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Jesus: The Truth

Chester Clark III


One of the greatest breakthroughs in our own experience is when we come face to face – and are willing to accept – the truth. The truth is so important that Jesus said that when we know the truth, it will set us free! Yet many of us don’t think truths, but rather hold misbeliefs – about themselves, the world around them, and others. The good news is that Jesus – who is the Truth – can and will help us overcome our misbeliefs.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • October 31, 2015
    11:30 AM
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When I was just a young boy I had a friend of that I played with a lot and. This young man and I were were best of pals. As we grew older women began to mature more he was a Christian young man. Not of not of the same faith as I but of wonderful Christian and. We spent a lot of time together and. One of the things that I remember him saying to me one day. As we were playing together and I said something funny. He said something along these lines Chester. You said that just because you wanted to make me laugh and I think that's because your pride will. Now as he saw my downcast face he said to me you know the truth hurts doesn't it. I'll never get that interchange or I think of the truth I think of of that friend. It's true that the truth hurts and yet sometimes we don't really like to tell ourselves the truth right. There are times when we would rather live in a world that is full of our own the fabrications about ourselves about the world around us about other people. And the Bible here says and in our scripture for today. The Bible says that you will know the truth. And the truth will make you. What make you free. Now it gets even better than that because we've been talking an arse on our series looking at a Jesus and what he means to us. We've been talking about many aspects of Jesus but in fact one of the very characteristics of Jesus one of the titles of Jesus. Is he says in John Chapter fourteen in verse six I am the way the what the truth and the lives. You see Jesus is that truth that he promises will set us free. And Jesus loves us one another to tell us the truth to be the truth for us. Even if sometimes it hurts. Right. Jesus loves us. And he is the way the truth. And the life Auburn heaven as we open your word today as we consider what it is to have the truth to know the truth. As we want to know you better who is the truth we just pray that you will see in light in our minds and our hearts in Jesus name Amen. You know. There are many false hoods that people tell themselves lately I've been reading a book in fact. I've been I've been thinking a lot about this topic as I prepared for this message I've been reading reading a book called telling yourself the truth. And it's from a Christian perspective but it's looking at some of the many problems that we face as individuals personal problems problems such as depression or or or having a having a. Not a positive outlook on life. Interpersonal problems difficulties we have with other people respecting other people loving one another as Jesus said we ought to love one another the book telling yourself the truth has been opening my eyes to some of the ways that we sometimes don't think in the ways of truth we instead have misbeliefs that we hold in our minds and I want to be very sensitive here but there's one way that you we all realize that some people have a tried time with the truth. Have you ever seen someone and. I suppose husbands you should probably be silent about now but someone who is perfectly healthy and looks good who thinks they're overweight and too fat and you see that some people suffer from a mis belief that they are overweight when in fact they're unhealthily too thin. I remember one time. I was ignorant about these things. There was this young lady when I was in college who was a. I would I would almost say. She was perhaps the prettiest girl in the school. She was really pretty and one day over lunch she was talking and we were talking and. She said to me. You know. I have a problem. I suffer from the lenient. Now. I've There are two problems that I had at the moment. Number one I was probably nervous. Number two I didn't know what Believe me it was I didn't ask. And looking back. When I learned what she was talking about looking back I realized that she was coming looking for help. To this theology major who she trusted and confided in and this was something difficult for her to do. There are some people who struggle with these types of misbelief that I want to be very sensitive very careful here. But you and I looking from the outside in can very easily see that what they're telling themselves isn't true but they've repeated it to themselves enough times that they believe it to be true. And is it possible to you and I might have misbelief they we've repeated to ourselves so many times that we've come to believe it's true when really it's not true. When really there's something very different going on and something very very different there are many common misbelief can I share just a few of them with you as we as we think about the the common best place we might tell ourselves. One was I am the way I am because I was born that way you ever heard someone say that maybe you become discouraged. Thinking that I am the way I am because I was born that way there's nothing I can do about it. I'm just this way. Perhaps another myth belief that some people struggle with if I had a better education. I'd be better liked. Perhaps others might be thinking if if if I were like so one so I'd be happy or. Some people might tell themselves it's not what you know it's who you know and that's why I don't find success in life. This world is jest against to me. Some people might say children make me edgy and tense. And these are taken from the book that I've been reading I told you about from telling yourself the truth. Page one hundred eighteen. Others might say well you know what my in-laws make me edgy and tense. Others might go a little further and say You make me mad. Now one of the problems with the problems are that we tell ourselves these things to the point where we become victims and allow other people to control. The reality is we have choices we are adults. We make decisions and we tell ourselves these things over and over until we believe them. If only I were younger I'd have more energy and then I'd be happier if only I lived in a better neighborhood then I'd be happy and you can pretty much fill in the blank about things and material possessions right. We tell ourselves these things. And sometimes we come to believe these things about ourselves. Sometimes we repeat things about others. To the point that we believe them. This person is that way and this person is another way and we we we feel that they are the problem in our life. They are the way and ones that make us feel this way the reality friends is that every single one of us has a God shaped vacuum and I've come back to this often. We have a God shaped vacuum in our lives that we need God. Let me say it this way we need the truth. To fill. And when the truth. Fills that we cease to be the pawn of circumstances or surroundings or other people. We cease to have mis beliefs that direct our emotions and our feelings in ways they shouldn't be directed and we. We actually can have the peace of passes all understanding that keeps our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. You see. We have that God shaped a vacuum and when we tell ourselves these misbeliefs when. When we choose to to dwell upon negative thoughts about ourselves about others about God about the world around us. We sometimes make those things. Reality. Oh I believe that God wants some but a God once. Every single one of us to be happy to believe that. I believe God wants. Every single one of us to be happy and healthy. Most emotionally and spiritually and physically in every way God wants us to be happy in especially we ought to look out for four words. Those four words of the big four that we ought to a lot to realize are often attached to Miss beliefs you know those four words are. Nobody everybody. Never and always. Whenever you hear nobody. Everybody. Never and always in those that mental tape that's playing in your mind you might want to just realize that it could be a misbelief. And not the truth. Jesus wants us to have the truth. You know there are some pretty funny. Know of nobodies and nevers and so forth. Bill Gates said in one thousand nine hundred nine we will never make a thirty two bit operating system. Lord. Hill Dane the late British minister of war said in one hundred seven the aeroplane will never fly in. The one thousand thirty S.. Admiral will. William will lead. Lehi said this to President Truman about the atomic bomb. That is the biggest fool thing we have ever done the bomb will never go off. And I speak as an expert in explosives. Never nobody. Everybody. And always the big four that we ought to look out for. Nobody likes me. I'm a failure is that the truth well listen I want you to understand today that in Jesus eyes nobody is a failure. We may have setbacks and disappointments and we may make mistakes. But we are deeply loved by our savior in heaven. And that alone. Precludes us being a failure. We are important to him and listen if we're important to the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS were important. End of story. Another person might say I'm lonely and miserable now I I understand that. But the truth that we can tell ourselves is I may be alone but I don't have to be miserable. I don't have to be lonely. Alone does not mean that I have no choice in my life I'll never be happy again. There are things in my life that are not going right perhaps I may be hurting very deeply but I can learn to function and be happy again even through her because Jesus wants us to be happy. Jesus wants us to be healthy. We're going to be looking today at the truth. Too often too often these misbeliefs have have told us. We've told ourselves and I've sort of dwelt on some of the negative misbeliefs you realize as the illustration demonstrates that we might be telling ourselves. Positive misbeliefs. We may think of ourselves as more than we really are. We may think that we are really more important our opinion is more important whatever it is. We are we're we're smarter younger better looking or whatever it is than we really are. Miss believes have a proper have have a have a way of working into our very thinking and allowing us to become unhappy with reality Jesus says. You will know the truth. And the truth will set you free and so today we're going to look at the Gospel of John if you have your Bibles I want to just take you through a a quick journey through the Gospel of John. I as I study this together with the book I was reading telling yourself the truth I. I turn to the Gospel of John. Because in John is where we find these passages about the truth you know. John Chapter ten John Chapter fourteen John Chapter eight. This idea of Jesus being the truth is tenuously reminded to us I thought I wonder. I just wonder if in the Gospel of John. There is something that we can see a pattern we can see about Jesus being the truth. In people's lives. And so we're going to start John Chapter three we probably could have started in John chapter one. But John Chapter three is where I started. And I began looking at the story of Nick a D.M.'s. John Chapter three. And we're going to look at the story of Nick a Demas you see there is a problem the Nica Demas had nicked it Demus had it fed himself. Misbeliefs. This police. And it was Jesus responsibility as the Way the Truth and the life to tell him the truth. And so that starts off very early in their conversation. This is how it happened there was a man of affairs is named nickname is a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night and said to him Rabbi. We know that you are teacher come from God for no one can do these things that you do unless God is with him. Now make no mistake a nicotine mishear is being polite and considerate and even respectful. He may be even buttering Jesus up a little bit. He's coming to Jesus as a distinguished member of the Pharisees know what do we know about the Pharaoh sees the fairest These were those people who were extremely rigid in their obedience. The fairest seas were very particular about every little thing that they did in order to make sure they did it right. Because somehow they had come to the conclusion that doing things right to is what would live. Yield them salvation. And so they were keeping the Sabbath. Not just according to the commandment. But a many of their own commandments to try to make it even better than God had made it for them to keep it even better to make it holier. And all of the little things that they had to do some of them were absolutely ridiculous. You are familiar of course with the sabbath days journey right. A Sabbath days journey was not very far I don't remember exactly something like a hundred yards I mean it was not very far at all that you can travel on the Sabbath. Well but there was a there was a there's a cabbie up there in the in the. You know the fairest season there. Their writings and what they had said about the Sabbath they said you know if. If you. If you go so far on the Sabbath and then you eat a meal. Then you can go another seven days journey on the Sabbath and so they would carry a little sandwich in their pocket. Was that what Jesus had in mind that Sabbath of course not. Jesus Jesus is now meeting with a favorite the a ruler of the Jews an important man who is a fair a season we have to get this idea of who he is he's coming to Jesus he's read. He's being respectful. He's coming as a proud religious man. And Jesus. It's almost like he brushes aside his respectful accolades. By the way he said. We know that you're a teacher sent from God not the Messiah. Teacher. Jesus brushes this aside and he says this in verse three. Most assuredly I say to you. Unless one is born again. He cannot see the kingdom of God. Now you have to understand. Nikka demons has spent his whole life. Being good enough for heaven. And he's pretty good at. Everybody knows he's a godly man because not only was Nick a Demas a favor see a ruler of the Jews. He was really rich. And in the Jews mind if you are rich you are blessed by God and. You are already living in heaven for practical purposes I mean you are a shrew and for the Kingdom of God God must have bless you because you are just a holy person and Nica Demas. Nikka Demas is Miss belief that his goodness and the good deeds that he did and all of his positions and all what people thought of him. And the truth. That Jesus. Just uttered in a few short words. All of a sudden collided in nikka Demas his mind. You see the Holy Spirit can do that human words cannot do that but Jesus reads hearts and minds and Jesus as God said these words that were just what nickname is needed dear. And all the sudden flashed in his mind. A startling realization that perhaps it was Jesus saying could it be Drew that heaven was too pure of a place for him. Nicotine. Oh my friends. I don't know about you but I want to know the truth while there's still time to do something about God love. Nikka Demas jesus love nikka Demas. And what jesus want to nick a D.M.'s to see was the truth. The truth was that all of the good things we do. Combined. In fact. Even if we could do everything we wanted to do all of our good intentions combined. Could not make us. Worthy of the kingdom of heaven. There's only one thing and that's a miracle we call it. Being born again Jesus said. And so he he talks and if edemas about this truth. All of a sudden is truth has just has collided a nigga Demas his mind and Jesus. Because the love nikka Demas told him the truth so that he could change. The misbeliefs and missed direction. In his mind. Oh I need the truth in my life as a religious person. As someone who believes in doing the right thing. I need the truth that my obedience. Can never say. Only Jesus can see. No matter how people may look at me. The religious leader. Spiritual whatever the. Fill in the blank. I need to be born again. On a daily basis. Religion. As we humanly define it conforms to our ideas instead of our ideas conforming to it. We need real religion. Only the truth. Can give us real religion I don't know what that truth is to do to you today what it is that Jesus would say if you was here to you but I think he would tell you the truth. I think he would tell me the truth. And that truth is what I want what I want to hear. And we skip down the next chapter we move. We have to move pretty quickly here the Samaritan woman meets her Messiah and chapter four you know the story Jesus in his life of traveling. They come by Jacob's well which is which is there and some Mariya and. He as he comes to that village near that village of psycho are. He stops of the well as disciples go into town to buy food and here Jesus sitting alone at the well may heat of the day and. Here comes the woman of some area that. That outcast of society that. That woman who has tried in many different ways to find that missing link to find that missing piece that would fill her void and make her happy. She's not been able to find happiness in fact. When she's when she's when she's been alone she's felt as if I could only be with somebody. If I could only have this relationship if I could. Then I would be happy but guess what. When she's with that a man she's not happy either and. And the Bible says that as the conversation goes on Jesus actually tells her. You've had five husbands. And the person that you're now with is not your husband now. This is the reality in this woman's life. I think. Maybe you can you can tell me if I'm reading too much between the lines. I think that each time before she got remarried. She felt like this man was going to make her happy. There's something that you and I. If you're married you learn that marriage is a wonderful blessing a gift of God but it doesn't make you happy. If you're not happy going into marriage you're going to be unhappy in the marriage. That's the reality. That's the truth. But the myth belief was that this person that I'm living with is what's making me unhappy as the misbelief right. And she had told herself this so much that. Every time she had to find somebody else and. And finally finally she could find this man at the well in the heat of the day and Jesus says to her you've. You had five husbands but I want you to notice what he says to her. In verse thirteen. Jesus answered and said to her ever drinks of this water will thirst again. But who have or drinks. Of the water that I will give him. Will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him. Will be come in him. A fountain of water. Springing up into ever lasting life. Oh you see Jesus touch the very nerve. That this woman needed to have touched. Jesus. Touch the very Miss believe that this woman had been repeating to herself over and over again that it was the relationships that were keeping your unhappy and the relationship that she needed that would make her happy. And finally Jesus said no not that at all. There's something missing in your life that only I can fill. Only Jesus the truth. Can fill that missing void. And when you have Jesus in your life. It says if you have a and are teaching well. That never runs dry. Springing up and bubbling over into ever lasting life Odu you want that kind of joy the one you want that kind of fulfillment. There's only one way and that's the truth. That's Jesus being in your heart and life I need. I need that Jesus is telling the woman the truth. And the truth would set her free. Whole Can you imagine. I love the way that this woman runs into town. And that you know the story how it. How it says that Gigi runs into town of verse twenty eight she level leaves or waterpot she she goes away into the city and says to the men verse twenty nine. Come see a man who told me all things that I ever did everything that ever did well. She still has a misbeliefs probably those always in every and all those you know those words. But nevertheless the point is why would someone be excited about having their whole life. Revealed. Because she had experienced. The truth. And there was something. One hundred fully free. About not having to hide anything anymore. You shall know the truth. And the truth will set you free we must move quickly we skip down to John Chapter five. John Chapter five and there we find of the story of the man healed at the pool of Beth says Deb. There was a a in that this time there was a a feast of the Jews as is this is the Passover Jesus is gone to Jerusalem and there's the Sheep Gate by by the sheep get a pool it is called the feds. And there are many people way. Waiting there. The the. The understanding was that at a certain time an angel would stir the water and whoever got into the water first. They would be healed. And so there's all these laymen and sick people there. I'm sure the lame people had a disadvantage don't you think. Because they couldn't move as quickly they couldn't get to the water in time. And so Jesus sees this woman who had been there for for a long time. Thirty eight years he had been sick. He had been there a long time a Jesus in verse six the Jesus saw him lying there knew that he'd already been in that condition a long time he said to him. Do you want to be made well. Now don't you like the rhetorical questions the Jesus asked sometimes. I mean this is a. This is a self-evident answer right. I mean he's there by the pool of us says that there's only one reason to be lying there because he wants to be made well. Jesus is wanting him to process this. This question sometimes hope could be. Sometimes we are in pursuit of healing for so long that we forget why we're on the journey we're on could be this sometimes we almost get accustomed to the condition we're in and begin to think like it's normal. Jesus asked the question. Do you want to be made. Well. And then noticed the sick man's answer. Tell me if you think there are any misbeliefs. In this answer. The sick man said to him sir. I have no Mandeb put me into the pool when the water is stirred up. But while I am coming another steps down before me do you catch any hint of misbelief. In that response. Is it similar to what you and I might have been think is a misbelief. I want you to realize and I'm not trying to criticize this man I hope to meet him. Inside the pearly gates one day. So I'm not trying to I don't want to. I don't try to judge is harder and his motives. But I rather think that this man's answer is very similar to some of our sometimes. Why are we not made well even though we've been waiting for this for very long time. Why are we still the way we've been even though we've been in the church for so many years and we still don't really know how to love and love each other and love Jesus as we ought. Why is it. Sometimes the response we give is that it's somebody else's fault. Do you notice what he says here. Somebody beats me to it. If it weren't for those people in my way I'd be all right now is the problem with the people in the way. I understand or stand what's going on here I understand. But the only way this man would be healed was through faith. Do you understand. And faith is something that is individually exercised. It doesn't depend on anything that anybody else does. So somehow. This man had to stop feeling like good excuse himself for not exercising. Thing. It's not their fault it's not. I've heard people say that's why I'm not going to go to church because there's hypocrites there let me tell you something in the judgement. No one's going to ask if there's hypocrites in your way. Between you and Jesus. Because you have a choice I have a choice to exercise faith. Individually. And Jesus Christ will save you and he will save me. No matter who else is around us. And Jesus was about to prove that he could heal this man. If he would exercise faith. No matter how many people were between him and the water. And so Jesus says. Will you be made whole he says all that the people there in my way there there there they they beat me to it it's somebody else's fault Jesus says no it's your choice. Rise take up your bed and walk. And the truth. The truth confronted this man's misbelief. So all of a sudden he realized. It's not about those other people as about me and my faith and this man said. I am going to choose the bullies and of power of God to heal me. No matter what other people do these. He got up and he walked in that amazing story. All you see the truth when it. When it confronts us. Sometimes it's shocking because sometimes we've been thinking these these things were all very long time. But Jesus tells us the truth. We need to hear you think over Jesus. He's thankful that he IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. If we would only get out of the way friends God could work in our lives. If we could stop making excuses for him or for ourselves. Based on other people I think that God could do something in me. He could do something in you I'm thankful that Jesus is the truth. John chapter six. The story of feeding of the five thousand. You remember. Jesus is pushing his disciples. They've seen so many miracles already but their faith is still very small and. Here he is says in verse four the path or with these of the Jews was near then Jesus lifted up his eyes and seeing a great multitude coming toward him. He said to Philip where will we buy bread that these made. Now the Bible's very clear that he said this to test Philip he wanted Philip to think about the truth right. He wanted to he wanted to go to think. And so. So here's the situation. Everybody's coming to Jerusalem for the Passover I mean a million plus. This is it or as would come to the city from all the diocese poor of the. The Hebrews that were scattered all throughout the. The countries they would they would make this pilgrimage if they could come at all they came a on the Passover. They would make their way there to Jerusalem and those extra throngs that heard the word filtered back through the networks back to the homes and in in Egypt in Alexandria in other places the just the the Jews were scattered and. They had heard about this Jesus but now they wanted to see him for themselves so they they were coming to Jerusalem they. They got distracted along the way they go to hear Jesus. And there's the thousands and thousands of people. The Bible records it hears five thousand men. Plus women and children so there are many many people fifteen or twenty thousand people that were throwing around Jesus. Trying to catch a word that he had to say. Trying to understand who he was and. And Jesus says to Philip OK. There's all these people there must be hungry where are we going to feed them. Now this was before the idea of Buffy's. There was no chef Linzer Western Sizzlin out there in the desert outside of Jerusalem. There weren't even like a Wal-Mart Supercenter where you could clean off the shelves. Philip thinking. There's no way we could find food for this many people. I suppose. Glenda might have found a way. But Philip he was like there's no way. Right. There's no way that we can find food for a for this. Many people. So the Bible says and verse seven John chapter six in verse seven. The two hundred. Philip answered two hundred unary worth of bread is not sufficient for them that every one of them have a little and. One of his disciples Andrew. Simon Peter's brother said to him. There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish. But what are the A among so many five loaves and two fishes. Now you can imagine the astonishment on the disciples face. When the next words came out of Jesus' mouth. Oh. Tell the people to sit down five loaves to vicious. Fifteen twenty thousand people. The misbelief that Philip. And the other disciples were telling themselves. Was the. They had to find the resources to do the work that Jesus was asking them to do make the people sit down. There is much grass in the place of the men sat down about five thousand Jesus took the loaves and when given things he distributed them to the site of the disciples of those sitting down and likewise of the fish. As much as they were want and when they were all filled He said his disciples. Gather up the fragments that remains of that nothing is lost and they gathered up and filled twelve. Baskets full of leftovers. What truth is Jesus trying to bring to the to the disciples minds. The truth friends is that little is much. When God is in it. The truth is friends that you and I may go through difficult times we may have financial struggles we may not know how to make ends meet or even have ins just to try starting to make them meet. We may not have resources. But God does not expect us to be dependent upon our resources. He is a bull. To use what we have in his hands to supply all of our needs. What's important friends let me say this way what's important port is not how much we have. What's important is that the little that we have is in God's hands. Oh. You know we all want a celestial Santa Claus we all want God to simply provide all of our needs but I have to ask myself the question. Have I dedicated all that I have to him. Because when I have. I can know. Absolutely for certain that. Even five loaves and two fishes. Is enough to feed a multitude. I can know absolutely for certain that my God shall supply all my need. According to His riches in Christ Jesus. Oh I need. The truth. God is not dependent upon what we can produce. But on what we have dedicated to him. Little is much. When God is in a John Chapter seven we must move on John Chapter seven. It you see what Jesus is doing here and John. He's bringing the truth. Into people's lives. He's addressing their misbeliefs so that they can understand the truth it's a there's a reason I think why John. Dwells upon this theme the other gospel writers don't. Because he has these stories that one after another Jesus has been teaching people. Deep truths John Chapter seven. We're going to skip down towards the end the verse thirty two says A from the Pharisees. Heard the crowd murmuring these things concerning him. And the fairest season the chief three cents. Officers to take him. This is what's happening. That is the Pharisees of decided that Jesus. Need to be stopped. They can't let this go on any further so they send the temple guards. Over to arrest Jesus. And then the story goes on that's the end of it they have this discussion now between the Jews and Jesus and. And Jesus is promising living water. And all the rest I'm and it says if we read down to verse of verse forty three it says though there was a division among the people because of him. Now some of them wanted to take him. That's a to arrest him right. But no one laid hands on him. Well why didn't anyone lay hands on Jesus I'll tell you why because Jesus was the truth. That's why. And the problem that the therapies had is they were believing. Misbeliefs Miss directions. They had come to the point where they did not believe in Jesus will see you more about that and in the next couple chapters. But they had come to the point where they thought they were doing the. The cause of religion the truth a favor by getting rid of Jesus the way the truth and live. That's how warped. Their understanding of truth was. And this is what this is an amazing story here we see in the last couple verses. Then the officers begin the verse forty five. The officers came to the chief priest and fair seizes said to them. Why have you not brought him. The officers answered No man. Of or spoke like this man who then the fares he's answered them are you also deceived have any of the rules of the fair seas believe in him. But this crowd that has not know the law is a cursed. This is what I want to see Incheon chapter. And John Chapter seven here that we're looking at. John Chapter seven. As Jesus comes to these. To the temple he's teaching the temple the fair Caesar trying to have the officers arrest him. The officers. Sent on their business. Return him to hand and why. Because they have experience. A greater authority than the rulers of their nation. And you can't I just hit Jesus. Because he was a true that he was speaking the truth. No man ever spoke like this man. It wasn't that he was just an eloquent. You know. Oratory that's not what they were talking about Jesus was teaching the truth. He was bringing the truth. Right there into people's hearts to confront the misbelief that they had lives were being changed hearts were being converted. People were melting in front of their very eyes. The truth that a power to transform men and women is a true had the ability to fill a missing boy didn't people's hearts. And the truth. Carried enough Thora tapes that even the rulers of the people did not have. Of friends there's a greater power a higher authority I remember when I used to. Should I say this. I don't want him to get the wrong idea I believe we should obey the laws of our land but sometimes I would knock on a door when I was selling Christian books. And the sign would say no soliciting. Now occasionally someone would actually think you were soliciting is not really. Because we were we were offering them something. And. But anyway some people. Most people don't remember that signs out there but I would knock on that door and some people say well you shouldn't do that and this is. This is was my response. I have a higher authority told me to Go ye into all the world. Right. I remember one time I knocked on the door said no soliciting. And it was it was a hair salon. And I may have told you the story before forgive me if I have but I knocked on the door I actually it is when in there is like tends to cherish you know all these people in a sort of slow so I talk to the manager and I was showing in the books and. We're over this table on the side of the hair salon and all these hairdressers came around and there's like eight or ten of them and I was showing him all the books they're handing him around I was having a great time and. And this man came in the door. While worst gathered around this table and people ask me how much for this book and how much for that book. This man came in the door selling flashlights. And the manager took one look at him he said get out. Did you see the sign says no salesman. And I'm doing a boy. I'm thankful to be selling with the benefit. Added benefit of the Holy Spirit. With me and with the authority of Jesus Christ. He sometimes were afraid of other people. Sometimes were in situations where we don't know how things will end up. But there's one thing that we know. Is God is the highest authority known this universe. And that if the truth is on our side. The choose. Will prevail. It may not be the way we expected. It may not even be here. Now. But in eternity for sure. The truth will always prevail. I want the truth. On my side. Jesus showed these rulers who thought that they were powerful who thought that they were so mighty who thought that they could just speak and people would do their bidding. The truth came across their misbeliefs. And the reality was the Jesus. The truth. Had greater authority than they John Chapter eight. The beautiful story of the woman caught in adultery and you know the story how the. Jesus stoops in the sand she writes. He writes the sins of those who have who have accused her him. And when. When just. When the woman fine the straightens up and the Men Are Gone Jesus after the question John Chapter eight in verse ten. Well Woman Where are those accusers of yours. Has no one condemned you. And Jean. The woman said. No one Lord Jesus said to her verse eleven. Neither do I condemn you go and Senate no more I want you to understand here. That at this point in this woman's life. There were so there was no there's no question in my mind she felt that she was worthless. And Jesus has going to bring the truth. The truth against her misbeliefs. The truth is that no one no matter what you've done. Can actually condemn you do you understand that my friends. I don't care where you've been or what you've done. Nobody else can raise a stone Jews to to stone you because they have also send and come short of the glory of God we're all sinners. So it doesn't matter where you come from where you've been what you've done. There's a true thing or the Jesus is trying to tell this woman. There's only one person who could actually condemn and that God and I am here to tell you. God doesn't condemn you he loves you and not only does he love you. He's going to say to this woman. Go and sin no more. I believe that you can live a different life. A holy life a godly live gained the victory over this type of lifestyle. You can be a better person let me tell you the truth is wonderful because this woman needed to hear the truth the truth is she was valuable. The truth is God loved her and if God loves you friends as all that matters. You cannot listen. Human beings are fickle and failing we all fail each other we do right. We all have a tendency to try to condemn one another even though we are when we point to finger there's four of them pointing back at us right. But God says listen I do not condemn you. Not only the had if you can imagine such a thing it's going to get better go. I believe you can live a different person. This gave this woman not only sense of value. The truth gave her a sense of hope. Life is worth living when there is hope. Life is worth living when there is freedom from guilt and condemnation. Life is worth living when somebody gives us a license to forgive ourselves. And believe that we can be a better person tomorrow. Than we are today. Oh friends. I'm thankful for the truth that Jesus told this woman's truth that you and I need Jesus. Jesus tells us woman. Where real value is found. Real value is found in being loved by God. The last chapter will look at today's John Chapter nine. We get to keep going. But John Chapter nine. Is the one. The man born blind. He received his sight. This is what that is what the fares were saying in John Chapter nine versus sixteen. Therefore some of the fares he said this man. Talking about Jesus. This man is not from God because He does not keep the Sabbath. Can you imagine that the religious leaders. The religious leaders had come so far in their midst believes. That they condemned the one who was the way the truth in the life. As a Sabbath breaker. We've got to be careful friends. We really do miss believe is a dangerous thing you tell yourself enough. Something over and over and over. These people really believe Jesus was not spiritual because they did not. Jesus did not conform to their ideas of spirituality. Jesus can't be religious the third. They didn't have any respect for him. That was Jesus. Misbelief is a powerful thing but let me tell you friend. The truth is more powerful. Jesus knows what they're thinking. They're asking the blind man verse seventeen they ask him again what do you say about him because he opened your eyes. He said he's a prophet. Jews did not believe. They didn't even believe this was really a blind man they call the parents is this whole interchange. Right. But we skip down. We find out the man the man was a. He was a became. I think he became angry. That they're being so stupid. I think that's I think he really got frustrated for. Pardon my language. But I think that they really got angry is like listen I don't know what. I don't know where you came from. But where I came from people can't do this unless they're from God you're altogether born in sin they cast him out a synagogue let me tell you friends. It's OK. People reject you. As long as the truth is with you. We don't want to be a pariah we don't try to be a nuisance we don't want to be obnoxious. But this man was just telling them the truth they didn't want to hear and noticed with me in verse thirty five Jesus heard that gas him out and when they found he found him. He said to him Do you believe in the Son of God. The blind man the once blind man now seeing man said Who is he that I Lord that I may believe in him. Jesus said to him You have both seen and seen him and it is he who is talking with you. And then he said lord. I believe. And he worshipped him. Verse thirty nine Jesus said For judgment I have come into this world that those who do not see. May see. And that those who see may be made blind. Then some of the fairest sees who were with him heard these things. And the Holy Spirit was applying them. They were being convicted and this is what they said. Are we blind. Also. Jesus said to them if you were blind you would have no sin. But now you say. We see. Therefore your sin remains. The fairest sees thought that they were capable of determining who was spiritual. And who was not. They judge Jesus as a as a fake. And a phony and a sinner because he broke the Sabbath. In their rules. They judged. The man who had been healed. Because he confessed Jesus. But the reality was. They were the ones who were spiritually blind. While. The man was the one who was now healed both physically and also says beer it surely the Cerruti had set him free. Are you thankful today friends for the truth. You thankful for Jesus you want to invite Jesus tell you the truth. Let me tell you might be like my childhood friend. It sometimes hurts. But Jesus is faithful. And he is the one who has promised that you will know the truth. And the truth will set you free Father in heaven today. I thank you for the Way the Truth and the life. Lord there may be misbeliefs I know there's many still in my mind I needed daily. Moment by moment every day. Lord I need the true Jesus. To show me the things in my life that I may not be realizing that I'm like the Pharisees maybe I'm like nikka Demas maybe I'm like maybe I'm like the blind man maybe I'm like the woman at the well Lord. Probably all of us can relate to somebody in these the story from the Gospel of John. Help us I pray to have the truth. Come face to face with our misbeliefs. The we might be set free. That it might fill our hearts. And that he might flow out of us. Rivers of joy. Life moribund thank you that it's possible. His name. 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