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Jesus: Wonderful, Counselor

Chester Clark III


In our fallen world are many broken people – broken in mind, body, and spirit. Though not all mental illness is the direct result of sin, or to be cured by the gospel, it is however true that apart from Christ we can never have the fullness of mental healing and strength He desires for us. It is God’s will for us to be of a sound mind! In this message Pastor Clark explores the characteristic of Jesus, who is described as the “Counselor” in Isaiah 9:6.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • October 17, 2015
    11:30 AM
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As you know don't know in the Bible a name is representative of character. And here when the bible prophecy predicts the advent of the Messiah. And it gives names by woods on the side is to be known. These names are not the names necessarily which Jesus would be called but the character which he would have. And it begins here with saying he should his name shall be called wonderful and counselor now wonderful is a very broad title right a very broad characteristic but I think it's safe to say that wonderful is sort of like the word awesome. In fact it's very similar to the word awful Now you may stop with me there just a moment. Today when we think of the word awful we think of something terrible Don't wait. But in the original English or of older English when they said. Awful meant full of ought. The same way we today use the word awesome they would use the word awful. And wonderful means full of wonder. It means. Similar to being full of all it means to be amazed if you ever seen something that just sort of took your breath away maybe a sunset maybe something very beautiful. Maybe you heard something said in such a cogent and concise way that it was just like wow. Jesus. When we look at Jesus. We are filled with wonder. We are a maze were filled with wonder. Were were just blown away by the one who was a courageous are becoming flesh and dwelling among. Wonderful. Counselor we're going to spend time on the counselor part today. We've been looking at Jesus the last several times together we've been talking about Jesus as our. Prince of Peace right from this verse we've been talking about him as being our older brother last week. We looked at a number of characteristics of Jesus but today we're going to be looking at Jesus. As our counselor. Our wonderful counselor. You know. When I was a kid we used to. We used to. We used to prank our friends you know these little silly things we do with say's things like you know. The statistically. One out of three people have mental health problems. Now think of your to close his friends are they normal. Now you understand how that was just sort of a joke but it's not really a joke is today we're living in a world where there's a lot of broken people. We're living in a world where there's a lot of hurting people. A lot of people who are indeed struggling with with their with their with their hearts and their mines and. Today we're living in a world where in the United States alone we spend one hundred thirteen billion dollars annually on mental health issues. We we not only have that money but approximately one out of five adults experience mental health issues every year one out of five. Now that every year in a over a lifetime it is closer to the one out of three or something like that that our child is jokes might have been referencing it in fact when we called survey call it students approximately one out of three college students report feeling depressed. Depression is an epidemic in America today in America where we have more than any generation has ever had in America where we're more connected. Theoretically to friends and family. Virtually as well as really that the depression is indeed an epidemic when you combine the help care costs and the loss of proto to productivity from just depression. The annual cost of depression is estimated to be about eighty billion dollars That's a lot of money. A lot of money a lot of time a lot of hurting people. And I want to be very clear with you here today. I'm not here to suggest that all mental health problems are directly or only spiritual problems are we clear on that. I'm not I'm a pastor I'm a preacher OK and I believe in the Word of God the power of the Word of God to change lives and change hearts. But I'm not going to suggest today that all depression is because people don't have a walk with God or or mental health issues because they don't have faith. Listen. If you believe that you've never been depressed. That's all I have to say. I remember when I was in seminary and there was a. There was a lecture given one time about mental health and about depression and in fact. You pastor suffer a lot from mental health problems and even depression. And so this was given to the seminary students and. And afterwards one young I'm sure well meaning and. And well intentioned young the seminary students did up and said Why are we talking about mental health. We're pastors. We should be able to pray in sin is the problem. Now I realize that there's a definite relationship between spiritualist spirituality and mental health but it's night. Eve of us to think that all mental health problems or depression can be solved by simply praying and having more faith in fact that makes someone more depressed. If you tell them that. I know I'm not only counsel a lot of people. I myself have experienced depression. And there are reasons people are depressed besides spiritual reasons. There physiological reasons dietary reasons lifestyle reasons. Hereditary reasons. All kinds of reasons. So let's not be. I want to say that the very beginning OK I'm not trying to say here that if. If you're struggling with your mental health that it's always a spiritual problem but. But I do believe that God wants us to be healthy. Spiritually physically and mentally. Socially emotionally and every other way. And I do believe that we are a complete being. You cannot treat just one part of our being with old Timothy success. In fact God made us the way he made as he made as physically and and spiritually and social and emotionally and mentally all he made us this way. And he expects. He wants us to be healthy in every way. And I have the flaws of a you probably remember my very first know my second series and I preach in this church a number of years ago. Was on emotional health I believe that you can only grow so far in any one area of your life. If you are not growing in all the areas of your life. So you can only grow so far spiritually if you're not also growing emotionally. In your relationships in the way you think in the way you deal with people. So I believe were created in a a holistic manner were healed in a holistic manner. And I believe that God wants us to experience fullness and wellness. As his people. In fact the Bible continues it says and third John and. There's only one chapter so it's verse two it says. Beloved I pray that you may prosper and how many things. In all things and be in health. Just as your soul prospers Paul says it's M.S.E. in second time of the Chapter one Verse seven for God has not given us a spirit of fear. But of power and of love and of a what does it say. Of a sound mind you I believe we can say with confidence that God wants to heal our minds. As well as our bodies and souls can you say men. I believe that God wants us to have healthy minds mines that are of that are clear mind that are bagel to be in communion with him. Mind that are prepared by his spirit. To be a blessing to other people a channel through which shows is Spirit can work. I believe that in the Bible Jesus is called the counselor. Because in fact he can help us with our needs. He can help us with their needs. Not that doesn't mean that he doesn't use people not that doesn't mean we don't sometimes need to seek help. But I believe that God is a God who is interested in everything that concerns us and everything that troubles us. And there are principles of God's word that would help us in our quest. To be whole mentally physically and spiritually. You see God has not given us the spirit of fear. But of power and of love and of a solemn mind. Now the Bible hearing first of Jesus and Isaiah Chapter nine of her six when he says unto us a child is born unto us a son is given the governor when government will be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called Wonderful. Counselor. Mighty God Everlasting Father. Prince of Peace Now we're going have a little Bible study here so I hope you have your Bibles or your your your smart devices whatever they are. I will trust that as you have them out that you're looking at the text and not texting there's a difference right. And so we're going to be we're going to be looking at them Bible verses here together we're going to be studying. Why is Jesus. Uniquely qualified to be our counselor now where there's one that we have or are we don't have on the list here but we we want to keep in mind as it was our whole method last week. Jesus became flesh. Jesus became one of us experience what we experience in the Bible says he's there were qualified to be our High Priest right. He understands what we're going through. To keep that in mind as we look at this short Bible study on why Jesus is called Wonderful. Counselor. Let's start with the first reason. The first reason that Jesus is uniquely qualified to be our counselor to help us with our emotional and mental health problems. Is that he is always there can you say that about any other counselor. Can you always have access on any. And at a given. Minute to anyone who is helping you with your struggles with your difficulties with your issues you can't. Jesus is always there when you turned me in your Bibles and Hebrews Chapter thirteen and verse five. Hebrews Chapter thirteen and verse five Now we remember that Jesus said one of his last statements to his disciples as he was being translated caught up in the clouds. Jesus said I will. I will I am with you always even until the end of the age or the end of the world right remember that here Paul is quoting. Not just Jesus who no doubt said this same thing in person he's quoting what is said in the Old Testament will look there is a minute. Hebrews Chapter thirteen and verse five. Says. Let's see let's see if a verse five let your conduct be without covetousness four Be content with what such things as you have the last part of the verse is what we're focusing on for he himself who's that himself. That's Jesus he himself has said. I will never leave you. Nor forsake you. I love that. And we're going to look back and Deuteronomy just a minute before we go that lets there let's look at the next verse of or verse six so we may bully say. How can we say it. We may boldly say. The Lord is my helper. I will not fear. What can man do to me that good news. Why because Jesus said I will never leave you nor for sake you notice with me the. The Old Testament passages of Paul's quoting here. And that Jesus no doubt. Was fulfilling when he made this statement Deuteronomy Chapter thirty one. Deuteronomy Chapter thirty one this is the promises given to Joshua. Who is given the responsibility of leading the children of Israel. An awesome responsibility and privilege and Jeremiah. I mean to do drama chapter thirty one. Beginning in verse six. This is what it says Be strong and of what is a good courage do not fear nor be afraid of them. For the Lord your God He is the one who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. Now there's. There are few things that can help our mindset. More than knowing that God is with us. He says Be strong and of a good courage that's called a good mental outlook right. When you have good courage doesn't mean everything's going well in your life no not at all. It doesn't mean in fact. I don't think that it's possible to be of good courage when everything's just going well. Right. I mean if everything just smooth sailing you don't need courage. Implicit in this text is assumption that there are going to be challenges. But be of good courage. Your mental outlook is solidified. Because you know that God is with you he said. Be a good courage Don't be afraid. By the way fear another great nemesis. To mental health. Be a good courage. Don't be afraid. For the Lord is with you. I will never leave you nor for sake you. Now. Pay attention when God repeats himself. It usually means. It's important right. When he says it. Again. It means. If you didn't get a for the first time out to make sure you get it the second time right. And so we continue on the passage here in Deuteronomy thirty one verse seven. Then Moses called Joshua when said to him in the side of all Israel. Be strong and of a good courage for you must go with this people to the land was Laura sworn to your their fathers to give them. And you shall cause them to inherit it and the Lord. He is the one who goes before you. He will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you do not fear nor be dismayed. First reason. I would I would present to you today. For why Jesus is qualified to be our counselor. Is that we can go to him. At any time and know that he always with you always hear there something burden your heart. You can go to him. Are you happy about something you can go to. He's the god who is the same yesterday today and forever. He is the one who who who is he promises I will not leave you alone. I am here with you. I will go with you be strong be able to courage. Do not be afraid. Because I'm with you. So any time day or night. Whether we are sleeping or are waking whether we're whether we're driving whether we're walking whether we feel overwhelmed or we feel confident we can always talk to Geez you can always talk to God. He is there. The second reason I wonder proposed to use today. That Jesus is uniquely qualified to be our counselor is because he God is bigger than all of our problems I want you to turn your Bibles to second Corinthians now. Second Corinthians Chapter nine. Second Printing chapter nine and we're going to look there at this amazing promise from God's word. Second grandees Chapter nine. It's amazing passage here where Paul as. Paul is a sort of tripping over themselves to try to use enough enough the strong language and supportive. In order to express what he knows is true about God second grade these Chapter nine. And verse eight. Paul says this. And God is able to make all grace abound toward you that you always having. Also efficiency in all things may have an abundance for every good work. You see all those alls. Paul is. Paul is trying to cover all the bases right. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter now I want you to know that it's not because it's not because those believers in Corinth didn't have problems. In fact the church. The letter to the Corinthians this is second trends in our Bibles is actually third Corinthians for THINK you. You might remember that. Paul in his first letter what we call First Corinthians. He refers to a letter that he already wrote. So we don't have that in our Bibles for whatever reasons lords all we didn't need that but this is the at least the third letter that Paul has written to the current in than the reason that he is writing them is not because everything is necessarily going smoothly in court there's actually problems. There was strict discipline issues they needed to write them about there was there was any Mathias sort of competition between them and there was there was there was sort of celebrity worship you know Paul and a Paulo's and. And Peter and who are you following well I am on this side I'm in this camp and. And Paul was trying to deal with all of these types of problems as he writes of the Corinthian so. One thing we know for sure. It's not the Corinthian believers new converts many of them out of paganism is not what they were perfect. That's not why pirate Paul wrote them. They had problems just like you and I have problems today. We had they had needs that spiritual struggles. But Paul says to them. I I'm going to sure you God is able to make all grace abound toward you that you. Corinthian believers. Always having also efficiency in all things may have a bundle. For every good work like the way the Amplified Bible treats this passage. It says And God is able to make all grace and you see there the apple of occasion. Every favor an earthly blessing come an abundance to you so that you may always occur and there's a prince these under all circumstances regardless of the need. Have complete sufficiency in everything being completely self-sufficient in him and have an abundance. For every good work an active charity. In that amazing promise. All. All including this coming week. God's grace is sion. I remember one time. Many times actually has probably happened I remember one particular instance. When I was discouraged and. You know. This was quite a few years ago and I was. I was probably in my early twenties the instant that it just takes in my mind. One night I was discouraged and I went out I lived in Arkansas. One thing about Arkansas. It's a little drier than it is here is not as humid western Arkansas where I grew up. And at night. Much of the time. The stars when you go outside it's like milk. You know you've seen sky like that govern the desert. It's even more so more consistently so there's this this is where I grew up it was. You don't see it as much here on of just because the town I'm living in or. Because it's more humid or what but I remember I was just I was discouraged I went out I was just praying and I went out for a walk and I went out to back pasture and and. As I as I crested a hill there. In the pasture where I had about a three hundred sixty degree view of that nice guy. I remember looking up. And all of a sudden the. The magnitude of the universe. Struck me. You could see the Milky Way like a river across this guy in this the. The billions of stars and knowing they're a light years away and most of them were much larger than our sun And they probably have planets around them and. And this is this is what this is only one of billions of galaxies this milky way that we're in and the universe that I'm a part of is so incredibly broaden and expanse so incredibly breathtaking. And I thought I thought you know God God hung those stars in space by the word of the Lord where the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. And as I thought of there as I looked into the heavens I realized my problems are really small compared to God's power. Sometimes we just become so narcissistic we become egocentric we think the that our problems are the problems the whole world is revolving around and. And we think that they're so big because they're so big to us and we totally forget that in fact. In fact our problems are not big at all in God's scale and God's economy. Our problems are not so. Consequential and so intimidating to him. I mean he is able to do a. Every favor to make all grace so that under all circumstances regardless of our need that we can add complete sufficiency in him. I love the way it says it in. If he's in chapter three and verse twenty. Another promise that blows my mind what I think of what God's word says is now to him. Who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all though we ask or think. According to the power. The works in us to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus and all generations for ever and ever amen. You see my friends. Jesus is uniquely qualified to be our counselor. Because he is bigger than all of our problem. Now humans have their own problems. We turn to them and they can sometimes help us. We sometimes need human counsellors. I have a firm belief in the value of Christian counseling. But I want you to know that Jesus is the one who trends in this. All human need. He is bigger than the problems that we face. Jesus is bigger than all of our problems. You know. The third reason that I think it's. Jesus is uniquely qualified to be our counselor may seem self-evident. But I think it's pretty poing that to think about Jesus already knows. Now. When you go and see a counselor. You sometimes are a little inhibited. If you're like me at least to tell them. I mean I'm a private person. So talking to them about the real things that are going on in my mind. Might be a challenge it might be intimidating. When we talk to other people and we try to seek advice from others and sometimes we we have. We have a difficulty in really opening our hearts and becoming honest and and just. Frank and forthright and forthcoming. But the amazing thing about it Jesus as our counselor. Is that you're never going to tell him anything that he doesn't already know that you're never going to surprise them he's never going to be shocked or offended. He's never going to say I hope you think that way you feel that way. He already knows. You see when you tell God exactly how you think it exactly how you feel. It's not so much that he is learning something new that's not why we tell God easy. God doesn't. When we pray. It's not so much that we bring God down to us is that we are lifted up to him. It's not so much that when he has to know what we are thinking as much as that we have to know that he is able and he is capable and he cares. And so God when we when we tell him everything. We are not surprising him at all. He already knows. He already understands. He understands the deep things of our heart Psalm one hundred forty seven. I want you to turn with me there in your Bible Psalm one hundred forty seven. Versus four and five. Psalm one hundred forty seven. Versus four and five talking about the power of God to be to be able to help us. And by the way I want to start here in verse three because it's relevant to our topic today this is what it says he heals the broken hearted and bind up their wounds does that sound like help for our mental health. Does it. Yes He heals the broken hearted and bind up their wounds verse forty counts the number of the stars. He calls them all by name. Great is our Lord and mighty and power. His understanding is infinite. He truly knows all things that we call omniscient God knows there's only one person one being I should say is that as a some damage Christian I believe there. There are three members of the Godhead but that's a subject for a different day. But God alone knows the hearts and the thoughts of men and fact one of the one of the evidence is that we have Jesus gave. When he was here on earth that he was the Messiah was when he read the mind. You remember the story of the pieces Simon sounds. Jesus said to Simon Jesus answered him. And else. Simon was thinking. Was saying these things within himself he was thinking these thoughts. And Jesus answered his thoughts. And Jesus therefore gave Simon reason to believe that he wasn't the property wasn't just a healer. He was the Messiah. He was gone. So the Bible says that God knows. Our hearts. He knows our thoughts. When we invite. As in David's prayer you know search me oh god no my heart. Try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in the in lead me in the way Everest everlasting. When we prayed that prayer of them to taste and it's really not so that God can all of a sudden know what we're thinking and how we're feeling. It's really just so that we are giving him permission to be active in our hearts and our thoughts will come back to our thoughts. A little later so Jesus is uniquely qualified to be our counsel to help us with our problems because he's always there he's bigger than all of our problems and. Praise God He already knows now there's some times when we are afraid of being our true self or revealing our true thoughts are real struggles because we're afraid that if somebody new as for how we really are they may not still love us. Right. But I put this in this order because I believe it's very important to realize that even though Jesus already knows. Our thoughts. He's still loves us just the way we are there is nothing that we can do that will separate us from the love of God. And you know. I realize that. I do believe that we there are things that we can do that can separate us from his present since uprights us from his presence. There's things that will. We can do. That will prevent us from being renewed into his personal presence throughout all of eternity. But when the Bible says and Romans Chapter eight The Neither hide no depth or any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. I really believe it means just what it says. I really believe that even if by my own obstinate will. I choose to be lost and said to be saved. God heart will still possess. Love for me throughout all the seasons ages of eternity. I believe that there's nothing you can do. That will make God not love you or you can cause pain and suffering to his heart. Being lost as you know example. One. But he'll love you still know there's sometimes we. We'd sort of teach our children by example or at least by inference that. We love them when they are good. And we remember that children learn about God through their parents right. It's very important as we discipline children to let them know that. We love them even bad even though it makes. That's very sad as the song. That's right. Jesus loves us. Even when we are wandering willfully away from him. He does this he wants he wants us closer to him but he loves us still. So the fact that Jesus knows us. And he still loves us. Means that we can trust. Yeah. First Peter chapter five. And verse seven. First Peter chapter five. And verse seven. You see if there is nothing I can do to change the heart of God towards me. Then one thing I can be assured of that I can trust him. With my whole life. I can trust him with being on a stew him first Peter chapter five. And verse seven. Peter tells us what the logical. The logical response is when we know that he already knows us and that he still loves us. Says casting. All your care. Upon Him for He cares for you. Are you burdened stressed. Maybe it's financial woes maybe it's family problems. Maybe there's a history in your life that keeps coming up and nagging. Jesus is able to help us with all of the casting all your character on him for he cares for you. So Jesus is uniquely qualified to be our counsel because he's always there. Anytime we can turn to me is bigger than all of our problems he transcends our little meeting. Me's measly reality. He already knows our struggles in our problems that are sins that are mistakes. And yet he loves us still. But not only that Jesus is qualified because he is able he alone is able to give us power now a human counselor can give us good ideas. But only one can change our hearts. And that's God. God is promises in his word to take the stony heart out and give us a heart of flesh these equal thirty six in verse twenty six. He promises that if we will give ourselves to him. He will give us power to live different lives. You've heard me say before I'm going to say it again. If your religion is worth no more then self-help. If it's worth no more than human counsellors it's a religion this not worth having our God is a God of miracles our God is a God of creation and recreate shouldn. Our God is a God who says. I will make you a new creature old things will pass away all things will become new when I perform a miracle of New Birth in your life. You can have the pass me the past. And the very same power of the very same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Will raise you to walk in newness of life. That's a miracle. I needed that miracle. I needed that miracle. I need a religion. That is more than just a counseling more than just self-help more than just a just extra No conformity. I need a religion that changes me from the inside out and only God can give that power. John chapter one verse twelve is the text I'm going to use for that today. John chapter one. And verse twelve one of my favorite passages we referred to it last week as well. When we're talking about living by the Spirit. Instead of by the flesh you remember that Romans chapter eight tells us that they that are led by the Spirit are the sons of God right. Led by the Spirit. Walking in newness of life. Not following the things of the flesh but after the Spirit. John chapter one of verse twelve tells us how we have how we become the sons of God led by the Spirit of God. And it says. But as many as one of the say as many as received Him to the talking about as many as received Jesus. To then he gave the right to the King James has the power to become the children of God to those who believe in his name you see God It empowers. And in fills infuses. The Believer with a power that human counseling can never give a listen. I need that changed heart. And he that change lives and. Only he can give that experience this and there's more to this we could talk a lot about it. There's more to this. When we receive him. We receive him not only is are power giver but we receive Him as our Savior from Sent right. His blood covers my sin. If you're struggling with the past and by the way many people who are struggle with the pressure at least could be helped by having peace and their heart. Their sins are forgiven. Again I'm not trying to say you're all depression is is is a spiritual matter I'm not saying that at all I'm saying that sin. Causes mental problems. And if there's unresolved sin issues in your life. You cannot be healthy as God would have you the healthy. You can't. And when Jesus says Jesus says I will accept you as my child already love you already know I don't know all your sins R.T.L. know all your weaknesses are to know your pride yourself sufficiently already know your less than your your tongue and you already know your your materialism and whatever the sin that you might be struggling with is. I already know it. And I love you still and all not only help you with that I'll forgive you. It's past I know the things you've done the past I know the things that you're not proud of the hang over your head like a cloud. I will have those put into the bottom of the sea. I will watch them away. And you'll be why. As you know you can stand before God today just as if you had never sinned. And you can have the peace that passes all understanding to keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. You can be justified by faith and have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. The. When we receive Jesus Christ friends. It's powerful. There is no more single thing. There's nothing. No single thing that we can do that will give us more of a blessing to the healing of our hearts and our mind than that of accepting Jesus. As our personal Savior from said to many as received Him to them gave he power to become the sons of God. Oh what I'm hazing amazing God we serve. He wants to give us this experience he wants to give us this power. Jeremiah Chapter thirty two and verse seven. Jeremiah Chapter thirty two and verse seven. I'm sorry that's the wrong WRONG passage I have here I'm not sure how that got in my notes Jeremiah. Probably another passage I was reading and I wrote it down wrong. At any rate. We have power to receive to change our lives remember flippy in chapter four verse thirteen. What does it say I can do how many things. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Oh my friends Jesus wants to give us. Power to leave the things of the past and to live. The new life in right just in this with him. He alone can give us power. So Jesus is our counselor because he's always there is bigger than our problems he already knows our car. Hearts. He loves us still he didn't give us power to be different people. Only he can give us power to be different people. And he can cheat and change our thoughts no I want to be very clear. I'm not a subscriber and just the typical ordinary psychological world of behavior modification therapy. I'm not a subscriber the this feels like we can make it to the idea that we can pull ourselves up to heaven by our own bootstraps by choosing to a den of five thoughts and think differently. But I will tell you one thing. I think that Jesus wants us once we have accepted Him as our Savior from. Then I think that he would want us to understand the power of our thought. And I want to share with you some verses. Because I believe only he can really give us. True behavior modification therapy. Second Corinthians Chapter ten and verse five is our verse for this second Corinthians Chapter five ten and verse five. Such interesting chapter ten and verse five. And this is the. This is the context. It says in verse three for the we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. Casting down notices says verse five. Casting down arguments. And every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Bringing. What does it say there was next to words bringing. Again different translations is different but bring into captivity what. Every thought to the obedience. Of cries. Bringing into captivity every thought to the Abri obedience of Christ. Is it possible that God could help us with behavior modification therapy so that. Actually we would start thinking about the things that he wants us to think about that. Evidently what God's ideal is war. You know sometimes were depressed and I'm going to realize there's many reasons but sometimes you're depressed because we allow ourselves to get into spirals of negative thinking. Now please don't tell me I'm not I'm not here advocating the gospel of positive thinking. OK. You've heard me already talk about the power of Jesus Christ the blood of Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus Christ is the answer but. But let me tell you if you say you're a Christian. You shouldn't be thinking about all the problems because if you say you're Christian you know that God is bigger than your problem. Wide well upon your problems start thinking about the good things that God can do for you. Sometimes we take God's name in vain. By say we are Christians who we serve an all mighty all powerful god. And then acting as if living as live thinking as if our problems are bigger than the God we serve. We ought to actually believe what we say we believe. And if God is bigger than our problems. If God loves us in spite of our false. If he has power that he can give us if he already knows our difficulties in our struggles and our weaknesses. And he loves us still then we ought to be thinking of all the good things that God is going to do for us. We ought to be praising his name for all the things that he has done for us. We ought to be dwelling upon him and not. Ourselves we ought to be thinking about his power and not our problems. What do you think about in a given day. Do you think that what we think about might have some relationship to our mental health. What do you think about. And a given day now I realize there's it's a complex world up there. We've inherited all kinds of physiological chemical issues. But I want to I want to know. I believe that the. One of the greatest factors in the rise in mental health problems that we see across our nation. Stems from the. What people spend their time doing. You can't expect these students. We decry them being violent in their schools and bringing in guns and shooting and all the rest. You can't expect students to have good mental health. When they spin. Dozens of hours a week on violent video games. What you. Loud. What you allow into your five senses. Those things that come into the five senses of the soul. Or like the food of the soul and it determines what your soul will be. What your mental their mind will be. So I asked the question again what do you spend time thinking about maybe a first time I asked that you were thinking well. I don't have much time to think you know I'm busy and I'm going to going to work well you know I spent time on driving thinking you know what do I think about me. Let me tell you I'm not talking about the times when you sit down and start the law sufficing theorising get all eloquent and and think. Thinking. You know you don't have to be Plato or Socrates or something like that to be thinking you're. When I ask what are you thinking about. You could just as well answer the question. What are you spending your time doing. OK. What we see on television I'm going to be. I'm hoping that I don't step onto me toes ear but if you do. If I do. I hope it's a foot massage you know. But when you park yourself in front of a television. Honest to God you are allowing other people. And maybe even the enemy of Souls to determine the food that your mind isn't just. You understand that after ninety seconds in front of a television. The frontal lobes activity drops off precipitous and you no longer are thinking about what you're seeing is just going in. That's the reality. That's the reality. That's just science and. I'm not here to bash on television I'm just saying what are we thinking about the Bible says we should bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. And I believed in order to do that you and I ought to stake take an inventory. Say what do I spend my time doing. What do I spend my time thinking about what am I reading. What am I listening to what am I watching. When I have time to think about things that might be better. M.-I simply plugging ear buds in my ear and drowning out any cerebral activity. By the music that I'm listening to which by itself is again bypassing the frontal lobe and is inputting ingesting material into my mind. What is my life. Like what is my. What are my thinking. My thoughts like second printing chapter ten and verse five the English. Standard Version read this way we would destroy arguments in every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought thought. Captive to obey. Christ. So all nineteen of Erste fourteen David prayed. Let the words of my mouth. And the meditation of my heart. Be acceptable in your sight. Oh Lord. My strength. And my redeemer. Let the words of mine. Mouth. And the meditations. Of my heart. Be acceptable in your side. Oh Lord my strength. And my redeemer. I believe that the Bible gives us a formula for what to think about. And for a flip in chapter four verses six and seven it says this be anxious for nothing but in do you think that's talking about maybe some mental health issues as well. I mean anxiety that's certainly something that we struggle with Be anxious for nothing but in everything in how much. Everything by prayer and supplication with things giving let your requests be made known. On to God and the peace of God which passes all understanding. Will guard your heart and you're one of the say. And your minds through Christ Jesus. Now it's let's not chew let's not look at this out of context right. It continues on chapter four verse seven says. Yeah the the peace of God was passed on are standing will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus but the next verse says this. It says finally brethren whatever things are what. True whatever things are noble whatever things are just whatever things are. Whatever things are lovely whatever things are of good report. If there is any virtue and if there's any if there's anything praiseworthy. Meditate or think on these things that's the diet. That God says is healthy is for our minds. That's it. And you know what God wants to keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus really does. But he will not force. Us against our will. We have to cooperate so I ask myself the question. Boy. It's been a little painful this week of been doing some inventory what do I spend my time thinking about. Sometimes I'll be honest with you. It's easy for me to get on a. I Phone or i Pad or to Butte or screen and. And just these infinity feeds you know Facebook one of those just just browse and browse and how much am I spending time thinking about the things God would have me thinking about how much of my time of my time is spent in His Word. How much of my time is spent. Thinking about him. So I ask you to just ask yourself that question God wants us to grow spiritually mentally emotionally right. And I think this is one way that he would help us. Give us power and change our habits. We need to listen Israel today is not that different from Israel of old. We need help. God's help to deliver us from those things that would supplant the true worship of God in our hearts. So do an inventory what do you read what do you watch what do you listen to on television or on the Internet. What about movies. What do you think about others when you find yourself thinking about people do you think about their strengths and their their virtues or their vices. Do you think about their weaknesses. How much do you spend you spend in God's word. Now to share with you to suppress a tool tipped over the next slide I want to share with you. Just a few ways that you might find helpful to be able to change your habits of thinking. Say well how can I have busy How can I spend time differently. I want to give you. And this is just one thing an application. I'm a show you for apps. That could change the way you think it and use your time. The first one may be familiar to many of you. It's called Audio burrs the ever heard of audio verse. Audio versus an app that simply has sermons that you can listen to you might say why don't I don't need it and I mean. I'm tired when I finish better car Sherman Saturday only another sermon. But maybe maybe my sermon doesn't address what's. You're going through in your life. This week. The challenges you're suffering with. There are thousands upon thousands of Bible based in time message focused sermons on audio Verse dot org You can go online you can download the app. And you can find a sermon by on just about any subject. Literally. I don't know how many we have on that is Web site now but something like ten to fifteen thousand sermons are there and there are more every day. There's more and more sermons being loaded on audio verse you can take that wherever you go. And you can listen to it on the on the road. You can this do it when you're driving. I'm not against N.P.R. or whatever Christian radio station you might listen to while you're driving but there's something better. And that's God's Word and God's word is good food for your mind. It is it really is. There's a lot of the things that we hear on the radio that aren't are necessarily good this is a new app by found the academy. Up in British Columbia. And if you've ever wanted to learn more scripture or learn scripture songs you just download this app. And it's called Scripture singer. And you will learn scripture. Set to music. Wonderful choir. Wonderful company meant. Beautiful music that you can learn from scripture singer. Fill your mind with God's word let me tell you friends God's word has power. It does. I don't care if it comes in song I'm you know much of the. Bible was written as a song. Much of it is written in verse. Here's another app. And this is the E.G. white writings app. This will allow you to download books like steps of Christ or desire Vedas in the life of Christ. And you can actually there are two apps I believe now I'm not sure if they merge them yet. But one of these apps will allow it actually to play an audiobook to you. So if you want to listen to steps to Christ. To understand the basics of salvation if you want to dwell more on the life of Christ. Just download an app I mean these things aren't hard to do and. And most of my think all of them are free apps that you just download and. You can become part of even some of the ones that don't have an audiobook digitise on there it'll still a computer will still read it to you in a in a digitized voice. The last one I should want to share with you is called Scripture typer and scripture typer is an app that allows you to memorize scripture. So that if you just have a minute between important employments instead of reading the news that hasn't changed in the last four hours listen. If the world's going to end you probably know about it someone else can tell you. But I find myself checking the news I mean. And it's just like. If you just have three minutes. This is this app is designed to help you memorize. And so the way it the way it works is like coaches you through the memorization of a church. TEXT YOU choose what promises you want to memorize. And you can you can do so what would happen if we radically revolutionize the time. The way that we spent our time. As an individual as a church. You think God bless us. Do you think that we might. We might find ourselves healthier and happier and whole year you think we might be able to have a revival a reformation the Holy Spirit moving in our midst. I believe. He wants to I believe he wants to do that in my life these are just for apps maybe many others that I could share that these are for very simple but very powerful ways that you can change the way you spend your time on a daily basis. Oh I'm so thankful for Jesus. I'm so thankful that. That he invites us to to have that. Food for our minds now I want to go on to the next verse. The peace that passes all understanding so keep your hearts and minds were seven. Think on these things as in verse eight. And verse nine said the things that you have learned and received and heard and saw in me these do. And the God of peace will be with you. There's nothing there's nothing more powerful. I don't think. Than knowing that God is with us. He is the mighty count the wonderful counselor. The one who wants to give us all things. Some of you might have missed one of these audio Verse dot org. Scripture singer on that in the App Store. If you want writings again the App Store and scripture type are. Those are apps that you can use. Are you thankful for G.'s day. Are you thankful that he's a wonderful counselor. Thankfully he can give us power to live. Live lives that are healthy happy. And holy let's pray Father in heaven today. I thank you for such a wonderful Savior. And I thank you that he is called that he has the characteristics of the wonderful counselor. Today Father I just want to pray. I want to pray that you would help us help us to be bold like to sigh to be able to say Lord. Sometimes of radical changes I need to make in my life. I pray that you'd help us say. To experience. The personal way that Jesus wants to make us whole mentally physically spiritually as well. What we look forward to that day when we can be reunited with him with you for all the tourney. Make Us citizens of that. Kingdom now. Help us think on these to have that peace pass for parks where we asked this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave visit. W W W dot. Audio first dot.


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