believe in it I don't think it's Biblical you should the same people are like deer in headlights like what. What do we say to this right now. And I said how well we believe in Christ. We currently disagree on this point but that doesn't mean we can't take care of young people around the division. That's not what that means. Listen I've got no ill will with you your tire brings now I would hope and change your time. Women's ordination will not stop me from being a Christian to you. But in the end. What is of happening is we're so used to coming to situation well I can't be friends with that person because they see things differently than me. I said you're stifling yourself communication was your stifling your ability because how are you going to reach out to people when they don't even think like you. What you think Anon Adventist is a person that doesn't think like you. So let me hang around people who think like me. Let me associate only with people who think like me. And somehow almost become affected everything people that don't think like me. Definitely not a brilliant strategy. Where would we have learned that skill in church. In church. Because I'm a come to church. And I'm an older sister while we're sitting in Sevastopol She's the immediately opposed to my point. And how we work that out. Is teaching me how to talk to people I disagree with. You know need to get loud start cutting people off welfare mother back to the lesson. Back to the lesson anyway sister. Anyway back to the lesson. And we're laughing because we seen it in Suffolk school. Is the truth. Just because we come to Saba school don't mean anything about how people actually conduct themselves because it's not what you say. It's as a man thinks in his heart. That's where it all begins. In order to commit murder you had to be a murderer in your heart. Nor did commit adultery you had to be adultery your heart. Because that's who you are. Now based on. Proverbs twenty three. It says As a man thinks in his heart. So is he. That's who we really are now when we Couple this with easy Q thirty six let's go back there. So we Couple this with easy kewl thirty six and vs twenty six and twenty seven. We find that God says something very interesting. He says. I will give you a new what heart. Now want you to. I want you to see if you can start making the connection here. So God doesn't say I'm going to give you new words. Are you following. God doesn't say when I'm renewing is your only give you new behaviors. Are you with me. God says I'm going to give you a new what. Why would I give you a new heart unless the heart was the problem. Are you tracking with me. So as a man thinks in his heart. So is he so God says. In order for me to change you. I have to change your heart. You need a new heart. And God says. The only place that you can get a new heart is from me. So you may sit sit down and say. Brother Sebastian. I've been convicted this week in God has been speaking to me about my private life. About my inner world. And I'm realizing must of us all out of order. My things are all out of whack. I need change. But you need a new heart. Don't go home trying to pick up time management books. Don't go wrong thing all you know what I'm going to try to do this and rearrange my schedule. The problem is the heart's the very area we like not to look at you know why we don't like to look at it because that's where we really see who we are to face up. And God says. I will give you a new heart. But he goes on and he says. And I will put a new spirit's with in vain. So we get a new heart. And we get a new spirit. In order for there to be a new one there must have been a one. Old one so that must have been an old heart and an old spirit. With me still. So now you're saying wait. Old heart. Old Spirit. So there was something wrong with your heart. And it was something wrong with your spirit. You ever had a person. Say the right things in the wrong spirit. Yes. You have or how to person. Do the right thing in the wrong spirit. Yes. You're out a person do. The wrong thing in the right spirit. Right. Happens all the time. Oh I was only trying to help. Well now you just destroyed my vocal rock collections but yet. Right spirit. Wrong actually. So when you look at our lives right this whole mix up of these different scenarios. Describe us. Sometimes we do the wrong thing. In the wrong spirit. Sometimes we do the wrong thing. In the right spirit. And sometimes you do the right thing. Wrong spirit. Now in this mix of dances. You know the problem is you just need a new heart. And you need a new spirit. And those two things. They come from God. There's nothing we can do to make those things for ourselves. But it gets even more interesting. Verse twenty six he says. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you verse twenty six and he says. And I will take the heart of stone. Out of your flesh and give you a heart of what. Flesh. Now. Have you ever heard this before you ever heard people say. Who wants to give their hearts of course raging and you heard that before. Do you know the Bible says you can give your heart. If you could give your heart God doesn't need to take it. Are you tracking me. Listen on the tell you something. A fact about God and God doesn't change. God does not do for us what we can do for ourselves. Amen. God is not going to come in and take your heart if you could just give your heart. When God says after the fall of man he says. I will click and Mateen between you and the woman in between your seat in her seat. God does not put any MATY if I can create it myself. So you and I cannot manufacture hatred of sin. You can look at the consequences. You can look at the fallout of the man I hate since you can't produce and witty with the devil. That is a supernatural act. From gone. God does not do for man what man can do for himself. So when the Bible says an easy kill thirty six. I will take the heart of stone. That tells me that I don't come to gotten single and I just want to give you my heart know what I see more Kate my hearts. That is the truth for you and just in case people say Subash. I don't know about this point. Well then you go to steps to Christ. And she says. You cannot of yourself. Give your heart to God. You cannot control your thoughts. You cannot control your feelings. You cannot control your impulses. Think about that for a moment. And what are we going to do I'm a try to control my thoughts question be thinking about him. I should be thinking about have video. I should be thinking about going to that place. You can't control your affections. Why do I like this person. Some people just assume because they have feelings for a person that does should be followed up on. We can't even control our affections. Human like People for the most ridiculous reasons. Is the truth. And you know what happens is not until divorce is not until the breakup. That the girl is thinking. How did I ever start dating him in the first place. And I'm looking at her like you know exactly how it started you don't want to hear anything from anyone you want to do what you wanted to do. You just went with your feelings. Feelings are not safe. Because you can't control them. Can't control your thoughts. Can't control your feelings. Can't control your impulse. You know you get people nowadays with Christianity has become impulsive. People just get on stage the star singing you know what. I just feel like singing this song right now let's let's put that are in a fight just because you've got to M. polls this not make it sanctified by God. God does things decently. And in order. You think God just rolls around with the impulse you know what I'm going to save the world. No it's called the plan of the redemption. The Lamb slain from the foundation. This was not haphazard. Jesus the not just end up on Earth. He came down. Because he wanted to safety had a plan. Before the foundation of the world. In fact. James tells us. In the book of Acts. Fifteen at the Jerusalem Council he says known unto God. Are all his works. From the foundation of the world. That means God has already decided what he's going to do. Regarding your situation today. Long time ago. Does not acting. Have has really saying let's see. All right we're going to go with this. Even though you and I may feel like God is doing in our lives. But that's not what God is doing. He has a plan. Very concerted very well thought out. Very loving very generous plan. We cannot give our hearts. To God. God has to take them in if I am who I am in my heart. That's what it means to surrender. It is not to give because you can't give. What it means to surrender. Is to let him take. You know in order for someone to take you have to give of control. You have to give up control. You have to give up power. You have to give influence. Say I'm coming to God and God. I can't give you my heart. But you promised that you would take away my heart of stone. And I can tell you right now. That just in this day. Just in this moment. God is not going to hesitate to fulfill that promise. When you when I look at our private world and we look at who we are in a HARD FOR ME look at our thinking we look at our fictions we look at our thoughts. We look at our impulses we look at our feelings. We can't change them. I can tell you right now that there are people in this world that are hard to forgive. There are people in this world that are hard to love. There are marriages that are hard to mend and fix. There are families that take the love we do not naturally possess. To heal. There are issues that take an enormous amount of patients we do not natural possess. In our hearts still. Because we walk around and say. I just don't want to deal with that problem. I just don't want to talk to that person. I just don't want to confront this because always thinking is how much emotional. Effort is going to take. But God is like you're looking at it from your heart. The problem is you need to get a new heart. You need a new spirit. That's where the overwhelming this begins to subside. In life. So bought. Goes on in these equal thirty six. And he says I'm going to take away the heart of stone out of your flesh and I'm going to give you a heart of flesh and I will put my spirit within you and I will cause you to walk in my statutes. And you will keep my judgments and what do them. I want you to notice the results here. God says. First of all. I'm going to give you a new heart. And I'm going to give you a new spirit I'm going to take away the heart of flesh on the stone. And I'm going to give you a heart of less but that's not all God needs to do. It's not just a new heart he says. I gotta put a new spirit within you will not have a kind of spirits that was moving us that was controlling the heart that God says you need a new spirit. To control the heart. This inner reality of who we are all at the very base level of our existence. Listed. Sister White says. If we consent. If you consent. If I consent. That Christ will so blend. His mind. With our mind. His spirit. With our spirits. That by obeying him. We will be but the filling our own impulses. No a man's. That's a sad reality. Did you understand what I just said. I need to. If we consent. That means we give Jesus. Permission. If we allow God. He will soul blend. You know. Advantage while the boss movies run. So you never forget this illustration. Every time you go to your vitamins or your juice or whatever you got. And you start blending. He was so bland his mind. With our mind. What happens when you blend things there make they don't even look like what they were before. He was so Glen. Jesus's mining and your mind. Jesus's spirits. And your spirits. That by obeying him. You're actually only fulfilling your own impulses. New hearts. New spirits. And when I put my spirit within you. He says and call you to walk in mind. We. You see the burden. Now God says. I want to under I want you to understand what your role is in this relationship. What your role is in this Christian walk in this Christian experience. I need you to let me take. Stop keeping stop holding back listen brothers and sisters. Sin is still in our lives because we're keeping it. The Lamb of God what's what takes. So why is it that the Lamb. Can take away sin of the what the world can you take away your so all of them. Not one. Jesus can take. As the song says his blood will never never never lose its power. It will reach to the lowest down to the highest mountain there was no place. No status in society. No person in the church. It will never lose its power to take away soon. Then why are you students still present. It has nothing to do with the power of Jesus's blood. It has nothing to do with the efficacy of the Holy Spirit. And his work in our lives. It has to do with the fact that we can we won't let the lamb. Take it just let him take it because that's the land. That takes away the sin of the world. And you think you can handle your sins. All of them. That's why sister wife says. If you just come to Christ. And you barrel down and you pray she says Your spirit will be brief for Doris. And she says. When you come to Christ. You can't we read him. You know why because he holds out worlds. Every time I read that I just start laughing. If you are thinking. What I'm trying to keep my world. Do you like I hold out world's best. And all I'm saying is more my world is falling apart. And she says then come and cast all your cares. Upon Him because He cares for you you give them your heart. No can't give it. You let him take. But I can tell you right now. It's the hardest thing in the world to do. Because the honest to god truth is we like our busy lives. We like our stressed out. Experiences. We like being overwhelmed. We like our sins. We like what we like to do. And so it's not because God's hand is short that he can't reach is that he can take away our hearts of still. It's not because forgiveness is just so difficult for me. No God can give us a new heart. That will forgive. The most we could meant. As Jesus forgave. If we allow him. And we'll get to the point world being Christ is not this grueling. Lord please help me not to sin. Look please help me to be faithful. You know what I'm a distract myself because I'm feeling that no. It will be my own impulse. And after he gives me a new heart and after he puts a new spirit he says now you know was going to happen. I'm going to put my spirit within. And because my spirit is in you. I'm going to cause you to walk in my way it's causing on that's how you know there's no glory in the works that we do. This is you think people want to come to your preacher four o'clock in the afternoon. That's not natural. I'm telling you the truth. The fact that they're empty seats proves that this is not natural. If this was natural this thing would be standing room only because people do it because it's their nature. Yemen is naturally what you do you listen. You don't even have the fact that all these movies all these concerts. Packed out thousands and it's like why are you. Even at this event. You're so far away from the stage. You can see nothing just like people are like beyond beside themselves excited. And what we call the nosebleed seats right. There's like pay the money. I'm coming. Painting their bodies the whole night. Because that's natural. But you come here. It's not natural. The very fact that you've got a culture house. I'll chew upon. And you came here to sit and listen to the Word of God being preached. Is God causing you to walk in His ways. I don't know if anyone in this room was struggling in their apartment Lord. I don't want to go to this Bible study. The were please give me this try to turn the key in the ignition to hit the gas law what happened was that anyone struggle. Maybe it was I know sometimes you will struggle to come to worship meetings. But my suspicion is that was your struggle. It was almost like an impulse. You just did it but you're not even realizing that that is the working of the Spirit in your life and. Jesus wants you to have that kind of victory over every sin in your life. When I first came into church there was a Southern preacher. He said you know. God wants you to have porkchop victory. I started laughing I'm like poor child victory. This is God preaching about. But I say you know he's a Southern preacher so you got to expect is going to be interesting. Then he said look if I walk up here and I threw a big piece of pork chop. How many guys would be twenty people were looking around nobody razor he said Will anybody be twenty. Just a nice big juicy pork chop. Everyone's lie about is nasty. Nobody wants a pork chop now like I said somebody in or maybe struggle in its OK. Like I said I'm a serpent. Be you. As a man thinks it is hard. But for most of us. A seven day venison Loma Linda. Porch up on not our struggle. Amen. And he said listen. The very fact that you're not even moved. You're not even ten to your mouth don't start watering. You'll start to kill them and their porches. So that's not what you think it in your mind all you think isn't enough nasty. I don't want that Chicana larva on on there I'm not trying to I'm not trying to deal with that he said but that kind of resistance and ugliness and hatred. God wants you to have for every single sin in your life. And it is possible to the grace of God that you start looking up pornography say no no no. Poor child victim. This picture. I should have change Musselman title poor child victim. Then you start to get all the word I'm struggling with this. I know I know I should not be doing is what my boyfriend my girlfriend. Porkchop. That's what I want Lord. Because I want you to blend your mind with mine mine I'm going to treat this girl. As if I was Jesus Himself. He won't even allow the appearance of evil to come. I want to treat this man. As if I was Christ. Him selfe in that experience. God says. That's what I want to do for you in your heart. And it's not just the ball porkchop victory over the good things but it's the example that always tell people that. Not only does God want to say look that's I want you to feel about all seen. But on the other side of rights isness. I say you never notice in life that. Before I was a Christian I love don'ts. I mean like I was like in love with the Hornets. Sour cream cake donuts. I was the donors all the time. I don't even know how I was not a fat man. I said lord. This is totally the mercy and grace of God. Out in a box of donuts A weak. Pint of ice cream every day. Bluebells ice cream. I'm telling Ben all you doctors I think this brother should be dead. I'm looking at last or is. And I remember thinking to myself when I started becoming vegetarian because the girl was witnessing to me. She's like oh you know you. Vegetarian is the best diet I'm like man there is nothing vegetarian the taste good. Nothing. I made was vegetarian I know is nasty. And you know I got I got messed up because I went to this my cousin's. What to call the. The party that you have before the wedding. You know so you have the little dinners. Yes. The rehearsal dinner. So we went on with my cousin's wedding rehearsal dinner and. I was just becoming admin is just become a vegetarian. And so we got there my mom just wanted to make sure everybody knew he was very caring and now he doesn't you know check in now now I'm like marking you just calm down. You want to be seventy advance OK. So the guy we're doctors like Japanese Abaci grill kind of place. So he comes out he's all magic area no problem takes a big slab of tofu. When this thing just arse jiggling. He likes lattes the top lives that oversaw to slice life and slide it over to me it's still jiggly. I was like oh my goodness. The nastiest thing I've ever tasted in my life. My sister was laughing so hard she started crying. Says that her vegetarian food. And all you think you see yourself as men it is not good to be wholly astutely he did this behavior right here. But this is this is the experience that God says listen. As I love donuts. Hated tofu. He did this. I said man. One thing I really hate I used to hate is Brussels for us. And as to say amen. Someone's trying to testify. I thought to myself how come. Donuts don't taste like Brussels sprouts and Brussels sprouts don't think like don't know because of Brussels sprouts tasted like a doughnut I will be a healthy brother. You know what I'm talking about. Listen. There's a reason why obesity and high cholesterol the genes on the rise. That stuff tastes good you can't deny. So I was always looking out I said when you see this is what a new heart and a new spirit does. It makes brussel sprouts taste like doughnuts that's what it does. I just ordered a big plate of Brussels sprouts when I really got into Orange County. Myself like oh you want to go out to your let's go to this Mexican fusion place I look at the menu Oh you have big Brussels P.L.S. GET THAT. And I'm thinking to myself man. Twelve years ago. This is proof positive that the grace of God is powerful. The best of every taste. But that's what God wants to do with church. That's what he wants to do with Bible study. That's what he wants to do with prayer. The same thing we said would pork chop Victory Glass like look I want everything in this spiritual world is going to be like don't it's you like I can't have enough. Is the sweetest thing to me and only a new heart and a new spirit can give us that experience. That's it. When you stop thinking to yourself man when his brother going to finish praying. And all the sun your experience becomes men his prayer was too short. I could've kept going. When you stop thinking are men and you know how much time I have for my devotional Bible study. Instead you start thinking dis was not enough. The Lord will speak into my heart. You know I prefer that experience for my wife all the time. On the other day when I arrived here. On Thursday morning. You know my wife texted me she's not well you know I hope you slept well. Excited cetera my wife just started pouring out in this text message. I was reading Hebrew seven eight blah blah blah to stop this powerful right. Preserve the word I was so I just had to tell somebody else like how Louis and her and God bless you girls like five in the morning. I think. But enough of you. A pathetic. But indeed done that's exactly how I feel. Because that's what you want you want not only your own life but you know other people to have that you want people to sit down in the Bible but we've got to start here in our own hearts first and say Lord. I want to be rejoicing in the Bible. I want to get to the point I'm reading the Bible and I LITERALLY I'M LAUGHING. I'm fellowshipping with God. I'M CRYING WITH GOD. I'm hurting with God I'm angry with God. First time I read the book of Judges I'm like these are the most stubborn Arctic hard headed folk up ever seen in my life. And people say God is not loving in the Old Testament cutting up people's bodies and shipping it I'm paying your own priest. I'm like This is a whole new level of wickedness and God skill set my people. Don't let nobody tell you Jesus are not exception. He was claiming those people. He will clean you. Yup that's mine. Your message not. You doing foolishness. You sin and you sleeping around you want drugs. You watch it all kind of crazy pornography. Who know God says that's still my Those i'm our people even. Laodicean. You could be luke warm. Christian. I mean you could become. Laodicea mascot. That's my people. Still this church. Even then God still cleans. And that's the kind of experience. You want. In the Word of God and Gosse's I can give it to you in the problem is not before your Bible study. How to study the Bible textbooks. New Heart. Next. And I will cause you to walk among ways. And he says not only will you walk in them. You would do them. There is the works that since there is no doing before God changing. This when he changes that you do them some no bone you. But as we look at this is not enough to talk about who is the man behind the armor. The busy here and there. We got too much going on when it left in our own walk with Christ. But we need to figure out how to solve this thing. And what's the solution and God says right there an easy cue. Here is the solution. Quit looking out there and realize you just need to know what you need a new spirit. And the glorious thing is I'm in business of giving new homes. That's what I do. And I'm only just that what I do. I love to do it and do free. And I do with gladly and I do which. When you think about a heart surgeon. Right where Loma Linda. You think about a heart surgeon. You can have rough hands. You can be sloppy. You can have lack of compassion. You're watching every single person's vital signs while you're changing this person's heart. Because you understand removing a person's heart. Is that significant. Yet beyond significant. This is pretty much this thing goes. They go. And so when God says. I'm going to take to heart this is not going to be some rough ugly. Sloppy experience as long as we don't fight it because you get real difficult for a heart surgeon a brother stars wiggling and moving around hey man I heard. I don't like what are you doing. Sit down and. Like that's why you have and a steady. Go to sleep. And you know the heavily anesthetic is. That's what spirituality's as you're looking at Christ as you're studying as you're praying. As your sharing. God is saying OK now your focus is here. I'm doing my work. Over here. Complete distraction away from ourselves. But it's doing. That's why the most active. Insincere Christians are always the most humble. They're not studying was going on to so busy casting their eyes upon Christ to so busy seeking the Lord. They're not even conscious to Christ is changing them into beautiful people. And as the saying goes. Beautiful Things do not cry for attention. They don't cry for attention. Or as they say in Africa. Empty barrels. Make the most noise. Strew empty barrels. Make the most noise. Because they've got nothing inside. Nothing inside every head is about every eyes closed. The only thing you need is a new heart and a new spirit. And if you need one. Today. And it is your prayer for one today. I want to write you to join me right here right now. The only thing you need is a new heart and a new skill. You said lord. That's what I need come. Pray with me. Because that's what God wants to do. This is where Jesus works this is the places where he makes changes in the life in the heart. Always hard work with Christ. And by coming up front to this stage. What you are saying is Lord I'm giving you permission to blend. Your mind with Jesus is mind. I'm giving you permission to Blen Jesus's heart. With my heart. I'm giving you permission to blend your spirit. With my spirit. And I'm asking you to take away from me the heart of stone. The one that is resistant to your word. The one is resistant to the Bible. The one that is the system to prayer. I'm asking to take away the heart of stone and give me a heart of flesh. Not because I deserve it. Not because I'm worthy but because of my great need. Lot I'm going to keep rebelling against the law. Unless you change my heart. Because the carnal man. Is that and pretty with God. And he's not subject to the law of God. Neither indeed can be. Lord I'm tired of attempting the impossible. I'm here to let you do your work. To take my heart to take my sins. And to give me a new heart and a new space. And I want you to call us to walk in your ways and do them all prompted from an inner life. Of newness in God so much as possible this new together. As we pray. Mighty God. Everlasting Father. Lord we're here because we don't want to fight what we see. You said that as a man thinks in his heart so we see. And Lord. We know how we think we know what's in our hearts. We see. We struggle. We fight. We resist. And Lord sometimes we get tired. We start asking ourselves what's the point. I've been fighting this thing for so long. What's the point. But today we realize that it's not really off and. We're trying to change something that can never be change in our own strange. It's not changing our hearts. It's getting a new one. And so Lord we pray. Do you help us to put our hands down and you help us to let go. They help us to surrender the Lord and let me take this heart of stone. Help us not to resist the drawing power of love and to let Christ. Have his own we in our lives. And we pray that not only will you take away this heart of stone. But that you will give us a heart of flesh and Lord that you would put your spirit within us. And Father cause us move us. Prompt us. Impress us. Compel us to walk in your ways and to do them. And all we pray Lord is that one day you will bring this to that police were bio being you will be both fulfilling our own impulses and help us to be reminded that as we struggle has we fight. That the only thing we need is a new heart and your spirit. Only. This will truly bring change in our lives. Where we are struggling. Give us porkchop victory. Where we want to be better. Make brussel sprouts taste like doughnuts. And we trust Lord that in this walk and in this experience and your miraculous workings in our lives the Christian life. Would just be a constant state of choice. Will be for driving Christians. And not just surviving Christians. May your hands rest upon every life. May you be faithful to them. And Lord I pray that you would bless them exceedingly abundantly. Above all to dinner and this is on print off the disparate needs. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it the W.W.W. audio person. Dot org.


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