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ACM: 3 Establishing Urban Centers of Influence

Jeff McAuliffe


A Center of Influence is a ministry where the community can come and experience the love of God through meaningful interactions. Their purpose and implementation is discussed.


  • October 10, 2015
    9:00 AM
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Because I want to be. I want to kind of bring some practical application to what we've learned some summary stuff and I want to also just. I know we're going to have a Q. and A later this afternoon but we can ask some questions along the way so that we have more clarity with some of the things we've been talking about is that OK with you. OK. And then we're going to have a wonderful sermon and presentation by Pastor buddy. I want to take a moment to thank Pastor Tom headline for being the man on the moment. Because we would have been looking at some neon aren't power points here today if he didn't help us and. So something went wrong with the cord and. Thank you Tom Appreciate it and thank you all of you for being here and participating this is. It's been a good solid time in the Lord. Appreciate that. So today we're going to talk about centers of influence. Everybody gets excited about opening a center. And we need to look at what we might need to do. Before we actually open a center. So let's let's take some time to pray. Our Father in heaven today we would ask you that you would bless us with your Holy Spirit. Lord we things are this. This is your plan and. It's by far too hard for us to completely comprehend but we're stepping into it. Lord just like you asked others to step into the Jordan. And we know that you're going to part the way for us Lord and you're going to show us the way to the promised land and so we count on that today. And as we move forward in these ministries that we're moving in face with us our leader. And we know Lord that because you're leading the way that many souls will be won because of the efforts. And we praise you and we thank you for that today. In Jesus name Amen. OK So signers of influence. Centers of Influence is really a term that comes out of spirit or prophecy. It's not something we're going to find in the word necessarily. Mrs White used. Terms interchangeably. As she wrote about this particular aspect of the. City work sometimes she would call him a center of influence sometimes she'd call it a mission. Even the church changed its. The way it talked about the centers for member. They used. City Missions first in the eight hundred eight hundred eighty S.. Then they thought well people are getting confused they think that that's a welfare mission so we're going to change it to canvassing stations which sounds more confusing to me if I were from the out that's because that sounds more like theological talk. You know we we have our own language don't we Adventists. Have you ever been in a situation where you're talking to other people about it. You know what we believe in how we are and we talk like Adventists. We have our own kind of language and and. And so when you're searching and you're looking for counsel. You have to kind of cross reference a lot of things if you want. I can make available to you a few years ago when we started this in this conference we did a pretty comprehensive research document. On the different phases of and I can make that available to you all hundred sixty pages of it if you'd like and it kind of breaks down all the different areas of city ministries and. And more information than you probably want. That's how things get started by so it's by collecting a lot of knowledge and then kind of breaking it down so. Centers of Influence. I want you to know that this comes right out of because we've been studying the F.S.S. model. If you will open your Bible so Acts Chapter nineteen we can review. At this point in the seminar a lot of stuff is review. Because we've used a lot of the tax. But we're going to some a see if I can open some a few new ideas to you today. We're going to get acceptor nineteen and verse nine and we're going to focus on this text. When Paul makes the decision to take his new discipleship team. The people that he has found in his training. And he departs from the synagogue. And he separates to a place called the school. Of tyrannous. Isn't that this isn't an enormous irony. That Paul the apostle of grace is teaching in a school. Of tyrannous which essentially means tyranny. But that's where he is going to teach the gospel to the people that come there. And so what we know about the school of tyrannous is not that much except for the fact that in the. The Greek manuscripts there's a little subtext. That's says that Paul was at the school between the hours of eleven and for life. And for most people that that's that's not a very interesting comment but it is to me and I'll tell you why because in the Greek culture. The hours between eleven and four is siesta time. OK. And so the schools would meet. First thing in the morning. When it was cool and in the evening. And so the possibility of having time to rent a place or use a place. Would most likely be in the middle of the day. OK. Also in the middle of day therefore guess we're all the people are there either asleep or they're free to come and listen to Paul. OK so. Paul then who was a self-supporting missionary. When would he do his work. He would do it in the morning or late in the evening and Mrs White said sometimes he would work all night long. He would be making tense. Because he wanted to be available at the time when the people were available. So he worked when he worked when other people were working any made himself available when the other people were available in order to minister more effectively. You see how this life is Few have to if this was not a life. About Us. It's about life about being in touch with people and minister and to their needs in their time frame. You hear him saying. As a sacrifice for Paul to do that and so he would. That's why this little tidbits. Kind of interesting. It's because we get insight into the Apostle. Now. This idea of Paul. Having a place that we're calling a centre of influence we can only see one separation of that place so to speak in in in F.S.S. but it really was his his methodology. If you go to look at his time in Philip I. He spent he used Lydia's house as his his center of influence. If you go to that's all. Nika. He used. Jason's home. Not my nephew Jason. If you go to Corinth. He used the residence of justice and so we can see a reef a repeating pattern of Paul's use of the center of influence or a place where he can stage. His mission out of to the city that he's working. And that's really what a mission does is it. And we're going to get to it in a little bit. Can a church be a mission. Can a church be a center of influence we're going to ask that question I've been asked that question we're going to try to talk about that a little bit and see if that can actually be the case. So I want to also to take notice by these two texts that the ministry. When it's referring the next verse in Acts. After having gone off to the mission or off to the school of terrorist It says that and this continued by the space of two years that is to say the mission continued by a space of two years. However if you go to chapter twenty. Verse thirty one The apostle says therefore watch and remember that by the space of how many years three years I ceased not to warn everyone night and day. And with tears. So what we do know is that Paul's time and F.S.S. came to an abrupt leaving. And what we can assume is that he worked at tyrannous right up till that time. So it looks to he by the text here. That he had there was about a years space and time be trying to between the time he started his ministry in F.S.S.. And the time that he actually was in the school to earth as we know for sure for certain there were three months that he spent training in the synagogue. And there was probably some more time. That's important to an important thing to remember. Because one of the things we try to do in simplicity was immediately look for a place. And if any of any anybody is familiar with church planting philosophy. The very first thing that a new church wants to do is get a place. And it's probably the last thing you should do as your church planting. And the reason is that soon as you have a place. You have to take care of the place and taking care of the place. Becomes a big deal. So as soon as we had our mission in Allentown. Now we have to figure out. All kinds of schedules for cleaning and for Main into and all of those things. And all the time that you spend in the house means the time. If there's time not being spent on the streets. You follow me and for those of you have a larger missions. You have to think about keeping space is full in the building is that correct. Right that's not an easy thing to do. Necessarily you have to there's just business aspects to taking care of a building. This is why Mrs White suggests that it should be your missions or your center should be very simple. Nothing elaborate. Tell your story real quick and our mission. It's it's amazing how much counsel. There is with regards to these things and how you can count on it. We finally found a place for it. After searching for a long time in and. It's not very big. It's big enough to do what we do and probably we can do more. But there's the space. The fellow wanted a thousand dollars for the space which in the city doesn't seem like a lot that's pretty cheap rent. But the man who owns the building is a notorious real estate. I don't know what the next word should be. Anyway. I'll give you a hint as to his character. I went to him recently about six months ago and talked to him and I said I'd like to buy this building. And he said OK I'll get back to you and his secretary sent me a note and she said. REAL of the owner would like to sell it to you for half a million dollars. Now he knows what we're doing. There you know he's well aware of and he's been generous to us but that's what he wanted. I said Oh. The fact that he bought it for thirty five thousand dollars three years ago. Is interesting. So that's I want you to understand what we were dealing with. So it was obvious that I was going to make headway with this man. And so we had a lady from a local church. Who's got a little persistence in her and she went to visit the owner and she can just I know her she's about this Paul write wittily. And she got her finger in his face and she says. This is the Lord's work and you need to help. And he said OK five hundred a month. Just like that. Five hundred a month. He said but just for six months. And he never changed it. Now Mrs White says that if we go to the community and ask the community and we let them know what we're doing the community will be the first place that will help support your center of influence. That's paraphrased but it's the essence of the principle. So like Lillian was teaching us about claiming a greater God. This is a place you've got to claim make those claims all the time because you just got to say Lord this is not my business. I'm just being faithful. This is your problem. And you've got to work it out. And if we don't take that attitude nothing happens. You just gotta keep moving forward. Sometimes it feels real slow but you get you just have to keep moving forward. OK. So take a little bit of time and the reason you take a little bit of time is because there's a lot of stuff happening now the reason it's called a center of influence is because of stuff like this. What this Texas No I want you to understand that this was what was going on in F.S.S.. It said the gala season was a trying time for those had newly come to the faith. That is to say. This was the celebration of Diana. Diana was the chief. Goddess of F.S.S.. And it was a brief description is this is that. The Temple of Diana was a place where prostitution occurred and. It was perfectly legitimate in fact an interesting side O. F. if this is the first place where there was a historical signage used to in a city and a sign that they found in FS This was on the Broadway or in the actually carved into the stone. And it pointed to where the house of prostitution was at at the temple. Another the interesting thing about the temple and its history was. You know in is in Israel's economy they had places if you or had made a mistake if you killed somebody you could go somewhere and be safe until the trial happened what was it called City of Refuge. FS has had its own version of the city of refuge. So to speak. But it was different. You could go there if you were a criminal but they would do is that they'd find the strongest Bowman around the bow and arrow. And he would shoot an arrow in every direction from the Temple of Diana. And as far as that arrow would go in any direction any criminal with safe with to be without prosecution. Just what you want to around the church. And so I want you to understand the elements of crime. The elements of the real pagan religion in F.S.S.. And this is where Paul's trying to start a movement. A church and every year people from all over the world would gather there because Diana was the chief goddess of the meditator Mediterranean area. Very area at the time. And they would come for the celebration of Diana because it was just rockets. It was riddled with sin. And all the sins of the flesh that you can imagine. And so. Paul moved to town and all the sudden something happens the season was for for the people of God was trying. The company of believers who met in the school of tyrannous were an in harmonious note in the festive course. And ridicule. Ridicule reproach and read in fall were freely heaped upon them. Paul's labors had given the heathen worship a telling blow. And in consequence and in consequence of which there was a person listen to this. A perceptible falling off at India attendance at the national festival. And in the enthusiasm of the worshippers. The influence of his teachings. Extended far beyond the actual converts to new to the face. Many who had not openly accepted the new doctrines. Became so far in lightened. As to lose all confidence in their heathen gods. That is influence. You see. You see what happened there. I'm sorry. Internet. You see what happened in APHIS. That's why it's called the center of influence a place that has an effect on everything around. Right. I remember stories about some of the revival and reformations that occurred here in this country. And there was one in New York City. And the Reformation was so intense that I read stories about people who were coming in to the harbor of New York during that period of time. And they'd get close to the Statue of Liberty and you be that you'd be thinking that they were falling on their knees because they were happy to be in the United States but they were falling on their knees because they felt the very presence of the Holy Spirit evidence. I believe that center of influence of the center of influence because the Holy Spirit is so very present. That people discern that something is going on and their attitudes change. Even when they walk by the place. And you say amen. That's a kind of center of influence that I would like to be a part of and obviously it was happening here in FS this. So this idea of a mission or a center of ish. Influence is the fourth. Mission structure and what we've been talking about in the fs model we've looked at five of them. Four of them so far that we've looked at the advanced placement team. With they can't they talked about we've looked at a little bit about that's what we're talking about today is the City Mission. We've talked about leadership teams we've talked about discipleship teams. And we're going after this we're going to talk about the church. A little bit. But there's kind of five structural elements that are help to have an organized city campaign according to Spirit of Prophecy and according to the Word of God. And this is the fourth. What we call the fourth one. So what I want to do with you today is I want to take you through some steps towards becoming a center of influence. Because I want to kind of three types things together for you a little bit in your mind as to how all these things interact interact and relate. And I want to. If you have a question at this as we're moving forward here just raise your hand and I'll try to address it. OK. The first step is that we have to do our due diligence in the getting to know the community and evaluate the prospects. And sometimes it doesn't you have to rely on obviously. Just like everything else rely on the Holy Spirit to do this sometimes you. You. You're assigned a place. And you know you're assigned a place to do it in. And that's very difficult. Sometimes you get the privilege of kind of going to a new a new field with missile I would call a new field and. You do surveys. You start serving the community and you start. You know fighting out what people are about what their lives are about. And how you can possibly be a ministry in ministry to them. Now if you're going to survey and you should survey and surveying means going door to door. This is what I would ask you not to do. This is a practical step. Please don't ask or tell people you're going to do anything that you're not going to follow up doing. That's worse than asking in the first place. OK if you're not going to follow up. It's worse to. You should not ask. If you're going to do if you don't want to do a survey where you're off making offerings because you have nothing to offer yet then just go and try to do some friendship evangelism. Go get out that's doubles do whatever go meet people there's lots of things that you can do. Door to door as you're meeting your neighborhood. And you can just start talking. The second way you do this is if you get engaged in the city we did a lot of this early on where you would you go meet people at city hall you go meet. You know it's good. It's a good idea to be friends with the loaning officer. It's a good idea to get to know people in the city and walk in their shoes and pray with them if you can and. And there's forums in cities especially larger cities to find out what the people are talking about go to in Allentown there's it's broken down into wards. Rights and so the wards. May have a meeting every now and then or a newspaper of their own and you can go and you can look at that you can say oh look at this. Here's something interesting that. It seems like might be something we can work on. And sometimes it's trial and error but what you need to do is you need to do a little research and find out who it is you're working with OK member what Paul did when he came to office is he went to the synagogue. And they said well you stay in he knew right away that there was that was a good lead. I'll tell you I give you an example I told this to somebody at breakfast this morning we had a group come in and. When we were starting early and we had how many how many Bible study interest. Hundred seventy two something like that. Anybody remember anyway. They came in and did a big old campus. And there were one hundred seventy two Bible study interest but guess what we couldn't manage them. And I felt really bad about that we couldn't even pass off. Many of the more Spanish speaking. Homes. And we could even pass those off because we haven't engaged the Spanish church to come alongside us yet. And so that was a mistake you make mistakes along the way but what you have to do then if you make that mistake is the second time you go to the door the people are going to say weren't you here before and I'll say yeah but this is a new improved. This was a new improved. Survey we're doing or something like that or you. You know you've got to try to maintain some Friendly's how many to. We've changed our survey over and over again. Trying to gather different kinds of information and be more effective. And we can make those available to you if you'd like OK so you've got to do your due diligence in getting to know the community and you do that in part by placing an advanced placement team. This is another mistake that we made and yet I'm going to tell you all the mistakes. OK if we put the whole team in place instead of an advanced placement team. And then your child you have to try to figure out what to do with all these people. All at one time. Instead of having one team very concentrated on trying to figure out what it is this community makes it tick. OK. And even down to stuff like where to put the center. That could be all taken care of ahead of time. Because we did surveys and south Allentown East Allentown North Allentown. Even a little bit on the west side I think and. We didn't end up in all four of those places we ended up in another place so we did a lot of work in areas that we were going to be able to cover. Or we were going to be able to service from all our center of influence. And so if you do some of your due diligence and. Sorry in the book you. And with what they can't have shared with you there's a lot of stuff that you can do before you actually settle into a place and remember. We already saw from the Word of God that there was a time period I don't know if Paul was planning. That whole time we don't know. But we can see that it took a little bit of time from as he was setting up all the city wide ministry before you actually moved into that school. Once he was there he stayed there until the campaign was over. And it probably I don't know that he didn't leave leadership behind who continued in the school of tyrannous that would be effectively that would be the best mentoring approach. Right. OK so. More community needs data start a house church. That's what a quill and prosperous Cilla did mental in the community. Share the gospel. Begin surveying the community and determine what type of center is best suited. I'm just throwing that out there now. Because all of you have heard about centers of influence and they it's a big range of things anywhere from. You know a vegetarian restaurant to mission like we're talking about and. There is a determination that needs to go in and I would be glad to talk to you about some of those ideas because I have really strong opinions about what. You wouldn't want to start with one of the favorites is for Adventists is to start with a restaurant and. I believe that I can show you from Spirit of Prophecy that there is a clear path to getting there. Before you should consider that. But anyway we'll talk about you can have all. I have and you can in our question and answer this afternoon we can talk about different kinds of centers of influence. OK but step to place an eighty team. Step three search for early adaptors like Coquitlam Priscilla did because what you want to begin to do is before the full team is in place is begin to have some disciples. On board. Look for those people in the community who are ready to come alongside and be workers with you earlier adopters are already people who have have some idea about who Christ is right. We don't need to convert them to Adventism before they can work with us. Necessarily they can be working right alongside of us. And there are a lot of times they're the most dedicated and wonderful people you're ever going to meet your life. So search for some early adaptors Paul found twelve disciples calling for Silla found the policy and all those people were put to work. Almost immediately. Step four assemble a leadership team. This is a hard step and I'm for Team simplicity. I'm asking for your. Your grace as I go through this section. OK because we've struggled with leadership haven't way. And because we've struggled with leadership. If you. If you make assumptions that somebody is a leader instead of a disciple. It just simply delays the process. OK. Because most people that were come together today. Most people that come together today to do these types of missions are looking to be disciples. In some way or another they have some leadership. Edges to them and you have to develop them. But if you want to. If you want to kick start a a mission or the whole idea of a city campaign then you need a leadership team. People that you can say. Spread it out and say OK I need this. And it's done. Now at the same time. You need people who are being disciple because you need them to eventually replace the leadership team. OK. And so I'm more than happy to be mentoring and being friends with the young adults that have dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ. But there are times when I fell. There are times when I felt like we had a leadership DEARTH. In the mission and that's where it rises and falls. Even at different levels in the church. That's the truth. OK. If the if leadership isn't working like leadership the church seems to go into Malays can you. Attest to that right. If if pastors are pasturing it. If it ministry Toure's aren't administrating if we aren't doing that the task of leadership that. That Christ has put your God has given us to do everything. Grinds to a screeching halt. And sometimes it goes in reverse. And most times it goes in reverse. And so I'm beginning to develop the belief that. I believe the harvest is great and I also believe that the resources are in the harvest including the people resources. I believe that that's the place that the resources are and. We need to be more. Instead of administrators or bosses we need to be more like coaches and come alongside people and guide them. And nurture the gifts that they have in this process. OK so you've got assemble a leadership team and up please. It's very important step. If you don't want to be a lonely administrator. Make sure you have a couple of people alongside you you can you don't have to do all the administrative stuff. Have them all there but it certainly is helpful to have a few people who are making leadership decisions. OK. And then you're going to step five you're going to start to gather and mentor disciples you've been doing this since the A.P. team. Was there but now you're going to be more practical you have your. You have your leadership team now in place. And you're going to try to gather a discipleship Team Paul had twelve there are probably quite a few more than that they were just well distinctive ones that he was mentoring. So to speak and. And you're going to do this publicly you're going to do it in various ways you going to find them publicly that means in public settings Paul did in money. He says publicly he wasn't throwing up. You know beastly images and having Evangelists the campaigns. He was he was talking at work. He was talking to in the marketplace sometimes the marketplace was Paul's biggest place to. To find people he was also talking publicly at the school of parents. It may be that other people came to that school just to hear that philosophy remember this is grief. They were all into philosophy. And so I think some of the leaders that Paul eventually didn't want Paul to go to that place. Into the stadium. He had some friends who said don't go. I think they probably heard him somewhere publicly. And you begin to develop. Sort of a community of people who are interested in what you're doing. And you begin to. You know invite them to things and go to their house and eat with them and that's the whole purpose of this is this to is to begin to have relationships with individuals who have potential to actions that use that word everybody has potential but who are interested. At some level and what you're doing. And you have to be creative enough and this is where the creativity comes in the model is you have to be creative in your approach to that people skills are important. You know. Now if you don't have people skills everybody in the room has a skill that works and that is sitting down and eating supper with somebody. OK. You can do that you can have supper with somebody. And it's a great way to begin a relationship with an individual. Whether or not you have to provide supper or they invite you and in some communities you're invited to supper all the time. Because that's part of their community. You know. And so you should go. OK So we're looking to gather and mentor disciples. If you're a lead. If it's just a small leadership team doing this you see now how that progress gets low. OK. Because if it's just a few people going and trying to find new disciples and stuff. The whole process gets sluggish. But if you have a team in place that's been trained and everybody's moving in the right direction this can go very rapidly. And for the Haskell's in New York. They had it was to two of them when they went very quickly they began to assemble a team. Within three weeks they had three satellites to where they were working on fifty seventh Street. By year and a half they had sixty baptisms. It's amazing isn't it. Now something always easier back then people were you know. That's what we always say. Pennsylvania everybody says Pennsylvanians they're too hard to work with right. Those Pennsylvanians. Well you know what the devil has everybody too hard to work with that's the reality. The Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world right we've got to clean that promise. God says that we should go to the very gates of hell. And it will not prevail that's a proactive. Church. That's not one waiting for hell to come to it. OK. All right so. Listen to what happened to the twelve disciples according misses what they were qualified to labor as missionaries in F. assist and it's a sin it easy and also to go forth of her claim the Gospel in Asia Minor it's important. Little thing here because what's being. What's happening then in this mentoring relationship is they're creating leadership. For the local You see that in essence this is the Senate he was also there creating new people to go. What does it mean to go. I think. Was it Baba talked about that. When you stay. Sometimes you remain a disciple but when you go you become what. That's the definition of what an apostle is a someone that goes and so they were getting ready to do apostle Apple Staal a type of work. And that's what you want to do. If you want to train people. Not only to stay in the local leadership so that eventually. You know you can start a new center of influence because this is. You want to. If you. If this is what God is calling to you. I would love to be part of raising up centers of influence in all one hundred seventy seven fifty thousand spots in Pennsylvania. And then when you like to be a part of that somehow and see to see this work just go crazy you I'd love to be a part of that. But if you don't take the time to do the. The process carefully. Guess what happens. You're going to get stuck in one spot. Trying to make it work and manage it. Because you haven't mentored somebody along the way you hear them saying OK. Is this working for you this. My going slow enough. OK Getting the connections OK. So these guys were equipped now to go and start new centers of influence maybe somewhere else on their own or. That could also stay in be. The elders or whatever it was that was leadership locally to continue the ministry an effort this. Both equally important by the way to reaching the world for Jesus Christ. One thing I know about cities. And we've learned about cities. It's. They're very mobile places. If you have a children's ministry. The kid might be living on Fourth Street one week in the next week he's on twelve street. You know. And then moved again and it's very mobile and so even in your surveying. You go every six months and it would be a different block. Different block of people in so surveying is a thing that you never stop doing. While you're trying to be at the center of influence because you're always trying to learn who your neighbors are and how can we help you. How do we know that that's true. Because if you ever watched an urban setting. It's amazing how one block. Can be for say. The minute kins the next block can be for. Puerto Rican. The next block and it's only a block or two that separate the entities but sometimes that. That all shift and change it's called so so it's sociological change right. And so not only are you changing people who live in those places. You're also changing culture. Right. And so does that change your ministry. It does in effect changes your approach to ministry because you have to adapt to that right. And so if you don't know that change has taken place and you're still using the same programs that you would of. You know six months ago. Maybe. You may be less effective. That's why we do data. What is working what isn't working. We need to make some changes. Why isn't it working OK. Step six open a centre of influence. There are various types of centers but all should have the same core corporate methodologies and personal ministry methods and then. This is where a mistake is made. In other types of centers of influence. For instance and I'm a pick on restaurants today. You can start a restaurant at the center of influence but should have a different set of corporate values than say a mission should it know because especially if it's a restaurant what is the very nature of a restaurant what are we saying when we started. Vegetarian restaurant of the community. We're saying we're bringing medical missionary to the community. Right now how many of you know what medical missionary work is. How does it relate to the city. It's the entering wedge into the city so the very idea of a restaurant. Is that it should be an entering wedge for what. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The problem with a restaurant. Is that it can become all consuming. In just being a restaurant right. Mrs White says it can get so bad it will take up the energies of all the people who are working there and they can actually do the work of the gospel. So why do it. OK. If you don't have an intentional pro-choice. The very beginning and you haven't set it up in the in the business model that comes out of the Spirit of Prophecy. If you don't set it up in that way you're going to be consumed. And most of them close. Not because it's a bad idea because you know it's a great idea. In the right setting. That's what we take time. But these things. OK So there's other things there's a lot about that. We want to make sure that all these three things. Remember the three agencies that. Sister Lillian talk to us about are in place and that is the medical missionary work as. Is there at the entering wedge and. I want to affirm something right now in a minute in the Gospel ministries taking place in literature evangelism. Member What we learned is that all of them should have equal value in the setting. They should all be on the same level in terms of what we do. Now we as Adventists we have to admit that we we like to preach. I like to preach. I might could at a night like this because my mind works in complete thoughts. Like I like to go from the beginning to the end. And that's just all about me. But what we're trying to do is we're trying to reach people who might not be reached by words coming out of somebodies mouth they might be reached by something they read on their cell phones these days. You know. It might be a twitter. That reaches them. You know. And so we have to use whatever is available to us to reach people do you remember the quote by H.M.S. Richards. About the radio. Somebody asked him one time H.M.S. Richard SR. What he thought about the radio. Because back then you know what they thought about radio that it was the devil's tool. And his response was. Why should the devil get all the good tools. Right. And so we need to there are ways that we can use things like social media that I absolutely know nothing about. And that's why I need young adults. Along side of me that we can use social media to reach people that we've never even thought about reaching before. It's a new day. The new day. Something I want to talk to you about is medical missionary work because I'm a dentist. And I have a little bit of insight into this. There's a great movement in Adventism right now. Concerning the medical missionaries but the movement has confined itself to the idea because of the label that we've used we call it the medical missionary work that it just is medical. And so people when they see that the typical church member sees that they say oh it's medical I'm not medical. I'm secretarial or I'm at Ministre to WV but medical missionary work if you take the time to do the research. You find out it's everything from shaking somebodies hand to cardiovascular surgery right. It's you being in the life of another individual and caring. That's medical missionary work. And so when we when you think about medical missionary work this is what we're saying is this is that you anybody can do this. Mrs White even says Little kids can do the medical missionary work. Right. Everybody can do the medical missionary work at some level. Now. Some people who are medical who like a physician. If he would change his life and turn it upside down. Like it's called for in these last days. And he would go to the city and work in the City alongside a pastor. You know how powerful that would be. This for people to see that somebody is sacrificing. In order to be there and be part of people's lives. Well that's true of anybody that make sacrifices that way. But that's why the call in the last days for the cities is for physicians to come to the city and work with pastors and work with teams. Because physicians have a lot of gravitas and people who lives people. People listen to them. Yeah. And so when you think about medical missionary and. I wish we had more time to expound on that. You need to remember what that is actively being in people's lives. A side of the gospel. OK. But with gospel intent. Now. Please remember this. If you have a center of influence there's no reason to do things in the center if it doesn't have gospel intent. OK. Because there's people in the world who are more qualified. Who have more money and who are doing it better than you are. And we shouldn't do anything that we don't do with excellence. Right because we when we want to set ourselves apart by putting excellence into the work that we do. For Jesus Christ. So it's OK for you to become a place where you can tell people what we don't do that here but we can tell you a place where they do it really well and connect to those ministries and pretty soon those ministries are going to connect back to you isn't that true. Have we had some of that experience. They're going to connect back to you and they're going to send people to you because you've been connecting to them. You see. OK. All right in every city that is entered a solid foundation is to be laid for the permanent work and this is what we're talking about. There's a lot of Another Year we can talk about the other types of ministries that were talked about in council that we wouldn't consider the permanent work that would be like I'll give you one example like camp meeting. The way can't meeting was supposed to run Does anybody know how can't meeting was supposed to be from city to city and it wasn't supposed to be in the same place how many times. Every year of your supposed to go somewhere else writing right. And so if we can talk like this because the brethren are here today because can't meaning. Isn't that anymore. It's become a place where God's people can come once a year and they can get a spiritual. What they get a revival in the right. We've turned can't meeting into something that is evangelistic to the outside world. To reviving for the inside of the administering sometimes. So what is that called in to in worldly terms. It means we're get a little selfish about the way we're wanting to be ministered to. It's very similar to how church it feel about their pastors by the way. You know the poor Ray and. And we'll. I sent them a document on how pastor should be freed to be doing this work. That that was the original intent. That they should be freed up to be doing this kind of work and they should have to hover over churches. Is a very difficult I want you to understand how difficult that decision is to be made in the in the system that we are right now because it's. If you make that decision. First off. The pastors aren't taught that way anymore. They're taught to be hovering over churches. And I think that's a derogatory word but it's essentially what happened. They're taught that way and council says. If that's the way it is it's not only harmful to the church. For the pastor to do that it's also harmful to the spiritual nature of the pastor himself. They can be destructive. Now the difficulty is the way we've got ourselves set up is because every three years we have to read these guys have to get reelected and if they make decisions that make the people unhappy they're out of a job. Right. That's just a crazy. As craziness. OK. Because that year two and a half. One person in the conference office is already starting to prepare for the next session to get the whole church through that session where Way think six months. And he way. Again. I'm going on a whole bandwagon here. But I want to I want you to know for you pastors in the room. Well God is calling for you to do is to be the very leadership we're talking about. He's made a plan where you can be free to go start something new in the next city down. And he's telling you that's what I really want you to do and what I'm saying to you today. Today to do there's a much higher authority than the Pennsylvania conference calling you to that work. And if God says. That's what he wants to do he'll take care of all those other little things that might come along the way. In fact. Mrs White says the cure for the hovering pastor church is that the pastor will go out and start a new work The church will revive. Because they'll look at the pastor and say well we better pick up the slack because that's a man of God. Can you imagine. We got all this good stuff right in front of us. And we're just trying to get along. Because we're in maintenance mode instead of mission. Sorry you got me preaching now. OK with we have corporate ideas and we need to you know be gone house to house and we have a corporate methodology as well. And this is a well known passage to Adventists and often we look at this and we say wow it's so complete. There are steps in everything that we can go through let's look at it. Christ method alone will give true success and reach the people in this is this is where we're at we're now we're in the city. We're in our mission where working hard on meeting people and this is how we're going to have success in effecting change in their lives. The Savior mingled with them who won. As one who desired their good you've got to mingle. You've got to eat with them you've got to rub shoulders with them you gotta do whatever you can to get close to them. Whatever it is that God leads you to. And then he showed sympathy. By the way he may go with them as one who desired their good. Is that it's at a qualifying statement there. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean if you just mainly from England think that's but if you're mingling and. Dave begin to realize wow this. This guy really likes me for some reason. I don't know why. But it's like he really wants. Good things for me. You want to be around people like that right. Now if you come along in his county. I mean my name's Jim if you know how you doing. And they start telling about all their troubles in your life he's the yeah I have the same trouble to my life to mine or worse. You want to listen to me for a while yet. And we do that the way we do that because we like to tell stories that are better than the other person's story. But one. This kind of mingling is oh a brother or sister I can tell. I can tell you ways that I can lift you right out of that. Because it's happening in my life. You know I used to have some of those things. You know. But this whole Jesus. Thing in my life. I don't have those as much of that anymore and it's getting better and better all the time. You know if you'd like I could tell you about it or you know. If not another time. For now let's just have lunch together. See we. We can't fall into what we do on a regular basis. We've got to have a kind of a change in our minds God does that the Holy Spirit company changes our mind but bout the way we approach people. OK so we're desiring the good. We're He showed a sympathy for them. He ministered to their needs and won their conference that he bade them follow me. That's a step by step thing. You gotta find out what their needs are in order to ministers and maybe it's you got to get a truck. You know sometimes we're moving furniture. And we don't have a truck to move furniture so we got to borrow a truck to move the furniture to help the person that we don't know. You know. And so it becomes a big orchestration but at the end of the day. I delivered some mattresses. One time in the middle of city. I was astounded at the living conditions of this family of five people in a room the size of one of the dorm rooms. And the mom and dad's mattress was in one corner and the three children's mattress that we were bringing it was in the other corner. It's astounding. People need help today. Now you know what they didn't show up in church. The next week. But they forever knew for a moment that somebody cared. And it will the Holy Spirit will bring it back to them they'll be another opportunity along the way. OK now this is where I like the second paragraph better. I like the first paragraph because it's instructive. If the second paragraph because it's explicitly instructive. It has details. There is a need of coming close to people by personal effort. If last time were given to sermonizing and more time spent in personal ministry greater results would be seen I want to stop there for a minute because I got I got to preach on it for minute. Because I got this harmonize you for a minute. I gotta get some. I want to talk back and forth is do we serve a nice too much. Now why do you think we sermonize too much. But that we like to talk and we know we have the truth. What else you don't have to get close to peep. Remember Bob sermon last night. I'd much rather see you from back here than get up close and personal. Right now I have a little bit of an advantage because I'm a dentist. So I'm serious as a great advantage. There's something called a person's personal space. And it's about six inches or so away from the maybe for some people it's more. And I'm in that states every day with people and interesting things begin to happen when you invade people's personal space. My patients tell me things I should never know. I should never know. They just their whole world opens right up in front of me they all of a sudden the mouth starts going to I mean I pull my hands out. And it's gone when it's more like this and they're tell me stuff and I quickly put my hand back in there. Because that there's some stuff I don't want to know. You know. But in their brain. There's some confusion going on in chemistry of their brain because their personal and intimate space has been invaded. And so and it makes their their mouth. Think that it can talk about intimate and personal stuff that the dentist really do care about. OK. When you get close to people they begin to shift and I'm not talking about getting that close OK but when you get close to people. And you spend time with them they begin to share stuff that they don't normally share. And that offers the moments a minister. Now in that moment you need to be a minister and not a commiserate are OK and not a sermonize or. You need to be what we would call a friend. Right. OK. Listen to what she says she says the poor are to be relieved the secured for the sorrowing and the bereaved comforted. The ignorant instructed in the inexperience Council. In that sentence. If we look at it carefully. There's really only one part of it that the talks about it's all medical missionary work which is only one that talks about the health medical part of it the rest of it is stuff that all of us can do. And we knew some of you have experience even dealing with some of the. The simple illnesses that people get. And all of us should be trained in that by the way. We are to weep with those that we've been rejoins that with those that rejoice. Accompanied by the power of persuasion the power pretty powerful of God This will not work will not cannot be without fruit. A man a man. We don't want to be without fruit Dewey. And we just got a guarantee. There's nothing better in life than a guarantee. We just got a guarantee from inspiration. That if we follow Christ method. It will not be without fruit by the way it did not say without fruit next week. And the Kent shared with us. How long did it take for New Guinea to finally kind of explode. Twenty five years. I'm OK with that as it shapes up next to eternity. Right. You don't even know what that one person that you get next to is going to turn into we think of those little kids that come to the center and we think wow what if one of these kids. Turns out to be a Martin Luther. We don't know that. So we have to put everything we can into those children. Everything we can. When you get an interest who is an interesting sister Lillian says You better stick to him like glue. Something like that. You better pursue them. With everything you've got. Because it's her Nitty is to be had. OK now here. Very specific This is the appointment of the centers. By appointment of the center's God designs to bring human beings into connection with himself that humanity. May touch humanity that's very descriptive of what a center needs to be right. Humanity needs to be an easy place where humanity is touching humanity. Doesn't mean that means it's not just an informational center or a evangelistic center. In this Saturday it's. It's not just communication going one way it's essentially it's not a church. As we know it. Because most people that go to our churches they run out scared. New people. And I being honest and to be honest with you these days I'm not sure that if I after somebody from the Eighth Ward. How comfortable I would feel like sending them to one of the churches because I'm not sure how well they would be cared for as they're being mentored to becoming more than disciples but maybe even becoming leaders in the church I'm not sure how that would happen. How well. I'm sorry but I believe that that's the truth today. OK so that men controlled by the Holy Spirit may increase in knowledge strengthening every principle of character that's what I'm talking about is this is that there's got to be people in place a leadership team a team in place where they are they're in they may increase in knowledge the people that come there can increase in knowledge you know we want to feed a mouse but also strengthening every principle of character. According to The Divine some of them were tiny. They're not attracted to the very clever. Presentations we may have or the health ministry is we have what they're attracted to is the fact that Jesus Christ is dwelling in you. There is nothing. Attractive about me as a man. The only thing that draws people to me. In this ministry is the fact that Jesus is inside of me. And I'm really happy about that because I'm totally inadequate as a person. I can make that claim every day. If you are waking up in the morning and say today Jesus. I will do a totally in adequate job at representing you unless it is YOU that is represented through me. Then you've lost the day before you've started. We have to have the Lord inside us. This is what makes the whole thing is effective. OK finally. This is this could be the sad part is he ultimately you're going to make new disciples you're going to make those disciples into leaders and then you've got a commission them to go and do the same thing. OK that's what Jesus did. That's what happened with a policy. And sometimes the very best people leave. That's the problem. Do you remember the Antioch church. Was a powerful place is the first church plant in the New Testament that we can take note of. And in that church they got together one day and they said you know what the Lord said we need to send out to people who are they a lot. Paul and Barnabas Can you imagine a church today. Haven't people of the magnitude of Paul and Barnabas and saying oh sorry guys but God says you've got to go right. We really don't need your talent here we can handle it by the grace of God. But were impressed by the Holy Spirit. Now we need to lay hands on you and commission you to be missionaries. That's more important than what the local church needs right now. That was weak. You hear what I said there are you ready to take your best and send it out to be missionaries. We did. We have an example of that. Praise the Lord that the conference is acting in a manner that's. That should be repeated. Praise the Lord. But Ray I am going to challenge you right now it's just the beginning. We need to release our pastors to do this work we need to train up people to take their place in the local congregation so the congregation can continue to grow. But we've been a sickly have been holding back. Holding back. OK here it is stuff one. You can go right through the step do your due diligence. Evaluate the prospects place an A.P. team search for early adaptors assemble leadership team gather and mentor disciples open a center of inflows commission disciples to go step by step step step that step. If you skip a step. You're going to run into problems. If you. If you don't take the time. During a step in your rushing to the next one you're going to have problems. You're going to have problems if you do it exactly right. Because it's warfare. It's warfare. But at least we have. You have something that you can look at and say oh OK that kind of makes sense to me. And as long as you're taking time and you're studying and you're praying and you're asking the Holy Spirit to present along the way it's going to be successful because God is in it. OK. So put your foot in the Jordan by faith. And it will part of. There's an abundance. Amount of counsel instead of a center for instance in some instances he uses other terms. Seemingly interchangeably I said that to be over and over again the light has been given the that we should establish an all or city small plants which will be Centers of Influence. Centers must be made missions in establishing right lines so use. Those are the main main three words. Small plants. Centers of Influence. Nations that are in council there are some others. But if you want to do a study. I'm one of those nutty kind of people that God wakes me up at all. Awful hours of the morning. And I made a promise that if you woke me up I would get up and study. And so sometimes I'm at two o'clock and. And I'm doing a word study on Centers of Influence. And you can talk call me a nerd if you want because that's probably accurate. But I can maybe look at six hundred quotes before the sun rises. If I do that you know and read them through. And it's been very profitable for my own personal growth in Jesus Christ. Because I have one of the things that I think you heard Lillian say the might want to my spiritual gifts is document production. You want to document I can do it. I'm the ultimate cut and paste guy. OK. I have been shown that in the labor for the enlightment the people in large cities and work has not been well organized this is one that we looked at a ready has not been well organized. We just gave you something to organize. By OK. It's not been well organized or the methods of labor. As a fission that's because we don't use whose method. We know I don't use Christ's method. We try to go in and. And in the beginning remember the missions went in and they first started by saying oh we're just going to evangelism littery Vangelis them. And there was no it and it kept evolving didn't it until it finally got to this big composite idea. Not as efficient as other churches. The methods of layers as other churches that have not the great lights. We regard as so essential. When we first got to the city we started talking to other churches who were doing work I'm not afraid to do that you get if you get counsel like that and it says they're doing a better job you better go ask them what's the job you're doing by the way. Right and would you teach us how to do it. And you know it was from them that they said well somebody one of the churches came along and said listen. You're looking for a center of influence just pick a spot. That's because any church in the city can really only minister to five block a five five block radius. I don't even think about that. You know why a five block radius. They may know why. Because that's about as far as a person will walk. It's five blocks in a city. You know beyond that there's some statistical thing that says they won't walk much further than that unless it's a dire need. Well you need to know that kind of stuff don't you. So now when you're looking for your center of influence you want to look at a place where there's no church presence that might be doing a ministry. And they actually help the so you can go over here you can go over there you should look over there. So you need to pay attention to what other people are doing because counsel says some of them are doing it better than we are. We actually in the beginning because we didn't have a center influence went and helped a lady who had started a center. Influence in Allentown. And she was excited to have the help wasn't see right there were kids there that were doing kid ministries and stuff like that so. Because so many of our labors and this gets back to it just like me I love to preach. And a large share of the Labor has been put forth in preaching I don't think that we do much preaching in simplicity. I'm not sure that we do. There's no time for preaching. It's all about relationships and about meeting people and. And lots and lots and lots of little kids. OK. Can a church be a center of influence is the big question. And I went. Adventist ask me this question. I immediately think it even by the back of my head there's an ulterior motive here. And the all teary motive is. I'm really happy where Matt and I don't want to go anywhere. Right. And that's Judge Mental I'm sorry but that that's just for me now sitting in a church pew in a regular church. Now it's very difficult for me because I'm the mission has made me slightly. Hyper about being doing something during church as opposed to just being that recep reseating if you understand what I'm saying. I tried to put that in nice terms and basically I'm a little A.D.D. and I can't if you anymore. You know I just can't stand it because I know I should be doing something. I need to be serving somehow on the Sabbath as opposed to being served. All the time. I need to find ways of touching. Of all days of the week that's the day I need to find a way to minister to people in their needs. Because that's what our Lord did right and. I mean you know if you look in the book of John when were most of the miracles done. On the Sabbath day. On the Sabbath day. Jesus was busy with that he did. And so will you. You start doing stuff for people in the community on the Sabbath day all the brothers in the churches around say well you know that Jeff he's not really good at minutes. I know that that because that's been said. I don't know if I'm a good ad minutes but I am a man who loves Jesus Christ. OK. Here's the. The litmus test to see if it church is up to snuff. To the center of influence were ever a church is a stablish all the members should engage actively in missionary work OK. Does it say a few of the members. It's all the members should be engaged how actively. And what missionary work OK So that's the first part of the litmus test for a church to be a fan of influence because in a center of influence. As we're setting it up. If somebody is not actively engaged in mission work. If I'm in charge I very nicely say this is not the place for you because of the center of influence. Everybody is actively engaged in missionary work. A man would that be an exciting church to be an OK. So that's the first witness the second one as they should visit every family in the neighbourhood in know their spiritual condition. Oh my you know there's I know churches that the people in the neighborhood wish they would leave. And I write simplicity. They wish they would leave. Now how does that happen. How does that happen that's just the opposite. Somehow along the way there's none of this is been done even in the end the real that Miss test is. If we shut the doors tomorrow would anybody misses. With the community that your church isn't would they miss you if you close the doors. Well they might be concerned about who's moving in. But they are concerned about who's moving out. The other day. Somebody had a story. Becca where. What did they hear that we might be looking for another place to go. And this is a person who lives on the street who doesn't have a tremendous amount of interaction. And what was what was the response back. Did you hear that. Oh I would miss you I would miss saying hello to your like our neighbors. I haven't had much interaction. But guess what's happening. The Holy Spirit is present. And he's making his effect. Known. Even without us through that's what the center of influence that. In my mind's eye I feel like this this glow effect. You know it's invisible but it's. It's emanating as the presence of Jesus emanates in your own personal life it's an innate ing from the center and it's having an effect on the neighborhood. Wow. That's how God. How good he is. It's his presence. That's the present he wants for every church in Pennsylvania in their neighborhoods. It's like they're not going to drive by that church when you be cool if a person drove by an Adventist church and had the same sensation as those people who were coming into the harbor of New York City who fill in their needs because they felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. That was having a revival in the people of that city. Wouldn't it be cool if people have started putting their brakes on and saying. I feel funny. There's something here. I'm having a moment. When that be interesting. All right. Last slide. I'm only twenty minutes late. Even at this eleventh hour which hour that means we're right close to what our. The Midnight Hour and what's the midnight hour S. cattle logically. It's the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ even at this eleventh hour OK So we're about to get counsel for the now. OK. And most people say Well is it too late to do the stuff in the cities Jeff is that too late. Have we packed it by and I say no I have to happen. It's just. Because I know one thing that Jesus is coming soon because we're in the eleventh hour. I also know that we're told that this work is the work that is actually the catalyst to make that happen. And so I know that the last movements are going to be rapid once. And I'm very excited about that right. That was weak are you excited about that that or be excited about it because if you're going to be you're going to be the on the train are you going to be standing on the site is the train passes you by. In other words there's going to be some of you that the Holy Spirit if you haven't fully committed to your life to Jesus Christ that the Holy Spirit will he poured out in the latter rain and people around you when you won't even know it. But here we are in the eleventh hour and we're given some interesting counsel. And now that we have all phases of the church represented in a room or a council for you there's counsel for pastors as counsel for the rest of us in the eleventh hour look at it it says in all the conferences. There shall be well organized plans for the instruction and training of those who desire to give themselves to the Cause of God. First instruction in the last hour of Jesus. Before he comes. Conferences need to have well organized plans to turn people into disciples and leaders. We've got to have that we've got to have it. I'm not talking about a conference once a year or I'm not talking about Camp Meeting this is talking about places where people could be trained in the conference. To become actively engaged in the city work. And in the work of Jesus Christ. Amen. Would you like to see our conference do that. I give everyone of you permission to talk to write about it. OK that's that's number one the second step. Here is our city missions afford favorable opportunities for education a missionary labor but these are not enough. OK. The reason I talk about the second step is because if that's the ministering then we need to actually have what city mission. How many city missions are represented in Pennsylvania here today. OK I see a lot of hands with about. There's probably three. That I'm seeing you guys and. You have a city mission and you have a city mission back there three four five. OK That's five out of how many places that we talk about one hundred seventy seven. Pockets of fifty thousand. All of those places need a training center. A mission where the local people can go and get trained. Do you believe it can happen. I believe it can happen because God wanted to happen. But if we don't move in that direction. And I don't teach the next person how to start the next mission and you don't teach next person at the start the next mission. We're going to be stuck with five men will probably lose two or three along the way. Because this is not a static. Warfare. If you do not progress. You're going to regress. So we need to stay for active we should be thinking about having missions in other places in the meantime in the missions that we have. We need to be need to do more training. We need to be training people to do missions themselves. Part of that is now listen. Listen carefully. You're going to ask me to come to you and help you train you to do a mission. When the reality is you need to come to the mission so you can be trained to do a mission. You understand why. Because you need to come and actually do it. And then be trained in it. And so instead of constantly going places we need to establish missions that are actually really really into training people. You know we need to get a couple of those up and go and only because we're way behind here in the eleventh hour. We don't have. You know her first choice is that people should get trained in missions. And then she says. And that's not enough. And then she goes to the next one this is our schools there ought to be connected with our schools the best possible facilities for the preparation of labors for both home and foreign feels she's talking a little bit bigger because she's talking about our. Our universities. But she's also talking about Blue Mountain cademy. Right. She's also talking about our church schools and we've kind of moved in that direction where you know what if you want little kids to become missionaries you better start talking to them when they're in third grade. We used to do that you know we used to do that if you want people to come back and be Miss I was talking to read about this last night. If you want people to come and be missionaries in Pennsylvania say from who are going to school at colleges and universities then you need to go to college and university they need to talk about. Hey. Penciling is a mission field we really need you to come home. This is the place where mission is happening. We got to be more proactive this way. Right. This is all in the eleventh hour. There should be also in our larger churches special training schools for young men and women to fit them to become workers for God to hear that special training schools in our larger churches. That's that's Hawking about preaching and teaching. That's talking about special training schools for people to do missionary work in our larger churches House how's that going by the way. So there's a whole lot of work to be done in the eleventh hour. And far more attention to be given by our ministers to the matter of assisting and educating younger laborers. You know you can't turn a minister loose to assist. Younger laborers. When all he has to do is worry about the older people. And what they have to say. And you know it happens because of that those younger people are walking right out the back door as fast as they can go in the one nine hundred seventy average age of a Seventh Day Adventist was anybody know how old the average even advents in one hundred seventy S. was thirty seven. Average age in the around. The year two thousand with the average age now you know. Sixty eight sixty eight. You know what that means folks. I mean three generations are gone and about two more until everybody's gone. See I look at that and I think that's a sign Jesus is coming. This we need to think about these young laborers and I want to tell you something I want you to know that what we're talking about is appealing to the younger generation. They like the idea of doing something proactive and being involved with Jesus Christ that way. And so we need to turn this on its head folks. We can turn it on its head. There's an army of youth waiting to be trained in a way that is attractive to them in the model of Jesus Christ. Thousands in the eleventh hour Will she in a knowledge of the truth that's the other good part of it. We've got a lot of work to do but thousands in the eleventh hour will see in a doll the truth these conversions the truth will be made with rapid Eddie what I said the last movements are going to be what rapid ones will. The church is going to get it right. We are going to. You know set everything up the right way and thousands will respond what a glorious promise that thousands will respond it's going to happen with a repeat of the that will surprise the church I would love to be surprised by fruitful harvest. I'd love to go into a situation and say wow. I can't believe we baptized seventy people this month. I can't believe it wouldn't it be great and God's name alone will be glorified because To God be long. All the glory. Blessing I want you to know it's it's at a center of influence. Isn't a center of influence. Unless the people inside it individually. Are centers of influence. It all begins inside of you. Is Jesus abiding and you. Has he made his home in your heart. So that when you touch people in their lives they say wow you're really different. You really care about me. Could you tell me more. If. A center of influence is filled with people who are centers of influence and incredible power isn't least in the name of Jesus Christ. It doesn't work any other way. It always comes back to that. As to how you start your day and how you ended in Christ. All these plans are inadequate. Unless that takes place first. Are you excited about this. Expel cited about the future that God has for us. Hey don't just think of it as knowledge or information. Because you've been told. Because you've discovered it now. You're responsible for the information that you've been you have received and responsibility in God's name means you have to act on it in some way. One way or another. You can't leave here and say wow that was a high weekend. And now I gotta get back to life as normal. You have to make a plan for yourself. To move into truth that God has given to you. And that's how things will move rapidly from here forward let's pray. Thank you Jesus Christ for being a God who plans from beginning to end. You are the alpha and the Omega. And we praise you for it. Lord. We are in adequate. The proof of that is we've waited till the eleventh hour just to figure out what the plan is. And we are sorry. And just give us a moment to reflect on our sorrow Lord. We are so sorry. Please Lord. This burden that you've taken on yourself. Please let us come into that Lord and somehow make us the instruments that you would have a speedy and forgive us Lord forgive us. Because for so long we've separated ourselves from you in personal ways and corporate ways and. And here we are faced with this plan that is so complete. That is guaranteed success and we're like the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness trying to figure out how to get to the promised land lord now that we're on the borders. Give us the courage to step into the Jordan. Not just as a people. But each one of us as individuals. Not let us rest with the knowledge of this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave this W W W audio first stop or.


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