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Tens of Thousands

John Quade


John Quade

Owner of North Columbia Farms



  • November 12, 2015
    6:45 PM


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Father in heaven. Lord we thank you for your great faithless to us. And so many ways revealed. Every day. We thank you that we live here in United States of America. A country you've used to preserve your truth and send missionaries throughout the world. Lord. Everyone here. People watching on the Internet they sense that things are just changing in this world. We pray that you would be with us as we are at this agriculture conference. And that we learn. Your plans for our lives. Pray that you'll speak through me. Sin Holy Spirit to give me. Words to say and help the people to hear your people that love you and want to follow you. We thank you for here in our prayer in Jesus name Amen. If you have your Bibles. And you can open them to the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah chapter twenty nine. You probably many of you had this verse memorized or these verses memorized. Jeremiah chapter twenty nine. Let's take a look here. At verse eleven. When my friends who's a preacher. These are his favorite verses. And they give me great pieces will. For I know the thoughts that I think toward you say that the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil. To give you an expected and then he shall call upon me and he shall go and pray and to me. And I will hearken unto you. You know it's a wonderful God that we serve. And then you love God. You know you think about what he did for us. Sent His only Son to die on the cross for us as a father of four. I have a seven year old a four year old a two year old and a seven week old. I'm understanding more about the Bible than I did ever before. I still don't know very much. But you know you have your little dear ones. You magine sending them to a person who to die for a person who didn't care about you who you know was your enemy. Could you send your son or daughter to do that just amazing to think about that God has plans for us. And the title of this topic is called tens of thousands tens of thousands of what you may have wondered if you thought. Question is of farmers. I used to be in sales. Used to be in a lot of things and hope to sell you on something tonight. Sales. If you're on a salesman is you tell the truth attractively. And that's what I'm going to be doing is trying to tell the truth and share with you what the Lord is shared with me in the most attractive way as possible. Does God want you to be a farmer. Some of you may already be farmers here. Some you may be thinking about being a farmer somebody online maybe. You know just because you're online. I can be speaking to you too. You can be speaking to everyone at the same time that's an amazing thing. I used to think that. You know kind of a selfish thought but I thought it was only me and God might find that hard to believe but that's the way I thought it was for a long time and. That's a whole other story and have to share some time. This is my son Alijah. He likes being out there on the farm. One of the reasons that one should consider being a farmer. One. And now these are not in order of importance by the way. It was just the order that came to my mind I'm going to save the most important one and one of the most exciting ones. For last. So we're going to wait for that one. But number one on this presentation is a great crisis is coming. How many of you believe that we are living in the last days. I mean believe that things are different now than they were say ten years ago. You know I'm a Seventh Day Adventists today. Not because I was raised a Seventh Day Adventist. I never even heard of such a thing as a seventy AD minister. Until I was thirty years old and became one. That was in one thousand nine hundred seventy. And at that time. I thought the world was in a great crisis back then I worked in the banking industry and. I was wondering how come you know ited States is still going along. How come we're not bankrupt yet. And then I received this flyer in the mail it said. United States in Bible prophecy. I said well maybe that's what it is. Maybe God is keeping the United States alive for some reason. I'm going to go to that someone or that changed my life. You know those handbills it's on time you send out by the thousands to get people to come and study the Bible and you wonder do they ever work. I'm living proof they work. I pray to God for for the work. These people are doing throughout the world. You know we know this. People even in the movies. People the world though about this. You go through the grocery line and the the number on the cash register says six six six or goes. Things back. Bible says Revelation thirteen sixteen and seventeen that a crisis is coming. And he this beast which is figurative a symbol for a nation you can figure that out from Daniel Chapter seven. Explains revelation genuine revelation work together. But says he causes. All those small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in the right hand or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark. Or the name of the beast. Or the number of his name is that pretty serious. If God had the Apostle John write that down for us to tell us what was going to be coming to pass in the future. You think God cared that we would understand this and also maybe take notice and take some action to prepare for it. I think so you know I don't know about you but I like to eat. I've tried fasting sometimes. I'm always looking forward to it about after a day that. I know the fridge raters going to be full of fact I'll stock it with the things I like so when i'm done i'm But you know. In this crisis. No man might buy or sell. And there's no waiting for a generator at the end extrude economic pressure will be brought to bear on those who will be faithful to God. Do you want to be among that group that's faithful to God by God's grace. You mentioned you know what the somebody wants you to be part of that group. Even more than you. That's G.'s of your best friend. I'm going to speak very plainly because I only have a little bit of time. And I want to tell you that I believe God believes speaking for God here. The scary thing to do. And I know the Seventh Day Adventist Church believes that God has His people scattered throughout all the different churches and denominations the world. There are his true followers here and there. In fact the vast majority of Christ's true followers are probably not even in the Seventh Day Adventist Church right now. What I'm going to be sharing with you is some things from history. That denominations believed all across this country all different dominations all around the world. And it's part of history. I'll make it quick because this is really not the gist of it but I want to understand the times in which we live. The persecution of the Protestants by Roman ism by which the religion of Jesus Christ was almost annihilated. Will be more than rivaled. When Protestantism and Popery are combined. You know I went to a place called Tour a Police in Italy. You heard of Tory police. Some of you. There there were people that believe the Bible. In fact they kept the Bible. So well they train their children that they could. Recites chapters of the Bible. By memory. And they had all the school children. They could line him up and they could go from one book to the other. And how the Bible recalled. They would hand copy the Bible and take it and go around and try and tell people you know what you don't have to pray to some saint or somebody to appease God in heaven. You can pray directly to God Jesus loves you don't you don't need to go to Mary. TO TALK TO GOD. God loves you he died for you. It told people lot more than that I'm making this short. But because they believed in God and His prophecies and they were upholding the Bible they were persecuted. And I went to this place where some of these persecutions took place. And this was written in a book called historical sketches pages two forty two of the authors visit there. Over a hundred years ago. The next day after our trip to Bovey Oh we visited an ancient fortress. Which is built on a height. A short distance from Torah police. Here we found a large open space. Enclosed by walls within walls. Also extensive buildings which were formally used as a monastery. Within the enclosure is a cave. This we entered and found ourselves in a room about eight feet square. The walls of this room were covered with a thick green moss on which drops of water glisten like pearls. From this room. There were openings into into two underground tunnels. One of these led down to the village into a building formerly used as a convent. The other to a Catholic church. In another part of the town. Here the secret workings of mystery of of the mystery of iniquity. Had been carried on here many precious souls. Had lost their lives and left their bones to testify their faith. Why did they lose their lives. Because they love Jesus. More than life itself. And were told that the persecution that was brought upon them is that going to be facing us. Those that would be faithful last days is going to be even worse. The devil is roaring going about as a royal line seeking to whom he can devour. Here's a picture of this very cave. There's my wife and notice something on the walls. The green moss exactly was described in in the book there. There's the eight foot room. And the two tunnels where there are two and you can see them going off here's the church. Down at the bottom of the hill where one went to and I didn't see where the convent was the crisis is coming soon. The Bible says in Revelation thirteen that all the world will wonder. After the beast. Are we seeing an increase and people's attention to the movements of the Roman Catholic Church. You know this country. Was known for a long time as a Protestant nation. And boy got to make. I'm going to hurry in terms of I'm forty five and preaching to the choir here. You know it's not often I get to talk about agriculture so excited. I don't want to get bogged down in this but you know. There's people listening who may have not heard this before. So I'm going to say it anyway. That. When Ronald Reagan was president. How many you remember that. I mean to me that's my lifetime some of your little bit too young but we never had in a basket or an ambassador to the Vatican until that time. Things have changed. And now for the very first time in history. The leader of the Catholic Church came and spoke to Congress and just this year and they made quite a deal about it. I don't see the leader of the of the some of the adventure Ted Wilson being invited to come and of course we're not the biggest church in the world or the Baptist Church where the Presbyterian Church or anybody else. The Bible says all the world would wonder. After the beast. This crisis is coming soon. How soon. I believe it sooner than we might even think I'm going to share with you why really quickly. You know I spent some time. I know this agriculture conference but I've just got to do this because. After I became a Seventh Day Adventist. I went and trained with evangelist romancing facts and traveled with him for a year. And the prophecies just run through my blood I can't help it. And especially when I see all these things taking place and I don't get to hold evangelistic meetings. So now you're here. You know I should try to be funny. I'm not trying to be funny. I guess I'm trying to make sure that you're OK with me spend little time on this. You very quiet. Wrong direction. Sooner than we might think. However you read the book Daniel and Revelation your righteousness. We heard about the three was a Revelation Revelation Chapter nine. There is the last part the. There's seven trumpets last three Trumpets are all two also called woes. The first well was to continue from the rise of Muhammad Those them we know as Muslims today are Islam. Until the end of the five months. Eighty six twenty nine was the first war of the Muslims against the Romans. That went through A.D. fourteen forty nine. The second low commenced when the one hundred fifty years and did. July twenty seventh fourteen forty nine. The period would end August eleventh. Eighteen forty. This conclusion was reached and the application. This application of the prophecy was made by elder Josiah lit should be heard that name. In eight hundred thirty eight. Two years before the predicted event occurred. And you realize that he wasn't the only one that came up with this. There are others that had the same idea. I heard people mentioning that. As they were talking about their books several people writing books at the same time about the same subject why is that because they're listening to the same Holy Spirit. And that's the same thing that happened here. And when just silence from a does prophecy. The world was in all the autumn an Empire fell. The very day that the prophecy said it would happen to people who had whoa wait a minute. They nailed this one. What else do they have to say. And it raised people's attention to the prophecies. And especially the prophecies of regarding the cleansing of the sanctuary. The Roman Empire declined as it arose by conquest but the Saracens in the Turks were the instruments by which a false religion became the scourge on apostate church and. Hance instead of the fifth and sixth trumpets like the former being designated by that name alone. They are called woes. Daniel revelation page four ninety five. Now you realize. Applying Revelation Chapter nine. To the Saracens in the Turks. Muhammad is on the Muslims. Isn't wasn't just a Adventist idea. It was believe why all the different a nominations is one of the most prophecies in Revelation that people agree on says everybody says yeah this is. There's so many details they say can't be thing else. This is what it is the next person Revelation fourteen says the second was passed and behold the third woke up with quickly. I want to ask you something. If the first Whoa. Included a holy war a Muslim war where they call those these days. A jihad and the second wall. Included Muslim jihad. What's the likelihood that a third will. Would include a Muslim jihad. You know God works. The same today as he was yesterday. I love finding patterns in the Bible. You see a lot of patterns in the Bible. That helps you understand things you know you're on the right track because the Bible says. The spirits of the prophets are subject. Unto the prophets. You don't have one prophet say one thing another ones Another thing they're going to be in agreement right. They're going to be in harmony and. Ishmael. The son of Abraham he was blessed. He was blessed he was. He was Abraham son right. And when Joseph was thrown in the pit by his brothers. Joseph was having prophetic dreams was me. Watch out when you talk about the prophecies. Brothers weren't happy about that prophecy. They threw him into the pit and. Would you say they were PA state. Brothers at that point. Who came to the rescue of Joseph. Ishmael lights. When Jesus was born. Father Joseph was having dreams. God said. Sent an angel and told them. You need to get out of here. Head once the Killam wants to kill the baby. Take him and flee to Egypt who was it that came in provided the means necessary to make their escape and have some money. Frankincense and myrrh wise men from the east. And then we see the first world the second well. These were primary to direct primarily directed at those who were doing the persecuting. During the Dark Ages. That almost annihilated Christianity. So what are the odds are that. Now here's a question. If you've been noticing the news lately. Is or a group of people in the news that's more and more in the news. And just so much in the last five years. What about the word jihad have you heard of that before the last three or four years. Things are getting lined up. I don't know the exact order of what these final things are going to be. But I'm telling you when I see these things. Michael's about ready to stand up. And when Jesus comes again. He's going to say Let him that his filthy be filthy still let him that is righteous be right and still we need to be ready Amen. The possible Peter says make your calling election sure your conversation. The way you live. Let it be with all godliness and holiness Amen. And I believe God wants people to be on the farms and be in the country. Because it's an aid to salvation and is aid to being ready to meet Jesus in harmony and peace blameless without spot. I'm going to just for sake of time blow through some of these here. And Sykes plays already. Sometimes these Power Point things I'm still not used to I get ahead of my Power Point. The time has come when his God opens away family should move out of the cities. Their children should be taken into the country the parent should get as suitable place as or means will allow though the dwelling may be small yet there should be land in connection with it that it may be that may be cultivated country living page twenty four. This is my family. All six of us. My Kaya he's the oldest Alija. He's a four year old boy down there and Alisa who I'm holding. And our newest baby baby no recall. How much land do I need for a farm. Less land and you may think there was a really neat discussion around table up here. It's been such a blessing for me to be here at these meetings and. I was amazed that I thought I was the only one with of small farm. You know a couple acres because you know you watch the news or you learn about these things you hear these people. Ten thousand acres and six hundred forty acres in a hundred acres and think anomaly farming about two acres I don't know if I should be even coming to the seminar. But you know what I found up the just a few acres would be sufficient. This is a picture of our strawberry patch right after we first put it in probably the first year structure structures propagate pretty quickly and behind us our blueberry plants are much bigger than that now. And I'm going to share with you some statistics. And I don't do this to lift myself up or a thing because you know I my wife will tell you I'm learning. Sometimes the hard way. A lot of times the hard way. But I'm sure this with you because I want courage you that you can do it. Can you do it on your own. Now this is another reason why I think God wants farmers. Is because if you become a farmer you know what you're going to need God. You're going to need him to produce the crops and you're going to need him to sell the crops and everything in between. And then we're going to need him to recover. In our best year our fields. Yielded over four thousand points of strawberries. Which we sell for an average around two dollars each. How big is our strawberry field. It is quarter acre. Which is of. Two hundred five feet long. We did it that way because you can measure. Every fifty feet the quarter acre. So we can. You know I just thought that was kind of show that I'm paying attention to things and thinking about things. But actually you know if you're doing calculations it makes little easier. Mostly we pick ourselves but sometimes like in this picture we have you pictures come. My sons. Love the farm. They love working on the farm. They think. Going out and getting all specially larger strawberries. Less it's in the afternoon it's too hot. They just think it's like going in finding treasure. When he was two and he was out there. He'd come out there. And every strawberry he picked. He come and show us. I got a red one. I was good. Our blueberry field. It's so exciting about the different blueberries that we're growing there's lots of different varieties. It's about three quarters of a car right now has over seven hundred plants closer to eight hundred one in full production the plant should be chilled about ten or more pounds. In our area we get between two fifty of somebody you picks or five dollars if we pick. Propound. You can see the plants are a little bigger here. You know my wife. I didn't find out until after I was married you know it's a whole nother story. How I ended up with a wife that I don't deserve. Follow God's plan. He's going to give you better than you deserve. And I waited. And I didn't even wait. Because of my own goodness or smartness is just the Lord was mercilessly and help me. Stop making mistakes and met my wife when I was working at a place called amazing facts. Working on computers there. And she came in to teach. And somebody brought her to the office and said that this lady's here we think you really like her and she's teaching and. You should go meter will introduce you and said No I don't want to meet her. Because I already had lots of things I regretted. Broke a lot of hearts. Done that myself. And I already said in my mind talk to God I said God. I don't want to get married or meet somebody you're talking about they are doing things like that until I know who's the right person. And I get permission from their parents and then I'll know. No I don't have to hurt some girl again and. It's a miracle the Lord provided. That's assure that testimony sometime. Actually if you go to children's ministry place dot com. It's a Web site we haven't updated while but you can go there and read a testimony about it. Are blueberry fields. There is a large again. Like I have taking blueberries. Country living page eighteen. In this neighborhood there is a large track of an occupied land some of our people who are living in the poison atmosphere of the cities might profitably secure a few acres of this land. They could support themselves by raising fruit and vegetables and poultry. The sanitary would gladly buy eggs and vegetables for from them. I wish that some such enterprises this might be started a great blessing would come to parents and children. If they would leave the wicked polluted cities and go into the country. You believe that. You know if we believe God's profits will prosper. You know I was so touched. I've been touched by so many of the presentations and stories I've heard this morning I heard about a school in Fresno. And they said there was a school in Los Angeles or somewhere that was buying produce from them because they couldn't grow it. And this text was glaring in my mind I said Look exactly. What were to be doing. North Columbia farms there's our logo. I picked that logo or kind of made it because it. It looked like some of the scenic signs. You know area out. And so I wanted every time people driving around. And they see those signs I want to think of our farm and. Here's our market stand. And I didn't name it John's farmer. Quaid family farm near North Columbia farms because I figured if I call these places that sell pots and all this stuff you might think I'm a real big farm and say oh we better quote in the lower. Case price. Instead of Jones Farm you know who's John. The North call me a farm sounds like tree top apples or something. That was the idea anyway. I have a lot of ideas but they're not. They don't help me probably as much as I might think they would. The second point. The other points are going to go faster so don't worry I'm not going to keep you here all night long. Point number two. It provides a food supply in a local crisis. We're living in a time you know back a hundred years ago. There was a lot more farmers as a percentage of the population. And a lot of people that lived. High percentage of people lived in rural places and they had gardens they could keep take care of themselves. But now it's totally reversed. In fact there's less farmers now than there was hundred years ago and. In America. Anyway. And so that leaves problems if there's disruptions in food supply because of terrorism or. Who knows what you could be. People could be in trouble in the cities. Things could be cut off but if you're. You know living out there on your country place. Not only will you have it better. But you can be a blessing to other people. And you may have an opportunity to share with them about your god who can also be their god. Now this gentleman on the right. Is a famous guy. Some of you may know who that is. He says this the land. That is where our roots are there is the basis of our physical life. The farther we get away from the land the greater our insecurity. From the land comes everything that supports life. Everything. We use for the service of physical life. The land has not collapsed or shrunken either extent or productivity. It is there waiting to honor all the labor we are willing to invest in it and able to tide us across any local dislocation of economic conditions. No unemployment insurance. Can be compared to an alliance between man and a plot of land. And God. I'll add that. Henry Ford. Force you know who he is number three. It's a source of farm a garden is a source of healthy nutritious food. We're living in times where you know. Some of the food that you may find in other places. Stores may be questionable. I don't need to go into all the details I'm sure your experts on those things. Jesus. Prophesied he said for nations shall rise against nation. And kingdom against kingdom. And there should be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places. Matthew twenty four seven. It Jesus says there's going to be famines. They're going to famines. You better believe it is that something we should be prepared for. Is that something that we can use as an opportunity to be a witness. Some crops we grow more for fun and for our own edification. These are pinto beans. It's hard to grow a lot I mean you can buy a big sack of pinto beans for what. Few dollars. Well. I thought if I can't buy and sell and I'm going to have to eat. Just what I have in the garden. I don't just want to eat salad every day. I kind of like beans and things are better learn how to grow me know we've grown men we have fun. We have long cold winters where we live and. So sometimes we sit there and shell those things and that's our fun. I wouldn't think that was fun. A long time ago but I actually think it's fun now. You know God changes us by beholding we become changed. That's one of our cats speeches. There. If you bend over. Well. He's not alive anymore but he loves to climb on you. Some drops of we grow some crops we grew more for fun and for our own edification. And there's nothing like. You know even foods that I don't like. When we grow. I know it is but I like them. We ever experience that. And our food always taste better there whales this. And I don't have to prove it to anybody or anything because I just think it myself. And maybe it's because it's almost seems like God just hands it off that treats you. And you eat it and just taste more special. These are Black Berries that we've raised. There's my little girl. Peaches. Let me love peaches. For ten years you know I'm going to I'm trying to tell you and sell you a on being a farmer. But it's not all. Easy. The fact is far from easy. There's a lot more easy things and you can do. Than you can do other than being a farmer and. We had failed with peaches year after year sometimes they got really big and then they just also died the tree. The trees died right away. And I don't know what was going on sometimes mate was gophers May was the soil. And this is the part I really like about farming is working with god. Is that you don't have to get everything. By a textbook. You know you observe what's going on and. We have some peach. Farms in areas that were kind of high up in the mountains in a mountain valley. And sometimes I'm a little bit covetous about the farms that are down along the river and by the highway they just open up a stand and people just come marching in and pick up their produce and they still thousands of dollars of peaches everything just grows. There and they don't we freeze a lot earlier than them. But I try to remind myself. You know there's going to be a time coming though I'm going to be happier. You know not where it's so easy. But I noticed that they're growing these peaches. Down there along the river is almost in pure sand. And I said you know we've got really clay soil. And so this last batch of peach trees and things we put in dug big had a backhoe come in and dug a bunch of things. I really love peaches and we put in sand and I mix with native soil so layers of different things like that. And these peaches. Needed no sprays. And they just produced. You can see huge peaches. This is like a two year old or. You know second year after planting tree and. So we're really happy about that. And you get to experiment. I know that we have a lot of gardeners and farmers here it's preaching to the choir this is so exciting. Not to be too upset about anything I say if I take too long. Pears. We love pears raspberries. We've actually damp some plums. We have people calling us from Seattle damp some ship of state. I mean I've never shipped food and stuff before. So we're thinking we might plant some more those getting calls for tomatoes and different things. This is a smoothie. Of strawberries. When we have our strawberry season sometimes we have a hard time we'll out of for breakfast. The other strawberry farmers can contest. Can agree with this big bowl of strawberries. We could never afford to buy that kind of food. But we live like kings and queens. YOU FOR THIS fathers and mothers who possess a piece of land in a comfortable home. Are kings and queens. Of course there's going to be a time coming that we're even going to have to flee our homes and our farms isn't that right. So ultimately as much as we love our farms in our country places it. You know it can almost seem like you're in heaven already. And then sometimes I feel guilty. Lot I'm too happy here. This place is not our home. Amen and the Lord. Right balance. Don't be afraid to be happy and joyful. God wants you to be that way. You know that God's original plan is a lover of the beautiful. He has given us an mistake of all evidence of this in the work of his hands. He planted for our first parents a beautiful garden and. Stately trees were caused to grow out of the ground. Of every description for usefulness an ornament. The beautiful flowers were formed of rare loveliness of every ten to a new perfume in the air. It was a design of God that man should find happiness in the employment of tending the things he had created. And that his want should be met with the fruits of the trees. Of the garden. To Adam was given the work of caring for the garden. The Creator knew that Adam could not be happy without employment. The beauty of the garden delighted him. But this was not enough. He must have labor to call in to exercise the wonderful organs of the body. Had happiness consisted in doing nothing. Man in his state of holy innocence. We've been left on employed. You know. Can you imagine that if your farmer you can imagine not have anything to do. I mean I've got so many projects lined up I know that I'm knocking we'll do more on this earth. You have to pick them up where we leave off. We need to be ready for Jesus coming to me. So read somewhere that our grandest dreams. Whatever we can I mean it's going to be. Nobody's going to get to heaven and take my hand I just wish I had a couple more years down here occurred. I was really going to build that underground greenhouse and have lemon trees in the in the north. You know. But he who created man knew what would be for his happiness. And no sooner had he created him. Then he gave him his appointed work. The promise of future glory. And the decree that man must toil for his bread. Came from the same throne as best home page twenty seven. Work has nothing to be afraid of work is a blessing. Especially if you do it. Following God's plan. God's future plan. What we can be doing in the earth made new the redeemed will engage in the occupations and pleasures that brought happiness to Adam and Eve in the beginning. The Eden life will be lived the life. In Garden in field. If we don't like living in working on the land and like gardens and fields and things. Do you think also there's going to be this character change when you get to have a good show. I really like sticking my hands and soil and making plants grow and watching flowers. You know there was a time in my life I didn't like any of that because change me. And if interview are there listening on the Internet just happen to come across this or something. You think I'm not interested in gardening God can change your heart too and. We need him to. You know that's the new covenant promise. God will write his laws where in our mind. In our hearts that we will want to do the things that please God. I know you're here because you want to please God. They shall plant. Vineyards and eat the fruit of them they shall not plant and another eat for as the days of a tree are the days of my people and mine electional long enjoy the work of their hands. Isaiah sixty five twenty one and twenty two. The development of character six reason for becoming a farmer. There are a lot of trials in farming and. You have to let you get to learn how to meet the trials. You have to learn how to have God's help you need. Learn lessons from them. And you know what you do not so much damage to people because you're just deal with plants. Well you can be deal of people too but. You know some of the lessons. Some of the development character you know. A leaf or a weed isn't going to be offended if you make a mistake. What does working in the garden do for us. Well you know a lot of these things but it develops our character there's a big rock in the field there that was in our strawberry patch my wife was trying to plant a struggling she said. Feel like solid ground and there we got that big boulder. All of their. It teaches us self-reliance. To be self-supporting. You know the same time it's become dependent on God and. I have become. I mean I'm more dependent on God now than I ever was before I was a farmer. I mean I was then but it realize it. Now I realize it. And without him I could do nothing but we always open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the spirit of the Lord. Second Corinthians three eighteen. Not only is we first priority is. The see Jesus on the cross to see him in his life and as we do that we're changed into his image. But even as we are in nature working in the garden. We are imperceptibly changed into his image as we view the things he's created. Don't like to get some free bonus. Help imperceptibly that means you're not aware of it. Not really actively doing a thing you're just doing what you're supposed to be doing. And to change into God's image. I like that it would be well for you to lay by your perplexing cares. And find a retreat in the country where there are a lot of people in today's world that are perplexed. Wondering what to do next wondering where their next meal's going to come from. Wishing they had a job. A retreat in the country where there is not so strong influence to croak the morals of the young true. You would not be in touch. Entirely free from annoyances and perplexing cares in the country. But you would there avoid many evils and close a door against a flood of temptations. Which threaten to overpower the minds of your children. They need employment and variety. The same this of their home makes them uneasy and restless. And they have fallen into the habit of mingling with the vicious lads of the town. The subterranean a street education. To live in the country. Would be very beneficial to them. An active outdoor life would develop health of both mind and body. They should have a garden to cultivate where they might find both amusement and useful employment. The training of plants and flowers tends to the improvement of taste and judgment. Well acquaintance with God's useful and beautiful creations Hazari finding an ennobling influence upon the mind. We need that. Referring it to the maker and master of all. Adventist home page one hundred two. You know. Some of you may have never heard of Ellen White before. Who wrote this book. Adventist home and. About one hundred years ago. She wrote many books. Maybe a little more than a hundred now and. Paul Harvey. Her Paul Harvey on the radio station. He said What you've never heard of. Ellen White. You never read have written I'm paraphrasing because I don't have exactly memorized. You've never read a of your books. Get to know or read him. And in fact a lot of pastors from many different dominations around the world. Quote or say that. Reading some of the books by all whites are the best sources for information for their sermons. Many different nominations. Even pastors and I'm not a pastor but my wife put that picture in there. This was when I was working out amazing facts on the computer building websites. Even pastors or office workers in the Lord's cause need this experience. We need to spend time in the garden. While I was there I switched to working three quarter time instead of full time. Just so I could get out early and get more time in the garden. Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. In the province of God. He received a broad education but a large part of the education had to be unlearnt and accounted as foolishness. It's impression had to be blotted out by forty years of experience in caring for the sheep. And the tender lambs. If many who are connected with the work of the Lord could be isolated as was Moses and could be compelled by circumstances to follow some humble vocation. Until their hearts became tender. They would not be so prone to magnify their own abilities or seek to demonstrate that the wisdom of an advanced education could take the place of a sound knowledge of God. My wife by the way was a shepherdess for twenty years and. Sometimes I feel like. Lord sent me into the wilderness. To live with a shepherd. Erase a lot of things from my memory and ways of doing things to start over. God's in the business of helping people start over is not good and I tell you it wasn't a reason had been never heard of one till I was thirty. Then I became one and I couldn't believe there are so many of them. I said how come they're keeping all this truth from the Bible quiet. Turn to the guy next to me in the pew and they were telling us the prophecies of Daniel. How the Bible predicted the rise and fall Babylon me to Persia Greece and Rome and I knew history enough to that was true. I turned the guy said. If you ever heard this before that the Bible predicts all as he said no I don't I said why they keep it secret. Said I don't know. I'm come back tomorrow him me to wind up being baptized to gather in a poignant sense. City existences nonproductive it deals with what has been produced elsewhere. More. Moreover it is dependent upon income to supply outgo. And in the great majority of cases. It has nothing to show. This is so the living and fuck about not even character. For all the time and money spent. Country life freezer. Reverses this order. It not only produces outgo to supply income but when well ordered. It provides sir plus. Nay further it develops character in The Man and each member of the family. Nothing so well illustrates this fact as Who's Who in America. A survey of which will show that the majority of the men and women listed in its pages were reared in rural locations. Because yesterday's says what so ever the hand find it's do. Do it with the I might. And this is one of the hardest things to learn. But it's something that's learned when you live in a rural location. Five acres. Part of my quote got cut off. Most of the Lido slide or something. But this is from the book five acres and independence by M.G. Keynes that was written after the Great Depression and it's. The purpose of the book was to encourage people to go out and even on a small piece of land to learn to be independent and you'll be able to withstand the fluctuations of the economy. And it was a step by step how to do it kind of book. There is not one family in one hundred who will be improved physically mentally or spiritually. By residing in the city. Faith hope love happiness. Can far better be gained in retired places where there are fields and hills and trees. Take your children away from the sights and sounds of the city away from the rattle and din of street cars and teams and their minds will become more healthy it will be found easier to bring home to their hearts the truth of the Word of God. Country living page thirteen. Send the children to the schools. Look at in the city where every phase of temptation is waiting to attract and demoralize them and the work of character building is tenfold harder for both parents and children. Let parents understand that the training of their children is an important work in the saving of souls in country places abundant useful exercise will be found in doing those things that need to be done and which will give physical health by developing nerve and muscle. Out of the cities is my message for the education of our children. God gave to our first parents. The means of true education. When he instructed them to till the soil and care for their garden home. After Sin came in through. Disobedience to the Lord's requirements. The work to be done in cultivating the ground was greatly multiplied for the earth. Because of the curse brought forth weed and. But the employment itself was not given. Because of sin. The great master himself blessed. The work of tilling the soil. The other thing is you can learn the value of money. When I was working in the banking system and that I earned a lot more money than I do now. You know Bible says money got by vanity. I'm paraphrasing but kind of disappears. Rather quickly. But when you labor. And you're selling baskets one of the time for two dollars a shot. You value every two dollars. Many a child who lives out of the city can have a little plot of land where he can learn to garden. He can be taught to make this a means of securing money to give to the Cause of God. Both boys and girls can engage in this work. And it will if they are rightly instructed teach them the value of money and how to economize. It is possible for the children. Besides raising money for missionary purposes. To be able to help in buying their own clothes. And they should be encouraged to do this at Venice home page three eighty eight. That's a really good book. Specially for young people to read. Anybody who's thinking about getting married. It's a good book to read. Number eight. You know. Farm life is it all work. There's amusement. And it's innocent music. Amusement. Got a bunch of pictures here. And fly through them. These are my children out there. That's my kind of planting. Strawberries. They were planting. Blueberry plants. Digging fruit tree holes. This is battling gophers go for protection. There's a gopher that caught. Cats. They love to pick the fruit. But they always want the cats up there in the tree with them. For some reason. Writing the tv's are fun. This is my wife when she was a little girl. She was raised in the country Silverton Oregon. And she loved the farm woodcutting is one of our favorite things. Boys just can't wait for the fall. To go woodcutting. That's Annalisa there in front she likes it too. They have their little chainsaws. They don't really cutting thing but they do move and make noise. The kind of look like chainsaws. If I had a video player. Rotating and all their animals all their friends. They love throwing wood off the truck. There's a large age to unloading the would drop. We got a sawmill not too long ago and so were hauling logs for the sawmill to make lumber. Really able to use the things that you have for the farmer able to use to be a blessing people I know you heard about the forest fires that we had in Washington this year. Devastating forest fires friend of my wife's lost their house they lost everything and. Praise the Lord you know in that area. Baptist Church was going around and for everybody that lost the house they built them a twelve by sixteen foot cabin. God has people. His people. True followers. Doing everything they know to be right. And they're out there working. And so I showed up later and helped insulate and after they were gone do the wiring. On the House and then. But I brought my sawmill over there and had all kinds of trees to choose from cutting down and made some wonder we made a new wood shed out of that room nice wood shed and also pole barn but that we had purchased the pressure treated stuff for that. But you find that the things that you haven't. Agriculture you can use to be a blessing to people in times of need. This is the trail that goes between our house in the farm. He got one of those game cameras. We're losing a lot of dear old us and we wondered what's going on and so here's some of the pictures. April nineteenth. June sixteenth. A ha there's anybody guess what that is. You young people who see it. Coyote. We do have all my neighbors game camera picked up. Not too long ago. We've got everything walls bears. Grizzly bears. We think that is. Notice the time stamp on that. To fourteen in the afternoon. Not line. Very same trail my children walk on. There's another one seven twenty four P.M.. You know we live in a world of sin. Amen we need God's protection. But God expects us to do the things we can do as well. There was a time in E.M.I. it says. Make a story. Long story short that the enemies didn't want God's people to reste or and rebuild Jerusalem it says they build it on the wall. And they that bear burdens with those that lated. Everyone with his hands wrought in the work. And with the other hand held a weapon. For the builders everyone has his sword girded by his side and so build it and he that sounded the trumpet was by the Nehemiah four seventeen and eighteen. You know we live in a world where people put more. We say they care more about animals and people. You know. And because of that lot of predators and things are in abundance where they really used to not be that way. But God expects us to do the things we can to protect ourselves. And all I can tell you everything that we've done. But one of things we did was we got to new dogs. One of them is name. Sequoia. And then the other one's name is Willow. And we have another dog named Cedar German Shepherd. But she's kind of small compared to these dogs. Willow is about one hundred ten pounds. And Sequoia one hundred forty. They're called Great Pyrenees. These big white. Teddy bear dogs. And they can kill wools. And they can drive Grizzlies away and they have a chance against mountain lions to. And so they're on patrol and. Anyway. I don't need to go more into that lot. Was afraid remember when I make this really short. He didn't want to flee the city he asked God when God told me got to get out of there. He didn't want to go because why. He was afraid that some evil beast might get him. Remember reading that. I cannot escape to the mountain let some evil take me and I die. Beholder Now this city is near unto it and of little one. Oh let me a scapegoat other isn't a little one in my social lives. God let him go ahead and do that and go to the little city but when he got there he realized you know what this place is in better shape is the one I left. And then he went and fled to a friend's can we trust God. Where did we have to work with God in our gardens in our farms. And in whatever challenges we face. God will be there for us. I'm going to just go through this because of lack of time. Always say a lot more in the sermon that I think I'm going to say. I could not sleep past two o'clock this morning. During the night season I was in council I was pleading with some families to veil themselves of God's appointed me and get away from the cities to save their children. Somewhere loitering making no determined efforts because Lott loitered. His wife ended up on the plane a pillar of salt with that quotes about. Let's not have a lingering spirit. Like Country Living pages six and seven. The same voice that warned lot to leave Saddam bids us come out from among them and be separate in touch not the unclean. Those who a baby those warning will find a refuge. Let every man be wide awake from self and try to save his family. Let him Gurdon self for the work. God will reveal. From point to. Here the voice of God through the Apostle Paul. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for it is God which work within you both to will and to do. Of His good pleasure. But he's not going to do the willing. Was a doing you've got to be the do are going to be like Moses. God didn't part that water and say Moses not go out there. He said what go forward as as he went forward in obedience to God's instructions. The water parted. Does God want you to be a farmer. Well. You need to answer that question you need study need to pray. Need look for Providence's are not going to do a sermon on how to determine God's will but I want to read this to you. The earth has its concealed treasures and the Lord would have thousands and tens of thousands. Working upon the soil who are crowded into the cities to watch for a chance to earn a trifle. Those who take their families into the country place. Them where they have fewer temptations. The children who are with parents that love and fear God. Are in every way much better situated to learn of the great teacher who is the source and fountain of wisdom. They have a much more favorable opportunity to gain a fitness for the kingdom of heaven. At Venice home page one forty three or forty three is probably not that many in their. Tens of thousands of farmers. Now this last point. Yes. Old Ones tens of thousands of farmers. Even if everybody here. And everybody watching on the internet because I know there's like twelve hundred last. Last night. Well we haven't even reached our first ten thousand right. So we need some farmers. And you know. The chiefest reason. Or one of the chiefest reasons which I haven't talked about yet. Is witnessing. And I don't have any points up there because I need to point points to remind me about it because it's so exciting. We've been having the most exciting things happening to us. One time we were walking through our farm. And they were asking us about the strawberries. Neighbors and they're saying oh we're going to come in buying a produce from you this year and. And then also in the mill conversation she turned around and said to my wife and. We had talked really about anything religious or whatever. She said. Do you give Bible studies in your home. We want to come your house and have Bible studies. Well what happened there. You know. Strange things have been happening. Just a few weeks ago. I was delivering raspberries to one of our customers has been buying from us for a few couple years and I've never mentioned anything religious. I don't think I've even. You know said Praise the Lord or anything. I might of some time but as I was leaving she said you know what. I don't know how the conversation. People are talking about in time events right now. She said you know what I think the pope has something to do with the end times. I didn't say anything and she's just coming out and talking about that. And she said. And you know what. I'm a Roman Catholic. Kind of whispered It said well said Would you like. If I brought you a D.V.D. on Bible prophecies. Like to watch that. With your husband said sure. So I brought to the D.V.D. and then I didn't. I gave it to her and. I didn't hear from her for a couple weeks. I think this might. I can't remember the whole the timing of it. And I was worried you know. I gave her something on prophecy that. Normally I don't do the very first topic. But she was so interested. And I finally got a hold of or. I came back to bring her some more varied. And she said oh that D.V.D.. I don't have it to give to you. I liked it so much I gave it to my neighbor loaned it to them to watch it. And I said I've got another one which you like to watch you know yeah. And so now I'm going to give her one on the prophecies of Jesus. And this was by anchor point films. And you heard those D.V.D.'s. I try to ask people have Bible studies with me but nobody ever does want to but they take D.V.D.'s. And so I can't feel too bad about that I guess but. I would say if you want to have a bible study the middle. What are you going to try and convert me to your church or something or maybe I come on too strong but if I ask him. And I'm not saying you should do that I'm just saying my experience has been. I've been sharing D.V.D.'s. And one of my neighbors has been watching D.V.D.'s and. I got a ride with them in. Truckers were plowing snow because I got stuck in my tractor and said you should get a truck with a snowplow you know and my truck is burn your or your tractor. Is all funny conversation but he started talking about all these things with. Well you know the hell Lindsay Left Behind series and how things are just Futurism and all the stuff that nobody used to believe in any denomination. If you go back fifty years or or further. They all didn't believe those things and idea I realized at that point that I. It's one thing to listen to a sermon and see it there. And point after point you go yeah. This all makes sense. This is. This is the truth. But when you're there in the middle of it. And some ways bring it up versus your lies. Maybe I don't know this as well as I thought I know it and. So it's been good for me. I need to close. I want to tell you one more story. In the same line. Jesus said five thousand people. What it is what the people want to do after he fed them. They want to make him king. My wife wonders where I am sometimes she comes down to the farm and she looks around she goes. Where is John really call out she just looks at the house no is not of the house. There's no cats or dogs or is it the greenhouse. Cats or dogs in from the greenhouse the office. Barn. No shop. Oh there's all the cats all the dog sit in front of shop. That's how she finds me just look where the animals are. Why do they follow me around on the one that feeds them. When you're a farmer. You're really uniquely positioned. You have trust. Or you build trust especially over time. You are uniquely positioned. To be able to share. The truth of the Bible with people and. So I think if you're Seventh Day Adventist you should be. This is my opinion I know I like to make things easy. So it's much more broad and complex I'm making it so don't take me totally serious but she's a be a doctor nurse. A preacher or a farmer. If we were all that we'd get to work done. You know I've tried knocking on doors and called porting before I tried to learn to be an evangelist. I went out with a call Porter in Tennessee. And we went door to door and he said. And this man was able to pay off his mortgage doing this and we got home he said. You should not be a call Porter says. I've never had this bad a day this cold day in my entire life. You go to of angels and. I was relieved because I like knocking on the doors cold but when people already know you. And they're bringing up the up the subjects. How easy is it. I love it. Well. We need to close. God would have ten thousand. Thousands and ten thousands of farmers. He may be speaking to you. I have quotes and here about don't being rash. Don't just read the book country living and read it all the way through don't make rash moves. God wants everything to be done decently and in order and. I know you're tending these meetings here. Or maybe you're watching online. There's a lot of instruction that if you pay attention to it if you heat it. It will help you not make rash moves. Let's pray that God will bless us in the rest of these meetings I mean. Thank you for giving me the time to speak to you Father in heaven. There may be people online or people here wondering if you have a plan for their life. Maybe they're unemployed. Maybe they're thinking of changing Floyd maybe they're worried about their family or their children. Let them know that you brought them here to hear this message and you brought me here to share with them to sell them on the fact that you love them. That your plans and thoughts of them are for good and not for evil to give them an expected and I pray that you'll be with us. Help us to know your will help us to encourage each other in the straight and narrow path. And I pray that you help also the things that we're learning here to stick in our mind not only for own best benefit. But that we can share with others and be a witness and a help to those around us when we go back to our homes. We pray that you'll be with us. The rest of this evening. Give us a good night's rest Elba's tomorrow and help us to be prepared for the soon coming seven plus prepared for Jesus they we pray. This media was brought to you by audio person a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio first. Or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave visit. W W W dot audio person. Dot org.


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