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Online Marketing: Strategies and Techniques- Part 6

David Sharpe


David Sharpe

Technical Director for the Center for Online Evangelism



  • November 11, 2015
    4:15 PM
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All right. There's another Web site that you need to look at called copy Blogger dot com. Copy blogger. Is one of the authority sites. You go sign up for free sign up. And you get a twenty part Internet Marketing Course and sixteen free books. This is some of the best information on online marketing. That is out there. So just go give them your email address download the books and start reading. Because these guys are the best at content marketing. Very very high quality information. Copy Blogger dot com. All right. I'm running out of time and I've got more stuff to talk to you about in content so let's. Traffic We haven't talked about how to get traffic to your website. How to get visitors to your website. There are two ways to get traffic to your website there's free. And there's paid. So let's take a look at the free stuff. Organic traffic we call it is what we refer to people who come to your site as a result of finding you in the search engine. Organic traffic. The. Information in the quick sprout site. Audit gives you the information on how to optimize your site so that you have better chance of getting positioned higher in the search engines. Results. Your method description is going to be your page title and met a description are going to be some of your more important elements because those are what are displayed in the search results. And those are the two things that people look at to decide whether or not to click through to your website. So. Spend some time on those. Because that just getting positioned in the getting a nice position in the search results doesn't do you any good if nobody clicks on it. So this is two part thing you've got to rank well but you've also got to attract the searcher to track. To click through to your website. There are content marketing channels that you can use to pick up free traffic. Create content that can be shared. Guest blogging is a really good way to pick up traffic to your website. People who are interested in what you have to offer. Guest blogging. Again needs to be done right. And the site that I told you about boost blog blog traffic dot com John Morrow. Has some good information on guest blogging if you're interested in really diving into it is even going to course. That's pretty in-depth. It's a really good about guest blogging. This is were boost. Blog. Traffic dot com. John Morrow site. Guest blogging is where you write an article for to be posted on somebody else's Web site. It has to be relevant to their audience it has to meet the needs of their audience. It can't be promotional about you but almost always they will let you have a little bit. What they call a bio box by a graphical box a little footnote at the bottom. Jane Doe. Is the proprietor to Hillside farms in an expert in growing organic fruits and vegetables has a home delivery service that. That feeds. Five hundred people in the hillside area. Click here to find out more. Or you know some little variation of that type of of content at the very bottom of your article. If you can get a guest post for a. A site with a lot of visitors. You can pick up a lot of people coming to your website. Popcorn content. Think of salty. Buttered Popcorn. That people start eating and the king. Quit Short says pieces of information. Short pieces of content. Things that can be shared on social media. Spend some time looking at Facebook Twitter Instagram. Pentridge slick at those things and see what is being shared. What are people in your network sharing. And if you're not on those. Just browse around and. And look to get an idea. Pictures. Always images. Always do will pipe a graphical coots you know you've got a image with a quick some kind of quote. Overlaid over the top of the image. These things get shared. Hundreds and thousands of times. And I'm going to be talking more about those in the advanced class. Tomorrow on Friday. Headlines. I don't have a lot of time to to go into that but I will tell you that. At that site that I was just mentioning boost blog traffic dot com at at the very top of his site. He offers a book called headline hacks. And you should get that. And study it very carefully because it is a very good description of how to write headlines that are going to grab people's interest they're going to click through to read what you've written so. If what he's written out there is stuff that pretty much any experienced copywriter already knows. But it's. If you haven't had any copyrighting training it's a really good introduction to how to write compelling headlines. And the compelling headlines are going to be one of them. More important things for creating traffic. Creating content that can be shared and will get you traffic. Visitors to your site. Boost blog. Traffic dot com. Headline hacks. And he's got examples in there. So that all you have to do is is plug in words from from your content you've got the seven things that your grocery store doesn't want you to know about their produce department. You know things that you know. We get tired of seeing these headlines. But there's only one reason that the headlines like that get used. It's because they work so. I personally I'm on a crusade against any headline that uses weird. Trick. So please do not write any headlines. After you leave here that has one weird trick for growing organic fruits and vegetables because that one has been overdone. It was one of the when the guy that did it. First a few years ago. Was a genius. He's made up. Boatload of money off of that headline. But everybody stole it and has worn it out. Well that was it was a weight loss guy that. That did it and. Oddly enough he still raking it in a death ink that headline still converting for him. But I personally refused to click on anything that uses weird. In the headline. What that. That one. One word trick for for the. The headline that I'm referring to that it was originally this weird trick. Will help you lose twenty pounds in one week or something you know one. These. And there's. I use ad blockers. And partly because of that stupid Ed. I didn't get so sick and tired of it and. And there are other marketers that saw how successful it was with it and they stole it and started using one word trick three three weird tricks. One weird trick for for writing your bicycle. Without breaking your knees. It's just been overused to the guys that call you. Three times a day with us with a fake telephone number get in trouble. They shut down and set up shop somewhere else. Are a free traffic comes in from these sources from. You will find that search traffic and social media. Probably are going to be your best sources. Combined for traffic. Social media. You should be sharing your content your pages your posts. Blog posts so on you should be also creating content specifically for social media and posting it to your social media accounts and that's something that I'll be talking about. Great portion of what I'm talking about tomorrow will be about social media content. Because search traffic is highly competitive. In most cases local markets you still have a chance. But if you're not dealing with a local market and you're not being unique search. Traffic requires people who read these nine hundred page books for entertainment. To in order to compete. And I was telling you about a business that I work for their space. They're spending six figures a month on online marketing. If you don't have that kind of budget. You can't compete with them and. This is why it's no longer. The build it and they will come. Thing because you've got the big money players in there with the big teams in the big budgets. They can afford to do keyword research and pay ten thousand dollars a month for a tool that will help them do the keyword research on track what's going on with the pages. They track it down to infinite detail of what's going on on the website. And so search traffic. In many cases. Is beyond the reach of the average person. And effective social media strategy is still available to you. Because it relies a little less on the technical aspects and a little more on being able to share. Your information with people and people sharing. What you've created. And so. Social Media Marketing is huge right now it doesn't require a huge budget. You can invest as much money and it is you want. If you've got it but it. It doesn't have to be so. Paid traffic. Ad Words is the first but the fastest way to get traffic. I could set up an Edwards campaign and have traffic coming to my website in about five minutes. It would take me several hours to set up the campaign. To be effective. I mean you can set up the campaign in five minutes. But the ad probably wouldn't be very effective the headline would be so in order to get the headlines and everything done properly. It would take a while to set it up but once I turn it on the traffic would start showing up to my website almost in immediately. So if you need. Fasts infusion of traffic this is one way you can get it. It's works best if you have something that you are selling. And that you can turn to click to your website into a sale fairly quickly. Facebook ads. Other paid social media Facebook Twitter is about to go into paid ads. Instagram. I think there's ads in there right now and pen trist also. But you can still get a lot of traffic from those without dealing with the paid advertising. If you do your strategies right. So these are things you do to get traffic into your website. What happens when somebody comes to your website. One of the things that you're going to need to do is build a list to you if you've been around marketing it all for any length of time you've heard the saying. The money's in the list. You need to create a list. It's just nowadays. Because of the effort that you're putting into creating a website that gets results. I don't see that you have any other option. You have to create the list in order to recover your investment. If you're doing e-commerce where you have sales that you're making directly from your Web site. You might can get away with it. But you've got to capture it. It's easier to sell somebody that has already taken some kind of action. With you given your You're their e-mail address they've bought something from you. It's easier to sell them a second time than it is to go get a new one a new client a new engine a new lead. So you have to have means of capturing the. The name of the visitor. And this in gauge with site visitors kind of got misplaced I think it's an important element of web page design you can do this through comments comments sections on the page. Of social sharing their SPLOG in like add this that. That automatically puts a little thing on your page that lets people share it with their Facebook account or their Twitter or Google plus or whatever. Solicit feedback ask people for information. Ask them for their experience with what was their experience on your website. Engage with them. Make it a conversation back and forth not just a. Here I'm shouting at you kind of thing. OK now we're at the Build a list. It's critical. And I can't tell you how many businesses. This is where they fail. They put so much effort into their website. And then fail to capture names. And so they're constantly reselling the new visitor to their website trying to capture that new visitor turn it into a sale. It's much much easier to capture their name. Build the list. You're going to need an email management system to do this professionally. These are the three that I have any experience with a web or constant contact and eye contact. I use a web or. Just because I have the longest amount of experience with it. For every email management system that's out there you will find people that love it and people that hate it. I would avoid one that charges you. Per message. Almost all of them have a different feast schedule depending on how many names you have in your email database. Please use one of these rather than trying to send out email from your email account. Because your local internet provider will not like it if you're sending out emails to a group of people. A large group of people. If you have five hundred names on your email list and you're trying to send them out through your your own email. Your local provider is likely to think that your spamming and shut down your email account. So using something like a web or constant contact I contact. Not only will you avoid that but these guys work very carefully to make sure that their email gets delivered because that's their business model. They deliver your email. There's. There is some of that. But it but if you don't. It's all come out of come out as a response to people abusing the system and sending out all those drugs for those e-mails for Canadian pharmacies and online casinos and all the other stuff that ends up in your junk mail. They've been efforts to control that and. So yeah it ends up. Again back in the ninety's. We didn't have all of these tools. A Weber came up in the late ninety's and we all jumped all over it because it was an auto responder. Which meant that if somebody sends an email. You can automatically set up a sequence of e-mails that are going to get automatically. They're added to the database and. On day one they get e-mail number one on day two they get e-mail number two. I don't have to touch it after set it up it's a wonderful. Marketing tool. But nowadays it's become a necessity to use this because there's been so much abuse that the. The local internet providers will shut down. Anything that. Looks like spam and cancel the account. Blocked you can even get your domain blacklisted. Which means that nobody will deliver your e-mail. They aren't they do get shut down but what happens is they just move to a different location. Virtual. And they're working. And they work offshore. Outside of US jurisdiction. And there are a lot of countries that just don't really care. They want the money. So it's this issue of spam is a real problem. And to avoid getting caught up in it it's a lot easier to pay a a Weber twenty dollars a month to manage your e-mail database for you. Unsolicited e-mail. And it can be unsolicited e-mail of any kind. I could email you. Tomorrow. And you could complain that I was spamming it. Well if you're. If you add me to your contact list. E-mail that I send you will come through. If not there's a good chance that it will get filtered off into the junk mail. So if you want to hear from me. You should add me to your contact list. The. The local Internet service provider doesn't know that those are in your contact list. It just sees you sending a hundred e-mails. Yes. And that's usually what happens. So please and another thing on along this line is please don't buy a database of five hundred thousand e-mails and send out to everybody because that is spamming. And you will get shut down. You know. The problem is that the that most of us who try to be law abiding where it a little more risk than those who just really don't care because we can make mistakes they that get a shutdown blocked and so on but there are people who will try to sell you a database of e-mails and say you know you can mail a hundred thousand e-mails. Says addresses and send your message to women and get rich. Don't do it only send emails to people who have requested information from you. And that's one of the things. Another reason that. That if you use one of these management systems they force. They have their system set up. Force you to use it in a certain way. And by doing that your complying with U.S. laws. So it. Rather than having to know every detail of the law. If you use one of these systems. They're going to force you to to follow the law because they want to make sure that they don't get shut down to. Yes. Well when you get a Linked In information. Are in a Linked In invitation. The only way you can connect with them then is to go and search Linked In or a couple of important concepts that you need to know about email marketing with that ten minutes here and and kind of go fast but at least you have the vocabulary to work with opt in bait if you look at John Morrow site that headline hacks. E-book is opt in bait. He is offering some bait. There for you to grab the hook is that you have to give him your email address in order to get that book. It's something you want. It's something I recommend. John does not abuse the privilege of getting your email address so you're safe giving it to him. He gives you very good information in return. Opt in Beit is usually a report of five to ten pages. Something very deuce full information that your visitor. This targeted very specifically to your target market because you don't want somebody on your email list that's not interested in organic fruits and vegetables if that's what your website is about that's what your business is about. You don't want somebody. You shouldn't have an opt in bait. Piece that stalking about how to restore antique cars. Has nothing to do with what you're doing you might get a lot of people on your list. But you're not going to sell them. Your fruits and vegetables. Checklists are really good. And it might be what you might have this if you're if you're teaching gardening classes. Your checklist might be. Your years worth of gardening. Checklist you know what you do it certain times of the year in January what should you be doing and in your gardening. Plan for getting ready for spring. And so on the very easy to create people will. Will give you their email addresses for that all day long. Podcast or audiotape. Interviews you don't have to be talking about. You don't have to be lecturing you can interview an expert in pest control or. Home schooling or something you can interview them and and post that on our offered that. As opt in bait. Webinars online training sessions these are also really good. It takes if you. Hours to prepare and put them on but they are excellent for collecting names of people who are interested in what you have to offer. Just again make sure it's targeted to your specific market that you're looking for content of grade this is something that. That I haven't seen very many websites do this. So if you do this you are unlikely to get some decent results. They the way this works is that you have a page. We've talked about the long tail key words. You have a page that answers a question or provides relevant information. At the end of the article. If you would like to know more about it. Download our free report on how to control June bugs. Now it's this free report is ten pages that you've of information that you've compiled from your own experience and from research on the Internet you put it all into your own words. You've put it into a nice P.D.F. format and. It's an upgrade your article was about pest control and maybe talked about June bugs. And then. Now you're offering more detailed information it's an upgrade. Of the content. In exchange for the email address. From what I've seen it seems to be working very well I'm surprised that more people aren't using it. So I would suggest you give that a try. Landing pages. Very important concept when you are. When you're dealing like with social media. If you are creating a piece of content that you're send sharing out on this social media and idea is to get somebody to click to your website don't send them to your home page please send them to a unique landing page that has two options. You can sign up or leave. It's also called a squeeze page. Typically all of the navigation elements are removed off of the page. And all there is is the box for them to give their email address. Or they can click and go away. And in order to for that to work. Your offer what you're offering has to be compelling it has to fit what they are looking for and a lot of people are not all that good at it. And so you end up. Often you know you'll find a large number. Pardon me you'll find a large number of people will bounce off of the page and not sign up. And that's fine. We're not trying to please everybody we're not trying to grab everybody. Balance rate is something that you need to be paying attention to but it's not something that Google worries about. OK So we've talked about removing the navigation. Some of the themes divvy the one that I'm using for our Web site has set up where it. It'll build the landing pages for me with the opt in box and everything. And I don't have to worry about dealing with a lot of design issues. So there are some themes that are our design for this. Oh yeah. It's one of the most customizable things that I've seen. There are over. There's about three hundred thousand people using it right now. And while if you know what you're looking for you can see similarities. There are some elements that you can look at and see but there are an infinite number of possible because of the drag and drop that module. Thing that I was showing you. There's so many combinations that you can do that. You know it's. It's hard did. It's not a consistent design it's more like a module drag and drop module type editing type of thing. Rather than something like a cookie cutter template. It's. I'd have yet to figure out a good way to describe it but it's. I don't think there's much risk of looking like everybody else. Lead Pages dot net. You don't have to buy their service but I would suggest looking at their service. Maybe getting involved. Looking at some of their e-mails some of their blog posts because they are the leader right now in landing page. Information. When you have your list now you can send them information. Regularly I would suggest at least once a week and then. Until you get really good at it I wouldn't go much more than that. There are marketers who can send an email. Every day or three times a day and still not alienate most of their list. But until you learn how to do that I would stick with once a week. And yes people will unsubscribe from it but don't. Don't cry over it. Just a little sidebar on that. When you're sending out an email make sure that each line is no more than about fifty characters wide. It's just a considered a best practice all those in many marketers will use twenty characters what would even narrower lines than that but I like fifty. As you build your email list. I give you a rule of thumb that. That you can come to use in calculating your email list. If you do it right. Is probably worth about a dollar per month per name. So if you have five hundred people on your list. And you learn how to do e-mail marketing halfway good. You don't have to be an expert. But if your TAF good at it. You should be able to earn about a dollar per name. Some marketers are good enough to bake two dollars per name per month. Now. I'm not there yet. And they're very aggressive. So most people find that a dollar per name for a month is a is a good rule of thumb and. So it gives you an idea of the value of building your email list. So you can sell your stuff. You can sell somebody else's. It's an online world that's known as Affiliate Marketing where you can promote somebody else's. Products and get anywhere from twenty to fifty to sixty percent of the sale price and in some cases where there are special promotions being done you can get one hundred percent of the sale price. So. It's not everybody is has a market that suited for this. But I wanted to bring it up it's because some of you will. You know the Home School market. The information product market. Courses consulting that type of thing. There's a lot of opportunities there. All right. And I'm going to. Like I said this is your most effective marketing strategy the other has been a foundation. This is where you actually are converting into sales. Is through your email list. Track and analyze because you're going to win you guess you're going to be wrong about eighty percent of the time. Don't pay any attention to vanity statistics. If I have ten thousand followers on my Twitter account it does not mean a thing I can go out and buy ten thousand Twitter followers and show you my account tomorrow morning and have ten thousand followers. It doesn't mean anything. All that means anything. Is what results. Are you getting. And what results did you want. So if you have a business. It doesn't even matter how many visitors you get it matters how much money are you making how many sales are you making. If you have a ministry. You're going to have a different metric than money. It's going to be more how many people are engaged with what you're doing. But if you're dealing with business. Don't worry about. I'm not getting any traffic. What you need to look at is am I getting any sales from this. Because in some businesses one sale. Is enough to pay for your years worth of of online marketing. Most of us don't have a business like that but it is possible. So don't pay attention to the vanity statistics don't get caught up in how many people are visiting your web sites. You need to know what kind of sales a my getting as a result of my online marketing efforts. Traffic is important but not the only not the primary measurement. Now you said the conversion rate is and sales are critical. Analyze your statistics in the. We'll talk about statistics here in just a second. And a quick sidebar. Think about the lifetime value of your customer. And if you're not familiar with that concept Google it sometime and learn more about it because this is a case where if you understand a lifetime value of your customers. And I'll just go back to the C.S.A. example. If you know that your customer your average C.S.A. customer is going to stay with you for two years and is going to pay you two hundred dollars a month. For those two years that's twenty four months times. Two hundred dollars So you've got forty eight hundred dollars. That that customer is worth. Would you spend fifty dollars to get a new customer if you knew that they were going to spend forty eight hundred dollars with you in the next two years. This is why you see companies spending big dollars on advertising. And you know that they're not making. They're not breaking even on the first sale. That's why they can spend thirty dollars for a click on an ad words. Campaign. Because they know that that lead. If that lead doesn't convert. There's a certain percentage that will and they're going to make thousands of dollars. So I understand a lifetime value of the customer and it'll. And it gives you a a metric to work with as you're analyzing these results. They're free to free tools that you need to learn how to use. And you need to use Google's tutorials on how to use them. There are good videos on You Tube where the people have have showed you how to use these Google Analytics and google search consul. They give you a lot of information about the traffic that's coming to your website. You need to set it up on your site and study it. Learn how to use it and pay attention to it because the clues this is where you get your feedback. How's your Web site working what's that are you getting the results that you want. Are you getting results that are are making your investment. Worthwhile because as you've seen this is an investment of time. At the very least it's a big investment of time. And if you don't have time to throw at it then it's going to cost you money. Because there's the knowledge. The cost of acquiring the knowledge the cost of the time it takes to read these one hundred page books. And then to implement it takes another big chunk of time. I think I mentioned that a recently read an article by an S E O expert. This is the guy that spends his time doing on site. Se O. the technical stuff. He was saying that for the average. Business that he works around. It takes between twelve hours and one hundred hours a week just to do the on site as C.E.O. work. That he does. So it's it's time consuming. There's a challenge in being consistent. Staying you know once you get started you have to keep going because if you slack off and slow down stop your position in the search engines is going to slide your audience will go away. So there's a couple of solutions you can hire the work done. If you don't want to do it yourself. Quality is expensive though. Expect to pay one hundred to two hundred dollars an hour. If you find a reputable a C.E.O. person or web site developer to take care of the online marketing for you it's. It's not cheap but. Hiring the wrong person to do it can cost you. I was speaking with a gentleman. The other day. Last month and. He had a business. He had a subscription business and won't go into all the details on it but he had six thousand subscribers paying him. A chunk of money every month. His S.P.O. guy died. Very inconvenient for him. The guy died and he hired somebody else to take his place. And two years later he has three subscribers. Do not pay anybody anything. If they promise you a specific result. There is nobody who can guarantee to get you on page one. Number three number one number seven. There is not it is not possible to guarantee. Specific placement. So when somebody comes and promises you that just smile and walk away. So. Screen carefully. You can designate one person. Today in your family or on your. If you have a team designate one person to become an expert do the work and that's what most businesses. Try to do. Again just be aware that it's a an investment. And remember that I started out with this morning. This is marketing it's not I.T.. It's not programming it's not computer science. Do not go to an I.T. expert for help with online marketing please. It's marketing. The technology can be learned in a weekend. But the marketing concepts take a lot longer to sink in one thing that you have at your disposal that other businesses may not as board or you know find somebody that in your area that would be interested in some kind of an exchange. You never know. And it's legal in anywhere and anywhere in the world it's legal. What you have to do is you have to report it because it's income. So if I barter with you and you're going to give me two hundred dollars worth of groceries every week in exchange for me working for you I have to report that his income. You have to report it on the Form nine ninety as. As a as a paying a contractor. Paying of and or and but. But I have to pay tax on it as income. They don't care if it's food or cars or whatever but I have to pay cash tax for it so it can be a little bit of a challenge there are some legal ramifications but yes it's legal. As long as it's reported however I will say that I would venture to guess that ninety eight percent of barter transactions are not ever reported. And if anybody wants to has it as an extra house on their farm you know and would like to to have a full time. Or an experience to see OTEC working on their Web site our families looking for a place. There's a barter opportunity right there. We we moved out in the country. Last year and our next phase is to start getting really involved with agriculture so. OK. We didn't have time for the live audit and I'm sorry for that because I wanted to go through that process with you and show you the insides of it but. You've got the information you've got the file now that quick sprout audit will let you go through and do it yourself. Recommend that you do it. Take some time with it and figured out it's. It's a little intimidating I realize but. I think you'll you'll find great value and then. Here's my contact information. I am available for questions. Whenever. If you have a question. About your site. Specifically probably the this. Addresses. Is the one to contact me on if you want to know more about what we do for ministries and churches and schools in the center for online eventually some. Email would be best for that. All right it is five ten. Does anybody have any questions. Before we should. Tomorrow we're going to get more into content marketing. And social media. So it's going to be more detail about how to use the social media. How to use the content marketing. Probably I'm going to go into more detail on the e-mail stuff because I was rushed on it today. So it's it's going to be a little more advanced assuming it's going to assume that you've already got a platform that as optimized as you can get it. And then what to do next to really get the best benefit from this media was brought to you by audio person a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave visit. W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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