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The Growers Purpose

Whitmar McConnell


Whitmar McConnell

Owns and operates Golden Moment Farm in Means, KY



  • November 13, 2015
    2:45 PM
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Father in heaven we're thankful for the refreshment that we enjoyed in fellowship as well and. Once again we ask for your presence that you would give us understanding and wisdom Jesus' name amen. OK Does anybody have any questions about this. You can. You can get this off of their website at dancing eco AG dot com Ed Ed dancing. Eco AG dot com. If you were to search his name would probably bring up the website to. John camp. All of the criteria here though. Are dependent upon complete and balanced so construction. That's how you achieve these things and that's how as easy as you climb up that. That pyramid there. And you begin to limiting those problems. Your I like to look at it the other way you're actually gaining more life. I always tell people it. You know we spend too much time fighting off death. And too little time fostering life. OK let's look at weed. The causes. This is going to start sounding redundant to you. But the causes always are incomplete and or imbalance mineralization and inappropriate porosity and are capillarity in the soil. So why is that. Well let's take some. Let's take some weeds. Maybe people would be from a with the dandelion. I mean most you are familiar with dandelion. And these books over here help to help you to understand what the conditions are that caused certain plants to grow when they grow. We call them a weed but then some cases they're really there to try to heal the land. And that that's actually the case with dandelion in the situation with dandelion you have locality I'm situated to pour you have poor digestive or process going to eat that day. That biological process in the soil is is breaking down. And the calcium levels low and dandelion What do they know why dandelion is such a good green tea. You could call it is a deep rooted wood but why. Why is it that dandelion. High in calcium. Dandelion can mine calcium. Where it's difficult for other plants to get it. And so when you see it taken over your yard and should tell you that you're lacking calcium you're lacking structure in your skill and we could go through. We could go through a lot of different illustrations always by and courage you to to get these books and start learning what what are the conditions but you'll see that it always comes down to. And in that case there's a lack of calcium. And you don't have the right structure in the soil. And there's other you when you have high potassium and high magnesium you'll see we. You'll see physical type. We just see bind we in some of those types of things starting to proliferate in the soil. Because they can mine calcium as well. And they can deal with that tighter soil. Even better. We had an out and alfalfa feel about it in Valley that and the dandelion just came in and took it over. Because there wasn't enough calcium there. And we were already naturally high in detachment magnesium so. Dandelion is high in calcium Yeah. Yeah it mines calcium and accumulated. And so when it dies. When the dandelion dies it leaves more calcium behind. So what what we plant. We call them weeds but what plant will show up there will be do. It will be dependent on what the overall situation the mineralization in the structuring is because there may be another plant they'll show up but because dandelion can even compete in that type of condition but another plant they can extract calcium. But in a better way than a dandelion can might come along and succeed in that area where your crop won't. Yet. If you can grow a crop that's an accumulator of a certain nutritional element there's a whole bit you know God created variety there's twelve manner of fruit on the tree of life there's there's variety. And they all expressed in unique ways. The image of God the character of God what the character of God is like to it. And I don't know about you I love growing fruit and a few Most people have gotten used to what they get in the grocery store as fruit. You haven't tasted. You haven't tasted fruit and till you've tasted it. Grown on nutritious ground or on mineralized ground. And let ripen on the tree this is another problem with where they pick it off immature. So they can hold up to the whole shipping processed and handling and so it's biologically immature. It's not even ready to be able to provide you with all of this my wife. She was in Billie's but with her parents as missionaries in. And she was too doesn't. She doesn't really care for mangos and things like that avocados and everything she got there she said we pick them off the tree the other cars and they were more of a golden greenie or. Because they were right then you cut them open and sometimes they just drip of oil out of them. Or mangoes that were Templi ripened on the trees just not that it's just not the same thing. And most people if their expectations have come to be so low because of that. You go to the grocery store and what we call food today. I've been largely probably Ajmi ten or fifteen years in three years but I've been largely without my own food. Because I've been toast so tied up in this transition thing that taken a lot more time than we planned on it taking everything and. I'm telling you I feel terrible. I don't know how people. I don't know how people function. You had Yep. Did you ever notice the proliferation of the energy drinks and this is the. This is the. The stimulation. It's where again where I said before where there's there's a substitute of of stimulation for nourishment and. It's covering up the fact that we're were malnourished that we're dying. Really. That's what it is we're dying. But the days coming when those interventions are not going to. They're not going to do any good anymore. I was sharing with someone the. How everything is exponentially. Rising right now as far as crisis goes. And I said. The food supply. People don't realize the food supply could could go away at any time. And it's not just because what it could be simply because the financial system collapses. The financial system is probably in worse shape than anything we've built a facade an illusion of reality here that we actually have what we don't have. And that's what these. That's what these Daniel is due to as they create the idea that we have life. When we don't have life. But if something like that happens you have an immediate leaf. Media Freeze Out of everything. No distribution. No harvesting. No packaging. Food rotting in the field. Because it can't get to where it needs to go because nobody knows what to charge for it nobody knows of going to get paid for it. So that's an that's an issue. Completely beyond that. On top of that. What if all the interventions go away. What if the can you imagine just coffee. Can you imagine of coffee went away. What that what the. The status of humanity would be. And if you start taking one in one or two or three others or for those away. And multiply nine taking away take the. Take the interventions away from agriculture would totally collapsed. It would totally collapse. It cannot function without all those interventions. And so if all of those interventions were taken away for us what the health care system is totally freezes up as a result of that and you can't get all your your pharmaceuticals in your and your all the other interventions that come with that. What's going to happen then. Are we a healthy society. I just I just read that. That diabetes has now retaken AIDS and malaria and. I came here with the other disease was. It's a more of an epidemic then. And then any of those diseases. You know. And so we need to come. We need to wake up and we need to come back to the real world. Otherwise we're going to be in that trap with everybody else. And how and how are you going to respond to. We don't want to be responding to this in a crisis. So again it comes back to these two things. If the hormone in the ends I'm systems that dictate what's going to grow and what's not going to grow there. So you have a question. You grow with you grow fantastic dandelion greens in fertile soil. If you. If you plan it there. If you deliberately call. So that she and cultivate it it will do the best. All of these plants. Remember that some things are deformed like thorns and thistles. And if any of you or any of you in Jerry Travers. Class. Thorns and thistles are just before middy a fistful is just a leaf that turned inside it. Of itself instead of opening up a thorn is a stem that just didn't finish. Forming their deformity there epigenetic deformities. The end because see the devil can create anything from nothing he can only take what God created and deform it. And if the conditions are such that it can be reformed. And that's what we needed to we need to be reformed. Not formed you'll see this movement the whole spiritual formation movement is where we need to form. Our spirituality. What does that tell you that tells you that that we're. The author not God. We are the authority not God. And so we look at these things again will I share with the biology. In the pathogenic or are parasitic types of biology. When they are nourished. They don't behave that way anymore. It's only in the dead and dying environment and you look at it if you look at the world there's there's only two. Belief systems. One is one that gives life. And that's Chris true Christianity. And all the rest are just worshipping at the altar of death. And they're trying to appease death and fend it off and and fight it off. And so our focus needs because Jesus said I'm not that I'm not the God of the dead on the God of the living. And so that's where our focus needs to be so hormone an enzyme systems are what are dictating what's going to Germany. And what's going to proliferate there. And those two things are affected by the mineralization of the soil. And the porosity of the soil. Let's take the porosity the so for example if the mineralization is that they actually relate to each other so you can't. Although you could have a lack of porosity from compaction something like the weight side. Illustration in the parable of the dollar Well that was from the trap it's the pathway be along beside the field and. It's where the traffic always goes with the traffic of of the world. You know running over your life just then lastly until it's so packed down that there is no air and if there is no spirit in it you've given up on life. You don't even. You don't even respond to the so. Seed being filmed because there's nowhere for the seed to take root at but you can get when that when the air is not in the soil you have anaerobic condition under anaerobic conditions. Certain materials are produced their anaerobic methane ethane butane formaldehyde alcohol. All these things that are producing an outcome. In an aerobics situation. And those those act like hormones. And they stimulate certain types of Steve to grow the can actually grow in that environment. And can endure tolerate that environment where it's good other seeds are just not going to be able to grow there. And that is that. That is a natural result. And what is what is producing that ethane methane butane formaldehyde in alcohol. The composition of what. Organic matter what is a gag matter. Testimony. It's our experience. Arse. Experiences and the spirit is being suffocated. In that and it begins producing. Different. It's no longer anaerobic breakdown products that can now be used to give more life. Its products that are actually destructive to life and so. The other the other thing that the enzyme system that. When you don't have the right. Mineralization. You can't build a complete compound or correctly constructed compound. And so the enzymes that you generate are different than the ones that you ought to generate. That ought to be generated. And again they start triggering other. You know. Stimulating other types of plants to can grow in this defective deformed. Of environment you wind up getting thorns and thistles and all of the things that come along with that. If you want good things to grow there. Again it goes all the back to where we started that. Complete and balanced mineralization. Well. We'll get to that in a second here. So does everybody. I won't spend a lot of time on this. If IF WE DON'T NEED TO THE does everybody kind of stand the principle here so how would you get rid of the things you don't want growing there. It's about bringing balance back to complete and balances to a sion back to the so. Now if anybody's gone out and dug up there's still and planted seeds in it. Did it all work just like you want it to. Now this is why. This is why I agree cultures. Is an educational process because it's. This is not about justification. It teaches us how last we are. And how much of a need we are in a saviour. This is about sanctification. And it's about bringing that. Bringing that character the soil to the place where it is full of life. Where it isn't expressing. All of these things. You know it's not showing the signs of death. And if this is fully expressed in the image of God. That's our purpose. As a people is to expose as to restore the image of God. So that the world can see it that's what is needed in the contrast between the character Satan in the character. God. And so. Putting those conditions back in place so we can. We can achieve that is our goal. But the sanctification process is hard work. Because you're not starting from a right place. And knowing and understanding the conditions. But also what can be. And what should be but also the conditions that do exist is important for us because then we know. Like for example when I go out and I cultivate the soil when I first started out in a so it's not what it needs to be. I go on I cultivate the soil. And I've put plant the seeds. What I know is going to happen. We we didn't come because that data doesn't have the vigor it doesn't have the strength to produce the hormones. I don't know if I share this so maybe I should share it again when. When you so as seed. It will begin generating a hormone. That will suppress germination. And it will exude out its roots around and around its root zone. It'll exude out. And it will suppress germination. The problem with that is. Then it in an incomplete invalid soil. It only lasts about three or four days. Maybe a week at best. In a healthy soil. How long it lasts six days a week. Now what happens to a plant picks the week what would the size of the plant be in three or four days as opposed to the size of a planned six day weeks. If you can put out this depressed of the fact that prevent the expression of other things except what was deliberately sown there. To be grown. The plants a lot bigger right. It overshadows the soil. Canopies the soil. And so it blocks out the light. Which is another requirement for germination. And so as that. That hormonal of fact begins wearing off it's not needed anymore the plant is grown up in it. And it's canopy the soil and blocked out the light from any access to the seeds that are in the soil there and stimulating the germination it comes from it in a healthy so healthy so that we're talking about what scientific a sion is here. Is the selling of the right see into the right so the next thing it happens as the soul improves the. So you have to go on to do that cultivation right. You know that it's not going to do what it could do otherwise. So you're going to have to go to go and hit it at the white roots stage you actually cultivate. You don't we need how many people we. And how many people cultivate or do you know the difference between the two. Waiting is usually a reaction in cultivating is it is a pro-action cultivating is recognizing that the conditions are not such that things are going to want to express themselves that you don't want to express. It's like in our own lives. And so you go out there when they're little baby like that and you go out new you cultivate them out. And you give that. That plant even more time to overshadow that soil and take control of that whole area weeding is going on and trying to fight off the effect that Weezer already this big. And you're going out there was a chopping hole and a hoe. The chop. And that cultivating. And so you don't want to get there. You want to you don't want to wait till it's it's already have taken over and competing with what you have there anyway to use the word. Yeah. It's hard work. But if you're mindful. Already. If you anticipate if you know look this is already there I know it there's a million we see that every square or a million seeds in every square foot of soil. On average a million. And yet. And if you've ever had that experience where you've gone out there and you've anticipated. You've gotten pirate done in part of you haven't gone now you'll see the difference in that we had experienced this year when we were cultivating our corn. And I said we need to go and do a second cultivation here. But we need to get across it well the rain came before we could finish everything. And the area we got done with the same thing there we got done. We just had hardly anything there was just one here and there we had to go in and take care of but the area we didn't get down was just totally covered. Totally colored So one thing is recognizing what reality is. You know. Take away all these these. Realities depressing. Interventions and start. It's a hard thing for us to do. It's a really hard thing for us to do to start facing ourselves the way we really are but it's what we need to do. And is it if you have a knowledge of what you need to be. And you can apply those principles. To Life. With God's help. And inspiration. Then you anticipate these things. One of the it's somebody asked me what have is all as we teased because I'm talking about sanctification here. I said interesting thing happens when the soil. Gets really healthy like that see all these deformities are weak. Are weak. And so was you bring that biological vigor up. It begins attacking all of those deformed weeds season destroying them. It'll attack rhizomes and destroy them because they don't belong there anymore. And so it'll take in a lemonade start a limiting the things out of there. But the key is you need to give the truth the advantage and and and recognize that. You know error is lurking in all kinds of places that we needed. Discover where it is and get it removed. Out of there. OK So the solution which we've already been talking about is proper soil construction it's right character. The right character the so a complete imbalance mineralisation. Appropriate porosity in capillarity got a melon that capillarity D.N.A. As I said we focus ourselves. You know I've probably said this. Multiple times and I hope you're not getting tired here we focus ourselves on all of this tent and we live in the plane of the fact. And so we tend to focus on the effects. And we don't. We don't really focus on the causes were causing as the facts in the truth is that the plane of causes. Doesn't always materialize itself in the same time in space. You know. I said if you put your hand on the on this a hot stove. Well. The effect comes pretty quick to the cause. I put my hand on the stove and burn it. Because it's going to be put in place. Sometimes months. Years decades. Generations. In the past and. These suppressive interventions that are costly brought into our lives. They would constantly bring into our lives. Prevent us from seen the cumulative effects that are building up and they're building up in there building up until it comes to the point where it's a crisis. So understanding the cause is now. Another thing about that is. You remember when Jesus brought the that the his disciples brought the blind man. To him in the end they want asked him who who stand. This man or his parents. What would Jesus answer. Neither. Neither. He was trying to teach them. Not only is there the individual consequences of our actions the individual effects but there's an aggregate effect. There's an aggregate of humanity. Who are making decisions every day. Acting every day every day of their lives over history that there's a cumulative effect. This. That's coming and sometimes sometimes causes us to have harm. That we were innocent of and. You know I remember when I first joined the church. I had a friend. And I had a dream about. You know all of this that I'm talking about a work. Where there was a cooperation where people are being educated and their health was being restored and it was surrounded by a farm and and. I told this friend about it and she was in she was studying architectural engineering. And she said Tell me all the details about it and I'll make a model for you. And she started making the model. And just a little while later a drunk driver ran a red light and killed or has she done anything wrong. Now with C.N.N. says she was innocent of that. That effect. But that cause came into play. And it's important we understand this because when things happen to us we go we say Why Lord why this happened to me as in the tone that. This is your fault. Rather than understanding the realities of life and thanking God for His mercy and understanding that we are in a world that. That's broken into corrupt. And our mission is to bring life to that. To bring hope to the to that world. In spite of what might happen to us because we have no control over those things we put our lives in God's hands and if so be it that we do what he needs to do than we heal preserve our lives until lots of competition. But if something happens. We don't. We don't blame him for it. We're a fall where the ones that are responsible for for the things that are happening in this world. Not God. And so but it comes back to again. The character everything else around us. You can deal with all of the effects and try to suppress them with whatever. Interventions you want to do or you can. You can restore a life that's that's our choice but it all starts in the soil. It all starts in the character also it's in the heart. They the same thing the body in the mind are one. And I think sometimes we're confused about why agriculture is important not only is it a means of nourishment if we appropriately apply and understand that it was actually intended. I think from the beginning that we could participate. We were to be a reflection of the character of God. And so we were departed to pay in creative act. We were to be in our sphere. Obviously we can't create something out of nothing but you know. Every thought about it when a baby is born. You know whether this star from it. But the whole process was for us to be fruitful and multiply and to fill the earth to fill the air through the character of God. And so it was really intended that we would defer to state. In Go with God in the creative process. And when we go into the garden. That's what we're going to to learn about the creative process the sewing of the seed the nurturing of that seed. It's growing up in maturing and bearing fruit and. There's something hopeful and inspiring about that. But there's. It's not hopeful inspiring when you go out and plant the seeds. And they start up and then the weeds are coming up and you lose control and you don't know what's supposed to be having in. And next thing I am hoping to work with the family is running a lifestyle tenor and he's wanting to have gardens there. And I helped build a high tunnel for him and everything but he doesn't have enough time to surround that and surround the running of the of the health center and. But he goes out and he told the ground and he put sees in there and then he can never get back and take care of them and everything turns into we patch. And I said. You're better off just not doing anything right now. And so what happens though person who's sick. They're physically sick or they're emotionally sick or mentally sick in the in the. And there's physical manifestations of that as well and he come there for healing. And they do a fantastic job of healing there. But I think they could do even better if they had food that's why the nutritious food. And they walk out onto the balcony they have a balcony in the back to look back over the field the valley that they're in there. And they come in they walk out and they look out over the field there. And here's your garden just grown up and we end with that be hopeful. With that inspire hopefulness or whether it is bar. Would it be discouraging all my own life looks like that and you go out and you look out the window in. It's just a mess. When I was out of the in Valley one of my things that I really I still do. But I was very meticulous about order. Wanting to bring order and beauty. To what I was doing so that when ever anybody. Encountered that. It was inspiring to him it was hopeful Wow Look there is there is hope for order in my life there is hope for for beauty in my life rather than it being ugliness and chaos. And I I. There was a doctor drove a Mercedes Where thousand dollars to five hundred dollars shoes. Come out to get stuff. And he brought a lawn chair with Amala time. And he with he would ask. Would you mind if I just set my lawn chair up here and sit and look out over the field. Because it gives me hope. He take his shoes off. He take his shoes off and walk barefoot out and they're dumping down the pathways there to. And that's what he said he said to give gave him hope. So that's that's what the world means and we were making it. But we can't give that to the world unless or until our own lives are complete and balanced the image of God is restored and then we can. We can bring that to people. So this is. This was what a waste place. This is the first why they had before but this is what a waste place looks like when God gets ahold of it. This used to be some of you know I think you mention this. This push our gardens up in Vancouver British Columbia. It was a rock quarry. That they chose to restore. And that is what God can do with our lives. Just the same as he can do with the soil and restore life. To us. We're going to just go quickly on to the growers purpose stuff here and one make sure I've got just a few minutes here. Is there any questions on that. I didn't know Labrinth detail on specific. Like I said you before. I don't I don't spend a lot of time studying specific plants. If I see them in the environment that I'm in. Then I look at him and say OK why is that fair. Why is that they're all going to all our research that. But if any of you look at those books on we there's hundreds of them there's thousands of them. And so if they're not ones that are fact in your life they're they're not ones that are affecting your soil. Focus on what brings to life. And then with the things you do need to to look at look at them understand why is this happening. That's the self-examination process. That self respect. By the way. Is actually looking yourself. And caring about yourself and wanting to understand why things are that way. I think it's important I hope that as. You're not disappointed in the science part of it. But if we don't bring these two things together we won't understand either one of them correctly. It's important to be brought together. So what is the growers purpose what is your purpose for human being in this class. I'm not going to I can tell you why I'm here. And you know we don't you don't necessarily have to share. Why you're here but why are you in this class what is your. What is your purpose for being or what is your purpose to want to be involved in agriculture in gardening or growing. Is it just a nourish yourself. Well that's a good reason to do it is it for a livelihood. Well that's a good thing too but for me the other two are more important. You can achieve it without those other two. Necessarily. But knowledge understanding and wisdom is one of the reasons. To involve yourself in agriculture. To grow things. Not just to be. Say I'm doing this OK but I understand why I'm doing it. I'm just doing it is to gain knowledge understanding and wisdom. Not just of life itself that a knowledge of the life giver the one who gave us life. To know him to understand him. And to be able to act in accordance with His will is is what we learn when you work you work with the soil. You learn to learn about the creator you learn about his purposes. And you learn about the things that you. Well. Like this that there are there are things in life that are fixed. OK. There are things in life that are determined. And you know. I think one of the greatest fears of humanity. Is that truth is absolute. We don't want to be. We want the truth to be whatever we wanted to be. And you know a knowledge of the holy is understanding and knowledge of the holy It's about knowing what is determined. When God says that I don't change. He means that. It's why Paul says that we're under the law and that the law can't do anything for us. It's fixed. It's not going to do anything for us. If you if you did you jump and it doesn't matter whether you're you're innocent of you're guilty of violating the law that the consequences will always come the effects will always come. And so if you don't understand what that determine reality is. And you're you're fighting it all the time with the wrong decisions and actions. And the consequences come. Because of that. Who would you blame. You can't. The only person you can blame is yourself and last the knowledge was inaccessible. Unless you couldn't know that truth but the truth is it's more ignorance than it is Nash and smash into the term that. The knowledge is just not available. You have no access to see it all know you can't know it. Ignorance is a term that fits better. If you pronounce it correctly ignoring the knowledge is available to us. But we are neglected or deliberately disregard it. And we face the consequences of it. But you can have a. You can have a right knowledge of the character of God But if you don't have the right understanding of that character of that of the character of God What cause purpose for afraid of. If we're afraid of that we don't understand it correctly. You could put another term on this. How do we feel about it because that's. That's what that is is the the emotive principle. How do we feel about it. God has that God has feeling. There expressed throughout the Bible all the time. But you know how do we feel about what are our thought. And then what are our feelings how do we feel about it because those are the two things that lead us to act. Aren't day. What we think and how we feel about it determines whether how we're going to act and. If the Bible says. You'll know them by their fruits. Look at the world today and what kind of fruits these tea. So you think something's mixed up in those two. That in that. That law that determination. And our perspective. And how we see it. And how we understand it because the actions. The actions are not matching up with. The desires. How many people would say they want to world to be way it is today. And yet it is you know we live in a country where it claims the majority the people the country claim to be Christian. But what. What do you see around you is it the image of God. So somewhere along the line. Our thoughts and our feelings are not right. Our knowledge and our understanding is not correct. Because our actions are not fulfilling the purpose. I wish at a time to go into the. The whole concept of information. Fact that there is a purpose there's a reason it information is sent. First of all information has to have a center. But there's a reason that information is sent there's a purpose and. There's an expected outcome. As a result of that purpose. And the real question is do we really understand the purpose of God or the outcomes. Or the effects. What you would consider the purpose of God. Exactly. So you have to bring together. Those two things you can't. They're not separate from each other and. We have a disposition. You know I work with soil. And I see schools from all over the place. And they have that this is important for us understand they have a disposition. The parent material that they're formed from is what wants to express itself. So like I said earlier. Like Ed when the dyes singers they. They're sitting on a rock phosphate or body. And so what wants to express itself there is what is complete it is incompatible with an exaggeration of those two things in relation to other things. You can have something completely different which is exactly with the parent material the disposition that's what you're talking about our disposition is no longer in harmony with truth. It's just no the soil is no longer complete in balance. It is what it is. And for. We need to understand that because there is no inherent ability. Enough anymore. To restore the image of God. Left to ourselves we will not reflect the image of God. We were not reflect the chair of the character of God. So that's the beauty of the cross. That's the power of the cross is that God. Open the door the open the way to the. So that the Spirit of God could now. Come in and lead it back into truth. And so what is that what is our part in that well as we get a right knowledge of God again. Then again you come back to this random part of it this action of the will the understanding that's what I mean the understanding. You know. We have to understand that correctly but that big. That's what motivates us to act. If we don't like if I for example if I do we grow our poll the sample and we do it. I do a recommendation on on the conditions there. And I give those recommendations to them. If truth is revealed to us and that Grover doesn't do anything about it. Has he done any is all the whole process done any good. Yeah it's gotten worse. And so we also need to understand what are what our role is here because I have you know. We're we're second ahead as Isaiah says it. And our our minds are in balance. We're either too far in one thought one side of the brain or too far in the other side the brain is not really time to lie read on that here. I hope to elaborate on that tomorrow. So that we're not are we're not understanding correctly. But as those troops come to us as a revealed to us and somebody asked me. You know how I learned the stuff is I had to learn it like it says and I dare lie upon lie priest at the prime precept here a little there little you know as God leads and evil things to you what you gonna do with them. If you don't do anything with them. I have people if they want to sit on the couch and they're waiting on the Lord and the Lord came alive. Came a long time ago and they never got up off the couch and and and acted on the. The knowledge that they had. And we seem to have a hard time with this. This whole concept and that's why I like to show it in the soil because the principle is exactly the same there. That you can know the conditions. And if you know what they should be. And you know what to apply to to restore it. And that's the theme of the conference to restore the waste places. Well that's a process. Restoring is a verb it's an action. And so we don't apply. If we don't take action in appropriate ways then you're not going to restore anything. And so we do need. We do need that employ from from the Holy Spirit so that we're going to understand anything. But if we don't do anything with them then we're we're on. God can't do anything more for. You know how firm a foundation a song or talk about that in there what more could I do. What more could I say than I or that I haven't already said and done. The other purpose here is to bring this to other people. It's not just for ourselves. And so it doesn't matter how you bring truth into people's lives. You can bring it. People are so socially dysfunctional. They're physically dysfunctional. They're emotionally dysfunctional they're spiritually dysfunctional. And if you can bring function to them at any level. Then you're bringing life back to them and there you're bringing hope back to them. I don't know if I've shared aside a friend in Why Did I show the one about the friend and why. I think I did. They were they had something on sports. For sale on Craigslist. And a person called up and wanted to come look at what they were just sitting down to lunch a nerve Eagan and. But they said well we're just sitting around the lunch but you're welcome to come by and look at your have and have lunch with us. And that was that freaked the guy out on the phone a little bit. That were in secure. Were fearful. We live our lives in fear of each other for the silliest reasons. But he decided to come anyway I said well I don't have time to stay for lunch but I if it's OK I'll come by a look at that. I don't remember what the itemize now. And he. He came over and he looked at it and they said Do you know I sit down have lunch with us and I guess it must a smell pretty good or something like that he decided well yeah OK maybe oh well he was there for two hours. Somebody that said they only had ten minutes. And he didn't want to leave. He was starving to death for social nourishment. You know we we make things more complicated than a really need to be. People are hungering and thirsting for righteousness. And we need to feed him. This idea said to Peter. Three times. Feed my sheep. Feed them. Feed and spiritually. Feed them socially feed them emotionally feed them there physically feed them. Feed him with wide. So we're pretty much done here. A leave that with you to consider and again I'll. Don't take anything that I've said. And just go out and say OK that's it numb going to do it and be sure. The A good very and and and consider what was said. Tested. You know one of the things I do is I tell growers the other not sure what to do I said take a little plot. A little section in and do it there. And compare that to whatever else. You're doing and. I've never had. I mean if you're well unwilling to commit the whole thing. You know the full to the whole thing. Taste and see the Lord is good test him. And so. Take a little section in and and try it there and see. I've never had anybody come back to decided that. Well. That didn't really work out so I'll go back to what I was doing. It's always come back is OK. We need to do the whole thing. There is now I just forgot I was the Biblical text I was going to share with you but God is force not against me to say that he wants to stay. He wanted what did you just say. I came the might have life. And you might have life more abundantly. So not only come to we could have a life because he gave his salvation. But he came to that we could have life more abundantly fully in the way he intended it to be. So with that I thank you for your attention. I hope that it was helpful. I hope it was a blessing in it's a joy to me to be able to share and share it clear in this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave the W.W.W. audio verse or.


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