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Some Seeds Fell

Whitmar McConnell


Whitmar McConnell

Owns and operates Golden Moment Farm in Means, KY



  • November 14, 2015
    11:00 AM


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This is actually based on. Proverbs four seven where it says wisdom is the principal thing. What is wisdom wisdom is right action. Wisdom is right action. Wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom. And then all your getting get understanding. And from education page to twenty five True education imparts this wisdom. It teaches the best use not only one. But of all our powers and acquirements character building is the most important work ever and trust of the human beings. Never before. Never before was its diligence studies so important is now. Never was any previous generation called to me to shew so momentous. Never before were young men and young women confronted by perils so great as confront them today. I commented on what wisdom is. But I want to comment on what the other two are. Because I talk thirteen hours on the ideal or models boil. During the session and is the foundation of what I taught. And you could see the title of the message here's some seeds fell. Which may give the idea we may look at the parable of the Sower understanding the character of the soil. Restoring the image of God. Is that our purpose is to restore the image of God. Knowledge is a knowledge of the Holy. It's an awareness of events. It's a and accepting of the truth. Understanding is the right action of the will. And the results of those things. Now you could call that when I say the right action of the will. It's the a motive force. It's how we feel about that truth that we've we've learned and. These two things there's that there's that there are two aspects of life that is important you understand in order to rightly understand the character of God or the character of the soil. Our own character. Knowledge is fixed. The character of God What is God say about himself. I don't change. It's fixed. And it doesn't matter whether we accept that or we don't accept that it doesn't matter whether we agree with it or disagree with it it doesn't matter if we choose to obey it or not choose to obey it. That is fix. It is determined and we're not going to change that. The real thing that we have control over. Is the random part. And I know Steve. You're in here he don't like to or invent fluid. Maybe fluid. The fluid part of life and that is the will is the right action of the will. They were told that we need to understand. And so is the coming together of those two things. That brings wisdom. That brings action. And if there's no action in life. There's no testimony. So we need to understand all of three of those things and I hopefully as we go through this. You'll understand that a knowledge of the Holy is the beginning of wisdom. So get wisdom. Get right action. But in getting that get the understanding of it which is the right action of your will. This is an admonition that I try to follow all the time. It's a quote from Thomas a campus who has a monk who didn't quite see things the way. He was supposed to. If you can see things the way they are really are and not merely the way men report them to be. Then you are wise. And God is your teacher. And not man. The theme of this conference is restoring the waste places. So my question to you is where are the waste places. It's one thing to say we want to restore the ways places but where are they. We now live in a world where food destroys health law destroys justice. Education destroys knowledge. Government destroys freedom. Commerce destroys economy and religion destroys morals. Would you call out a way Slate's is that the ways place we need to restore they share this profile. This quote from the second chapter of Christ object lessons which addresses the parable of the sower. That which the parable of the Sower chiefly deals with my apologies for the mistake to deals with is the S. fact the effect here that word the effect produced on the seed. By the soil into which it is cast in other words is to effect of the still on the seed. Those are the conditions that we live under. That's the human condition and. My question is when I asked if that's where the waste places are. Is that where is that where we solve the problem. Now. She's a she says that these are effects. These are conditions. We live. We live on the plane of effect. What happens to us. It's what's happening to us right now. But the causes for those effects were put into motion a long time ago. Possibly. Now if you put your hand on a stove and you burn it. Well. The cause was you put your hand on the stove and you burn it and the cause and effect it happened immediately. But in most cases. Causes could have been put in motion. Days ago. Weeks ago. Months ago years ago. Decades of go. Generations ago. You know when when the disciples brought the blind man to Jesus and they asked him who stand this man or his parents. What was Jesus' answer. Neither the causes were put into motion. And he was innocent of them. He's just suffering the consequences of them. How many things happen in life that you were innocent of the you had nothing to do is one of the things we don't understand is not only are there effects produced by our choices. But there are facts that are produced in the aggregate they're produced there are facts produced by the aggregate of humanity. And these things are set into motion in the effects come into being and look around the world today. And it's condition. We didn't as individuals have everything to do with the causes for that. But as a collective of humanity we had those choices. So where are the waste places. All those are just the effects. Those are the waste places that have been affected. I don't think where the waste places are yet. Why are they waste places as the more important question. Why are they waste places. Is it. Are the conditions that are in the world today. Are those the conditions that you wanted as those the conditions you hope for. And yet those are the conditions that we have something went wrong in the process of knowledge and understanding and action. There are contradictions here. Even with your own lives yes yourself the question personally you don't need to tell me. Talk to God out of that in your own life. Are the outcomes are they the conditions that are in your own life or the conditions that you want to be you could be honest with yourself I mean maybe they are but I can tell you that the conditions that I have in my life right now are not everything that I want them to be so. Somewhere along the line. There are other ways places. There are ways places that are causing effects and producing waste places throughout the peril again from Christ object that says I apologize it in put the. The reference on here. It's just a couple pages over throughout the parable of the store. Christ represents the different results of the sewing. As depending on the soil. In every case this seat in the cellar of the same. Dusty teaches that if the Word of God fails of accomplishing its work in our hearts and our lives. The reason is to be found in ourselves. Now I have up there. Understanding the character of the soil and if any of you were in my class. You know discovered that there is a direct relation. By the Bible says the body in the mind are one. So you corrupt one. And you're going to corrupt the other you corrupt the other. You're going to crop. If you're going to cross that one. And so you can't separate those two things. And if you're looking at the character the soil. We use some of these slides in the presentation. There is that if you were to say go. Take a sterile science class. They'd bring as pie chart up everybody it's a consensus that this is the ideal soil. That it has this makeup. There's a solid aspect. And there's a fluid aspect. There is a fixed. Flaw. And there is a will there's a random will. That can make make a choice. And when those two things come together. They produce a living being. You need to go to Genesis and we read about how to God. Creative. He formed us from the dust of the earth and he breathed into our Mal's the breath of life. And then why do we become a living being. What other word can you put on that. Well you could put a stolen in but it is really a witness. What was God doing. What did he tell man to do. He said to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth fill it with why well what were we made in the energy of God said it twice let us make man in OUR image. In our image let us make man. So we need to differentiate something here. A little bit. The human condition is one thing. Human nature is another thing. What was the nature. What was the nature of man. Based on what I just said it was the image of God. It was supposed to be the image of God now. I'm not going to take a lot of time to because I think you understand that that image is been deformed. And so it doesn't. It doesn't reflect that character anymore. But this organic matter this space wall percentage that comes out is that witness. Now what they represent in there is a witness. Of those have gone before so to be like reading books and and learning from taking the experience of others. I'm not going to spend a lot of time doing this oil science thing today I want to stand the spiritual stuff today. But that is our experience. That is our testimony. That is our witnessed. And the real question is then though this is the got the it's gone before. But this see the picture to the right. That's a living witness. It's a living witness. But something us there's that there's two aspects in is that we need to understand. And we're going to. I hope I'm going to talk in farming terms but you know I'm and hoping that I might help you understand a little bit better I'm actually in Cook going to do this in a cup and another way and that's via computers. I'm not high tech. I barely keep my head above water but I think that there's a relevant illustration of the same thing here in this picture. You have life. Interacting with the atmosphere which is the environmental influences. But what you don't see in this picture is the soil. That's supporting that life is still that interfaces with that atmosphere. The mineral that interacts with the air in the water and knowledge of God and understanding. And there's a witness. And this happens to be a beautiful witness. I wouldn't mind. Walking there. But let's look at it so I can try to help you here and I remember I said that the knowledge of the holy there's knowledge understanding and wisdom. And it's necessary to have all three of those. You know my daughter and dealing in the difficulties with my daughter but she's a pretty good spirits about it. But one of the things that she shared with me because it's kind of made her think spouse and things a little bit deeper. Is she said you know. Fifty percent of the kids at school he or she is a senior in college. One of our universities in Canada. She said fifty percent of the kids here don't attend school. The church anymore. They say there's too much hypocrisy. Another term for that is contradiction. The thought. The feelings. And the actions are not adding up. It's a legitimate. It's a legitimate observation on their part. And the real question for us is how do we make them add up to let's look at a computer and see if we see the same. Same pattern in it and try to understand what these things are human beings are programmable kind of like a computer. Now we're not computers. So don't take this too far. There's just an illustration here for us to help us understand where the waste places are like a computer if a human being has a bad. File system format. Conditions during a child's formative years. Here see the word format in their Scarlett's that formative years. If you're in Joshua's Joshua White's classes I'm sure you heard that. That's usually the years there was a six. That's a hard drive on a computer that has to be formatted correctly. It has the right Lee represent what it is supposed to do you know I brought up the idea of what is a what is human nature. Well and what is a condition. Well. What is the nature of a computer. Well it's a computer. It's designed to do computing. What is its condition. Well it depends on what we're going to talk about here. So file systems. If human being has a fab file system format and other words when you're when you're formatting. How you know life. You're going to define everything up from that. And if that. If that formatting is bad then you can have trouble from there. But let's listen to whole thing through and then we'll go as a human being as a bad. File system format. Which of the conditions during a child formative years. A bad operating system. The atmosphere. The culture that we live in that influences us. In my class we talked about the sun and the rain in the wind and the various influences it's the atmosphere at the influence that we're in a bad operating system or culture or atmosphere environment. And a bad software and bad software which is our belief which can be either accurate or Rony us. Their output their behavior. On the screen. Quote screen or life will be bad. So at any one of these levels. You can create contradiction. The wrong outcomes. Now I ask the question. If you look at the condition of the world around us and if you're if you haven't watched the news last night or this morning it's you know it's just more of the. The same. Horror. What we want what we say we want. It's not what we have. So somewhere along this line something is not right. And I am I being unreasonable and saying that either. Either are hard drive if you want to put it that way. And if you want to put it that way as far as the soil goes the minerals. A solid part of that. Or operating system which is our understanding of how to use that knowledge or. The fluid part of the soil the air in the water and would include the environmental influences the software the belief systems we develop as a result of that the output. The behavior is going to be that it's not going to be what we want. We're going to have conditions that we we don't want. You know I read here throughout the parable of the Sower Christ represents a different result of the sewing is depending upon the still in every case the seed in a store the same. That's He teaches that if the Word of God fails of accomplishing it's worked in our hearts and our lives. The reason is to be found in ourselves. And she continues on this next slide. But the result is not beyond our control. True we cannot change ourselves. Now when I'm finished rain and I go back to that. But the power of choice is ours. And it rests with us to determine what we will become so well the conditions may not be what we want them to be. They are not beyond our control. They're not beyond our choice to make change. Now it says. The power of the choice is ours. It's the right spirit is the right understanding. It rests with us to determine what will become. We will become. We're still looking for the waste places in one of the waste places soil. It's not constructed right. The solid part of it the fixed part of it is not right. We're broken folks. The fluid part of it a random part of it the. The air in the water. Can't be right. If the law is not correct if the solid part of the fixed part of it is not correct. The fluid part of it cannot properly understand. And as a consequence Now we looked at that picture it was beautiful flowers and on a beautiful day. But I can tell you this year I saw some pretty ugly stuff. I had tomatoes grown in a high tunnel and. They were beautiful. But now we just started with this farm we've we've just recently started with this farm it's own starting to do all the remain a laissez Sion and reconstruction of the soil and and. So we're not there yet but these tomatoes grew they were eight feet tall and I bet when I fit tell a story that's going to be a bunch of people shaking their heads out there yeah that's what happened to me this year. Because I was a kind of year was. They were eight feet tall they were beautiful green from the bottom of the top. Covered with trust of the tomatoes and various stages of ripening. And then the rains came and a cloud cover came in it didn't leave for a long time. There wasn't enough energy input because of a lack of photosynthesis. And then. Early blight came along. Which is a potassium deficiency which I knew I had. And unfortunately I was having to travel back and forth. And I was unable to address it as much as I would like to. But they succumb to that. Now it looked like everything was fine. They looked beautiful. I hadn't. Neighbors over and they say Wow wish I could grow tomatoes like that. Until the stresses of the culture. You want to put it that way. The environment. Came. And they succumb to it. A lot of times we think that we're doing fine. When in reality we're were malnourished. Finally those pressures. His stresses from the environment lifted in the sun came back out and everything and. The interesting thing was its plan started growing again they were green and beautiful on the top. But the. But the lesson for me is that we may not be where we think we are spiritually. Are we really going to be able to handle the stresses that are going to come. If you have your eyes open at all remember what I shared in the beginning. You've got exponential rise in crisis in every aspect of life right now they're climbing at a vertical pace. Now. And could correct. Could collapse at any time. I can tell you that the food system is in serious trouble. But even if it wasn't in serious trouble is heavily dependent on interventions. The whole world is dependent on interventions. And they're not they're not the kind of interventions that are healing and restoring to the kind of insurance interventions Well I call him suppressive interventions. You could call them time buying interventions. If you wanted to be belligerent you could call them. Message killers. But what they do is they suppress the symptoms. The effects. So they were deluding into the deluded into the idea that things are a lot better than they are. And then we go on with our lives. Pretending like. We're not in the condition that we're in. But it will only take one thing if the Just Say for example the financial system collapses. Everything collapses with it. Where there was at the point of collapse or not. And so even if you could produce food. It's not going to go anywhere. It's not going to get transported. It's not going to get delivered to the stores you're not going to have access to it and beyond that what's worse than that what. What do you think would happen. What do you think would happen if all of these interventions wherewith withdrew. Were taken away. What do you think would happen to the food system where you would you think it would happen to people's health and their ability to function. We are so propped up by interventions right now that we don't know how sick we are to take those away and what was the condition be. But we don't know our condition because we have so many some. So many of these interventions there for kind of interventions by the way just so you have a perspective on that. There's these time buying or suppressive interventions that are delusional in their nature. They distract this dissuade us divert is none of this to the realities of life. But then there are cleansing interventions. And we need cleansing. And there are nourishing interventions and we need nourishment. And then there are divine intervention and. We all need those and will take and whenever we can get them. But I'm still looking for. I hope you recognize that it is far as the soul goes. Look at the. Look at the condition I have a second daughter. Now. Who I had to I thought I was late because it was after eleven o'clock I was racing down here that I had to deal with to try to figure out how to get her grandparents to go pick her up who stick. The food supplies terrible folks. Terrible. I haven't been able to have my own food for the last two and a half years because of. You know other issues and. I feel like at age ten years in just two years. But I had a. You know a second child gets sick and had to arrange to have her gone. Picked up from Academy and. Things are bad. The soil is not right. We use a lot of interventions there. To to make it look like it is. But it's not. And it's sick. It's a clear indication to us of the condition of humanity from the physical side memorised edit the body in the mind are one when the physical side it is sick. But we're still looking for. Why their waste places where is the source of it. If we can read that OK. We need to go to the mind and Isaiah that. He says that the were sick in the head. Now we don't like to hear things like that but we are sick and ahead. One of the myths think I always hear that because I'm like is that people upset with me if. So let's look at the mind. Because the mind is the citadel of the soul is the governing. Part. And I'm putting mind here not brain but there's that there's a connection. The physical and the spiritual interface with each other and one depends on the other there's. If you have no physical. It would be like having a sanction and no sanctuary for the into elling of God or to have it. You know the end willing God But the Course is no science where have a sanctuary in Gaza not dwell in it. What good would one be without the other. So let's look at the mine. Will look at the brain. And I didn't put this up here I just on here I want you to just kind of invision a little bit I don't know how much you know about the brain. But there are different parts to the brain. And the most basal part of the brain is called The are complex. It's the survival. Part of the brain is the fight in the flight the reactive part of the brain. And then there's the limbic system which is a little bit higher up in the middle. And that's where the emotions are seated. And if there's any balance functionary you don't experience the normal range of emotions. And then there's the neocortex. And that's what we see that wrinkle the great stuff that's up here on the top. And that's where a conscious thought. Takes place. That's where the consciouses. That's where the will is. That's where the village to choose right and wrong is. But up in the neocortex. There's a left side. And there's a right side. And they they perform different functions. The left side is the end elect. It's the logic. The analytical thought the science and math. Linear. It is determined. It is lawful this tends to be. And I don't want to give anybody a comfortable terminology but this tends to be the masculine expression. This is. This is the man. Now it doesn't mean the the man doesn't have the other side of the brain hopefully does because we're going to see here in just a minute that. What happens when you don't. But the right side of the brain is the intuitive side. It's the fluid side. It's the will. And it's creativity emotion. Nurture big picture. The fluid side or the will. That's kind of how the brain works. And it's you know just decide on this that and that's tends to be more the makeup of women. Their brain tends to be more in the right side of the brain. But again. If they're always in the right side of the brain we're going to see here in a minute or anybody is and not balanced with the left then. It causes lots of problems. How to how when when God created women where did he do. He took it from out inside right. He didn't take it from Adam's head been taken from as feat took it from took it from his side. And so they stand side by side. It's important to understand this stuff because the these illustrations are all over the place is how God is we're an image of God and how we should be. So let's look at the mental schism here because we're tracing down where the waste places are the left side of the brain is intellect now I put in a like there on purpose because it is not intelligence. It's not intelligence intelligence. It's a combination of the Analects and intuition or the generative they call it the generator principle. And that's where the term intelligence comes from the gents' part of it comes from general the the the Latin. And that's where it comes from it's a balance it's a combination of those two things. But what happens when your mom your brain or your mind is too far leaning. Towards the intellect. Towards. This is this is what's fixed. The law. Keep those things in the Mind you wind up with rigid skepticism. You see this in in academia. A lot now and it doesn't have to be in academia at all. It's where there's skepticism. You know. Universal skepticism about any everything. You have scientism. Now. I didn't bet. Scientism is not science science. Scientism is where you've you think that everything is material. And your whole your whole perspective is based on only the material world. Not taking into consideration anything beyond that it leads to atheism. Where everything again. Is material. There is no. There is no God there is no creator. It's just a material world that has happened by chance. Then there's moral relativism. Where there is no. There are no absolutes. There is no wrong or right. Because it's all just random it's just by chance it's just material there's no. It's just a matter of my opinion over your or your opinion will see that was one of the. The ones down here. There's social Darwinism and think about these things when you think about the world around you. And what's happening in the world around you. Their social Darwinism. And what that means is that some people are more advanced than other people. Some people are more intelligent than other people some people are more are better physically bill. You could add a whole lot of things on our But in this particular social Darroze where some people are more important than others and that leads to some people thinking they have the right to control others. Then you have eugenics. This all of course naturally leads to the idea that some people are more fit than others. And so therefore those people who are more fit have the right to determine who should live. And who should die. It also leaves the solaces and most you've probably never heard the term. This is predominate in the New Age of it it actually happens in on this side to solid citizen is as the. The idea that you. The only thing you can know is what's in your own mind. You can't really know anything. And so everything around you is just an illusion that you make up in your mind. Which is kind of demoralizing to everybody around you that you only exist in your mind when in reality you actually do exist. But this is a major major tenet of the the new age movement. And all other teachings as you can. So you don't really need to. You can't really know anything so whatever. You know whatever matters to you whatever makes you happy that's it and you can choose not to the bigger problem with this is you can choose not to see what's happening around you. It's not really happening in other words there is no such thing as right and wrong. There is no such thing as good and evil. So you're closing your eyes. Let me ask you is there such a thing as evil. You'd have to be blind not to see that but the devil's good at blinding us. And what you wind up on this side with is authoritarianism. You're seeing that more and more and. If you don't know that the whole Sabbath Sunday issue is going to be related to this. Who has ownership. Who has ownership. We call it authority. This man have ownership which is God have ownership. So let's go look at some of the characteristics of the of an extreme. Well we see on the side here. When this happens when there is an M. balance to this side. It drives the executive function of the brain down into the are complex. To the survival mode. There is it's. There's no conscious. Governance. Going on in an intelligent way. They now of it and so this results in survival of the fittest mentality south. Self preservation. And you know the answer sting thing is if you were to go out on a street you were to represent these things the way they really happen. Even to a lot of Christians they would have they would they would say. Yeah this is what I think this is what I think. So what happens if you're on the extreme you see there's an extreme unbalance on the right side to the detriment of the of the left side. You have naive it to a. You're naive. You. You have blind belief you just accept things just because or. There's that's what you're told the way they are. There's a religious extremism on this side. Which we could spend the whole day. Going into that. There's feelings of unworthiness. I have no value. Self-loading. You don't like yourself and. One of the interesting things with this is the. Both wise up here. These things are brought about let me finish and then we'll share that it were it winds up leading to order following. I just do what people tell me. Solid says and again. You can't really know anything except what's in your own mind. And you become willing slave. Willing slavery. Now as I'm reading this please I want you to think Is that what our world is starting to look more and more like it is. Let me say this hurt people hurt people. You know what I'm saying. And most of the her comes from this that this feeling of abandonment. Now it can be either. As a child but it can be either. Abandonment it has actually happened where you. You know your parents have not surrounded you and nurtured you. And value doing everything but it comes from a much deeper thing. And that is that is the abandonment of God. The feeling that God that that we are disconnected that we are separated from God. And we're feeling all of these things. As a result of that. And unless we can. We can address that issue. Then sometimes a lot of these things can't be changed so that leads to the worldview schism. Now that was the the mental Oh let me let me just back up here on this side what happens is executive function. Goes to the limbic system. The center of the emotions and emotions drive. Everything you do is just emotion there's no anchoring there's no defy definition of life everything is just. You can't know the way that people put it. OK so this leads to a worldview schism. And you'll see other colors changed here. A color switched. So that the action on the part of these parts. When the left brain is overbalanced with the intellectual isn't the fixed part of it the law part of it without an another standing of it. You know how your brain the left side controls the right side your body. And the right side controls the left side your body. Well. The opposite happens is actually acted out in the real world. And that's randomness. The universe is a grand accident. Has no purpose. There is no creator therefore there is no underlying intelligence in nature. There is no such thing as morality. Existence has no purpose. But to exist or survive. And the hallmarks of this. Are scientism atheism and of those other things. And control. We try to control everything in our world including other people. The other side of that is again. The red the right side. The switching and expressing itself. Like the left brain. Would God controls everything. Event in creation. You ever heard from anybody. All occurrences are pre-ordained free will is an illusion. And does not exist. God controls everything. And changes impossible. Action is ultimately meaningless. And the hallmarks of this are religious extremism and slavery or are bondage and. All this comes about because there's not a right. Ordering of the mine or a not a right ordering of the soil. Either one of them. They're both relevant. So let's look at what is it so that the real problem here is not only in the soil. But ultimately it's in our minds. Our minds are sick they're not they're not working for properly we're not we're not clear. Correctly. And what is determined. And what is random. We're not understanding and what that. What is the character of God. What is the law of God. Do we understand it correctly. And as Duran apart. The right action of the Will Do we understand what. What that is so that we can take the right action. The image of God in the Bible says that God is love. Our goal is to represent the image of God. What is a generated principle. In this process. It's low. I will says God is love. Another word you could put on the year you're awake. I know some people may be uncomfortable the term conscious but you're. It's consciousness if you're awake. And you're open your open and receptive to leading the opposite of that is fear. I don't put it on here but the obvious that I was fear your phrase to open yourself up. You're afraid of what might happen what chaos might come into your life. Whereas love opens itself up to whatever comes in order to achieve its purpose. And you see that and Chrysler life is as death on the cross. The initiating expression of that is knowledge and acceptance of truth. Now. I'm leaving. I encourage you all to go back and read this chapter of the second chapter of Christ object lessons on the parable of the seller. I'm not really going through the parable. But she says that there is this is because of its simplicity it's not appreciated. For all of the. All of the value that it has in it. But the initiating expression here is knowledge and knowledge of the whole is the beginning of wisdom it's an acceptance of truth. And remember we're sick in the head. We're not we're not right. And I'm going to share about that before we're done about that the two things that are happening in the world simultaneously. That are pulling the world in in a delusion. So knowledge and acceptance of the truth. What is the opposite of knowledge. Ignorance. Ignore and ignore and. Now that's not Nash and many of you have maybe never heard the term Nashton sin don't know what it means the Nationals is simply the information is not available. So you can't know. That's different and that's different than ignorance. Ignorance implies that the information is available. The truth is available. And it's either being disregarded. Or rejected. And that's the opposite of knowledge. A rejection of Truth. Are you ignoring and ignoring of truth. What is the internal expression inside of us. Because there's an internal expression and then it's going to be an actor no expression we're going to act and life. The internal expression is already. What I mean by that. Internal monarchy. The word monarch means one ruler. That means. One ruler. God is governing our lives were were in self that we have self-control. What's the opposite of that anarchy. Anarchy. And that is that is chaos. Kind of like the world around us and chaos internally. There is no self there is no governance. There is no self control. It's chaos. And then the extra expression of that is freedom and. I'll put another word on that. Anarchy. Now. I know you may not think that that's the appropriate word to quote Anarky. The term anarchy does not mean no rules. The term Anarky means. No ruler. No X. turn a ruler. That man does not rule over you because God is already governing your life. That's what it means. And what's the opposite of that. We're back to the monarchy thing about Yemen. It's a ruler. But it's not God is your ruler. It's man. As your ruler. And what is the manifestation of this order. In the Bible. Well. In the get the zero in on. Then I'll say it. That is manifested good order. God is a God of order. But that is manifestly good it's not that you just line everything up and it's all in order as a unit. You can't. This is a process that has to begin from the very foundation. And it has to be brought to be. Into being with every single one of those things being in place you can't substitute or leave out one of the other. But it comes to the place where there. We are manifesting good. We are we're reflecting the image of God. What is the opposite of that. It's chaos again. It's the manifestation of evil. Violence bondage. Slave MN fear. All of those things and again on that other side. You. You can't make all these together. One is going to result. With this specific outcome and the other going to result with a specific outcome. And so if we want to restore the image of God. If we don't have the right knowledge. We won't have the right understanding and we won't take the right actions. We won't be in control of ourselves. Or I should say God won't have it and won't be in control. You know you remember the Israelites back and saying it was day and what did they want to do. They wanted a king. And what did God tell them Samuel's of the sale and what he's well I'm I'm your god. I'm your god. But they insisted. Even after God told him what the consequences would be. Of having a man. Ruling over them. They didn't care. They wanted to they wanted to King like that that the people around them. And what happened. And bring forth fruit. Those who having heard. Keep it. Having heard the word I'm sorry. Keep it. Having kept it will bring forth fruit in obedience. The Word of God received in the soul will be manifested in good works. It is read its results will be seen in a crisis like character and life. Christ said of himself. I delight to do that I will my God. Yeah. By law is within my heart. So we have both here. Jesus is saying that he delights. To exercise his will and accordance with the Father's will. His understanding is in chords with the with the with God understanding. And his law is within his heart. He is governed by the law of God. What is determined. And what is random here are fluid. Whichever term makes you more comfortable. He is practicing. And so if you were to read more and I well I mean let me just say here there are two movements going on in the world right now. And I know one of them is going to make you uncomfortable by me saying. There is a spiritual formation movement. That is assaulting the spiritual nature of man and that most of most of you heard of that. Heard about it. It comes in different terminologies. But a key word in as that formation is formation. Not reformulation. And there's another movement which is the ones going to make you uncomfortable when I say if it's the organic movement. Is a movement that is addressing the physical nature of man and. We don't. We we like that idea. I know a lot of people in the same room do. And there are a lot of good things about it. So just because you've embrace that doesn't mean that you're evil. But I just want to be sure that everybody understands what the generative principle of the organic movement is. It's that there's an inherent goddess. To nature. Another thing is pansy another term for that is pantheism. The spheres of formation movement. Is that there's an inherent goddess to man. And that man will form a zone godhood. They're the same thing both from the physical side. And the spiritual side. Now. I know it's reasonable to want to embrace things. Race here again equipment and I'm saying. Not telling you not to. But I just want you to be knowledgeable that you're pursuing truth. It sounds reasonable because it's natural. And you would believe that because it's natural. Then that would be what God would do. But let me be clear about something here. We are broken. There is no member I said What is the nature of man. Will the nature of man of the image of God right. Or was the question is it now. You know there is a no inherent ability in us anymore. To of ourselves. Restore the image of God. There isn't. And there is no more ability of nature. To inherently restore the image of God. Then we have the differences. As that we have a conscience. We have the will to obey or disobey God. Nature does not disobeying God. But it no longer has the ability. Because it's broken. There's things that are missing. There's things that are exaggerated. And so it no longer has the ability to inherently. It's not going to hit the Earth is not going to heal itself it will do everything in its power to heal. And in fact some of the things that it does. And then attempt to heal. We think is evil. When you've got dandelions grown in your lawn nature is trying to heal the land. And we want to get it out. The devil the devil can't create anything. On his own. He can only take what God created and deform it. So they expressed as something other than the image of God. But it's important that we understand these two principles. When we're pursuing these things because that's what the it's the spiritual formation movement is thing. It's saying that you know we just have to go into our own mind. And the devil loves this. He loves it because he knows that when we do that we have now given ourselves over to the authority of man. And whose authority does. Man have whose authority to put it into the dragon give his authority to. And so alternately or. You're submitting yourself to the authority of Satan and doing that and then by and so it's not that critical of saying with the with the. The organic movement thing and the respect that you know the practices are not what's at issue here perhaps per se. It's the principle. It generated principle that drives that movement. And God is giving God has given us something better is giving us something better and if we. We have to. We have to go to the Word of God. We have to go to nature. And God and nature's God and ask her redemption. To ask for restoration and. Because of that what we need. Is Christ's righteousness. We need His righteousness. Now I do so a consulting and. I've I've come to understand I believe what the character of the soil should be. I didn't come to that understanding merely from science I came from things of that understanding by laying the word down first. What is the criteria of God's word that I should look for in nature. What should what should it be achieving. And so this is what we need. And I forgot to put it in here but you know she says that we not only need. The redemption of Christ. We need to get we need a whole character of Christ. We need a life of Christ. So I will leave this with you that we let this mind. Be a new which was also in Christ Jesus. That's from Philippians five and. I've deliberately I should share with the people unlike last I did it on purpose. I actually put something into my presentation that was not true and. I don't know if I should reveal it to the people who are there now. Or if I should like to. I encourage what I'm saying is I want to encourage you don't take anything that I said I'm nobody. Don't take anything that I've said for granted. Don't accept anything just because I said it go and investigate it for yourself because I love pieces out of this. I love pieces out deliberately because I want you to go and study it and investigated and make sense of it and see is what I'm saying in harmony with the truth. Or is it just a bunch of hooey. That I made up. I guess I'll tell everybody so that we had a picture. We would look at the soil biology and. There was a picture of a giant earthworm with a handle on it. So I mean it was huge it looked like it was the size of me. And I said that there really are three rooms that big. There really aren't earth firms up big. But the question is how many people would have gone and said Wow. I never seen an earthworm that big. I'm going to go check that out and see that that would be incredible to see an earthworm that big. Now this is. This is a harmless thing that I that I put in there. But I put it in there. So that I could illustrate this is that it's easy for a little thing to be slipped in on us if we're not careful. And that little thing can begin leaving us away from the truth. I'm sure you guys would have all all investigated me on the and check that. But again. Here is where the ways places. And here. And we can. We can deal with symptoms are a fact all day long and it will make it won't do any good. On do any good. It won't change any of it. It's when we actually go in here and here. And we go on our knees to God. And we ask him for a knowledge of the Holy. And the wisdom that comes with it. And the understanding. To exercise that was done. That's pretty. Father in heaven. We know that it's your desire that we know you. We know that it's your desire that we understand you. We know that it's your desire that we manifest your image. In this world. So that those in this world can see the contrast between your character. Your love your mercy. Your graciousness your order that brings peace to life. And we just pray that this time spent together. The fellowship throughout this week. Study the listening the learning. Would have brought us to a deeper knowledge and understanding of you. And I just pray now that it would stick with of that we would retain it. But also that we wouldn't stop there. That we would continue coming to you because we need to know you. We need your mind. In our mind and your heart in our hearts. Because without it. There is no life. And that's what you said you came to do was to give us life. And to give us life more abundantly. And we just ask that you would do that we ask that you would help us no matter where we are no matter how weak. Our soil is it by you. We can be healed. We can be restored in those ways places can be restored. And not only can the may be restored. But they can be restored to the place where they become their lives and our witness is pressed down and overflowing. Because it's only then when our lives become president and overflowing that we have something to share and give to others. Of a knowledge or you. Of who you are so I just pray that you would do that I pray that you would bless the continued time here. That it would be a sweet experience. And I also ask that we really truly do understand what it means to keep Sabbath. To rest. To rest in what you have done. Not only in creation. But in salvation. And what you will do with our lives. And that reality T.V. this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermon revisit W W W dot. Audio person. Dot org.


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