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A King's Dream and The Future

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Chris Holland is speaker/director of It Is Written Canada. 



  • November 14, 2015
    11:30 AM
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It has stood the test of time. God's book. The bible relevant in today's complex world. It's these rich sharing messages of hope. Around the world. If you ever had a dream and not remembered its content. Or maybe you've had a dream. Didn't get to the end then went back to sleep to try to get to the end of the dream. Today on. It is written. It is part two of the message. An ancient King's dream. And the future foretold than today's program we will build upon what we started last week. Now you'll remember in last week's show that King never can those are of Babylon had a dream. He knew the dream was important. But couldn't remember the dream. And of course didn't know what it meant. And as we studied the story we noted that Babylons wise men the soothsayers the Kal DNS. The astrologers. They were not able to produce a dream or its interpretation. This therefore demonstrated that the Babylonian gods themselves were not able to reveal the King's dream or provide the interpretation. The test was so difficult. And as a matter of fact that the Weizmann complained about it being an unfair test. And they failed that test. And they failed it. Miserably. The principles that can be extracted from that exercise can be summed up in this way. Only events that have an extremely low probability of fulfillment. Like revealing the King's dream. Strongly point to information that comes from a divine source. This was the foundational principle that we outlined in last week's show this week. We will utilize that principle to answer questions such as. How does God choose to reveal himself in a context where those who worship him. Claim contradictory things about him is objective. Absolute Truth possible. Or is it some kind of fairy tale. How do we know that the content of the Bible actually comes from a supernatural source. What is the correct philosophy of history. And finally it's got a personal being. That is involved in the affairs of men and women today. Or easy some impersonal. Dis connected being in order to answer those questions. We will go right to the dream. And its interpretation. The as a reminder. Here is the dream of never can as are as revealed by God to Daniel. Remember we're studying the book of Daniel Daniel Chapter two verses thirty one to thirty five. You OK More watch and behold a great image. This great image whose Splendor was excellent. Stood before you. And its form was awesome. This. Images head was of fine gold. Its chest and arms of silver. Its belly and phys of bronze. Its legs of iron its feet partly of iron and partly of clay. You watched while the stone was cut without hands. Which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broke them in pieces that the iron. The clay. The bronze the silver in the gold were crushed together and became like chaff from the summer threshing floor so. The wind carried them away. So that no trace of them was found and the stone that struck the image. Became a great mountain and filled the whole earth. Can you imagine. Can you imagine never can as are sitting there and hearing the dream. I can just picture. Never can as are scooting to the front of his chair. As Daniel shared the dream. He may have even said Yes yes Stan you. That's it that's the dream. That's what I saw. But you know. A dream. Without its interpretation. Really means nothing. And Daniel wasn't through. God knows only gave him the dream. But God also gave him the interpretation. Let's read that interpretation in Daniel two versus thirty six to forty five. This is the dream. And now we will tell you the interpretation of it before the king. You OK. Our King of Kings. For the God of Heaven has given you a kingdom power. Strength and glory. And wherever the Children of Men dwell or the beasts of the field in the birds of the heaven. He has given them into your hand and has made you ruler over them all. You are this head of gold. But after you shall arise another kingdom. Inferior to yours. Then another a third kingdom of bronze. Which shall rule over all the earth. And the fourth kingdom shall be as strong as iron. It is much as iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything. And like iron that crushes. That kingdom will break in pieces and crush. All the others. Whereas you saw the feet and toes. Partly of potter's clay and partly of iron. The kingdom shall be divided. Yet the strength of the iron shall be in it. Just as you saw the iron mixed with ceramic clay. And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay. So the kingdom shall be partly strong. And partly fragile. As you saw Iron mixed with ceramic clay. They will men go with the seed of men. But they will not adhere to one another just as iron does not mix with clay. And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed. And the kingdom shall not be left to other people. It shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms. And it shall stand forever. In as much as you saw that the stone was cut out of the mountain. Without hands. And then a broken pieces the iron the bronze. The clay the silver and the gold the grape God has made known to the king. What will come to pass. After this that dream is certain and its interpretation is sure are amazing. Never could never was given of vision that outlined the major powers. Surrounding Jerusalem. But were and are these things. Historically fulfilled and able to be verified. As we look at Daniel's interpretation of the dream. It becomes evident that these metals of gold silver bronze. Iron in the iron mixed with clay. And finally the stone cut without hands. All of them. Refer to kingdoms. These kingdoms began in Daniel's day and. And in the latter days. That is interesting to note that the metals decrease in value. As you go from top to bottom of the statue. But increase in density and strength. As you go down. Daniel begin first by informing never Knesset or that the nation of Babylon. Of which he was king. Was it represented by the head of goal. Daniel stated. You are this head of gold. I'm sure that never can as or was happy to hear those words. And what a fitting description of gold symbolizing. Babylon. However despite the glorious nature of Babylon's Kingdom. Daniel informed the king the. BABYLON would be conquered by an inferior Kingdom. A kingdom depicted by silver. Now let me pause for just a moment. This very exercise. Also lends itself to a probability check. What would be the probability of a foreign resident of a conquering Kingdom. Informing the king. That his kingdom wouldn't. Now friends I would say that that is very remote. For anyone and a foreign national at that. Telling the king. That his kingdom will end. Well. That usually would end on a very bad vote for that individual Daniel does just that. Daniel calls. This kingdom by name in Daniel five twenty eight. He names this kingdom. As the Middle Persian Empire. Mito Persia's rise to power is also an improbable event that we will cover at a later time. But just as silver is inferior to gold in terms of value. So the middle Persians would be an inferior Kingdom. To that of Babylon. Next. Daniel said that a kingdom a bronze what. Conquer the kingdom of silver. History tells us that the middle Persians did in fact fall and Crisco would rise to power in fact. And in exploring really unlikely turn of events. A young man from Macedonia. Would lead Greece. To conquer the known world. It's a dream continued by the bronze or brass of Greece. Giving way to a kingdom of iron. Once again. History demonstrates the accuracy of the interpreted dream. Just as Babylon and middle Persia fell. So Greece would give way to what his story and. James Carville Givens. Refers to as the iron. Monarchy. Of Rome. And yet. In another interesting twist. This kingdom is not defeated. It is not taken away. It's not conquered. Rather the dream shares that it was divided. A mixture of iron and clay and history points out that role. Actually never was defeated. But in fact. Rome simply divided. And this is what all happened in around the fifth century A.D.. The dream was clear that Rome. Would not be conquered. But divided. Daniel was clear. There would be no fifth. World empire. This iron clay mixed. Kingdom. Symbolized a divided Rome. That divided Rome would eventually develop into the modern countries of Western Europe today. But what makes the prophecy. Even more interesting is that the Bible says that these kingdoms would attempt to unite with one another in order to accomplish this unity. History tells us that these nations would mingle their descendants together and fact it's fascinating to note that by the time of the first world war. Nearly all of the ruling houses of Europe. Were related somehow. Charlemagne attempted to unite Europe. Into the old world. No Polian attempted it. And Hitler did as well. But all of these efforts to unite. The old Roman Empire. Have been prevented by seven words in Daniel's prophecy. They shall not Cleef. One to another. In fact. Even in our modern day. The European Union has sought to unite. Most prominently. With a common currency. However even the euro. Could not unite. The old Roman Empire. God gave a message. And it was true. The methods of military political and economic unity. They all failed. This friends. Is just as the Bible predicted that they would fail. Next. Daniel informs us that a stone. Cut without hands. Would come and strike the image on its feet and usher in an eternal Kingdom. Now this rock represents. Jesus Christ and His return to reestablish the eternal principles of His Kingdom which are based on the Ten Commandments. The principles of the kingdoms of the world. Represented by the metals in the dream. Are in direct opposition to. And in conflict with the eternal principles of God. And while the stone. May not seemingly have any value. Its value is found in this. That it is caught without heads. This means. It's not of human origin. The metals are manufactured and shaped the stone. It is of divine origin without any human influence. As we look at this dream as never can never looked at the stream. There are only two explanations for it. One. It is completely by chance. The other is that it was given by the God of heaven. The let me ask you how probable is it that by mere chance. Daniel was able to outline. Exactly the number of kingdoms. That would happen. A thousand years after he lived. This was a chance. It points to the God of heaven. As the divine source of the information that we have in the Book of Daniel. And in the Old and New Testament scriptures. My dear friends. Based on the F A dense. Of probability that stone. Caught without hands. Which represents the second coming of Christ is just as certain as the rise and fall of Babylon middle Persia Greece. Rome. And the division of Rome. How did that wicked as a react. Let's read and Daniel two forty six and forty seven. Then King never can as or fell on his face. Prostrate before Daniel and commanded that they should present and offering an incense to him. The king answered Daniel and said. Truly your god is the God of gods the lord of kings and a revealer of secrets. Since you could reveal this secret. I want you to notice. What the king did not say he did not say that was a good guess Daniel. How did you do it. You know. The Babylonians were highly mathematical people. Yet the king did not ask Daniel for the formula he used or. What log rhythm he used. You know. The king instinctively realized that there was only one answer. And that answer was. And it is today. Only the true God of heaven can do this. The king could trust Daniel. He could trust the interpretation of the dream. Daniel's God. Passed. The probability test. What about you friend. What will we do. The remarkable. Historical fulfillment of words that were written twenty six hundred years ago. Attributing those things to chance that that just doesn't make sense and to be frank. It's simply futile and dishonest to claim that this is all just a coincidence. Now as we continue to probe the Book of Daniel for the next several weeks. There are many things that people try to attribute to coincidence. But we will see that none of this is just by chance. We will find is that the symbols and concepts found in the Bible must be interpreted by the Bible itself. And when done that way. We'll see of amazing things. Open before our eyes. Going to sources outside of the Bible as an authoritative source to explain what is in the Bible. Well. That's like depending on the wise men of Babylon. They just won't have the answers here on. It is written. Are only text book is the Bible. So what about those questions we asked at the beginning of the show. It is fundamental for us to understand that when we consider the ultimate questions of life. We should only trust. Information that comes from sources that pass. The probability test. We are discovering time and time again only the Old and New Testament scriptures. Can pass such a test. How does God choose to reveal himself then in a context where those who worship him claim contradictory things about him. It is very simple. God has invited us to test him. We call this the probability test. Here in Daniel two guessing the contents of the dream was impossible. Daniel's revelation of the dream. Given to him by God provided the king. With irrefutable evidence that Daniel's God is the true God. Today many religions and philosophical documents claim that their writings are inspired and authoritative. Even though their statements about God contradict one another what shall we trust. It is the Bible that can be trusted. Daniel Chapter two mentions specific event that occurred over a twenty six hundred year period of time. And history has confirmed. Every detail. It would in fact be easier to guess the contents of a dream that to successfully. Predict. Twenty six hundred years of human history. This is the method that God uses. In order to reveal himself in a world where many claim contradictory things about him. The probability test is the method that God uses. In order to give honest. Seekers honest. Inquirers of truth. The confident that his word. Reveals him to be the true God. That also answers. Another question. How do we know whether objective. Absolute truth is authentic or whether it's just a fairy tale. Let's take the second coming of Christ. As a desk case. Postmodern philosophy claims that this is just a personal belief of Christians. Yet. Since postmodernist claim that objective truth is impossible. They would take the position that the Second Coming of Christ is simply a fairy tale. However. Evidence would suggest otherwise. DANIEL to successfully predicted the rise and fall of Babylon. Middle Persia. Greece and Rome. It predicted the division of Rome and no fifth. Empire coming. It also predicted that attempts. Would be made to reunify the old empire. And throughout history they would fail. Once again. On the basis of probability of each of these events being successfully predicted. We can be sure that the next event is absolutely certain. And that next event in the dream. Is the second coming of Jesus Christ. This dream reveals the truth of the matter HOW do we know that the content of the Bible actually comes from a supernatural source. The contents of this dream. Its interpretation and historical fulfillment. Point to a super natural source. Human guesswork. Wisdom and imagination. Are all impossible. The only rational explanation is that the source of the information. Arose from God who communicated it to the prophet. This dream. Also argues for. What is the correct philosophy or understanding of history. God is a personal being. And he's involved in the affairs of human beings like you and me. Unlike the wise men of Daniel's time who believed that the gods did not dwell with Flash. Against the play tonic. ERA stylee in view that history constitutes merely a shadow of reality. Against the higher critical view of history in which God is on alterable Eboni to the laws of nature. Against the evolutionary view of history in which God Himself has been evolving through the natural processes of history. Against the Marxist. View of. Dialectical materialism which is the basis and bedrock of communism. No. DANIEL to demonstrates. That God is actively involved in human history. Culminating. And what the Bible refers to as the second coming of Jesus Christ. We can be sure. It is as certain as the rise and fall of Babylon. Mido Persia Greece. And we're all God interacts with people today. By hearing. And answering prayer. Daniel TRUST that GOD. He tested God. We too can trust God. He's passed the test. He has revealed the future. That future is a resort Kingdom. Resort to his perfect ways. Where we can while forever. But you want to be a part. You can trust. That is for certain that I heard them beat or are you for one I regret and or. The joy and your lose or are I offer from everything. Um. Oh you poor poor off my wife Mary. My little the poor things. Yet us eat which isn't that out yet to come true. Of my saw all of my flesh. My mom who the man you everything. Um oh you poor offer. Do you think my I pray for you my love for you must. For today's offer I would like to offer for free. The focus on prophecy. Lessons. Now in addition to that for any size donation. I'd like to offer a portion of the philosophies. Achilles heel series. The two parts. An ancient King's dream. And the future foretold. Here's the information that you need to receive today's offers to request today's offer just logon to W W W dot. It is written canada dot ca. If you prefer. You may call toll free at one eight hundred eight call I.I. W.. Or if you wish. You may write to us at. It is written. Box twenty ten. Oshawa Ontario. L one eight seventy four. Friends I hope you enjoyed. Today's program or invite you to like us on our Facebook page at W.W.W. dot facebook dot com forward slash. It is written Canada. And there you can receive updates about the ministry. Inspirational quotes and links to our archived. Programs. Join us again next week. As we continue this series and find certainty in God's word and tell then remember. It is written. Man shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.


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