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The Horror of Horoscopes

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • March 1, 2005
    7:00 PM
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you are a hundred schools in newspapers across the country you will find a segment devoted to those who need to know what will happen in the future of their segments for different months of the year Mister Morley July you will be delighted with your nosy you read what happens to be movable in August that of course there's the zodiac and people believe in that sort of thing whether you are a Negro area so all what I love the other things are as a people guide their lives and make decisions based on these sources of information on free taking very very seriously I'm sure you're very well aware that Nancy Reagan is public knowledge used to consult with her well people was that psyche the child of God needs to know what the Bible says about that kind of practice and the power behind all varieties of the pursuit from knowledge that perhaps we should not have the horror of of horoscopes and services before you read it from verse one further with me please genesis of the three reading from verse one Genesis three reading from horse one the Bible says now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field was the Lord wanted me and he said unto the woman here half said it shall not eat of every tree of the garden notice the description of the servant the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord wanted me of the Lord so subtle and commenting on why some animals are smarter than others I will never forget chimpanzees very smart both ends sealed some animals are smart phone owners the serpent was more supple than any use of the field was the Lord wanted me and he's set of the woman he had asked Goss said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden was that of the seventh with any of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden bought has said it shall not eat of it neither shall you touch it unless you die and this second set of the woman you shall not surely die but God said in Genesis two seventeen and a bit of Al Qaeda 's overall foul shot sure enough the service that ye shall not surely die all he did was to add one word essentially unchanged the meaning from north to south like the and of course for this football Duff no matter the day a federal offense your eyes shall be opened and he shall be as gods knowing good and evil there is one the devil to leave God knows that if you eat of this from your eyes shall be opened and he shall be as gods knowing good and evil vile the expression of good and the evil simply means all there is no apples many times in Gaullist system in God 's kingdom there is no such thing as neutrality drive on one side of the of the Bible always gives mankind the choice to right the wrongs of gauze of the devil your Savior lost their shape your book you read your tech your resume on your density is got over there with this time against the baptism in the Bible is there's no middle ground but I will save it from just possibly been unable enthusiast there's twelve thirty fourteen levels in the conclusion of a walnut Fred God and keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man the football shall bring every work into judgment with every secret thing whether it be one who are evil that includes reworked into judgment all the parcels didn't know no one also adding or evil and so the devil is really saying ye shall be as gods knowing everything and this is a temptation that people cannot resist up to this day we want to know everything you want to know what happened tomorrow we want to take advantage areas of knowledge that gone has not planned for us to invade at least not according to our schedule he shall be as gods knowing good and evil reference this being that tempted Eve has a history let's do a short biographical sketch of this being called devil seven ninety arguments the Bible says in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight River verse eleven is infiltrated if rid of the first eleven operating public if we can get versions of alluvial following is a kilt for the iterative verse eleven vigils as moreover the word of Lord came unto me saying Son of Man pickup a limitation upon the king of Tyrus and said to have thus saith the Lord God thou see this on the some form of wisdom and perfect in beauty this is a description of wheels so far after he said he became Satan or the Devil could write him a serpent the OCS office some we have a saying normal grade when God made me what you do he broke the whole mess that's a modern version of what easy can you say so far was at that time cause highest expression of his creative power most of what was God 's signature on the colossal universal value his creation wheels of representing the highest the high type expressions of both divine creation and salt the Bible says thou see list of the sun there's nothing the Ole Miss flow of the and perfect in beauty and for wisdom for Serbian vowel has been in Eden the garden of God every precious stone was by covering the owners a description of how we look on the outside the sardius topaz diamond the burial objects and just the South via Amro carbuncle and gold of these attended prices thought that covered in on the outside the only creature don't have available jewelry on it was if you'll recall that precious stones all in personal vehicles of this is the workmanship of thy coverage on the bagpipes was prepared in view from the de novo was created I would've loved to her that reducing before he fell into tablets and his items were prepared he approves of peoples and I didn't agree with forms of the same problems to again review of his mother saying he probably all by himself sign soprano alto tenor and all by himself on all the screech of data is being how I feel not consent of the Congress and I offset the sole motive nor the anointed cherub and the unaudited shower problems several was the only one when Baltimore this comes from the arc now reduce the general good there were two one side in the days of Musa values on following this he was the only one I bought haven't picked him or forties there's a lot in multichannel .com are you upset be sold you'll do some people called headhunters to go looking for special people do positions blog especially lead he's handled elusive for a very specific work of the work was the source asked dog as any created being could serve as all other angel could conduct posted on no angel we also must serve in the very presence of God will Sarah Charo all combined in one when Roosevelt came from the presence of God we don't want the most is when he came off the mountain won't come to his face shining where Jesus is on the mark of transfiguration what happened is closed this is the shot like like like like the oodles of upcoming omnipresence of both Muslims shone with all those precious stones in the light flashing and coruscating and also because I fly out of the vault of heaven Lucifer was as close to Christ as any created being verse fifteen thousandths Ezekiel twenty eight thou wast perfect in thy ways in the data that was created to be iniquity was found in the about us all the Bible tells us about Sandra Vallas affected by where is it from him I wasn't ready from day one multiple was perfect then somehow mysteriously soon began in this created being for seventeen by heart was lifted up because of eyed beauty the hospital that I was done by reason of my practice somehow most of all felt because of how we looked on the policy that you deserve a higher place of hope much like us this attitude is role is thriving for higher places where perhaps but was not called its synthesis of fitness and Lucifer reached beyond what God intended for him of course what have to cast about Lesko gets more information about this great Isaiah chapter fourteen reading verses thirteen and fourteen Isaiah fourteen reader verses thirteen and fourteen this refers twelve at some connection Isaiah says how about fallen from heaven or Lucifer son of the morning that I will help down to the ground with this because the nations but I'll has said in thine heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation of the size of the more I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high usufruct is from being the closest angel to balk now he wants to be gone he wants to be like the most high accountable for all our if all you want to sell you anything let's learn some more about the streets in the village onto it for forty four this is Jesus Christ himself speaking John eight forty four three consider the heart of horoscopes from six minutes after seven Jesus as he out of your father the devil and the loss of your father ye will do he was walked on Madurai how far back from the beginning when they were made eighty men unattended on the life of Christ in spite of the gold price second member but wanted to the son but he may on a busload of management for over seven tells us there was water in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon now views the Dragon having said Michael Jesus Christ four against the dragon and his angels of the flight of thought and his angels and prevailed not neither was that they found anyone have one of the great fighting was cast out our old serpent called the Devil 's sake and want to see them go that's his forty deception and deception works best on a man or woman who thinks he or she knows everything because that person does not have to defend about was what Lucifer offered off-season offer needs and by extension out of knowing everything good and evil there was a war Christ through the amount verse thirteen of Revelation twelve tells us out of the Dragon saw he was cast over the years he persecuted the woman was brought for the matchup that forcibly tells us about the devil now that he no longer to go back to heaven he thinks he's your eat out his anger on the people of God look at the Eva Genesis three not as himself sick is himself he can't disguise and he always comes disguised attractively so he came as a serpent and his method of deception was smooth it was tempting his voice was probably musical and heed her knees into his web in a verse six of the Bible says a Windows software the tree was good for food no notice in verse three she said we think of the trees of the garden but in the form of the written permission of the God above how safe you shall not eat of it neither shall you touch it with you guys see you said that however since the Bible says that when the woman saw that the tree was good for food she saw it was good for food because she had fallen to the deceptions of the enemy the children something of arguing the devil or his agents stand fast and firm on the word of God more events of the steadfast staff of the word of God when the double spoke to even regard to the evil surrounded by proof of those goals word has power she had no proof Dems would have a problem lately is one of the evil and how the earth was created above set bloodlust with others through the hubby works as leaders he also told his essential 50-50 authors are part of my father I have made known until John fourteen personal visit with us I would've told you bought it else to tell even the old boss I let that Elijah was like living a life of possible stress that their approval to the vicarage of this kind she told everything she saw Kevin into existence by the powerful word of God the same one percent D Groth said if you eat you will die the want of this agent or the devil said he shall surely die is not a choice now shall not surely die although shall surely die and with more proof that doubles were as follow with no evidence visual audible kinesthetic and meet all the way she chose the devils work you are all making religious José is attending structures with no biblical evidence whatsoever other than somebody else's word for Housing Authority the thought of it just because you have Saturday evening at the top of the policy followed this because he said it beautifully white viewers and where you worship with migrants because you have notification of Scripture because someone said so the Bible proof why do you worship where you worship because it's a family tradition is all because it's a biblical tradition why do we worship in Washington because it is the habit of the cost of part I is the custom that originated in heaven why do we worship the week we worship of this level is strong point is still deception and in more area is is deception more difficult to detect but in the area called spiritualism and thirty seven thirty one spiritualism is more than simply decadent coming out of a grave and eyes rolled back into heads of spirits flying around in white sheets and just notify illegals getting stuck in a refrigerated specialism is part of that spiritualism is in the effort to hold Christ from the throne of our hearts but until you that again spiritualism is in the attempt to hold Christ as Lord though he has said a Savior we can also resort not aware of same in the middle save me let me live my life I like to left I want to say there I want them as well as at any attempt to remove Christ's from his rightful place on our hearts as sovereign of our lives by the profession but we need to be his children their people who present goals biggest attribute is love so all you have to do is love obedience is not important that these of teaching of spiritualism that is almost never detected like a sick anymore for them whose heart is from the heart of spiritualism and labels any teaching that puts distance between you on obedience the vault along a Shawnee spiritualist because sin is a transgression of possible if you believe that all you have to do is love and obedience is part of the old covenant you are on abuse of sleep a spiritualist pathway of it is sloping downward above yet there's a fire that will believe you shall not surely die that is believed up to this day because people believe in their hearts that when you die you are not really Dick every person with a public reputation who is talked about on television after that person passes away some almost always says but he's safe now in heaven and will say to the grave he has safe regardless of what was left out of all and I use no enough resting some what I is now on the big diamond so I'm not joking about it what if there regardless of the person 's life however in our lives we get it appraised and a generous person was entitled with the John's people out there that feel compelled to say that person is in I hope you will any funeral I don't do more than I can count if anyone seeing he is now in I heard across anyone who learned the moment to understand the wonders of a guy who deserves window as we were own goals to have because it is based on the belief that when you die something remains alive the Bible says in Ecclesiastes seven nine verse five and four six oh two right resources down seven thirty five rep in five minutes together somebody save them if yes this five verses five and six for the living and no official guy over there no nothing neither have edible reward for the memory of them is forgotten not that people forget the other day can no longer remember also the love I may hate of envious status neither have the anymore portion for ever in anything that is done under the sun at that person participate in anything that will have others are athletically just as my horse and say my father a portion of whatever is anything that is done under the sun which means migrants I cannot come up with this baby my life by telling me anything I was in the Australia movements of this to you earlier this young lady I went to a consciousness from which was going back to visit a family of the first stop after she arrived the first lender would see her after she completed some advanced degree they would board trying at all fulfilled today people are not right expression ancestors and she was nervous about it because she had been touched by the gospel I was caught between pleasing dog a profoundly hurting her family and she was in a crisis original room just pray for her original villages and academia regarded it was one of her sisters hallelujah supported in the decision to be Christian and supported her decision not to go to the shrine I said a young lady refused to go to savings please I get women's Rosales and their cargoes at asset will be so hard on the some of us have not been raised to say amen is that true and I still have those new weblog and race as a man where are you all okay let the teacher quickly in one second called in and in Mountain View that excuse anymore now you know how to say amen but she refused the shrine because you become make it there are people who believe I've met people who came to me I need prayer why I'm on the curve how do you know that my mother since my aunt before she died she sat handcarved I would have an economic benefit of medication never get a job of the believe that Pennsylvania subconsciously decided not get routed to get a job will get together to so this was fulfilled in this dying person 's cars are people on all billions of people handling under the bargain of the state deception that power on the other side camp influence yes they can but they are not good people I want to all I went to this Christmas morning bookings you can use for a book about the state of the dead because I want to talk about something else if you want most is an individually there are beings called demons Revelation twelve is fully critical outpost away for you to get reminiscent of you have seen it revelation twelve reinforce him again this minute and read that again almost twenty minutes eight bottles as many four four seven revelation twelve and there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon on the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not neither was that this house anymore and haven't posted why synonymous it would be months notice what the Bible says Michael and his angels fought if you are looking to read with me long I wanted to see this rate without Michael and his angels I can't help thought because it's right on the other pride of thought and his interest rate vernacular writers have loudly that the Levin of Michigan is in the name of Jesus the download catalog prevail against the prevailing myth that lost when you price your hosts when you find one with Christ UN on the double fault that I think and prevailed not we have to take that into our hearts him you have his loss to the government and it all kind of trouble young forces but we cooperate he has the motivating power he is the instigating flowers he prevailed not and I think that law prevented you need not prevail in our lives the government looks like right out of the he has not won one battle when he comes up against Jesus Christ but one announcement is coming you learn that the Michael and his angels fought against the dragon of the drug of what I want his angels the devil has angels were cast out with him neither was that this phone anymore and have a great dragon was cast out devils serpent called the Devil and Satan we can see that the whole world the source mind he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him now we have the behaviors a evil little second intercept to reverse for this is grateful when this demonic power that's responsible for all the spiritualism and world the devil cannot force is the practice it but he encourages people to do that but it must be exposed second finish up with the worst for quite all spared not the angels that had walked that said but cast them down to hell November the fifth of August the result of the judgment became Joseph Beth Sanders resume those in heaven and incident they are good ones so Paul says in division step one is over reversed eight relations one for states as we continue auto horoscopes relations one person it also has also I than your boss what he says is false oh we all walked out Angel from where have recognized this present in the possibility that would be present you would be across that angels in heaven is going to Brazil to want reporting as we continue the hollow horoscopes on the Hauppauge school is that the power in the homeschool is the power of the devil himself in the directly of individuals the Bible refers to as the ones when I'm visiting with the sex or woman that is the power of a fallen angel in that person I have seen it myself personally I'm able to find the time evangelism you come up against it and you have to be ready to fish and you can all efficient as Jesus Christ of course I say it was one for the other dog while all ministering spirits sent forth to minister to them Shelby is a salvation over the beneficial left thirty four four seven Psalm forty four over seven beautiful slam Reagan tonight please all beautiful song see how God loves people were genuinely penitent and brokenhearted and eat his own will to confess this install is always willing to listen read that you will never see that the same weekend read Psalm forty four Somerset Bears of the logging camp in front of them that said it does want to have fun a friend yes but Mister 's limit of what angels Matthew twenty eight liters verse one method to get rid of over one hundred and the end of the Sabbath as it began to dawn toward the first of the week in the magazine of the other minute to see the sepulcher at the hall that was lost out of the audience of the longest and him him him him understand from the door and sat upon it now one angel came down to Christ and what happened was that of green belts help home food Angels are also made tools are more powerful than others because Gabriel is mountable sparsely to have a flood of McDaniel is one that went to Zechariah the father of John the Baptist get real seventeen its tents without a presence of God and angels a powerful somewhat powerful to another mouth wicked angels some are more wicked than others the F reverse twenty four sixty Ms. eight eleven reader verse twenty four are a horoscope that is a very terrible horrible talking about the power of the devil Christ shoehorn enemy of yours and my where the unclean spirit is gone out of a man you walk us through dry places seeking rest and finding none he said I will return unto my full length I came out when he cometh defined as a garnish that Garcia taken himself off of a spirit during the rest model weekend that himself yes there are some spirits more wicked than others have and organize the kingdom of darkness is often nice to have some spirits that how we can rose the one he said that the preserves bone statement statement serious business all we can himself but when you go to the site when you go to the Clemenza but it will not darkroom windmills ducting miniatures of moving but upon selecting when and what I have tea leaves red when I are in Iraq in some of what I went a little admonition addressed some of the ground on someone says I will read the poem these angels wise mingled with them they have not lost when Bob sent ligament and what was that the content on Egypt number ten what was what was the destroying of any age of the Boston one how many force more motivated all people at animals of any angels and one of your missile script reading for we wrestle not against flesh and blood is it when someone does something wrong you see the person you hear the person you get into the person on the sense of FICA library I miss Mario golf joke I use extensively but the power behind the person we can all see also Paul tells a Christian you must you must be able to manage your anger reserve some for the unseen power behind the person for we wrestle not against flesh and blood the church is that all their lives wrestling outside of the church rustled through the side loser of the devil sits back in the front row of the script tells us we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rules of the dogs of this against spiritual wickedness in high places nonpartisan interviews all negative visit of the road Ephesians six stand for Russell not against flesh more about Guest was a pilot our site is the ruler of the darkness of this world ten to twelve list of Colossians one sixteen C something more than these principalities and powers programmers were the horror of horoscopes letters once it is therefore by him or how many things created all that are in heaven and that are in their visible and invisible whether they are on the manuals all apologies all the same thing we read in the Ephesians six ten to twelve maybe the public principalities and powers and principalities and power as they all began to but at Siddons instigation this so these are the powers we are up against was up to me at the moment can appear in the form of a long departed relative speed with a person 's voice and reflect a person same clothes soon everything if you want high are not grounded in Baltimore as someone appears in your room tonight 's or grandmother died twenty years ago and Lucille grandmother sitting on the side of your bed I know grandma says whatever your name is muscles of you don't have to keep the Sabbath anymore I came from the other side of the most heated over there you don't have to keep it anymore in a little while voice like a fiddle on your knee is okay but all you see is your grandma used to bake you cookies undefended from your mother 's rock at a cellular subject and yes him of the person is on your convincing my grandmother came back at optimism is a concept of suitable longer with them commented five people committed might because they heard of one of them was I believe I read somewhere as I believe one of hundreds if not that this would be supinely as we need those people who sacrifice life new positions property comfort ease and luxury to build up the start someone seeing them live Martin I love to read the right regardless of what was the resurrection one of them lost his wife and of course when you lose a loved one your perception is affected because Greece does things the mind on the life appeared in the bedroom of his pioneer was a man of the book and the apparatus shall look just like his wife sitting on the barrel standing where she was all it was Adam Mica says something from hello honey hello darling how are you he stood up what is a heated he rebuked the devil in the name of Jesus and he said when he when he swelled him until I saw his blog was ice like that I myself don't before this thing finished it changed its real form it was the most horrible thing even if some of the finished I will sensationalize those were but there is a being called the devil the most from what I say is to get us to believe but this perception is you're not been lost of the world believes when you die your life somewhere somehow most of the world there are very few people who believe when you die you in your grief is I don't believe that's true our Seventh-day Adventist others believe you've done you as a horse you as a a bird looking for some formalize you to get it right the first time you come back and try you has a nice column you or someone steps on it now that that's how I other than a vessel spasm accesses a database raised but I was wrong this is that it wasn't there were some rumors we have to stand on the name Phyllis sayeth the Lord would let me tell you United States the devil is coming to try to get you to worship a book is not stupid rental smartphone but that were smart in quotation marks what he will with teachings that the biblical using Bible verses one of the most dangerous is love that's all little bagels law just love everybody because going itself or because his works that he seek panic that a spiritualism in its vaults and overpowering disguise another season just a red address families friends or even his grace grace I can live with a man about it I'm a grace like and what all wild parties and Hollywood Boulevard I wanted to seconds will have the bug to me I wondered what I can be asked if you want to possibly be I had people you grace foreseeing is what from his judgment about the present store justification for a line of opposition to God that is the work of the devil do you hear me below as well read a homeschool because all the devil needs is a mental opening into your mind agency is it about six thousand years he is the location he has a hazy red rock he also do have a short time was two thousand and it is so shocked but sure for him a shot for us to start is list I was is that so he also taught me Spanish he just need you to believe that what the horoscope writer said is true because the delicate guy that person but that was smart because there's something about a future that cultural the devil has powerful graphical that I continue to win Revelation six to thirty fourteen I saw free for unclean spirit is like frogs come out of love if I get out of the mouth of the beast out of the false prophet for the other spouse of devil work as well with other gangs of the world to gather the battle of decorative model fighting the devil can perform genuine medicals oscillate on medical I was in the church I was in the in Kampala Uganda one of my favorite pieces of old world isolate certain of the charges come get you medical center literature is not a telecom episode of medical business detrimental but be sure to bring the cash but can't get I will downloadable forms medicals and you'll is believed reliable and those that you are where you want to be is this for minutes the eight ninety five more minutes somebody said immigration I have a five out of five of five update this is not again Jesus performed many miracles here is that the resident something that Haiti will select what they can not because I'm the love of older religion this is the only absolute reliable proof that Jesus did when he said he wants long as they let our fault there have a part but the fact that he fulfilled every Old Testament prophecy about him is the most reliable evidence that Jesus Christ is the son of God was workman coziness miracles are part of the gospel but you must keep in mind the devil works miracles to if you see a medical summer what looks like the unexamined medical examiner the teaching behind is the confession of sin is a level above the law is a copy of the blood of Jesus Christ is their love for Alan what somebody says something I was reading your controversy today I close above the little love it I love it but just to give you reassurance I will keep my word five of the and tears into my eyes as I read because most people would be deceived Jesus preferred his father the road to hell him going there at the road to heaven how many you Christ has prepared us that's why you should not judge event was a success by how many hundreds baptized even about desires to save hundreds my time is up in Bristol ten I won't use of every serious subject and gold needs you and me to have our minds to find enough the read the thought me talk on wood but even just a sad expression because it hath out again and how the connection of this superstition about us I will supply no visible to play with the devil to any degree so your mind with God 's word our only defense under the rosary of the Lord by your grace open my eyes to see the deceptions of the end because your hands he has risen high God was an zone you have cards which write something on a car it's what you write as if you are making any metal woman who was sent by the grace of God I deny the devil and all his works in the theater the cards are distributed I deny the devil and all hands staff I want to put a large D as indicated on the card is it aglow in five minutes and listen to our commitment to Christ the mice by the grace of God upon the authority of his word on the politician we do I devil and all his works but a D on that car is right at Sacred Heart as you write that you say in your heart behind the grace of God hovers what authority but I do not hate the devil and all his works but that the Ouija boards used to play total disorder everything succumbed Dungeons & Dragons it will be called the telco just sorry it looks harmless AEC County what is violent movies that a systematic violence is not from God what a pornography that's it I denied I get millions largely on his right to say it in your hearts that one has no love here at Loma Linda we don't play we don't have the perfect but our eyes world Isaiah wrote on we deny him we deny him with at least still it will be relying in the name of Jesus Christ was it something else I just love that the avant-garde nothing else no responses of you I want to respond by sending this in carefully those that please me if you will save father my only defense is the word help me to find time to put your work not only in my head but in my heart center for before we pray if anyone here has ever tempered with the devil you've got to which Doctor the roof Doctor you find the psychic not total car develop our own political read that someone read your palms you fat suit having materials sensitive in any activity of that kind on your module you've repented from your soul I like to see you sometime before I leave I wanted tonight because someone significant or that person 's event sometime between now on March the tenth before I leave I want to see you so we can pray together if Jesus is Lord of your life does your right hand of Mister Gault recalls these responses he really does he register the benevolent and sound of the spray father we come to the name of Jesus Rafe I get it every time the double title of Jesus Christ he lost he was cast out of heaven it's hard to kill Jesus as a babysitter found refuge in Egypt he put them on the cross put them in its home city of its own Jesus came up in our lives when we are faithful to Christ their goal we did that was defeated and one day soon I'll send it comes back he will wind him up forever and we can't wait replay the name of Jesus will accept our commitment our decision from our heart by your grace on the power of Jesus Christ to forgive us but we deny the Dublin and everything that he has been and we place ourselves under the blood of our Savior of the form of a cross on the foundation of his unchanging immovable word about it if someone was driven out of the double forgive that person claims that person completely from an receipt and exchange and the poor and I like to a father send the good angels escort is home because the enemy seems that our lives that is not the concern of blackouts let us know along the moment will reinforce anything of it I and all that comes out of my mouth would've gone missing in our lives it is home I offered in Jesus name and for his sick at all levels of Christ say a man of a man gluttonous you will bless you come back tomorrow sleep well the Lord be with you


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