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What and Where is the Kingdom of God?

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • March 2, 2005
    12:00 PM
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seven one one questions recession became question is asked as he is no change watch movies as long as they are not already what about movies about Jesus is devoted to watch movies as long as they're not one of our rate is already R-rated okay the Bible says in Philippians four verse eight finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things out of good report if there be any virtue if there be any praise think on these things when we make decisions asked the one will enter our minds because once something gets into your mind you cannot get it out now you can seek divine wisdom to control it informs but it is best not to allow certain things and I will mind now if you are suppose the question comes Christian the Christian equipment requests always has to consider is this to the glory of God first Corinthians ten thirty one says whether therefore ye eat or drink all whatsoever you know what you watch what you hear what you wear dual all for the jewelry of God now this is an individual matter I'm not legislating for anyone but I'm simply saying that Christian functions by different standards altogether the Christian standards of recreation standards of play standards of social interaction standards of boy girl relationships there are vastly different from the world know if you're one of those Christians who have you know we have African-Americans Italian-Americans Irish-Americans Chinese-Americans and that you have Christian and non-Christian vegetarian meat eaters we have all these combinations if you're one of those really don't want anything like but if you're genuine child of God you've got to be careful what you allow to enter your market Proverbs four twenty three says keep thy heart with all diligence the heartbeat of my keeping guarded is the same word used in the Genesis were going to let them dress department keep it is the same word used in the Bible says members some of it keep it holy we must keep our mind with all diligence for out of eighth of the issues of life all possible diligence we must guard our mind when the move is what Jesus will not result to remember that going to action based on the book of behind the movies on the for financial reasons whether the passion of Christ the last temptation of Christ the first temptation movies are made for business reasons and so my response to you is whatsoever things are true honest just pure lovely of good report if it is a virtue if of any prayers think of these things and do all to the glory of God I doodle Ellie SU unless you let me remind you we have evening service print service was sick this coming Sabbath afternoon I guess we shall be at Chan Auditorium in the service of the four o'clock and we are fasting again this is not an imposition it is just an invitation to engage in spiritual discipline with fast again from Friday evening are you really service so we will not have potluck this coming Sabbath afternoon is good too fast it really really this twenty minutes up to twelve Apple Rush I just have half an hour of us know our heads as we pray father in heaven in the time left ailments are rather the words granted the rights to open the hearts of your people who've come to listen live alternate find a welcome in their hearts that when we leave we may leave rejoicing of its rules and the only little glorified I offer this prayer to Jesus they were for his sake amen but the urge to other coverage of the comeback tonight because what I said now I was a much more in the evening for the obvious reason I have more time our subject is walked on where is the kingdom of God walked and where is the kingdom of God when Adam sinned because all the dominion of this world to someone else when God said let us make man in our image after our likeness I let them have dominion over the fish of the sea followed beer bought Dave go median knock on the ship but the thing in the world was split on the Adam Psalm eight three December three when I consider thy heavens the works of my fingers the more this cause was no hostile gain what is man developed life with him and the Son of Man the Pope was a descendent of dollars made him a little of the Angels of a stronger with glory and honor about it was safe to have dominion over the work that way and thou hast put all things under his feet all things under his feet simply meant that Adam was in charge of the created world in which go up with him to live mankind was given dominion over the world not ownership is not very clear the earth is the Lord 's and the fullness thereof the world that they that dwell therein what this implement Genesis twenty first twenty or so I think he said Blessed be the most high-quality possess up of heaven and earth it belongs to blog but he has given the Google medium but when Adam sinned he lost the menu and some of the devil tempted Jesus Christ according to which version it moves up to four four five four seven the Bible says of the devil taking up into a high mountain and showed him all the kings of the world in a time of those that are then all this power will argument to be on the glory of them for that is delivered unto me of the whomsoever I will give it the devil says that has been delivered unto me he was referring to the fact that when Adam Fowler Adam delivered dominion over to him though the Bible does acknowledge the devil has some Davidian not ownership because Jesus in John twelve thirty one says always the judgment of this world now shall the prince of this world be cast out into one forty four thirty Jesus says and what I will not talk much with you for the prince of this world cometh and have nothing in me and second previous chapter four four four Paul says because the goal of this world has blinded the minds so that the devil is regarded as the prince of this world but not of this world but when Jesus died on Calvary he replayed the Dominion that Adam lost on this given you a lot rapid fire because of little time at the reputed rainbow amid Adam and he gave him two million you are responsible for this world vegetation the animals the environment Adamson and he forfeited that the medium to the devil that will have some kind of legal rights because the one shards submitted to his Roland Emmerich told in second Peter chapter two verse nineteen by holding a man is overcome of the same easy brought in bondage out of was overcome by the devil of course you give one of the devils rule in the sense of Satan begins of this world Christ would claim that the medium when he died on earth now when God made the earth it was Bob's attention to ask ten is King of Israel opening of upon this life on this earth was to be a reflection of life in the kingdom about Adam was supposed to be the leader in making sure that two things were done according to the standards of the kingdom of God this was not loyal to ask his arraignment of his ruling is array of love on the reign of law legacy is thousands on foreign policy extends democracy all over the world whether people want it or not that's the policy spread democracy all right spots policy is spraying the kingdom of love that's why he made the number there Adam Satan the devil took over now God is called a special people from jumping from Genesis Exodus there were the descendents of Abraham Vivian 's lights they were in Egypt slaves going to deliver the atom now they are in the wilderness I bought tells Moses in Exodus chapter twenty five worst eight on the phone make me a sanctuary why that I might want to dwell among them it has always been both desire to dwell with his people the Christian in times of human loneliness must ever understand that going well with me and I'm not speaking symbolically symbolically and speaking quite literally God dwells within us in the person of his Holy Spirit of the eggs of the recount see so in Texas Boston and make me a signed jewelry that I might dwell among them Exodus twenty five verse eight even before items and blog would come down until you we must inextricably vet from divorce and nine which is a bit heard the voice of the Lord bone walking in the garden of the day actually verse in Genesis three Sobol had a habit of coming dollars to talk with Adam and Eve 's face-to-face dwelling with an interacting social I think if that is the proper word to refer to both the direction of his people now he tells his lights for Moses make me a sanctuary that I might dwell among them the sanctuary which was a tent of the worthless I truly sporadically his attempt in John one fourteen the Bible says of the word was made flesh and dwelt among us the transmission is tabernacle of the hearts back to the tabernacle in Exodus twenty five for state it was attempt with four compartments aminal what was the first compartment called the second compartment most holy place the first apartment holy places the second compartment most holy place together with an outer courts we had also sacrificed on the play unbeliever on where the animals were tied that were to be sacrificed in the holy place it wasn't emotional breadth of the north was the altar of incense of it was a seven branched candelabra candle stick and in the most holy place where the high priest could only go once a year under the end of the holy Place was sent of his life he dropped their answers and tells us when he went to the apartment our rope was tied around his waist other will balance on the hem of his garment of the people associate administrator can hear the bells so they knew he was alive in this seems to hear the battles they knew he was dead of it would use the rope because the Cardinal will get it you can't mumble into the will you please come to leave the priesthood and holy one of the biblical month and the happiness of all his sins had been forgiven and commends no annual Festival twenty place there was one article of furniture that was called what they are the ark was made of pure gold it was actually find one there was a wooden frame wooden box overlaid an alien with gold Exodus twenty five verse eleven the measures were simple enforced that Exodus twenty five the Bible says and they shall make a art of shade and would talk other half shall be the length of their own one cubits on the half the breast that Rolf and a cubic on a half behind the wrong of them shall make special overlay withdrawal both within and without shalt thou immolate a chapter supported a crown of gold roundabout so we have this goal involves and the purpose for the box was the house walked the temperaments at it for six databases led by the Bible says thou shalt put into VR the testimony which I shall give the Italy are out BR was the single most important article of furniture in the tabernacle EA made the hard part of the tabernacle the whole point of all the sacrifices was to make atonement for the violation holy law contain event Golden books VR movie probably referred to as the very heart of the sanctuary of its the temperamental to give the soul of the art how to call the mercy seat it was made of gold versus seventeen through twenty of Exodus twenty five emergency cover the ark of God told Moses in verses twenty two twenty one twenty two of Exodus twenty five that via the countrymen what are common in emergency and enforce twenty two both said and fair I will meet with the right above the mercy seat as the box versus you Gold said my presence with the right upon or just above the mercy seat representing his phone and what goes on to say I'm on there I will need within him I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat from between the two children's which are upon the ark of the testimony of all things which I will give the income manhunt on for the children of Israel is saying whenever I speak I speak from this position not if President Clinton travels through individual and he speaks where is he speaking from when the Senate President goes anyway the world and he speaks where is he speaking from the White House because he speaks with the authority of the role of this Republic he speaks with the authority of the White House where everything always if Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State Peterson also Siberia are just as anything she is speaking with the authority of the White House counsel Bob says what I say I was saying from the no personal to me that going to Bob's present with Lucy and URLs it was the obligor to the tabernacle of the congregation meeting holy places was seen elsewhere but the authority of his words they issue forth from the place that represented his throne of this is the picture we must understand when God speaks he always speaks of the authority of the throne about you will I'm not as a negotiator on the following this is not once lucrative on the front lawn the art represented the world not in the phone with the ten Commandments the foundation of God 's throne is his long representative because I together remember Thorstein you're busy digesting I understand we try to get the foundation of God 's government of God 's kingdom of God 's sovereignty is Islam anymore the one person in Mediterranean one of the glue from verses for autism remarkable chapter that has gone talking about Jesus a lot of things the father says about the side verse eight but unto the son he saith five throne all gone it's one of about us unrighteousness it is the sense of Viking no one is a set-top upset the business process that symbolizes authority and rulership the father says of Jesus Christ vice sucked on a set of righteousness is the symptom of my kingdom God 's kingdom is administered on the principles of righteousness Bible says all my commandments our righteousness in Psalm eighty nine verse fourteen justice and judgment on the habitations of knife throwing the word justice dignity translated righteousness so righteousness and judgment on the habitats of vote fraud the one hundred years and is foundational to underwriters as that because the foundation of the we also come in once made a king of all is a single in which everything proceeds on the basis of righteousness and judgment of express incomparably in golf all these temperament there commandments of righteousness the Commandments of Justice and Jesus said the Commandments of no so we have the federal estate another look at the throne will destroy me which have deceptively the staff a symbol of authority the role the throne is no different when Joseph went to federal to explain that the dreams of federal at after Joseph explained his reasons Joseph took full advantage of the opportunity of being if there was presence of the also told Filipino welfare of the call and ask for what to do for this awesome interpretation when the question is an opportunity he makes the most of it quite right so Joseph will want to do I felt I was so impressed federal put in the charge of our country one level on the federal here is what Pharaoh said to Joseph in Genesis forty one force forty he said thou shalt be old while my house according to thy word shall all my people merely without exception then Farrell being a smart television says only in the throne will I be greater than the now he had just put Joseph over his entire kingdom but found a solid document about how to stop its top of the throne Farrell said only in the throne will I be greater than the fraud that is the higher level than the throng of this is the position occupied symbology express in the Shekinah glory in his presence that Hulbert above are you are representing this from Melville is a throne in heaven abnormal coupons of the Commandments in heaven I can give precise details but I know from Revelation eleven first my game of the temp of the temple of God was opened in heaven of it was seen in his Temple the Ark of the custom which is hapless person which was the original pattern on which the earthly one was based you react to stratify for side SSN five was formed in Baltimore left him making this on the path I will show you the you received was the very original in heaven itself which needs exhibits recruited twelve thirty seven because that's what was on the earth is just a copy of the original any man who wants to change Baltimore is wasting time by changing the copy right is the estimate of you have the biggest change is the worst original of who sits on the throne nowhere that Commandments in the file not some new powerful feeling he wants a change console addressing ourselves to somehow he doesn't have a God that involves presence of errors problem is once again although I would have to do move going when the sentencing Ottawa Senators have I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation and the sides of the golf I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most I don't be like you not to use you can set up a right looking woman on allowing so you either subdomains are going to remove all because he sits on the throne the foundation this is his righteous soul now I feel present one of the kingdom of volume in the kingdom of God is the ruler of righteousness for money saving them now Jesus had my kingdom is not of this world is wonderful I John seventy four thirty six I listen him and were certified financial final days of the chief resounded over the other minute walk test four thirty six a.k.a. Jesus as my kingdom is not of this lot about Jesus but not me and my kingdom is not in this world he said my kingdom is not on this world meaning my kingdom is not currently it is not widely located in a while but is not wildly as long but is not currently because he did say in the seven to twenty one the kingdom of God is Nathaniel Matthew twelve twenty eight elevenths when he said if iCal files but it's never as bad as that of the ball the kingdom of darkness feel the kingdom of God came when Jesus came John the Baptist Matthew three four stroke in those this came John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness of Judea I'm saying repent for the kingdom of God is at half the team of bloggers in Jesus resistivity mapping for the seventeenth and March one four sixteen repent and believe the gospel for the kingdom of God became a feminist now it is not on the world because its principles do not originate from the world originates from a bottle that's what Jesus meant when he said my kingdom is not obvious moral boundaries of the saving of the disciples in John seventeen forty Jesus prays with father said I have given them by word of the world has taken them because they are not of the world even as I am out of the lateral line he was saying that his disciples were on the one to be made most of and I pray you should stick them onto the well about five thousand people from the evil and the kingdom of God is not tainted by the principle of evil sixteen to seventeen the well even if I am not of the world as we need to understand that the principal on my weblog called the live our lives are you marked are fully met why God is not a professor will send several failure by presenting standards that are contrary to your genetic makeup if not caused me to live my divine standards he had smartly compelled to provide the power to allow companies to the divine standards as the kingdom of God is not as well in the sense that is most of them ethnic origin it is not really but go on tells us in the power of Jesus Christ my heavenly kingdom can find expression in your life even while you live in the simple a while because my migration on my power for the cleansing of my God you what I can than others are and yet we can live by principles that are not earthly resisting the move gone if you interview it to me twelve forty two aluminum should be a reflection of the kingdom of God somebody to answer a lot of your effects of the kingdom of God my homes of the reflexive the king of God yours by basketball game is that hair was just checking the talk residence if I hear as I lost where do those that have this matter pray our father which I'm in heaven hallowed be thy name is a laissez hi Ken we must allow for a while that is governed by the principles of righteousness by kingdom where sick obsession with state of the principal will not run on both affected by the level we must design and long fly New York one three eight fall the kingdom of God because it is the kingdom of righteousness and unrighteousness of the fly in the flesh by the life of Jesus Christ and informative abdomen and so Jesus says seek you first the kingdom of CQ for the lifestyle that rule and rule is characterized by righteousness remember on its principles come from above using visual movies and have a momentum going by the question do nothing he's a showman ever whether they already pick you original X-rated emotional iPod was so moving it will one of these is when he comes back because before Bob destroys Olson as they have to see the lies that led they have to see God was fair that's why Paul says in Philippians to every knee shall bow and every tongue should confess Jesus Christ as Lord before Bart destroys the citizen must confess the Lord you were right and somehow he was short on their lives where the screen will be I don't know but if you believe the kingdom of God includes movies then that's a relief this kingdom functions on principles that are precisely in conformity with prophetic counsel of God was kept below they are in the most holy compartment of the text the most holy but I say again the reason for the tank was the ten Commandments in the art the throne a righteous seven notice the similar role a set of righteousness and uses game to call the men and women into his kingdom in this kingdom there is love one for the other one of the great tragedies of Bible study a Malden religion is that people make the difference between the law and love not understanding that the law is an expression of love on the highest expression of love is obedience to God so you actually taught preachers and Christians telling people who are going okay I think that Ray below the decibels of my voice ice cream that you look you must forgive me people who preach of a painful knee inside and presumes that we will know exactly what I see you got obtained inside and you he is only by delivering bulbs work I'm telling you it is only Jesus when you got to Baltimore but we must remember we are same flesh and blood saliva when the decibels of my voice of forties forty minutes one of the committee appeal to heart first this is only half the sermon come back to my eye moment tell you something that perhaps you've know before but if you would receive it the way we live our lives will change I have folder before but functions on the basis of principles I said that before I let go to football the procedure was not a process possible out of order I will extract my context of the kingdom of God 's kingdom of righteousness absorbance at the Moses let them make me a sanctuary that I might dwell among them all glows in an environment of righteousness he brings it on he dwells in it that's why sin had to be wiped with washed away by the blood of Christ because God does not want to dwell in an unrighteous environment he wants to dwell where it is righteous with all that he is is reflected in all that retool righteous professors was conscious at the return of the worth of the marked role I just sure this was conscious of the other did not seek righteous everybody was conscious as I said because the conscience is the also the lands above standard of right and wrong the Commandments of it detects noodles parts most pains no operations and all that means it is the very capital of God into the substance of God as Jesus I said that he cannot talk of God I want a place in God 's kingdom now I'm when he comes to make it the entire system of this world I want to remain in God 's kingdom on a publicly safe although by your grace of the blood of your son Jesus Christ I renew my commitment to you receive me as a citizen of this kingdom how many will say father my desire is to deliver the kingdom of God twice your hands but that's where you stand with me twelve minutes to one estimate is the price of less you remember to have the cars fill them out one emotion in Bible studies in the prey when I have a one-on-one with me because out of five days of the Sabbath just seeing people might rejoice preaching a meeting one one one this was thinking am I a citizen of the kingdom of God on my own more abiding citizen do I love policemen I wouldn't live in the communal beliefs but while the middle of July I try to go policeman a blessing to me but for the lawbreaker you better run unhygienic trust is a noise like but we can be citizens of the kingdom of that's what we host with the same every about a very close father in the name of Jesus we come to them we say make us by the blood of your son citizens of the kingdom of God which is the kingdom of righteousness a kingdom of justice obtainable no formal remorseful hollow hearts any principles of the enemy that may have led our lives unless the principle of your kingdom from top to bottom come for every facet of our lives and give us a lot of these principles I pray because one day you're coming to establish testing done on this world and we want to be a part for now goodbye today that is even as faithful citizens of listing them I pray that the principles of right and justice it is in our lives I offer this prayer to Jesus 's name and for his sick little goals people sit with me


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