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Have MERCY On Me

Daniel Ferraz


Lessons from King David's Fall into Sin


Daniel Ferraz

Pastor of the Holly and Grand Blanc Churches in Michigan.


  • October 17, 2009
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven. Lord we have come to hear from you dear God We know that we don't belong on this earth. We are pilgrims. We are just passing through. So Dear God in heaven we pray as we open your word and as we look at the the life of. David and the lessons that we can learn. Of father may you touch our hearts with the power of the conversion. That he had have mostly on me in Jesus' name amen. Dear friends I really pray that our gathering here this weekend. Would be a spiritual encounter with God. You know I put a lot of prayer. And the topics. Into them and. Last night we looked at the papacy. And the global economy. The Papacy. And the global economy. Underlining the word global. This morning. We are all on the same level. We are all. Calling for God to have mostly on me. And we each say that and mean it for ourselves. And then this afternoon. Tying in with all of out with our theme which is being ready for his return. The humanity of the Son of God is everything to us and we will be looking at these things continuing from yesterday. Within the context. The unique. Context of the great controversy. Theme. You know. I would. I have been praying that what I share with you this morning. I love a big pulpit. That what I will share with you this morning. Would be from my heart and. It is my own personal testimony. I mean you wouldn't want it any other way for me to just come up and talk some words. You want it to be real and from the heart that's my prayer. So I'll begin with telling you a little struggle I had last night. I couldn't sleep. I don't know if it's the bed. It's new. I don't know if it. Because of by myself. But I woke up at two thirty in the morning. With pains in my chest. And you might think Oh. Pastor Daniel. What. What was going on you know. I know those pains. That's just stress is kind of nervousness. If you like OK I know that. And for a while there. I try to go back to sleep but I couldn't. Moving around. Wriggling changing position. Couldn't find comfort. Still pains in my chest. OK. So I said I'm going to switch on the light. Take my Bible. We're going to pray going to see what the Lord has to share with me. And so I opened my Bible with the pain in my chest. Looking to God for comfort in that hour. That was three o'clock by then. And I came to Micah Chapter six verse six. And these words brought me comfort. Wherewithal shall a man. Shall I come before the lot. And bow myself before the High God. Shall I come before him with burnt offerings with cards of a year old. Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of Rand or ten thousand of rivers of oil. Shall I give my firstborn for my transgressions. The fruit of my body for the sin of my soul. He has shown the oh man. What is good and what does the Lord. Require of the. But to do justly to love mercy and to walk humbly. With your God My chest pain. This. And here. Praise the lot. And I just went to one of my favorite songs. Some one hundred nineteen. I encourage you to read this. This is my personal testimony this morning. The Word of God has become alive again. For me. Did you hear what I said. Within the theme of the great controversy. When the devil is trying to reeducate us all be educate us from knowing and understanding God. I come to the point where I can say. Praise God He has helped me to understand the Bible. Again. But even more clearly than before you see friends God's word is more powerful than T.V. or movies. We waste I have wasted. It's personal testament. I have wasted too much time with television. Deactivating desensitizing my brain conditioning my brain to be in harmony with the carnal world. That's what the television does when you just watch any old thing. But I went to some one hundred nineteen and I was I reminded myself of of these texts where the Bible says that God the Lord would wake up. Jesus. You know that in as I a fifty verse for. You know that text on you and I'll get to that one in a in the second. But I went to eyes I am into some one hundred nineteen. And there. I read verse eighteen. Open that our mine eyes. My eyes that I maybe hold wondrous things out of dialogue. Here the Lord's referring to the Word of God Let us let us take it that way. But how can I behold wonderous things in the law of God. Except God would open my eyes. You remember the. The disciples on the road to Emmaus they did not understand the Scriptures. They had been with geezers Twining sessions with geezers for three and a half years. They still didn't see the truth. And Jesus was walking amongst them. And they could not see him until Jesus. Open their mind to understand the Scriptures friends. We cannot understand the Bible. Unless God does that for you and for me. But it will only happen if we do what I read earlier in my Caciques verse eight. What does the Lord require of the to do justly to love mercy. To walk humbly. With by God. So I tasted and saw that God is good. But you need to taste for yourselves. The Bible says. Taste and see that the Lord is good doesn't it. And when you taste that the Lord is good when you drink from the founding of living water. And you are refresh your soul is revived. Then you know that the Lord is good. And so we are in this battle. It's called the great controversy. And we think it's just the title of a book. But in fact. It is the foundational understanding of why there is sin in this world. In fact when we go to Revelation Chapter twelve. And when we read that there was war in heaven. We need to understand the kind of war. That was being waged. We might think of as a galactic war Star Wars with them weapons. Of man's devising. I mean you know. Just a battle fighting physically. But when we read in Revelation twelve seven to nine. The Bible says that there was this great struggle between good and evil. Between truth and error. And it began in heaven. And the great controversy theme. Helps us to understand the origin of sin. It's a fact. Upon us. And how we can overcome that effect on us. The Bible says. And there was war in heaven. Michael. That is Jesus and his angels fought against the dragon that is the devil and his angels. Revelation twelve seven in particular this word war is translated from the Greek Palomas polymer or so we derive our English word. Polemic which means. Dictionary definition. All of all involving dispute or controversy. So the war in heaven dear friend was an argument. The war in heaven was who is right and who is wrong. And so there was a polemic. There was politics. There was debate. There was in un though. There was mixing of truce with error. There won't be Peyton arguing. And the Bible tells us that one whole third of the angels in heaven. Were convince by the arguments put forward by. Lucifer that where all the great controversy began in heaven. That war is continuing here on this earth. And we see it. We sense it. We feel it. We are witnesses of it every single day in the thought patterns that are around us. All the time. The arguments that are within us and around us. That question and challenge it. So forty. That bring doubt into his word. Just the same as the devil did in heaven. It's quite amazing when you think about how much light we have been given a seventy AD and has to to put everything on this is the to be understood level the great controversy. Thing and all it was was about freedom of choice. With the angels in heaven. Love and follow God. Because that was the most wonderful thing to do. All would they as the devil would insinuate start to believe that God was unjust that he was arbitrary somehow he was kind of selfish. Wanting everything for himself. And just like. Absalom the son of David. Saying well you know if I were in power. I would do this for you and you wouldn't have it so bad if I were king polemic. There was war. In heaven. We need to pay attention to that. It hasn't stopped the devil. Uses his same power of returning. And let me just say that his arguments must have been powerful. Above what anything or of what you. I could could engage in. We see it firsthand. In the example. There with Adam and the. What the devil does is he insinuate stout by asking a question you know when people ask you a question. They have already. One up to you because they have set the agenda. You now are faced with having to ask the question. And that's exactly what the devil did in his Art of polemics in heaven. He posed. Dangerous questions. That shouldn't have been asked. But they could be asked because God even gave Lucifer. The freedom of choice. As a created being and that. My dear helps us to understand and see God's amazing love. Because we say well why didn't God just zap the devil. If he knew. I mean we all got these questions about why did God create evil. You can't understand that question until you understand. To a degree at least. The great controversy. Those same argument that same questioning of gods of the already. Did God say you should not eat. Of all the trees of God. Oh no no it wasn't that it was just that one tree. Got you. You responded to a bad question. We don't always have to answer every single question. Because we are in the polemics. That is going on there is only two sides their own two son side. Of good side of evil the side of Christ. The side of Satan. The argument of Christ and the argument of the devil. We are faced with then all around us. When you go to seminary. When you go to school. When you go to Catholic school or Jesuit school. You will be. Him amazed at the training and the adeptness of posing dangerous questions that undermine undergird subtly in the hero's mind. The truth that God wants man to live by. So in this great controversy. And we somehow think even as Adventists Well you know I'm baptized Seventh Day Adventists. So I'm OK. There was not going to get me. Hands up those that never got tripped up by the devil. OK. We are all in the same boat. You see this great controversy. That Adam and Eve. Engaged in being played out now on on earth had an effect on God's perfect creation. Adam and Eve as human beings created by God. Let us make man. In our own image. I mean thoughts are going through my mind you know when we have children we want the best for them we love our children. God creates. Adam and Eve. He creates the. Everything is good. Everything is wonderful. He gets to creating. Then man and woman in his image and everything is then very good. It's very good when Adam and Eve come on the scene right there in the Garden of Eden. The devil. Is there with his polemic. The result of that when. When Adam and Eve. Doubted God. When they came through polemics to actually come to the point of. In reality. Denying God which is what they did notice. What the definition or reality of sin is God says. This is the way walk you in it. When we disobey and go another way. We just send OK. It didn't seem like a great tragedy. To go eat of a fruit from a tree. It didn't seem like some great act of premeditated rebellion. Wouldn't you agree. But it was simply going against what the Lord had said Can you see how vital it is and how important it is to know what God says. Because the devil knows what God says he knows it better than you are and I and we know one see that in the temptation with with Jesus. But the result is that fell that perfect creation. That God had made everything was good. He was clothed with a rope. All right your snus when the Bible says that when they say in they realized they were naked It wasn't that they were always naked. It was now that they had sinned they realized that they were stripped of the covering of the right just missed of God. So we shouldn't go around painting Adam and Eve naked. They had the robe. Right. But they fell and the devil exults that he has ruined. God's creation. And it was through argument. The war that began in heaven. Pose the right question. Insinuate doubt. Distrust God this believe his word. Where is God anyway. Sinful world. So much suffering God doesn't exist. Sin and its resultant weakening effect is result of Adam's transgression of us. What we get transmitted to us from the form. The Bible says. Are the last of the flesh. Efficient. To three. The desires of the flesh one Peter one fourteen two and four. The affections of the flesh Galatians two twenty five the will of the flesh. And the mind of the flesh. We need to understand the effect of sin. On humanity. What does this mean. The Bible tells us. The last of the eyes. The pride of life. You do word search on flesh. The Bible calls our fallen human nature. The flesh. Predominantly that is the meaning given to Sachs. The Greek word flesh. It describes the nature. That is foreign in mankind. That is now. Accessible by the devil. It is not so much as a state of body although the body is implied in it it is more a state of mind. It is a state of mind that says. I am now. On the throne. You see. That's what happened with there. I will ascend to the throne of the most high. I will be like the most high. I will be like the most high. This is the polemics. This is the argument now that is transferred into humanity. It says. I want to live to satisfy myself. So whatever I lust after I must have. This is why we are facing so many problems in our own Christian life. In church in marriage. Around us. This is why so many people struggle. They all come forward to Evangelist meetings and at an appeal and say yes. I I want to surrender my life to Jesus and they signed the baptism a card that their decision card. But Canales human nature is still there unless we understand that that needs to be subdued and surrendered. But I don't feel like it. I don't want to do this. I don't want to give up. X. Y. and Z.. You see. This is the selfish. Mentality that the. The sinful. Cannot fall in nature has inherited from Adam and Eve. Did we choose that. Yes or no we didn't choose it. Can we be guilty of receiving the weakened. Carnal nature that we were born with our we guilty. In that birth. No we are not. We are also. Neither are we guilty of Adam's sin. Much less. But that is the prevailing ideology and see ology in Catholicism and Protestantism. So to have a fallen nature is not in in itself. It is not. We can't be guilty of it. We become guilty. When we respond to the last of the flesh to the will of the flesh look under in the Bible where it says what are the works of the flesh. You see. There is a difference between the last of the flesh and then the works of the flesh. When we do the work of the flesh. That means that we have responded to our whole in nature. And we have gone ahead with that Paul. But the Bible says. With geezers who was given for our sins that we can overcome the power of that condo. Fall'n sinful nature. It's another way of talking about righteousness by faith and I was White says it right just missed by faith has is the theme of the Bible. Christ. Our writers and it is the theme of the Bible and that this truth is pervasive throughout Scripture. It is in or it is described in many different ways different angles. But it's all about the victory. Jesus came to this earth to give every man woman and child who surrenders to Jesus who allows self. And the last of the flesh to die. Jesus said. Anybody that would come after me. Luke nine twenty three. Let him. Deny himself. That means deny the sinful nature. Don't fulfill the last of the sinful nature deny himself. Take up his cross and follow me daily. Paul said I die daily. Do you understand the. The implication of the work that we need to be doing. It isn't so much to be trying to get sin out of our lives as surrender to Jesus and let him live in our lives. This is my introduction. Have mercy on me. Ellen White writes about the carnal nature we going to David right now. And you know the song. Some fifty three fifty one. We probably would do well to to read it together. Have mercy upon me. Or God according to the loving kindness. According to an to the mult multitude of by tender mercies. Blot out my transgressions. Wash me star away from mine iniquity. Cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions. My sin is ever before me against the the only have I sinned and done this evil in the eye sight. That there might be justified when you speak unclear when you judge. Behold I was shape in iniquity. And in sin did my mother conceive me. Behold desirous truth in the inward part and in the hidden part that shan't make me to know wisdom purge. Me with his sword. And I shall be clean. Wash me. And I shall be whiter than snow. Make me to hear joy and gladness that the bones which the you have broken may rejoice. Hide your phrase from my sins and brought out all my iniquities Create in me. A clean heart. Oh God and renew a right spirit within me. Cost me not away from your presence and take not your Holy Spirit from me. Storen to me the joy of your salvation and up hold me with your free spirit. Then I will teach transgressors Steinway and sing those shall be converted to you. You know in this. The story of David is an amazing story in the Bible. From the Bible say David was a man after God's own heart. For a while. Don't miss that. Let me just read to you the access that the Devil had to David through his Connel nature that he was not surrendering any more Patrick's on Prophet starts on page seven seventeen. As soon as Satan can separate the stole from God. The only source of strength. He will seek to arouse the unholy desires of man's carnal nature. The work of the enemy is not. Abrupt. It is not at the outset. Sudden and startling. It is a secret. Undermining of the strongholds of principle. It begins in apparently small things the neglect of to be true to God and to rely upon him wholly completely. The disposition to follow the customs and practices of the world. So we enter the story of King David. The Ammonites were about to be defeated. Victory was guaranteed. King David thought. This is a pushover. I'm going back to roost. He's going back home. He remained on his duty. And it is then when he goes back home. That he is at his most vulnerable. David was surrounded by the fruits of victory. And the owners of his why. And able rule up until then things were going good. It was now. While he was at ease and unguarded. That the tempter seize the opportunity to occupy his mind the fact that David had taken that God had taken David into so close connection with himself and had manifested so great favor toward him. Should have been to him the strongest incentive to preserve his character. On the blemished. But when in ease and south. Security. He let go of his hold upon God. David. Yielded to Satan and brought upon his soul. The stain of guilt. Every effort. She goes on page seven eighteen. He had betrayed himself to the power of Satan danger surrounded him dishonor more bitter than death was before him. He appeared there appeared story. But one way of escape. And so as you know him and he sees that Sheba the. The comment I read was that she had fatal beauty. Last of the eyes. Fatal beauty. Fatal to him. Because that was not his beauty to behold. His eyes should not have been there. But in the situation of ease and of riches. He relaxed. His realigned his reliance upon God and. It's an amazing story how blinded. David became. He wanted Bathsheba he lasted after her he got her. And now we need to devise a plan. How he so he can keep her. And so her heart and your RIAA comes and. They've it says to him Go and be with your wife and enjoy her. And you RIAA being the. The honorable man that he was said no. I need to go and be in the back. Fulfilling his duty. Can you imagine what what a faithful servant. He was to his mouth but to his king David. But David now blinded by his sin. Sends his own death warrant to you right here in his own hand. He takes his death warrant to Joab the general. And it reads. Let fall back. When you arrive. Is in the heat of the battle. So that he may be may die. What has happened to David. He was blinded by the by his own sin. He fell through the lust of his fall and carnal nature. The devil had access to him through his now. Lowered God. Not relying on on on God and he can't see it. Could that happen to me or to you. And then it takes a very tactful prophet. Nathan to come and tell the story of a rich man who has hundreds of sheep and. And the poor neighbour just has one little sheep and a neighbor comes to to the rich man and he needs to to kill and have some food for him and he goes to neighboring takes the one. The only land of his neighbor and praise God that David's heart was and says That man deserves to die. And he should repay the Tarim and Nathan. The unthankful task of a prophet. You know let me just say a word for the pastors. I remember. Commissioning that I had hears them into the church of Kalamazoo. And I still have the. The order of service and. There is a response that the church congregation needs to to make. And that the response. In the congregation is that we would take. Willingly. Any reproach. Or or pointing out of sin. From our minister. But how difficult that truly happen with how much difficulty that does. The the. The duty of rebuking sin. Isn't isn't an arrogant one. It's one that demonstrates love because we know that if we are in our sins we are lost. That's why we have church discipline is to love them back but I know it hasn't been rightly applied. And we need to do. All in Christian love. But to be a reprove of sin which is what got all his ministers to be. And his people. Every single one of us. The thankless task. Or your judgment of all you're looking down you're you're criticizing. No it's God's word. But God gave. Nathan profit. With told parables so maybe that's ministers which tells you more stories. And he said. Deserves to pay for time. You riot is dead. How does David pay four times the baby. Bathsheba number one. Am known. Number two at the Niger. Number three. Absent on him before the story of David is an amazing story. It's amazing because it shows how far we can fall. When we come in to ease. And we lower our God. Our daily walk with God. It shows the devastating effect of sin. Did you see the heart of a father crying for this baby was sick. How we please. He did with God he had pled with God before and God answered him. But the baby died. And he gets up there is strife in his family. Incest. Amongst his children. Regret in his own family. Mother in his own family. Or because David fell and Absalom. When you finally caught with this long hair in the in the in the branches of the trees and the King I mean you need to read. Reread the story the agony of civil war between the father and son. That's why it is a fitting example of the war in heaven. The subtlety of the argument and the in UN deal. And then when they bring news to David. Absalom is dead. What's a father supposed to do. He mourns for him he cries for him and joy I was just coming back with the soldiers. And this is David morning and crying after there just when the realm of this terrible enemy. And he rebukes the King and says looking. It seems to me that you would have been happy if we all were dead and he was still alive. Now go out there. And thank your soldiers. How have the mighty for the lessons that we learn from the story of King David. We cannot serve two masters. We cannot serve the flesh and the last of the flesh and be God's. At the same time. The Bible says that we cannot afford to be carnal for the candle mind is empty against God for it is not subject to the law of God. Neither indeed. Can be so then. Those that are in the flesh. That means that they live by the last of the flesh by their fallen nature driven by the selfishness of that nature. They cannot please God. You cannot serve two masters we need to serve one. And we don't really understand this you see because in the in the great controversy in the polemic of what sin and salvation really is all about the devil is still deceiving God's people. And we have come up with other Gospels that we read about in Galatians. Why does he referred to another gospel. Well it's another gospel because it is a different system of belief that portrays itself as a saving gospel. When it in fact is NOT take Case in point. The Papacy. Claim to be the only means through which salvation can be had but when it is not a vestige of Christianity in that system. Show it to me. Let me see it. Now understand I repeat again. God warns us against the system. We need to love the people and people misinterpret. When Vangelis is preaching on the papacy that God has given us in His Word that that's bigotry. But they have injected into the thought systems. Of our minds and and and schools and education systems. We can't serve two masters. The story of David tells us how much suffering sin really brings. I want to be rid of it every day of my life. But notice how easily he was blinded. How easily he was blinded to his true condition. But friends let me just say one thing. David. Why he was in his transgression. Was not a man after God's own heart. He was lost. The wages of sin. Death. So we need to understand that than surrender our life to God. Let me just share with you from Patrick some prophets again seven twenty three. The prophet in his reproof to David just back again a little had declared concerning his sin. By this deed down has given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to bless him. All eyes were on King David. It was the greatest realm of the known world through successive generations infidels have pointed to the character of David. Bearing this dark stain and have exclaimed in triumph and derision. And this is the man after God's own heart. Thus a reproach. Has been brought upon religion. God and His word have been Glass fiend. Souls have been hardened in unbelief. And many under the a cloak of piety. Have become bold in sin. But the history of David Furnish is no cult announced to sin. It was when he was walking noticed this. It was when he was walking in the council of God that he was called a man after God's own heart. Catholicism. Evangelical Christianity. Called David a man after God's own heart. In his Sin City and the Gospel. And that is the the. The polemic that the devil is behind. Maybe we can talk a little bit more about those the so often. Friends had God permitted David to go on rebuked. He suffered consequences for his sin God would not have been a just God. Don't misunderstand that. It's just that sin has its consequence. But you know. We are no better than David. I am no better. Have mercy on me or God is my crime. You see David fell because he was in ease. And in plenty. There is a parallel to the church of loudly sale Revelation three fifteen to twenty one. I know die works that Tao are neither hot nor cold. I wish you were hot or cold. But because you are lukewarm and need the hot nor cold. I will spew. The out of my mouth. Why. Because you say. I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing. David cried out. When he realized his sin. Restore and to me the joy of dice our vision. Up hold me with die free spirit. Then I will teach transgressors and say and sinners. Shall be converted to the. This is the everlasting gospel. That has to be preached to the world. It is how God can give us the power through Christ. To be victorious over the pool or fallen sinful nature. Friends. May we learn the lessons from David. May we understand the. The great controversy that we are in the whole controversy the whole argument is the devil is saying. It's not possible to obey God. It isn't possible to keep his commandments. That's what he's saying and what is breaking the commandments sent sin is transgression of the law. So that the colleagues alts and Searcy lot who can do it. But we need to rightly divide the Word of God. Understanding that it describes a man in his fallen state. Yes. None. Does good. But then it describes man in His redeemed. State. Then we understand that we are to live like Jesus be righteous as he was Rochus be holy as he was holy because he showed us how to do it. My prepare. This morning is that we would every day. Open our hearts and minds to God to His Word that we would understand the truth of the gospel. And not have it weakened and infiltrated by Catholic. Evangelical gospel that is no gospel. You see when we experience this difference. We have something to tell. We have something to show for what God has done for us. Shall we pray. Our Father in heaven. We thank you that your word is powerful. That you can give us the victory of Jesus. The faith that he acts of sons. Is the faith that he wants to give to us. Lord help us to accept that face the obedient face of Jesus. The humbly coming to you in a contract heart. Realizing our need our great need of you. Humbling ourselves realizing that we are by nature. Arrogant and prideful. Father. Help us to die daily. And in this way. Experience the joy of the forgiveness of our sins. But also a lot cleansing of a home that we would not sin in so that you can fix the price. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave with a W W W. Done. Audio verse. Dot org.


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