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Jesus: The Promise Keeper

Chester Clark III


In this message Pastor Clark explores the reasons why Jesus Christ is qualified to be the all-time greatest Promise Keeper! You can trust what He says!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • September 19, 2015
    11:30 AM
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In February of one thousand nine hundred two. As Japanese forces tighten their grip on the Philippines. President Roosevelt ordered. Douglas MacArthur to relocate to Australia. So on them on the night of March twelfth. MacArthur and a small group of people including his wife. His son Arthur is there some of their family. Tendence as well as some of the leaders of the Philippines. And some of the military leaders. Travelled in for patrol torpedo boats to the southern island of Mindanao. And there they were met by B. seventeen bombers that flew them to Australia. It was a dark time for the Philippines and. They had to look up to MacArthur MacArthur had organized their forces trying to defend them against the. The Japanese invasion. In fact he was already recognized as a hero of sorts not a. Not a hero of sorts he was is recognised as a hero. The president. Recommended that he be given a medal of honor for the work that he had already done and. General George Marshall in fact wrote the text of the Medal of Honor and this is what the text. Said for conspicuous. Service or leadership in preparing the Philippine Islands to resist conquest. For gallantry and in trip pity above and beyond the call of duty and action against invading Japanese forces. And the heroic conduct of defensive and often Saval parade on the baton Peninsula. He mobilized trained and led an army which has received world acclaim for its gallant defense against a tremendous superiority of enemy forces and men and arms his utter disregard of personal danger. Under heavy fire an aerial bombardment. His call them Judge Mudd in each crisis. Inspired his troops. Galvanize the spirit of resistance of the Filipino people and confirm the face of American people in their armed forces and MacArthur became the first to receive a medal of honor. The first son to receive a medal of honor whose father had also received a medal of honor and. Douglas MacArthur was was looked up to by the American people in fact he was voted that same year as father of the year one thousand nine hundred two. This was the text that he stayed the statement that he gave after being voted father of the year he says by profession I am a soldier and take pride in that fact. But I am proud or infinitely prouder to be a father. A soldier destroys in order to build. But a father only builds and never destroys the one has the potentiality is of death. The other embodies creation and life. And while the hordes of death are mighty the battalions of life. Are my two years. Deal. It is my hope that my son. When I am gone. Well remember me. Not from battle. But in the home. Repeating with him. Our daily prayer. Our Father who art in heaven. It was in a train station in Australia that. Douglas MacArthur. First gave a speech in which he said these words. I came through. And I shall return. At this point the Philippines were completely occupied by the Japanese and the Japanese are the Philippine Filipino people were looking for hope they were looking for some future. What their future would hold. And when they heard that. MacArthur had uttered these words. I shall return. In fact he he I came through and I shall return in fact. This gave hope and inspired confidence that he indeed. Would return. You see MacArthur had such such respect. In the world not only in America but all from the Philippines. That when MacArthur said I will return I shall return to the Filipinos said he will return. We will have freedom once again. He will come back and and and. Give us our freedoms in fact the Filipino people today still respected McArthur probably more than than almost any other. Even Filipino hero. They love the ghost MacArthur when I used to travel a lot of the Philippines. I lived in Arkansas I grew up in Arkansas and all I needed to do to raise my stock with the Filipino audience was to remind them that I came from Arkansas. And so did Douglas MacArthur. Fact one time I was in my car there's boyhood home in Little Rock and. I met the the Korean ambassador to the United States. He and his entourage were were coming to tour MacArthur's home. Because later of course as students of American history will remember. World history I suppose. MacArthur. Gotten a little bit of a struggle over the defense of Korea and how we should handle the jet of the Chinese and. Truman actually removed. MacArthur from. From his position. And the result was that Truman suffered the lowest approval rating of any sitting president in in American history. MacArthur was so popular that they felt this was a political move. And not not an expedient one. MacArthur had kept his promise and if you go to the. The little village there on the. The late to the landing memorial park at the National Park in the Philippines and there you'll see these bronze statues of of MacArthur and his his fellow leaders. Waiting assured the battle was still going on and. He asked for a landing craft to bring him from the. The landing vehicle to the to the shore but they were so busy that they didn't have time to bring him so he said I'm going anyway and he waited he jumped into the water and he waded ashore along with his men and. When he got on the shore. He had this to say really quickly or go back to the last flight he said this is what he said he said. People of the Philippines. I have returned by the grace of the Almighty God our forces stand again on Philippine soil. Soil. Consecrated in the blood of our two peoples. We have come dedicated and committed to the task of destroying every vestige of enemy control over your daily lives. And every storing up on a foundation of indestructible strength. The liberties of your people. Can you see why people love MacArthur. It was not only an able general who had sacrificed much in the defense of his country back when he was called back to give his farewell speech in front of in front of Congress after he was after he was after his move from power. It had been the first time that is thirteen year old son had ever been to the United States. It had been some thirty seven years since he and his wife had stood on this continent. So busy Had he been in defending the interests of freedom in America around the world and so this was a man who had sacrificed much and when he made a promise he kept his promise. But today we're talking about a different. Promise Keeper. Today we're going to be talking about one who is the promise keeper of Promise Keepers in each human illustration of a Promise Keeper fall short. When we compare it to the. The promise keeper. That we find in Jesus. We're going to look at why. Just a minute let's put our heads we pray Father in heaven I just want to ask that you would help us today. You would help us to remember that while there are there are heroes of courage and and faith and and strengthen our past history. No matter what nation we come from. We have heroes that we can look to. There's a greater hero still a hero that surpasses all nationalities all cultures all politics. A hero that is truly the promise keeper. Today as we continue our study in the life and the meaning of Jesus. I pray that you would bless us with your Holy Spirit to teach us. And we think you in Jesus name. Are scripture today. Second Corinthians chapter one verse is twenty and twenty months twenty one thousand and twenty. Talk about how Jesus is a promise keeper and this is how some of the translations of verse twenty read. It says For no matter how many promises God has made. They are. Yes. In Christ. And so Struve him. The A Men is spoken by S. to the glory of God. That's the New International Version. The English Standard Version says for all the promises of God find their yes. In him. That is why it is through him that we enter our Amen to God for His glory. You see my friends God has promised to us. Many many promises. In fact we look in our Bibles we can find promises from Genesis to Revelation. Many of them. Many of them were spoken by the prophets God speaking to the prophets gave us a confidence gave us some promise. In what God would do in and with and through and for us. Many are spoken by G.'s themselves as he gave promises. Such as this and Matthew five and verse eight bless that are the pure in heart. For they shall see God. Your of your Father in heaven. Who sees in secret will reward you. Jesus said to the disciples and John eight thirty one thirty two. If you abide in my word you are truly my disciples and you will know the truth. And the truth will what set you free. Promises of Jesus. John Chapter ten versus nine and ten I am the door. If anyone enters by me he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life. And that they might have it. More abundantly That's a promise. A promise of Jesus. More abundant life. John Chapter fourteen twelve to fourteen. Verily Truly truly I say to you. Whoever believes in Me will also do the work that I do. And greater works than these will he do because I am going to the Father. What other you ask in My Name this I will do that the father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in my name. I will do it. You see Jesus gave promise after Precious promise to his people and what does it mean when it says. All the promises of God are yes. In Christ. What does that mean. What is Paul trying to say here in second trend in chapter one of the write this letter to the believers in Corinth. He's trying to tell them something what is it that he's trying to say. He's trying to say that Jesus is the promise keeper. Jesus is the one in whom promises are fulfilled. They are yes. And a men in cries I want to take just a few moments. Today To little bit of a a Bible study on this phrase in Christ. Sometimes it's referred to as an in Christ motif and there's various theological implications I guess you might say of this. I think you'll see where I have I understand it in just a moment as we look at what the Bible says. What does it mean to be in Christ. You see all the promises of God are yes. In Christ. And they are a man in Christ what is this talking about. Is this talking about all promises of Jesus all. Are going to be fulfilled for all people. Does it does that mean that everyone will receive all the problem is actually express into a wonderful but a still a very restrictive condition. As to who the promises are fulfilled. For. I want to look at this. And what the Bible says I want to just take a couple. Passages. Paul particularly is very clear in his use of this phrase in Christ or in him. And we notice a couple of things Romans Chapter six in verse twenty three says. For the wages of sin is what. Death. But the gift of God is eternal life and who do in Christ Jesus our Lord now in a just a proposition. But at the locus of purposes should write it shows us our our location and it says the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord so. Those who have life are in Christ Jesus those who have the gift of the turn to live a see if Paul makes it even more clear. There is there for now. No condemnation to those who are aware in Christ Jesus. Who do not walk according to the flesh but according to The Spirit So how does Paul define those who are in Christ. Well there's no condemnation right that means they've been forgiven for their sins. They walk not by flesh or not by. According to the flesh but according to The Spirit So these are not. It's not that Paul is saying everybody is in Christ he saying. There are some who have chosen Christ who who are in cries. This is a. This is a willful choice that we make to be in Christ let's talk about a little more let's see what else Paul says. Therefore I'm second this chapter five or seventeen if anyone is in Christ. He is a what new creation. All things of passed away behold. All things have become new we continue on there's other verses that we can see in Paul's writings. He says and visions chapter one. And verse three blessid be the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with every spiritual blessings in the heaven the places in Christ. You see when we are in Christ. We have the precious promises that are absolutely certain and sure. Now if we claim the promises without being in Christ. That's what we call presumption you understand a different faith and presumption. Faith takes God it is Word. Presumption says I'm a claim this promise even though. I don't comply with the conditions I'm not I'm not I'm not covered by this promise. You see is like Lou It's like when Satan tempting Jesus took him up into the high place of the temple and killed. Told him to throw himself down just jump off the temple and and. Because a promise is given in the Old Testament that is the you. That he will send his angels he'll give his angels charge over you to keep you and all your ways the that's a promise. Now is that promise talking about. About trying to intentionally hurt yourself. No it's not you see that would be presumption to claim that promise. When in fact is talking about something very different so. So God says look the Bible's telling us look blessed to be the God of father of a large Christ was blessed as with every spiritual blessing in having places in Christ if you want to know where all the blessings are they are aware in Christ if you want to know how all the promises are going to be fulfilled how they to be fulfilled in Christ they're all ye an Amen in Christ we continue on any Fijian and chapter two are his workmen ship. Created in Christ Jesus for good works. Which God has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them now most people are familiar with iffy gins two verses eight and nine writes For by grace are you saved through faith. Not of works right left anyone should boast but verse ten. Immediately following says we are is workmanship creating crisis for good works. Which God has prepared. That we should. Beforehand that we should walk and them. So this is how it works as I understand it. When we are born. We're in Dubai. We're born into the family of of humanity. We're born into the family with a fallen nature. Were born with a rebellious ancestor as our representative we call him the first Adam sometimes he's a one who decided I'd rather do it my way God said Don't eat of the fruit but I'm going to eat of it anyway he's the one who decided that Eve was more important to him than his relationship with God. See that's the family were born into but thankfully Jesus came and he as we've noticed last few weeks is a very embodiment of God He came to reveal God's character. He came as God. To die. Remember God characters a good as a character of unselfish love. The only way that God's character could be revealed by Jesus would be if Jesus was God It would not be a character of unselfish love for God to send his son who wasn't God. To go and die. It's only a rebel revelation of God character if God who is a king of kings and selves dies you understand the difference. And so. Jesus has come he is he has died. He's right. He's the again. We haven't really studied about that but he is the resurrection and the life. He's a first born of the dead. The only be gotten of the grave. He's the one who became the first fruits of all who will be raised again in the last days and and save for eternity. And so. Jesus becomes the. The one in whom. All of our hope of the promises to be fulfilled. Centers. It's all in Jesus because He is the one who has made it possible. He is the one who has healed has gone to the husband Lee places as our High Priest who stand in the right hand of the throne of God the New Testament teaches us. So that he sent. He can be our representatives our advocate. Before the very throne of the potentate of the universe. He is the one who is beseeching on our behalf. All of the all the good gifts that God can give. Us. Come to us through Jesus. He is the one who is the medium through which they flow. We are His we're workmanship. Created in Christ Jesus so when we choose. The service of Christ for this. In exchange for the service of Satan. When we say. Lord I don't want to live as a spiritual descendant of the first Adam who was rebellious and selfish and ate the fruit because he wanted it for himself. When we instead say. Lord I want to live as a descendant a spiritual descendant of the second Adam. The one who Lou lived and died in my place. When we are allowing him to recreate in a a new heart. If any man be in Christ he is a what new creature all things a pathway all things have become new. It's a Miracle of Divine Grace we call conversion or the new birth. And then when that happens. We now become a new creature in Christ Jesus. And that's where all the blessings are. That's where the promises are fulfilled. Oh friends God does wonderful things for those who don't follow Him Don't get me wrong. He's not out there just to say I'm going to curse you if you don't love me I'm a bless you follow me. Remember God has a character of unselfish love. So God wants to bless all of his children even the ones that are slapping him in the face. Even the ones that are keeping it at arm's distance. God is a God who wants to bless his children. But not all the promises of God. Are you a and a man and less. You're in Christ. Unless you're in and let's let's look at a few more verses that we can see this truth being taught. We look now at at a passage in in John Chapter fifteen Jesus himself teaching I am the vine. You are the branches he who abides where abides in me. And I and him bears much fruit for without me. You can do nothing. He goes on and flip in chapter three verse eight and nine yes. Yet indeed I count all things loss for the excellence the of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord. For whom I have suffered the loss of all things. And count them as rubbish. That I may gain Christ and be found where in him. Not having my own righteousness which is from the law. Obedience trying to just do it on my own by obedience. But that which is through faith in Christ. The righteousness which is from God by faith. Is it becoming clear to you. Who is in Christ. In a spiritual sense. It's those who have chosen to live for him. Those are the accepted his and his is justification and we no longer have condemnation. Those who are abiding in him. Because we've accepted Him as our Savior and we will stay in that abiding relationship with him. Colossians chapter two. Paul just expounded expelled and expands on this we could spend all morning just talking about this phrase in Christ. As you have therefore received Christ is Lord so walk in him. Rooted and built up in him in establishing the faith. As you have been taught abounding it with things giving beware lest anyone she threw through philosophy and empty deceit according to the duration of men according to the basic principles of the world and not according to Christ's for in him where in him in Christ. Well as all the fullness of the bought has Godhead bodily. And you are complete in him. But you like that for a so your complete in him. You want to be complete. There's something missing in our lives. When we're not in Christ. You are completed. Says in him. Who is ahead of all principality and power over to wonderful wonderful Savior we have so we notice here. That no matter how many promises God has made they are what their yes in Christ. And so through him. The Menace boken by us to the glory of God This morning I want us to just look very briefly about at why. Jesus is qualified to be the promise can take your Bibles with me let's just look at a few passages together. And we're going to we're going to see why Jesus is the promise keeper with START John Chapter fourteen and verses one through three now. I think this should be self-evident but sometimes I was still a fossil and the first reason that Jesus is a is the promise keeper is because he is the promise of maker. Now you can keep a promise you don't make right. So this should be just good be an intuitive but it's the fact that if he has was a making promises he couldn't be the promise keeper in fact he has made promises in the New Testament is full of promises of Jesus to us. We read here in John Chapter fourteen and verse one. Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God believe also in me. Listen we're living in troubling times are we not. Are we living a time when the world's hearts. Who I'm in charge are failing them for fear of the world. Even people in the world know that we're living in an unusual time averse history. We are nature itself is out of order. We don't have ideas of what's going on we can't predict the weather we. We have no idea what the next disaster will be. There's something going on in civilizations in nature and people's hearts and. Jesus says Don't let your heart be troubled. You believe in COD leave also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions. If they were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you. I will come again and receded in myself that where I am. There you may be also less and I'm thankful to Jesus a promise maker aren't you. I'm They will the Jesus gave his precious promises that is John fourteen versus one through three. Where we can say look I may be going through all kinds of difficulties here on this earth. I may be going through all kinds of trials. Socially economically. Physically my health there's all kinds of difficulties that we are going through because we live in a world that has fallen. But we also live in a world with a promise maker. We live in a world where there is someone who says I am able to save you from the. World of sin and suffering and to take you to where I am. Because they're my friends with Jesus. There's no sin and suffering. For all of eternity. There won't be sin and suffering Oh I'm thankful for Jesus as the promise. Maker. But there's another promise that I'm thankful for. I'm thankful that Jesus is not only the promise maker. He never changes Hebrews Chapter thirteen in verse a look with me there. He was Chapter thirteen verse eight we're not going to spend a long time now. We just want to see what God's word says God's word is powerful Amen. My word is just human words they fall flat on the earth and they can't accomplish anything when God speaks. It has creative power. So we want to see what God says. And we want to we want to read His Word together here this morning he was Chapter thirteen and verse eight. And this is talking about our very subject. Today Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. You see my friends there are people that make promises and. They probably really mean what they're saying when the make the promises the problem is that we as human beings are sometimes that goal. The problem is that I as a human being I'm sometimes fickle. And I could really mean what I'm going to say but sometimes I I don't. Later on maybe I regret what I said. You understand what I'm saying. There's one thing you can be absolutely confident of and it's why Jesus is qualified to be the promised deeper. You can be absolutely assured of one thing. Jesus never changes his mind. Where he has promised to bless you he will bless you. You can count on it yesterday you can count on today. You can count on tomorrow. And no matter how much time passes no out. No matter how long we live here on this earth. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. And so he is uniquely qualified to be the Promise Keeper number one because he makes promises. Precious promises. Number two because he's never changes his mind. He's the same yesterday today and were number three. Why is Jesus. Uniquely qualified to be the promise keeper. And that's found and flip the INS chapter for him and verse nineteen Libyans. Chapter four and verse nineteen. And this is a. This is a precious promise for us as we think of the think of Jesus as the promise keeper. Libyans for verse nine hundred says this. But my God are some translations they and my God shall supply. How much of your needs. All your need according to His riches in glory. By Christ Jesus. Now here it starts off talking about God I think it's very clear. We've studied this in the past. We believe that Jesus Christ is indeed. God he's the creator god he's a part of the Godhead. Now here we find very interesting that as my God calls as my God will supply all of your need now. We could spend a whole a whole month probably just on this one passage because the story is that the Philip eons. The flip eons were so concerned about supporting Paul. That even when he was no longer in Philip I working as their. Mentor and pastor and teacher and and disciple ing them in their following of Jesus. When Paul left the flippy and said we're still we still want to support your ministry so you can bless other people. And they would send their gifts. Their ties and their offerings. Wherever Paul was the Philip eyes in Macedonia this is among the group from the Macedonians who are supporting Philip I'd found elsewhere in Paul's writings. And you notice if you skip back a few verses that he. They said they. Verse ten it says by rejoice in the Lord greatly that now at last your care for me has flourished again. Though you surely did care. But you lack top or opportunity the reality was. These people were giving more than they could even afford to give. Because they love Paul and they loved the ministry that he had had in their lives. And they were giving. And they were giving and they were giving and. And Paul says listen. You've given more than you're even able to give but I know one thing. When you give to God You're not going to suffer like David of old said. I've been young and I've been old but I've not seen the right is lacking or his seed begging bread. GODS OF MY God will supply. All your needs. According to His riches in glory. By Christ Jesus Jesus is a promise keeper because of this friends. As in his position at the right hand of the throne of God. He has access he has the ability to just confer with his father and say you know Chester need this the smarting. Should we give it to him. The question is not Do we have it to give to him. Because they have everything. According to his riches what that how do you measure the riches of eternity. How do you measure the riches of the God who I mean we tried it was traded. Jesus owns of the cattle on a Thousand Hills. The saying goes the Scripture says cattle on a Thousand Hills. That's it that's weak. Jesus owns the hills themselves. Jesus owns everything. There is nothing that God does not have access to the resources of Heaven of omnipotence. You see God has infinite resources. And as we see these infinite resources we recognize that there's nothing that we can need that God cannot provide Amen. There's nothing that we can ever come again. That God is not already have an answer to he see God is never caught by surprise. He knows the end from the beginning. He knows the future read about it. Isaiah tells us there's there's no the god like me. I can tell the in before the before it happens I can write history books before it occurs. And so if he had know the end from the beginning. He cannot be surprised by the things that we need. The already knows. He's already had a way. Provided for us. Oh the Father and Jesus. Have a thousand ways to provide for our knees that we haven't even thought of yet. There's no resource that he cannot. He cannot. He cannot compel to be used in our benefit. You see Jesus is the promise keeper because he's a promise maker. He's a promise keeper because he never changes the same yesterday today and forever. He's a promise. He can do. He has the research to accomplish. But next. He has the promised. Keeper. Because he's already invested in us. And I want to just think about that maybe this is a few Manilla stray ssion of why he's a Promise Keeper but we're humans so it doesn't hurt to have a human illustration. You and I when we were it when we invest in something. We recognize. Afterwards that we already have a commitment to it does that make sense. So when you go to buy a house. They don't say OK do you like the House they say OK. Put some money down right. You need put some money in escrow so we know that you really are interested in the house your R.D. invested in the house it's not just words. It's actual action is actual money is actually something from your pocket to our pocket and this is. This is an escrow this is a. And the bank even wants you to make a downpayment right. And then they know you're really committed that house because you've got all that money that you might lose and so you make a down payment. Well. Humanly speaking. We would believe someone keeps the promises. Their promises. If they are invested in what they promised that makes sense. And Jesus my friend is fully invested in us just look at this Romans chapter eight. And we're going to read versus thirty one and thirty two. Romans chapter eight thirty one and thirty two notice what it says here. What do then shall we say to these things. If God is for us who can be against us right if God is force. Who can be against is now how do you know if God for us. Well this is how you know verse thirty two. For he's Who. Did not spare his own son. But delivered him up for us all how shall he not with them also freely give us how many things. All things this is what Paul saying. Paul says look if you want to know that God is for you you only have to look to Calvary. Because God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. And with that is phrased in the in the terminology of God the Father God God the got the father but I want you to recognize that Jesus came willingly. Because Jesus love this world to God is One and his characters one there. They are greedy on what they what they do and so if God so loved the world that he gave let's also remember that Jesus so loved the world that he willingly came. That he laid down His life for us. And this is a point that Paul's trying to make. Look if God has invested already this much and you won't he give you anything else you need. You see there's a there. There's nothing more valuable. We talk about all of the riches in glory by Christ Jesus. We talk about all of the resources of omnipotence. All of the riches of heaven. God having everything at his disposal to get us to supply our needs. But there's one thing that's the most valuable thing in heaven. And that got him self. How can anything be more valuable than the life of Jesus God's Son. How can anything be more valuable than that God the Creator Himself coming down and saying I'm going to be willing to give my life in place of your life. And if God was willing. Empty all of the riches of heaven and give it to his and one gift in Jesus Christ. Do you think he's going to be willing to give us anything else we need be like someone saying you know I really like that. I'm going to buy this Bentley. You know. I'm a put down the what five hundred thousand or whatever this is this Bentley or Roy's white Royce or whatever it is. And then. And the shop saying yeah you know we should probably. It probably needs a new tire. No proof. Hundred going to put one hundred dollars in a tire with that makes sense. It just mean it would be nonsense right. It to buy a car but not. Not replace a missing spark plug or something you know. It would just be nonsense. And Paul's arguing on these lines saying look. God has already given the most valuable gift he could. Of or day. He's already invested in this. Jesus laid down his life. If he was willing to do that. Don't you think he's willing to answer our prayers for what we need today. Lord. I need I need you to work in my life. You think he's interested in that. Of course he is he's invested in you. We couldn't put a dollar price tag on it. Millions are trillions. Bazillions it would be too small for the value Jesus has placed on your life and mine and so when we and we we pray to him. It's not something that doesn't interest him. It's something he's very highly invested in you and me. So he says I'll give you what a very unique. But I need you to be me. In me you're standing right there next to the throne already in me. You already have it. Your disposal. All the riches of eternity. All the promises of God are yes. And a man in Christ. The last reason why I'll share this morning that. I believe Jesus is the promise keeper. Number one because he is the promise maker. Number two because he never changes number three because the As and minute resources that his disposal. Number for because he's already so incredibly invested. Number five. Because he's highly motivated when we go to court of law to try to prove someone guilty or innocent. One of the thing that. One of the things that the lawyers try to do is they try to establish motive right. There's no reason for them to of competence crime. There's no reason for him to have stolen that five dollar candy out of the supermarket. Because his bank account is you know whatever. And when you stab us motive whatever that one way or the other. It is helpful Well one of the reasons I think that we can trust Jesus a Promise Keeper is because his motives are very clearly outlined notices me. And Romans chapter eight and verse thirty five. I'm sorry verse thirty eight. Romans chapter eight in verse thirty eight For I am persuaded that neither death nor life. Nor angels are principalities. Nor powers nor things present or things to come nor height nor depth. Nor any other created thing. Shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Now this is a point that I want to make to you. The reason that we can trust. This reason that we can trust the Jesus a Promise Keeper is because he loves us. He wants to be the promise keeper. He's motivated to be the promise keeper. Because And Paul just you can just sort of see Paul writing this. Can you know in those days they had to use like a little quill or some sort of a feather I don't know how they use of that a dip it into the Ain't you know. And I can just imagine Paul writing this. Can you can you see him watching eloquent existing more and more excited. And he's trying to find words to describe the end Carette a bowl. Love of God that nobody can separate us from and. And he. I can just imagine him. Writing any can't write fast enough with those that look. He's dipping and writing it. And he just he's just trying trying to get across to us. The fact that God's love is so great and so surpassing. I am persuade neither death nor life. Angels principalities powers things present things to come. Highs or depth or any other created thing. Shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord all the reason the Jesus The Promise Keeper is because Jesus loves you and he loves me. He's a promise maker. He has the character that never changes. He has infinite resources. He's already invested. But maybe best of all. He loves you. It's not something that he did. Philosophically theologically two thousand years ago and across. Jesus loves you in two thousand and fifteen September nineteenth two thousand and fifteen. To me. You might say. Yes you. Doesn't matter if you're a little child or in grade school a middle school high school. Doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. Doesn't matter if you're. What what you look like the color of your skin doesn't matter what background you have it doesn't matter if you've been good or bad. Jesus the Promise Keepers because he loves you and he loves you with the love that nobody can of or separate you from. I want you to know that that love is a love that has a commitment of freedom right so you could separate yourself from. At least your awareness of that love. But. But even if in some unfortunate reason your own choice. You are not saved and God's eternal Kingdom. I want you to know that his OF are lasting love will still have an ache and is hard for you. You don't have to be an important person. Jesus made you the way you are. And you have all the special place in his heart. He loves you he cares about you. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to experience his promises. All of them. He wants that joy to be full that lives to be more abundant. And all of that can be accomplished through him. And in him. All of the promises of God are you see. And a minute tryst. I think back to those words of Douglas MacArthur speech. I think of his statement when he said I came through. And I shall return and I can't help us think that those words are even more fitly spoken by someone who loves you. It wasn't a politician it wasn't as a broker of power here on this earth it wasn't someone that used force isn't. And might an arms and death and destruction it was someone who suffered. So that he could have that right to say. I came through. I came through the cross. I came through the grave. I came through. And I will return. Smarting a thankful for that promise keeper. Thankful that Jesus is coming again. No matter what we're going through he says I came through. And I can I will come again. I will make everything right. You'll be with me where I am. Father in heaven. Tonight today we just thank you that we serve a God who is a promise keeper. Today we thank you for Jesus who is not. Not like an ordinary Promise Keeper is the product called Promise Keeper. Because he's a promise maker. Because he never changes. Because the infinite resource. Lord because he's already invested. Because he loves us. Oh Lord help us to respond to that love. Help us to choose to be in Christ. To abide in Him to walk in him to live in him to be that new creature that only you can make us by a miracle of your grace. Nothing that we do. Can ever change of heart. Oh lord and if we're in Christ help us to just have absolute utter unshakable confidence at all the our Yes in a minute we think this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave a visit W.W.W. audio verse. Dot org.


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