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ACM: 4 The Mystery of God

Jeff McAuliffe


How God will use His church to settle the accusations brought against His character and it’s connection to city ministries.


  • October 10, 2015
    3:45 PM
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Let's pray. Father in Heaven one more time we ask you to be with us and for your Holy Spirit to be poured out upon a says we consider your word. It's been a wonderful weekend Lord has been up. Ton of information delivered and so many wonderful stories Lord that we just can hardly contain ourselves. And Lord we pray that you would not allow ourselves to be contained that you would allow us to take the energy and the enthusiasm that is welling in our hearts and turns it into ministry for you and for the salvation of souls I pray and ask this in Jesus' name amen. It's not very natural for me as an individual to be thinking about the least of these. I'm going to share stories. Simplicity's going to have to bear with me and some of my friends but. I'm a man and I just I for some reason I you have a hard time. Sometimes relating to the position that people find themselves in in the city. And then along. About thirteen years ago. God put something in my life that change things. My wife and I had a child. He's the fourth of four. And he has Down's syndrome and autism has changed everything. Sometimes you find exactly what God is calling to you you too in your own home. Hopefully don't we all feel that way sometimes I would imagine. Anyway. I like to tell this story about Jaden because you think that most of what you learn about in life is this that you're teaching to your children. And that a boy with autism or downs and your mom couldn't possibly teach you. But my kids would be beg to differ with that. My kids have grown up now and two of them are married and but their benefits the benefits they receive by having a little brother like that have been astounding. And their lives. And for me too and as the story goes one day. Jaden and. My wife and I were at Queen's in best we have it's a nice. Natural pathic store where you can go and get all kinds herbs and stuff like that and. Jayden was probably. He was he was still small enough that I could carry him. And the reason you carry a little boy like that is this because it's just like any other little child. You know they grab stuff as you go and. I didn't want to end up with more stuff in the basket than we really wanted. And so I slung them over my shoulder. And I held onto him that way. He was fine he was looking behind us and everything was copacetic that way and. I just held him like that I couldn't do that today because now he you know is he's built like a McAuliffe. And he's thirteen. And he's fic. You know and he's probably muscle strength. Getting close to as strong as me which is not saying much anymore. But you know. He likes to rationally likes to callate he likes to. You know pushed around and. So I could do that today but then I could sling him over my shoulder. Was getting time to leave and. We. I started walking towards the door and at the entrance to the door there was a man who was indigent. You know what I mean by that there was a man who was homeless and he looked like he was homeless. In my mind immediately went to OK well how can I get by this situation. Without investing anything personally I didn't think like that I was just thinking how can I get around this dude. Right. Because that's my first. You know that's what I think that's what people think you're walking up a sidewalk and somebody is there and if you can. And so you start thinking OK. Avoid eye contact. Stay to the side. As far away as possible and see if you can slip by without having an interaction. And so I had my little boy. Slung over my shoulder. And we walked to the door and we kind of pull he was over here we kind of pulled over this way. And I walked as quickly as I could. And as we were walking to the car. We were about three steps away from being in the clear. And I hear a little voice say. I love you Mr. Wow what a moment for me. You know. I was content to walk right by it. But the Holy Spirit was the same this stuff we're hearing about it's just not natural to us. You know. It's just not our human nature says you know. Get away as far as you can the stuff that John and Bill in your talk of the stuff we see in our our school the stuff we're seeing in simplicity it's not natural to want to be around kids who are in chaos. For three and four hours at a time and try to have some kind of impact in their lives it's just not natural only by the grace of God. That's happened. And that's what we need to be is period filled. So here we are at the last meeting. I have all kinds of Jayden stories by the way. He's been crazy stuff in our house and then our lives. For many years we refused to put anything on the walls or erase anything that was put on the walls. Because why paint. When it's just going to be ruined. Why have lampshades. Why do all of those things you know I have you know he just. You get thrifty when you're in a situation like that. And that's good because it's made me such. So much a better steward of God's grace you know. And of the things that he's brought to us. We had a friend who just right died recently his name was Bill Liversedge. And he was probably. I would call him a spiritual mentor to us. The three of us here in the front row and he had a lot of ministry in a lot of places and we're going to miss and dearly. But he's the lucky one. Because the next thing he sees is Jesus Christ. And today I just I'm going to preach. A little bit and I am going to preach. Because I like to preach. I met a preacher a little bit of something that some of you have heard. And that we learned from him. And I think it's appropriate today. So we're going to go to revelation of all things turning your Bibles to Revelation Chapter ten. Revelation Chapter ten. Revelation Chapter ten is an interesting chapter. There are some really powerful. You know that issue for me. Thank you I'm such a. Bob said last night that the chemotherapy caused them to be emotional I don't know what caused my problem I had been like that for my whole life. Revelation Chapter ten. Is transition. Chapter. Because we see some interesting things occurring in this book and I just want you to go through it briefly with you because I want to take us somewhere exciting with this. So if you have your Bibles and you're reading with me I'm going to start with verse one. And we'll have a little explanation along the way. Verse one says and I saw. Still another angle coming down from heaven. Clothed with a cloud. And a rainbow was on its head. Remember what Bob said about the rainbow. This one is right on the head of Jesus Christ. And then a rainbow is on its head and his face was like the sun and his feet like the pillars of fire. And he had a little book open in his hand then he set his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the way an OK first off I want you to know that indeed that this is Jesus Christ. It's a description of him that is used in other places and so we can know that this is our Lord and Savior. Who is now looking pretty victorious. Rights. With a rainbow and a son and his. Everything that describes him is looking victorious and. He's got a little book in his hand. And it's open. And he's got his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land and that just tells us that whatever's going on he's got the whole world. Underneath him. OK. This is Jesus. Taking command. Listen what happens. And he cried with a loud voice is when a lion roars. And when he cried out seven thunders uttered their voices. And when the seven thunders other their voices I was about to write. But I heard a voice from heaven. Saying To me feel up to have the heaven. Feel of the things which the seven thunders uttered and do not write them. Sorry. And the angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the lamb lifted up his hand to heaven I want to stop because I'm going to I'm going to keep you up to date in this passage by helping you to understand what we understand and you probably know all this stuff. As to what historically is going on here in Adventist. Escott eschatology. OK. So what we understand is going on here is that in the seven thunders that something is revealed is a brief passage about it and in Ellen whites writings. And she says that those seven thunders talked about the events that were about to take place between eighteen. Eighty two and eight hundred eighty four. You know what happened in those years right. You know what happened in eight hundred forty four what's the words that we used to describe what happened. There was a great disappointment but what was happening. Up to that point was that there were two angels sounding out in the first in the second Angel's messages. That's with and. And the reason that these events were not revealed is because if they had known the disappointment that was coming. It would it change the course of history. You hear what I'm saying. So I want you to know that in terms of space and time. We're looking around eighteen forty four that's what we're talking. Looking at here historically for. What's happening here. OK let's listen to what the angel has to say. Or in verse six or verse five in the angel. Whom I saw standing on the sea and on that land. Lifted up his hand to heaven. And swore by him who lives forever and ever. Who created heaven and the things that are in the in it. The Earth in the things that are in it and the sea and the things that are in it that there should be no there should be delay no longer and some others. Bible say what. Time no longer. Let's see if we can get some understanding here. We always look at this text and we say this is what this means what do what do we typically think that this applies to and we can. We can take that application today. We typically say that this applies to the fact that it's not time time no more like the Earth isn't coming to an end because it didn't happen. Right. It's prophetic time or prophetic timing that comes to an end in another words. We had all these prophetic things like the twenty three hundred days and the twelve hundred sixty years and all those things and. At this point at eight hundred forty four sort of was a demarcation to say you know what there's not going to be more time prophecies from here on that's pretty much. Adventists eschatology in thought. So we go from there. It and let's see what the angel has to say after that. But in the days of the founding of the seven thing Joe when he is about the sound. The mystery of God would be finished. As he declared to the servants his prophets. Now. We've we've got we've just got a point in time that we can look at in terms of understanding. This prophetic event. As eight hundred forty four. And now. The angel add something to it that we can try to gain an understanding about. And that is another time. In the days of the founding of the seventh angel. Now what's he talking about. Well this is the middle of the trumpets. OK. And this what we're reading right now is actually in the middle of the sixth from pit and the Seventh Trumpet hasn't sounded yet. OK. The Seventh Trumpet. Is gonna sound in the future. So here's the first evidence that even though. We're looking at time. Up to eighteen forty four This passage is talking about something that happened back to eight hundred forty four. OK. It doesn't put it date on it. There's not a timeline for it but there's something going to happen. After eight hundred forty four. And that something is what it says. When he is about to sound the mystery of God will be complete or finished. I'm very curious. I don't know about you were right about now my brain is saying. What is the mystery of God. And you're going to have to wait. Because we're going to read the rest. But she would say a verse eight. Then the voice which I heard from heaven spoke to me again and said Go take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel who stands on the sea and on the earth. Remember the angel was holding it in his hand. And I went to the angel and said to him. Give me the little book. And he said to me the most curious thing. Take and eat it. It will make your stomach that are. But it will be S.-T. this funny in your mouth. And I took the little book out of the angels hand and ate it and it was a sweet as honey in my mouth. But when I had eaten it my stomach became bitter just what the angel said. Now we understand that we're back again at looking at the same scene that we had talked about just a few minutes ago that the founders were about. And that is to say the little book represents what the Book of Daniel. And it was just about in this time period where the horrendous standing of Daniel was about unfolding right there where if you can go back and look and you can find out there's not many commentaries before in the book at Daniel and also in a certain explosion with regards to the prophetic understanding of Daniel. But the problem with it was. It's going to taste good when it goes into your mouth. Because some of the prophecies of Daniel point all the way down to Jesus. Final return. But when you actually take it inside you and it's tight jested. You're going to have a great disappointment. Because it's not yet. And so this prophecy. As well. Points to the bitterness that occurred with the great disappointment of the Advent movement. But listen to what the next text says because remember that happened in one thousand nine hundred four. It says and he said to me. You must prophesied again. About many peoples nations tongues and kings. So we have a second taxed. Now that goes beyond eighteen forty four in this whole chapter. And the first one said. We're looking ahead to some time when the seventh trumpet sounds. And this one is saying you must prophesied. Again. That means you've got to do it over everything up to eight hundred forty four is going to be repeated in the Angels have to sound again. So it's curious I would like to understand what those two tax in the mix. The midst of this sequence are pointing to now one thing we can look at. And I'm going to use some words. And don't get scared. We can look at the idea that the paradigm of the church has changed. It changed in eight hundred forty four. What I mean by that. Well there's only three church paradigms. There's only three bodies that God has raised up in this world what was the first one. It was Israel. What was the second one is the apast Olic or Christian church. And what was the third one are what is the third one. The wren then try and write about this time we're switching sort of which ing gears from the app Athol a paradigm to the remnant paradigm. So everything is a little bit different. Pull prophetically here. Interesting. Let's dig in a little bit here and see if we can find out. What we're pointing towards. First let's go back to verse seven. And see if you think the information there can help us understand exactly what the timing of this it says in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel. When he is about the sound. Will let's go over now and find out what that means it's in Revelation chapter eleven verse fifteen. That's where the seventh Angel's about to sound. Its interest. Then the seven things will sounded. And there were a loud voice is in heaven thing. The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ. And he shall reign forever and ever say hallelujah. And then. I want to see that day don't you want to see that day. Listen listen to what say. It says here and the twenty four elders who sat before God under Thrones. Fell on their faces and worship God saying. We give thanks. We give you thanks. Oh Lord God Almighty. The one who is in who was and who is the come. Because you have taken your great power and reigns the nations were angry. And your wrath has come. The time of the dead that they should be judged. And that you should reward your servants the prophets and the Saints. And that those who fear your name. Small and great. And should destroy those who destroy the earth. That says look at a couple elements there OK. It says. When this is happening that the twenty four elders. Fall down and they say this is the time when we can say that the time of the dead that they should be judged. And that you reward. Your servants the prophets. And the Saints. So it sounds like something's coming to an end there's. If you're giving out a reward. And there's judgment going going on this is a time when the judgment has come. It's a judgment we look to in prophetic history. In fact we can. We can look at that along with a little more assurance by reading the next taxed and then seeing a segue text to it it says. Then the temple of God was opened and the ark of his covenant with seen and there were lightnings noises fun during an earthquake and great hail and quickly turned over the revelation fifteen. And we're going to see this segue taxed. It's this revelation fifteen five says after these things I looked and behold. What happen. The temple of the tabernacle the testimony of God was opened and now we get a little bit more information it's looking at the same time the same event and it says. And out of that temple came the seventy jewels having the seven play. If we now we can see yes we were right. This is the judgment. Time. Because the plagues what has just happened is the probation period has ended for humanity. OK that all of that is just to give us perspective on what the angel is saying. In Chapter ten. Because now we know something about the mystery of God. We can say that the mystery of God is finished. Just before probation clothes. Just before it closes. Now you really want to know what the mystery is don't you. Idea what's going to happen just before probation closes. Well let's see if we can find out about the mystery of God. Let's go to the book of a fusions. By the way we could take the time to show you that the. The mystery of God in the mystery of Jesus are one and that shouldn't surprise you but let's go to a fusion strapped or three. If he's in chapter three. Let's see Paul talks about the mystery all the time. Let's see if we can understand. Because something about the mystery is complete. When we get to Revelation. And the seventh trumpet. Let's see what he says. Starting with verse one. For this reason I Paul the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles. If indeed you have heard the despair. This been sation of grace of God which is given for me for you how that by revelation he made known to me the mystery as I wrote before in a few words OK So Paul was revealed. The mystery in revel in a revelation. Probably when he spent time with Jesus those three years he was in the wilderness he had a revelation about the mystery. Must be pretty important. Right. The mystery. By which when you read or read you may understand my knowledge. In the mystery of Christ. Which in other ages. Among verse five. Was not made known to the sons of men. As it has now been revealed by the Spirit to his holy apostles and prophets and here it is it said that the Gentiles. Should be fellow heirs of the same body and partakers of his promise in Christ through the gospel. Well it doesn't sound so mysterious to me. Unless you're a Jew. Right. Let's just take a look at those three things. For a moment that God has a plan even though he has the people that he's raised up. And which paradigm are we in now we're in the ram that paradigm that God has a plan for the remnant paradigm. To reach just about everybody it sounds like right. Because in God's economy at this time. He's determined through his prophet is Apostle Paul. That the Gentiles should be first fellow heirs meant. You know. Have you ever been in this state settlement. When somebody has died. I've yet I've ever seen families. Start to hover around a will. After somebody has passed away. Because everybody's got some expectations as to what they think Mom or Dad left behind. And now they want all of it. Well if you were the Jews and you thought you were the only heirs of God's favor. And all of a sudden this guy Paul comes along and says guess what the Gentiles are fellow errors. The list got awfully big all of a sudden didn't it. And if you would you you might think What does that mean I'm getting laughs. What does that mean what else does it say. Oh no it doesn't just say that there are now fellow heirs It also says there of the same body. You mean I got to go to church with them that we're going to spend time together. Worshipping in the same place. I mean just ten years ago before Paul was around. The Jews were can if you. A gentile cross your path or a shadow crossed your path. It continued he did you because they're like dogs. And now Paul comes along and says this is the mystery. These folks are your fellow Arabs that means by the way. Usually if there's fellow Arabs that means that somehow they're related to you. Somehow they're related to you and not just that now they're related and they're in the same church as you and of all things. They're also partakers of his promise. In Christ through the Gospel in other words. There are several promises that they're partakers of one of the turn a life but they also get the Holy Spirit. This was really hard for them. Maybe it's not hard for you. But guess what let's let's just make application here for a moment. The mystery of God is that that person that you seeing in the gutter. God desires him to be a fellow air. God desires. Him to go to church with you and God desires him to be filled with the Holy Spirit or her. That's hard sometimes to believe because it's not our nature. To think that way. Is it. All right let's see. See if anything else comes out to me who Emma left. Than the least of all the saints. I gotta run through this port you. Poor kids I've heard so many times I'm sorry. To me who less than least of all the saints This is Paul's evaluation of himself. That gets stronger and stronger with time. In his early books he writes. Paul one apostle of Jesus Christ will later he says Paul. Least amongst the Apostles. Now saying. Paul. Least of all the saints. By the time he gets to writing a letter to Timothy fits all well I'm just the chief tuner. So happens as we get closer to Jesus Christ we begin to see ourselves for what we are could you say amen. Have you seen yourself for what you are. Because if you did you'd realize that you have a world full of brothers and sisters who are seeking to be heirs who want to go to church with you who want to have the Holy Spirit filled. Lives that we have. Let's see what happens here. After Paul says that he says. Have been given I've been given the task to teach and preach to the Gentiles. The unsearchable riches of Christ which is. That's an oxymoron. Because. You know he's chosen to teach something that is unsearchable and probably on attainable but he's dedicated his life to it. And to make all people see what is the fellowship of the mystery. Which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ and now we're talking about something else we're not talking about the mystery now we're talking about the fellowship or another word is the stewardship of the mystery. We're going to see how this mystery actually unfolds. Remember this mystery is completed when. Just before probation closes in the sounding of the Seventh Trumpet. And now we're about to see the manifestation or what it might look like when it's under stewardship. Appropriately. And this is what he said he says which from the beginning of ages that been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ. But now. To the and ten that now. The manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to Prince appellate ease and powers and heavenly places. Can you say men. Are you really hearing that text that God's whole idea about how he's saving the remnants. And everybody else in the world has been a mystery. But now. God's wisdom. The way he's doing this. And by the way what is God's wisdom. It's a manifestation of what about him. It's a manifestation of his character that God's very character. Will be made known by the church. You know what. When I read that. I can't help but thinking what was God thinking he's. Because the fact is that he has to do this because somebody has challenge the notion of who he is to the universe. And so he's answering the challenge. And he says oh by the way. I'm not allowing I'm going to answer the challenge because the audience is the universe principalities powers and heavenly places. Not only am I going to answer the challenge. About how this is going to work. I'm going to use the church. To do my talking for me is that give you shivers. The Church. Somehow at some point along the line. Just before probation clothes because that's when the mystery is finished. The church will be a manifestation of the character of God to the universe. Wow. Are you OK with that. How we doing. How we doing with our manifestation. If you were to put us on a timeline or some sort of line of how we doing. Are we more to this side of manifesting God or we pretty close to the end. This is God's plan. So we've taken care of one of these passages now. In Revelation Chapter ten we see that God has a plan to reveal his character finally to the whole universe through his church. Remember what part I'm Is that coming and it's coming in the remnant paradigm. OK. This is what his intention is for the remnant. This is what his intention is for you because you are the remnant are you feeling about that. OK. I'm a skip a few verses. Not because they're not important but I want you to see polls response. Verse fourteen. For this reason I found my NEEDS to the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. When you find something their own like this I'm surprised all of you are on your knees. Because the apostle Paul was. He bowed down. Because of the realization of what he had just learned about the body of Christ. That somehow God is going to paint a perfect picture of himself and it's not just the perfect people who are in the remnant. It's also going to include Gentiles. And it's also going to and they're all going to be one family. And one body of Christ and they're all going to be filled with the Holy Spirit. And if you're one of those Jews at the time you're wondering how could that possibly be true. How could he take those filthy. Pagans and say that somehow. I'm going to make them into who I am. How could he do that. It's astounding. This God that we serve. Listen to what happened to Paul. He's astounded. He says I doubt my NEEDS to the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ first the addresses the father. From who the whole family in heaven and earth is named that he would grant you. According to the riches of His glory to be strengthened with my through His Spirit in the inner man he asked for the spirit. To be with innocent that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith that you being rooted and grounded in love. May be able to comprehend. With all the saints. What is the width and the length in the depth in the height of that love to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge that you may be filled with all the fullness of God basically. Paul just said Listen. You need to be filled with God. You need to be filled with Christ. You need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. And they're all available to you all of God's the whole of heaven is working on your behalf as an individual. All of Heaven is. If you're wondering how we're going to reveal revealing. God corporately it's because we're allowing God to be housed individually. Within us. And if you invited. That God to be inside of you. Because this is God's way of telling the Universe. That this is who I him. It's also God's way of telling the Universe. And the streets of downtown in Harrisburg and spits Pittsburgh. That this is who I have Christ in you. Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundant above all that we ask or think. According to the power that works in a to him. Be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all the ages world without end amen amen. Boy. This makes the book of the fee gins exciting now that you know that this huge element has come out because now Paul's got to go and talk about. Well we really need to be unity. We need to be one. We can afford to be separate. We can afford to have separate churches. I mean if the Gentiles are coming to church why can't we go to church together. You know what I'm saying brothers and sisters. There's a lot of things to consider here. We've got to come to a realisation that maybe some of the ways that were patrolling God to the world right now in our separateness is not adequate to reveal who yes. We got to come to that grips with that. OK now let's go back to the first the other point in Revelation Chapter ten. Because there comes a point in time that. It's that almost prophesied again. And typically. We look at that and we say well that's when the third angel's message goes out and it did. Shortly thereafter. But it's also a reference to what might happen in that amongst the remnant because everything repeats itself. And so I want to share with you something from counsel. If they could. That might give us a little bit of insight as to what this part of the prophecy is talking about. Because remember we're right up against the close of probation when finally God's Church is revealing who he is. And so we might want to know a little bit more about that period of time and see if we can find out. This is an interesting passage of great work is to be done and those who know the truth should make mighty intercession for help. But that's just what Paul just it right when he came to that realization he just was making a mighty intercession. The love of Christ Christ must fill their own hearts. The Spirit of Christ must be poured out upon them and they must be making ready to stand in the judgment. They were talking about a similar time frame are we because we're talking about standing in the judgment. OK. AFAIK consecrate themselves to God. A convincing power will attend their efforts to present the truth others. For that's that's an exciting moment to think about right. Because all these years I've been trying to think about how I could be convincing. I'm looking for a day when I just turn myself over to God. Completely. He's dwelling within me. And a convincing power comes out of these lips. How exciting. We must no longer sleep on Satan's in chanted ground. But call into requisition all our resources. Of ailing ourselves of every facility with which Providence has furnished us. Sounds like it's time to get the army out everything. Its Own hold that. The last warning is to precut be proclaimed before. Many peoples nations in tongues and kings What's that a quote from in the Bible. Revelation Chapter ten we just read it and we said it's in the context of that all must prophesied again. And the promises given. LOL I am with you all way. Even on to the end of the world some powerful stuff there. That sister was talking about she's talking about the same time. The same point in time. And now look what she says. Please. Thank you you think after the whole weekend. The very next sentence is this. I am instructed to point our ministers to the UN work cities and to urge them by every possible means to open the way for the presentation of truth. Well. Kind of brings it back around to where we're at doesn't it. All the way back around to where we're at here this weekend. I'm instructed to point our ministers to the UN work cities and to urge them by every possible means to open the way for the presentation the truth. In some of the cities where the message of the second coming of the Lord was first given we are compelled to take up the work as if it were a new field. How much longer will these barren fields on work cities be passed by without the lay the sewing of the sea should begin in many many places why. Why because time is short. We might not only just be in the eleventh hour. We might be path. Past the eleventh hour at this point in time in God's every intention is for he's going to complete the mystery. This terakhir will be revealed in His people. And part of that is implemented maybe even the catalyst for it is that we begin to finish the work in the cities everything we've learned this weekend kind of points to that doesn't it. That this is this work that we've been looking at is a catalyst to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Maybe to. It's a catalyst to the personal reformation and revival of God's people. You know what I said there. Sometimes when you move into work. It changes what you are. I might go in kicking and screaming and saying I don't want to do this it's not me. But on the other end of it I find out. Oh it was me. It's exactly what I needed and it has changed me permanently forever. Yes brothers and sisters this is this is how important this work is not because their cities are it's because there are people that are these cities are filled with God's children. All of the people that he wants to represent him as he's building his case to the universe. Are out there. All of them. And he wants them all to have part. As errors. As fellow brothers and sisters in the body of Christ and to receive the Holy Spirit and reveal who he is. Boy if you have been excited about what God has done in your life. And the fact that you have eternal life for His Son Jesus Christ if you have been excited about that in your life. If you have been excited that you can work. And you can be accomplished great things were Jesus Christ because he's given us the Holy Spirit. If you've been excited because church has become a place where everybody can feel like they belong. Then it's time for you to tell somebody else. And there's a whole world of people waiting to hear that. That they have a home with no bias that they have they can be empowered to do the very same thing that you have been empowered to do. And that they have eternal life. With our Lord and Savior. You know God has put eternity into the hearts of men. Right. It's a whole there. Most of them don't even know about it until they encounter it. And we're the people who come along and we say oh by the way. We know we're really good cardio. Surgeons. We know how to we can we've got something for you that can feel it's a perfect fit for that heart of yours. And it's going to change everything. All the sun you're going to realize that this. Life is not as important as you thought it was before. Because you have eternal life. And by the way if you have not had a family. Up to this point in life. Welcome to ours and. If you're trying to figure out how this works. Because of the crap it man. There's power for that to change. Might take a whole lifetime for that to happen. But there's power for it. This is exciting stuff. Brothers and Sisters. We can look at prophecy that points all the way down to just before probation closes. And we can see through counsel and through the Word of God that God's going to finish his work and its people. And part of what he finishes comes true the avenue of us reaching the cities for him. Which really means reaching. We're all the people are way. Personal myth. Ministries has just taken on a whole new notion has been in this weekend. This personal ministries. We cannot do this by preaching alone. It's impossible. Like John said you we have to go and we have to get close to people. So as to what makes a comment and closing up. She makes a comment about the value of one soul of being equal to many of our worlds. You know that she didn't say one world she says many of our worlds the value of one soul. That's God's value. On one person. And wonder said one. I wonder sometimes. What's the value you place on souls. Can you have value a thought about yourself in a moments can you think to yourself is the gospel of Jesus Christ so good that nothing else comes before me sharing that with somebody else. Because that's how they'll you will it is nothing else. When you're walking through a crowd. Are you thinking oh. How can I tell them. Father God we. Have had a pretty full weekend. Lots of information. And we realize that this is a big thing that you're putting together and. You are so desperate to save the people in the world that you've given us clearcut instructions from the beginning to the end we can even look prophetically. And we can see that you had it all in mind. And now we can see large eases not only did you have it all in mind but it's gonna happen. Prophetically. And so we give you praise and glory. Because we can see that you're at work from beginning to end. And that it will happen. For each person here today Lord. Since we've had a glimpse of your glory. Since we had a glimpse of your wisdom. And what your intentions are. We pray Lord Jesus. That you would impress upon their hearts to now have of new value for souls first of all. If they didn't come here. Understanding how valuable people were aboard don't let them leave without that being pressed upon their hearts. And with that new spirit lead value that you've placed within them. Lord we pray that each person becomes a new Paul the apostle for you in this were World. Seeking out people starting new ministries. Finding ways to reach people who are previously unaccessible because of our own limitations. And so Lord we're stepping into Jordan. And by faith we're trusting that your part the way so that we can be effect and we come to the day of the body that we fully revealed. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave visit. W.W.W. audio verse or.


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