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ACM: 1 The History of City Missions in the Adventist Church

Jeff McAuliffe


A look at the church's past history with urban evangelism and the unity needed to move forward.


  • October 8, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Tonight. We're going to look at. How about how Adventism had been working on a model for City ministries for some time. And you're going to be excited and surprised to see what. How things were uncovered. Just the another housekeeping. We're recording the session. And we're hoping to put them on audio verse. When we're done. So as you have questions and. You'll have lots of questions along the way. Write them down. We'll try not to answer too many questions during a session but right at the end of the session will do Q. and A and then we're going to have a big Q. and A. You know on Sabbath afternoon where we're we're going to spend time together. Really looking to the future of the city ministry. So that being said Mrs White wrote a. I have another thing I want to talk to you about how many of you. Did anybody have an adventure and getting here. This weekend. Yeah. I want to. I want to share my adventures. You know how the. How how important it is to the Lord. It's equally devastating to the devil. You know if God wants something good to happen the devil and he's right on it. And so it's been a pretty rough go. Lately. I would say for my friends and I as we've been anticipating this. And we've just been praying our way through it. You know God is good it's you just can pray your way through it. You get to the our side yesterday I was coming home from work and right between. I don't know why I made the mistake but I can get off at Lenhart bill or I can get off at Hamburg to get to my house. And for some reason. I thought I don't want to get the deer from one hard to build to my home. So I stayed on and sure enough there was an accident in between those two exits. And it was one of those kind of accidents where you're just sitting still. So about forty five minutes to an hour into it. A man with a bad came up to my car instead I'm just letting you know. It looks like we're going to sit here for another two hours. And I was literally. A mile and a half mile and a half from my house so. My brother called. I thought the Bobby says want you to pull the car over and walk walk home. And I thought about it. I called my sister. Lily and my sister in Christ. And she's of all we had a prayer. And she says she said to be. But keep your eyes open if the traffic starts to move and. You know as soon as she said Dear Jesus the traffic started to move. But that wasn't the good story of the good story of the night with my friend Janet who came from Maine. She got to Connecticut and her car broke down. But that didn't belong to her or keep her from wanting to get here. When did you get your AAA premium package. Just before she left she bought the premium package. And she called them she paid eight dollars she called them. And they told her car. One hundred forty four miles to my house last night. That's determination. Got something good for us I'm sure there's other stories. So. I want to tell you another story about a woman who is named Ellen White and in one thousand and nine. There was going to be a general conference meeting and. She was eighty one years old at that point. Living in pain Alina. California. And she wanted to travel all the way across the country. To be at that meeting because she had something important. But just a few weeks before she said she was pretty weak and feeble to be able to make that trip. But she determined to make that trip anyway and free. For those of you who are workers in the church this was her schedule at eighty one on her way to the general General Conference she traveled. Approximately from beginning to the end of her. Her travel with. She was on the road for one hundred fifty four days. Hundred fifty four days. By the way. She didn't catch an overnight flight. You have to think about how she traveled. She traveled over eight thousand miles. She spoke. Seventy two times in one hundred fifty four days. In twenty seven different places. From California to Maine from Alabama to Wisconsin. And this was her message when she got to the general conference she said Behold our city. She urged. And there need of the Gospel the need for niche labor among the multitudes of the cities. Has been kept before me for more than twenty years. That was her message that year was the last time she was able to meet with the. The general conference. And she wanted us to remember the city tonight we're going to take a look at the why the that urgency was there with her why even just before. You know she died. Just a few years later in one thousand nine hundred fifty. Why was she so urgent about the city work. She was unable to go to the one nine hundred thirteen. Conference but she wrote from her home. So tonight we're going to look at counsel and add then it's history. To evaluate what they were working towards in terms of city work. This is a letter that Mrs White wrote to conference President. By the way which she the only one that qualifies in the room is Brother Ray I think. And she wrote a letter. Talking about the city work and in that letter she mentions this early in the letter though it's quite a strong letter you should look at it sometime. She says workers. City workers should labor. To ensue. And from time to time. All should meet together to relate their experiences to pray and to plan how to reach the people quickly and thus to possible redeem the time. We don't meet enough. Doing. In fact sometimes we're so consumed by our city labours by our labors independently that we don't spend any time with other groups. Talking about ideas. Praying together. In fact been doing this long enough to know that. Of city ministries often we find ourselves competing for the same fund pool. To keep our city ministries going and so becomes more competitive than it does cooperative. Sad to say. And so we're trying to take this seriously. I'm not exactly sure where I point this to but it doesn't seem to be. OK. We're trying to have some objectives for the weekend First off I want you to take every chance you can to pray together. OK because if we are we're not guarded by prayer. We're going to be distracted by the devil. OK so I don't care if you just walk up to somebody. The second thing we want to do is use it if you have stories and experiences we're going to take some time to share those stories were and have a full hour and a half we're sharing stories and experiences on status. And they'll be some stories interspersed about different ministries. We want to consider something called the F.S.S. model which is a biblical exposé on how the cities were intended to be worked. OK. Everybody wants a biblical exposé that's what we're going to show. OK. And we're going to strategize at some point how can we reach the people more quickly. We'll talk about that a little bit. And I also want to consider how we can use A.T.M. for City ministries as a resource moving forward one of the things that we in city ministries like in simplicity in Pittsburgh and other places where there are city ministries going on we're always kind of thinking about how can we find more laborers for the field who are interested in the work and. It's hard to recruit to be honest with you and lets you have a very specific recruiting mechanism in place. OK. Does God have a model for City ministries well does God have models for an anything. Yeah. Almost everything what's the first model that God has that comes to mind for us. Anybody. Family. Yeah. He has a family model for us well how about the sanctuary is that a model for anything. In fact the sanctuary is a model of the plan of salvation. God is not a god of randomness. He's a God of order and so this is a very important movement that we're talking about and we're going to see how important this tonight. Is there a plan for City ministries. In eighteen. Seventy four and. What I want you to do is look inside your folders. And there's a paper called In Search of a model. I want you to get that out. And hopefully you have a pen with you. Available to buy. Because we're going to search through literature and spit of prophecy for a model that may develop. We need to look at. What I want you to do is we're gone through slides in this you can be very bold and loud because I'm losing my hearing. It's the dental drills. All those years. Starting to lose my hearing. If you see something that is. Looks like it might be part of what we should be doing in the cities like companies of workers. Something like that and just shouted out we're going to have Merriam write it on the board over here. And we're going to leave it there for tomorrow because we're going to double check it against the biblical model tomorrow. So you can write it down tonight. Tomorrow we're going to go to the Word of God and see if it's accurate. And the Word of God. And you'll be able to write tax alongside each of those things do you understand what I'm saying. So as we go through. The slides. We're going to look for things that we might want to look at as to the church pointing to a biblical model. OK. Eight hundred seventy four was the first time that Ellen White speak of that city ministries in her her Council. She says I dream that several of our brother and we're in town so considering the plans of labor for the season. Hundred seventy four. They thought it best not to enter the large city. That's what they were thinking. You know why they were thinking that because over ninety percent of the brother and were living in the country. OK. And so they thought it best not to enter into the large cities. For many reasons. They thought it best not to answer the large cities but to begin work in small places. Remote from the cities. Here they would meet less opposition from the clergy and would avoid great expense. That sounds familiar to. Some things that were always thinking about. Now is that what it is one of dignity and authority one who was present in all our council meetings was listening with deepest interest to every word. He spoke with the liberation and perfect assurance. The whole world he said. Is God's great vineyard and then. The cities in the villages constitute a part of that then you're dead and these must be work. Satan will try to interpose themself and discourage the workers. Yes We've experienced that has anybody ever experienced discouragement. And amen sister she still right. Will try to discourage the work of so as to prevent them from giving the message of light and warning in the more prominent as well as in the more secluded places. Desperate efforts will be made to turn the people from the truth. To fall so now listen. The reason I put that red is because I like the idea that Satan is desperate. You know what I'm saying. Satan is desperate for people not to hear truth. He's desperate. And so he's going to do whatever he can. And angels of heaven are Commission to cooperate with the efforts of God's appointed messengers on the earth that's all from that messenger. God designs on this precious word with its messages of warning encourage Mitchell comes of those who are in darkness and were ignorant our faith. It is to be given to all and will be to them. A witness whether they will hear or whether they will her bare listen for those of you who are workers an important point here. Do not feel that the responsibility rests upon you to convict and convert the hearers that have you ever gotten on yourself because the fruit isn't what you thought it should be. Yeah. This is not God's way his. What he's asking of you and I is be the messenger. I'll take you know the rest right. There's got to be faithful not faithful this and that for us. Now we know that there are a promise of the fruit. But the fruit doesn't always come when we think it's good. Right. The power of God alone can soften the hearts of the people you are to hold forth the Word of Life that all may have the opportunity of receiving truth if they will. You are entertaining a listen closely because this applies to us as a conference your entertaining too limited ideas of the work for this time what's the work she speaks the person is speaking of. Speaking of working the cities you're entertaining to limited thoughts to the limited ideas you're trying to plan the work. So that you can embrace it in your arms. You must take broader views have you ever to plan something that you can do. Because that's kind of how we plan right. We plan things. So that we think we can accomplish them. And what God is calling for us to do is to plan things that only he can accomplish. When we step into the in possibility. In our eyes we step into the god's possibilities. I like being there. How about you. I'm kind of a not even generic that way. And I like to see things that are so big that I know it's impossible for us to accomplish in human strength and engineering or rather that I know that hey this is God's plan I'm just stepping into it so good things are going to happen. That's exciting to me as a value. You know. It's only exciting for visionaries. If you're somebody who needs. Step by step. Anybody know anybody like that in the room. It can get tough. But that person can take the vision and make it happen. God has it's all doing this for some reason your delight must not be put under a bushel nor under a bed on the candlestick given lights all that are in the house your house is the world. We must not hide the truth of the corners of the earth. It must be made known it must shine in our large cities that's a first time that Alawite talks about the cities. Amongst the brethren. Pretty strong there thinkin we shouldn't go into the large city saying the through this messenger she's telling us that. No it's just the opposite that's exactly where we need to be going. Why did this all happen about this time because the one nine hundred eighty or eighty ninety census determine the resident population of the United States to be fifty million approximately an encrease of thirty percent over the eight hundred seventy. Census. You hear that in ten and one decade. The population grew thirty percent. That happened today would be in big trouble I'm OK. Now most of that of course is when we have an immigration. Movement. Most of it occurs in our port cities. At first because that's where the distribution centers were so the largest growth occurred in the port cities of New York and Philadelphia San Francisco and the like all the more. By eight hundred ninety. New York had grown sixty one percent from eight hundred seventy. You know how much that is sixty one percent. That's the nominal growth and Philadelphia had grown fifty five percent there were some five million new immigrants just from Europe. That had come into the East Coast. So the church was addressing the issues of the day. By beginning to even have this discussion where they were saying. Some were saying OK we know there's lots of people coming but maybe we should just stay in the suburbs. And the angel came along and said Now it's time to go to the cities. So why look for a model where there's a couple reasons and you can start looking for things. Now in the quotes to write down on our lists because we want to see what it is because from now from this point. From eight hundred seventy four all the way to nineteen ten. There was this constant building and trying and trying to get to a place where a model was in place and finally L N Y confirms it later on in one to about one hundred ten. About how we should be working from there. Forward. Our Manner and this is these are some quotes that kind of give us the idea or show us that we are working from a model. Our Manner of working must be after God's order OK God has something to do with this. The work that is done for God in our large cities. Must not be according to man's devising So if it's not according to man's devising who is according to his according to God devising right. Specifically we find that rather Haskell that's even and have to go. She says the laird has given you an opening in New York City and your mission work there is to be an example of the mission work in other cities should be OK So we know that somewhere and that was written. Stephen have to what the New York in one thousand nine hundred one. So somewhere between eight hundred seventy three in one thousand nine hundred one. We have a transition where the work now it's worse even Haskell's going to do in New York is to be an example to everywhere else. So we're going to we're going to get the Stephen Haskell we need to get there because that's the example but we also need to know the transition of how we got there. OK. I know this seems like a classroom. This is like exciting stuff to me. I mean hang in there because it's the church really struggled trying to figure this out and. We're still struggling today you know why because the populations have multiplied. Mrs White went on at some point things going to get harder guys are going to be harder to do. Part of it is because the population is so out of control. Another large part is because there's not as many people interested there's not as many workers interested in the work there's a few. And so it's really difficult to to get a beachhead in the city these days. All kinds of things like the owning and things you never thought of before before you could pitch a tent in the middle of a city and have an evangelistic crusade and now you've got to get permits for this and permits for that and stuff like that completely different. So we're going to look for a model. By looking at history. All right here we go. The way we look at the history of ministry in the city is we look at the foundational ministry that Adventism projected and that was city missions. You can see that in the second quote missions are essential as the foundation of mission the effort. Mission the effort in our cities. As early as eight hundred eighty seven. We had something at the mother quote where she said if man are called act in the missions and to meet all classes of minds there should be special preparations for this kind of work OK Mary I'm going to ask you to start writing some things down here. Because what we want to know is this the first thing that we know about Adventist work in the city is that there should be what associated with them what's the foundational element. There should be a mission. Right and we're going to find some amazing quotes. Some people think it went away. I can tell you that as late as one thousand ten after Ellen White had her let her vision about or her dream about it that she still to vision that mission should be central to it. And we're going to discuss that a little bit. By the way in council missions. She uses tougher words to describe missions were get into this in more detail over the weekend but she can talk about as mission Centers of Influence plants. All of those things. Now in those missions that says in that first quote that those who are called act in the missions. There should be special preparations for this kind of work what does that mean. There should be some sort of training. To go and open mission. OK so we were going to we're going to see that training is involved in a lot of things. Now today. If you were going to go and open a mission in a city where would you go for for training. We might have to go visit brother ten back there. Because he's actually doing it in the city. But we really don't set up for this anymore. Right. So that's one of the think that an A.T.M. work that we're interested in doing is actually. Can we begin to facilitate training for people to do this work because if we're going to multiply the work. We've got to train more people to do the work right. And then. OK So we need training. Look at the last call in these large cities mission should be established were workers can be trained to present the people the special message for this time. There is need of all the instruction that these missions can give now. This is a subtle point. But if workers are being trained with those that tell you that there's trainers. Right. So we have basically two classes of individuals in the situation we have people who are experienced who are giving training. Right. And we have people who come along and want to be trained. OK. But the way how do you think of an army of youth will ever be established. There's going to have to be an army of what trainers. That's willing to train them. Here what I'm saying. One can't go without the other can happen. OK. Who quotes. Sorry. Hang in there. During the night of February twenty seventh one thousand ten this is all in one thousand ten now I want to take you all the way to the other end. A representation was give me which the UN work cities were presented before me as a living reality and I was playing the instructed that there should be a decided change from the path method to working. OK something from eight hundred seventy four when this started. All the way up to nine hundred ten wasn't working right. OK And. She's taking a position now that there should be a difference from the past. So we need to look at the past a little bit so we can discover what she's talking about for months the situation has impressed on my mind and I urge that companies be organized and diligently train to labor in our in our important cities what's the new element that companies. Not just individuals companies be organized and trained you want to write that down. You should be writing these down on your paper. Because tomorrow we're going to look and see does the Bible confirm this plan. We need to have a and an affirmation of that in the Word of God. These workers should labor to buy two how are they supposed to work. OK That's part of the plan these workers should labor to buy to write it down. And from time to time they all should meet together this is our quote for today and share their experiences and. And what we're doing at A.C.M. today is part of what city Labor should be involved in Listen to this next one in every city this is in one thousand tend to it every city there should be a city mission that would be a training school for workers how we do it in Pennsylvania. You know every city every city. There should be a city mission. That is a training school for workers. I'm not saying that in the negative. I'm saying that we got something to look forward to don't we can you imagine in Pennsylvania. And I'm going to tell you what a city means here the minute. In Pennsylvania. If we had a training school. In every city. I would be exciting when it. That would be exciting. Many of our brother must stand condemned in the sight of God who is a tough statement. Many of our brother must stand condemned in the sight of God because they have not done the very work that God would have them to do. The words this is the very work that God would have us to do is to try to implement the idea that there needs to be a mission in every city. OK So even in Haskell. We're now getting into the eight hundred eighty eight hundred seventy four. A little white had that first statement in the eight hundred eighty S. rather Haskell was asked to come up with a plan to implement. Adventist work in the city. And he helped develop them. Point in for the tract and missionary societies to establish city missions that's what they call them. They were very creative like simplicity or whatever. The just call them city missions. These were not the welfare missions that we think of OK. Well for emissions are primarily dealing with helping the poor and doing welfare work for the down and out but where the for runners of the modern evangelistic centers primarily focusing on literature evangelism So what they thought was OK the way we're going to do this work first is we're going to start by being literature evangelists. OK. So they've got all their tracks together. And typically those missions would provide living quarters for the workers on the Center for call Porter of Angela's and Bible study small public meetings you should be writing all this stuff down. This is all part of the progress that they had a center for call Porter evangelism they were doing Bible studies. They had small public meetings and they serve to train lay workers. And as converts gather churches would be organize OK what are the parts. They did lose your evangelism. They were doing Bible study. They were doing public meetings. They were training lay workers. And they're organizing churches. That's pretty exciting right. Would you like to be part of that. Yeah I know something happened here and we're going to watch here in a minute what happened this is the eight hundred eighty S.. This is a a stock it one for Mel Robbins and she says typically they would conduct the school for the training in house to house Bible instruction how are they going to help out by the instruction launched with the hopes of being self-supporting. OK. Two things their house to house work. Looking to become self-supporting for sales and other local support. But look at the last couple words. It rarely what materialise What do you think it means by it really materialized. It didn't work. Yeah. Yeah. It. It was hard to pay for. In fact. Did you know that several conferences nearly went bankrupt through this trying to make this happen. Try to keep these missions open. OK. You got all those points on your sheet. Here we go. We're going to go to the next one in the eight hundred eighty of the stamp the Adventist Church place a high priority on city missions in the United States the General Conference published an annual report on city mission. From eight hundred eighty five eight hundred ninety nine and eight hundred eighty six report it indicated that there were thirty six missions employing a total of one hundred two denominator the workers and training of two hundred twenty four lay members as interns and trainees That's more than I would say today. All those these missions successfully created an advantage presence in several cities their expense led to the church to close most of them by the early one eight hundred ninety S.. OK So remember what Mrs White said in one thousand ten she says we're not going to do it like we did before. We have to look to doing that a little bit differently this is one of the ways that we had to look to doing it a little bit differently and that is it couldn't just be a literature distribution. Mission. OK. In eight hundred eighty nine the general conference session. There's a season was made to drop the name City Mission. Because it was confusing the public the public thought City Missions meant a welfare mission. And what it was for Adventists was a literature distribution mission. The new name with canvassing stations. Much more creative. Canvassing stations with a new emphasis of Bible instructors working along with the call porters they were doing Bible studies before but it was the call porters doing the bible studies. Now the General Conference and saying listen we want. Really competent Bible workers to work with the call poor or the leisure evangelists to do the work together. See how the work is the changing and evolving here at the same time during the eight hundred ninety S. there were many city missions or well permissions operated for the poor and that's because we entered into a phase in the eight hundred ninety S. where something called the social gospel. Took hold of. Most of Protestantism. Because of the massive immigration. Most of the problems in churches had taken hold of the idea of we need to go help those poor people. And so they started opening well for missions then we followed suit. Now that's not to say that it was a bad thing. Welfare missions are good ideas that Mrs White wrote a book called What welfare ministry. It's a wonderful book. Right. And so we were opening welfare missions in the eight hundred ninety S. and they operated for the poor. You see how different elements are being beginning to creep into this whole notion. Much of the influence for that shift from came from a guy named Dr Kellogg who was working in the Chicago area who initiated and sponsored a project in Chicago that included listen to what he included a small hospital free clinics. A soup kitchen. This is a nurse's program emergency residence for men and women in the lifeboat mission with evangelistic and social work was done to kill it got he got really into this. Now his notion of a welfare mentioned mission was a little bit different he's adding and a medical element to it because he's a doctor himself so he's trying to take young adults who are in nursing school and young for this gins and incorporate them into the mission in Chicago it was quite a mission. I got to tell you pretty fantastic. When looking for the best. Where to best to locate the mission catalog and L.. Elder Olsen approach the police chief and ask for the dirtiest and wicked wicked a spot in all of Chicago. That's where they want to do their work. How many of you would do that by the way that's exactly what the Apostle Paul did in the city of efforts of asses with the dirtiest. Most wicked place. And Paul said I think this is a good place to start a church. OK so. Kellogg's introducing something new it's called medical missionary work. From that spot they provided a space Listen to this the pretty exciting. Provide a space for three to four hundred men each night for ten cents that included the evening meal. We've had inflation. That's a night stay. You can get your laundry done. And you've got the evening meal on top of it. Ok for ten percent in the course of the year seventy thousand were sheltered and six hundred thousand penny meals were served that's what they're called Penny meals. Well could you get for a penny today. In a short period of time there were eight separate institutions with twenty five distinct lines of work employing two hundred people. That was in the Chicago mission. Amazing isn't it that you guys know that the stuff was going on some of your I'm sure did. But did you know that we had such a huge presence. As a mission in Chicago during this time. This was happening around eight hundred ninety three it started with nurses going to Chicago and then it evolved in around eight hundred ninety five we opened a medical school. And the medical schools. Actually there are clinical practices were taken to the mission. It was a natural conjunction with what elec Dr tell it was trying to do but here. Here's the Kavya out or here's the problem in the whole the. The fly in the ointment is this next slide. Unfortunately Dr cog shifted the emphasis of the nominations work because he had control over that and I want you to remember something has happened this is eight hundred ninety five. Something has happened before eight hundred ninety five occurred. What happened eight hundred eighty eight. There was a clarification on the Gospel within Adventism there was a clarity that was coming to the church. When the gospel. And this is why took hold of it. Along with Jones and Wagner. And the next thing you know what happened to Mrs White the shifter to Australia and that's where her ministry. Went from there so the the. The interaction between her and Kellogg was not as intimate. Through that period of time and Kellog kind of went with and look what he did. He said that the work in the act in this new mission are under nomination will. And to carry in purely charitable benevolent and Christian and philanthropic and philanthropic about the way he didn't just do it there. He went back to the sanitarium and said. Change the chartered seem to say the same thing that it's non denominational. Because he had a different agenda. He saw the opportunity to build something really big. In terms of Christian help. OK. Different agenda for somehow halfway around the world this little lady heard about that. And she started making statements like this the medical missionary work is not to be carried forward it's something apart from the gospel ministry so we've added another element. So the possibility of our work. And that is the gospel ministry is not to be separated from the what medical missionary work OK. And what other kind of work did we already talk about they were they had done before. Literature evangelism OK So we're building on that case. The Loris people are to be one there is to be no separation in this work. Time and means are being absorbed the work which is not carried which is carried forward to earnestly in one direction. And you can read the rest. She there's many quotes of this period of time. About the separation and there's also many quotes to this period of time which is basically eight hundred eighty eight hundred ninety nine through one thousand nine hundred two where there's a lot of really serious city quotes that are addressing exactly what has happened with Tell on. And if you don't understand the timing of things you can take those quotes and make them say whatever you want. OK. But if you understand what's going on most of the time when Mrs White sounds fairly critical about what's going on it's because somebody is kind of gone off in a direction. And she's trying to bring them back in OK. Kellogg refused to be brought back in OK. In one thousand nine hundred one. That's we're at now having fun going through history here. I hope though. In one hundred one the church decided we needed to through inspiration through we needed to attack the city. What city would that be we needed to go to New York. And make something happen. And they chose. Elder Haskell other HAVE TO was a New Englander and he was a good man to choose because he's tight with the money. That's saying that because he was a New England I'm saying that because that's in the literature. He was really frugal. And he had done this in other places. It was his determination according to his biographer of that he was going to find a model. That was repeatable and sustainable. And it was self-supporting. That's something every conference likes to hear. And so he went to New York and he started working on that. In one thousand one by the way the year he got there. There had been a depression. In the stock market. People were committing suicide left and right. There was one of the worst heat waves in decades. There were horses and animals dying in the streets over nine hundred people died that summer from heat exhaustion. In the city alone Haskell got called to go to New York. To start a mission. And he went. While he had pneumonia. Talk about that thing out in phase and he and his wife went to fifty seventh Street which is just off. Central Park and started a mission on the fifth floor of a highrise in the city and. It was according to God's plan. That was according to God's plan. This is white. Encouraged him. That is according to God's plan what you've done. In fact Mrs Haskell was so excited about the idea that they didn't have to move around so far that within a stone's throw of the mission. There are enough people to keep them busy for a long time ahead and that's the essence of city ministries. It's. We think we're taking care of the whole city and really were taken care of a block or two around us because there's so many people there. That's why we need more people but the Haskell took this on wholeheartedly. And they began to work in New York. Upon what kind of plan. Correct plans. Commencing missionary work after the Lord's order. Sort of an affirmation that God has a plan right. If there is correct plan. And you're working after his order then. It's something that we have to look at by the way. She was so concerned about Haskell look at the center that this clear the way for the agent servant of the Lord. Sixty nine. Help them all you can do not allow meetings. To be held where they will draw people away from the very interest which is Lord desires to see advance that old may be one the Christ that because there was another evangelists who came back to New York his name was brother Frank. And he was an evangelist evangelists he come in and he put all the. You know the signs up and having a typical advent of beating but something bigger was happening here. With Haskell they were trying to develop a repeatable and sustainable model for city ministry is that were to be copied from there forward and so Mrs White was saying listen. You can do your evangelism just not the same part of town. Don't disrupt the meetings or what Elder Haskell's trying to do because we're trying to develop something there. She says the brother Haskell the Lord is giving an opening New York City near Mission work there is to be an example of what the works in other cities should be we saw that already the hassle began to work in New York City in the summer of one thousand nine hundred one at the age of sixty nine. And he and his wife rented the sixth floor at four hundred West fifty seventh Street. Mrs Haskell reported that all our rooms are light and airy and that all pinned to the street on the street and have full sunshine. She went on to note that there were fifty six apartments in their building. That's pretty big forgotten by the way fifty six apartments in the building. She talked about how amazed she was once you got to the store. The city that there were thirty story buildings and another place. And they had begun the gospel work on their own in the joining building selling books list and what they were doing were looking for the bought the model now of the hassle they're selling books. They're giving Bible studies and they're providing practical men. Medical missionary instruction and care. What are they doing. They've combined all the works of the past. Together Now. Seen with the first missions in the eighteen eighties consisted of what kind of work. Literature evangelism with some Bible study. And the eight hundred ninety S. And General Conference said what we need to add competent Bible instructors to the literature evangelists. And the one nine hundred ninety five through one thousand nine hundred one they began Welfare Ministry and medical missionary work at it into that and so we we have this model of where we need to be. Elder Haskell were to look now what they were doing elder Haskell was conducting an evangelistic City Mission in New York. It was a combination of the event. And they've Angeles technician of the eight hundred eighty S. and a mission among the poor that such had flourished in the eight hundred ninety S. By the way. L. Robinson is the biographer. Stephen and Haskell. How our house will. Was sure that he could succeed in carrying out the original plan of making the City Mission of self self-supporting or largely so he would make an experimental station for devising methods by which this could be done. And this is how he did it they rented the mission. Up on that floor. He was making ten dollars a week his wife was making eight dollars week. They threw that into the pool. They begin to gather. Other leaders around them. Who would also contribute. This was a big place that they had with many rooms. And they supported the whole mission. On their own through their own means and with other things that they could raise. And stew that had to be that way but this was a start. He now this is a big description. Now you should write a lot of things down from your paper from this. Of the because this is what Haskell actually did in the city. Some very important things and some things maybe you've never considered before. About city missions. He cap and a diverse core of workers workers in the country's Metropolis New York City and set forth a plan for the comprehensive and well articulated city campaign. Listen. If I know one thing about our city work. It's usually not comprehensive and well articulated right. First because we're separated. And we choose to be separated of all things. We choose to be separated. Many ways. We can't figure out. Cross culturally how to work together. We can't figure out. Even within a culture sub culturally how to work together. And then we have different conference within the same. Cities working. And now you see why all the whites and this is going to get tougher. Now we're trying to plan a citywide campaign. It's like one church not knowing what the other church is doing and having no interest in finding out. See how that's problematic. It's a problem. I can tell you about cities in Pennsylvania where that the problem. Readings probably a good example pick on reading. I don't know how many admins Gerges there. But it's really hard to imagine all of them getting together and saying. Let's make a city wide plan at that's well articulated. There are six seven or seven in Allentown as brother. Yep. And I can tell you what pulling teeth is like. Thank you thank you. It's. But you see where we need to be OK. Somehow we need to get from where we are to where we need to because this is the plan. OK this is the model. Bob and I were look at this one time and you know forgive me for saying this but this is the one instance where the Catholic Church has it right because they have a city. They have a city bishop or somebody who takes care who's in charge of the whole thirty and fifty plans are organized. Devil is more Argonaut I've. Then we have been here that. OK let's read more. Listen some of the things that we've already seen that house to house literature work be conducted OK we're talk about house to house it comes up again. Literature work being conducted. Opening doors. By but for bible studies by what. Competent instructors remember all this stuff came out as we went through the Historical Review and health service and education to be given through vegetarian restaurants Hydra pathic treatment rooms and lectures that when the groundwork had been sufficiently done there following evangelistic meetings. How exciting with that the have an evangelistic meeting after all that other stuff happened for a while after the permanent work was working in the city. Going door to door meeting people meeting their needs. And then have evangelism. It's not really of Angeles and then and then it's a harvest right. And then. Bob and I were on a mission trip years ago. To Peru. And we were there with Jose Rojas. I mean to. We were there with Jose Rojas and it was called of this is my Spanish. Have an adult low poll data which I write. The close terror of an affair our. I don't know I probably really messed that up. And here I was the target of power and. We went through Peru with him as he did evangelism the people have been doing this kind of work ahead of us right for a long time and he got to come in to do the harvest and. Bob and I were confined to a little. Motor home. And we could look out our window as Jose was baptizing people in pools and we were pulling teeth. Right. Because that was our medical missionary moment and. What an exciting time there were over seventeen thousand people were baptized because they were practicing the model. It worked out ahead of time. All these things had been in place. The evangelist came through. People were baptized churches were enlarged. It's exciting and all these workers be united. I don't want to say any more about that. Because there are brother the pastor back there just commented on the fact that we have a hard time getting in the same room talking about what we need to do. We all need to beg the Lord's forgiveness. Right. We need to beg the Lord's forgiveness for separating ourselves from each other there isn't going to be separate sections for us in heaven. It's not going to be there. All these workers be united as so far as feasible resident This is puffer people in Adventism because you know without going into to too much there's two lines of parallel counsel that are going on here in Mrs White's writings. One of them says get out of the city. And then I will and says you need to go to the cities and save people. And then people go and they say yeah you were supposed to do it from outpost missions. And you know that the outpost missions are only mentioned twenty two times and all the writings of L. Y. and in every time it's connected to institutions and not individuals. OK. Are we supposed to leave the cities yes she counted if you have to do and you can get out get out of the cities but something supposed to be a logical happened from eighteen seventy three thousand one hundred ten. Is very simple. It got more expensive to live in the country than it did in the city. You hear what I'm saying is that more expensive the live in the country than the city now. For most people it is. If you want to buy a piece of land here in Hamburg. You've got to come up with seventy thousand dollars. So people were emigrating to the cities and that's where they were getting stuck no. Now was Mrs White saying just because they're stuck in the cities because that's the terrible nature of the cities we shouldn't go and try to help them find Jesus Christ. No. She was giving two parallel lines of counsel. When she was in Avondale early in that phase. She made a statement she said. Children should never be educated in the city. Later in the one thousand nine hundred see said. Children should be educated. Outside of the cities as much as possible to hear the difference. Because she was recognizing that we have a work to do in the cities. Actually went as far as they know the listen there's children who are stuck in the cities who can't get out and we need to start schools for them in order to save them. I think there's a couple of school represented here. That for the first time we're starting not. Administrate school but add then its mission schools in the United States. And then. Oh the stories that are coming out of it. It's amazing. OK. So the workers need to be resident in a central work or school in charge of the director of the city work here that there needs to be somebody in charge of the city work. So all. How do you do that when there are seven churches in the city that have been working on a model that say well we'll do our work you guys do your work over there. And now you need to come along say listen we need to be working together and somebody needs to be in charge of it all. That's really tough. In under the current model that we're we're attempting to use in our work. You understand what I'm saying right. I'm not saying pastors have egos. That's not one thing. I'm just saying that's the way they were doing things. And we've been taught to do things. When what's being called here is for a collaborative of God's people because what's more convincing to the world than anybody in God's church being able to get along with others and work well with them. It's very confusing for people in the cities and say oh that church over there that's that's for the Haitians. And that's her job there that's for the Puerto Rican. All the church down on that end of town that's for the Anglos. This is a very confusing for the world. Right. Because in Jesus Christ. There is no what. Now he's the ways no male or feel in the June or Greek right. So the very idea of what God is trying to present in his people to the world is being an fulfilled in his body today. Just because we are separated. It is most convincing to the world that the Gospel has great value to us when we can mesh and work together collaboratively. And then. Hey this is the model that God is calling for I ask you to vets get to work in New York and lay plans for establishing a memorial for got in that city it is to be a center for missionary effort it is to be sanitary must be established listen what she says. A determined effort must be made to unify our churches in New York in the surrounding cities this can be done. And it must be done. If the aggressive war for a New York is successful it successfully carried forward. That's true. Today. If we're going to be successful in Allentown all seven churches need to cooperate if we're going to be successful in reading all seven churches need to be cooperative we need to work together under one and we need to make what is she say an aggressive or a determined effort are you ready to make a determined effort. This is the work that should be done today mission should be established not merely one or two cities in America but in many localities the billing should be inexpensive it's possible. It is not expensive buildings that give character are to our work it is the Spirit manifested by the workers who show that they have the cooperation of the Holy Spirit. This gives power to their influence the character of the work you know out of Times and we're going to get into this this weekend. And forgive me I'm getting close. We're just getting wound up. We're going to get into this weekend a lot of times when we think we have to have a city mission we think we need to spend a million dollars and it's got to be the sharpest place on earth. We forget that it's not the building. It's what's inside it. Right. It's what's inside it that's revealing the Holy Spirit. Right we get caught up in wanting it to be the building. As a revelation of the Holy Spirit it's the people who are the living households of the Holy Spirit. And it's the people working colab are to flee in to gather that give the complete picture of who God is in Jesus Christ in their lives and less that's happening you can have the most beautiful building in the world. And it's not a revelation of who Jesus Christ it's a revelation of some man's vision. A similar work to be done in many cities the young people who go out later in the city should be on the direction of the experience consecrated workers we need to with this is the same thing happening again right. I made this mistake with simplicity on this and you guys can. I'm not coming down I love my kids. They're not kids either. But anybody younger than me as a kid. I love these young adults who sacrificed their lives to come work with us. But we never provided them. Initially anybody to go out with them. We thought they were to go out and do it. Yeah. Didn't read enough or something I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking but we're understanding and it's what we're going through our own evolution. Trying to get closer and closer to the model. I thought the elder. Jerry cross from the general conference not too long ago he says Listen. The work that you're doing in terms of research and development is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the General Conference. And that was the most encouraging moment I've had need. Because I felt like one being a bad steward here. You know. Anyway. The servant of Christ should labor facially listen these are things that I want you to write them. Miriam that they we should labor faithfully for the rich man in our studies as well as the poor remember there was a time when we were doing well for ministries just for the poor. We got caught up in that. She brought us back around there's a great work to be done for the people of all nations in the large cities America. And such a rallying point that this may be. A great help to the matter of gaining attention the people in the training of workers in every large city in America there are peoples of different nationalities who must hear the message for this time. That true in Pittsburgh. You know in town is about fifty percent hispanic a little bit more than that it changes in every city we go to. Because so my. Whatever our vision is for Allentown is not going to be the same vision for Pittsburgh or Philadelphia because the whole thing changes right. You can hit me your glasses and say these will work for you right. We have to have new glasses for each city but the same model you want to say there's a model. Now listen don't get spiteful by the idea of a model because this is why talked about being created in your methodology. Within the model has plenty of room for creativity. OK let's get apply it to our reality. And I'm sorry for those of you who are not Pennsylvania's but I'm going to pick on Pennsylvania here a little bit and try to make an application to our reality. Nearly eight in ten people in Pennsylvania is now living in an urban setting. According to the two thousand and ten census so it's even more sense than the Census Bureau identifies two distinct or two types of urban areas. They call urbanized areas of fifty thousand or more people in urban clusters of at least twenty five hundred and less than fifty thousand people yet that. So basically an urban area is a place where fifty thousand or more people are living. OK. When referring to the cities in town school when I had to do a bit of research to do this I started looking at all the cities and looking at dates. Proximately one thousand five. What their populations were in some of the lowest ones were Sacramento and and Buffalo and she was when she's talking about city work she's talking about about the same number as the Census Bureau can you imagine that. About fifty thousand. Divert take as low as forty five thousand. So the number of Pennsylvania's living in urban areas increased five point six percent between two thousand and two thousand and ten and two thousand and ten the Commonwealth urban population was nine million nine hundred ninety one thousand. With eighty nine point nine percent of the urban population in residing in urbanized areas and ten percent in that smaller cluster area. So in Pennsylvania bit proximately nine people live in urbanized areas of fifty thousand or more. That's fairly urbanized. That's approximately one hundred seventy nine pockets of fifty thousand one hundred seventy nine pockets of fifty thousand the remember of before we said. She made a quote because that's what she's looking at is the city is a population of about fifty thousand she said that there should be missions in how many cities. For the training of workers. And every city. There should be missions for the training of workers if we just take it at face value in Pennsylvania we should have about one hundred seventy nine missions going. Even if you want to call a church a mission we're not there. OK. For the training of workers. That's not bad news. Citing we got all these possibilities right. Are you excited. Come on now. Seventy seven women in Philadelphia alone so however the Bishop of Philadelphia is I feel sorry for them. You know seventy seven pockets of fifty thousand or more some of them are just in a couple block radius because of the high rises. OK now. This is White make the statement Listen to this gets complicated she says in every city of fifty thousand. There should be a core of organized well disciplined workers not merely one or two but scores should be set to work here that scores by the way what's the score. A score equals twenty what the scores minimum. Forty So in Pennsylvania that would be a hundred seventy nine clusters at forty or seven thousand one hundred cities sixty six. City workers. If we were working towards the idea of where God would have us to be. You know what I believe it's going to happen before Jesus comes. You're probably set new think you're crazy and you're crazy mean. No UNAMA dreamer and a visionary for Jesus Christ. And if God said. This is my plan. And it's going to happen then it's going to happen I believe that. I don't know how he's going to do it. Maybe have to take everything away from us. So we say well I got nothing else to do on my little work in a city I don't know I'm not sure what he's going to do but it's something going to happen here. And by the way they're going to be organized and well disciplined. You know you like that idea. Why is it so important. Listen to this. This is from Mrs White this is the choir in call. Appeal of those who for years. Many years have known the truth. This is by the way when she makes that statement. And this is why came to Washington. Back in that story I told you in the beginning. She said has come to wake up the watchman. You know she's talking about heart rate. She's talking about our leaders come to wake you up to this reality. I feel those who for years and known the truth it is time to wake up the watchman. I have extended my strength in giving the message that the Lord has given me. The burden of our cities which rested so heavily upon me that it sometimes it hasn't sometimes seems that I should die by when this is White didn't exaggerate. She was not exaggerating here. The burden was so heavy she thought it was going to kill or to do the work of the Lord I want to tell you why. Listen to the work in the cities and yet sensual work for this time and is now to be taken hold of in faith Amen. When the cities are worked as God would have them. The result will be the setting in operation of a mighty movement such we have not yet witnessed this is the famous clarion call of the city work or you'll hear it in every meeting. I want to break it down here admit it because it's real important but also want you to know that I am begging you to decide to become part of a movement and not a church. It's time to be part of a movement. There's a lot to give wisdom to our brother that they may know how to carry the work forward in harmony with His will. There's a plan. With mighty power. The cry is to be sounded in a large center is a population behold the bridegroom cometh go yet to meet him amen. Listen. She says when the cities are worked as God would have them the word when. Looks to the future. It was one hundred ten and guess what. It hadn't happened yet. There's a prophetic statement. The work in the cities is the essential work for this time. And is now to be taken hold of in faith by the way Mrs White died in one thousand nine hundred fifteen it seems like the work. Died with her. Now here we are brothers and sisters were one hundred in four years later. One hundred four years later. And we're looking at last of the kind of work that she was calling for actually going on than was going on back then in a percentage basis. God's got a lot of work to do with his people. He's got a lot of work to do with me. This is a real humbling of the hard to realize where we've been called to and where we are. And it goes right to the heart of my personal value. As to what Jesus Christ has done on my behalf. You see the more I value. What Jesus has done and accomplished for me and on my behalf the more I realize man there's nothing in this world that's more important. There's nothing in this world that's more exciting. OK. As God would have them suggest a plan of action the God that is God. As I relate to either the enthusiasm and participation of his model and method or both in other words. You could look at that through ways you could say this is talking about God wants lots of people involved. Or he has an exact plan and actually it both. We just kind of diagnose In other words there should be multiples of dedicated individual involved. And there should be a plan from which to work. The result. Will be the setting in operation of a mighty movement such as we have not yet witness. The results of that work. That in operation a mighty movement we need to analyze that because the word setting in operation is actually a legal term then this is why it is using here. It means this legal term means that it commences the stablish is launches are maintained it's like a catalyst that starts a chemical reaction in other words. The work in the cities. Starts the mining movements. OK. Some people confuse and say all it is the mighty movement. But the work in the cities. Starts the mighty movement. It's the catalyst for it. OK. Why is that important. Well look at these two quotes. These are the only two places and spirit of prophecy where the idea of a mighty movement occurs. The first one we just read this is the second one the angel who unites the proclamation of the third in just messages to light the whole earth. With his war that's Revelation Chapter eighteen. OK. Oh well. Welcome worldwide extent. Unwanted powers. Here For told the admin movement of eight hundred forty to forty four was a glorious manifestation of the power of God when we talked about with mighty power the cry. Goes forward. The first angels message was carried to every missionary station in the world. And in some countries. There was the greatest religious interest which has been witnessed in any lands that's a reformation of the sixteenth century. Listen to this. But these are to be far exceeded our exceeded by the mighty movement under the last warning of the thirteen Jim only twice that she talk about a mighty movement one time she's talking about a mighty movement. That is taboo law is by the work in the cities in the other times she's talking about a mighty movement. That's the loud cry. You hear the sequence. The work in the cities. It's the catalysts to the loud cry now she talked about the loud cry already beginning right. Way back when. But this is the catalyst to the loud cry. And it's accompanied by great power what it would actually mean by great power what we call that in the advent of them. The latter rain. And then we can look. This is very exciting. Because we have something tangible here that if to say that if we move by faith and for that model in the work that God has given us. What we can expect is that work will catalyze or will begin or will commence. The loud cry and the latter a. Now I understand that completely because I understand what kind of work it is right. When you work in the city that it becomes very personal you have to pour your heart and your wife into it it becomes personal ministry it's not something I can write a check for necessarily. It's something I have to get involved and I need to go to that door and meet that person and find out what their needs are and pray with them and find out whether at. It's different. That's exactly the kind of people God is looking for exactly what Jesus did what he taught his disciples to do over and over again. What Paul did suggesting thing. And when God has a group of people a lot of group of people doing that work. He can say it's. They for me to pour my holy spirit out upon them and their rises into a loud cry I'm very excited about that. It's no question as to why Ellen why in her latter years was so excited about this work getting going. She was eighty one. She knew the sequence. She understood that the work needed to be done in order for the latter rain to occur. And for the loud cry to come to its fullest. And so she said that's why she said the burning number city has rested so heavily upon me that it sometimes it seems that I should die. If I know and you know now what it's going to take in order for Jesus to return. I don't care if you look at all the prophecy and all the stuff that's going on in the world today. God is still waiting for his people to manifest themselves in this way. It's the last time we could be looking at signs in the world for a long time yet. But God is looking for signs in these people are they ready for the poor outpouring of my spirit. Have their hearts been changed to the point where they understand that I love the people who are living in the cities it doesn't mean that God loves the cities. God loves the people who are living there and it just happens to be most of them. Most of the people that are alive today are living in the cities. And they're all God's children. And he wants them all to hear the Gospel Jesus Christ. Listen here's a cap yet. For those of you for who feel. Now by the way I want you to what you not understand I'm not giving you too much leeway here. Because sister white on her way through the General Conference meeting said. I'm going to just as an example to the brother and I'm going to stop and do some ministry in a couple cities along the way. So they can say that you know I'm not doing my part so at any one she stopped a couple cities and was doing city ministry on her way to the General Conference. OK. So if you're eighty one. Or below. This doesn't count for you. OK. Or maybe I can give you a little more Gracie than Haskell was sixty nine when he started the mission in New York City so if you're sixty nine and below. This doesn't count for you. But God does give us a little grace here he says. Not all can go forward into the aggressive warfare listen. What is she calling an aggressive warfare what can you expect in aggressive warfare if you're go on. You can expect it. This is going to be tossed away. You know I can show you a whole nother set of puts a show. The devil has his plans already in place in the cities because we've been laboring so slowly start there are already in place. He's been busy. You've been busy planning. He's got legions and. You think we're going to encounter that kind of thing. Absolutely. We've encountered in our mission. That a man come in one day. Talk to me Miriam was there with me. And he says I just want you to know that while we're talking there's a thousand demons speaking to me in my head. And I said Oh Lord it's gone on my in my head I said warlord. You're going to be speaking in mind because I don't know what's going on here. Right. And I didn't know anything else to do except to put my arm around him. And pray with him because I knew that if I prayed and invited Jesus to the scene. But the devil didn't have a chance. I was too scared. Right. So I knew that I needed the presence of our Lord and Savior. Listen. This stuff is very we'll today. The devil's There are ready. It's going to be aggressive. But all can do something to help. And in helping missions established in our cities those who remain at home will find much was the worse was that if you can't go and be on the front lines. Because if the troops in the back aren't supporting the troops on the frontline. What happens to the front lines. They suffer great losses. This is why I predicted this for missions she said you know you know missions are going to run and they're going to have situations where they're not going to know where tomorrow's dollar is coming from to keep the thing go and that's what she said. There's a prescription for that. I've kept you long tonight. You can tell me a little passionate. I'm a little passionate. Because I'm starting to feel like no white the. I'm realizing there's the past. So the return of my Lord and Savior. And that path goes right through the cities and. It doesn't bypass them. Is not going to happen. If we all pack or bags and head out to the country where it's safe. And we stay there. It's not going to happen that way. It may happen if we do that and we go back and you know work in the cities. And we've been very good at the one part of it because most of Adams institutions today and most of our ad then it's what we call resources whether it's people or things are in the suburbs or in rural areas. So we've been very good about hitting the count of getting out of the cities that we've been very slow to go back and minister in such a way. But I'm excited. That that's changing. And you each have a chance to change that where you're coming from is not something that has to be done in a mighty way. She says start small just start. Great things happen when you stick your foot in the Jordan. Let's pray for the God we're so thankful that you don't leave us without knowing a plan. We're we're humbled and we come to you and repentant Lord. And they be confessing that we didn't know such a plan even existed. And so forgive us war because you've long been waiting. You've long been waiting for your people. To answer the call. Lord tonight I am praying for the outpouring of your Holy Spirit on each individual here do not let them rest. Where their assets. Awaken inside them. This vision that you have in these last days. Whenever they walk through a crowd make them realize about all the last people all the people who don't know you as they walk through put that burden in her heart Lord. Though let us live in the Malays that we've lived in for so many years. Awaken our hearts revive us. Lord renew your spirit within us. And so Night Lord as we all consider this as we go away from here there's a lot of material. Lord I pray that when we go back to our rooms that we go back to our homes. That you would allow us to be convicted. Allow us to be convicted to straight to the heart of this to how we're going to move forward from here. Individuals. Thank you thank you with what we left when we prayed with all or her during this media was brought to you by audiotapes a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it there. W W W dot. Audio person dot org.


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