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Jesus: One of Them

Chester Clark III


In Luke 17 the story of the ten lepers – and the one who returned to give thanks – is recorded. In this message Pastor Clark breaks down the story into five easily applicable principles that are relevant for the time of Thanksgiving – or any time of the year!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • November 21, 2015
    11:30 AM
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The Bible just records it. As one of them. One of them the Bible says. When he saw that he was healed he returned. And he glorified God. Today we're going to be taking a look at this passage of Scripture found in Luke Chapter seventeen. And so I don't Veitch you haven't already to turn to mean your Bibles there. And we're going to look at this. In five different sections the smarting. We're going to look at first at the cry. And then at the command. Then it's a cleansing. Then at the conversion. And finally at the call. Let's buy our heads from distant water president Father in heaven today. We want to thank you for your word and your word we find strength and power we find hope we find a knowledge of huger character and your love for us today father I just want to pray that you would just illuminates our mind as we study your word Lord. I am. I'm only human and I'm only a center. And I need your Holy Spirit today we all need your Holy Spirit. I just pray that your spirit might speak through your word. We ask in Jesus' name amen. Luke Chapter seventeen and. Beginning with first eleven. We find the story. Luke Chapter seventeen and verse eleven. It's a tell the story of a group of people who had pretty much. No reason to hope. It was says that there was a group of lepers it says it happened as he went to Jerusalem that's Jesus. That he passed through the midst of Samarian and Galilee now. We could probably just spend some time on that thought. It seems as though the Bible riders. Give these stories these situations the Jesus find himself in. As if they just happened to occur. But it seems to me that as we read the Bible Jesus. Or maybe the God the Father who was leading him in his life. Jesus had more than just happenstance. Going on is nothing has happened by accident. In the life of Jesus. And I believe that's also true in the life of his followers. I suppose that God knew that there were some lepers. Maybe even one leper. Who needed him to come this way the Bible says that he is heading back towards Jerusalem. He passed through the midst of some area and galley. And he entered a certain village there met him. Ten men who were lepers who stood a far off. There's a lot of things that we don't know about this story. We don't know of Jesus was taking the most direct route to Jerusalem. We don't know if he was taking a more circuit to his route as he sometimes did like when he met the Samaritan woman. We don't know what village. This was the Jesus stopped at. In fact. We don't know the names of any of these individuals not the ten not even the one who would later figure prominently. This is seemingly a random occurrence with a random people. Unnamed people. They're not important. In fact they were the off cast of society. They were the ones who. The Jews at least would assume were the greatest centers because they were so sick. They were struck stricken with a fatal disease. And of course I I want is we begin this story for us just to remember that leprosy is also given in the Word of God as a symbol for a disease we all have isn't it. It's used as a representation of sin. And so as we go through this story I hope that you can just place yourself. Were None of us are lepers. Thank God. But all of us are sinners. We all need a healing and a cleansing. And we all have something to be grateful for. So as we go through this story I want you to this remember that it. And remember that this can be an illustration of our experience. Still today. Verse twelve. Then as the entered a certain village there met him ten men who were lepers who stood a far off. And they lifted up their voices and said a mass Jesus Master. Have mercy on us let's just take these couple verses. One by one we're starting with the cried in a Luke Chapter seventeen verses eleven through thirteen. The first thing we notice about these ten men that we can be sure about is that they knew they had a problem right. They knew that they were lepers I mean after all. Leprosy. Leprosy is a very it's not only very contagious disease it's a very damaging disease. As I understand it it destroys the. The nervous system the building to feel pressure and pain and temperature and so forth the nerves are damage and so. And that itself doesn't cause great problems but when a person. Injures themselves they don't realize they're injuring themselves they don't realize they're slicing through their finger when they are actually putting too much pressure on something and so. This causes wounds and sores and and infections and it leads eventually to a very painful and very debilitating very ugly death. Gang Green sets in and and. And the smell of rotting flesh is the is the idea of leprosy it's a terrible thing. Terrible thing. The ten absolutely knew that they were lepers in fact it was necessary for lepers to be banished from society because of the contagious nature of the disease and they would often be outside of the villages outside of the town and they would be. They would be made to announce themselves wherever they went. So if a leper was to come and gone on a road. And there were people coming on that road. They were to say unclean. Uncle Iain. They were to let people know that they were a leper. That they had problems. And that they were carriers of this contagious terrible disease. And often because they were so disdain and and feared by the people. It was it was simply the. The people would coerce them to themselves stay far away from the road. And let them pass. They didn't want to be anywhere near a leper. A leper was an outcast of society. A leper. Absolutely knew that they were a leper. There was no way of missing that fact. But the Bible says here that these ten lepers they must've come together perhaps it was easier for them. Perhaps people asked them to stay together you know Caesar's to void all ten together. That it is to avoid one. Ten of them one of the time. And so whenever they were going places perhaps they were staying together. Perhaps they found some camaraderie. Some friendship some socialisation were social creatures right. Lepers need friends do. And perhaps this was a group of people that had banded together. They had something in common they were so they were lepers. And they were doomed to die. The Bible says that as Jesus is coming along this road and. And he's he's on his way to this certain village or easy just entering the certain village. It says there. Met him ten men who were lepers now the verb it's used here it's only used twice in the New Testament. And it's upon top. Up and thought it was a is a verb that is that is a pretty. Much more like a confronting. OK. They confronted Jesus they met him is a is a little bit of a soft translation. I'll give you another example The other example for this word here in Luke at Luke Chapter fourteen it says this or what King. Having going to make war against another King sits not down first and consult whether he is able with ten thousand. To oppen talk over him who has twenty thousand. You understand. If you're a king in your being invaded by twenty thousand soldiers an Army twenty thousand. You have to meet him. Right you have to meet that you have to open top over that invading army and the Bible says here that these ten lepers. They met Jesus they oppen taco. They came out and they I can just imagine that they found a break in the traffic and I don't know this is my imagination take it with a grain of salt a case not inspired or or or anything like that. I could be wrong but I can just imagine they found a little gap between travelers on the road. And the ten men sort of scurried out into the middle lane and they'd sort of ten men abreast you know they're like stop it. Jesus is not going to get by us. We've heard of this healer. They OP and when they met him. They confronted him and the Bible says they stood. Actually a far off. So obviously they weren't coming right up to Jesus. They weren't. They weren't they weren't trying to invade his space they knew better than that. Most of the artwork I see has them off to the side of the road but in my imagination I think they were blocking the road. All ten of them. And they're saying Jesus. You've got to deal with us. We're demanding our need is great we here you can do something about it. They met him. But not only did they meet him. They also had something to say. You know when you're a leper. You don't feel very close to God when you're a sinner. It's the same. When you're a sinner Sometimes the best you can do is cry out from afar all. I want you to understand something here. It wasn't Jesus it was staying. Far away from the lepers. This is the good news. The good news is we can find another Bible passages when Jesus met lepers. He touched to them. Because Jesus was not afraid of leprosy. Jesus would not be contaminated by that disease which he was healing by his touch. Jesus was not afraid of getting close to the lepers. These lepers were hesitant to come close to Jesus. Oh isn't that somewhat sometimes the way it is in our lives were afraid to get too close to Jesus because we know were sinners. We know we don't deserve it. We know that we have to stay far off or we think I should say. We have to say far off. And so here they are there remaining a long ways away. They stood afar off in the Bible goes on and it says this. They cried out. They lifted their voices. They cried out. The King James says they lifted up their voices I can just see them there a long ways away in order to get G.'s attention. With all the people milling around him and talking to him the disciples there perhaps their order to get Jesus petition. Attention. They had to cry out maybe they maybe they did it in unison you know all ten of them. Three to one. G.'s us. Have mercy on us. And Jesus Jesus saw them. Notice with me and verse fourteen. Luke Chapter seventeen in verse fourteen is this so when he saw them now. Look at me look with me and in that passage and what do you notice about the word of them. Anything special. The word of them. In my Bible. That word is italicised and that means simply that it's inserted by the translators to make it flow in English now I understand the Greek language. Often just skips over. Pronouns. That's just the way Greek works you don't have to. You don't have to say the pronoun it's implied I understand that. But I would like to read this. Without the pronoun. There and seeing here you are ten men. They've accosted or confronted or up in Taji this. They've met him there. They've they've they've cried out with a loud voice Rema far they've said. Jesus have mercy on us. And Jesus I think saw and he didn't just see ten men. He saw their situation. I want you to know friends that Jesus takes in at a glance what nobody ever understands about us. I want you know the Jesus. When Jesus saw them. He saw their whole their whole life of of pain and suffering as lepers. Jesus saw the misery in the loneliness that they experience banished from their friends and family. When Jesus saw them Jesus saw the uncertainty in the fear that was in their hearts because they knew they were going to die. When Jesus saw them. Jesus saw that desperation and and. And by the way Jesus also saw the faith. And the hope. Or at least some sort of a a glimmer of hope in their eyes as they've now confronted and met Jesus. And they're asking for help. Jesus saw it all. Oh Jesus knows everything about us. Jesus saw Jesus saw. Not just their leprosy. Jesus saw their burden of guilt and sin. Because the Bible says. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God Listen I'm not here suggesting. As the Hebrews. Thought at the time that these were worse centers than anyone else. But I am suggesting that they were sinners. And they need peace of heart. They needed something in their soul that was and the Bible simply says. And seeing. He said to them. What does he say he says. Go. Show yourselves to the priests. Go and show yourself to the priests. You see Jesus was telling them something that was ridiculous. Jesus was suggesting that they ought to go back to the people who had already had looked at them with disdain and. And with with with condemnation. And they said you hadn't you must be the worst centers in the world because you have leprosy. You're hopeless you're rejected of God you're cursed of got. That's the attitude that the priests had the priests off that because they were lepers. They were her. The worst of the worst. And Jesus now says to them. Go and show yourself to the priest. It must have gone through their mind don't you think. Don't you think it had to have crossed their thoughts. Why would we go see those people again Jesus. You're the one that supposed to have give us hope for healing. The priest gave us no hope. They said. God is angry at you there's no hope for you. You're just going to die this painful death. But Jesus said. Go show yourselves to the priest did you ever wonder why. Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priest. There's a number of reasons that I was thinking about as I as I prepared to this. Today. One of the reasons I think that they may have gone or Jesus may have said go to the show yourself the priest is first of all. Because Jesus knew that the priests were going to try to kill him. Right. Jesus knew that in a in a little bit of time the priests were going to say. We have to crucify this. This teacher this rabbi this Galilee and we have to crucify him in order to save our nation that was the argument they were going to make. But Jesus here demonstrated something. Jesus here demonstrated the. He did not stand in opposition to legitimate civil authority. Didn T. The priests were the ones who had the responsibility to inspect someone to see if they had leprosy. You see the church was meant to be a center of holistic health. I want you to understand that the the temple in God's plan was not just a place of spiritual healing it was a place of physical healing. God's church was to be the vehicle to the world to bring physical and mental and spiritual and social and emotional health. To the world. And this was a part of the priest responsibility to tell you to take care of the of the sanitation and the hygiene and the wellness of the people of God and God's people were ten were meant to be a whole meant to be giving a holistic health message. And here the priest had this responsibility Jesus said Look. It may seem like I'm anti priesthood. I'm not against legitimate authority. I'm simply against have POC Recy and error. And so Jesus here. Answers. Once and for all the challenge that he is trying to overthrow a legitimate authority not all. He spoke the truth. But he did not do so in a way that was rebellious or trying to start a revolution. Know he was he was here to start a spiritual Cain. The second reason. I think that he told them to go and show themselves to the priests was because he wanted the priests. You know jesus love this priest indeed. They may have cried crucify him. But Jesus loved every single one of them in fact he died for them. Some of them later would become believers. And Jesus sent these ten men. So they could give a testimony to the priest themselves. Of the power of the Son of God to heal disease. Jesus sent them. He said Go and show yourselves. To the priests. You see there's no such thing as being healed in secret. Now there were times when Jesus did early in his ministry when Jesus that they don't tell anybody. Didn't work out so well. They went told everyone anyway. But I want just to understand here. That that when we are healed from something as as terrible as the leprosy of sin. It ought to be something we're telling other people about. If we're keeping quiet about it that. That experience is going to wither and die on the vine. It's not going to be. What God wants it to be. So he tells them go. And shell. Then show yourself to the priest. And it says last part of her sport scene. And so it was that as they when it was is a. They were Clint I want to ask you a question was walking down the road to the priests. Was that what cleansed them. If they just thought of that earlier and headed that way when they had had the cleansing in their leprosy. No it was not going down the road to cleanse and be very clear about this my friend. There was the power of Jesus Christ the Son of God. It was a miracle that cleanse them of their leprosy. It was going didn't cleanse them going down the road had no power it was only Jesus they had the power. But what would have happened if they had not gone. What if they had said look we're lepers we've already tried that we've already talked to them. They don't have any time for us they don't care about us. They think we're worthless people. We're not going. What would happen you think they would have been cleansed. I don't believe so I really don't believe that the power of God would have been experienced by them had they said we don't need to go we've already been there it's not any. It's not it's useless. It's worthless. To try. They wouldn't have happened. You see my friends. The Bible says that as they went they were cleansed of their leprosy. Go in income and obedience to the command of Jesus. They experienced the blessing that God miraculously wanted to give them. I want you to understand it wasn't you know but he said Wow. You know. Number eight or number seven a Number Six least not in the Bible I don't think they said this wow. I was such a good walker. Down that road. That my leprosy just had to leave. Because I walk so well towards those priests. They couldn't even say you know what. I ran faster than number three. And so that's why God had to heal me because I just deserved it for running so fast you understand what I'm saying. We have to have clear in our mind. The While obedience does not save us. It does not make us deserve forgiveness. It does not make us deserve salvation. Neither can we experience that miracle. When we're not willing to go. As Jesus says we need we need both orders to make the boat go in a straight line. Now. It is only. It is only by grace through faith that we are saved. But that faith. If it is real fate has also a component of obedience. Faith without works. The Bible says here in James Chapter two in verse seventeen. Is Dead. So the the. The lepers went. And I want you to know friends there's a blessing. There's a blessing in obedience. There's a blessing in going. There's a blessing in following the words of Jesus so we look at the cry we look at the command. Now we've seen the cleansing. We're going to now see. The conversion. This is where the story gets interesting. Let's chapter seventeen. And now we're verse fifteen. The Bible says and one of them is nameless individual. We don't know anything about him except that he was a Samaritan. By inference we conclude that the others perhaps were not Samaritans they were Jews. And one of them when he saw that he was healed. Returned and with a loud voice glorified God and fell down on his face at his feet giving him thanks. And he was a Samaritan. Notice one of them it was an eight or nine or ten it was only one of them. There's this unnamed individual and where do we find him. As we read this into the story. We find him. Not a far off from Jesus now. Oh no he's been cleansed and let me tell you when Jesus does something in our lives. We now can come close to him he wants us to come close to him the whole time. But now when we're cleansed from our sins. We ourselves can grow. And I hope that the experience of our lives to grow closer and closer to Jesus. This. This man who is now closed of his leprosy we find him right here at the feet of Jesus. And he's he's proclaiming God's goodness and God's grace and God's mercy. And he's thanking Jesus for His cleansing. And he's not doing it now for it with a loud voice because Jesus can't hear. He was a far off shouting loud ways right now he's right at the very feet of Jesus. Why is it crying with a loud voice. Because he wants everybody else to hear about what Jesus has done for him. Jesus as cleansed a. From his disease. Of leprosy. He is changed the course of his life. He has saved him from a painful and and terrible death. He has given him hope. He is reunited him with his family and friends. He has made him. Once again. An upstanding citizen in society. And Jesus is now is standing right in front of him. At the feet of Jesus. He is proclaiming of the loud voice. The praise. And the glory of God. I want you to know something. I want you to know that I believe. When Jesus here says in the final part of this passage. Arise and go your way your faith has made you. Well. I believe that this leper. Was really the only one who had true faith in Jesus as the savior of the world. Now I understand someone's going to say. But Chester. The other nine. Were healed too. And they had enough faith the least obey what Jesus said and go as Jesus said to go right. I understand that. But at some point. We have to understand that. What Jesus was interested in was not only healing lepers. Jesus was interested in saving souls. OK. We have to understand that a life of the prophet Elijah the prophet healed a man of leprosy naman right well God through life just. We understand that Aleister was a prophet and could heal. But Jesus was not just an ordinary prophet. Those other nine I suppose. They may have had faith in Jesus as a good teacher from God. They may have had faith in Jesus Ab as having heard some of his healings and his miracles. They may have even believe that he was a true prophet of God. But they did not have the that Jesus was the Son of God. There's a difference. There's a difference. And the Bible here records. And by the way to experience miracles does not require face. I understand Jesus said over and over your faith has made you whole but think of the feeding of the five thousand. Jesus fed the five thousand and five miles into the fishes the true story. Yes That's what have a viable few fishes. How many of them were really exercising genuine heartfelt faith in Jesus as the Son of God The Bible says and John chapter six when he started telling them something they didn't like to hear. And when he told them listen. You're coming and listening to me because you like the food. Not because you're really wanting to change in your hearts. Many of them. So many of them left to Jesus turn to the twelve and said Will you also go away. That tells me friends. That not every miracle that we experience is a result of our faith. Often it's because God loves us and blesses us through miracles that we don't deserve. Well we don't deserve any of doing. So we get that out of the way. God loves us. He fed the five thousand not because of their faith. I've I've proposed to you that he blessed the the nine lepers not because of their faith. But because God is good. He is. He gives us blessings after blessings after blessings. Many of them we take for granted because they happen. Every single day. And so we've failed to remember that they are actually miracles. When your eyelids popped open this morning. It was a miracle. Every breath that we breathe every every a heart beat that we experience is a miracle that God is sustaining our lives. And because they're so ordinary. We forget that there miracles. We take them for granted let me tell you those don't happen because of our goodness of our greatness or because even of our faith. They happen because of God's goodness. That he blesses us. Oh friends if we could only see how we are the recipients of Heaven's blessing. We would be. We would be overwhelmed. To see how good God is to his children. Oh you see I believe that God wants us to understand. So much more about what he's doing in our lives. So all the ten. We could conclude were healed physically. Not because of their faith. But by the Word of Jesus and for the glory of God. Because of the goodness of God because He loved them he feel them physically. But this one of them's face. This one man's face and gratitude and able him to experience something the other nine. Never experienced at least not in the story. He experienced something they missed out on. You see he experienced I believe the peace that comes from knowing that not only was he healed physically. He was forgiven of God and he was now a child of God Notice of the what Jesus says Jesus answered verse seventeen and weren't there not ten cleansed. But where are the nine. Were there not any found to return to give glory to God except this foreigner. Verse one thousand and he said to him. Arise. Go your way. Your face. Has made you. Well. Now when Jesus says that to this man. I believe. What Jesus was saying was not because you had such great faith. You know I was able to cleanse you of your leprosy. I believe what Jesus was saying to this man is. You exercise a little faith that I that I gave you the little faith that you had you exercised it. And now you're now you're coming to me and falling at my feet. By the way of Jesus' feet their salvation in man falling at Jesus' feet here is out of a sion and. I believe Jesus was saying to this man. Your little faith is a nuff for even yours. To. Forget. You remember when Hilda paralytic. Remember that and Jesus. Has this paralytic really lower down on through the roof on a on a cot or stretcher some sort of a hammock and. There is says Jim simply your sins are forgiven you remember that story. And that is and the fair sees the preacher like what will. And Jesus said. Will listen. Why are you talking about me forgiving sandwich is easy to say. Your sins are forgiven or. You're made whole easy for Jesus someone who was there exercising faith in him as the Son of God. These two were one. And this for the sinner who felt that he was forsaken of God in this evidence and proved by his sickness. To be healed. Wasn't as a chance that his sins had been forgiven. Well maybe it was just because of God's goodness. Maybe it was just because there's a healer. But this one leper. Who came and gave things. This one leper now had from the lips of Jesus him self the evidence that his faith. Had made him whole and that would mean not only whole physically. The whole spiritual. Well let me tell you friend. There's nothing more being healed physically is wonderful but being able to know that our sins are forgiven. Washed in the blood of Jesus God looks as or at is as if we had never sinned. That is an overwhelming feeling of peace and happiness. That no one can take away from here. Jesus said. Go your way. Your faith has made you what well you see. All ten of these lepers were blessed are they not. But only one of them. Only that one really appreciated. Returned to give it. And so when we when we look at this story we recognize that by not returning really the nine were the losers the line were short changing themselves they were missing out on the greater blessing that God wanted to give them. They read they missed out on the assurance from the lips of Jesus that their sends were forgiven. They missed out on the opportunity to come close to Jesus near to Jesus. Because they weren't giving think they were just so happy to go about their daily lives as if it was a normal thing that happened. Having a heart filled with gratitude and and willing to express it gave even greater gift than the healing of leprosy. To the one of them to that one unnamed person that Samaritan man. Because of Jesus. We might conclude the ten were blessed. But because the one returned and now melted Jesus' feet. He was saved. I don't ask you today my friends are you blessed are blessed. I mean a think giving sign. We might as well admit it we're blessed. Often it's not because of us it's in spite of this is not because we're so good because he's so good. We're blasts. I don't know I know we all have different struggles. Some of you look around you see other people knew they don't have the problem that I have. And so you feel like well. I wish I was in their situation they don't have to worry about X. Y. or Z.. But guess what they have to worry about A B. and C.. No matter who we are. We all were living in a fallen world a sinful world are we not. There's pain or suffering there's this isn't the way we're meant to be living. God made man upright but we sort of patter own ideas. And we're paying the consequences for the good news is that's going to have that's going to change. And so while we're blessed here the important thing is not only to be blessed but to be nearing to Fiji's gratitude and to hear those words. Your faith has made you well. To hear to know that we experience Jesus love. Personally individually. In some ways I'm glad. In some ways I'm glad that there are only one of these lepers came back. Because it illustrates the fact that all of us individually. Personally have to make that journey to Jesus feed so he wants us to be there. He would have been happy to welcome Dalton. But we can't do it as a group. Yes God God calls us into fellowship and to community and the party of Christ. But we're saved one by one. As we personally individually. Make our own choice. To kneel the feet of Jesus to to allow the goodness of God to lead us to repentance to to allow our hearts to be filled with gratitude instead of discontent. The call that God has for us is for us to live like one of them. Lord desires us to make mention of his goodness and tell of his power. He is honored by the expression of praise and thanksgiving. He says whoso offer of praise glorifies me. The people of Israel as a journey through the wilderness praise God in sacred song. The commandments and promises of the Lord were set to music and all along the journey these were sung by the Pilgrim Travelers. And in Canaan as they met of their sacred faced God's wonderful works were to be recounted and grateful Thanksgiving offered do is name. God desire that the whole life of his people should be a life of one of the say. Life of pranged crisis object lessons. Page two ninety eight. Share with you a couple of other statements real quickly. We've seen illustrated already in God's word. But I want to share with you these these clarion call to Thanksgiving and gratitude. God loves us thankful heart. Trusting implicitly in his words of promise. Gathering comfort and hope and peace from them. And he will reveal to us till greater depths. Of His love you understand what happens when we have received the grateful heart. What we what we've been blessed by. We're going to receive more. That's that's the principle that we're trying to see here. Again from reflecting Christ to eighty five. As you pour out your thank offering God is glorified and he gives you more as you pour out things giving he gives you more joy. We learn to praise God from whom all blessings flow. What are the say we learn the notice that evidently evidently is not just intuitive evidently doesn't always just come naturally. Evidently we have to learn it have it comes by practice. It comes when we thank God for what he's done for us. We ourselves grow. We receive more. We are blessed. When we thank God for His goodness to us. Finally last one here from the desire of ages. Page three forty seven our confession of his faithfulness. Is heavens chosen agency for revealing Christ to the world. We are to acknowledge his grace. As made known through the holy men of old. But that which will be most effectual is the testimony of our own experience. We are witnesses for God. As we reveal in ourselves the working of a power that is divine. Every individual has a life distinct from all others and an experience differing essentially from theirs. God desires it our praise. Shall ascend to him. Marked by our own individuality are you thankful for Jesus. These angle he appreciates that we're individuals. We don't you don't have to be the pastor friend. You don't have to be. You don't have to be somebody else that we have our own personality we have our own approach we have our own background experience. But God one that there are praise. Ascending to him marked by our own individuality these precious acknowledgements to the praise of the glory of His grace. When supported by Christ like life. Have an irresistible power. That works for the salvation of souls. Oh friends got a call on our lives today. He's calling us to be like the one. This Thanksgiving. I hope you not only remember that you're blessed. I hope you're spending time at the feet of Jesus. Because they're there you'll experience even greater blessing. And there I think you'll end up lifting up your voice to and and telling others about a good God is not just to give you life not just to give you the harvest not diss the blessed materially and bring us through another year. But to give us the hope. And the promise. In the gift of eternal life. Through Jesus Christ His Son. Father in heaven today we just thank you that you have blessed a whole of us no matter no matter our our situation in life we're all blessed we're here we're alive. Sometimes Lord we were we struggle with the problems in our lives in the challenges in our lives in the difficulties in the. And the hardships that we pass through and we tend to focus on those when Lord. You want us to focus on the blessings so that you can give us more. Oh Lord especially. I pray that not only would we have become for the engine the fact that your blessing us. I pray that you would that we would be experiencing the spiritual blessings that only come as we spend time at your feet. Lord. We not only want to be cleansed. We want to be converted. And we want to tell others. What a wonderful see here is G.'s our Lord make us. Those powerful witness. With this. Influence for the god special Thanksgiving we have this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon sleeve visit W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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