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Jesus: Prince of Peace

Chester Clark III


One of the many ways that Jesus revolutionizes our lives is by providing a peace that cannot be experienced in any other way. Learn three ways that Jesus provides peace – and deserves the title “Prince of Peace.”


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • September 12, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Perhaps one of the longest periods of peace. Relative peace I might add this world has ever known is what has been termed by historians the pox Ramana of the Roman peace. You see Romo such a powerful him Pyar that after it had sort of a stablished itself and. Strategically distributed its military around the world where areas of resistance that might arise. There came upon that part of the world a period of peace. That lasted for more than two hundred years. The Roman peace a peace that was purchased through the a rise to power of bloodshed and and and strife. Now. There was a very special ceremony that. That was that took place when Caesar Augustus had defeated Antony and Cleopatra in Egypt. Caesar Augustus was now going to provide preside over a new era of peace and in order to let the Empire know that there was this new era of peace. That that his enemies had been defeated. Antony and Cleopatra Caesar Augustus initiated a very very dramatic ceremony in Rome you see we have to go back of quite a few years of over seven hundred years prior to this to the second king of Rome. Numa Caesar who had who had inherited the kingdom from his father now. Numa was a very peace loving man in fact. When his father died and. And actually on that he was dead yet but they were looking for a successor to the kingdom as I recall. Pneumo was was chosen as the one who should be the next Caesar the next king of Rome not the empire yet but the city of Rome that was. That was growing and expanding this is around seven hundred and thirty five or so. B.C. and. Numa was was approaching NUMA said no I'm not going to I don't want that job now if you've noticed politics today. Most people or the people who are going to be selected to be the world leader are usually wanting the job right. That seems to be the case now. By the way this is an aside not related to Roman history but do you know three times George Washington had to be approached to be can vent to accept the presidency of the United States. Things have changed a bit since then but we won't get into that. Today. New must that I don't really want to be the the Emperor The These are the king of Rome but he said Let let's see what the people say he. He was even as he was. By the People then to be the king and he said let's see what the god day of course not a not. Not a worshipper of the God of heaven but a pagan worship or he. He asked the various deities were signs and became convinced that in fact he was the one who was called to be on the throne. At that time very interesting history. He was a peace loving man and one of the first things that he did. Is he dissolved of the guard. That his father Romulus it had around him at all times three hundred soldiers that had been his body guard the Secret Service basically. A new myth that I don't I don't need these. I'm going to be at peace with the people why would I need to guard right and who built a temple. It was called the Temple of Janice and right there on the. The main road coming into the forum from a from the north east. There he arose. He built this temple and the Temple of Janice Janice is an interesting. Deity or. I put that quotation marks you understand. Roman god. Because Janice was one of the few God that didn't come from the Greek sis was a uniquely Roman god. He's the GOT of two heads. He may you might have seen has pictures before. He's a God of beginnings and doors of gates and openings and and borders. He's a God of beginnings and endings. And this God was a God who was in a new MS mind would be the God of peace I guess you might say having established. Borders there would be no more controversy so in the temple of Janice there were two doors to Gates and. What what the ceremony became. Is that when the Roman soldiers went out to war they would have to go through the temple of Janet in one side and out the other otherwise they would have Janice's blessing. Now you understand I don't believe in the all this. And you this and this is a story that of the Romans believe this. The did the soldiers would have to go through the temple of Janice. And those doors would remain open as long as they were out fighting. But if the doors of the temple were closed. That meant the him pire was it. Peace. The soldiers weren't out. Doing the business of war. Do you know during numerous rang. Those doors remained shut. He was a peaceable ruler one of the first things he did besides dissolving the Secret Service. He also made peace with his neighbors. He was a keen. Of peace. In fact of the. The temple was the inscribed it's. Of course gone today part of the ruins of the Roman Forum but here's one of the coins that I believe a Caesar. Nero. Nero had had made and. And here you have a picture of the temple of Janice with the gates of Janice closed a number of Caesars use this as sort of a propaganda thing but Caesar Augustus after defeating Cleopatra. Close those doors for one of the first times only the second time. Since the since the end of new MS Rainier were close into two to thirty five B.C. they were closed again in twenty six or twenty seven eighty by Caesar Augustus. Very interesting history here. And here's the here's the god of. Janice and many people believe that it's Janice The GOT of beginnings. Which is the namesake for the first month of the year January the beginning of the year. Which still comes to us in English. Today. Janice the God of peace. Chosen by the. Peaceful. Second King. Of Rome but today that's not what we're talking about. We want to talk today about the Prince of Peace. Jesus is called here and Isaiah Chapter nine in verse six. The last title that he is you it is used to describe him is the Prince of Peace the Prince of Peace. In fact there are many titles that are given here of Jesus but it ends with this. Prince of Peace and if we reversed seven it says of the increase of his government and peace. There will be no indeed. We skip down and it says the end of that sentence towards into that sense is from that time forward. Even for ever. Doesn't that sound good to you. Peace the last forever. Peace that continually grows and expands like the waves of the sea rolling across the sand a peace that knows no wind Well the Bible's clear that it's not now that there is that Prince of Peace Not even a nice day his time was was he was he was he at peace. In fact the Bible's very clear if we turn to the Book of Revelation. Revelation Chapter twelve and verse seven. Revelation Chapter twelve in verse seven we're going to read here for just a few moments in the last book of the Bible the Book of Revelation. We're going to see how Jesus is described. And it's not exactly peaceful. The picture that we find here in Revelation Chapter twelve. Revelation Chapter twelve or seven it says war broke out where and haven't. Of all places the last place that you would expect war to be found. Is in heaven. The place that should be the most under the control of the God of heaven. The Prince of Peace. But the Bible says the war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought and I want us to just established something here. Michael is another name for Jesus. OK Now why do I believe that. Do you want to just see why I believe that real quickly can you keep your finger right here and mag and Revelation Chapter twelve. I want to be very clear I do not believe and I think we made it clear last week in our sermon about Jesus the Creator. I do not believe that Jesus is a created being I did not believe that he is an angel I believe he is God. And yet he is described in the Bible as being over the Angels or the ark. Angel. Let's let's just keep upping your here in Revelation Chapter twelve and look back in John Chapter five we're going to get three verses that together are going to show us that Jesus is Michael so we're going to give John Chapter five First of all. And we're going to read the prophecy of the resurrection that Jesus gave here in John Chapter five and verse will begin with verse twenty five this is what it says. Are you there say men. All right John Chapter five or twenty five. Most assuredly I say to you. The hour is coming. And now is in which the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God. And those who hear will live. So whose voice. Will the dead hear Jesus was the Son of God right that's what it says. The hours coming. When the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God. And those who hear. Will live look at me now to first US alone Ians the writing of the Apostle Paul. First the slain chapter four as he describes the first resurrection. In first US Loney in chapter four. And we're going to see that at the second coming of Jesus. There is a voice just like Jesus said that wakes the dead First the Sloan aeons. Chapter four. And we're going to we're going to look at it see what verse is it's year. My first sixteen. Let's start with verse fifteen For this we say to you by the word of the Lord that we who are alive and remain. To the coming of the Lord will by no means proceed those who are asleep. For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a web. Shout with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise those whose voice on that resurrection morning. Is going to waken the dead whose voice. According to this the Archangel. Right. Latin John five we saw Jesus voice that the dead here and are raised. Here we see the ark. Angels a voice. Who the dead here. And are raised and we're to look at one more verse in the book of Jude. Just before revelation. So you still have a finger there will be hard to find the look of Jude and. There's only one chapter so when you find the book you found the chapter and. We're going to read about a an interesting debate that took place between two people who are odds one with another an argument over the body of Moses. And if we look here in verse nine. Jude. Nine it says yet my goal of the what does it say. Archangel are you following me. The Archangels voice raises the dead. Jesus voice raise the dead. The Archangel is called. Michael. So therefore when we read in Revelation twelve and verse seven that there is war in heaven. Michael and his angels are fighting. That speaking about Jesus. There's a contest controversy a conflict that begins at seven. A war between Michael and Lucifer. Between someone who says I will be like the most high. And someone who is going to demonstrate the character of unselfish love do you understand the issues in the great controversy is not complicated. This issue in the great controversy is a God who says I am loving and I am just and we should all live. Unselfish lives. And a being who says you are actually selfish you are actually unloving you are unjust. And you're expecting us to live an unfair and self us life. While you enjoy our worship. What's God going to do about it. Well the only thing God can do about it is not answer with some sort of a ultimatum from heaven. The only thing God can do about it is demonstrate the fact that he is actually the character that he says he is. And he actually is the character that he request. Orks backs of us. That's how God is going to answer. The conflict but here we are and in Revelation Chapter twelve and verse seven. And we see that there was war and have and broke out between Michael. And it says in verse eight they did NOT be veiled that's the dragon and his angels. Nor was there a place found for them and haven't any longer. So the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who to see the whole world. He was cast of the earth. And as angels were cast out with him. Now this is the. The bad news for planet Earth. The good news is that Michael prevailed a man. Michael was more powerful than Satan in heaven. So Michael had to cast Satan out of heaven. But the bad news for us is that that. Michael came here. Now why did he come here there are some questions friends. The we will not know ultimately the answer to until one day we get to ask someone who does know. Right. I don't have all the answers of why you came here but it seems as though that the controversy between Michael and Lucifer began. That it extended. And it developed in part because of what we studied about last week. Jesus role in creating this earth. The devil was jealous. Now jealousy is foreign to the character of God We've already said right. God character is unselfish. Right. Jealousy is by nature patently selfish. So there's this contract. Conflict. Contrast between the character of God and the jealous character of Lucifer. Who says Why can't I be doing what Jesus is doing. Why can't I be involved in the secret designs of the Trinity. Why can't I be there as as. God said Let Us make man in Our image why am I left out of this. After all I'm next in authority to Jesus. Why can't it just before of us. The problem is not that there was three not for the problem is that he was thinking selfish thoughts are you with me. If you could distill the whole plan of salvation. Into one simple concept. Is that God is working to bring us more into character with his unselfish life. While the devil is trying to bring us more into character with his selfish life. You see the whole point of of the gospel is to change our hearts. So the we're no longer so self-centered. The whole point of Satan's attacks and temptations in the world all around us is to make us self-centered. And the whole point of God coming to this. To live on this earth and to die in our place is to demonstrate to us. What unselfishness love a got they love is really all about the whole purpose of the great controversy. Lasting this long. Is so that the universe never forget so that we actually learn the lesson of what selfishness really looks like. You know sometimes people are attracted to selfishness. It's remarkable to me. It's remarkable to me how we sometimes laude narcissism and egotism. We confuse it with self-confidence. But the reality is that the great controversy is between selfishness and unselfishness and. The good news is we know who's going to win. We know because that great controversy began in heaven Michael cast out. The Devil and his angels. He comes down to this earth and. And we had to make a decision whether we would side with selfishness and. And the temptation came to be open. You will be like God knowing both good and evil and all of a sudden the devil knows how to he knows how to massage your egos doesn T.. All of us sudden man kind of crowning act of God's creation the one Jesus had been read. Involved in creating the one who God said Let Us make man in OUR image. All of a sudden mankind. Began self-seeking just like Lucifer with self-pity. And I me tell you as soon as you begin self-seeking. You no longer have peace. Judge damn it I'm saying. The Bible says something like this in Proverbs it says. Only by pride comes contention. Self-seeking is the root of all conflict. And that's as convicting to me. Because sometimes. I remember when I was a kid I really hated that verse because when I was fighting with my sister. That verse would come in my mind. And I would of course want to say will but it is because she's proud. But the reality he says. It's my problems. I have a problem with self-seeking. I do. And when I think of peace. And I realize that by very nature my very nature is a nym a call to peace. It is impossible for me to have peace by my nature. I realize that I need a miracle. I need on a regular basis. To have a miracle that comes from the Prince of Peace. Because only he only he can bring us. Lasting peace. This great controversy between Christ and Satan it continues down to our date. It continued when Jesus was here on Earth and and. And the deceiver tried to tried to find any way in any way possible that he could induce the Son of God The Prince of Peace. To live. Selfishly. If you could all neatly one time. Succeed in making Jesus lives selflessly for himself. He would have won the argument. God you're really selfish you just demand. Unselfishness of your subjects. And so he tends to resist. I'm sure you appear to Jesus is an angel of light not as the Red Dragon. By the way boys and girls. We learned a few weeks ago about how the devil temps us and there are many different ways. Most of the time I listen to me boys and girls. Most the time he doesn't come to us. A red animal with a tail of forks tail and a pitchfork and horns. Most a time he comes to us. Seeming very nice. That's the way the double pane. G.'s. Like an angel sent from heaven to save him. Oh Jesus. Your house here in wilderness. You're so hungry. It's been forty days since you hate. You must be starving. I just got a special message from heaven. That you have you now can turn the stones to break is no point in staying out here hungry. When you can solve the solution you have the solution right within your power. What was the devil trying to get Jesus to do. He was trying to get Jesus to use his divine power. In a selfish way. When he tries to. We take them above the kingdoms of the world. And he says Look Jesus. I'll give you all of this. If you'll only be out on worship me. What was he trying to induce Jesus to do. Trying for just a moment to get Jesus to live selfishly to what the kingdoms the power of the world. Now the devil does have power in this world don't be mistaken. The devil does have power over the kingdoms of this world. But Jesus knew that his kingdom was not a spiritual kingdom of buildings and marble and gold and palaces. To seek that kingdom would be selfish. Jesus knew that his kingdom was a kingdom of peace. Unselfishness. That could all E.B.'s stablished through the past of the cross through living. Unselfishly through living for others not for himself for not trying to avoid suffering and and hardship but. But going headlong into suffering and hardship so that others wouldn't have to suffer. You see Jesus knew that he could not afford to live even for a moment selfishly. When Jesus was taken to the high. The top of the temple and so said and told. Throw yourself down. So that your angels can catch you. Then people will know that you're real is on the side. Jesus knew he couldn't do that for to do so would be to try to bracket track attention do him self that the father wasn't calling him to have. He was happy for thirty years and that. Carpenter shop to live a known lives doing good as a little boy and as a teenager and as a young adult. He didn't want the attention of. Because Jesus lived his whole life. And so. That's the whole point of his life here on earth to demonstrate the character of God. So let's take our Bibles and just. Let's just look at three ways in which Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Shall we. The first the peace that Jesus gives us. Is freedom from guilt Romans Chapter five. And verse one. Romans Chapter five in verse one we're just going to move quickly through these. We're going to see how Jesus is the answer to our troubles as well. Romans Chapter five in verse one Jesus. The Bible says is Paul speaking. And it says therefore having been justified by faith. We have what peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore being justified by faith what does justified mean what is justification mean. Some people like to say and I think I've shared this before that justified means is just as if I'd never sinned right. Just put an AS in there just as if I'd instead of justified. Is just as if I'd write. It's just as if I'd never stand you see it just as if I had nothing or lived selfishly. That's what God's grace can do for us. That's what God's blood the blood of Jesus can do. It can make our our sins as wide as know it can wash our sins away so that can be just as if I had never sinned. I can stand before God now. If in fact living selfishly is what causes. Conflict. Unselfishness is what brings peace. Then when we're justified we also have the being justified by faith. We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ one of my favorite authors wrote it this way. She said that the man who is at peace. Know he who is at peace with God and man cannot be made miserable. I like that. That's peace isn't when we're at peace with God and we can't be made miserable listen. This is a this is an indictment of myself sometimes. I'm going to say this very plainly. If I am miserable. I see I am not happy. It's nobody's fault but my own. I begin pointing fingers and thinking. Other people are controlling my life. Robbing me of happiness. Maybe making me unhappy making me miserable. Go back and listen online to the sermon called to be happy. The reality is that I and I alone. Can make the decision to find peace in my soul and happiness. In my life. Nobody has the God given right. Or ability to control my happiness. He was at peace with God and man cannot be me miserable. So peace begins with this concept of a freedom from guilt. Freedom from that guilt of the selfishness that I've lived in the past. I've been selfish I live for myself I've I've been self-seeking I've demonstrated the character of Lucifer instead of the character of God. All of these things destroy my peace. But thank God through Jesus Christ the prince of peace. I can have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Oh I'm thankful for the Prince of Peace a day or two. I'm thankful for the Prince of Peace. The second way the Jesus brings peace to this is by bringing us freedom from worry. Backed Jesus said and Matt and and and John Chapter fourteen. One of the more commonly memorize and and known familiar passages. After John three sixteen. Let not your heart be troubled. Right. You believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions are not sought. I would have told you I go to prepare a place for hoop. For you for that's me if you. I go to prepare a place for you and if I go up which he has right. I will come again. And receive you to myself. The where I have there he maybe also you know is a universal constant this business of worry is a universal experience that we have. You know just of the recently I was teaching in my class and Southern beginning the year on on church history and we are exploring the prophecies of Daniel because we have to understand what the Miller writes understood where we can add Venice heritage. And so I look at this class at this passage. And Daniel Chapter two and I love the way Daniel did this you know that we can measure was was was honest in saying he didn't remember the dream right of but only That's what actually happened he could remember the dream and call the wise man and a wise man said Well maybe he's just testing us. Because he knows that. If we can't tell him the dream we probably can't come up with a good interpretation either right. Maybe really remembers the dream. That's what they're afraid of. If they really knew that Nebuchadnezzar had forgotten they probably would have made up anything. But they're worried. So you know the story how. Daniel comes in becomes involved and Daniel says. After he has a dream and God showed him what never could never dreamed. Daniel comes bagging he says I can't do what you ask me to do. Why are you here then right. But there is a God in heaven. Who reveals secrets. And just in case. Just in case. Nettie could never had forgotten what he dreamed about. And wouldn't remember even when he heard it. God told Daniel what net begin as I've been thinking about while he was still awake. And that amazing. He says you can. You will KING We're sleeping on your bed. You're not sleeping yet you were falling asleep. And you came to thinking about what the future would had Remember I told you it's a universal concept. There's no universal experience this. Worrying about the future is something that we often do. Even though there may not be a good reason for it in any given time. We often are guilty of worrying. Now begin as are king. Four thousand years ago. Was worried about the future. Meet today in two thousand fifteen. Thank you I have to worry about my batteries dying and things like that. We worry about the future as well and the fact of the matter is that it's a universal experience that we worry we were afraid of what's going to happen we don't know what tomorrow holds we don't know how the economy will fare we don't know what will happen in politics and government. We live in a fairly stable world today in which even here in America. We wouldn't think we have too much to worry about but we still worry right. We still worry. In the Bible says there's a reason there's a there's a there's a way that we can have predicted from Would you like to know about flipping the chapter for gives us the secret. The Libyans chapter four. Tells us here. That there's a there's a way that we can have freedom from worry. And wouldn't you know. It's through the Prince of Peace. Libyans chapter four. And we're going to begin reading with verse six in THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS Be anxious for how much. Nothing. Well. It must just be because that. You know Paul thought. All of the believers had all the money they needed right now to mad to worry about the budget or where the next meal was going to come from you think that's of the case. You think even if we have problems. Paul means. Be anxious for nothing. I think even if we have problem. Where exhorted to be anxious for nothing no that's pretty hard to do. Be anxious for nothing but in everything by what prayer and supplication with what Thanksgiving. Let your requests be made known and to God. So this is basically what the Bible says don't worry about anything. Doesn't mean don't plan doesn't mean don't work. It says don't worry. Don't be anxious. Instead do what tell God about it. Let your requests be known with what does it say. Thank you Jeanne. Praise God. From whom all blessings. Flow. Count your blessings name of them one by one and will surprise you what the Lord has done. When you let your requests be known with think giving what you're saying is God. You worked in the past you're still alive you're going to work in the future. That your business. I'm not going to worry about your business. That's what this verse is telling us. Let your WE questions be your requests be known with Thanksgiving. And the peace of God verse seven. Which surpasses all understanding. Will guard your hearts and minds. Through Christ Jesus people are going to look at you and say why are you so happy because I don't have anything to worry about. Don't you know the world we're living in. Yes but I know the God that ice or reminds me of. I'll try to make this short I sometimes have stories that come up and. And I just have to tell them. I was in Moscow and I was with a group of young people and we were on a bus. Now you have to understand and the years soon after the fall of communism. There was a lot of still very communist thinking. You know I mean they had thought this way for generations after all and here we were on the bus and. Now my students were not being rowdy. These were all high school seniors and they were all. They were all rather quietly talking among themselves. But they were so they were happy. You know. And they were those the first time in Moscow and they were looking and they were talking and and they weren't particularly pointing or talking about things they're just. And every once in a while someone might say thing that something a little funny in some of them would giggle or there's just you know. They were smiling people. We came to a bus stop in this little grandma. You know the whole G.S. she was little short round. Grandma Bush guy you know she was just like the dolls that you see from Russia. Chic. She comes to the door of the bus. And she's getting off the bus but before he gets off the bus. She decided to teach my students. A lesson now what lesson it was we couldn't understand because we didn't speak Russian. But here she was. And she was my student. Chris. He was standing in the bus and he was a big guy like. Maybe six foot. Pretty big guy and he was holding up on the strap of bar I had him. And she had already stepped down on one of these steps you know to go out the door of the bus. And she's right underneath she he can't she came probably his belly button you know. And she looked at him. And she started she stuck her finger up in his face. And she started giving him a lecture that with the lecture for the ages. I mean she was really up one side and down the other eyed and no idea what she was talking about Chris had no idea what she was talking about speaking in Russian and he was trying not to laugh. Because it was sort of humorous. You know. I mean he is. I still remember this. This smile kept creeping on his face and he was trying not to smile. And everyone else was just sort of mouth open gaping like what's going on and after different reading him the riot act for quite a while while the bus driver waited for her to get off the bus. She'd find the departed the bus when the doors closed and we kept on going down the street and everything was quiet and. We turned there was one young lady who was on with this with a translator We said What was she saying. What was she saying. Well she said. Basically she told him. If you all were in your own country. You wouldn't behave the way you're behaving. And my students looked at each other and they said. Yeah we would. What does she mean. Well you have to understand. Under communism. Everyone was supposed to have everything in common that's communism. And if you started having something that other people had. They were suspect that you were breaking the rules. Now remember it was basically an informant. State So if your neighbor thought that you were breaking the rules. They would just tell the K.G.B. were breaking the rules and you know there'd be a knock at your door and you hoped it was angel of death not the K.G.B.. Because the K.G.B. would haul you off and it didn't matter of there is evidence or not you might be in Siberia or a labor camp or somewhere else because you are suspected of breaking the rules not playing by the rule. And everybody learned for half a century. To act as if they were very very unhappy because happiness itself was a cause for says nobody went out in public and smiled and giggled and laughed. Aren't you glad we live in a free world. What I'm saying to you this morning. Is if we were to apply. Libyans chapter four verses six and seven. Christians ought to be suspected by worldlings. Did you win the lottery. Did you find very treasure. We ought to be so happy. The world knows we're on to something and then let your requests be made known to God with things. Giving. And the peace of God who passes all understanding. Will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus passes all understanding. Nobody will understand it unless they've experienced. Jesus the prince of present peace gives us. Freedom from guilt freedom from worry and finally he gives us. Freedom from sin and pain. Now not yet but the Bible promises and Revelation chapter twenty one and verses one through four. The Jesus the Prince of Peace will indeed. Create a world in which there's no more suffering. There's no more suspicion. There's no more conflict and controversy in fact. In that world. There will be no more selfishness. You want to be there. And I saw a new heaven and in Newark for the first heaven in the first row that passed away and also there was no more sea then I John saw the holy city New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from got prepared as a dried adorned for her husband and I heard a loud voice from heaven saying. Behold the tabernacle of God is with men. And he will do well with them and they shall be his people. And God himself will be with them and be their god why. Because he will need any bodyguard or Secret Service. This is beyond is a selfish world of sin. This is a world where uncelebrated snus reigns. The Prince of Peace is now KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. And he says in verse four God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There should be no more death nor sorrow nor crying and. There will be no more pain. For the former things. Have passed away. I tell you friends Jesus is the prince of peace because he is the one who will bring about this new paradigm this new world this new or. Now how does this happen. The pox Ramana friends. The pox Ramana was brought through bloodshed. Through Caesar's being a go to stickle and and narcissistic and demanding worship of being worshiped at least it wasn't a Caesars who went out and shed their blood it was their minions that they commanded to do so the ones they hired for money. Mercenary soldiers. Gladiators. It was greed. That was how the Roman peace was a stablished. In fact as we look at the hist. Three of Rome we see that Rome was full of people dictators. Rulers who were so full of themselves. The best way to describe their lives. Is pervasively selfish. When we that's what happened. They didn't go out into battle themselves they sent others into battle. They didn't become a king that I could like a new mother first their second king became king by by the popular request of others and by making peace with everybody. They became king by. Well. The case of Julius Caesar he was stabbed to death to make room for the next team. Right by his own friends. That's the piece of wrong. But the good news friends is that the Prince of Peace operates on a separate totally different economy. The Prince of people of peace operates on the economy of unselfishness. The Prince of Peace. Has the right to that title. Because he demonstrated himself to be the most unselfish. Of all. It's not unselfish. For me to be poor when I never had any money. It is unselfish. For him to go to the cross. When he's god. Do you understand. The extremes. He took upon Himself the form of Us her. And became obedient not just to death but to the death of across from the highest position to the lowest position is the greatest demonstration of unselfishness. And so Jesus now because he is earned the title. The right to be called the Prince of Peace. He offers us a promise of peace. Here that passes all understanding. But not only here. He promises promises us. The hope of eternal peace peace in a world where there's no more sense. No more suffering. No more pain. Are you thankful today for the Prince of Peace. He's thankful that no matter how much we could contemplate. His condescension his unselfishness will never completely grass. How great the love of God is toward us. Father in heaven today. I just want to pray that you would help us to become more unselfish. Lord that's what you're trying to do to save us in that unselfish Kingdom. You want us to be forgiving about ourselves and keeping our eyes on Jesus Lord forgive us for a where we've thought about ourselves. Forgive us for where we've thought about this life of about us. His church is about us it's forgive us for thinking selfishly and help us to be like Jesus help me. I pray to be more like Jesus. Help me to have my life so transformed by a miracle of your Grace that some day. I can be a part of an unselfish Kingdom. A world where there's no more sin no more self-seeking. Oh Lord help us to just contemplate the sacrifice. You made. To demonstrate your character. To be. The Prince of Peace. So that you can give that peace to us. We ask for. We claim it we want to forgive us for sin. Take away our worry about the future status in your king. We pray to Jesus this media was brought to you by audiotapes. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave visit. W W W dot. Audio person dot org.


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