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4. Distractions that Diminish the Glory

Dan Augsburger


Solomon sadly hired a foreign craftsman to head up the construction, which brought a large population of pagan idoll worshippers into Israel, which would eventually bring apostosy to his country. We are also told it was his love of display that caused him to go to such ends. Who would think such a love could bring such disastrous results.


Dan Augsburger divides his time between teaching part of the year at the Andrews University Theological Seminary, and holding seminars and revivals the rest of the year in various places in the world.



  • November 3, 2015
    7:30 PM
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Greetings. You are about to hear one of a multi part series on the dedication of Solomon's Temple. Entitled restore the glory. I myself. Dan Augsburg or. I share these presentations in the fall of two thousand and fifteen in the standard a park Sta church in what for Dingan which is a northern suburb of London. In this series we look at the construction and the dedication of Solomon's Temple. In doing so however we compare the building and construction of that temple with the prior construction and dedication of the first Tabernacle in the wilderness. And the subsequent construction and dedication of the Second Temple which was constructed. After the Xcel. We will also look at the construction. And the dedication of the temple our hearts. I believe you will learn much from these presentations and will be blessed. I hope you'll be able to hear all of them. They can be found at my website disciple heart. Dot com. If you have further questions or want to communicate with me for some other reason. You can write me at Pastor prayer P A T H number two prayer. Pass to prayer at G M A R G M A L G mail dot com. Pastor prayer at G. Mail dot com. Once again this is Dan Augsburg or. I appreciate your taking the time to listen. And I pray that you will be blessed. Welcome. So good to see all of you out again this evening. Wonderful. And as you probably know this coming Ensign pews are going to next door so. Well even have a place to meet. Later this week because I like to say where he appeared before he say anything else. Father in heaven. I thank you that. We've come together to hear from you. Yours to the included. Lord I never spent any time sharing anything about you. When I don't learn myself. So Father we come to you collectively asking that you enjoy near. And that you. Us as the father yes that you would take my thoughts and my opinions and. Anything that might be their self and remove it so that they would hear what you want to communicate with the sobering responsibility. Father forgive us. That which needs forgiveness evening. Purchase. Father of self. And send the Holy Spirit. Please. That we might become that vibrant living. Temple of the heart. That we are wanting to be for you in Jesus name I pray. And then. This evening we want to talk about distractions. Interestingly enough. And some of the most people don't perhaps think about meit's much as a mist of the came later in the in the land of Israel in the time of the Kings began with Solomon. And the building of the temple. And we don't think of it. Most But tonight we need to because it's certainly a part of the story. And I want to share a story from our own history that speaks to a potential distraction. And that is of our own. One of our own pioneers and then the name of James where he was married to Illinois. In his life instances the book that he wrote about his life he talks about the fact that he was an extremely feeble child. When he was less than three years old he had what doctors call the worm fever. Which resulted in fits and which turned his eyes. Cross-eyed turn the mint and it nearly destroyed his sight. And he said that from that time. I was having a hard time reading. I was feeble nervous. Partially blind. And it wasn't until he was sixteen when his eyes finally corrected themselves as a he again became healthy and strong. But even then it was with great effort that he could read a single verse of the Bible now this is a man who is. He finally decided to go to school at the age of nineteen. His friends that assured him it was too late and told him to continue farming. But he said I could not take their advice so at the age of nineteen he went to school and there if you spent twelve weeks. Going to school at the age of nineteen. That was his initial schooling. I mean if you knew that the James I began school at the age of nineteen had all the twelve weeks the first year. And then he. He was out of school. And he taught for your and then he came back. And he actually had a little bit more school. His total schooling for his entire life. Was all of twenty nine weeks. Pretty amazing. Someone who wrote books and wrote so much an interview and Harold. I think that he had Ellen had a special understand it because neither one of them went to school. Very much they could understand. Anyway so he attended school there in that first term and then when he left he actually worked in a in a mill or right handedness all know. And while there he cut his ankle which resulted in a permanent weakness. And he said for twenty six years when he's writing this. He says I've been unable to walk. And bear weight on my left heel. So when you read of for example him walking so many miles to take somebody into the printing press. You can almost imagine that he was limping as he went and limping as he came back garden does to show what he can do through. Week. And very human. Vessels. Anyway. As I said he decided to go. Back to school and. And there you quired learning and arithmetic and in grammar and things like that. The other students had money. But he did not so he serves I wore gold clothes all my classmates were new and lived three months and cornmeal putting prepared by myself and a few rotten apples. All my classmates were living at the boarding house and joining the conveniences. And the luxuries of that environment. He says. And I go to my Of attended high school. In all twenty nine weeks. And my entire cost of tuition books and board. Have not exceeded. Fifty dollars. And so his life continue not backing up just a little bit. At the age of fifteen. James White. Was baptized in united with the Christian church. But he says at the age of twenty. I buried myself in the spirit of study and school teaching and had main down the cross. OK Let me repeat that he said at the age of twenty. I buried myself in my studies. And I laid down the cross. Never descended to the common sense. Yet I love this world. More than. I love Jesus and repeat as he said I got to the point where I love the world and education more than I love Jesus and. I was worshipping education. Instead of the God of heaven. And instead of mine I returned home for my second and last cool. When my mother. Surprising by St James brother Oakes of Boston is lecturing at the meeting house. About Jesus. Coming soon. Is that I had regarded him. Militarism as a wild fanaticism. And this has been confirmed by hearing of. Some of the preachers but now my mother whose judgment and piety I have great confidence shock me and distress me. Because she said I needed to go and listen to him. He said. How could it be so I was unprepared to go and listen I was unprepared of my life change. Because I had already made my plans for what I wanted to do the rest of my life. And so in spite of his desires to go into schooling his mother was insistent that he needed to go. He raised objection. After objection. But she had good answers. He said she met calmly and pleasantly. All my objections. And finally help me to believe that I should take the time to go. And it was there in the house of God. Where I heard of the love of Jesus and the glory of his appearing and I was deeply impressed. And came to exactly that which I had heard. OK. So as I return to the borders were strong convictions that I should renounce my worldly plans and give my soul to the work of warning the people to prepare for the day of God. They didn't know that he was coming. But I know. We live in that kind of situation today don't wait. Many are looking for something better in in. Perhaps sincere ways as they understand things. But not in the best places. As he was Moline over in his mind the need to go back to to warn people. He was why do you think of the scholars at his school. He said it had fifty scholars some of them were my own age some were older. My school was a happy one I love them and they loved me and the boys kept coming. Go back and weren't your scholars. As I found comfort in prayer began to pray for my scholars would sometimes wake myself in the night. And be praying for them and a strong impression continued. Visit your scholars from house to house. And pray with them. All I could not conceive of a heavier cross to bear to go back to my school students. And pray with them. You see. I pray to be excused I prayed to pursue my studies. But no relief can pray for clear evidence. But the same impression seem to say. Go and visit your scholars. And the state of mind I went into my father's field hoping that I could work off. My convictions. But the fall of me. And the increased. I went to the grove to pray for really of the gun came. The impression continued visit your scholars. As ever more distinct. My spirit rose into in rebellion he said against God. And I recklessly said. I will not go in it was accompanied by a firm stamp on the ground. Showing God the he had tended to have his own way in five minutes he was a man of action. In five minutes who says I was at the house packing my books and my clothes for Newport Academy. Because we're in the past. School it always really given me great joy he thought to himself. I can go back and study again. So the next morning I secured my boarding place to my position several classes in the school and commenced study with a will listen to Dr off my convictions. But this did not succeed. I became distressed and agitated I spent several hours poring over my books I try to call the to mind what I've been studying. But this I could not do for my mental confusion. Had become complete. He said I was studying and studying but I can't remember it all. What I was studying. You see the Spirit of God had followed him into the school room in mercy. Notwithstanding his rebellion and gave him no rest. Finally I resolved that I would do my duty. And immediately took my cap and went directly from the door to the school room. On foot to the town of Troy the place where I had been teaching. I had gone but a few rods I got the gist of a few yards out a few metres out of the house. Out of the school room rather. And certainly the joy of God came into my mind in Heaven seem to shine around me and I raise my hands and praise God. With the voice of try. There's nothing worse than trying to run away from God. If we could talk to Jonah he would. He would agree. And Jane's when I was trying to run away and. So we buried him self in farming and then he tried to pray. And then he went to school been nothing worth. But when he decided to obey. Immediately the joy came back into his life that had been missing. Before. It's interesting he began walking towards the school and. And he was impressed. As he was going by house that he should stop there. But he didn't want to. He didn't want to knock on the door. But he's like term self I can go and ask for a drink of water. So that's what he did he not done the Durance when the man appeared he asked for a drink of water and it was obvious the man or been crying and he was invited in and learned about have a man and I didn't go to lead him at the right moment to as he put it to help set up the family. Alter the next morning he left. And he was going down the road again and was impressed to stop at another house. And when he went to the door while all the old. It was one of his students that was there they just move there and he was all excited and told her mother. And they can converse and he shared why he was there and she's at all and I will send others. Out to get the neighbours and Sunni's that he had a congregation of twenty to twenty five people. And there he shared his and when we prayed he said. I discovered that. None of them had any assurance. And he said God to provide me the congregation. And from that time he continued serving God the rest of his life. And as we spent some time or the question I have for you this evening is are there distractions. In your life that are causing you to avoid a calling. Of God in your life. Maybe only to witness to the people in your neighborhood. Maybe to do something they go is putting conviction on but. But spent time and ask God to what degree have you fully given yourself to God. And if there are distractions. What might they be. And ask God to give you the willingness. Hagar rid of every distraction. So there be nothing in their way in the temple of your heart. But the Holy Spirit wants to take over. Let's spend some quiet time. Praying on her own talking to God about where we stand with him tonight especially. So far as distractions go. In our lives. Thank fathers we now go into the rest of our meeting this evening sun A Holy Spirit and speak to each one of our hearts. In Jesus Name I bring in that. I love church history and. Speaking of distractions. Those George knew her and hasn't had one being the founder of the orphanage in Bristol. The other being the founder of the child in the mission face a very significant. Distraction. When they had given their lives to Jesus. And one of the great temptations. And still a temptation today. Was they were both in love with her something. George Miller was in love with was a young woman and he realized that if he were to continue that relationship his relationship with Jesus was NOT be very. And so finally had to turn away from that relationship. Because he had to choose between her and between really serving God and Hudson Taylor. He was in love with with a young woman as well and. It wasn't really a spiritual issue but he knew that he'd been called to go to China. And he had no interest in going to China and he was going to have to choose between serving God or you know staying in that relationship and. He did his best to get the relationship to work under stand in fact he tried twice if I read the biographies correctly. But in the end he preferred to go to China. And then just in the George Miller later with married. Mary Bueller. And he said they had a perfect. Merits. Perfect marriage they said they so there wasn't a single moment when he looked upon Mary without a sense of joy. It's possible to have great marriages and husband who would later marry Maria Dyer and they also had a wonderful wonderful marriage. I think both of them would have said. It's going to that God make the choice. But those they had they were distracted. And I believe that say it works very very hard to bring a distraction into our lives. If he can to keep us from seeking that which is which is best. Anyway so as we continue this evening. I want to share just a few final thoughts on what we were discussing. Last evening. Remember we were discussing about building for eternity and how. Solomon had had made this beautiful temple. But here is a point that. I want to reemphasize as we begin the tabernacle. Was a beautiful beautiful building. Especially on the inside. And a chart of God's love and care for people in unmistakable ways. Solomon's Temple was beautiful on the inside. And the outside so much so that it became known as one of the eight wonders of the ancient world and people still speak of. Solomon's Temple. But listen very carefully. Solomon's Temple of beauty was transcended another words. It would change OK. Because the people became attached to the physical building and forgot the eternal realities that were represented. It is easy when there is something beautiful to think so much is not the building that we forget about the fact that the church is especially a spiritual entity. You mustn't forget that as you go into your new sanctuary. OK. The beautiful temple. But. But the people for God in their attachment to the physical building. And because it was so beautiful and there was such a sense ignited bless them. It was almost like they hid behind the temple. When they were disobey. But later guided work here larger temple to be destroyed. So the that crutch. Would be taken away. The second temple was much more humble and there wasn't much to attract people. At least so far as Solomon's Temple was concerned. But it was great because the Lord Jesus came to this world tied in a temple and brought in manifestation that even Solomon's temple and all of its beauty. Could begin to approach. This is the key point. You might have a a church made of solid gold. You know. A church that is more beautiful than anything that we could possibly imagine. But if Jesus were to walk into your church. You discover that their god. Look pretty plain compared to him. And you have the opportunity to have a truth that is so beautiful that all these people will send people. Because they will have heard that Jesus is in your church. I brothers and sisters do not forget that the Second Temple was more beautiful than Solomon's Temple. And remember when Jesus was on the earth. What he said to the disciples. He said. I said you. Most assuredly. He who believes in Me the works that I do. He will do also and greater works than these he will do. Because I go to my father. And whatever you ask in my name that I will do that the father may be glorified in me. Jesus said. You will do even greater works than. I have done. That means the temple of the heart in two thousand and fifteen potentially can be greater than the second temple or Solomon's Temple. The beauty of the church is not in a building. It's in the people that you hear me. People are not attracted by fancy buildings their fancy buildings all around me can I compete on the world's terms. Did you hear me. But when people see a love between the members. When they see a respect for God. It does something very powerful. And we're going to talk about that more this week. But the point is is that we have the opportunity to do something very wonderful. But insane that in saying that we must not allow ourselves to get distracted. Like Solomon was distracted. And so we want to continue. And talk about the decisions that were made and then that distracted Solomon and the decisions we must make so that we will not be distracted. Here's a good Titian's we begin. It is our work to know our special. Failings and sense. Which cause darkness and spiritual feebleness and quench our first look. We all have different vulnerabilities. Temptations interest to cause us to have less interest in God. All of us have a a difference or is it. Worldliness. Is it selfishness. Is it. Pride is it striving to be first. Is there anything that is our special. Vulnerability. We need to be careful. OK now. Turn if you would in your Bibles now to first kings three. First Kings three. And we're going to look at a couple of points. But it all starts with these first few verses. And I wish I could avoid the verses. But we can't. These verses come actually before. Solomon has that that conversation I would go verse one First Kings Chapter three now Solomon made a treaty with Pharaoh king of Egypt and married. Pharaohs daughter. Then he brought her to the City of David. Until he had finished building his own house and the House of the Lord and the wall. All around Jerusalem. Meanwhile the people sacrificed at the high places. Because there was no house built for the name of the Lord until those days and Solomon. Love the Lord. Walking in the statutes of his father David exit that he sacrificed and burn incense. At the high places. OK so there in chapter three. We notice the cover things number one. He made a treaty with the pharaoh of Egypt. Number two he married the fearless daughter. Three. The people receive her face in high places because no provision had been made for them in the in the bustle of building that new temple. And finally though he loved the stages of his father. Yet. He continued to sacrifice and burn incense. At the high places that were not sanction. By God. Now we may think that that isn't that significant. Those aren't that significant but in the in the larger picture you're going to find that some very significant things happen in these are the things I'm going to mention them and then within a look at them individually number one. The people have been told they were not to make any alliances with foreign keys. And when he made that alliance. He was putting himself on shaky ground. Number two. They've been forbidden about marrying a foreign wife number three he worshiped in places not sacred made sacred by God and something that surprised me in my study. He had a serious issue with the love of display and that mother displayed to many many other problems. Next. He sought skilled workers as a result from the surrounding nations. And finally Solomon's Temple instead of being built for the name of the word became known as. Solomon's Temple. Instead of God's temple. I.K.. Let's look at these things individually. First Kings three we just read it how he made a treaty with zero king of Egypt. And I'm going to read the verses. For you. Where you can there not too many verses tonight look at Texas if you want. Twenty three thirty two. Exodus twenty three thirty two. It says there. You shall make no covenant with axes twenty three thirty two. You shall make no company was annoyed with their gods. Vision not dwell in your Him unless they make you Senate against me for if you serve their gods it was surely be a snare to you. And then in Judges Chapter two judges chapter two verse two. It says there. And you shall make no covenant with the inhabitants of this land you shall carry on their altars but you do not obeyed. My voice Why have you done this. OK. They had gone ahead and made an alliance at that point. They had not driven everyone else they'd allow some of the candidates to stay. And God said this is against what I told you to do. Well. Sullen made a treaty with Pharaoh. We all know that some and also Mary from what we read in first kings. He married pharaohs daughter. Where did eventually lead to why did the vengefully lead to sad sad story look at first kings eleven if you would first kings eleven. Is quite an amazing catalogue. But saying. Solomon love many foreign women as well as the daughter for women of the more bites. The Ammonites OK First Kings of Levon starting in verse one. He loved many for women as well as the daughter of Pharaoh women of the more bytes Ammonites eater might said. Sedona and then Hittites from the nations of on the word side of the children visual. He shall not intermarry with a nor they with you surely they would turn away your heart. After their gods. Solomon clung to these in her. Have you ever notice how much people cling sometimes of things that they should be going to hear. By the way we've all done and let's be honest right. We've all done. And he had it says seven hundred wives princesses and three hundred concubines had his word why they did what they turned away. His heart. I don't know if some of them is thinking that they would that in Mary and pharaohs daughter that eventually he would have seven hundred wasn't three hundred concubines and then these wives would turn away his heart. For I was so says verse four one summers old that his wife turned his heart after other gods. And his heart was not loyal to the Lord as good as with the heart of his father. David for Solomon went after Ash just the goddess of the Cydonia isn't after Milken the Abomination the Ammonites some added. Evil in the side of the Lord. And did not fully follow the Lord as did his father. Then he built a high place for Kmart the abomination of Mohammed etc etc First Date and he did likewise for all those foreign was who burn incense and sacrifice to their gods. So some of the Civil War became angry with Solomon. Because his heart had turned from the Lord God of Israel would appear to him twice. Etc. I don't think famine. Thought it all where that marriage would lead him. That later he was not only serving God he was actively serving foreign pagan idols and building. Ultras in temples for all of his wives. What a sad thing for a man who was called the The wise man who ever lived. OK. So he he married. Pharaohs daughter. And it caused great great problems. Then we learned also that Solomon. Worship in places. They had not been sanctioned by God. He should have made provision to make sure that the people could worship continue. Worshipping god. Look if you would I do run I'm a chapter twelve versus two to six. During Chapter twelve versus two to sex and says there. You show are truly destroy all the places where the nation but you sure dispossess serve their gods on the high mountains and on the hills. And under every green tree and you should destroy their altars break their sacred pillars and burn their wooden images with fire. You should cut down the carved images of their gods and destroy their names from their place. You shall not worship the LORD your God with such things but you shall seek the place where the Lord your God chooses out of all of his tribes to put his name for is dwelling place. And there. You shall go. They were told to go and find those high places and destroy the idols destroy the altars to have nothing left of those things because God knew what a temptation. They would be. Identities in is a temptation because it's very attractive. Right. And he was told. And the people were told very clearly that you are not to allow that to take place. What resulted from his allowing these influences to come back in through his for in my eyes. If you look at the history of Israel. The high places. Remain. And it was a common thing that they would that they would destroy all the idols. But they leave the high place. And here's my question for you. Is there such a thing as a high place in our day. I know are there. Idols that were tempted by in our day. What is a night I was talking about of this morning. I was a pastor's an idol is anything that causes you to be less willing to serve God and idols anything that you love God that you love more than. Then you love God and K.. And so there are many many things that can be idols in our day. Who was the high price. In my opinion the high place. Is self. I don't want anyone to tell me what I should do. I want my own opinion I want my own way. I.K. What did you his callers to Jesus said. If anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself and take of his cause one. Daily and. Follow me for whoever desires to save his life will lose it. But whoever loses his life or my sig will save it and ten Jesus called us to take of the cross and take the narrow way. Here's a contagion. For you. Self must die. And not have a resurrection. Every other day. This comes from manuscript releases if you're wondering. Volume twenty one self must die and I have a resurrection every other day. The words must be truly spoken I live good night I. The Christ live within me. He and I is a very hard. Personality detail with your great very hard personality cult. I rise in to live in full proportions. If given the least are bridge only or encourage men. Then confident in their own suppose wisdom. Men for sake. The right way. You see some it had pretty much two hundred everything but for some reason. He had been willing to get rid of everything. And news of things that you have that that perhaps. You know not only caused him to send but I believe cause many others. Dissenters well known. Another statement. The new birth is a rare experience in this age of the world. OK. Been Born again is rare. Why. This is the reason why there are so many perplexities in the church. Many so many you assume the name of Christ. Are unsanctified an unholy. They've been baptized. But they were buried alive. They were baptized. But they were buried alive. Cells did not die and therefore they did not rise to notice of life in Christ. I read there when Jesus is living in me. Jesus recognizes Jesus in my brother and sister. And we get a line. Because Jesus never fights against Jesus DID YOU HEAR ME. The reason there is so much perplexity in the church's biggest. It's easy to be baptized. But buried alive. If we really want to work with Jesus with my sake of the cross which is about dying completely the servant thing God. I choose not to have my will. I only want your will to be done. And we go further. Solomon had a great love of display first ten of the Sixers nine but those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and snare and into many foolish and harmful was the sure on men in destruction and preditions and kept those who deserve the bridge. Those who have a desire for that which is able to display. Fall into temptations and snares now. And I'm just giving you some some comments based on what I'm reading. Solemn was or. So we're interested in our We're just like that he lost his ongoing connection with Jesus. He saw this honor integrity of character in seeking to glorify himself before the world and finally became a desperate. Supporting this extravagance by a grinding taxation upon the people. Firstly can corrupt at heart. Then here pasta size from God and finally became a we're sure of IOS. It was in his desire for a display that he began to have bigger and bigger dreams for his temple. He began to tax the people more and more make life more and more difficult than till finally he became a desperate. And in the separation it occurred and in that way of relating to other people. He began to who should foreign gods or world and values. Did you hear me have just changed from the past to the present. How do I know this is true. When his son real bomb came to the throne. They came and they begged him if you'll just make things a little easier. Will serve you take us as they said. It's been a horribly difficult. But real bomb refused and because of that he lost ten of the twelve tribes. Sounds and became me. Desperate and in vision to excel. All the nations in power and grant your let into pervert for his own selfish purposes. The gift to God and given him the money which would have been held in sacred trust. For those who are needy. For the extension of God's kingdom was put in his selfish. Projects. Taking overlook the need of acquiring the beauty and perfection of character again from the wisest and most merciful of rulers. He did generated into a tyrant. He became oppressive heat taxed and tax some more. So the people. When happy. And here's a key points. He lost sight of the fact there is there is influence via people of God it comes to our obedience. That relationship with God. I can withstand I think it's in. You know what we have the Gives a sin for that's what the world says. Or the power the position we have. But God says. Those that have real influence in this world are those who are walking with me. OK. And so he began to exalt himself and great difficulty came. What was Jesus desire. He was humble right. And he has called us to that kind of whatever going to learn about the more later but in seeking to for display in seeking to be. You know the greatest king and to have the most beautiful temple the most beautiful capital. He became an oppressive man. And the desire for display led him to become a despot. And later. To have to serve for in gods. Something else happened the look. If you would at Second Chronicles Chapter seven. Second conical is Chapter seven. Second Chronicles two verse seven I apologize second comical chapter two verse seven. He wrote Hiram. The King of Tyre. Therefore send me at once. Send me at once a man skillful to work in gold and silver in bronze an iron in purple and crimson and blue with skill to engrave with a skilful men who are with me in Judah and drew some whom. David my father provided. Etc. When God had instructed Moses regarding the building of the first tabernacle. Not just tell you what happen in Access thirty one. It reads as follows. See I have called by name but although the sign of Yuri. And I filled in with the Spirit of God and wisdom in understanding and knowledge. And in all manner of workmanship. To design. Artistic Works to work in gold silver bronze etc. God. Providentially and Mabel equipped. A man of his own people who do have great skill to make all the beautiful things needed in the first tabernacle. That's interesting if you read the story carefully. When Hiram hears how God is blessing. Solomon he sends us servants and and. Solomon response. But instead of saying God is going to bless us. He says. Shoes for me a skilled worker and he let a pagan cane choose. The supervisor of God's temple. He was in to have done that and he should have allowed God to enable someone to do their work but he chose. A foreigner to do this work. And that's not what God intended. And with the foreign supervisor came. Foreign workers. Thousands of them. And were told it was the mingling of the foreign workers with God's people. Because paganism to come into the country of Israel. Why because it in trust God to supply the skills needed to do the work as well. OK. I was quite surprised when David had urged got plenty said there are workers with you in abundance. Woodsmen stonecutters and all types of skilful men. For every kind of work. But Solomon did not want to to follow the way the God had led him. Finally when people speak of Solomon's Temple. It's called Solomon's Temple. He had ostensibly built the temple for the name of the word so that the nations would come and and glorify the God of heaven. But in his desire for display in his going way beyond what was necessary just for selfish purposes. Everyone picked up that there was a different mode isn't what was going on I believe. And therefore he became known as. Solomon's Temple. So I want to ask as we come to our final prayer time this evening. Again. Are you in relationships that you know deep in your heart to God says. This is what I want. My friends. When I married Rose had I told Rose Rose. I love you and I want to marry you but you must understand I'm going to bring some my old girlfriends to the wedding. Which you have agreed. She would have said no she was said you know if you're not going to marry me and make me your exclusive interest. We're not getting married. And yet many of us come to go with girlfriends from the past. So this big. If you want to be that spiritual temple of the heart. You must reject all the girlfriends that don't belong there and come with a hard. Clean. So the Holy Spirit can have full control. And then you must ask what is it the motivation. Are you motivated to honor God. And do things God's way which is take up the cross and walk in the narrow way. Or you want to take the Broadway of the world. If you want to be the beautiful temple. That has real power. With God and with men must be willing to take up the cross must be willing to let that hard personally kill the I die. So that your hidden behind the cross and when you come to church when you relate other people they see Jesus coming through you are you saying. My brothers and sisters. You have the opportunity to really have a beautiful church in every way. But remember that which makes your church beautiful. Is Jesus in your heart. You have just heard one of a multi part series on the construction and dedication of Solomon's Temple. Given by myself Dan Augsburg are at the stand row part church in the fall of two thousand and fifteen. I pray that it has been a blessing to you. You can find the rest of the presentations at my website disciple heart. Dot com Let me spell that for you. Disciple hard D I S C I P L E E H E A R T disciple heart dot com. Perhaps you have a question that you'd like to pose to me directly if so you're free to write me at Path to prayer a Jim mail dot com and they give you the spelling P. eighty eight. Number two P. R A Y E R path to prayer at G. Mail dot com. Once again. This is Dan Augsburg or thank you for taking the time to listen and. God bless you. This media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like for about the over. Life more service leave with W.W.W. audio verse. Dot org.


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