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Jesus: The Creator

Chester Clark III


Many Christians today view creation as only an optional doctrine – perhaps even stretching the understandings of creation and evolution and merging the two into “theistic evolution.” But is it reasonable to believe that God created using natural selection processes over millions or billions of years? In this message Pastor Clark explores the implications of theistic evolution, and those of fiat creation as well.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • September 5, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Recently several very intelligent people made some headlines. As they spoke of some of their fears for the future of humanity. Bill Gates was one of these divin hocking the British scientist was one is well. He told the British Broadcasting Corporation. The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. The. The development of full artificial intelligence if we could create robots who actually thought. And planned. Full artificial intelligence. It could spell the end of the human race. One of the things he said in his statement he said that humans who are limited by slow biological evolution this is his opinion. Couldn't compete. And would be superceded and other words these intelligent devices would be able to improve themselves as at a rate that we can't improve ourselves because in Hawkins mind. We are here because of evolution and evolution is a very slow and tedious process in which we would not improve. Nearly as fast as the artificial intelligent. Devices would improve. It raises a very interesting set of questions in my mind. This question of artificial intelligence. If a device created by man kind of then with its own intelligence creates crimes who is responsible. You ever thought about that. I mean we know that if you create an unintelligent device such as a bomb or. You know some sort of a destructive device that would. That would hot cause harm that the Creator is responsible right. In fact if you even just create a faulty device that creates harm or or harm someone that the Creator is responsible the builder the maker the manufacturer. But what about artificial intelligence. Drew. It raises a whole set of questions. In our minds. I don't know the answers to all those questions but it reminds me a little bit of. Some of the differences that I have with Stephen Hawking. First of all I'm probably not nearly as intelligent as he is and probably. I definitely am not recognized as a preeminent scientist. But on the other hand I also believe have a belief in a faith system. That is different than Hawking's. Now. One of the things that's been very interesting to me as I have as I've read some of his work as it is that he has recently come on record gone on record as saying you know really it's not very probable that life as we know what life. The mazing. I would say miracle but he would say a chance that life happened it's not probable that it would happen in our universe. The likelihood is so small of all the factors coming together. The Hawking really recently theory a lot theorized that in fact. We must be a part of not just a universe but an infinite number of universes. How you like that. It's a it's a it's a defacto admission that evolution is very very unlikely. We must have an unlimited number of universes. An order for this explosion in a paint shop. Print Shop. To actually have created a Webster's dictionary. It's very very unlikely so there must be many many more side by side. Happening. Happening to happen at the same time. I believe friends. Instead that god. A creator god and intelligent God designed that. Fashioned us. Made us and sustains us as human beings here on this planet. Now I understand that there are many even in the Christian world who have a problem with the concept of creation. This summer. At the church. Gathering in San Antonio the general conference session. There was a slight amendment made to our fundamental belief number six and I want us to be very clear here as of the administration's. We believe the bibles or creed. We want to follow God's word so our fundamental beliefs are simply things that we as a world family have agreed upon. We've come together and said yes these are things that we see is abundantly clear in the Scriptures now in one thousand eight hundred nine hundred eighty one these were first written the fundamental beliefs and in the similar form as they have today. The church had number six. It said We believe in creation. We believe that God made us where we believe we lead a god made us. Now there are some in our midst and. And unfortunately in any group of people there going to be some who are sort of pushing the edges of our belief or practice right. We're a family. We love them still some point we have to say why are you part of this family because you don't really like the definition of our family. If you want to. If you want to change all of our beliefs and practices. But there are some. Even in the sub the avenues persuasion. Who have come to see that that that fundamental belief six was actually written in a way that would allow them to believe a variety of things they could believe for example that. When it said God created the world in six days. They could say well you know those could have been symbolic days couldn't they have been. Those could have been you know the Bible says a days is a thousand years and of the Lord so it could have been ages six. Ages it could have been. It could have been millennia it could have been could've been a long time that God used a and evolutionary process to create. After all we weren't there so how can we argue the point is. In one thousand nine hundred when this was written with that was not what was intended. We believe that God created and. And we'll look at some of the Bible. Testimony that here this morning. We believe he commanded. He spoke. And it was done he commanded and it stood fast the men. We believe in what we call Fiacha creation which does not require long. Ages of of evolutionary processes. We believe that evolution happens yes. Microevolution within species and so forth. But we don't believe that. Tadpoles become humans. We don't believe that the macroevolution takes place on this scale and so there was within us especially unfortunately among some of our our our educational institutions and others. There was a group of people who were pushing those edges and so this summer it was voted that we would add a couple words we would. We would add in six literal days. Similar to the week we have today we weren't there we can't define everything but that's the Bible says. The Bible says. The evening and the morning were the first day. How precise Can God Get the night time in the daytime that's what makes up a day that's still what makes of a day right the night time in the daytime. That was the first day. Now he had said that maybe we would have some room to cavil over it. But we don't have that room and so we made those changes and. And the very the statement was made that we are trying to be very clear here that we have some of the avenues Christians believe in God creating the earth. Now. Some have argued they said you know you really can't be an Adventist. And believe in evolution even theistic evolution because because if you're an Adventist. And you believe that it is a evolution what is the real importer meaning of the seventh day Sabbath right because God is God the creation story says. Worked in creation creating the world for six days and he rested the seventh day he blessed it and he made a holy. That's what Genesis two verses one and two says. The Fourth Commandment when it says Remember the Sabbath day to keep the holy. It goes right on it says four and six days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea in the fountains of in and and all that in the midst and rest of the seventh date. Wherefore the Lord bless the Sabbath day in and and made it holy. So here you have a very intrinsic part of the Seventh Day Adventist faith the seventh day sabbath. It is founded upon the concept of of creation but I'm going to go one step further the smarting I'm going to make an argument then you may find to be controversy Oh but I think it's true that if even a Siesta Key evolutionist is an oxymoron. What is the istic mean by the way. It's coming from God It's God performed right Fiocco is the as the Latin root for God And so the istic evolution is as a God used evolution to bring us to where we are today. Now there's. Those two terms. The a stick and evolution really are oxymoronic. You cannot combine them together and have and make any sense. In reality I'm going to argue today. That it is not possible to be intellectually honest and consistent and to be a Christian. And in evolutions. Now please don't go out and tell them you know all of your friends who happen to believe in evolution that they're not Christians. That's not my point my point is for us to examine our own hearts right. My point is for us to examine what is logical. And if you if were if we're going to accept a belief structure of a lots of philosophical structure we should at least be honest and and see that it's because consistent and coherent right. And so this is the problems with theistic evolution. As I see it. I believe that God in fact is the one who created heaven and earth and will come back to that in just a minute but I want to look at the problems with the Essex evolution what's the impact of the istic evolution on the our various beliefs this is not just the seventh day sabbath. That I'm not listing that I'm assuming that is so of the average Christians we understand that creation long age creation. Long age of olution would impact the meaning and importance of the Sabbath. But this is what. It also impacts what about the character of God. This is a say disagreeable Lucian. Use of the argument the god employed. Whatever means that he wanted and if he wanted employ. Natural selection he could. Now I don't argue that God can do what everyone sees God right. I'm not God. I'm not going to argue with him. But I do have a problem with a theory that report purports that God used and almost endless cycle of pain and suffering and death and dying to try to improve his creation. Going to stand what I'm saying. A god who would allow in the cycles millennia of thousands of years millions of years ago on with creatures who are deformed or not able to fully function. Have having to somehow waiting for an accidental D.N.A. change it to take place so that they could be improved and adapt to the circumstances and. And a God who use that method is not a loving god would you agree with me that the a sick evolution of first begun begins with a frontal assault on the very character of God. It's it's it's it's saying that God allowed this to happen. For these thousands of years millions of years. Inless death and suffering. To it's in order to improve the life or of his creation. If. If he's a theistic Creator or evolutionary creator the is to give illusion. What about death. The district evolution purports to say that we came about through this cycle. Aforementioned of death and dying. Could you just. Maybe unplug my projector. Once and then replug it. Think that probably help it resized who've really. Yes So this is assuming that we began this. The cycle of death and dying and some where along that process. Somewhere along that process we got into and improved a state that became humanity. In other words. Humanity was pre dead it predated. By this death and dying Now what does that say about the the cause of death. You understand what I'm saying. So the Bible teaches instead. That the result of of man's sin was. Is this right death came into the earth because of of man sin. Dissing evolution would say that man came into existence because of death pre-existing him. Gender stand the difference. So this is not just impact. The Sabbath. It impact the character of God it in impact. Our understanding of why there is death. And even. It impacts our understanding of sin itself. There's no understanding of a God who said you shouldn't do this and they did it. And then death passed upon all men sin. Bringing death the wages of sin is death. That understanding does not exist. If you consistently have the understanding of the sick evolution your mind. There's really no such thing as sin. In this model. And so really we don't really need a savior. Because the idea of Jesus dying in your place in a substitutionary atonement is nonsensical. Why because. Death isn't the result of said. There's no correlation between death and sin. So the idea that that God would die in my place for my sin. Does not make any sense. Under this the istic evolutionary model. Now you'll find this is why some Christians who believe in the as a governor who should have seen this problem with the idea of a substitution area toman. And they prefer a model that is known as the moral influence. Theory I'm not going to go into detail with that today but the moral influence. Theory of the Atonement is to say that Jesus did not come to die in my place. Jesus came to show me what a moral life would be like. They have to in order to be consistent. If they believe in the is given Lucian right. You cannot believe in the substitutionary death of Jesus Jesus dying in my place for my sins. You understand why I am arguing this morning that the idea of theistic evolution. It confronts the very principles of Christianity. Not just of ad. But of Christianity as a whole. It is difficult. I would argue impossible to be can intellectually consistent. And believe this theory of origins. Well how about the in the impact of of creation. The impact of creation. Does God. The does the character of God employ endless death and suffering. If we have creation. Absolutely not he in fact it does not employ wages in the step in suffering he created us and He created us perfectly use a loving God is death. The result of our sins yes it is in the are standing of of creation. That was sent as a rebellion a separation from our creator God. And that same Creator God came to die in my place and the way we started we started with this question about about career. Artificial intelligence. Does a creator of a machine that has artificial intelligence. Become responsible for its actions its decisions. I think most of us would say yes. Right. Most It was a yes we're that creator is responsible and the reality is that God who created us. Was fully willing to take responsibility for us. You understand what I'm saying. The reality is and that's what we're going to study this morning. The reality is that the God who created us said that man who he made up right. Who he created perfect. Has South. Sought out his own ways has has as turned towards evil has become selfish and self seeking has rejected the very principles of of god government which is a government of UN selfish love. And God says I could just walk away from him. But instead. I'm going to take responsibility. You know that's one of the things I learned early on about leadership I remember I remember. I don't remember exactly what the situation was but I remember one of the early times that I was. I was responsible for other people and and. Some things went. Not as planned. And my intuition was not being a born leader I guess or having good leadership skills. My intuition was. You know what they. We didn't do it. They messed it up. And someone had to take me aside and say you know what. Now that you're not the Indian anymore now that you're the chief. If they're your Indians. You're responsible. Your responsible. You take responsibility. It's your team. You take care of it. God said. I'm not going to allow someone else to deal with this. I'm responsible. I'm the creator. Now someone could have said well maybe one of the angels in the front row and when God was having that town hall meeting in describing what would the plan was to save mankind after their rebellion. One of the angels I'm sure must just no no no no no no you can't you can't you can't go on and die in their place. I'll go. I'll go I mean. I'll go die in their place I'll even if I'm gone forever I'll die in their places like they should be gone forever and die and die. The wages of sin is death. I'll take the wages of sin what's the problem with that a god who would allow one created being to take the punishment of another created being would not be a just and fair God. It would reflect poorly upon the character of God not that he's worried about the reflection but because it's his character. He can't be different. It's the way he is so he has to say no I am the Korea eight her here. I take responsibility. I am going to go and read in mankind. You understand is very important. If we believe in a substitutionary death of Jesus for our sins to forgive us for our sins. His death and my place. It's very important for us to understand that he is our creator God. That he's the one taking responsibility. There are some who would argue that Jesus is a created being that he is just a. The first of the creation that he was around before the angels. But how would that be any more fair. If you was just one of those who God created Nylander said I want to face on the real quickly. I understand that there are some Christians who have a problem with the concept of the try you know God of three and one. I also understand that the Christian church in the Middle Ages. It Apostles size from the true faith of the Bible. The faith of God's Word I understand the during the. What we sometimes call the dark ages when the Bible was prohibited from Christians or reading them and they were just in the Latin language is only the priest could understand and. And there are a lot of false teaching as it came to the Christian church. There are a lot of good objections to the Christian faith of that era do you understand what I'm saying. I remember one time I was in Russia I may have told the story before but I'll tell it again I was in Russia and I had a group of young people who were atheists. And they were coming to my meetings every night and every night they had written on a piece of paper. They had an objection to the Christian faith. And every night they would come to me with these objections. And they were like got your questions you know will you do you believe this will this is this way in. So how do you make of that you know and I would tell them. And every night it was almost it was predictable. They would come with this question says Christianity teaches that this is this and this and. And I would say no I don't believe that what. And they are you just see there deflated looks you know. Because they thought they had me this was an inconsistency in Christianity as though I don't believe that that's what Christianity taught a thousand years ago it was that some Christians still believe it today but in the savage Christian I don't believe that every night they came with a new and. And every night the answer is the same. I don't think there was one single challenge to what I believe. It was all challenging Christianity. A false Christianity in my view. I remember the very last day. This was their last chance. I was leaving the country soon. And they were just they were determined to find there's probably six or eight of them and and. And this time they didn't bring it. One question written on a piece of paper. They brought the whole book. They had been taking them out of a book of arguments against religion. And so here they were they. They were flipping to this page of the day. Look look look look at this as a why don't believe that old with both look look look. I remember one of them they showed me a picture. And they said look here's a this statue and role. This was the god Jupiter. Under Pagan Rome under the emperors of Rome. That same statute. You now worship. As Peter. I said No I don't. I don't worship statutes. Statues. I don't. I don't believe in that stuff. Oh man you're so discouraged. Trying to find a good reason to not believe or to not believe in in the Christian faith. The fact is there are many false teachings. And one of the ideas that came in during the middle ages. Was an idea that God is God as one being with three different. Heads type of an idea. They sometimes called it a trinity. That's not an understanding that Aben to them agrees with. Now there are some avenues to now read and believe that there's there's. They don't believe in what we call the Trinity and I think that that's a problem that understand the history here. As a some damage Christian I believe that there is one God. There is one God but that one God has chosen and has three persons who are a part of a god head. That are one in purpose. One in character. One. In what they do. And what they accomplish what they perform. They are together. And the Jesus was the manifestation of that the clearest manifestation of that got him as he came to to earth. In the form of a human we're going to look at the bible of the text though we're going to look at that. And so I want to just take a look at some some verses here and we're going to start with Genesis chapter one. And we're going to notice a few passages here this is going to be a short Bible study and. Genesis Chapter one we start. Genesis one and verse. One of the Bible says you know it already in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now here in the English version we have the Word of God and God does not have number it is sort of numberless right. We would assume that this is one person but in the Hebrew the word here is a low Hema. And I lowkey name is a plural word if you have I am on the word of a Hebrew and a Hebrew word that Eamonn the word of Hebrew it's plural. Now I don't believe the correct translation of this should be God's created the heavens and the earth. Because one got the Hebrew mind somehow understood this concept that even go there was God. There was. And it was singular. It was also poor old now we skip down the verse twenty six. We notice. What they said when they came to the creation of man. Notice what. Because even the english this becomes clear. Then God said Let one of the say. Let us is us plural or singular. It's plural. Let us make man in our image after our likeness. That is to say that the Godhead I believe the Godhead. Came together and the spirit was there because the Bible says in Genesis Chapter one Verse two the the spirit was hovering over the waters. God the Father God the Son God the Spirit were all there and they said Let Us make man in OUR image. After our likeness. And so they made not just one person they may do people didn't think. And I personally am of the conviction that we need both men and women to make up the image of God. I believe the God made man in the beginning male and female. I am personally very opposed to the current society's agenda of making our all of us gender less. You know they're not even there not even calling them boys or girls clothes in the department store anymore. It's like. What's wrong with society God made us. Nail and feed him. He made us that way why because he made us in His image not the god male or female but he's more than one is a T.. And he God said. God said Let Us make man. In our image. We skip down to next fastens very quickly. John chapter one. And verse verse as one and fourteen. John chapter one. And we're going to read verses one and fourteen. I hope these are familiar text to many of you as we look at them very quickly we're looking at Jesus as the Creator God the Bible says and John chapter one. And verse one in the beginning. Sounds very similar to Chuck. To Genesis one one right. In the beginning. The Word was WITH God in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the word what does this say was God. He was in the beginning with God It goes on verse three. All things were made to through him. And without him. Nothing was made that was mate. John seemed to be suggesting something here. John thing to be suggesting that. In the beginning the word. Whoever the word is was with God. In fact it existed. In the beginning. Before anything else existed the word was there in the beginning. The word was there. The Word was WITH God So the word wasn't alone I mean God with there to write the Father God. And the Word was God it's meaning that God the Father and God the Son Jesus were both Divine. All things were made through him John A suggesting that. In this Godhead relationship. There was an active agent in creation there was somebody who took the active roles. You know. When I was a kid. The people in town might have said well you know. Dr Clark. I'm just of the third so calling in Chester might be confusing the story of his com Dr Clark. Dr Clark. Sure has a nice garden. But guess who did most of the gardening and I have to say you know. I think it was a kid's probably problem that's an exaggeration to us it seemed that way by the way I'm glad my brother can be here with us today visiting from South Carolina and. But here we were we were kids and we were doing the gardening. My dad had a garden and. This is probably a faulty illustration. But my dad had a garden. In some ways we were the active agents in the Clark's garden right. My dad got some credit for because he was the head of the family and in reality my parents did a lot of work and garden we had a thing about half eager to an acre garden every summer and and had lots and lots of food to put up and Cannon freeze and all the rest. But God here. Courageous God does let us make man in OUR image. Who's going to do the actual speaking. Are all three of them the spirit the Father the Son are they all going to speak in unison. Or is. Is there someone one of them. That's going to have the role of of speaking. And in fact the one who had the word. The role of speaking. Is the one who would be called the Word. Because the Bible says that all things remained it through him. Without him nothing was made that was made in Him was life. And the life was the light of man verse fourteen. John chapter one in verse fourteen who's this word that John's talking about the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only be gotten of the Father. Full of grace and truth in other words. God said I I want to send somebody to do two things. If you want to simplify it. Because of Manson because we. We disobeyed God and we went in rebellion against Him God could have destroyed if but he loved us. God could have sent an angel but that would have been and out of harmony with His character of love and it would have made no sense for somebody else to die for my sins. But the one who was responsible for me. The one who made me is just Ms legal it is off. It is fair for him to be the one the take the punishment for what I've done. So God would send the Creator the one who spoke the words the one who commanded and has stood fast he would send him to do two things to be my substitute. Number one and number two to show me the character of God. You see what's happening in this great controversy you know the story the serpent. Who's a serpent Anyway it wasn't really a snake that deceived us. It was somebody working through the snake right the serpent. It was loose of it was Satan the fallen angel and. He is saying to he is saying God is not very God is not loving God is not just in God Kingdom has all these problems. And My kingdom is better but. Lucifer's world is a world of selfishness. I will send above the throne of God. I will send. I will be worshiped in God's place. He's selfish. God is unselfish. But how can people understand that. Well they can only understand that when God becomes human. God becomes flesh. Dwells among us and we beheld behold the character of God through him. And How can Jesus. Reveal the character of God. Except that he's got to understand. Because he is the creator. He can die in my place. Because he is God. He can show me that God loves me so much. He's willing to die on selfishly in my place I want to be very humble here I know Christianity has a lot of problems. Christianity has made a lot of mistakes. But I want to say that I believe that Christianity stands alone. In world religions in showing a a God who saves us. Even though we've done nothing to deserve it. No good deeds. No good works. No penance is no Sacraments that's false Christianity. No pilgrimages nothing that we do can save ourselves our salvation comes. Because there's a God who unselfishly loves us. Just the way we are no matter what I do it won't make him love me more. He already loves me and nuff that he was willing to die. In my place not a mercenary that sent somebody else. He himself said I'm responsible. I'll die in your place for yourself. I love you with that kind of an unconditional love but John is not the only one that says this In fact Paul the Apostle Paul comes with a very similar message. The Bible says agrees with itself. When it's understood and studied correctly. The Bible and agrees with itself and Paul and John both have very similar themes. I don't know which was written first. Maybe they read the other but they were both inspired So I take them both at face value. The Bible says and cautions chapter one and verse fifteen he is the it did image of the invisible God. The firstborn over all creation. Notice that he is the firstborn does not necessarily mean he was brought born before but that word. Put of chaos I believe is the Greek word. Don't quote me on that. But that it's before all it's over all of even even in our English translation here it's it's it's pretty clear it's compared to to the rest of creation right. And so it's not necessarily saying that he is a created being. It says by him for. And that helps explain it for by him. All things were created that are in heaven and that are on Earth. Visible and invisible whether Thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him. And for him and he is before all things. And in him. All things. Consist no notice it goes on it says and he is the head of the Body the Church root. Who is the beginning the firstborn from the dead. Notice that firstborn from the dead is used there to even though some had already been resurrected it's. He is the symbolically the. Sense that in all things he may have the preeminent. So here we have the. The opportunity to see that the God Jesus the Creator God is the creator of all things let's get down. Now to Hebrews. Hebrews chapter one and verses one through four. Hebrews chapter one verse is one through for the last couple of verses here this and one more pastor believe we're going to look at. And then we're going to be finished. Hebrews Chapter one Verse ones as got good various times and in various ways spoken time passed to the fathers by the prophets. Has In these the last days spoken to us by His Son whom He has appointed heir of all things through whom also he made the world's who being the brightness of His glory and up pulling all things by the word of his power. When he had by himself not sending somebody else. By him self purged our sins. Sat down at the right hand of the majesty on high. Having become so much better than the angels as he has by inheritance obtained a more excellent name. Than day. So here Jesus is just scribe as one who is the creator of all things that he made the world. He's the brightness of His glory and the express image of the father's person who upholds all things by the word of his power. Jesus power. Not talking about the father's by Jesus power. Why because he is not only the Son of God or the Word of God. He is God our last passage. Revelation Chapter four. Brings us to the last days. We believe that we're living in a time when God's people are going to be separated from the world by worship. Notice with me here in Revelation Chapter four we find the throne room of heaven. And here in the throne room. We find we find a number of of things happening of course there's the before creatures and the twenty four elders. And they're singing a song and this is in verse eleven Hebrews chapter four and I mean Revelation Chapter four verse eleven. You are worthy all Lord to receive on are and glory and power for you created all things. And by your will. They exists and work Prieta did. Now it's very interesting that these creatures are worshipping who should they worship they should worship God. Why should they worship God because God is the creator. Right. Because he is the one in fact the very purpose the very the very reason we worship is because he is not a created being he is the creator. That is the. That is his. The reason why he is worthy of our worship because he is a creator. You are worthy for you created all things. And by your will they exist. And were created we find the passages we've already read here and. John in kolache ins and Hebrews tell us that the active agent in could and in creation was Jesus. Now is Jesus being worship here as well. And its throne room. Or is just the father being worship. We notice. We see in the next chapter. There's the story continues in the next chapter verse six I looked and behold in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures in the midst of the elders. Stood a what a lamb. As though it had been slain Who is that talking about is talking about Jesus how. When seven heads and seven eyes. Which are the seven Spirits symbolically. Which other seven Spirits which were sent out of the earth at the depreciation. Then he came and took the scroll out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne the father. And when he had taken the scroll the twenty four Create a for living creatures and twenty four elders fell down before the lamb. Each having a Harben golden bowl full of Ensign's which are the prayers of the saints and they sang a new song saying. You who are they thinking to now is seeing to Jesus. You are worthy to take the scrolled open and slit seals. For you have you were slain in every deemed us to God by your blood out of every tribe and tongue. And people a nation and have made us kings and priests or God. And we shall reign on the earth. Skip down a verse twelve. They say of the loud voice Worthy is the lamb who was slain. To receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing. All my friends. Why do I love Jesus. I love Jesus because my Bible tells me that Jesus was the one who in concert with the Godhead created me. But this creation of God went astray it was lost. Not only is Jesus my creator results of my redeemer. It's like the story of the little boy who built a little sailboat remember that story. He built a little sailboat you know. You remember when your child and build things that are dear. Near and dear to you Are they may be they may be so simple I mean I remember some of my childhood creations were so simple. They were so important to me. My dad would take a block of wood. Put a wedge in the front of it. Drill a hole down drills roll through the end of it. And we would stick a balloon through the hole and down. And you blow up the balloons to get in the in the bath tub. And that little boat goes all over the place. Yeah. Little simple things when your child are so important a little boy built a sailboat he built a so lovingly. Then when he came time to sail it was a nice breezy day went to the lake. Put it there where he thought it would just go right along the shore. But it wasn't long before the when to get farther and farther and farther out till he couldn't even see anymore. Broken hearted. He went home. Can you imagine being that little boy. Then one day he was walking past a crash shop in the window of the craft shop. Is that boat. That he had made. So carefully. Not a little sales and paint job. That's my boat. I want my boat he went to talk to the owner of the stories why I bought that boat it was found and paid money for you can just take it. How much is it. So he goes home and get this piggy bank. He opened his bank Any takes out the money take them back to the store and give the money the to the boat to the store owner need take his boat and he says now I have my boat. Your my your mind because I made you in your mind because I bought you. And that's my Jesus. He made me. And even though I had a heart that went astray. He still loved me. Not because I did something to not be tied to something to make him love me. No Christianity says. While we were yet. And in sin. Sinners. He died her about me. You want to worship him one day around that throne. I don't have all the answers. I just can tell you what the Bible says the Bible says that for Beast twenty four altars they worship him because he's our Creator. And because he's our Redeemer. Father in heaven. Today I thank you that you let so love the world that you gave your only begotten son. I thank you that you. Have revealed him and your word is the active agent in creation. Lord I just pray that you would help us to see in Christianity. In spite of all the false teachings that have come in through the ages. I pray that you help us to see the beauty of a god. A god who doesn't have to be bought or convinced a God whose very character is unselfishness a God who wouldn't use pain in the cycles of death and dying to create but instead. Lovingly formed us out of the dust of the ground and breathed into our nostrils the breath of life. Oh Lord I pray that you would help us to see the beauty of a God who said I'm not one just send a surrogate I'm not going to send a created being. I'm going to go myself as the originators the creator of life this is STAYNER of life. I'm going to go and die in their place or help us to marvel at the foot of the Cross that there would be one who would be willing to die in my place. Help us I pray as we look around the world wherein to see the evidences of a God who is a designer a loving designer. Who cares for said lord. Not only two to have cared for us and created us in the beginning that. Thank you that you also God wants to recreate a new that be our experience. We prayed. This media was brought to you by audiotapes. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it the W.W.W. audio verse. Dot org.


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