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ACM: 2 God's Plan for City Ministry

Jeff McAuliffe


An overview of the biblical plan of evangelism found in the book of Acts.


  • October 9, 2015
    9:00 AM
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We look for your spirit to be out. Poured upon us Lord that we might have ears to hear what you have to say to us in these last days. Not only that we hear it. Lord but that we allow it to change our lives. And that we pursue the you with all our might and all are hearts. And Lord as we discussed more this morning your plan to reach the cities. We pray that you will implant that within our very soul. Lord because you love the people who are there. We ask and pray this in Jesus name and man. This morning we're going to pick up on where we left off last night. And some of you weren't here some just going to just briefly review and then we're going to go like crazy. OK because we got a lot to cover. Last night we did a study on the idea that there's a model for reaching the cities for Jesus Christ. And we started by looking at Adventist history and Adventist Council. Towards that model. And we found a lot of interesting things. We've listed them here on the board and you should have. I noticed the last night that you were listening so intently. That you were weren't necessarily writing them all down and I wanted you to have them in your hands. So that list that you have this morning are some of the things that we discovered from history Adventist history. That show that there is indeed a model. And that Stephen Haskell was chosen by the church to create that model in New York City. And then Ellen White confirmed that over and over again. And that there were certain elements in that model that were necessary. Not like the past that we had gone through several types of things from eight hundred seventy three forward. That we were trying to do to have an impact on city ministries and. They were all just seemed to be part and parcel of the whole. You know sometimes that's what we do we do part of it. And that's OK to start but God wanted the whole picture to be in place. Because that's his design or his plan and God always has plans does me. You know we talked about that last. How God has plans and. This is not to be left to man's devising. And so we found out some interesting things from that model and one of the one of the things that was exciting is this is right in the middle of the development of the whole model for City ministries. Which into beginning. Most of the leadership. Didn't want to do. Right in the middle of it there was a reform with regards to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And the church or a clarification or whatever you want to call it in eighteen eighty eight. And that's what we're going to start with today because today. We're going to look at the biblical model. We're going to just use the word of God and we're going to see does it match up with the model from history in council. It would be important wouldn't it for that to be the case. And sometimes when you're sharing it with your brothers and sisters. That's where you have to go these days. Right you have to show me in the Bible. And we always should do that in fact. We've had opportunities were pastors from other faiths have stopped by the mission and say can you teach us how to do this and I say sure we can show it to you right from the Bible. Right and we can show it to you right from the Bible. It provides opportunities. Those kind of opportunities provide opportunities for witness. Right. And so this morning we're going to look at a story we're going to look at the progression of this in the life of Paul. And some people think that the Book of Acts is just a series of stories and indeed that is but it has a purpose so I want you to Smorgon to turn we're going to start. I hope you all have your Bibles it's important you stay in your Bible. Rest are in Acts Chapter sixteen and we're going to just kind of go through the stories and see if we can pick out the things that were happening. To Paul. As he prepares for the F.S.S. ministry. I want you to know that. Paul didn't get to go to ethicists immediately. It took him a little bit of time to get there in fact in Acts Chapter sixteen verse six and seven. We find out that our verse six it's we find out that. Paul wanted to go and he says Scripture says. Now when they had gone through. Phrygia and the region of glacier. They were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach the word in Asia. OK So remember that FS is the capital of Asia. OK. And it's not Asia like we think of it. You know. Today. It's Asia it's like a state called a state. OK. And the capital of that state like our capital of Harrisburg the capital. That's date with F.S.S. so likely if Paul was given permission at the time to go. He would have gone to F.S.S. because that was the primary city. But he wasn't given that permission the Holy Spirit forbade them and their reason is this because when we learned last night we learned that the four men go to a city for training they need for to do city worker a comprehensive work they need training. OK. And Paul had a thing or two to learn that you can turn to first thing I want you know. There's quite a few of them but I'm going to point out one in particular you can go over to Chapter seventeen. Chapter seventeen of X.. And we see that Paul. It goes to Athens and verse sixteen. In Athens he begins to work with the those who are into philosophy. And he meets philosophy with philosophy and verses between sixteen and twenty one and he goes to a place called the area OPIC is. And there he has a great discussion with the great minds of the day. And he sort of is trying to use a different approach to the Gospel. He's trying to reason with them and at the end of the day. The success or the fruit wasn't as great as he had hoped it would be. And so he came to a conclusion. And we can find that conclusion because the next place he was going to go. Was Corinth we can find that conclusion in First Corinthians chapter two. And this is how fast I'm going to go today. In the Bible so keep your. Keep your hands and fingers warmed up and first Corinthians Chapter two we find that's the next place that Paul would go after. And we find that he has some thought about how he did his presentations chapter two verse two a verse one in brethren. And I brother and when I came to you did not come with excellence of speech or wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God. Just the opposite of what he had done in the area off because he came with lots of knowledge and tried to meet philosophy with philosophy. But now he says. I determined not to know anything among you. Except Jesus Christ and Him crucified a man. OK So we have something here about which we need to kind of full. It's our attention and I'm going to take just a moment for this because it's an extremely important point. Sometimes we go into the cities with an agenda. An Adventist agenda. And we should have added the the flavor of Adventism because we were like. We're like Joseph in Egypt. When we go to some place. OK. But the most important thing we can do is understand that most people's comprehension of the gospel whether they're in their church or not is incorrect. And that the very existence of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. As the remnant church. Just think about this for a moment is to restore the knowledge of the Gospel in the world because that's the saving power can you say and then. That's what we're about now we allot of us get confused about that we think we're about other things. Maybe it's the health message maybe it's the stab. Those things come to fruit or come to our understanding in the light of the gospel. OK. If they are gospel based they're valueless. OK. They become valueless because they become simply works. And so if you can explain. Sabbath keeping in light of the gospel. You've got problems in terms of the rest of the New Testament and Paul recognized this he said OK from now on it's going to be the gospel. OK. I'm going to start with you since I'm going to end with Jesus. And I don't know about you but when I go into the city what the world and what the cities need is Jesus. OK. Now what Paul was doing and listen very carefully to this. What Paul was doing he was going into cities that were what we would call pre-Christian. Because the pagans there had never heard of Jesus Christ before. They were just pagan. Jesus was new to them. They were pre-Christian. This is why. It's all relevant to us today as we enter the cities because now the cities are post Christian. OK. Which is a little bit different they the because the culture has rejected Christ in a lot of ways and were not as post Christian as places that I've been in Europe. I can tell you that. But we're heading in that direction where post. A post Christian so. The pagan philosophy that we often me in the cities is the very same. Misunderstanding. Art. No understanding of the gospel as what Paul. Encountered. That's why Paul's ministry is so relevant today because his intent was. We're going to go to a city. We're going to have an impact on that city for Jesus Christ. And we're going to use a certain model to do it. OK. OK So Paul decides that from now on. He's going to preach Christ and Him crucified so let's get right to the story. And facts chapter eighteen. Go to turn your Bible to Acts chapter eighteen. And we're going to be looking at verse nineteen. And what I want you to do it on your papers you have this list. And if we come all cross of verse that is expanding the same principle as you see on your list I want you to write it down under the effort this model. It's not going to be in order. We're just going to see if these things come up and the fact that I put them. Those things on the list is pretty good clue that we're going to find these things in the Bible. But it's exciting. It's exciting that we can go to one source history in council and every detail. We can see in the Bible. And I find that with most every time that I run into account play don't understand. I spend time in the Word of God because I know it's based on the principle in the Bible and I can find it. And you can find it too if you take the time. OK so here we go Acts Chapter eighteen verse nineteen this is a wonderful story. And he Paul came to F. assists and left him there I'm in a I'm sorry start with eighteen. So Paul still remained a good while. And then he took leave of the brother in and sailed for Syria and Priscilla an acquittal were with him and he had his hair cut off. Son Korea. For he had taken a vow. OK. I'll sacrifice a lot of things but the. The little bit of hair I have left probably isn't going to happen just so you know. Because a my head. But Paul did because he had taken a valiant verse nineteen. And he came to ethicists and left them there who did he leave their. A quill in Purcell and I'll call him Priscilla were his co-partners and Paul always traveled with other people. And in this case. They were living together in Corinth. Their tent maker says Well according to Chapter eighteen. And Paul takes them with him to F.S.S. So this was part of his team so to speak. And because Paul comes to F.S.S. and he decides he's going to move from F.S.S. he's got to go back to Jerusalem to fulfill. Fulfill a vow. He leaves them there. OK. So this is what we're kind of looking at you can see that somewhere on here that we can see that. Last night we learned that the Haskell's were sent to New York. Now we're learning that a quill and Priscilla were left to do the ministry or start the ministry and aphasic. And we call them. It was just a convenient thing because it was a quill and personal and their names start with a P. and we turned that into a name where we called them an advanced placement team. OK. Very simple. They were at Vance placement and they. They moved in they Paul asked them OK you start the work I'm going to come back with the team. And we're going to do a fabulous work in Athens. OK. So this is. This is a principle that we want to understand and city Ministries is that there are some mission structures that are in place that Paul puts in place in the word that we can use. And we're going to touch on each of these throughout the weekend. So let's keep reading. So we see that you should be writing down here to by two you should be writing down Acts chapter eighteen. Verse nineteen. Now Paul's doing sort of a little bit of an investigation here. As to whether or not FS is a good place FS is a pretty scary place. In terms of how sinful it was and so he goes to the synagogue verse twenty first one thousand and when he came to emphasis he left them there a colon Priscilla but he himself entered the synagogue and reasoned with the Jews which is an interesting thing because he had just concluded that he was going to the Gentiles. And in Corinth. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to go to the Jews anymore because a lot of the a lot of times the. The sincere Gentiles would meet where. In the synagogue. OK. They would meet there as well. And listen. And so he we don't know exactly who he's talking to but he has a free. An equal opportunity preacher. OK. And so he goes to the synagogue any reason with the Jews in specific at this point. And when they asked him to stay longer a longer time with them he did not consent to a Paul goes and he kind of test the water. It's going to be a good place. And when they said will you stay. After he taught them for a while he knew that the the field was ripe. OK. So sometimes when we go to a new place we need to find out. Is this going to be the right place for us to start the ministry. We need to sociate with people in that area and see if people there's an interest. OK. But he took leave of them verse twenty one stay with me he took leave of them saying I must by all means keep this coming feast in Jerusalem but I will return again to you. God willing and he sailed for messages. And when he had landed this the Serie A and gone up and greeted the church he went down to Antioch. And after he had spent some time there he departed and went over all the region of glacier and Phrygia. In order to strengthen the disciples. And I want you to know something about a quill and Priscilla because he left them there for a specific purpose. A quill and Priscilla had a spiritual gift that. Not many people have we can read about it. And the reason we know because well Paul was in FS this. He wrote the books of First and Second Corinthians. And so I want to turn over to First Corinthians chapter sixteen. Keep your finger in X. because we're going to come right back there. First Corinthians Chapter sixteen and verse nineteen. First Corinthians Chapter sixteen verse nineteen. We can see that he's writing from Asia. And he says the churches of Asia greet you a quill and Priscilla. Greet you heartily in the Lord with what with the church that is in their house so what do even what do we know now about a quill in Priscilla. A quill in pursuing were church planters. OK. Did you say men. By the way we find another place where they were in Romeo referred to in Rome as having planted a church. In another place and so wherever they went it seemed like a quill and Priscilla. Planted a church. And so they were the right people for Paul to leave there. And you can write that text down here because churches are to be organized wherever we go in city ministries we should be trying to organize. Churches. Ellen like calls and memorials for God. And that's the whole purpose of us being there is to gather folks into the fellowship of the body. OK. OK Let's keep moving. That to Acts chapter eighteen. I just want to touch on some of the work of what they did there. Colin Priscilla they came to the city. Verse twenty four. Now a certain man named a polished mornin Alexandrian eloquently and mighty in the Scriptures came to ethicists. This man had been struck down in the way of the Lord and being fervent in spirit. He spoke and taught accurately the things that a lord though he only knew the baptism of John. OK so he didn't know the whole story. You hear that he only knew the baptism of Johnson he began to speak boldly in the synagogue. And a quill in Priscilla. The advanced placement team came alongside of them instead they when they heard him. They took him aside to him and explain to him the way of God more accurately what did they do. They clarified the Gospel of Jesus Christ. OK. Amen that's what they did they clarified and. Because he was sincere in willing. He received it. And he became a powerful preacher of that possible. OK. So part of what we do is with folks who are spiritual people who need just a little clarification on the Gospel of Jesus Christ because how you understand the gospel what affects how you understand doctrine. You know stand that you understand the gospel. Effect. In fact it actually can change your doctrine from one doctrine to a different one right. And so they're all you're going to see this repeated in the story that has that the corrections that. Paul an equivalent for so in the rest of the team make our corrections in correcting the gospel. Especially to those people who are already church. OK. Paul's emphasis is to the Gentiles who what we would call today are unchurched. But he was still dealing with a lot of different types of church people. The Jews were church people. OK And. A polished was a church person they were different than the Jews in terms of his religion. But church didn't so he had a different approach to each one. Oh if. Starting with the gospel. OK now. This is where it gets real exciting chapter nineteen. Is the heart of it. We gotta move with alacrity. And as as it happened while the policy was that chorus that Paul having passed through the upper regions tamed F.S.S. and finding some disciples. He said today. Did you receive the Holy Spirit. When you believed and they said to him We have not so much as even heard of whether there is a Holy Spirit. And he said to them into what were your baptized. And they said into John's baptism. And then Paul said John indeed baptized with the baptism of repentance saying to the people that they should believe on Him who would come after him that is on Christ Jesus what is Paul do. He find some people who have just a little bit of a misunderstanding as to what the truth is concerning could. The Christian walk. And he explains to them again the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they have a conversion experience. A man. And then. This is. I wish I could walk into a town and find twelve disciples like that right who just need a little instruction on the Gospel and they're good to go because that's what happened here. But what we want to know is this that when we come to cities that there were going to find some people that need to be mentored. There are some there are their workers waiting to be there and there's got to be teachers there to teach them. And they become disciples. In training so to speak. OK. So there's two groups. In reality there's a group who teaches. And there's a group who is learning. OK. One is a leadership team or and more like an app a style of team and one is a discipleship team. Who's waiting to be mentored and grown in Christ and we'll see how that comes true and well. Will continue. And when they heard this. They were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Amen. And what a response. No I don't think that's happened in a flash. Right I don't think I think there was a composite of time here and I could probably prove that through the Scripture here but there was some time spent here Paul was doing some training and retraining. And these twelve accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. And when Paul had laid hands on them. The Holy Spirit came upon them and they spoke with tongues and prophesied Amen. Well I want you to know that if we just glossed over this verse very quickly we've missed something. And when you turn to first Corinthians Chapter fourteen verse twenty two. First Corinthians Chapter fourteen twenty two move quickly now. First Corinthians chapter fourteen. Verse twenty two. Keep your finger back there. Remember the things that came to them. It says in First Corinthians Chapter fourteen verse twenty two it says therefore tongues are for a sign not to those who believe but to unbelievers. But prophets buying is not for unbelievers but those. For those who believe they so I want you to understand that as hands were laid on in the Holy Spirit came upon them. They were equipped for ministry both for believers and unbelievers. That's why we're told this in this spot. That's why those two things came to be these these men were now. Equipped by the Holy Spirit by the way the equipping the mentoring happens in men who are filled and women who are filled with the Holy Spirit and is the Holy Spirit that actually quits us for ministry. Right. We cannot do this without the Holy Spirit. Verse seven all the men were about twelve and all. And he went into the synagogue and spoke Bully for three months reasoning and persuading and concerning the things. The Kingdom of God. This is Paul and. And then the Scriptures say but went far more hardened. And did not believe but spoke evil of the way before the multitude. He departed from them and withdrew the disciples reasoning daily in the school of Tyre anis. Now this is an interesting thing because he's training. Disciples. And he's concerned about how they're being treated are concerned about what the local church. The effect it might be having on them so he says OK I'm going to take them aside and I'm do the training somewhere else. He finds a local school talk to you about that tomorrow sometime. And this is the first time in scripture that we see this separation of a distinct place being used for the ministry Now yesterday we learned that when we go into a city we're supposed to set up what has the foundation of the ministry. Missions. OK. So we can think of the school of tyrannous. As a mission where people come to be educated as to how to do the work. OK What I'm saying. So we have another structure here. City Missions or central work or school Paul was for two years he taught people in the school of Paris. OK so you might want put down on your paper that verse. I'm sorry it's verse nine after one thousand years nine versus ten very exciting verse. And this continued for two years. So that all who dwell in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus both Jews and Grace was a Paul I said this last night set out to win a city. And the whole state. Heard about Jesus Christ because of their effort. You'll have too much food in your bellies right now I can tell right. He started out thinking. We're going to try to win a city. And the whole state. Heard about Jesus Christ. OK. So our ideas are not God's ideas. To remember that he has much bigger vision than we do. OK. Now at the bottom of your page. I want you to make note of this little thing that says Oh. It didn't show up on here but on the bottom of your page. I want you to see that the devil has plans as well. We've already encountered one of them. In that he had opposition from the church people. The Jews. OK. Now I want you just take a moment and think about your church at home and think about whether it's more like the synagogue. Or is it more like the school of tyrannous. Is that a safe place for people who need to learn to come and learn and be trained. Or would it be safer for those folks to be trained somewhere else. It's a pointed question for us to ask ourselves about our churches today. Because frankly some of our churches aren't safe places to bring new converts. OK. I don't want to say amen to that you should we should just all grumble. Say mercy mercy. But we all know it's a reality don't we. OK. And so Paul realize that he so he took his Those his disciples somewhere else to train them. OK let's keep going because we're about to encounter some stories here. Versa Levon. Now God work unusual. Miracles by the hands of Paul. So that even the handkerchief their aprons were brought from his body to the sick. And the diseases left them in the evil spirits went out of them can you say amen. I've tried to sit in my office as a dentist. I put the. The apron on the patient. And it never fixes the cavity. It never works that way. But Paul could send hankies that out. He could stand hankies out. And people were being healed. I want to understand what he's doing OK in Paul's time this was miraculous but this was medical missionary work. He was healing people just like his Lord and Savior did so that he could reach to their hearts and teach them the gospel. OK So Paul was making an entering wage into the hearts of individuals with medical missionary work. So that they would hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that's one of these down here. You can put that text right here. You can put down. Chapter nineteen. Verse eleven and twelve because not only was he healing them physically. He was also taking care of demonic activity. Which is the second thing that you can put down at the bottom of your page. That when you go into speedy work you're going to have direct confrontation with the demonic today. Because it's just as real and alive as it was in the days of Paul and Jesus. How many of you believe that. You know we can write it off to all kinds of stuff but when you're on the front lines you're in countering it you realize that this is very real We're seeing evidence. OK. We have people that we've had contact with who have issues with demons in their home in their homes. Right. OK. Now listen to verse thirteen. This is an interesting text. Then some of the I ten year in Jewish exorcise that's the most crazy. Phrase. I ten or it. Traveling Jewish exorcists that's what they were so it upon himself to call a name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits saying we a jury you by the name of Jesus who Paul preaches so. First off that was against the law. The Jewish law for them to to the Exorcist. And so these were Jews acting totally out of character and they chose to go around and exercise people of their demons in the name of Jesus Christ. And this is what happened. Also there were seven sons of Steve of the Jewish chief priest who did so. So there was a whole bunch of these people. And that's been a lot of demonic activity iness. And the evil spirit. Answered and said Jesus I know and Paul and I were you. Then the man in whom the evil spirit was Lee was leave the pond them. Overpowered them and prevailed against them so that they fled of the house naked and wounded. That's pretty scary you know so I have to tell you when I had the encounter with the man I told you about last night who said he had a thousand demons inside him. The first this was the first that came into my thought my mind is. I'm afraid that. Because I know who I am. That the. I might be encounter I might walk out of here naked. Just like what happened here because of my own faith and lack of it you know of knowing what to do in this experience and that's why I just moved into prayer in that situation because I had no idea. But these people were insincere. And listen what happens is how God uses this to His glory. This became known to both the Jews in the Greek spelling efforts and fearful of them all in the name a lord Jesus was magnified. And then. Something that sounds terrible the name of the Lord Jesus is magnified and many who had been had believed. Came confessing and telling their deeds. Also many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them all in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them it was totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver. As a sizable amount of money back in the day. So the word of the Lord. Room mightily and prevailed. And then. OK now we're going to encounter another problem. There was a riot that began and I'm going to preface this because we've got to move. What happens is you remember the story is just that. AFA sis had a lot of idolatry. And it. And every year they would have a great festival that celebrated Diana. And there were idol makers who made idols out of silver of Diana. And of course their big concern was is that every year at the festival they needed to sell a lot of idols. The problem now was that that this man Paul and his crew were in town. And they were having an effect on the people and business was down. OK. And when business is down people get ugly. OK. And so one of the effects that we can expect. As we move into a neighborhood. And we should expect this is that the culture. Will rebel against you because it's going to affect their very livelihood. In ways that you may not think of like in the neighborhood where we're in. If we can begin to affect the lives of children before they get to a certain point they may not become drug users. So the drug users in the neighborhood then have this you don't think they may not go to civil counsel and say hey. These people are causing us not to have as much drug revenue. But they're going to try to affect things. Similarly as what these folks were doing. The main concern is that that were affecting revenue and so the culture fights back against what you're trying to do. This can happen in many ways. So they. They began to get upset and pull everybody together in a riot begins to build. And it said the Scriptures say we're going to go all the way down to verse thirty or verse twenty nine the whole city was filled with confusion and rushed into the theater. Having seized Gaius an era starkest Macedonians Paul's travel companions. And when Paul wanted to go to the people disciples would not allow him. Some of the officials of Asia who were his friends sent to him pleading that he would not venture into the theater. OK this you were just looking for points here OK The first point is this that Paul that we can see two more traveling companions with Paul. Gaius an era starkest. OK so. Paul had a leadership team with him. Here in F.S.S. we can name at least six others that were with him and ethicists that were leaders. He needed people to train other people. OK And so you always had a team with him sometimes it was other people or as many as nineteen different people who travel with Paul. In leadership. Some of them you're very familiar with like Luke. The physician and people like that and Timothy and Titus OK. And Timothy was here with him in another man named Erastus and we're going to see that he sends them out to the next setting. But we also want to point out here is in verse thirty one that some of the officials in Asia were his friends of Paul made sure that he had friends who are he had relationships who with people who were prominent in the community. And that's part of what Mrs White said that we should make sure that we pay attention to the rich. Just as much as the poor. Because we don't want to just become about welfare. We want to make sure that we're we're taking care of the wealthy as well and so we see in scripture here. That Paul a part of Paul's plan was to make friends with those who Or. of influence. OK. I want you to go to chapter twenty now. OK chapter twenty. Paulie's FS this for a while by the way what he does. Before he leaves F.S.S. he plans on going to Macedonia. Eventually. So what do you think according to the pattern that we've seen. What do you think he'll do before he goes to Macedonia. Like his Lord Jesus Christ. He sends to ahead to prepare the work he sends Timothy in are asked us to Macedonia and they then she end up in Corinth. It's fabulous Bob's going to touch on the story that happens in Corinth to one of them it's. I think right now. Well Erastus. It turns out becomes the treasurer of Corinth. So he becomes a prominent businessman there. And anyway so he's following the pattern our Lord Jesus Christ when He sent out the twelve the Bible says that he sent them out before him in other words he sent them to go to a city. And then he would follow up with his ministry and Paul's using the same approach to things that's why we call an advanced placement team OK. And then Paul would come with his larger team and they of leadership and they would train disciples are you getting the pattern. If you're going to see it. The pattern. You go in with two they do with some investigation. The larger team comes in as leadership. They begin to disciple more. So that there is leadership in place when it's time to go. OK so Paul. Goes away and then he's on a trip. Close by and he sends from my letus he sends in verse seventeen he sends and calls the elders of the church from F.S.S. to come and meet with him it's a very sweet meeting. It's in Chapter twenty verse seventeen. Now. Remember we're picking out points that we need to know because it teaches with teaches us about what happened in F.S.S. and in this verse. What we can learn is that there were elders in the church. So. So Paul had taken something from nothing and he had developed and trained people to the point where now he had leadership. OK. Who are in fact he says in verse eighteen or later on he says that they were made over shepherds of the shepherds of the flock. Verse eighteen and when they had come to him he said to them you know from the first to the day that I came to Asia. And what manner I always lived among you. OK Paul lived as a resident. Among the people. OK. You should be putting down. Chapter twenty. Verse eighteen right beside this resident. Among the people serving the Lord with all humility with many tears and trials which happened to me by the plotting of the Jews. And how I kept nothing back from you that was helpful for a pro claimed it to you and taught you how. What does the word say verse twenty. How did he teach. Publicly. And from house to house OK. Remember we saw that last night that public meetings were necessary. In the city work. But the the foundational work was the house to house labor so you should put be putting that verse beside these two elements. OK. That's Chapter twenty. Verse twenty. And in verse twenty one he says and testifying to Jews. And also to Greeks. OK. So Paul was teaching all nationalities. In that place at that time just like we were counseled last night that our cities are filled with all the nationalists of the world and we should make an effort to reach them all. OK So Paul was already doing this back in the day. Verse twenty two and three now I go balland in spirit in the spirit to Jerusalem not knowing the things that will happen to me except that the Holy Spirit testifies that in every city in every city saying that chains and tribulations await me. But none of these things move me. Hello. Chains and tribulations await me but none of these things move me. How's your faith as your faith. What do you think about what it will cost if you go to cities. The cities. The fear a brother brought up the fear that exists in making that decision. If you're in Jesus Christ he has the power for you to make the statement but none of these things move me. I'm determined. I'm determined to go and be obedient to my Lord and Savior. There's people who need to be saved. But none of these things move me nor do I count my life dear to myself that I might have finished my race with joy and ministry which I receive from the Lord Jesus to testify the gospel of grace. But the grace of God. And indeed him by the way that's the most exciting thing we can do in our lives. There's just nothing. Care if you're a mountain climber. If you're a deep sea diver the best thing you can do in your whole life on this earth is be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There's more adventure there's more excitement there's. And we see the power of the Holy Spirit. On the move it's the best thing we can do with our lives. And God is faithful to us as we move in that direction. Let's keep going. And indeed. Now I know that you all among whom I have gone preaching the kingdom of God will see my face no more balls as the saying this the last time you going to see me. Therefore I testify you. This day that I am innocent of the blood of all men I wish I could say that my life. You know what he means by that. So I've been faithful to everyone I've come in contact with. Yes. I've been that faithful. He's not talking about their blood or his blood. Is that I'm innocent. Of not letting people know about the blood of Jesus Christ. For I have not shunned to declare you the whole counsel of God Therefore take heed to yourselves and all the flock among the Holy Spirit has made you overseers he left a church with overseers which he purchased with his own blood. Listen. A couple more encounters now. These are some very and serious encounters remember the devils that work for I know this that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you. Not sparing the flock. So in other words. There's going to be issues from other leadership. That comes as you're doing the work. And then they're going to be like savage wolves and. Have you ever had that experience in work. Where leadership comes in assess I'll know know everything they did was wrong. Right. Everything they did was wrong this is the right way to do it. OK. And even more poignant and that is. And from among yourselves men will rise up speaking perverse things to draw you away. Draw away disciples after themselves. Oh this happens all the time too if it happens all the time. There's the quiet whispers about one ministry to and the ones that say all that you know. They're not real Adventists. They're not doing it the right way. Right here what I'm saying you know I used to be really sensitive to that. Once upon a time I'd be really sensitive to that. And then I realized well I mean good company because the brother Paul was having that same problem. Here and say people are always going to chat. They're always going to chat. Rarely do the people that chat actually do anything for the Lord. Rarely. OK Here we go. Let's keep moving. We don't need to dwell much on the what the devil does because it's nothing compared to the power of Jesus Christ. First thirty one there for watching remember that for three years they did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears Paul stated I want you to know that these types of campaigns aren't short campaigns. You can't come in put signs up. Do a series and leave that's not what this is about this is going in living in a place. Having an impact on your neighbors. Sharing the gospel. Meeting their needs. Coming to know them as friends. Taking every possible opportunity you can to get them to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. And when you do leave you need to leave leadership in place that can continue that relationship with those people. Because one of the things that happens when you go into a city is they wonder is how long are you going to be here. You could do good things. You can be handing out bread and soup in whatever you want and they're wondering how long is this going to be here. Because they've seen things come and go. And what Paul is talking about what Mrs what Mrs White speaks about that this is a permanent work that we're doing. Now we need to raise up folks who want to stay there because they live there and they want to keep the work going that's begun. Here what I'm saying. OK let's keep going we're almost done. And now brother and I command you to God and to the word of His grace. Which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified I have coveted no one fall silver or gold or apparel. Yes. You yourselves know for a minus S for these and for those who were with me. Yes you yourself that these hands have provided for my necessities and for those who are with me remember one of the concepts here that. Elder Haskell was trying to to do was that the ministry would be what. Self-supporting if you put that verse right alongside there because Paul itself the porting Ali was the self-supporting. He was supporting others who were on his team here that remember the Haskell. They made eighteen dollars between the two of them a thousand dollars a week and they were supporting the rest of the team with their eighteen dollars. In many cases. Alongside of the team selling books. Don't think that you guys are going to be supported by my dental work. Now I'm just kidding. And remember the remember the the words of the Lord Jesus that he said it is more blasted to give than to receive you know it's a unique verse. You need your unique saying of Jesus that only Paul writes that it's more blessed that the give than receive must of been that time he spent that three years in the wilderness that he spent with the Lord where he remembered this verse. I have shown you in every way by laboring like this speaking of the self-supporting week that you must support that week every week. And the poor were supposed to support both the weekend the poor here. Just like they did an elf. After see all this. All these things are covered in F.S.S. it didn't. If we had been faithful to the Word of God and I'm not looking and looking in the past. It shouldn't have taken from eight hundred seventy three thousand one hundred ten to understand that God had a plan for the cities. Because it was in the Word of God. Right. How many times does that happen to the Body of Christ. Where it takes years and years and years to come to a conclusion that was here all along. Yes. It happened to you in your life. Indeed. OK I wanted to show is that it is not a good study could you do that study with somebody and show them that there's a plan to reach the cities I hope so because from this meeting forward there's going to be people asking how do we reach the cities in there's the is there a model for Jesus Christ. For that plan. And you can show them in the Word of God Now I want to break this down just briefly how much time do I have minus three minutes. OK I'll just. How can I put this. We're on prophetic time. OK so weak that we can break this down into sections first off clearly the most important thing we can do is make sure. As we're going into the cities that we have a clear understanding of of the Gospel and its impact it has on people. We spend a lot of time talking about the Gospel don't we team. We have. And the reason is is because it's the saving truth of Jesus Christ. And if it's the saving truth of Jesus Christ it's the truth the devil would snatch from you as quickly as possible. I have to remind myself of how good the Gospel is on a regular basis. I have to. So this is clearly where we want to be and then there's five structures is there is this. This at a dance placement team there's there's this mission. There's a company of organized trainers. The leadership team. There's workers that need to be mentored the local disciples that Paul came in touch with. And then there's a church. Brother but he's going to teach us about the church. Because the church had a unique position in that type of mission. Activity. And then we see that they were doing some interesting things they were taking care of the poor and they were doing miracles by the way we think that all spall did that was miracles but who was one of his traveling companions. Luke and what was Luke. He was a. He was a physician and as physicians go it was probably an allopath a cup of the day although it wasn't probably very much allopathy back then. So there was the miraculous and the non-miraculous medical missionary work going on by the way. If you don't think I've met this part of the equation yet. I want you to think about who wrote most of the New Testament. It was Brother Paul in fact while he was in FS he was writing first and second Corinthians and sending them off. When Luke was with them and I don't think he was with them in F.S.B. I think he stopped at Philip why. When Luke was with him Luke wrote some books to where they circulating literature back in the day. Yes they were they it was a very much a part of what they were doing and so we see some of the same things remember and in our model yesterday we saw that there were. It was important that all of these things that started out as medical literature. And then it kind of shifted over to welfare missions and then the medical mission part was added and Bible studies with competent leaders. These are called the three agencies. Sister Janet. No sister Lillian. Both my sisters. Is going to teach us about the three agencies of God. And how he chooses to work. And then these are the ways that we do the day to day in the city. Very exciting. Excited to hear the rest of the story. OK that's what we're going to do is going to be intense day so every chance you get take a breath. Stand up. Stretch. You all the things you need to do let's pray Lord we had a thrilling time last night. Seeing that you had a plan. Through history. And that you develop that in your body in the church. That you counsel. Concerning it but it for me is even more thrilling to see that it's been there all along right in the Word of God. I am so pleased to see that you have always had a plan to reach the millions and millions of people are living lost in the cities. And that we've come to a day now where we can implement it if. If you would be pleased to Phyllis with your spirit that we can have a plan of action. To move forward. LACE that in each one of our hearts. This day. I pray and ask this media was brought to you by audio person a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermons leave visit. W W W dot. Audio first dot org.


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