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The Handwriting On the Wall

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Chris Holland is speaker/director of It Is Written Canada. 



  • December 5, 2015
    11:30 AM
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It had stood the test of time. God's book. The Bible. Still relevant in today's complex world. It is written sharing messages of hope. Around the world. My dear friend present Taishan after present Taishan in this series. Philosophies Achilles heel. Demonstrates how God has opened himself up to be tested on whether he truly exists. Last week demonstrated that not only does God exist. But he is real Let Leslie pursuing us that we might respond to his love. Never can as a responded to God's revealing. By making a decision to serve Him forever. And we now move to Daniel Chapter five. We will once again see God revealed in astounding ways. And fact. Let's begin and Daniel Chapter five. Verses one through nine. Which takes us twenty three years after the death of never Knesset or Bell share. As are the king made a great feast for thousand of his lords and drank wine in the presence of the thousand. While he tasted the wine Bell Shaz or gave the command to bring the gold and silver vessels. Which is Father never can as are had taken from the temple which had been in Jerusalem. That the King and his Lords his wives and his concubines might drink from them. Then they brought the gold vessels that had been taken from the temple of the house of God which had been in Jerusalem. And the king and his Lords his wives and his concubine strength from them. They drank wine and praised the gods of gold and silver bronze and Ironwood in stone. And the same hour the fingers of a man's hand. Appeared and wrote. Opposite the lamp stand on the plaster. Of the wall of the king's palace. And the king saw the part of the hand that wrote. And the king's countenance changed and its thoughts troubled him. So that the joints of his hips were loosened and his knees. Knocked against each other the King cried aloud to bring in the astrologers the Kal DNS in the soothsayers. The King spoke. Saying to the wise men of Babylon. Whoever reads this writing and tells me its interpretation shall be clothed with purple and have a chain of gold around his neck. And he shall be the third ruler in the kingdom. Now all the king's wise men came. But they could not read the writing or make known to the king its interpretation. Then King Belle Shaz or was greatly troubled. His countenance was changed and his Lawrence. Were astonished. Can you imagine the scene. Partying and feasting all interrupted by the handwriting on the wall. And once again. The question of who is the true God couldn't to news. To be agitated. In Babylon. The question has been settled over and over again in the Book of Daniel never can as are stated in Daniel two forty seven. That Daniel's God was a God of gods and a lord of kings. And Daniel three. After the God of heaven rescued the Hebrew young men from the fiery furnace. The King stated. There is no other god that can deliver like this. And yet again in Daniel for their King not only intellectually acknowledge the God of heaven. But he fully submitted to him as well. Yet the decision of never can as or is not passed along by genetics. To Bell Shabbes or who was his grandson. Once again God's love is seen to not force or coerce. And now with this new leader in Babylon. Who was in a position of power. God is giving opportunity to either accept or reject the overwhelming conviction of his existence and plan for his life. Different. He does the same with us. It doesn't matter what your parents believed. It doesn't matter what personal decision. You have made. The question is what is the decision. You will make based on the evidence. It is evident from this story that. Daniel has had no communication with the new king. In addition it appears that Daniel is no longer president of the wise men. We cannot know for sure but it would appear that because Bell Shaz or is completely opposed to every political principle and every religious principle that Daniel stands for that Daniel has been marginalized in the kingdom. But the queen mother tells Belshazzar about Daniel. And that he should be brought to interpret these things. Daniel does come to the palace. And Daniel reminds Bell Schanzer of his grandfather's journey and verses eighteen to twenty three. OK ing. The most high God gave never can as are your father a kingdom and majesty. Glory and honor. And because of the majesty that he gave him all peoples nations and languages. Trembled and feared before him. Whomever he wished he executed. Whoever he wished he kept alive. Whomever he wished he set up and whomever he wished he put down. But when his heart was lifted up. And his spirit was hardened in pride. He was depots drum his kingly throne. And they took his glory from him that he was driven from the sons of men. His heart was made like the beasts and his dwelling. Was with the wild donkey's. They fed him grass like oxen and his body was wet with the do of heaven. Till he knew that the most high God rules in the kingdom of men and of points over it. Whomever he chooses. But you. His son Bell Shaz or have not humbled your heart. Although you knew all of this. And you have lifted yourself up against the Lord of Heaven. They have brought the vessels of his house before you. And you and your lords your wives and your concubines have drunk wine from them and you have praised the gods of silver and gold bronze and Ironwood in stone. Which do not see or hear or know. And the God who hold your breath and his hand and owns all your ways. You have not glorified as Daniel recounted God's dealings with never can as are and Babylon. Daniel mentions the main reason for why the issue of who is the true God. Continues to be agitated. Even though it had been settled. Very simply put the reason is pride. The pride of the king lead to self glorification. It was the pride that led Bell Shaz or to praise the gods of silver or gold bronze. Ironwood in stone. It was the pride of Bel Shaz or. That led him to get rid of. Daniel as the president of the wise men. It was the pride of Bel showers or. That led him to continue to rely on the wisdom of his wise men. Even though he should have known better. It was his pride. That led him to desecrate the vessels of God's house and showing that nothing was too sacred for him to handle. And it was his pride. That led him to choose to forget all of the history of Babylon. And what had happened to his grandfather. And although pride may attempt to ignore the facts of history. In the end. It cannot deny them. Nor can it denied. The Living God to whom they point. I wonder. I wonder how many of us today are doing the same thing as Fell Shaz or. And as Lawrence. Instead of allowing the facts of history. To confirm the prophetic statements of the Bible. Many choose instead to escape the lessons from history. By further drowning their convictions and alcohol. Sex sports. And the gods of this world. But the revelation of God is powerful and convincing. God reveals Himself. Here to belch as are. And the court. Of Babylon through his prophet Daniel. Interpret ing the handwriting on the wall. Listen to Daniel five. Vs twenty five to twenty eight. And this is D.N. scription that was written many many tackle. You far sent. This is the interpretation of each word. Many got his number jerking them and finished it. Tackle. You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting parentless your kingdom has been divided. And given to the Medes and Persians. The fall of Babylon was a highly improbable event with never can as or as King Babylon had reached the pinnacle of its power. Now. Even though the rulers that followed never can as or were weaker and any fish and and. Although the Medes and Persians. Had earlier cross the media line in the battle of Opus be defeating Babylon. The truth is Babylon was still the ruling power in the world. Now furthermore the city of Babylon itself was considered impregnable. The inner city alone had a size of about one square mile in the northwest corner lay the Royal Palace and south of that the sacred precinct of. S. a gala. In which stood at to menarche. The temple tower. This tower was three hundred feet square at its base and more than three hundred feet high and it was built in seven stages. Having on top as its seventh stage. A shrine. Dedicated to the gone. Marred to atom Inaki means. The foundation stone of heaven and earth. Never can as a rebuilt and extended the palace. Adding among other things. Of vaulted structure with a roof garden. Called the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were known in the ancient world. As one of the Seven Wonders of the world. He added a new city to the inner city and connected it with a permanent bridge. He surrounded the new city with a double wall and moat. That. Met the wall. And a moat that protected the inner city. It is estimated that the height of the walls. Was between two to three hundred feet and eighty seven feet thick. Furthermore the gates of the city were made of solid brass with a total sir conference. Of about ten miles. Babylon was probably the largest city of antiquity. It is estimated that the city had provisions that could last up to twenty years. In fact the land with in the limits of the city. Were sufficient enough to furnish food for the inhabitants. And the garrisons for an indefinite period of time. Also since Babylon sat upon the great. Euphrates River. It had an endless supply of water. Babylon. Was impregnable Babylon. Was undefeatable. The me to a Persian Empire was growing strong. But certainly they were nothing to fear. Even though belle she has or knew of Cyrus has plans to take the city. He had every confidence in those strongly fortified walls. Hit every confidence in his armies and his supplies. He well knew that the city could never be taken with any of the conventional means of warfare. Known at that time. Therefore he threw a grand party in feast for a thousand of his Lawrence for Danuta predict the fall of Babylon back and Daniel two when everything looked like it would last forever. Was highly improbable. But again. To interpret the handwriting on the wall. For God to know that the city would fall. Is as equally improbable. For Cyrus. General of the Middle Persian army as the all the way to get into the city was to find where the river Euphrates. Entered. Under the walls. And somehow gain access. Cyrus his favorite horse had been killed in one of the battles with the Babylonians. And he was so angered that he resolved. He would take the city. To accomplish this. He would utilize a strategy that was not your typical take it by force method. He learned of an annual festival in which the whole city. Would be given up to mirth and revelry. And he determined that it would be that day to carry out his purpose. Then through a marvelous feat of engineering Cyrus developed the plan in which he would divert the waters of the Euphrates River from its channel. On the evening of Belshazzar's party. He detailed one body of soldiers to turn the river at a given our into a large artificial lake. A short distance above the city. Another. He sent to take their station. At the point where the river. Entered the city. And a third to take a position. Fifteen miles below where the river emerged from the city. The two later bodies were instructed to enter the channel. As soon as they found the river fordable and then in the night. To explore their way beneath the walls. Press on to the palace of the king. Where they were to surprise the guards and kill the king and friends. This is exactly what happened in direct fulfilment of the handwriting on the wall. On the very night of Belshazzar's party. DANIEL. Informed the king. His Kingdom would end. And in fact the Mido Persians would enter the city that night. And the king was slain. This all happened sometime in October of five thirty nine B.C. when Cyrus. Entered the gates and took the city. Without any real battle and. Babylon the impregnable city fell. The fall of Babylon. Was a highly improbable event. Almost impossible. Belshazzar's partying. Carelessness and presumption. Led to Cyrus's men being able to reach the gates. In the river which had been left open. No one saw that the level of the river had suddenly gone down. Signaling their impending doom. However even more amazing is this the prophet Isaiah. Almost one hundred and fifty years before the event took place. Predicted with stunning. Accuracy. Not only the fall of Babylon. But also the manner in which the city would fall. Let's take a closer look at Isaiah Chapter forty four verses twenty six. Through Chapter forty five. Verse four. Who confirms the word of his servant and performs the Council of his messengers who says to Jerusalem. You shall be inhabited. To the cities of Juda. You shall be built. And I will raise up her waist places. Who says to the Deep be dry. And I will dry up your reverse. Who says of Cyrus. He is my shepherd. And he shall perform all my pleasure. Same to Jerusalem. You shall be built and to the temple. Your foundation shall be laid the says the Lord to his anointed to Cyrus whose right hand. I have held to subdue Nations. Before him and loose the armour of kings. To open before him. The double doors. So that the gates will not be shot. I will go before you and make the crooked places straight. I will break it in pieces. The gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places that you may know that I the Lord who call you by your name. And the God of Israel for Jacob my servants sake. And Israel my elect. I have even called you by your name. I have named you. Though you have not known me. In addition we find these words about the fall of Babylon. In Isaiah Chapter twenty one and in verse two a distressing vision is declared to me. The treacherous. Dealer deals. Treacherously and the plunder plunders. This is a description of the work of Babylon. Then later in verse to Isaiah hears the words. Go up even though I'm beseech all media. All its sighing. I have made it to cease. And then in verse four the prophet Isaiah is fright regarding the destruction of Babylon reflects that of Bell shatter and here's what it states. The night of pleasure hath he turned into fear unto me and then later in verse five. He sees the feasting Babylonians the passage declares prepare the table set a watchman in the tower. Eat and drink. A rise you princes. Anoint the shield. And then in verse nine the prophet declares. Here comes a chariot of men with a pair of horsemen. Then he answered and said. Babylon is fallen. Is fallen more than one hundred fifty years before it happened. The prophet Isaiah. Number one names. Media as one of the two nations that would come against Babylon two and even more astonishing is that Cyrus is called by name. Think about this friend. Identifying the nation that takes over Babylon. One hundred fifty years in advance. Is quite a feat. But maiming. The vet are very general by name. Who would leave the army as a significant layer of complexity. To this prophecy. I was a even predicted that the Euphrates River would dry up. This fact alone would be almost impossible to predict. Isaiah foresaw that the gates of the city would be open he saw the trunk and night of pleasure. He heard that declaration that Babylon had fallen. And finally he foresaw that Cyrus. Would grant permission to the Jews. To go back to their homeland and to rebuild the temple. Difference. This is true very remarkable. You know. Some respond to these Bree market will things in several ways. First. Some will say that the Book of Daniel was written in the second century B.C.. Now part of the reason for this is that the only place where Belshazzar's name was mentioned was in Daniel five. Therefore they say. The entire story is fictitious. Furthermore the critics have undermined the credibility of the book of Isaiah by believing that the book that bears his name was written by two or three persons at two or three different times. But both of these criticisms. Have been convincingly answered by archaeological and historical discoveries. To name a form tablets have been discovered that make crystal clear the fact that bell Shaz or was the son of Nabal Night us. Who was the son of never condensor. And that he indeed was the king of Babylon. As Daniel asserted. Also the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Has on earth the entire book of Isaiah. Laying to rest. The assertion that this book was written by other reactors. The real reason for why critics of the nineteenth century. In latent period. Rejected the sixth century date for Daniel is philosophical. It was the result of a manual const criticism or of reason. And then many critics and liberal theologians believed it was impossible for God to communicate with the profits. They believed that this means of predictive prophecy. Would be impossible. Yet. Daniel is real. Bell Shaz or is real the fall of Babylon is real and all that occurred in the sixth century B.C. is real some others will say that all of this was simply coincidence. Friends to take that position is not any different than believing in miracles. At this point we need to remind ourselves that this ancient story is another amazing example. That sets the Bible. Apart from all other forms of literature or communication. As we have a lab aerated on in past programs. The reason is really quite simple. The highly improbable nature of this prophecy which includes at least seven. Specific predictions. That only points to the existence of God. It also points to the Bible. Being the authentic. Word of God. All leave the Bible gives evidence evidence that can be tested. That only God Himself can pass. Difference. Belshazzar felt safe within the walls of Babylon and scoffed at the idea that Cyrus. Had any chance of invading the city is general feeling of peace and safety is also characterized by many today. Who feel secure within their own religious political or philosophical loss. But they are no more prepared for the end of things. Then was Bill Shatner perhaps the apostle Paul was thinking about Bell Shaz or when he wrote those words in for sessile own eons five one to three. But concerning the times in the season brother. You have no need that I should write to you for yourselves know perfectly. That the day of the Lord. So comes as a thief in the night. For when they say peace and safety. Then sudden destruction calms upon them as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. Friends once again God has demonstrated his demonstrated beyond measure. Two very important face. What he is real. He does excess. To. He cares for you and he wants to be in relationship with you that same hand. That wrote the handwriting on the wall. It is the same hand that born the nails of the cross for you. What stops you today. From entering into relationship with the evidence is clear. The day is today. And the time is now. To accept God as Lord of Lords and King of Kings in your life. Dear Lord help us to believe and help us to follow you. We pray in Jesus' name amen. Dear friend. Time after time. God is revealing himself. He's revealing Himself to us today. What offer you the book. The thought makers that you might study more about God. At understand how he's revealing himself today. Here's the information you need for today's author. To request today's offer. Just logon to W W W dot. It is written canada dot ca. That's W W W dot. It is written canada dot ca and selected T.V. Program tab for Canadian viewers. The offer will be sent free and postage paid for viewers outside of Canada. Shipping charges will apply. If you prefer. You may call toll free at one eight hundred eight call I.I. W.. That's one eight eight eight. Call I.I. W. call any time lines are open twenty four hours daily. That's one eight eight eight call I W. Or if you wish. You may write to us at. It is written. Box twenty ten. Oshawa Ontario. L. one age seventy four. My dear friend. The Bible says that God is patiently waiting for us with open arms. He's inviting time after time he reveals himself to those he law to have an experience with you and for you to have an experience with him. Thank you so much for watching this week. I invite you to join us again next week. And tell that. Remember. It is written. Man shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.


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