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The Paralysis Which Besets Us

Alistair Huong

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • December 20, 2008
    11:00 AM
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happy Sabbath CYC sound like this about twenty of you out there happy sad I'm the guy they got sick not you I am happy to be here today I feel like IM among friends even on the plane ride over here there were people calling my name saying they were praying for me yes if you don't know who I am I am otherwise known as the guy who got sick last year at UIC but here I am alive and well and I believe that in and of itself is enough of a sermon for us today but if you don't know the story I'll fill you in just a few moments but I like to freely express from the bottom of my heart on behalf of my family thanks that we have for all of you I receive notes and e-mails of encouragement so many of you here and also from people all around the world this year and I would be here if it wasn't for your prayers and there were people someone organization am not sure who your crew paid for two weeks of hotel expenses for my family to stay with me one of the hospital last year I don't know who you are you know we are just want to tell you thanks I also want to thank the GUI see executive committee and Board of Directors they know me well they know my successes they know my foibles my weaknesses and my failures some of the individuals I respect the most on the face of the planet are part of this movement and I'm thankful for the trust and their confidence to grant me this opportunity to address you morning and I know many of you here today are you today but there are many others around the world who may be watching three ABN I know many friends in Asia Malaysia in particular who have prayed for me and I want to thank them as well but although I am very happy to be here and G a Y C is to be a happy and joyous an exciting time I can't help but to have a certain level of solemnity this GUI 's perhaps more than any previous convention I realize more clearly than ever that this may truly be our last UIC and I don't mean this only in the sense that Jesus may come before December rolled around again and if we take a look around the world we don't have to be a genius or rocket scientist to recognize that that may truly happen but perhaps more significantly to me is the fact that we don't know when all appropriations may close for me last she wants he could have been my last in many ways perhaps it should have been and for my good friend who I also happened to be my college roommate Luke Privett Minneapolis was his last UIC many of you remember that he passed away on his drive home from GUI C last year in the winter storm we don't know when our lives will we are sitting here in California on a San Andreas Fault we don't know when our lives when and so even before I get into the method I just want to appeal to you if you have not committed if you have not decided some men in your life they tease us now at the time don't delay if anyone had the authority door with experience to say that I believe I have because I should not be here today you want to request me today to share with you my testimony in my experience and I will do that but I just want to mention that I also share this testimony before an audio verse under the title when troubles come and in other venues under the title 's stars for Jesus and I use my experience as a framework to share seven reasons why God allows his people to go through suffering I'm not to cover those points today but I know that that was the source of encouragement for many people so if you are so moved to go check it out visit audio verse of the title or message this morning is the paralysis which besets us and I pray sincerely that if through my experience one or two sold to someone today is brought to the divine healer Jesus and find the healing for this since they sold the day and whatever I went through it was cheap enough so before we get to the method I invite you justify with me as we pray father this morning as we contemplate and experience of just a normal person I pray that you be glorified I pray that I may not be uplifted that Christ may be up with you know if the frailty of my bot of my mind of my voice of my abilities I asked that Jesus may speak in my place for I cannot speak I am but a child I don't know how to go out or how to commit and so Lord Jesus make you save someone today this is my prayer in Jesus name and exactly one year ago alas or yesterday December nineteen two thousand and seven I woke up in the Hilton Minneapolis to a very busy day at UIC I was the vice president of logistics at the time and as you can imagine that meant a lot of work on Wednesday and as I sat down on my couch in the hotel room I was looking on my computer when I felt a deep penetrating burning pain in the back of my neck I didn't think much of it I thought oh I just slept on a wrong have a creek in my neck no big deal but it didn't go away I set my computer down and I had some friends of the room my brother was there he just graduated from Wildwood College of health evangelism then he came over he tried to do some massage to try to loosen me up in before lives collapsed on the floor I don't know how long it was the times just also blurred together but I was laid out on the floor unable to move my arm 's at all this was probably within fifteen thirty minutes but I do still wiggle my legs a little bit so I tried to get up but that that point they're already too weak to support my weight and I collapsed on myself again my friend in the room the quick recall all friends confess some physicians gave them some of the description of what was happening to me and it became clear that this was not something that is just going to go away this was serious the doctors recommended I go to the emergency room right away and some friends were kind enough to loan us their vehicle and a GPS and off we went to the University of Minnesota medical center also known as Fairview Fairview Hospital and Barrows admitted to the emergency room right away the doctors came in and they tried to figure it out but they simply were not able to what was wrong with this guy they went through the list that I have a pre-existing conditions no have any accidents know that I have any injuries or any bug bites are anything no perfectly healthy just the day before just a few hours before the like condition rapidly deteriorated while I was there in the ER other times UIC was having their opening session I could no longer breathe on my own and I was sedated and put on a ventilator fortunately my parents were already on their way to GUI CNA rate arrived to the hospital just about that time and over the course of the next two days or so I was sedated most of the time I really didn't know what happened people said they visited me in honestly I don't remember so many of you visited me on Thursday or Friday I'm sorry if I don't remember you I'm thankful anyway but they simply couldn't figure out what exactly was wrong to get every tested Seaman the book but they were sure that some spinal cord injury anyone most likely a spinal cord infarction or stroke the spinal cord and the doctor came in with the unpleasant task of talking to my parents and they won them prepared that and said if he should survive not the words parents want to hear about their child if he should survive you should be prepared that he may never recover can you match the heart of the Christian mother and father hearing that if my child is to live he may be quadriplegic or life he may be on a ventilator unable to breathe on his own for life and the doctors apply sure that the prognosis with weak but when I came to was about Friday write up about the time Sabbath was about to begin first thing that I remember a group of my friends came with Pastor Mark and me to have an anointing service for me and in that anointing service Pastor Finley says something out never forget he said it is always God 's will that use people will have to question we got to doubt God always wants to heal his people the only question is when will God heal instantly miraculously or will he heal over the course of time using natural means a natural methods or perhaps you may decide to heal on the resurrection morning but God always heels his people he had been anointing service and I remember that distinctly in a very thankful for passive Simeon my friends were there now was informed later that on Sabbath morning many of you probably were there has to thinly and my friend Luke was just year let out a prayer meeting eight Frères service on my behalf and looking back looking back in hindsight I trace my recovery to that Sabbath day why do I say to the next day Sunday by the time to UIC was over I could breathe well enough my on my own to be taken off the ventilator by Monday after GUI see I was moved out of the ICU two eight regular unit by the end of that week I do sit up on my own and I could even update my blog and by the second week I could stand and I could walk eat myself after sixteen days in the hospital I just about it they let me I would've done it I just about walked out of the hospital sixteen days I got in the airplane I flew back to Loma Linda in there for another two weeks I was an inpatient rehabilitation and after that I was in outpatient rehab for several months more and now I continue to do my personal exercise program and in June I was even able to fly to Malaysia and Singapore to speak for two youth conferences there do we serve the living God the Lord healed me and although the doctors think that I was not going to recover the Laura thought otherwise I believe it is because of the prayers of the saints for those of us who are gathered here those are watching a three ABN it's because of the prayers of the same that God was able to move to heal and I asked I get asked this question a lot people say well do they know what it what happened what was that when I got back to Loma Linda they did more testing they realize Vegas isn't actually a spinal port infarction they called it post my role transfers myelitis now that's a mouthful what is it supposed viral simply means it was aftermath of a virus probably adjust the common cold or something that can't and ought in the response in my body to attack my spinal cord transfers me that affected both sides of my body and then myelitis is talked about in inflammation or AP myelination of the insulation self calm island around my nerves in my spinal cord there is your E&P lesson for today all that means is that I had was in serious condition and also what I mean to the doctors really don't know what happened they just know that it did and people often ask so what is the lingering effects well I've recovered and I'm alive in case you haven't noticed but I do still have some weakness in my shoulders my deltoid muscles on either side is weak I can't lift my arms above my head very easily so now you know why my movements may seem a little bit in limited please don't let that distract you from the message but my recovery has been nothing short of a miracle and even if I don't get my arms fully backwards believe I still see improvements it may be the Lord 's way of keeping me humble and if that means I have a thorn in my flesh and I'm more effective for God 's work praise the Lord but you know I know that the Lord has healed me you remember the doctors came in that first week is that you know your your son to my parent your son has probably never get to recover and they were quite serious about that a week or two later the same residents and as a resident because you know I grew up in a medical environment in Loma Linda my moms a nurse our residents may sometimes think they know more than they really do but the resident came in two weeks later not a believer in God and she said oh after that I'm standing up and walking around she says all well I've seen people with spinal cord infarction stroke like that and that your body to spontaneously healing itself and it happens all the time as they say here in California what ever we know what happened she didn't have a good explanation so she had to make something but we serve a living God a divine neurologist if UL and got specializes in healing sinners and ice just one more one more incident I have many more to share from my experience but time is running away from me go download my other testimony and audio birth to get more details okay I remember sitting in my hospital room this was enough in Minneapolis still a couple weeks later one of my friend gave me a DVD recording of the Sabbath service with Pastor Finley in Minneapolis and as I sat there and he was preaching back after Finley got unless the Matthew can really preach I very was sharing how God always killed the people how do I want to answer our prayers mean to pray more fervently in dead air you guys were kneeling praying I thought one of power and I sat back and I thought wait a second different for me it's because of those very prayers that I was well enough alive to watch the recording of that prayer service but until he does know feeling like to see friend 's fellow believers praying for you and to know that it was because of that very prayer that your life today God answers prayers many put it this way gone answers your prayers let there be no doubt in our minds Jesus is alive today just as he was two thousand years ago Jesus heals today just like he does two thousand years ago and Jesus answers prayers just like two thousand years ago and many people after well what did it feel like what did it feel like to be paralyzed when it allow you to try to explain it this way not this will lead into the message Bible today being paralyzed is like this the horrible feeling you lay there and you touch you want to do things whatever to scratch my nose and some water answer the phone set up whatever you want to do it you try to do it but you can't just exert effort you use tray and you try and exercise are well and it I like the cat but something else that perhaps we don't think of when it's paralysis is sometimes Elaine Darren and on the close my eyes and I'm concentrating and actually think that unmoving I think I'm actually lifting my arm but when I open my eyes are not suffice paralysis from my experience in this way wanting or trying to do something but not being able to do it or trying or thinking you're doing something but when you're actually not moving some of your minds are moving ahead of me and you know the spiritual applications and will get to that Justin but I do want to take the time now to turn our attention to the to the Bible to churn through a story of another case of paralysis in the Chapter five another paralytic to whom I feel much a similar feelings Luke chapter five Jesus I just heals a leper and his reputation was being spread far and wide and multitudes with longing Tim looking to this miracle healer to save them as well on this particular day Jesus was in Peter 's house in Galilee and we pick up the story in verse seventeen of Luke chapter five and it came to pass on a certain day as he was teaching that there were Pharisees and doctors of the law sitting by which were come out of every town of Galilee and Judea and Jerusalem and the power of the Lord was present to heal that and behold men brought in a bed a man was taken with a palsy and they sought means to bring a minute delay before and when they could not find by what way they might bring an end because of the multitude they went upon the house top and let them down to the tiling with discount into the midst before Jesus and when he saw their faith he said at the handyman five cents are forgiven the and we know the rest of story the man ended up taking up his bed and walking out of the house but I want to note is the verse that we just read it says that when he saw their faith Jesus saw their faith of this paralyzed man's friends just like God saw you our faith my friends to heal me Jesus is still in the business of healing Paralympics but I wanted look at it this way the diabetes page two sixty seven service in the healing of the paralytic at Capernaum Christ again taught the same true it was to manifest his power to forgive sins that the miracle was performed you notice Jesus 's first words of the man with man I simply forgiven the the point of this story is not simply that Jesus can heal our physical maladies although that is true the point that Jesus was trying to illustrate is just that I can heal a physical paralytic and that is the illustration of what I wanted to to you spiritual we are told that this paralytic condition was brought upon him by a life of sin and that he had lost all hope of ever recovering and when he was thinking of Jesus coming before and he wasn't even looking for physical restoration he came to Christ hear the words that his sins were forgiven and easier those words Jesus heals not just physical therapy paralysis that he wishes to heal a spiritually and that's the point of the message that Christ wishes to heal spiritual paralysis is the Christ is a divine neurologist that specializes he specializes in spiritual paralysis and I know there are individuals here who are struggling spiritually there are also feel as though spiritually we are paralyzed we are here July three we hear the challenges the field and we say I want to be good I want to be right but I can't may try out like the man in Romans seven saying all for I know that in me that is in my flesh dwells no good thing for to will is present with me but how to perform that which is good I find not if you have that experience comes at UIC and you you want to be good but you feel spiritually I'm paralyzed I can't go my religious experience is stagnant and I don't know what to do about it there may be a number of reasons why we're spiritually paralyzed for some of us it may be the pain the pain of a history in our past violence of abuse of a poor choices for some of us we may have anger we may have bitterness in our heart toward someone on the person or maybe even towards God may be others of us we are paralyzed because it discouraged or despair because of the uncertainty of our lives the unpredictable circumstances we find ourselves in were paralyzed perhaps his loneliness loneliness because of broken relationships forfeited pledges resolutions that have been broken people who have spurned you perhaps the fear fear of the future fear of uncertainty fear of gone for perhaps a shame we may be paralyzed by our deal of the sinful habits and activities and I think you that we have an alive whatever the reason maybe we may be here today thinking we are spiritually paralyzed I like that paralytic is no hope for me well let me tell you something Jesus healed a paralytic two thousand years ago to prove he can forgive sins two two thousand eight e-mail this paralytic to prove to you that he can heal you to the matter what you're threaten Jesus can Jesus can bring to your soul that piece that passes all understanding he can bind up the wounds from your broken pacts he may rewrite your history from the staple Jesus may cut out that cancer of bitterness and anger and in its place he may give you love and peace didn't give you hope in the midst of discouragement he can give you peace despite your loneliness he'll be that friend us take a closer brother he can dispel your fears because he's promised that he'll be with you even to the end of the world and he's able to say to the other month matter what besetting sins may be an chained in changing your life Jesus can help you overcome it Jesus healed me he can heal you if you will letter but there are some of us here we may not be in this class but we know people would I want to encourage you lower them through the roof to Jesus pray for that John heard your prayer and that's why I'm here why do we pray so little the angels marvel when God had long need to bestow that upon which he could not otherwise the still do we not thus ask there are souls around us in our lives in our neighborhood in our schools in our workplaces where God wants us to pray for the so that when he sees our faith he may heal them as well look with me now under Chapter five continuing our story that paralytic and his friends were not the only one there that day verse twenty one and the scribes and the Pharisees began to read the same who is this who speaketh blasphemies who can forgive sins but God alone but when Jesus perceived their thoughts he answering said and then what reason union are whether is easier to say this in thy sins be forgiven thee or to say rise up and walk but that ye may know that the Son of Man has power upon earth to forgive sins he said under the sake of all the insanity arise and take up thy couch and go into thine house and immediately he rose up before them and took up that whereon delay and departed to his own house Laura find off and they were all mates and they glorified God and were filled with fear say we have seen strange things today I want to tell you that in the story the paralytic was in fact not the one in the greatest need of healing there is another class another class was gathered there who actually need a cry more than the paralytic this is what is that the diabetes to sixty seven he named the paralytic had long before appeal to the Pharisees and doctors hoping for relief from mental suffering and physical pain of a cold pronouncement incurable and abandon into the wrath of God the Pharisees regarded affliction as an evidence of divine displeasure and they held themselves aloof from the sick and the needy yet often the very ones who exalted themselves as holies were more guilty than the sufferers it condemned at the condescending Pharisee deeds on the scene as they were accusing Jesus of blasphemy they in fact for the ones who it were a greater need of healing but they didn't know sick and in need of a physician but they don't know it the Ararat 's and increased with goods have made out of nothing have we heard of people like that they needed Jesus but they didn't even know they were complacent up in the experience but they felt need of nothing could it be that some of us here at UIC were spiritually paralytic of we don't even know it all but we say were not condemning sinners to the wrath of God what you mean like the Pharisees yeah perhaps that's true but perhaps we may still have that spiritual complacency thinking that we are the chosen people of God Seventh-day Adventist the writing that and yet covering our spiritual paralysis with a half of external activity could it be that we're still just cultural lead advances but yet internally were still paralyzed we pride ourselves as God 's chosen people like affairs but yet we busy ourselves with activities we may lead some sort of that church we may even be a youth leader we may preach evangelistic crusade we make me make your Bible studies nothing special music and we think all people won't think him so bad that could be that we have personal devotion only because we are afraid someone will ask it what did you study this morning or maybe we read the Bible only when it's time to teach the Sabbath school lesson when we have to preach or maybe we live from wise veto wife even explain what I mean perhaps one of those people that we we can't survive spiritually without going to the mountain top to the conference experiences become the GUI see we go home and we going to this lump all I can't wait till at UIC and FC wife he comes around and we get another highly slow down our Nikon F WIC and the WIC knowledge otherwise needs and meet with like taking drugs we need the next five are we Pharisees in spiritual complacency spiritually him a paralytic we may know the Bible but has the Bible transformed them we may beast spiritual people but had the Holy Spirit transformed us are we spiritually paralyzed could it be that our lives were just filling with busyness of people will think all were not so bad Jesus actually in verse seventeen of chapter five it said and the power of the Lord was present to heal that grew the van it sure looks like numbers the Pharisees and the doctors to me Jesus longs to heal all manner of spiritual paralysis even those of complaisance but now am I saying as long ago did you wisely is a wrong to do outreach and participate in all the good things absolutely not I'm just saying that we need to be careful not to make it a substitute for Jesus living in our hearts because we know in the last day there will be people cry Lord Lord have we not done all these wonderful things in my name and Jesus will say I never knew you we could be doing good favor Jesus still be unconverted let's not view because the power of the Lord is present today to heal us but here's another statement balancing this from five key testimonies line five page three ninety three a man who would lie down and refuse to exercise his land would soon lose all power to you thus the Christian who will not exercise their God-given powers not only failed to grow up into Christ but he the strength which he already has he become a spiritual paralytic this is like that there's an easy way to be a spiritual paralytic and that is to do nothing all so the recluse do think that Jesus was coming so soon the cities will be destroyed so certain that we need to run the mountains stockpile food get off the electricity grid and cut ourselves off from civilization spiritual paralytic and for those of us who will have the opportunity to win souls for Jesus and we sit on our hands waiting for practicing the pastor bachelor Justin McNeil at someone's house to deal with were becoming spiritual paramedics but am I saying that it is wrong for us to move to the country I need to make this point clear it is not wrong country I believe in country would I live in the backwoods of Arkansas but now the time to work the cities now at the time more than ever to take the gospel to the world every nation kindred tongue and people now is no time for us to lie down to become spiritual invalids gone and given us strength God has given us ability to use it or lose it that spiritual paralysis begins another one the world is perishing in his misery is a world perishing around us can we see evidence of that but this hardly move even though who claim to believe the highest and most far-reaching truth advert given the mortals who are those who claim to believe the highest truth ever given to mortals seven yeah this is what is the most far-reaching truth ever given the model the three Angels messages if you are here last night he better go get a DVD and get yourself building even auspices to this passage is talking about God requires of people to be his helping hand to reach the parish but how many are content to do nothing there is a stupor a paralysis upon the people of God which prevents them from understanding what is needed for this time of the testimony at four forty five funny read that last sentence one more time there is a stupor a paralysis upon the people of God which prevents them from understanding what is needed for this time the servant of the Lord tell that that we are the people is under a stupor we are paralyzed and because of it we don't understand what is needed for this time if I do put in another words we are paralyzed spiritually so we are not getting and fulfilling our purpose with the theme of our conferences for this purpose why are God 's people in the state of France why do we not understand our mission and our purpose a couple suggestions perhaps perhaps it's because we've lost our sense of urgency perhaps we can say the Lord delay discounting and we don't do this with our list verbally but perhaps in the way that we live our lives we are telling me that we don't want you to come want nowhere spiritually paralyzed or perhaps we've lost our distinctiveness in the world perhaps we implied in the culture and the philosophy of this postmodern era perhaps we blur the line between political and social issues with theological issues and religious issues throughout the trade in our inspired sources of authority that we can compete intellectually with infidels perhaps lowering the standard of Christian lifestyle of holy living and sanctioning perversion of every sort in our school and in our worship services perhaps we lessen the severity of sand we just send fancy little make names and we even say the inmate is not even possible to overcome anymore all we paralyzed perhaps if because we're getting distracted distracting with conspiracy theories and preaching than in place of the more sure word of prophecy brass were trying to shake people up with sensationalism instead of letting the word of God and the spirit of God is a shaky or perhaps it's because were divided amongst ourselves perhaps we are allowing risk to form because of culture because of race of social economic status division between the denomination and the laity perhaps we are criticizing our church in our beaters instead of praying for the and perhaps the underpinning of it all is that we are questioning the distinctiveness of the the right message and the mission we foster a spirit of doubt and discontent toward our doctor we try to reinvent or even reputedly that in order to be wrought leather we feel a need to advance fanciful and new interpretations of prophecy to what God has already given plain explanation we water down the call out of battling to make it more palatable for the redoubt the inspiration of the Spirit of prophecy and in turn very rapidly all of Scripture and may be just perhaps we don't even know what the Bible says any more our purpose is driven by our mission and we don't know our mission we can know our purpose and we don't know our purpose we can fulfill it spiritual paralysis but let me tell you something I want to go on record as the favorites our message is unique and is given to us by God and it doesn't matter what we argue what we rationalize what we redefined our Toronto repudiates the Bible is still the inspired word of God Ellen White is still or her ministry was still that of the messenger of the Lord and her writings are still inspired but the Lord still created the earth in six literal twenty four hour continuous consecutive contiguous day which means that the seventh day today is still a sadness and that is still the message to be proclaimed the dead are still dead still waiting for the resurrection to take place then an investigative judgment still began in eighteen forty four Jean is still our intercepted mediator and family sanctuary which by the way is still there folks the law is still binding and the standard of a judgment salvation is still a free gift available to all what accepted through faith Jesus is still coming again let's really visibly and audibly on the throne of glory with all the holy angels and he's coming back soon but before he comes back he's still waiting he's still waiting for his people to take the everlasting Gospel to every nation kindred and people our message is unique our message is still relevant our message is still the truth and our message is that which gives on purpose and we throw this message away there is no other option but to become for paralytic all we paralyzed have we forgotten who we are and our unique purpose if we forget than our purpose if we thrown away our method it doesn't matter how much money we throw away doesn't matter around the activities we doesn't matter how new school buses we may rent we're spinning our wheels God is not in the business of just letting us do whatever God has given us a mandate and he has given the mandate to eight people to do it successfully and we can try to do things we may think were accomplishing a lot but without the message without the mandate we are not accomplishing anything we may think we're doing something but we are not and you know what that's called it's called paralysis the nineteen we are doing something and that the name that we are but in fact not doing anything at all but what's the queue Jesus is in fact the divine neurologist and he healed all manner of paralytic 's a what if your faith and works a seventy five paragraph four God help us to wake up and store ourselves now that you as much as the paralytic did an friend with a paralytic healed by Christ yes you to do as much as the input and man did what the impotent man at the full defense to heal Jesse was and as much as the one with the Paulding on day one the one with the withered on healed by Christ yes he was holiday meal this is why continues to explain they did just as they were told that's how they were to think it just as they were Paul God help us to believe on the son of God that he can save it to the utmost and we shall have everlasting life I remember the story of the man of Bethesda Jesus looked at him and said man rides up think about that a lot is obviously two oh three it wasn't until the child decided with old to followed Christ's word that the healing power was important how do we find healing today it's very simple to just as we are tall gaunt has given clearly in his word the mandate the message to be given let us cling to the word just as it reads letters carry out his commission to us just as he requested and we shall find healing everyone let us arouse ourselves my stupor and paralysis and go from this place comprehend God 's purpose for time look with me now in Hebrews chapter twelve Hebrews chapter twelve beginning in verse one Hebrews twelve beginning in verse one assess wherefore seeing we also can pass about was so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so he easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us the mission for us to finish this race and paralytic in case you haven't noticed Tamron and whatever is paralyzing up today the way the said Babbitt the bad decisions that we may have made or are making lettuce cast aside that is satisfied that paralysis which we set off when we find healing birth to looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith let us be just as we are told Jesus is coming soon but Jesus is not coming soon for a bunch of spiritual influence Jesus is not in the Gila on the resurrection morning and that's that spiritually you get a feel of now and that healing power is present that day for that healing and Jesus wants us to go from this place saying we have seen strange things today spiritual prow related field walking from the blade from fulfilling the commission of Jesus the purpose for this out I like to make Civil Appeals hound of you here today recognize that there were the work to be done by yet we are doing enough because we don't even know what the Bible has to say about this hour versus it we would ask the act by someone on the street today during our he explained the three angels message we couldn't do it but we want to fulfill the purpose and the mission of his remnant church if you are one of those the who want to say Lord Jesus I want to no longer be a spiritual paralytic I want to preach this gospel with power and the CRA every hair is but I know personally there are some of us were also struck smuggling with a personal sense of hopelessness that people here at UIC they can preach but that's not for me I'm just not good enough I want to be good but you know I just can't do it if you are one of those you have some issue in your life whatever it is that is causing you to stagnate in your spiritual growth on I want you to realize to make a decision today because Jesus continually I'm living proof that he can do but if you are one of those who want to say today I'll want to be healed by Jesus I have issues I have baggage I got from and I need Jesus help it that is you're invited to stand right where you the Lord can see you I don't need to know what your issues are the reality is that we do have problems friends and she I know that he wants to help if we would just let them spiritual paralysis may take other forms however next fifty there may be some of us here who have thought I'm pretty good I come that you wife the ivory out in church perhaps I may do all sorts of wonderful things in God 's name that I realize in my heart of hearts I'm a spiritual paralytic and invalid just the thing I want my Christian experience is detained to be taken to the next level I think complacent in my spiritual experience a Pharisee a hypocrite even if that is your invite to join your friends on your feet now God sees what's in your heart he knows what is in us and he wishes to cut out whatever it is that is distracting us from fulfilling his work some of us may have lived a life of sin and Justin stood the Lord against you it may be relationships you've heard a lot about relationships this weekend it may be sinful habits on the computer in front of the television screen in the privacy of your own bedroom what ever it is Jesus can heal you if you will allow and some of us estimate because we have chosen to live a life that is the last then the pass we have made choices that is not the best but even that God can heal you can enable us from this day forward to make choices to the needs glory in our answer today from I stand before you at the test a the Lord is able more than a savior to be among and let us together stand with us together stand with Jesus to fulfill the mission that is given to Mister no more spiritual per ounce for this purpose to fulfill and to see the Lord comes let us bow our heads father this morning this afternoon we asked that you will condescend to fill each heart to give us that which is needful for us that you will heal us from whatever the setting sins we have two grants us your Spirit so that we may be able to grow in Christ no longer spiritual invalids no longer struggling simply didn't get far but that we may fulfill the purpose for preach this gospel with power in every nation kindred tongue and people some of us have stood here Lord because we confess we have issues we have weaknesses we have sense he was granted the victory over those besetting sins that may paralyze us some of us have confessed that we have lived a life less than ideal we may have done good things for you in your name but inside we are still spiritually paralyzed I asked Lord that you will be with us each one that you will grant that the healing that we so longingly design that you may look in our face as he did to those paralytic civil vice since before given to rise up take up thy bed and may we walk out of this place today saying yes see strange things and maybe glorify you and all that we can bless us the remainder of this G Y C pray in Jesus name and for as we pray to our room this is my audio receivers was a generation or if you'd like to learn more about G1 please visit .net is done twice back on board like this is an online seminar please visit www. audio versus nonwork


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