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My History of True Education

Jerry Travers


Jerry Travers

Gardener, Arborist, Botanist, Soil Analyst, Carpenter, Author, Lecturer



  • November 15, 2015
    6:30 AM
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Lord. You're the designer of everything around us. And as the Zeiner Lord. You knew how all things. Would function. You made them to operate that way. And Lord you in your wonder. Gave us to menu in over it all to manage it. Maintain a paradise. But all war and we've gone far from a paradise. But you tell us now that you're going to guide us back to repairing things. Lord help us now this morning. To see how that's going to occur in Jesus' name we pray and men. And as eagles thirty six. Starting with first twenty six. We see that when God gives His people in the last days a new heart and a new spirit. Things begin to happen. Their lands begin to become productive. And the LORD says. I don't do this for your sake. He says. I do this because I want you to be an example to the world. And then as you continue on in thirty six we come to a point where God's people make their places as Eden. Full of pleasure and delight. Delicately balance. The way he originally designed it and then the next first Helveston it draws in the he then who come. When they see it and say. What have you done. How have you done it. And then we introduced on to our God. When I first of work that watch you die Hills academy I was asked this question over and over again. How is education the A.B.S.. How is agriculture the A.B. and C. of education and my answer was. I don't know. And so you have to begin to think how is it. And I and I as I began to see what educate what agriculture required of us from the prepare for a sion of the soil all the way to the very harvest and the saving of the seed for the next generation. I saw that every stage of the way we were serving these plants. And I realized well our God is a servant. Jesus said I have come. Not to be ministered unto not to be served but to be a servant to minister on to others. And so we see agriculture. The very foundational lesson of it is that teaches us to sure. Teaches us that our entire life is to be that of a servant. So as I contemplated this I thought you know what God's life is a care. God's character is that of a servant. As I started looking at nature. And seeing the operations how things. Function. For instance and in in God's garden where we don't have anything to do with it. The purse teen prayer is that supported one hundred twenty million by soon and great herds of antelope an LPN and vast prairie dog colonies and everything else that live there. Who was fertilizing it. Who was watering it who is receiving it. Who was telling it. And so you look at the forest you look at the shrug lands you look at all these different areas that God is the gardener. Over the farmer over. And I with that coupled to that statement that God's character is seen in nature. I began. Knowing now that he was a servant. I looked at the function of everything in nature all living things operate from the time they're born to the time they die there in operation. They are doing something. I saw that all they're doing. Was sure of this. To everything around them in their sphere of influence. Everything was serving food. Habitat or aiding in reproduction. I began to realize there was not a function of anything. Microbe insect plants. Larger animals. There was not one function not one operation not one be Haven year that they did that was not serving something out. I thought that was quite interesting in that I had had the waters. So muddy. With the science that I had been taught in schools. That I had been totally blind to this. All my life. But I looked at everything I started looking at everything I put my eyes on. I saw that their activities were activities of service. And so we begin to realize that the fertilization. Of the gods garden is conducted by the microbes whether it be the bacteria that take the nitrogen out of the air it's seventy percent nitrogen and make all the nitrogenous fertilisers that are necessary or the micro rise you'll fungi. That send out there. Hi Fi and go and. These little roots and have the power to break down the strongest chemical bonds. Triple calcium. Phosphate bonds. And just make available those nutrients. And then carry him right in in some cases in through the cell wall. Into the plant or into the rise O.C. of the root area of the plant or the microbes sitting on the leaf. That are taking all these nutrients out of the air and making them available to the plant. And all the Gees on the leaf producing all the B. vitamins we could ever need including B. twelve. All feeding the plant in California. They used to sell the twelve. I mean not be twelve but the vitamins by the gallon jug. For the gardeners because they knew how important it was and so the sleeve surfaces of full of these used to produce all of this so God was designing and disturb and then I learned that the plant exudes onto words least surfaced. Carbohydrate to give them the energy to do all this work. It feeds and not only feed us but feed them and same thing and in the root zone healthy plants going it can exude up to seventy or eighty percent of their production. Into the roots sones around the plant to feed these creatures that are feeding them the fertilizers that they need so we see in God system it's all a relationship of service. Each one serving the others and then you go up to the to the higher creatures and you see that the plants that are being fed to the foragers all over the planet. Are being fed by the foragers. The foragers are with their horse design. All God's on God's design. With their host design. Our air raiding the soil. Every single time they step. Not only that their wet snow out. And the chime that they exude as their chewing the cud this material. All has growth hormones in it so every time they take a stripe and they they they what that little piece of forage with these extra days in it creases growth by fifty percent because of the growth hormones that are designed into it. And so we see everything in nature. Every act that's going on all the creatures are serving one another. And I found it interesting that the. The Environmental Protection Act required that all the animals. If you're ever wondering why you have mountain lion bear. Wolves in your back yard. Even in the city. That I live in. You know. I actually live in a city on the edge of it were you know wild. As for I have my farm. We have wall. Mountain Lion bear and I'm talking in Connecticut with a high population. They were all put back the Environmental Protection Act. Required that they be put back. So they've been put back. Everywhere that's why they're all over the place. Now. So when they put them back in the Yellowstone they had been absent for seventy years. And although they tried to manage their herds there over those seventy years. The grasslands of Yellowstone. Were desert izing the forests were decreasing in production. Everything was declining but when they put the walls back. Things changed. Within a very short time things began to the grassland begin. Began to flourish. The forests began to increase their growth. Five times in six years. And so what was happening now is the walls were had a role to play than active sure versus And that active service was to herd these animals over the over the landscape. Keep them out of the woods where they would wouldn't want to go because they could be easily ambushed by the walls and out in the open areas. And every time the walls needed a meal they'd have to run with that whole faction air raiding the soil. And not only that because they kept in Heard from now because the walls were there. They would just eat the best. And trample the rest. Which would cause an increase in humans production. Now. And so. Farmers have wrecked our cattlemen and. And people with animals have recognized this now and that's why they have these paddocks now and they just they just move them through him quickly to simulate how nature. Parades and there are increasingly humans production of their land their increasing the water intake into the into the soil as a result of that they're rebuilding paradise again. You know. I as I was contemplating. Epigenetics recently. God in His mercy has given to us an understanding of this predestination question I've heard in my thirty five or forty years of Seventh Day Adventists you know we're predestined to Watton is always arguments the illogical this that and the other. Well Paul was only making reference to Exodus twenty first five and six. We found out with the over Calix Sweden. Studies on long Jevon the that the diet. That people have resulted in to the third and fourth generation. The health of the children. That came as a result of the eating conditions. This village was isolated and one had an abundance of food to the third and fourth generation there was ill health heart disease. Other types of health problems but when it was a lean year and there was just enough grain so the animals didn't get it and they were needing the fatted calf. Now. There was healthfulness passed down to three or four generations and even the Time magazine article had a had it and titled The article the sins of our fathers. Making reference to Exodus twenty. Verse five. And so we see that God has designed it into things. Be havior that it's going to be passed down. And so these are some of the first studies on an epigenetics. And as they began to. To question more what. Well let me tell you a little bit about what epigenetics is at the two thousand can't meeting. Dr Sangli was giving a report on the Human Genome Project and it was very interesting because he showed us that we all had a Sabbath keeping gene and this Sabbath keeping gene will cause us to be invigorated. When the Sabbath was over all through the wait was upside down you. Graph. And then on Friday it would plummet and turn off. And we would not be invigorated to think and to do things but we would be at rest for the twenty four hours of the Sabbath. And so. But he made this comment he said ninety five percent of the genetic material they studied is junk. Genes. Well probably Well that was coming out of his mouth. They were discovering what. Most of that genetic material was and they found that over fifty percent of the gene was switches. And they were on top of the gene till they call them. Epi genetic meaning on top of the gene. So these switches on top of the gene would turn on and off. Be a viewer. How creatures. Operated. How they functioned. God's design. He designed in all the switches. And then he gave us management of the planet. Genesis one twenty eight. And made everything in it. Every living creature. Subject to either. Are keeping. Genesis two fifteen the earth. As a paradise or deed generating it. As Paul says in Romans eight twenty three. And so. These switches were on there. We were given the responsibility to maintain a paradise. And when we altered the soil conditions so that poor quality food was grown. We started flicking the switches to new genetic expressions. Sickness and disease. Began to take place. These microbes that were beneficial. We call them beneficial. When they're short on microbes we call them probiotic. When they're beneficial. Inside us. These probiotic beneficial microbes. Have switches. They call this. In microbiology that they are facultative. They can switch their be. Havior. So these fertilizer producing microbes. When we damage the soil structure and when we don't manage it the way it should they flip these switches. And they begin to produce toxic materials. It's a very simple. Thing. To comprehend. Because the story L.. Should be error aided by the whole faction and by the increase in the humans materials to loosen it up. When managed properly. So if it becomes compacted you have a deficiency of oxygen and if you try to manufacture fertilizers with low levels of oxygen you don't have enough of that product is supposed to put in there. You're going to come out of a faulty product. Well that faulty product is a production of stress. They produce a stress on the plant. These Methane's in butane ethane and things that are that. That developed from the microbial action of their DK of the organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Cause stress on the plant. Because at the decay is not into fertilizers. So our management of the soil and keeping it air raid is so it's and eliminating the compaction is all a responsibility you know Genesis two five We were given the responsibility to till the ground. To manage it. And then to finish is to fifteen to manage the garden. And so we have the power to alter creation. As to whether or not it's manifesting the Denecke behavior. God gave us or. This. DIGENOVA to conditions that we see today. And so this is why. God says that in Romans eight. That when we come to him and let him be our daddy Romans eight fourteen and we become his adopted children. We now have a daddy who can tell us what to do. He can tell us how to manage our grounds. How to manage that ground that we have been given responsibility of to bring it back to these Denecke conditions. Again and up power. That's going to result up on us doing this is going to start turning the epigenetic switches back towards Denecke behavior. My property. When I want to clear. Malta floor rose. I am always bloodied in the end because that is such a thorny vicious material no matter how much I cover I always scratched up somewhere. And yet. There are multiple Floros on my property. That I have noticed within the last few years that have no soul or and Saif found my first one and so I stayed. And I'm beginning to find others here in their smaller ones so I'm clearing around them allowing them to come and. But I realize. I must manage the ground because when I see him come young up in the field there's a lot of farms on them. So there's a condition that I have to maintain on my property if I want them to stay thornless. I want to keep the switches turned off. And by the way. These this changing in things. We have been lied to and told that evolution. The change of things. Is a slow. No long process. That's all bunch of foolishness. A cockroach with eyes running around looking at everything. When move when it moves into a lava tube where there's no light. Within three generations and how long does it take to account for a cockroach to reproduce. Two weeks a month. So within three generations three months. It clicks off the switch for I production. And they have no eyes. Why waste energy making eyes when you're not using them. Besides the light isn't as an indicator as to how whether the eyes are needed. And the cells reseed to light by the way. The switches that are epigenetic that turn and change the conditions of creation. Are the eight. Laws of health. This is what was discovered recently the first discovery was that food had an impact. The flick the switch is a second discovery. Was that parenting had it in fluence and that's why it says in Romans eight. We have to come back to our daddy. Because you see when we come back to our daddy. This is what they learned in the parenting situation when they had rats. And the rats. Mother did not elect the pups said I'm so they live. But did not let come. They were skittish. They were in secure. They would hide. The ones that have been left were bold and inquisitive an adventuresome. And you know many of us had not had parents that cared and. We are feel insecure. We feel alone in this world. But when we come to our daddy. In happen. Who protects us. Provides for us. Comforts us. The epigenetic switch. That was turned on for these feelings of loneliness. These feelings of insecurity. Get flicked off. And most which gets like done as it should be for the security that we now feel we become bold in Christ Jesus we become a new person work Shayne's to. And so these switches are quick you can see that can happen in a person's life very quickly. And just to give you with a picture of this on a broader sense. The Russians raise foxes for for. And they didn't like how. Scrappy they were you know. Rough to handle and. So they selected for one trait docility and within fifteen years. The pointed ears. Flopped over like dogs. The coat. Payers changed to like dogs. The patterning change to like dogs when in fifteen years they were turning them into dogs. Does not take long for evolution if we want to use that term that changing. Of thing. Flicking the switches on and off. We were given dominion of this earth and everything is in subjection to us and God gave us a paradise with all of the switches flicked on for pleasure and delight and. He says Our song was this morning in Jeremiah twenty nine eleven. I have given you peace. Those are my thoughts towards you and not. Of Evil. Not parasitism predation and thorns and thistles and competition for mates and food and shelter. We. These things. God did not want us to know. But Satan to see deeds and said oh he's whole not our new he doesn't want you to know what evil this look at all the pleasure and delight all around you. He's holding out on war. Go try. The Tree of Knowledge. Come to know what evil is so she tried it. So now we know with evil is but God and His mercy has shown us now how to flick these evils which is off. Microbes that are producing dressing materials now we know if we ever ate the soil and reduce that compaction they will now get the air they need and being facultative having the ability to have the switch is flicked will switch. Flick back on to begin to produce fertilized fertilizers show well balanced there's no disease. We're told in commentary seven and Leviticus twenty five. That we God's people are to make our lands. Learn to grow fruit. This is a quarter learn to grow fruit free from disease that we may teach all the world how to do this is why. It says in his equals the heathen will come speaking out after all this is what God wants us to do. Reap make our places back like Eden again. Understand that all that the activities going on around us are all acts of service. And now you may wonder in your mind. Evil behavior. Acts of Service. As I began to write on this evil behavior I found. Every evil in the church thorns. Thistles what we need that overcome our crops. The competition for mates the present predation the parasitism. All of them are really dented they repair the damage that. Turn the epigenetics which is on for that behavior and start bringing it back to Paradise. In our case since we're damaging it so fast there are breaks that hold us back from the brink of extinction of those species. So even in the evil. The judgements of God the curses of God We see his love his read. Damned of work to read. Deemed the paradise that he gave us. So we have a very important. Lady here. This. Agricultural conference that we have this trying to spread the knowledge that we should all be on the land is the call to every Adventists we are to be. The keepers of the land and to show the people how to keep the land and I don't know if you know but that word keep is the did in Genesis two fifteen. We were to keep the garden. That is the derivation of the word. PRIEST. We are called to be priests and to make our lands as Eden. Again turning those twitches back on. And you can see this is not a hard to read difficult thing. It's just something we have not cared to do. We have not grasped the significance of the eight Laws of health and I only mention nutrition and mention parenting The third thing they found that flick the switch years was chemicals. You know the abs. Abstinence from toxic materials that we have as our eight Laws of health and then I called a friend I says you know. I told him these look like three the eight Laws of healthier I said. So he started looking calls me back two hours later exercise. Sunshine he found turned on and off epigenetics which of these are studies that with than a year later we found the rest turned on and off epigenetics which is so our gardens. Our land. Every single creature is impacted by the eight Laws of help. This is why God gave them to us this is why they're so important and this is why Jesus has income. We have to grass their significance. And we have not adapted them's many have into their own personal lot. But we haven't realized the impact they have on creation to make it as Eden. Again. And when we realize that and when we start seeking to understand the impact how how this exercise influence my plants well potassium uptake. It's hardens the stand you grow in the greenhouse in the not exercised by the winds. They'll snap off if you bring him outside you've got to give him a little when for a week or so. The potassium will come up strengthen the stems. And now you can put him out because are hardened off. All these date laws of health. All have the impact on every single thing in creation. That epigenetics which just needed to be flicked done with a little bit of breeze. So it could pick pick up pick take up the potassium. So there's a lot we need to understand them we need to be the ones who explain to the world how we are turning back on the switches and making the D.N.A. conditions are around us on the lands that we are managing. When we start doing this the world will come to seek us out. We won't have to be going out to evangelize are very lands will be the Vangelis stick. Bright lights but the world will come seeking to learn about and those who have a hard to know what is good and what is right will come to us. We won't have to go to them. So let us pray now that God who has given us. This understanding of creation and how it operates and in the importance of the laws of hell will now. Open our eyes. Because I had been blinded. From the education that I received. To not see God's character to not see all these acts of service in nature. Let's pray now that he opens our eyes that we can see them all about us and begin to us stablish. Again the Denecke conditions on our property it will draw the world to us. Lord. You have given us the I said of the eyes have that your people need the Laodicean Church in these last days. Lord. As you promised that it would work let it work in our eyes now to see how your creation operates. And the role Lord. That you have given us a menu in the dominators of earth Lord. And that all things are subject to how we care for them. Lord let us be the true priest. Let us keep the earth. The way you designed it in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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