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Systematic Benevolence- Part 1

Daniel Ferraz
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Daniel Ferraz

Pastor of the Holly and Grand Blanc Churches in Michigan.



  • September 5, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Kind and loving heavenly Father. We want to thank you for your goodness. This morning. Father we sense that fall is on its way but we are asking just keep it back a bit longer and lord help. Michigan. To still get some more sunlight you know how we need. The sunlight. But father more than the sun's rays. And the warmth that that brings. We need the Sun of Righteousness. We need those rays of hope of Jesus and His love and His righteousness. To break our hardened sinful heart and to turn us to God and to our savior Jesus as never before. Of father here our cry to you today help us to understand that you are the giver of all good gifts and then our problems and then our trials. Speak to us this morning I pray in Jesus' name amen. I read a story recently about a raven. And this raven came across a a big container and had water in it. Now the Raven is thirsty he's dying of thirst and. He doesn't know what to do he tries to to get into the container but it's too big he and story. He's too big and the containers too small so he can't fit inside it to just go and drink some of the water that's lying at the bottom of the content. And so. The Little Raven. Thinks to himself. And so he goes and picks up a little stone. And he takes it with his beak. And he drops it in the container. And he looks down and he sees the water and he still can't. Fetch any. So he decides to get another little stone and would you know this raven. Kept on getting a stone. Filling up that container until guess what the water level started rising. And as the water level was rising he could see that his plan was succeeding. And so he filled it up to the brim. And the water was right there and he could drink and satisfy his first. You know friends whatever problem you are facing I want to tell you today that there are many little steps that God wants to guide you in to help you to receive. What God wants to bless you with. It could be a job. It could be peace. It could be healing. There are little steps that we can take and so often we don't want to take those little steps and trust in God we want to see things happen. You know really fast and come our way. We are in such a mentality of give it to me Give it to me now. But you know friends. One of the biggest problems that society is facing today is a prevalence all pervading of dissatisfaction. A propos of aiding of depression. People aren't happy with life. They tried to be happy chasing all kinds of things. But they're not happy and. The title of the sermon is systematic benevolence. Equals systematic blessing. OK. There has to be a system in our life that we have to be brought in our reach and we we need to understand that the things that we need the most God wants to bless us with. What are you searching for for happiness for good fulfilling relationships. For Loving for caring for forgiveness. God wants to bless us with all of these things. But you know that stewardship. Does one thing. When we talk about stewardship where we're understanding that we are small and God is great that we are His children. He is our Father. And so everything that we need guess what he wants to give us. And so we need money. We need to health. And you know people are searching for these things but God just wants to give them to us. You know so. So often we deprive God of the. The blessings that he wants to give us. And I wonder is it because we're not faithful in the small things. You know we say that we don't have enough time. You know people are racing around chasing their tails. Picking up their kids taking them to extracurricular activities. Going here going there. Yes. You're planting you're harvesting your canning. You're being a wife you're being a teacher you're being a husband you're being a bread owner. And we don't have enough time. But my question to you this morning is. Are you arresting enough. On God's holy Sabbath. You see. God wants to give us time. But it works in a way that doesn't seem to make much logic humanly speaking and so we should give him a portion of our time a man. And that portion is the. The seventh day sabbath. And we should understand then we should give it willingly. Knowing that our Heavenly Father wants to bless us with more success in the time that remains and people are running around and they say they don't have any time. And some would even say here's a Sabbath over yet. So I can do my own thing. Friends we missing out on the amazing blessings that God has for us. What about money. You know I hear some people say they can't even afford gas in their car to come to church when we've been driving around the rest of the week. My point is that we seem to think that we can do a whole lot better without doing what God asks us to do. We seem to to think that we can get along just fine without following the guidance that God has given us. Is that is that crazy or what. Is it out of this world or what we seem and I see people. And I've done it myself. We work as if there's no tomorrow. We work without having a break. Without having a rest without having a vacation I know. I know somebody who says he never rests he can't. And I said What not even on Sunday no I can't because he was a Sunday keep. But so much for his on the keeping. Is this amazing what somebody is missing out on something. Somebody is being Rob. Somebody is not receiving what the Heavenly Father wants to give and so often we hit our heads against a brick wall. And we we lose our health. We use our lose our wealth. And we think we can gain what we need in our own strength without God's help. All that we need. You know there are many areas of our life that God says. Give them to me and health is another one. Health is another one. If our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. How will we treat our bodies. What will we put inside. I don't have time to go into the health message but we need the health message today Amen. Basically a sermon on the health message is eat everything. Whole grain. Plant based. And if you can grow it yourself. And drink plenty of water. And do some exercise fresh air and sunlight. OK that's the health message did you get it. Run with it. But we seem to think that we can do it. You know our own way. And so we fill ourselves with soda pop. And we don't move around much. And we keep the sunlight out of our rooms anyway. This is not my sermon. But it's just two to illustrate that the things that we want the most and need the most cause wants to give us. If we would just give the portion that he requires. Did you know that in our time he requires your time early in the morning. Yes he does not just on Sabbath. He requires your time early in the morning why because one week. Without prayer. Makes one week. With no strength. If you only feeding yourself. Once a week. Spiritually. How strong you going to be going to be weak. So here we are we're asking God for strength. We are asking God for intellect and some of your students. I don't have time to study the Bible pastor. I have to study for my test. Brother sister who created your brain. Who gave you the ability to recall. What you have to regurgitate sometimes. And just to be able to pass the test. God can help you. Stimulate your brain cells with the reading of the Bible. With the reading of the God of God's word. You cannot afford as a student not to read the word that God has designed to stimulate the brain to expand it to the thoughts of heaven. But are still not my sermon. My point is that everything we need. And we clutch after and scratch for. Because wants to give it to us as a matter of course. If we would just do one thing. If we would just do one thing. And that is to put God first. In our lives. First in our time first in our finances first in our health. First in our dress. First in our recreation. First in what we do and say. Put God first. God wants His people to be the most blessed. In the whole universe. My friends. Let's talk about systematic benevolence because then God can talk about systematic blessings. And so we have to have a broad sweep of areas of our lives and understand that we are missing out if we're not blessed friends. It's not because I haven't any father is holding back. It's because he cannot bless us. Because he will not bless disobedience. All or like from this. He cannot. So the Bible says with a man. Rob God. Somebody say have mercy. So often we act like. Everything we need. Depended upon us. We do as we please we live how we like we eat we dress. We listen to we watch what we want and we still expect God to bless us. We actually think that we can get along fine. In all of these areas and I've seen people that have been sitting in these pews don't come to church anymore. They think they can get on better without go to Lord help us. We think we can get on better. Without God's blessing. And without obedience to His plan. And will for our lives. We miss out. We lose out on so much peace so much happiness. So much health and fulfillment. Wealth and power to live. Because we think we can live life our own way. Ignoring God's guidance. Has any of you ever been robbed. I've been rolled. That's two to two times that I've been robbed. In a serious way. It wasn't here in America. A man had his way back in Europe. But friends to be to be robbed by a stranger is kind of. You know bad enough but here's the thing to be robbed by your friends. Now talk to me how that feels to be wrought by somebody you know somebody you trust. See the Bible says that we should not steal him in Commandment number. Number eight. I remember when I was robbed by a friend. You see before I answer the call to the ministry to be a pastor. When I was twenty and twenty one. I wasn't yet in the prime of my life. I hit the prime of my life when I got married to Petra. I was a few years later. So when I was twenty and twenty one. I was working with my father in construction in the south of Portugal where he had bought some property and was slowly developing it. So I had a lot of fun you see my dad did a very clever thing when I was small. You know he would do. He would always have me by when I was five six seven year old. My dad was a kind of a guy that would fix everything. Fix it. You know he could fix room plumbing electrician even did electrician. Electrical work that I don't want to touch. But building I love to build. And so he would. He would have me by him and he would have a pile of nails. And he's fixing. Maybe a picture frame. And he's fixing it there was making a car but I remember I remember. I imagine I can remember all the years back in my old house in England. My dad. On the floor. Making a cupboard. And he's got me there with a pile of nails and I complained I said Dad why do you keep me all the time like. You know I'm chained here. I grumbled to him and he said son. It's because I need your help. Number one and number two is because you're going to learn what I'm doing. You will do. He was right. So when I was older and I had done or my studies. I ended up working for my dad for a little while. And so we were in the south of Portugal developing his property there. And I helped. Plant. Peach Orchard. So much fun. It was great you know I had a backhoe excavator. I dug a trench. Exist. I got all the stones out of it. And I filled it with manure and. I filled it with water. So that deep down it could be more east. And you know. Nobody taught me this I just thought it would be good idea. So I did all of that and then I filled it with all the soft earth and then we planted the peach trees. And do you know that for many years I would go to vacation south of Portugal and I would eat from those peach. Felt good felt great. And so we would work on the land and. We we planted peach orchard we planted vines and my dad taught me how to graft from from. While divine to to sweet. Great great vines. And we planted orange groves I still eat from them today. Well. The last time I went. Which was a year ago. Not too bad. Grapefruits south of Portugal. There's no frost down there. So you can tell it's like it's like. Come on what my feeling of Florida. That's it is like Florida and this our MN trees there. Do you know what it feels like to eat Allemands any time of. And any time of the year you know you can eat Allemands and before they're right and they like milk. They're nice and crunchy before they try because that you know when you get the elements that you buy from a packet they're dried. They're not fresh. They're dried out. And so what you could eat these albums and all of my mom would make her own olives and and. You know treat them so that they could be preserved. Etc etc all you know what. And they had these carob trees in the south of Portugal. OK Who knows what a car of tree is OK carob trees. Did you know that in German. They call the carob tree. Jones bread. John's brain. In other words. John the Baptist ate this bread. You see there's a discussion amongst the logins. As to whether John was eating. Was it grasshoppers or carob. Now I believe he was eating Caribs because I think he was a vegetarian. You know he knew the health message. Come on somebody smile. But these carob trees were. And the being you see the cows. Would And the livestock would love this because they would kind of mince it up and it would make some healthy. Good vegetarian food for the livestock you know for sheep cows and. And all of those kind of things but the seed was very very tasty it's very tasty and carob is a substitute for what chocolate that's right. So it kind of there in the south of Portugal was the poor people's chocolate. And it's good and healthy. I think it's got no theobromine in it. So there's no addictive substance in it there's just another little bit of the health message for you there. So I was helping Dad and are never forget. Working for him. He came to the point where he wanted to build a swimming pool. I think yes. Let's build a swimming pool. So we were going to mark out the swimming pool. And because we had all the equipment and. You know we're going to build three pool in our property. We can make it is because we want. So I helped design it and I helped measure it. And I think we did about. I don't know enough to being ten meters one way. I mean it's a long as this thing is wide and I still said no Dad let's make a little bit more. And then we made it into an L. shape and I said dad you know what I want to have a bridge here. And the bridge is going to be here for my children to. And the bridge is just going to be at the right height so that they can sit on the edge of the bridge and dangle with their little feet in the water and you know what that happened. So I have great time building. The swimming pool with my dad measuring it out and I started digging it and after a while God called me to the ministry. But anyway. That's not quite where my story was going. We would build small apartments for holidays. And one season we decided that we needed extra help. So we put an ad in the newspaper. And people would come and we would interview them and we said no not quite good but then we got these two men. One young younger and one older. And they came to help us. They came to help us and you see back then we did not mix cement with the cement mixer. What did we did we use. We use a shovel. You made a big pile of sand and you just you measured out a whole stack of cement. And you just put enough. Sand to be the right. Insistency a mix and you do by hand. And so we had some extra help us to to help us and these. As a younger man an older man I don't remember their names. But they were such good workers. It was amazing. And that we we were doing. Making cement we were laying bricks. You see back. Back there in Portugal. The. They would use. Concrete gooders to support your ceiling. And so you have to lift these up and so on and then you build it with with tiles in between and then pour concrete on top. I mean it was kind of. You know like a bomb shelter in comparison. But these needed strong men with muscle and so you needed more than just me and Dad My dad's a strong man he still is he still works out there. But these two men were excellent help us you know when people work. Kind of you don't have to tell them what to do and they. And they know where to go and what to do. They were those kind of men. We became friends with them. They would eat at our table. We would even pray together. And guess what they came to church with us too. This went on for about three four months. And often they would even pray at mealtime and we'd study the Bible together. After while cut a long story short the young is a young guy comes and asks me and says look down I need I need just a little advance on our wage. So I was in charge of the wage and so I went left him outside and I went inside and I got pulled out some money and. And I gave him I trusted him. One Sabbath. They didn't come to church because they were. We were going to church and. Once I was they didn't come. And when we got home that Sabbath. Guess what our friends. Robbed us. These two men took some of my best suits. Out of my wardrobe. And they took all the money that we had there was some cash around not too much but just some and. We could not believe our eyes. We couldn't believe that these men that. I mean they were practically becoming Seventh Day Adventist. Then after a while they just turned and left. Disappeared. Clothes and money. Gone. We were devastated and shocked. Do you know what they had the nerve to call us back on the phone and say Hey How you doing. Can you imagine. I mean that they thought they were still friends with us they could rob us and still call a certain say How you doing. And meant you know how you doing. I couldn't believe my I can't remember the name of the young man I said. Where are you. What have you done. How could you do this. How could you do this to us. What did we do wrong to you that you betrayed us like this. I don't see where are you he wouldn't say. Have you been betrayed by a friend. Have you ever had a friend Rob you because we're friends. Let's go a little level higher. If you have a real god. You know God is being robbed by his friends. He's being robbed by his children. And it doesn't feel nice. And I want to explain to you how he's being robbed and. As I go through this now in the few minutes that remain I think you'll agree with me. Let's look at Malakai. You know Malakai means. Messenger of Yahweh and it's probably written about four hundred thirty two Before Christ. It's in a time where God's people are really really. Winding him up. Maybe that's not the right term but they are really living. A kind of disobedient lifestyle. And the book of Malakai really is God's complaint about its people. How could they treat him this way. If you look at it you'll see it. Why am I people treating me this way. And so he asks them a question and he says he makes a statement says. You ARE YOU ARE DOING THIS TO ME AND YOU DON'T doing. Doing that to me and and the people respond and say How we doing this. What what are we doing what are we doing wrong against you go. So God has a complaint against his people and the Bible says that God is wearied by these people. And as we know in America chapter three. Says verse eight. It says that people are actually robbing God. And so as we look at this we see in America chapter one verse two. It says I have loved you says the Lord. Yet you say and then sort of people answer back and says how if you loved us. And then in the verse six. We read there. As a son. Own knows his father and a servant. On as his must and if then I'd be a father. Where is my own. If I am. If I be a master. Where is my fear. Says the LORD of hosts unto you or priests that despise my name and you say wherein if we despise your name. So kind of rude people and day. You know God is talking with them and they say what you talking about got. Do we have. Do we did have such an attitude. And so God answers in verse seven he says. You offer. Polluted bread. On my altar now. Granted this is to the priests. But shouldn't we be a priest sort of believers. So we can apply to us. OK. And so he says that you offer. Polluted bread. No you know polluted bread means. What is bread a symbol of what is bread a symbol of in the Bible the Word of God. Absolutely. So these priests were giving polluted bread. Word of God must be pure friends you know the enemy wants to polluted and corrupted. And many preachers do. Don't allow that to happen. Read the Bible for yourself. So here I was wanting to preach a sermon on. You know the blessings but I said no I can't. I need to get the whole context. I recommend you do that. Read it and we saw and I came back with the with the impression the distinct impression. God is upset. He's upset with the people. And he gives them the his complaint. And they retort back in an arrogant way. Saying what you forcing about. And you say where in have we polluted you. In that you say. The table of the Lord is contemptible. Now let's translate that. That means that. Coming to church is boring. That's what they were saying. We had enough of this constant. You know we do have to do this again or. And even there I say prayer and fasting. You know I mean the pasta don't put that on us please go on a guilt trip. Is it but is it a hard thing to come and do at the request of God. What he actually wants to bless us with you know he he doesn't want us to have less time to have less food and have less energy. But he sometimes nice to break through our selfishness. And the groove and well and what that we get ourselves in. And the routine that is just you know what what what work. And then sleep will settle. What what what what sleep of seven brothers sisters God has a much more fulfilling life. Planned for you. And so God is is is talking here. And if people just complained and so God is saying verse eight. Yes. The you give me polluted offerings. You offer the blind. For sacrifice. Is that not evil. And if you offer the lame and the sick. Is that not evil. Now how is the an offering to be. That was given to the Lord. So if we perfect without blemish. And in most cases a male of one year. And you offer the layman the sick is that not evil. And they you know they still have the courage to to complain that God is complaining. Go to summer civil. And so God says you know. Try offer that to the president to your president. Try and offer all your your weak offerings. You know. This hit me once. When I was around the time I was working for my dad. With my dad. I realized that I was spending more and ice creams. Than putting in the offering plate. So you know when I brought my offering. I could realize and I looked at my hand and looked at the amount said wait a minute. But just print more money on ice cream then I'd put in your free. What are we giving to God. I'll be giving got our leftovers of our time of our health of our wealth. Is it any wonder that we seem to be missing out. Lacking in in something. And so it goes on and this continues the whole book through OK. So cut. I mean. In verse thirteen versus a teen of chapter one says. Hughes said also behold. What a weariness it is. And you have snuffed out it does as the LORD of hosts. You brought that which was torn and lame and sick. Thus you brought an offering. Should I accept this of your hand says a lot. You know that the Malaka. I think mentions curse about four or five times and it's the last word in the book of Malaka. But there's blessings on those. There's crossings but then there's blessings. If you read through it you will. You'll see I mean here's here's one. Verse seventeen of chapter to chapter two verse seventeen. You have wearied the Lord with your words. Yet you say where in have we were in him. Listen listen listen to what we read God. When you say. Everyone that does evil is good in the side of the Lord. And he delights in them. You know that's an abomination to God. And then I see that God has these complaints. But he has the promise of blessing chapter three verse one behold. I will send my messenger. And he shall prepare the way before me. And the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to his temple. Even the messenger. Of the Covenant. Whom you delight in behold he shall come says the LORD of hosts. But who may abide the day of His coming. They have Judgment is coming. Who may abide the day of his coming who shall stand when he approached appears. For he is like a refiners fire and a Fuller's soap or look at this isn't this beautiful. And he shall sit as a refiner and the Purifier of silver. It seems like God is trying to tell his people that his people need to be refined and friends sometimes we need to go through the fire. And you know the refiner of silver would wait for that. For that metal. Molten mass. To reproduce. The image of the refined the. And then when it was ripped reproducing in the image of the refiner. He would pull it out of the heat. So don't be afraid of of fire and tribulation friends. He then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant to the Lord God wants a refined people. He wants us to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice. And I will come near and to use verse five kids come near to you to judgment. And I will be swayed. A swift witness against the sorcerers against the adulterers against the false wearers against those that oppress the heiling in his wages. The widow. And the fatherless. And that turn aside. The stranger from his right. And fear not me. Says the LORD of hosts God will deal with everything that God's people in those that honest people do wrong. Friends. For I am the Lord I change not. Therefore you sons of Jacob and not consumed. Don't take God's forbearance. For granted. Don't think that you can continue in a lax relationship with God and with open disobedience. Without reaping what we sow. Even from the days of your father's you are gone away from my ordinances and have not kept them returned unto me. So God has this complaint in the whole book of Malakai. And now in the context of saying. Return unto me. He mentions tides and offerings. I don't know about you but to me it seems like that's the place to begin. For revival. Can you see that. He says turn and to me. Turn unto me return unto me and I will return and to use as a lot of hosts. You don't get the blessings that you're seeking. Because you're wandering off disobeying my will my laws. And my statutes. And again they're still insolent and God Records this answer. Where we where in shall we return. Still complaining. It telling we've got to return. You know. The church is calling for a revival and reformation worldwide. Down from the top. And you know many people listen to that and say we're talking about reviving Reformation. From Will. What was the problem. You got problem. The problem in the church. The problem is the lack of the Holy Spirit. The problem is that the church. Isn't that head it's the tail. And we seem to be following. Everything outside the church rather than God his word his principles and everything that we need. And so he says in the context of his wayward people complaining arrogant. Insolent people in the context of bringing them back. He says look. Return to me and I will return to you. And they still answer there. Where in. And God says. Will a man. Rob God. Now here we really get to the chase with a man rob God. Yet you have robbed me. And again the people complain. Where have we robbed you and God is clear and says in tithes and offerings. You verse nine are cursed with a curse for you have robbed me. Even this whole nation. Bring all the time as to the storehouse that there may be meet in my house and prove me now where with says the LORD of hosts if I will not open and to you the windows of heaven and pour out to you a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devour for your sakes. And he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground. You know you know friends. God can protect that little old Buick of yours. He can make those tires go longer. He can make the gas goes smoother. It really can you but you see. We don't give God His Jews because he would be a sacrifice to us. That's the whole point. When we realize and give to God our ties. And our offerings. And you know I could go into all of that means but you know you are Seventh Day Adventists I'll let you get to the to the meat of that. And so we try and live our life without God's blessings and we wonder why we're missing something in our health in our time. Give it all to the laude. What does it profit a man or woman. If he or she gains the whole world but lose his eternal life. And so I see this is really a beautiful book Melaka. It really is it shows God's patience with his people and how we let's go out people answer him back. But he says will come to me turn to mean. And I will turn to you and all nations shall call you blessed. Oh I long for the day when everybody would say those Seventh Day Adventists. They blessed by God. That's what God wants. And it's not his fault that it might not be happening. And I believe that revival is coming. I really do run since the if I didn't believe revival was common. I would have been at the office. But I keep on preaching. I keep on believing. I keep on praying that God will do miracles in my life. And he will do miracles. In your life Amen. You know in verse sixteen chapter four. Sorry chapter three verse sixteen. And they that fear the Lord spoke often one to another. And the LORD hearkened then heard it. And the book of remembrance was written before him for them that fear the Lord you know God takes note. Got takes note. If you'll faithful with the little cuts taking note. If you fear the Lord if you will be him. If. If you would rather suffer. Then disobey His commandments. He's taking it. And he will bless you and the blessing is that you won't have enough to store it up. You know since I've been a child. I've been tithing and giving offering. There are many people that good. Could give testimonies in fact I invite you. If somebody here. Has a testimony of how God has blessed them. Or how they they gave their last penny in tied an offering and how God turn things around and just bless please come and tell me because I will bring you up here and we want to hear what God is doing. For his church a man and God goes on to say here. I cannot miss it. Him for them that fear the Lord. And that thought upon his name. Verse seventeen chapter three. And they shall be mine says a lot of hosts in that day. When I shall make up my jewels. And that. Could mean special treasure. We are his special treasure. And I will spare them as a man spare his own son that serves him. Then shall you return and discern between the right shoes. And the wicked. We can see clearly between him that serves God and Him that serves him no friends a day is coming and it's spoken of there and. In chapter four behold the day comes that shall burn as an oven. And all the proud. Yes all day that do wickedly shall be stubble. And the. And the day that comes shall burn them up. Says the LORD of hosts. That it shall leave them need the root not branch. But unto you that family name. Shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing. In his wings. And you shall go forth and grow up as carved in the stall and you shall tread down the wicked and they shall be as ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this says a lot of hosts. Remember the the Law of Moses my servant which I commanded unto him in horrible. For all Israel. With the statutes and judgment. Behold. Verse five. I will send you a lie just the prophet. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit of the righteousness of Christ. I will send you a lie just before the coming. And the great and dreadful day of the lot. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children. And the heart of the children to their fathers. Lest I come and smite the earth with a Jew know how we rob God. We rob God of the joy of being able to bless us in our face and that is how we wrote God. He wants to bless you so much more he wants to bless you afoul sometimes more than he's blessed already. But because we are not consistent and systematic. In every area of our life. Realizing that everything that we have is a gift from him. We end up with the qualms. We rob God of the joy of His blessings that he wants to poor out upon us. Old friends. I was robbed by a by a friend. Let us not rolled. Not only the greatest friend in the universe. But let us not rob him of the privilege of blessing. Our faith for me I had more to share with you but time is over. If you want some of these quotes on the tide giving and systematic benevolence I have a whole stack of them in my pocket. Father's we Balbi for you. We we sense lot that you want to do something fresh in our church here at Nichols room. We are sensing Lord that. We've been here too long. We're sensing father that we were praying and were asking and we're praying and we're asking. And Lot even some of us we get tired of praying and asking. Father you have said. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find knock and it will be opened on to you father. We bow before you in humility now. Many of us recommitting our lives to faithful giving of that which is yours already the time. And then our free will offerings. Father help us to see. Teach us Lord in your own sweet where you are so patient with us. We are rude to you we're insolent we turn our backs on you. And yet Lord you are still saying turn to me. And I will turn to you and see the blessings that you won't have room enough to store them. Even Father help us to understand is more blessid to to give than to receive. Lord please bless every young person here in this congregation. Please bless every wage earner. Every one that is is wondering where my going to get the time. From TO DO THIS TO STUDY to to work. Father help us to put you first in our time in our eating. In what we watch and listen to help us to put you first Lord help us to get addicted to you Father and get these addictions away from us that we seem to be focused on in in other parts of our lives. Father you've created us to be addicted to you. You have created us to get the greatest joy that a human being can experience in surrendering our hearts humbly to you Father I pray that for my congregation. I pray that for our ministers. And Lord we want to ask you that as we go forward today on your holy Sabbath day that you may make us. Rise up with joy and exaltation as we all know your holy Sabbath. Father help us to be faithful Sabbath keeper said. Faithful tithe an offering return as we don't pay anything. You are the one that pays us Lord. You give us our heart beat. You give us our health help us to give you all the on on the glory. Father we commit ourselves to you a fresh. This morning. Our whole church. And our our church members that are at home and friends that are listening in. Lord we want to commit ourselves to you to putting our lives in harmony with your will. We do not want to rob you of the joy of blessing us the way you want. So Father hero sweeper. And thank you for answering in Jesus preciousness. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio first or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave visit. W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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