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  • November 11, 2015
    8:15 AM
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We were it was. It was a very thin. So when we were off we were really off and that was great and where all my pictures. Anyway. That that experience. Was I opening for us in this way. We saw the results of parents giving themselves. For the gospel. And the broader field of the world. And neglecting what Mrs White called the Garden right outside your door. And so beyond all of those things that John. That I shared. John. In his heart was so committed to young people that he was in the dorm. Two nights a week. Counseling. That would in addition by the desire of his heart. The stories. The things that he heard. In those private sessions with young people would make you heartsick as it did ours. And we didn't have any children. And we started today and to. You know what are we going to do with this is this isn't. You know God doesn't want us to judge but he wants us to look at the fruit. You know in the garden. If we want to have good fruit. To take to the market. There are certain things that we have to do. And if we see that we've got bad fruit coming out of our garden. And we just say oh well it'll go better next time it'll go. No that's not wisdom in farming and that's not wisdom in parenting. And so the Lord really laid on our hearts that we couldn't continue. What everyone else was doing and think we were going to get a different result. Yes there was good fruit. Here and there and we find those young people. What did your parents do and you know. But it was not consistent. And so yes we said to ourselves. Well we could stay and we could stay in this line of work. We can give ourselves to these young people. And we might be able to make it with our own family. But statistically. No we couldn't. We might not. And you know what as parents we have one. One chance. One chance to raise those kids in the large started really laying on our hearts. You need to make that your life. Calling. And so at the end of those six years. We determined to go back and. Well before that. And this is what I was going to show you and I can't believe that my pictures are gone. So that is not my pictures those are the pictures that were there to begin with but there was a picture of here spin she was born in one hundred one Jonathan was born in ninety three they were both born. While we were. While we were in Kenya. Our family. Multiplied. We went. We came as a family of two to African We went home as a family of four. And I've lost all the pictures from those years. But we left there and we went to Andrews University. So my husband could get a master's degree in education. We had no clue of what was coming down the pipeline. But I can tell you that that year that ten months. WAS LIKE AN AMAZING a waste for our family. We were so burned out. And we didn't even realize it I'm sure you've experienced that. You know you're just going going. And when you get out of it you remove yourself all of a sudden you start seeing. Wow. You know. Here's the foundation of our marriage we've been married seven years at that point. The Foundation. I'm telling you we were headed right towards the result of other fractured family groups. It was our marriage had suffered. Our family has suffering curious and was two and Jonathan was ten months. And even though their little children at that young age. Reap the results of parents. Not investing. All that they should and so that was a wonderful year where we just enjoyed being a family. No responsibilities we go to church we didn't have to look to see if there was any. If every young person was there. No responsibility for anybody but us and our kids and. And I can remember saying I feel like a bird. That has been let out of the cage. God knew what we needed and that was a wonderful way says but at the end of it. Now what. And so again we're sending out resumes What are we going to do Lord please open up and give us wisdom and the Lord. Opened up for us to teach at one room. Adventists school. I have a degree in elementary education and my husband in secondary. And so they hired us as a teaching team. Knowing that I had the experience with elementary. And so John top four days a week. And I came in one day week to just sort of helped him and give him a break and it gave him a day with the kids. But during that time. I was pregnant with that big tall guy. We were building a house. And my husband was in a career that was totally out of his comfort zone. My husband's very focused man. And he was now teaching. Three grades. The second year. He was teaching sixth grades. With thirteen. Students and we were not meeting our goals. So did I say that when we were called to Tennessee this is where my in-laws were. So this is our farm. And that's my tall Joshua with grandpa. We moved to the farm with grandma and grandpa and tried every way to buy a house. Far from the farm and close to school which was about a half hour. But the Lord closed. Every door. We know why now. He wanted us on the farm and so we built a small cabin on the farm. And that's where we started. But as I said two years into it. John was not. I mean we weren't meeting our goals. He would leave before the kids got up in the morning and he would come home. Just as they were going to bed and were saying wait a minute we were trying via going to elementary. To regain for ourselves. Some time with our family. And it just wasn't happening. And so the Lord to slowly started calling to our hearts. And we made that leap of faith. And we left the employment. And I want to tell you the difference between faith and presumption is whose idea is the step. God called us to leave our employment. It was. And I can't even go into how but it was on deniable. We knew that we had to make a change. And so we did. So we moved to the farm and. When John left. Teaching mind you. The Lord did not tell us what we were going to do. We had no clue. We had some ideas. And I think that God gave us those ideas to comfort us and to help us to know it was going to be OK But no those ideas the door started closing closing so imagine. We're a family of four. Now five. We have a mortgage. And my husband has left his employment and we have nothing. We didn't have like this huge thing to fall back on the Lord just took us down to being totally dependent on him and. It's a very scary. But very gratifying place to be. And you just have to learn to trust the Lord. It took time. But the Lord is faithful. So it took eighteen months. And in those eighteen months. We were led to form and. That's a long story. But the Lord. Again. Made it clear and also this. I didn't want to form. I did not want to farm and. I knew the largest calling my husband to it. And I was dragging my feet and saying No way. Lord I don't. I knew what it was going to cost me personally I knew that it was going to be over the top. And I would be in the garden and not in the home. Right. It's a constant struggle for a mom and I hadn't really embraced the calling then. I can talk to moms today with so much more confidence because of what God has done in our family. And for our family. So but at that time I had a lot of fear. I had fear we're not finished time in the books were not. Whatever. So why farming. This is this is kind of funny. This is the one I want to be next. OK so why farm. Power Point. Technology is so frustrating it's my lack of knowledge that's really the frustrating thing. So anyway so why farm for a living. Let me see if I can go back there. Can I go back. I'm going to go back to this one here. I did my son in law to leave. I should not have tried to go back. OK well forget it it was a picture of my young family. If you can help me. I have never had so much problem with a power hurting or you want to be. Well. Has just put it here. This is OK thank you at least this is all one picture of actually those are my children. That is our first farming experience. And we started as a strawberry production and. We planted our first fall. Eighteen thousand. Plant. We did everything the slow way we made all our own potting mix which meant we had to sift all or own peat mosques and. So that was the kids job. We put a we set it up and we just put the barrels of Pete Moss in there and they had shifted I'm so why farm for a living. Now. OK So here's the here's the pictures that you were supposed to see before. This top one is here. And Jonathan and this is the how they looked when we left Africa. And this is. This was our time at Andrews. This was our family at Andrews and those pictures. Depict. What our life was like there. And mean we spent so much time. Just living and enjoying one another and so then we moved to the farm with grandma and grampa I can hold it if it would be better. OK. OK so why farming. Thank you that I can see the things that I'm from more familiar with. So this is why. It was God's original plan for man. We all know that. I'm not going to take time to read Genesis two fifteen. But I want to read Deuteronomy six seven. You shall teach them. This is in the context of the law and the good things that God has done for you for us build a diligently to your children and shalt talk of them. When you sit in your house. When you walk by the way when you lie down and when you rise up. I would say this how many parents today. Have the privilege of giving their children. Any kind of instruction. When they rise. When they walk. When they sit. Just that depicts kind of what John shared in the morning session that quote from education. It depicts this life. Of actually being together. You kind of have to be together in order to give that kind of instruction. And there's not a lot of ways that that happens today. So it was God's original plan. Here's another one. It's God's future plan for man. And they shall build houses and inhabit them and they shall plant vineyards and eat the fruit of them. Talking about our life in heaven. It's still the best plan in the meantime. In God's plan for Israel. Every family had a home on the land with sufficient ground for tilling that's were provided bolster the means. And the incentive for a useful industrious and self-supporting life and. No devising of man has ever. Improved on that plan. I'll tell you it was that sentence. No devising of man has ever improved on that plan that my husband said. Farming is for us. And he said. I'm He's always been one he's going to have the best he's going to do what's best. He said. What more do I want if God said this is the best. Why would I look anywhere else. Why would I not just stick with what the best. So here are some reasons why I think God brought our family. To farm. And everybody has different. Different reasons and different levels that they're going to be involved with agriculture. But for us. The it's. This one you already saw. So OK. So it brings families together. Modern modern life tears families apart. The agrarian life brings families together. We've seen that in families that we know that farm and. When the family is doing it together. There's something for every age to do. And everyone feels needed. And that's where the slide. Supposed to go. So this is our first crop as I said. And it brought us together and in our situation. Everyone was needed. This is our work crew. Eighteen thousand plants. Now God was merciful and he brought us a few other people to help. But this was the ones that we said. You know what I know you feel like playing. But we have to do this. This is what God has called us to do and we're going to do it together. It did come part men allies life. You know. Modern life is divided into many compartments. And I'm sure. We've experienced it and I know you've experienced you've got your wage earning. You've got your school. You've got your family. You've got your social life. You've got your outreach you've got your exercise you've got this that. It's just this dividing. That happens it's this compartmentalizing our life. Just put it all together. So we were we're earning our wage we were schooling. We had our family time in the field. We had our outreach through our ministry. We had our exercise from the farm. And most importantly we had a lot of time to commune with the Lord and that's a discipline. It's not something that just happens when your trusting tomatoes. We have some apprentices here. And they know they know we would encourage them. Work alone. Take that time to seek the Lord. But it's a discipline. Because at least for me. My mind is very busy. And I am always got other things. Lots of things on my mind. So the agrarian life brings all the pieces back together. My husband calls it the Adventist advantage. I love that. You know what it's part of the Adventist advantage that's totally been forgotten. Every advantage. By God's instruction is to have a garden. They don't have to be farming for a living. But we are called to have a garden. So it's the Adventist advantage in one knee patch package country living. Family emphasis health. Evangelism outreach to the cities. Agriculture eight natural remedies. True education. Amazing. What God has given us through agriculture and. I hope I can share some stories with you at the end but let me just get through this and then. I hope we'll have some time to share some real experiences that God has given us on the farm. It's healthy for the whole person. And I've just I've experienced that myself. It's healthy mentally. It's healthy physically. It's healthy spiritually. It's healthy. Emotionally. It's healthy. Morally. What a safe haven. For men. I know why God kept giving me boys. Because he knew we were we were in the environment. That would be the safest and let me tell you there's no place that safe. But there are some places that are safer. And it's a wonderful. Holistic for just socials you know people would say to us all aren't your children going to be you know. Lacking socially you know you're homeschooling them and you live out in the country and you're held NO NO NO NO God's ways are so much higher than ours. You know at little at young ages our kids were at markets. Talking to people. Adults. Real people. You know. So. No And I'll just give you one little. What printed he say. Nine fifteen so I'm just going to give you one person a little thing. After the last year's agriculture conference which was our first and our family really. Shouldered logistics and everything. I I was just burned out. My dad was diagnosed with cancer in July. My daughter got engaged in September the agriculture conference happened in November. I just had stress or upon stress or upon stress or my dad died in March. My daughter was married in April. We had six apprentices. Praise God. Because they were picking up my slack but I was not doing for them what I wanted to. We went slamming into our strawberry season. Which is our heaviest time of the year and. Because of the apprentices I was kind of able to mask. How little I was actually on what a low level I was functioning in every way. And for our anniversary John and I went away and part of it was to to sit down and really make a schedule I just said I've just got to go back to the drawing boards and I just said to John. I don't. I don't think you realize how little. I'm accomplishing. I'm a pretty. I'm a pretty not energetic but I quite efficient and I compliment a lot every day. But I knew. I mean I had all I had to could do to feed the ten people that read my table. Every day for lunch. And that was just about it and keeping the house but I wasn't working on the farm and. I was just surviving. But in June after anniversary. I committed. That I was going to start going back outside and working in the garden from five to seven. That was my quiet time. I was not reading the Bible. I do that a lot in the in the winter. But in the summer. And I hadn't done it all summer because we had all these wonderful apprentices and they were picking up the load and I wasn't needed to do it. But the Lord impressed upon me and it was when I got back in the garden. That the Lord really. Healed. All of those. That stress that I've been under you know and and it was a wonderful testimony about three weeks later John said to me you know honey I think you've got you've really got your stride back. And we connected to the garden. I know that's how it was so the whole the world is hungry for good food and real relationships. Social media can satisfy that hunger. We're seeing that more and more large agribusiness companies cannot satisfy that hunger. Small diversified family farms. Can. Through nutrition and nutritionally dense food and emotionally rich. Relationships. That can satisfy that hunger. And I could tell you so many stories of experiences with our customers. And I hope to tell you a few. So I will tell you a few I'll just go back to that. Now I know how to go back. So. Let let me share with you. Some of the ways that farming. Puts us in touch with people. I just have to say Lord with who do I hear about what do I hear about. There was a couple that moved from Alabama. About. In two thousand and four. And they joined our C.S.A.. We didn't know them at all. At that point we were just doing a winter C.S.A.. They joined the winter C.S.A.. And they you know we had pleasantries with them. But it's my goal to have a spiritual conversation on some level. With every single C.S.A. customer that I meet. And there's more going to be about C.S.A. so I won't go into describing that but there are people we see regularly. And so we were talking. And if they say something that sort of like gives me the open door. Then I just plow through. And this customer was saying something about. You know really. Things being kind of crazy in the world. This was not two thousand for this was later. This was probably around two thousand and nine as we hadn't even really gotten into that part of our farming yet. But anyway so they were they were there they had one child that they had adopted. And so I kind of got to know her on that level but this one time. They shared with us. Kind of what I would say was a little bit of. We know God is calling us to country living or. You know we just really feel like the world is a mass right now and we're not sure. You know God brought us here. They moved there get this. They moved to our area. For the school system. And they hadn't been there very long before they started mixing with some homeschoolers. And that was kind of like. So that you know we just got these things going on anyway. I gave them the D.V.D. I don't know if you've ever seen it. That mountain media. Did I think it's called Urban danger. I just thought you know what maybe this would be an encouragement to them. And I had one. I gave it to them. They never said boo about it. Never said anything. Months went on the whole C.S.A. we weren't doing summer C.S.A. never saw them that next summer. But the following winter. Again. They signed up for the C.S.A.. And when she came to pick up her first box and mind you. We had had lots of conversations. But I never said. What did you think of that D.V.D.. Because that's just. I just insulin press two I guess I didn't even know if they'd looked at it. They didn't say anything so I figured they hadn't. So anyway. The next season when I came. She I just never forget she came jumping out of her car payment she came running she threw her arms around me. I am so glad to see or I've just missed you so much and I was like wow wow. I said Well me too. I've missed here and. So we got talking and sharing. Again nothing but a few deliveries in something came up about that D.V.D.. And I said So you watched it. She said. Watched it. Yes we've watched many times and I showed it to all of our family members. And they at that point. Started to look for a country property and. This isn't about what I'll say it's about God. Because we are no different than any. I mean it's the Lord. They say they were using our address. As the pin. The Center for their search for country property ice. Lard. It's all in your hands. At that point we had started studying the Bible with them. We were studying revelation. They wanted to now. We were studying revelation. Our family took a sabbatical and we never. I feel sad about this we have never gotten back to studying with them. They live about twenty minutes from us but we have this relationship. That is so sweet. Our son Zach was baptized about three weeks ago. Who attended the typical family. They the US. She introduces herself to people if she was here she'd say with a smile she'd say hi I'm the sister that Pam hasn't told you about or. I'm the one she's been trying to hide and keep in the closet but I've come out now. So that is what. So same think your stand wedding. They attended church. They attended. Saturday night activities for her wedding. They were there for the wedding on Sunday. We believe God is going to bring good. So one other story unless John will think of some other ones who thinks I should share. Because that one is more about where we kind of stepped out and said Let us tell you about our God. You know and I'll tell you they are customers know that we pray. And they ask us to pray for things that family. We were the first ones to find out that they were looking to adopt another child. We can't tell anybody. But we just want you guys to know because we know you'll be praying that if it's God's will. It'll work out what a privilege. What a privilege. So another story. This was a neighbor and they were also farmers and. We knew them very casually. I had probably had the most contact with his wife. Very sad situation. Don't know all the details but the wife. While we were on our sabbatical in Honduras actually took her life and left the husband devastated by his wife's suicide. And we hadn't had much contact with them we knew he had moved away. And I had seen him once he came by a market that I was doing in in Nashville. And I had some little interaction with him but not much. And it was last last fall that. John got a phone call. Totally out of the blue. Said Hey John. So and so just been thinking of you and just wondered I had a question for you have a few minutes just said sure. He said. Just wonder if you could tell me how you keep the. Abbott. I'm telling you John was floored. Oh how I keep the fact. Did you say back up a lot let me think find out you know what are you telling me he said I don't even remember having a conversation with you had for about the Sabbath. And he said to him and this is what I. This was so encouraging to us because it. It proves. I fear easy. That we've kind of clung to as the Lord called us to do something that seems like it would have no eternal value. You know. I mean let's be real. We're not out. You know. Baptizing and. You know other people had higher aspirations for our life our lives. So. But the Lord has given us this. Certain peace. And this is this experience really kind of confirmed it to us. He said John. You didn't have to say a thing. Everyone knows what you stand for your farm is closed on Sabbath. He said you know from. I mean we live in a very small community. You know. But those. He said they know you. They know what you stand for and he said my wife he he remarried. My wife and I have been studying the Bible. And we've come to believe that Saturday. Is the true Sabbath and were attending an Adventist Church. And he said. They don't get it. They keep trying to convince us about the Sabbath. He said they don't get it. We are convinced. But I just want to know how do we keep it. How do we keep it what is your family do on Sabbath. Praise God. You know what in encourage you meant. What an encouragement. So I would say. This has been. This has been our comfort. This is the real reason that the John Di singer family farms. We can talk about farming. We can talk about many things. But the reason that we farm is because God called us to serve. Before he called us to farm. He called her. That was a very clear calling. My husband would say the most clear calling he's ever had and the service that God gave us to do is farming. Christ's method. Alone. Will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mingled with men. As one who desired. Their good. He showed his sympathy for them. Ministered to their needs and won their confidence. Then he bade them. Follow me. And we want to say to our customers like Paul said to those in his day. Paul said follow me as I follow Christ. That's what we want to say. Come along. Follow us. We're following Christ we together. It's not us. Christ. They're following him. We just want to direct them. And lead them in in the right path. I want to just speak about this. He ministered. So he mean gald with them to us. Farmers markets and C.S.A. deliveries are for the purpose of mingling with people. That's why we're there. We mingle with people. We desire they're good. We want them to be healthy. We are health coaches. Our customers know that we live. What they would consider healthy lifestyle so they're very very normal that they would ask us. You know. Questions about health. You know what do you think or what do you have you tried this or. You know and. John and I read recently. A book called Joy starts here. It's about how people. People shut down early in life. In their ability to live in joy and in that book. It brings this idea. And I believe it's true. That people. Bond babies bond. People bond with those that feed them. There is a bond that grows. Between the one that's eating. And the one that is being fed. There is that bond and. We see it with the infant. That's why the bond between a mother and a child is so strong God gave it that. But I have C.S.A. members that. I say I I don't think I'm surprised they keep coming back. But I believe it's because there's a bond. That is stronger than the vegetables and. The pocketbook that pays for those vegetables. They are. There's a bond that. That is built between the grower. And the consumer. So we believe in direct marketing. We want to know who's eating our food. And we want them to know us. So this is this picture depicts. What we feel as our life calling. And that is to plant seeds for the Gospel. God hasn't called us to reap. Them. He's called us to plant them. And he. We'd love to be a part of the reaping. If he so chooses to have us be a part of the reaping. But he's called us to plant the seeds in our community. In our you know. In our broader one. He's given us that ministry that combines the wonderful aspects of country living with the outreach. And the ministry that happens to the city. So that's about it. I have just a few minutes if there's any questions or any thoughts or anything that I didn't say that you are interested to know the essay stands for Community Supported Agriculture. And they'll be much said about that in the but those people. Sign on for a season. And they get a box of produce from us every week or every other week. So there are people who we see. Summer and Winter. Weekly or biweekly and. Those are some deep relationships that you can build and. It's for me. That's what I love. You know my husband would be very happy and content to be on the farm. Producing the food. And that's why we make a good team. You know. Because I couldn't be happy if I was just always in the garden and not mixing with the people who are being blessed by the labors of R.F.. You know the effort that we give any other thoughts. Let me just add on that whenever they come back from market. I always want to get a complete rundown So who did you see what did they say. So I do. I am. Into that but I can have it. Second hand. That's right. That's right he doesn't. He doesn't mind me being the conduit. That gives him that information as long as he knows. John know John. Loves to know that what he does is appreciated by the consumer. And that they're happy with the results. You'll see lots more pictures of that the nuts and bolts of farming. She is just asking to clarify. If the outreach. Isn't just to our customers but to our neighbors and other farmers. Absolutely absolutely. You know. There aren't many Christian farmers. And we're in the Bible Belt. And there are many Christian farmers. And there are a few. But they're not very many and so yes. You know one. I'll just say on that young man who works for the largest C.S.A. in Nashville. And it's a wonderful family. We have a lot of respect for them they were there before asked and they taught. You know we learned some things from them but they had a worker this summer. You know. Just a young kid looked like he'd step straight out of the world. But I have a burden for young people and. So I reached out to him at markets and I got to know him and he came over one day early in the season and he just like your state and. It is so beautiful how do you have to catch. Bounty. You know and I just. I'm. I just want to deflect. I said it's the Lord. The Lord we do our part. But the Lord. Makes it beautiful and makes it tasty. I know he'd. He doesn't know the Lord but that's what this is that's just a little seed. We're just planting a seed. I had. I had a call last week from somebody out of the blue now. I don't always know anyway. Non administrate Amalie looking for an apprenticeship. Opportunity for their young person. All they said is we have heard. We've been on your website. We've read everything there. And we we really she said we're not Seventh Day Adventist. But we are on the same page with you guys and we just feel like it would be so good for our young person to be there and to stay. You know to do the apprenticeship with you praise God. If you want to bring on admission people. We're going to convert him. By God's power. Nothing we can do anything else in the other. So I'll just say this on a family no you'll see some of them so our family has very much grown up. Kiersten this going to be twenty four she's twenty three. Jonathan is twenty two. Josh was nineteen. Zach is eighteen and Caleb is seven at twelve. And so Kiersten and Nick are praying about. You know how and you'll hear from them they'll share what's going on with them and agriculture. But they've been very involved with our marketing and. Joshua's during the winter C.S.A.. That's exciting to me to see the next generation. Laying hold and saying you know what this was a good life for me. I think this'll be a good life. You know. For my family in the future. So planting seeds. That's the reason to farm so as we talk about all the other things. The financial aspect. The. Just remember the reason to farm is because God calls you to it. And it's a vehicle for ministry and evangelism. Let's pray. I just want to say a few things before we close with prayer. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear all of this. I love to hear my wife. Talk. Just so. But it was a rough. It's first. Have I should have been here at the beginning that's what dawned on me in the middle of the anyway. So OK. But we wanted to lay the foundation here first off and you may be saying well you know I hope they're going to talk about nuts and bolts Well we're going to try to cover whatever you want to stick cover. But if you don't get into the IT for the right reasons. I mean there's just not enough money there. To encourage anyone to do it. Otherwise. If you know what I mean. Yes can you make a living. Yes. But you're not going to get rich. And it's hard work. OK so we just want to lay that out at the beginning. Don't go into this in less you feel the Lord calling you into it. If you feel the Lord calling you. Then there's no better place to be. It's amazing. But hopefully. She laid the foundation that will build on for the rest of the day. And then it also going to be a family sharing that has only started farming. Yes they're going to have a little Hurley and yeah as Hurley is here at the end. So I can just give you just a brief overview work the next session we're going to talk about what is the market gardening and kind of what does it look like. And some of the details there and then the third session. Is looking at what to grow and how to grow it. You know. I'll just say even in seven hours. We can barely scratched the surface. So I've just been praying Lord help me come up with some practical tips that you guys can hang on to. We don't want you to leave just feeling overwhelmed so we're going to try to give you some very practical things. Then that takes us through lunch and then after lunch there's an hour on marketing. Kiersten and Nick are going to do that that's really kind of an important part. That's really the key. And then the next session will be on planning and. Trying to remember the words used in my own. Anyway. Just kind of the. The stuff that kind of blows your mind when you're starting out. And it still can kind of blow your mind you know how much do I plant. These kind of when do I planned it how do I keep track of it all. You know there's this stereotype that farmers are the kids weren't bright enough to go to college so they stay home on the farm. But when you start getting into it you realize this is incredibly cerebral. There's there's a lot of mental effort that goes into trying to keep all the pieces working together. And so that's kind of well we'll touch on that you know we can't go into details but again we're going to talk about references and I'll point you to where you can learn more and then the final session will be kind of a wrap up where do you go from here. Again pointing you to resources. And the pearly as we thought it would be nice because you know we've been doing it. Eighteen years. And for somebody starting out you may be saying Oh man. We're. There's no way you know that's just out there somewhere. So we've asked the pearly is to share for a little bit in the last section they started their first. C.S. A month ago. First say so this is like their freshman year in farming. And they're going to share just a little bit from their perspective and I hope that that will be encouraging to you because there where many of you maybe want to be next year. OK. So that's a brief overview of the day. But now you say let's pray. Durham Li Father we thank you so much for bringing each one of us here. And Lord we know you have a plan. And I just pray as we go through this day that. If your plan is for these people to become more active farmers that you will just impress it on their hearts that they will leave. Not overwhelmed but leaving her that they can do that and you're seeing the blessing through the rest of the day we permit. This media was brought to you by audio person a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave visit. W W W dot. Audio first dot org.


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