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It's Time- Q & A

Eric Johnson


Eric Johnson

Principal of Fresno Adventist Academy



  • November 12, 2015
    9:15 AM


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There is an individual that. Met with me last week. And they they said Eric. They said I've been waiting so long. So long and they just met on Tuesday. To sell their their practice. And they're going to come in volunteer full time. Full time. On the campus. Along with our wife. To to partner in this. And growing this. I tell you guys I believe this will all my heart's God does not lack for his school in his church for resources. We lack because we lack the faith to step out of the boat. And trust him too often. Too often we only want to move. When we see the money in front of us or we see the way provided for that's not God how that's not how God wants us acts. He says. Trust me. And if we know. We are standing on biblical principles. And if we're standing on Spirit of Prophecy friends will. We can move in faith and we can know we can say. Let's let's move forward. And the resources will come. And I believe that God is going to pour out resources on this campus. On our school. As we continue to be aligned with where he's going now. I got to be clear. I'll be going to be clear. I've shared this with my board and share this with many individuals in the in the in the constituency. You can't just flip a switch and turn. Massive institution. Overnight. It's like turning a massive ship. But as I've shared with David. Many many times we as continually keep turning that rudder and you get to thirty ninth and continually day by day. Month by month. More and more in line with what God wants to see. And as we do so more and more people that have been on the sidelines. Their money has been on the sidelines. Their resources. Our starting to come on. And they're coming on and they come in saying you know what we need to be involved with this. And need to be engaged with this. And the farm is spurring us. Bring us in many other areas. Last year last year for the first time ever in the history of present Cademy we had a student led revival series. Never happened before. But you know what happened. It didn't come as a result of a faculty sit around say we're going to do this. Students came in my office. And they said can we do this. We want to preach. And so you know we did. We had area pastors that came together and we. They mentor them and work with them. And for an entire week. We had kids who were standing up preaching the Word of God. And then last spring after the series. They came in my office again they said they said Mr JOHNSON. Can we do this again. And so we just concluded it last week. We just concluded our second one. And last year. The theme was knowing Jesus. This year. The theme was knowing the truth in Jesus and that in the theme was this we believe. And we had our students standing up. Sharing what we believe as Seventh Day Adventists from the Sabbath. Through the resurrection. To eternal hell to do all those different. Biblical principles of what we believe when you know what happens when you die. And those seven things they're standing up and preaching God's word. And and. Can I say that it's. It is a direct. Can I scan I have a point of reference where I say this is because of the farm. I don't have any direct collaboration other than I know that. What God is doing with our farm is is is breeding and fostering a spirit. On our campus where our kids are searching. And they're wanting something deeper and it we're just we're just touching the surface. We're just scratching the surface of what God really wants to see happen. With is a source integrating it. Because a lot of work effort. Over the last two years has been putting the infrastructure in place. Getting the getting the infrastructure going. And a lot of the energy is important to getting it up and going and running. And David I talk every week we talk. And we're going to be now shifting in point more resources into the kids and into the program and into the school. As we continue growing this. Our prayer. You're going to be. There's a question let me just share this with quick. Our prayer is not that this is just a farm. There's a successful farm. It's not just a good school. But I show we share with you a day because David asked me point blank is it Eric. He said what you're buying. I said my buy in is long term. And I said. We have to be looking at this from a much bigger scale and my prayer is that this school can be a model that we can bring teachers. One day. If God holds back the went to strive. One day. We could bring teachers from all across North American division. To Fresno account to me and say hey here's what God has led us to do. We don't want to hold it in a say well. It's our little secret. And we're going to we're going to do it here for our blessing. No. We want to share it. Share that so that other institutions who are maybe in similar situations. Can Take It can be inspired and can be led to move in faith as well you know where we're we're in our infancy. We're in our infancy. OK. But next fall. I've already spoke with the director of the fifth union of education and. My plan is to be able to add or at our fall principals meetings. We all come together from all the schools of the civic Union. And I would like to have a breakout session on what we're doing. But I wanted to make sure that we had enough time. Given so that I could give you know. Here's where we're at here is we're going but there is interest. Bakersfield Academy for example the cademy. They have landed right there on their property and would like to look at how they can. How they can implement this as well. The principal from San Gabriel Academy. Met with me. And he said Eric he said we don't have much land. We have no land we're down here in the middle of city and if you're the San Gabriels down in L.A.. He's I've got no land. But he said he said could I provide you with the resources. So that we could. We could help you grow things and then you could then provide us with with produce that we could sell to our parents organic produce. And so we can look at creative things. So. So using using in San Gabriel. A school that really. Practically can't have a farm because they're just wall to wall concrete. But how can they partner with us in our farm and. And then. Then use the produce to meet the needs of all those people there and they're in their school. So a lot of creative ways that we're looking at. Well we we have no. We have no accreditation issues and I will tell you I am a full supporter. I believe we need to be accredited. I believe that. Believe that's important. But we're getting ready to have our watch accreditation. Visit here in February we had our credit visit two years ago were given to her mid cycle visit. And I can tell you the visiting committee the visiting team from watch which is Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Is the association that accredits all institutions on the Pacific coast on the West Coast. They said they said We love this. We love what you're doing. And just show. The only thing is is what they're looking for is how does it connect back to student learning. OK. So if I can show them. Specifics of what we're doing is connected back to student learning. They're thrilled. They're thrilled with it. And as far as the teachers. My teachers are out there with the students. Going and taking them there. And we've developed a work program. We had no work program on campus none. And this last summer we launched it. DAVID five kids correct. We had five students work all summer. And now we have students working as well during the school year. During the school day because we've shorten our school day. I readjusted the schedule. So it's providing kids some time to work. After school. And we've also pulled back on some of our sports programs to provide more time for kids to to do that and again I just I'll be completely transparent with you. OK. For all of my life. For all of my life. I have I've got my daughter Brianna who's a senior. My son Blake is a freshman at the school. And I've done nothing but. But spend every free moment with them shooting baskets. Throwing footballs taking him to games. That's that was my life and that's what they know. I just being real with you. And so it's a journey for me my own life it's hard because I got I got my kids who are. Erica dad. Let's let's do this and I'm trying to pull in a different direction. And it's taking some time so I would cover your prayers. And that as we continue to to try realign ourselves and even my own self. To what God's calling that he'll give me the courage to sixteen is standing up. And what we've got to get the word. 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