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6. Restoring the Power

Dan Augsburger


In this presentation I sought to show that the power of God came in response to Solomon humbling himself, pointing out that the powerful Christian is the one who has taken up Christ's yoke of service and obedience in meek and lowly way.


Dan Augsburger divides his time between teaching part of the year at the Andrews University Theological Seminary, and holding seminars and revivals the rest of the year in various places in the world.



  • November 5, 2015
    7:30 PM
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Greetings. You are about to hear one of a multi part series on the dedication of Solomon's Temple. Entitled restore the glory. I myself didn't Augsburg or. I share these presentations in the fall of two thousand and fifteen in the standard of park Sta church in what for Dingan which is a northern suburb of London. In this series we look at the construction and the dedication of Solomon's Temple. In doing so however we compare the building and construction of a temple with a prior construction and dedication of the first Tabernacle in the wilderness. And the subsequent construction and dedication of the Second Temple which was constructed. After the exile. We will also look at the construction. And the dedication of the temple of our hearts. I believe you will learn much from these presentations and will be blessed. I hope you'll be able to hear all of them. They can be found at my website disciple heart. Dot com. If you have further questions or want to communicate with me for some of the reason. You can write me at Path to prayer P A T H number two prayer. Pass to prayer at G. mail or G.M.A. i L. and G. Mail dot com. Pastor prayer at G. Mail dot com. Once again this is Dan Augsburg or. I appreciate your taking the time to listen. And I pray that you will be blessed. Think for a moment. Of something that's found in Matthew the ten chapters were beginning this evening. It speaks of the time when Jesus called the disciples to go out and work he said he gave him power over. Unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal. All kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease. And then in verse eight he said. And as you go preach. Saying. The Kingdom of God of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick. Cleanse the lepers raise the dead. Cast out demons. Freely. You have received. Freely give. We are told that those promises are is true for today as they were back then and I hope that the day will come at it fit somewhat with with what we're starting about this evening. That our churches will be prepared some day to truly be places of healing. There are many reasons why God doesn't always feel sometimes. You know God will will not heal someone supernaturally when he can heal them. Naturally I think that's a that's a unimportant truth to know. There are other times like Joe there's a great controversy going on but just the same. God wants to do a great work. And so. As I was thinking of the anointed service that would take place later I just wanted to encourage you with a story that comes from bridges that we learned there. Regarding I think a family member of one of your members it has to do with the V.P. family. Down in Russia's at the time she was Catholic he was Anglican. They had promised not to contend over religion and. At some point meetings were being held by a pastor of our church friends attended meetings took notes that he shared with her husband since the latter was deaf. He read the notes passed them on to his wife and she began reading and like when she was hearing. And therefore they invited. Someone to come and study the Bible with him and ever vigilant. Neighbor. Notice what was going on and alerted the. The local priest. That his members were studying with Adventists So he came to the door and asked what was going on is it true he asked that you're advising people into study the truth. Yes she said. Well I forbid you to study with this individual. But they are good words that we are studying. If you continue to study I will forbid you to attend the church. Thank you she said father. If you continue to study I will. Excommunicate you. Thank you Father. And finally when he began to make threatening she pushed him out of the out of her house. And he gave instruction to the school that the children there the Catholic children and the Hindu children were not to have anything to do with the advent of children that did not dissuade her she was truly a woman of God and she was going to serve God. No matter what. Was stories told about how one of her children by the name of heyday became desperately sick with meningitis. In those days. Eighty percent of the people who contract with the disease. Died. Death was approaching on the third in the third day became obvious that. Hey day was dying and those nurse came over accompanied by the schoolteacher. And they were doing their best to encourage and help feed distraught family. Tale then wanting to make a difference. Absented herself from them and went to to talk with. With others and to get something out of the kitchen. And when she returned she was met by stony silence. Something was wrong so she began looking from person to person at her little girl and finally asked the question. Did she die. And while she'd been away she had truly passed away. And obviously. She was very upset. Thank you and she told him to leave and for them to leave her alone with her little girl. And so they did and they heard nothing they closed the door they heard nothing for what seemed like a long long time. And they finally became very curious of the open the door just a crack. And looking in. They saw an interesting insight the mother was an unease begging God praying to God. But sitting up in the bed next to her was a little girl that. The nurse had found to be dead some time before. The true story that comes out emerges that the god. Restore that little girl and response to the to the mother's prayer. Another time. When the tailing was sick and she was having. They were giving her some vaccinations or a shot against malaria I think it was her arm became extremely infected and the nurse was coming out to work with her and it was so full of puss that they would pull off the bandage and. And it would just look terrible. And the doctors had been discussing her situation they said you know. You need to bring her to the hospital because we need to amputate her arm but don't tell or ahead of time. And so the nurse was working on encouraging her to come. But she made a statement she said I will not give credit to a doctor. For what God does he do. And so. And so she says she said just put the bandage on and she went to bed that night. I'm guessing she must've prayed about the situation because the morning the bandage and fallen off in the arm was completely healed there were just too little red marks it's really quite in an amazing story of of God's blessing. Another time this. Valiant soldier of the cross was in her room I have to share one last little story. And she was having her secret time of Jesus in the Bible. Because there's a relationship between our relationship with Jesus and God's ability to use us. And you heard a great deal of commotion outside in front of the house. She lived very close to where there was a river where there was the highest railroad bridge in the country emerges and when she went outside she found all these people running by running towards the river and making quite a commotion. Though the weather was beautiful outside the water had suddenly risen in the river in the ladies who'd been washing their clothes in the river they'd gotten out but they left behind a little girl on a rock in the middle of the of the river in the water was rising quickly and it looked like the water would take her away. Strong men were doing their best to rescue her. But they were finding a way because the current was so fast. Tailing had run out with her Bible in her hand and she for some reason which I don't understand Ed when the relative the told me that she took her Bible and she threw it and said God take your word. But save this child. And when the Bible hit the water the water went right down to the level of mud. And she rushed they rushed across they grabbed the river. I grabbed a child and brought the child back then the water came back up and swept over the rock. But the child was was rescued. As a result of someone who had great faith in God. You know as you move into this new sanctuary it's all about the power of God. Living in such a way and relating in such a way that God can use you in a great way. And for those who are choosing to be anointed later. We're looking to the power of God to do work there's not magic. In the one praying there's not magic in the oil. Those are just representatives of our desire to have God. Work. And obviously we're asking that it. If it be God's will if it's for His glory and for the person's good. That the healing. Would take place. So when you're praying please pray a NASA Goddard bless those moments of in one thousand that truly His will be done and. And then Don't stop praying we're going to do it privately. So it won't be done in front of everyone but continue to ask that God would bring a healing. If it says well thank you so much. Now we're going to turn to our prayer time and. As you know it's a quiet time as that God would work in your own lives. Relative to healing in you or with someone else. All of those things. Play a factor in the degree to which God can manifest his presence in the sanctuary and then after that Amy's going to be singing and consider her song for. Let's take time to pray. Father in heaven it's a privilege to be here this evening. Rose and I have not been here since the work began. But it is with joy and with gratitude that we've moved into this special part of this church. Dedicated. Father long ago and will be rededicated in a special way to you. What a privilege it is to meet together to learn and to pray. This evening. Please join us this evening. In this first service. Please forgive us Lord of our sins. Please apply the blood of Jesus liberally to our hearts into our lives. Please. Purchase a self and send the Holy Spirit that our lives would be changed by the time that we spend. Father they have not come to hear me they have come to hear from you do not disappoint him. Be a very present. The unseen guest for Jesus' sake and for the success of this church. My each person. Leave knowing that you love them and that you've been within this evening in Jesus name I pray. Amen. I wanted to review just a little bit. This evening. What we've been learning about this week. As we get started. As you know we've been studying about the construction. And the dedication of. Solomon's Temple of fame that. I think we know retrospectively was absolutely. A plan that came from gone. When we began. Sunday evening we looked at how David prepared for the building of the temple. How do loaded he was how much he gave above and beyond what you know he had even plan. I believe mirroring the love of God in giving Jesus giving his very best giving all of having to us. Monday we talked about the actual construction of the temple. Looking at the precision. Looking at the skill use looking at the preciousness of the materials. The perfection of design and. And I was hoping to convey something of what Jesus has done. Working in our lives. Tuesday. We looked at how Solomon. Pursued the building. God's plan. But done. Sometimes in his way. And it was somewhat of a discovery of ourselves. We often get excited about working for God but we try to add or improve in it. Not always an improvement. Last evening we talked about restoring the presence of God and I talked. Primarily about the return of the ark because it was only after the ark returned. That the presence of God was again manifested in those temples. When. You know in the early Tabernacle in the and Solomon's Temple. For the physical ark. But especially when Jesus came in person that is when the full men of his station of God appeared in the second temple after the exile. And obviously after the Spirit came upon the early church members. At the time of the early church. Well this evening we want to talk about restoring the power of God. And I want you to remember that we're talking about the four temples as we get into this subject. In the tabernacle. The power of God came you know as the people word relationship with God and it was a very visible thing they could see the. You know the pillar. That was there. And with that pillar came the power they went out ignorance or enemies. With Solomon. We're going to discover tonight. The way that the power came. The visible manifestation of God's power in the second temple it was a different situation because the. The exterior part of the temple was increasingly becoming different because there was a brighter light that came and we learned earlier in the week that the third temple is actually a more powerful a greater temple. Than the first or the second. Even though people cried. Because it wasn't as beautiful. Outwardly as Solomon's Temple. And Jesus said when he was here. Greater works than these you will do and so the temple of our hearts potential should be even greater than ten when Jesus was there in the Second Temple. Somehow. There should be a a greater Manifestation of God. Taking place in our lives. However. In that early church temple in that temple of the heart. I'm going to share a secret with you that we don't talk about much. What is the Christians. Power. Jesus talked about it in his life. And it's one that we don't think about much. But I believe it will be a real paradigm shift or. And you're thinking in fact I'm convinced of that. And so we're going to start. And see what the Lord has in mind for us this season. The season. Let's start with the with the overview. Let's look if you would in Second Chronicles Chapter six verse four Second Chronicles six first four. And we're going to be looking for going to be looking at the dedicate Tory time. And what all went on and what that speaks to what your church should be all about the first thing that we find reading Chapter six. Verse four. Mashi we can starting in verse one then Solomon This is after the glory the Lord had filled the house of God. We're going to talk about the glory. Coming the glory restored. Tomorrow evening. Then Solomon spoke first one the Lord said he would do well in the dark cloud I have surely built you an exalted house. And a place for you to dwell in forever. Then the King turned around and blast the whole assembly of Israel while all the assembly of his or was standing. And he said Blessed to be the Lord God of Israel who he has the sealed with his hands. When he spoke with his mouth to my father. David. The first thing that we find in the time of dedication. Was a very sincere and humble acknowledgment that God had been faithful. I believe that the strongest motivator. The strongest tie that we have the Lord Jesus. In many cases on a practical basis is our gratitude. It's when people have been delivered from a disease when people have been protected from some danger. When they have been delivered from from the load of sin. And they are grateful. That is when they have the most childlike relationship with Jesus is not just a theory it is something that they have experience and so. SOLOMON There is talking up Wesa be the Lord God It is a who has a silver with his hands what he spoke with his mouth to my father. David. He said. Since the day that I brought my people saying since the day that I brought my people out of the land of Egypt. I've chosen no city from any tribe of Israel in which to build a house that my name might be there. Nor did I choose any man to be a ruler over my people is a get. I have chosen. Jerusalem. Not only was there an acknowledgment of God's faithfulness and his love. But there was an awareness that they had been chosen. In a very special way. You're not coming to just a building you're not coming to just a church. You're coming to. I believe a very special church with a very special purpose in this world in a very special purpose. In the City of London and Solomon's squoze got Reeses yet I have chosen. Jerusalem. That my name may be there. Spoke to the purpose. The purpose of the church is not to be known. Mainly for their social concern. Not to be known for. You know felt need seminars good sermons beautiful music but especially. And I pray that this will be true. I long to be a part of a church like this where when people go on these. They will say. Jesus was there today. And when they go to their neighbors they don't say we have an amazing pastor. People say you know when we go. There is the power of God in our church. Jerusalem was chosen because they're the name of God was to be manifested by brothers and sisters we all play a role in bringing the manifestation of God's name would you not join me and join your brothers and sisters same by the grace of God. I will be part of the solution that part of the problem did you hear me. I may do all I can to live for God and surrender every day and surrender fully so that nothing will impair. What God is trying to do. Yet I've chosen. Jerusalem. The my Namely be there. And I have chosen David to be. My people over my people Israel. Solomon was very aware that the guy had made choices. And he was in gratitude to to the choices made on behalf of the people of Israel. And on behalf of his family that he was dedicating his temple that so much had been spent. You know to put together. It says. Now is in the heart of my father David to build a temple. For the name of the Lord God of Israel. There was a recounting of the work of God. It is been said there is no danger. Accept as we forget how God has. That is in the past. Don't forget what God is done and become better acquainted with how God has learned. But the Lord said to my father daily whereas it was in your heart to build a temple for my name. You did well in that it was in your heart. Nevertheless you shall not build the temple. But your son who will come from your body. He shall build. There was also a sense of. Of sacrificing. And his sense of humbling. David had wanted to but he recognized they got it given a very clear command. And he was willing to humble himself. In order to obey God. And a church should be a place where the members collectively say I am willing to die to self I'm willing to die to my personal opinions. For the sake of God's will that you hear me. David was willing to not do what he wanted to do most because God said. You're not the one and there are times. God says to us. You're not the one instead of becoming bitter or be coming part of the loyal opposition are proud to say. We will follow God. We will ignore you God we will support. With blood is doing. So Ward has fulfilled his word. Which he spoke. And I fill the position of my father and sit on the throne of Israel as a Lord promised. And I have build the temple for notices. I have built the temple for the name of art. This place is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything should be to honor the Lord Jesus Christ. And remember. Remember the temple is not something in a tent in the backyard. It's not some beautiful. Gilded building like we have there was you know overlaid with gold like we had in in Solomon's day. God's temple. Resides in each one of your hearts. Did you hear me. And therefore as you go through your daily activities bit at home or if you're going to the university. Or you work somewhere. Everywhere you go remember that you are part of the temple of God. And that. Yes you may have a job you may have a title you may have a function. But pre-eminently in your life. It should be about Jesus. Did you hear me. A church that is busy about Jesus is a church that would be filled with the Holy Spirit. Don't you want that. As someone said. We know a god can do but we have yet to see what man. I mean we know what man can do but we have yet to see where God can do what you like to be a church where God is unhindered to work in a great way. Make a decision. Make a decision for the rest of your life. Of everything you have and are ever will be that it will be fully dedicated to got to walk with him. Step by step. Moment by moment please their brothers and sisters. It continues. And verse eleven. And there I have put the ark. In which is the covenant of the Lord which he made with the children of Israel. Solomon knew that with the out the Ark The Temple didn't mean anything and we learned last night that the ark was only an enclosure. Albion a very expensive enclosure. Because if the law was not there it lost its value. And my brothers and sisters it's true the ark had the mercy seat and we tend to focus on the mercy seat because we all are sinners. And we desperately need the mercy seat. But without the law. Below. None of it works did you hear me. And when you think of the largest think of it as a transcript of the most amazing. Perfect person in all the world. Did you hear me. It is not the negative thing that many people want to make it. Then Solomon. Prayed. A pair of dedication. Then he stood before the altar the Lord in the presence of all the assembly of his will and spread out his hands. For some and made a bronze platform and goes on in towards the end of the verse says. And he knelt down on his knees before all the assembly of Israel and spread out his hands towards heaven. It was a place where much prayer. Took place. And in the book of Isaiah God said my house should be what a house or prayer for all people. And a house that is God It is a feeling the purposes of of God will be a house that has much prayer. Going on but prayer that is not casual. Solomon got on his knees and he prayed. Because he knew that in prayer. He was in the presence of the most high God. And he said Lord God of Israel. There is no God in heaven or on earth like you who keep your covenant and mercy with your servants who walk before you with all their hearts. You have kept. What you promised your servant David my father. You have both spoken with your mouth. And you have to still do with your hand. As it is this. Therefore this day. Not only was prayer to be a part of what went on but also praying as this morning I was having worship for the staff at the. At the Union. And at the Union conference. And I put out a quotation of Ellen White where she said if we were praise God more. We would have more to praise him for. He says when we. And we acknowledge his guess. He will acknowledge our needs. This should be not only a place where we make requests. But where we are giving testimonies of prayers being answered. Of the blessings of God. He said Lord God of his are there is no God in heaven on earth like you. We live in a world that is highly distracted. When we give testimony when we focus on that we realize that the God that we serve is much greater than all the gods in the idols and the values of the world says. Are so important. We continue. We talked about how you have kept your promise. Versus seen therefore Lord God of his Another keep what you promised your servant David my father saying You shall not fail to have a man said before me on the throne of his are only if your sons take heed to their way that they walk in my lot as you have walked before me. Brothers and Sisters. There is a condition. It's not MY GOD SAYS You're my people you can do whatever you want. God says. If you walk with me if you walk according to this book. You'll be my people and. I will be able to bless you. We continue. But Will God indeed well with men on the earth behold heaven in the heavens of heavens cannot continue. How much less. This temple which I have built yet. Now we're in verse nineteen. Yet regard the prayer of your servant. And his supplication of God my God and listen to the cry in the prayer which your servant is praying before you that your eyes may be open towards this temple day and night towards the place where you said you would put your name. That you may hear the prayer which your servant makes towards his place. He said God make this a place where not only prayers go up. But answers. Come down. Not only were prayers go up but answers. Come down. Notice what else he says. A place where you said you would put your name that you may hear the prayer which your servant. Makes words as place. And may you hear the supplications of your servant and of your people is when they pray towards his place here from heaven your dwelling place. And when you hear forgive. This is also to be a place of forgiveness. A place where we see God for forgiveness and receive it. And where we seek forgiveness from each other when necessary and receive it from each other when you come to church or to be like coming to a little heaven on earth did you know that. And when you go into the home of one of the members here you should be going to a home that's like a little bit of heaven. Did you hear me. We should experience heaven now. Is it impossible only if we don't have face. God wants to do more in our lives in our homes. Then we could possibly imagine because we are all walking advertisements for God. He's wanting to do a great great work. So not only with this place be a place a prayer. But also a place of forgiveness. Also if anyone sins against his neighbor and is forced to take an oath and comes and takes an oath before your alternate temple. Then hear from heaven and act and judge. It's also to be a place of integrity and justice. A place of integrity and justice a place a prayer. A place of forgiveness a place of integrity and of justice. He continues. Or if your people. Israel. Are defeated before an enemy because they have sinned against you and return and confess your name and pray and make supplication before you in this temple. Then hear from heaven. And forgive the sin of your people Israel and bring them back to the land which you gave to them and their fathers. He says. When people make mistakes. When they return. And confess your name and pray to forgive it will also be a place of sincere and real. Confession. We don't like to talk about that too much he says but. But a healthy church. And a healthy family is an entity. Where when people make a mistake they're not afraid to say. You know I made a mistake and I'm sorry. There's nothing harder than to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't know how to say I made a mistake did you know that. Hard to be an organization it's hard to be in a family it's hard to be in a marriage where people don't know how to say I made a mistake will you forgive me. Because one has lots of forgiveness. Been asked and been given my Makes life so much more a pleasure. We continue. When the heavens are shut up and there is no rain because they have sinned against you when they pray towards us place and confess your name and turn from their sin. Because you afflict them then. Here in Heaven. And forgive the sin of your servants your people Israel. In other words. He acknowledged there are times when people make mistakes but God please please forgive them. He goes on. He even mentions and I'm not going to read all of this. If you look at verse thirty two. Moreover concerning a foreigner who is not of your people Israel. But is come from a far country for the sake of your great name and your mighty hand in your outstretched arm. When they come and pray. Then hear from heaven. And do it according to offer which the foreigner calls. Another words. When a stranger comes he says make this a place a such blessing that when they've come with respect that you can pray for them and see a great difference in their lives as well and thirty six. When they sin against you for. There is no one who does not sin. And you become angry with them and deliver them to the enemy and they take them captive to the land far near. Yet when they come to themselves in the land where they were carried captive and repent and make supplication you in the land of their captivity Saints. We sin we've done wrong we've committed wickedness. And when they returned you with what. All their heart. With all their soul in the land of their captivity would have been carried and pray. Towards their prey towards the land which you gave to their fathers the city which you've chosen. Towards the temple which I built for your name. Then here from heaven. Your dwelling place their prayers. And the supplication and maintain their cause. And forgive your people. Another words. God When people have truly offended you but they have a change of heart. Here their prayers and restore them. If your church meeting in a sanctuary has the elements of what I just talked about. It will be a wonderful wonderful thing. But what is the secret of power. What is the secret of power. Let me share with you. Remember I told you that that the temples were all about Jesus Jesus was present in the. You know the objects of the sanctuary of the first tabernacle Jesus was present in the objects of Solomon's Temple. Jesus was going to be od present in the objects of C. of the second temple and he would be present in the lives of the people of the temple the heart right we all agree that Jesus said something and this is very very significant. When the day of Pentecost came and I'm reading now from the Book of Acts. I'll just read it for you had fully come. They were all with one accord. In one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as a rushing mighty wind and if filled the whole house. Another words. They were praying together they had spent ten days trying to become right with God and with each other and son of the Holy Spirit come in great power. And every person there was filled because they all joined in brothers and sisters. Come and join in with your brothers and sisters Prain don't just come up because I am here. Kemah. No matter who's here. Because miracles. Will take place as you pray together. Well. When the Spirit was poured out in the day of Pentecost. The disciples had one ambition and that was to reveal the likeness of Jesus. That's what they wanted. And so they rejoiced and they began working together showing a love towards each other that even everyone else recognize. This is because they have been with Jesus. But what was the power of the early church. What was the early. The power of the early church because the power of the early church. Would you agree would be the power. In our day how do we restore the power in our day. Is it ten days or pray as long as we're praying. There be power. I'd like to suggest the secret is found in Matthew Chapter eleven. First twenty eight look at Matthew chapter eleven verse twenty eight. Matthew eleven verse twenty eight. And then I'm going to share with you just a few verses. At says Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and. I will give you what. Rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me from gentle and lowly in heart. And you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy. And my burden is light. Jesus said kind of me. Right. Are you their burden and heavy laden. And I will give you what I will give you rest but how does that rest come. Is it something that you think you know. Now it says. Take my yoke What was the yoke the Jesus had two things. One was the yoke of service and the other was the yoke of obedience. I assume that in England. Historically they used to put your gun. Oxen right where they would work together when I was a child I would go to the south of France and. My uncle would put you know a yoke on the on the back of oxen and they could haul huge wagons of of hay down the mountainside without difficulty or Jesus wants is a stew take his yoke. And that is the yoke of obedience. Because that's what happens when your yoga and the yoke of service. But he says One other thing. And here's the secret of power. What does he say he says. Take my yoke. Upon you and learn from me. Friend gentle and lowly in heart. And you will find rest. Jesus said. Take my oath and learn from me. Notice. Just a couple of quotations. I'm not sure this. It is not our privilege acclaim special favors of the world. We must consent to be poor despised among men until the war for years finish that may happen. The members across are called to come out and be separate from their friendship and spare the world. Their strength and their power consist in been chosen and accepted by God. That's where your power has been chosen and accepted by God. Now here's another one. All who seek to uplift him self by conforming to the world set an example that's misleading. God recognizes this is. Those only who are to understand that their power lies in their meat nervous. And their loneliness of heart or. We read that. Actually it is in Mignot and loneliness of heart. That we find our power. Here it's even player this is from from another book and I'll be happy to supply these tomorrow night if you if you come. The make nervous. And the lowliness a Christ is the Christians power. It is indeed more precious than all things which genius can create or wealth can buy. Do you want to be a powerful Christian. It is found in those who are humble and make. You don't believe me listen to this one. If to goodness purity make to slow innocent. Equity are dwelling in the heart. The sack will be manifested in a character. These are all. Gentle characteristics and such a character is full of power. Here's another one. Spiritual success comes only to those who've learned Nisson lowliness in the school of crisis. Another one. Mildness is not weakness. It is an evidence of power to refuse to yield an opinion when it's best to yield is not in evidence of strength. But of selfishness and weakness. Do you want to restore God's power to your church. It is in humility and meekness. As we relate to each other. In the Bible she's. Jesus said take my yoke and learn of me. And Jesus said You must be like me. And if we want to be like Jesus. We will be humble and meek. But not so that we can be benevolent nobodies to be walked upon. But because it's in that relationship that the power of God can come in as. And do things in us. Which cannot be done any other way. Finally one more. And then we're done this evening. Let my life. My patients. My long suffering. My forbearance. My need miss my loneliness be worked out in your character. Then you have power. Do you want to restore the power. Not only come and pray. Not only come and extend forgive is not only have those kinds of god the relationships that we've talked about. Not only remember the past and praise God for the present. But come in make missed and loneliness before Jesus. And in reference to each other and you will have Chile restored. New Testament power to your church. I know that's what Jesus wants if you do that this church will be full to the gills. Because the Spirit will bring people here to be a part of that kind of congregation. Thank you so much. You have just heard one of a multipart series on the construction and dedication of Solomon's Temple. Given by myself Dan Augsburg are at the stand bro Park Church in the fall of two thousand and fifteen. I pray that it has been a blessing to you. You can find the rest of the presentations at my website disciple heart. Dot com Let me spell that for you. Disciple hard D. I S. C I P L E E H E A R T disciple heart dot com. Perhaps you have a question that you'd like to pose to me directly if so you're free to write me a path to prayer a Jim mail dot com and he give you the spelling P eight th number two P. R. A Y E R path to prayer at G. Mail dot com. Once again. This is Dan Augsburg or thank you for taking the time to listen and. God bless you. Media was brought by audio. A Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio. And much more. 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