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Farmer Enoch

John Dysinger


John Dysinger

Bountiful Blessings Farm



  • November 11, 2015
    6:30 AM
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Do you have only father. At the beginning of this new day. At the beginning of this conference. We want to come to you on our knees thanking you for bringing us here. For protection for guidance through the many obstacles that. We've had to get through to be here. And Lord we're asking. Because you've asked us to ask. We're asking for a special major of your spirit. To be poured out this weekend. Or Juno these people have come here for knowledge and. That may be a practical knowledge of gardening. But more than that Lord we all need a practical knowledge of walking with you. And so this morning as we look at the life of Enoch. I pray that you will teach us that your Holy Spirit will bring to our mind the things that you want us to learn in Jesus name we pray man. Want to just. Welcome each one of you here. This is a culmination of. Lots of months of planning and lots of prayer. And we're excited and I hope you're excited. You know we're expecting over four hundred fifty people here this weekend. Who want to learn about agriculture and gardening and that's exciting. This morning I want to talk for a few minutes. About farmer. Enoch how many of you knew him it was a farmer. OK. Number of you. I've got to try to prove to you this morning that he was a farmer and I think I can do that so. Let's jump right in. And this. This is a quote that. While I will see how many of you have read this. This is the experience of Enoch and of John the Baptist. Reps. Represents what ours. Should be. Have you read that. Why is that. Well she goes on to explain. Far more than we do we need to study the lives of these men. He who was translated to heaven without seeing death. That was Enoch how many of us want to be in that group. OK. So we need to study how he was able to do that because that's the experience we once and he who before Christ first advent was called was called to prepare the way of the Lord to make his paths straight. How many of you want to be that group. Before his Second Advent that are called to prepare the way of the Lord so do you understand why it's important for us to study those two men in particular because there are types of what we are going to go through. By God's grace. And in his strength. How many of you have made special study of the life of Enoch and John the Baptists. We need to do that. She says it's the experience ours needs to be if you haven't done that I want to challenge you. So when I read this. This quote. Many years ago. It was a challenge to my heart and I said well I better. I better figure out what I better do an in-depth study into their lives. Now. When you go to the Bible. How many verses are there about Enoch. I mean we're talking. A handful. Like one handful. So how do you how do you study about the life of Enoch. Well you can of course pray for God to give you insights. But God has given us insights. Through the writings of Mrs White. And that's such a beautiful thing because she actually has an amazing amount to say about the life of Enoch. And it's fascinating to study. What she has to say. And I'm going to just share some of what I learned from my study I looked up. Every quote. Of course every text in the Bible that talks about Enoch and then every quote in Mrs White's writings and it's not overwhelming. But there's there's quite a bit there. And I came up with three characteristics of Enoch's life. First of all. Was separation. And I know that that's not always a politically correct. Idea. To be separate from the world. But I'll tell you what. It's everywhere in the Bible and I think we need to take it more seriously. These. These are some selected quotes and let me tell you my favorite. Well there's quite a bit. In patriarchs in profits. On the life of Enoch. But there is another little volume three the third volume of spiritual gifts that to me is my favorite chapter. I think it's actually called Seth and. Enoch but it goes into a lot of detail on the life of Enoch. So here are just a few excerpts. He separated himself from the corrupt. This sentence of Cain. He realized the corruption of the human family and separated himself from the descendants of Cain. And then further on on the same page. She says righteous. Enoch was so distressed with the increasing wickedness of the young Godly that he would not daily associate with them. Fearing that he would be affected by their infidelity. He was. He knew his own weaknesses he knew his own shortcomings and he knew he could not daily. Associate with the and godly without being changed. And I would challenge you with that. If Enoch needed to separate. What about us now. This is a important point here where did the descendants of Cain live. Do you remember. Genesis for seventeen. R K. Land of Nod. But maybe I asked the question wrong. What is Cain known for. He built a city first city in the Bible. Now do you think that significant. She says. Very specifically. He chose to separate himself from the descendants of Cain. What does that say to you. If the descendants of Cain are in the cities. Where did we need to be. Not there. So would you agree that it's pretty clear here that Cain did not live in a city. So we've got country living. I mean I'm sorry. Enoch did not live in a city Cain did live in a city. Thank you honey. I could tell by her expression that I said something wrong there. OK let's go wine. So second characteristic of Enoch's life and this one really is a challenge. Solitude. How many of you would say your life is characterized by solid to any and. He chose to be separate There's that word again from them we're talking about the wicked and spent much of his time. How much is much of his time. Majority. Wow that's. It's certainly more than an hour to write. I mean I wouldn't. I don't think any of us would call that much time would we. He spent much of his time in solitude. Where he devoted which he devoted to reflection and prayer. He waited before God and prayed to know His will more perfectly. That he might perform and this was just Enoch. And God And the question we've got to ponder is how can we spend much of our time in solitude. Our cave third aspect what was the first aspect. Separation from the world second aspect. Solitudes third aspect. Service. This was not a selfish hideout in the mountains in it was all about service. And again if you. If you study this. And especially on page fifty six of three third volume of spiritual gifts. Very fascinating I wish we had time to just read it all. But Mrs White specifically points out three parts of this service. One was active evangelism to the world he went to the cities. He went to the people. And he preached to them. And he told them about Jesus. About God and his rights isn't this and he also told them that they needed to repent and turn from their evil ways. So he was a public of Angeles. That was part of his time. But he didn't spend full time evangelizing the cities he knew he could not handle that. So he would come back to his quiet country retreat. And Mrs White talks about those who would seek him out. Those who came under conviction in his public evangelism. They would come find him. Where does Enoch live and they'd they'd go find him in his quiet country place. And they would ask him to teach me more. How do I repent. How do I come to know God. And he would disciples them. You get the idea that this was small group. Discipleship. And he trained them how to walk with God. Wouldn't you appreciate some training like that. This is practical. Christianity is practical and then. She says makes it clear and I'm paraphrasing. But then there were times when he put out the Do Not Disturb sign for the right just and the wicked. Were closed today. I need time to recharge my batteries and. He spent that time in solitude. And I want to emphasize this was part of his service he knew without the recharging power of one on one time with God He would not have anything to share. And you know I think at rechargeable battery is the perfect illustration of this. If you take keep that thing on too long. The battery goes dead and then. It doesn't matter if the battery says Christian on it. If it's dead. There's nothing. Yours no light to share with the world. So this time in solitude recharging was really an unselfish. Saying. I've got to have something to share with you I've got to have light to share with you. Now. Look at this. Enoch separating himself from the world that was our first characteristic. Spending much of his time in prayer in communion with God. Represents. God's loyal people in the last days. Who will be separate from the world's. So I ask you this morning to prayerfully search your heart Is this your experience. This morning. Are you separating yourself from the world and are used spending much time. And I heard a majority we don't know what much time means but again. Can we all agree that it's. It's more than an hour or two a day when. OK I see a few hand heads. Shaking. Nodding I should say. This is the experience that God's last day people have to have now. The challenge is how in the world's with your current schedule. Can you spend much time in solitude with God. Our lives are full with jobs families church responsibilities. Right. How many of you have much time. Just kind of in the balance G.'s of your life that you could just focus on. I mean do you have that kind of time just hanging around there. Somehow we've got to sort of reorganize our priorities right. Now this next one is a little long. I don't know CAN you all read that. If you have good eyes I guess. This is one of my favorite quotes. And I think that this is the clincher. To prove my point this morning. The education center NG in the family was that which prevailed in the days of the patriarchs now. I think. I don't know that we would technically call. You knock a patriarch. Usually we think of at least I think of those after Abraham maybe. But I think he you know it was the same. Same. Lineage there for the schools that's established. I wish we had time to tear this quote apart. But we don't this morning. God provided the conditions most favorable for the development of character this is a key here. This quote is telling the conditions most favorable to the development of character. The people who were under his direction still pursued the plan of life that he had appointed in the beginning. What was that. What plan of life had God appointed in the beginning. Speak out. Garden. He created me and put him in a garden and said I want you to take care of it wasn't that his plan in the beginning. So the people who followed him are still sticking to that plan. They haven't gone to the city. Those who departed in here she makes it very clear. Built for themselves cities so you want to depart from God's plan you build a city and you live there if you want to stick to God's plan. You live in the garden. But the men who held fast. God's principles of life. Dwell among the fields and hills. They now get this. They were tellers of the soil and keepers of flocks and herds. Do you think that includes Enoch. He was separated from the world we know that he separated from the descendants of Cain. I believe. And I believe the Lord has told me personally that. Enoch was a farmer. Because he was part of those people who held fast the principles tellers of the soil and keepers of flocks and herds. And in this free independent life. Now if you want to be able to find much time to spend with God. Do you need some independence. If you're clocking in every morning. She was salaried job. How were you going to say you know. I need I need to take today. To spend with God. There's not many employers that would accept that excuse for not showing up for work. It's a free independent life with its opportunities for labor and study and meditation. They learned of God and their children of his works and ways. You know many years ago after I had done this study I preach the sermon on it that those three characteristics separation solitude and service and I had a man who I could tell was really under conviction he came to me afterwards and he said you know how can I find that much time for solitude. And I didn't have an answer for him right there. Except you know kind of well God will show you the way. So then I went home and I was kind of grappling with it. Lord how. If this is the plan we're supposed to follow. What do I encourage people with how how can they spend much time in prayer and meditation. Well here's the answer. In the garden. You can not only be earning your daily bread. But you can be spending much time in solitude and meditation. Isn't that amazing. You can quote to kill two birds with one stone you can earn a living and have a quiet time with God all day long. Incredible. It's all there. So have I proved my point was Enoch the farmer. I think it's pretty clear. When you put those quotes together. That he now. When I say farmer he may have been a keeper of flocks and herds he may have have been nomadic pastoralists. But still that's a kind of agriculture. And as he was out there either. Hoeing in his garden or watching his flocks and herds. He was walking with God. Now. I'm I'm going to let the Holy Spirit. Apply that to you. OK. I'm not here to say everybody needs to go into full time farming. So I hope you've got the message. We in the last days. Have to have the experience of Enoch. Enoch spent much time in solitude with God. Separating himself from the war from the world. How do we apply that. May the Lord. Bring it home to your heart's. Let's pray. Do you have only father. We thank you for this quiet time we've had here together. Lord I pray that. That she will speak to the hearts of those here. And that you will show them the way that you would have them go. In the song we saying this morning. You said you know the plans that you have for us. And I pray that each of us will be seeking you for that plan and we know that it includes a garden on some level. So I pray that you will encourage and empower these people through the remainder of this conference saying cute Lord for hearing in answering in Jesus name we pray. Amen. I'm sure there are announcements. Registration. Will be open for those who haven't registered yet. We need to try to get your registered before. Before the. Meetings. Now there was we found a little discrepancy in your bullets and your programs. I hope you take time to really kind of familiarize yourself with that because it will answer a lot of your questions. There's that map. And it's very clearly labeled if you look at that map. The numbers. You know the meeting halls where you're supposed to go under each course description it just tells you the meeting halls so you just need to read that. Look on the map. And it's very clear so if you will study that it will save you a lot of questions. But in the course descriptions that said the classes today started eight forty five. But on the schedule at a glance it says eight fifteen I don't know if any of you caught that we are going to do our best to start at eight fifteen. So we can squeeze the most out of this day. So try to be at the course. You want to be at by eight fifteen. Now. If you did not pre-register. You know on on the online registration you could check what course he wanted to go to. We're not holding anybody to that. That was just to help us get an idea of how many people were going to be at each session. So if you're not. If you didn't check that off or pre-register. It's OK Go wherever you. Think you could learn the most a day. OK. Vivian Are there other things we need to be announcing. I'm sure there are so today is the short courses and then. This evening we have our keynote address. And we start the quote official conference this is a bonus. OK you're getting a hold bonus day today compared to last year. So make the most of it. Oh. As far as meals go we're going to try something here and we hope it works. If you. If if you all will cooperate I think it will work pretty well. We you know. Meal tickets. Can be a hassle. You forget him or lose them and. So anyway we're not doing meal tickets. So hopefully you know if you signed up for meals. You just go to the cafeteria right now. And there will be people at the door checking your name off. We have a list. Now there are a few maybe who have not gotten their names on the list because you were late registrants or whatever so if you know you paid for meal tickets and your name isn't on there. Just have them write it in and hopefully by lunch. Or at least by tomorrow. I don't know we're going to be going hard. The smore inning but we will get your name on the list and they won't need to write your name in. We have an announcement here. Just real quick I want to introduce myself I'm healthy site al. And I am in charge of getting volunteers for certain just physicians. Audio visual audio verse song service so I'm going to be coming around today. And if you would like to help out if you feel like you can fill one of my positions then approached me about it. Otherwise I'm going to approach you about it. So anyway. Think you know. We couldn't do this without lots of the well it's all volunteer help. But we appreciate the way many of you have just kind of stepped in to do whatever needs to be done there's always always loose ends and so appreciate Chelsea helping to coordinate that. And then reshape all of your volunteer. Spirit. So go. Have a good breakfast. Eat some brains. So you can tackle the day. God bless you. This media was brought to you by audio. A Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen more sermon. We visit. W W W dot. Audio person or.


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