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An Outworking of His Will, How?

Joakim Hjortland


Learn some essential and practical lessons in order for God’s great and glorious plan for your life can become a reality. 


Joakim Hjortland

President and co-founder of IMPACT


  • July 22, 2015
    11:30 AM
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And the message tonight. That I want to share. Or before I tell it about that there's want to have a very short. Repetition from yesterday. The key verse we talked about yesterday talked about the the tiger was once an outworking of his will and the key verse was a fish on chapter two verse ten which just where you are he's worked munchie created in Christ Jesus for a good. Where. Already prepared. That you may walk in them I don't know if I know it better in the written by heart but that's the essence of what it says powerful verse God has a specific plan for us. And I quote that we read which kind of I think quite well time rise. I share many testimony stories of how I've seen God living my life and we had a living example of something already yesterday I think fitted well to the message. But this is called powerful quote. We cannot continue the thought where we left it yesterday so it's nice to recap it shortly. Powerful quotes from the therapist to take serious steps. So utterly was Christ. Emptied of itself that he made no plans for himself. He accepted God's plans for him and they by day. The father unfolded his plans. So should we depend upon God that our lives may be the same Paul outworking office will powerful call this is how God wants us to live that our lives. Outworking of his. Will. So basically what I am going to talk about tonight. Is how can our lives. Be an outworking of his way. How can our lives be an art working of his will and. It's left to have a long day. And so I will not. It will be shorter than the yesterday what I will share. I will promise you that though usually. How many times actually. If I said this will be the last X. thirty four that. It's. It always have a tendency to count something more I think Will. Tonight it will be shorter I'm pretty certain about that but but I think maybe I said something yesterday and then ended up sharing a little bit more than planned. I guess the one reason for that this. You have the staying that I like I think it's. It's a good the way that is you have a saying that we should. You know when it comes to preaching. We should. You should prepare we should prepare. And so there is no Holy Spirit. I partly agree with that but the saying intellect. Kind of makes a point that I like. We should prepare our so there were no Holy Spirit. And we should preach. Asked Are we have not prepared and where to watch we should do everything we can in preparation it's not like we shouldn't prepare and stand up and say what comes into our mine. But still I think it's important to also be open for the Spirit's guidance as we share something else we produce shots we witness whatever. So I try to to follow the time serving and preaching and sharing the word. But still I think. I think it will be short and I wear out a long day so I think it's important with rest. That's part of God doesn't live against his principles. Anyway. So. And yeah so basically it would be shorter to NY and I plan what we will do. Actually it's I will kind of start I will share part of the message. I had prepared. Tonight and then we'll kind of look on that last part of it. Tomorrow for. I have one more meeting tomorrow so we can of continue. And by them. So I think that's a better way to do it on. Try to put everything in one message. And it's actually quite interesting. How it happened. How I got to prepare this message. It was. Last week. That's when I prepared most of the message I been thinking about it before about. And the thing was you know this week I've had many meetings here yeah. You have won tonight I want to morrow and then I go straight up to living water summer camp where which I wear we have shared five messages. The next few days. And then I will be home for a week where I would work for days from my app and actually pass while I move out from my apartment. And the Prepare for impact Norway the week after where I would share like ten Methodists and pretty much all of the messages are different. And so it's very busy. Weeks right now. And they're the thing for me to do. To do here. Would have been to shoot another message when I went I'm sharing tonight. And I could easily have done that many messages in on some I would present next weekend whatever and next few days that I think are powerful and important messages but I don't know I ask when I teach or preach ask. I don't just want to share a sermon. I don't just want to share a good sermon a powerful time when I want to share what God wants me to share. So I was thinking and praying about what to share and. I felt impressed to though I you know I didn't really have the time to still prepare. This message. Instead of taking another message. So actually what happened was last week. Was it. I think of us when. I actually woke up very hour PRAED. You know I was thinking about this you know I said Hey man I don't have time to repent of this by kind of sounds like I want to meet to share something along those lines but I wasn't sure how I would manage to prepare it. But I present know that God will lead me whatever. Help me to prepare whatever he wants me to share. And I prayed you know like to present something and I think whatever. Gotten me. Make me up. You know next morning it's not like. Usually I have an alarm but if you want me to maybe go up earlier. You know you can maybe make wake me up and. Next morning I can really scary prayers to pray next morning actually. I woke up around two o'clock. And that's usually. Usually I go. I go to bed early and. I usually go up like quarter to five. I've started working pretty early so I have to start today. But still not that arly. So I woke up at this time not only that I felt inspired to sometimes you know in the morning a religious sense of God in my for some putting together. So basically the whole message basically most of the message in the morning before I went to work. Most of the message I prepared in the time. And I felt that God was living and. So I trust that he has something that he wants us to take from this man. This my search that we can now to come to us closer to him on his plan for our lives. OK so that's a little interaction Let's let's have a short prayer before we get into the message and the first part of the message and I thermally part of thank you for. We can come together thank you that you are God wants to speak to us and we are spread out you may live with your spirit press our hard dick to ask. Help us to understand and respond to what you have in store for us to blessing you have in store for us tonight and tomorrow. That's our Prange is his name Amen. There was a couple. There were they were getting married and asked they were getting married they had some some friends that the came together on the tide to give them a nice wedding gift that is titled to pay for this very nice to call it. With this very nice room in a hotel. That they could spend their wedding night together. So the pederast look story of you know this look look serious place. Hotel room. And the so this couple they were told about this beforehand you know and they looked forward to this nice place. This nice time they would have to hold her right after getting married and. What happened was that they came to the hotel. What I want our you know and they went there and they came to the right floor to write a war. And they look forward to going you know they had their expectations to look for to see these great expensive looks for a place. But asked they went in there in this room. They did so only two terrible terribly disappointed. It was nothing like they had the magine you know. It was quite small and the Shorty had some things they had are so funny they had some things you know about their like it was nothing like they had imagined therefore man is the selection or is most best room in this or that like. They couldn't really understand it and they were a little irritated and disappointed but they said OK well I wasn't like we expected but. I guess we are to have to do the best out of it. And you know they had us all for some they had something somewhere to could slip around whatever so they they asked did the best out of it and. But the next morning they came down to the reception after hotel and and. You know they got to talk with some of the workers here and they came to share that they were not very happy. They were very happy with this luxury of room in the hotel. But their own their leader of the telly couldn't understand the like what you were into happy with this room you know like a free meal didn't make sounds you know so he wasn't. What was it that he wasn't happy with like he didn't really understand so. Maybe maybe we can go up together and you can show me what you didn't like or. So they say ashore and they went back to the room and they went into the room. And they open up and he said hey is this a lecture you know. There's nothing like we had expected is this. This isn't very nice. You know. And that but then the leader of the hotel the manager he he went over to the other side of of the room. And the air he opened this door that had the same color like the car you know what you have the wallpaper or whatever. And the Open this door into this big luxury of the really nice hotels with this really nice room they have spent their night in the in the four year. In the hall of this nice. Room. And I think you know it's a good experience. I think many times. Many Krishnan many times as Christians we stop. In the foyer. When God The really has so much more in store for us in our prayer life many times we stop in the FOR ABOUT God wants so much more in our Bible studies we stop in the for about gas time much more he wants us to get artery in our in our Christian experience as a shock to many times we stop in the FOR ABOUT God has something so much better that he longs to give us that he longs to pour out His blessings his spirit on our. Now. What I want to share. Today and tomorrow so we are start on some of the things we look at quite briskly but I thought about nine. Things that I want to mention. It's time we spend a little more time on with some were quite briskly go over one thing. Ninety's who could say. For how our lives could be an artwork ing of his way. And I believe it's a big topic you could say much more it in a way. How can our life been outworking of his will in a way. How to live the Christian life. You know it all the Bible could be included in this topic so a lot could be said but I asked want to share. Ninety's which I think are very important and. Yeah. That play a very important role in our life. Being and outworking of cards credit and ground will for our lives. So the first one is quite simple but very important to us want to share a few words on that one. And that is number one we must believe. It is possible. We must believe it is possible we must believe that God has us that we talked about in an artwork and he's will talk about how God had a specific plan for our lives. We must believe that God has a specific plan for our lives must believe that he will guide us we must believe that he has a plan. Not only for the big things but also for a small part of our lives that he has a you know specific plan right we read many verses yesterday. We read how in some one hundred thirty nine right Howard says that in his book. All the days of our life is recorded before we were born you know God is a plan for every day for every year for every month for. For every day. We must believe that he has a specific plan read read some other verses you know of how we he you know because the thing is cab. Definitely has a plan about shallots amount of times. We don't believe that as Christians we don't have to really seek to follow on Find out here to the planets we should but the finale has a specific plan for our life together finitely want to and will lead us to minister came with our whole heart as it says and Jeremiah in the we read some verses history some thirty two I will instruct the until the in the way which power shall go. I will guide the with mine I guard wants to guide us God wants to live as we read from Proverbs Chapter career I trust in the Lord with all dying heart and little not answered my own understanding and. Although I waste acknowledge Him and He shall direct tie paths guy wants to do does not only in the ways of our lives but also in the passing big decision the smallest visions. God has promised to lead us we're speaking with our whole heart. Another quote. Powerful quote that I want to read it from from from the Cyrus. Before with you know. The thing is if we don't believe that he has a specific plan. We will not follow that specific plan it's very important that we believe on the team for guy around. In the in in our the stations in our. In every day of our lives. You know we don't reach higher than we M. You know it's a rich high when it's aim high in a pit they would never have walked on water. If you didn't believe it was possible to walk on water you know it's very important that we believe that God has a specific plan. Now listen to his powerful course from the tirade its perch. Six sixty S.. I will read only the Jell-O. part or whole quote It's very good but the real owner of the cello part here it says he is a well a please God it's well pleased when they when we make the very highest demand upon him. When we. That they may glorify his name. They may expect. Large things. If they have faith in. He promised us. God wants us to expect. Large things. God wants. Much more I've I think many times than what we experience in our Christian life than what we experience in our Sharjah card once. So much more. It's time to move out from the four year. In to. The great things God has in store for us so number one we must believe it is possible we must build up God. House already prepared good works for us we are His workmanship some he will lead us. In TO prepared plans. Great things that he wants to use us for. In this world. Number two is also crucial Also sunshine. It's kind of a condition that is. We need our full and continual around there are full and really. Surrender to God to be able to happen. In order for our lives to be an outworking of his will for our lives. If not it can never be and outworking of us will if we don't have a full and continuous around there is actually in fact we can't we can't be Christians. We can't really be Christians without that. And sure we can call ourselves Christians you know about Jesus. If anyone will come after me let him deny himself. And take up his cross and follow me. So we're out this. We can't live a Christian life we can call us of Christians we can I'm knowledge about the Bible we can go to church every week we come pelletised. But without a full and continuous around there. We are not leaving a Christian life and our lives cannot. And outworking of his will our life. Can't we can't receive the great blessings that God has in store for our lives. And so. Yes a few verses from this. You know it says in the verse we are spread right in all die way. Acknowledge he Amen he shall direct I pass. We need the full surrender. That in order. That's a condition for God to lead us in every step every decision. Another quote. I think we read is yesterday's powerful course one of my favorite quotes because you know as a sub. Someone at the station I had to take the last year you know. In average once a year at the time but the next on many other decisions and. I'm always claim this beautiful promise in the terrorists or the same purchased We asked Red Actually it says. Those sort of side to the nothing in any line that will displace gal they will know after presenting their case before him. Yes. What course to pursue. But see the condition here is that we decide to do nothing in the line with this place can write if we decide who we want to follow got in there a thing that's when we have the promise that he will show us exactly what he wants us to do who will lead us at every step you will find me when you stick me with all your heart Jeremiah wrote. So this is essential. This is crucial full surround full and continual surrender. I believe this is generally our problem. You know many times. We don't really see the power of prayer. We don't really see and search for our prayers with many times we feel that our prayers maybe stop in the sailing of the Ruth. Why. One of the conditions of prayer we did in solemn stories. Is full surrender. That we have no iniquity in our hearts you know that we are fully surrender to God as a condition for powerful prayer for answer prayers. I believe this is a problem many times that we are not so blessed. And if we granted by Bible study by starting the Word of God as we showed you know because they don't really see and chance that he speaks to us or still he wants to do you know because if we fail to surrender and follow the light years given us. He doesn't give us new lights usually when I want I want to start upon us. So this is very important this is really the core of our problem many times at our lives are not. And outworking obvious we last it should have been you know many times we are not able to discern God's will in our lives understands he is carrying steps because this is not not in places they should fall to around their full and continuous around their. This is a crucial part of our problem. That hinder our lives what gob we shall cease to be. But you know if you want your life we want your Christian life. To be what God wanted to be in order to have our great help told us we experience here in our Christian life. We must not stop in the in the four year we must live a life of fall and continual surrender on you know the quote I read earlier this morning one of my favorite quotes right. Those doing everything make out first and last on best are the happiest people in the world. Message to young people Page thirty eight. So this is the key to the Christian life and to the best life. We could ever leave of course during follow grab on the reservedly. We were live the best life. We could ever live. So number three I want to share live with about it when it's really a life of prayer and fasting. In order for our lives to truly be. Outworking of East we lost the intensity of the need to live a life of losing prayer. Not and syncing fasting. Or enough sounds actually healthy lifestyle you could say it's a type of fast. From from things we shouldn't put into our bodies but yeah and away you know. In the time when I mean I think you know. Those of you have heard me preach before. The forty seventh may be especially. I'm sure you have heard me talk about prayer and something else can talk about. And almost whatever I talk about. Somehow I always say something about prayer. Why. Because I believe it's so important it's very important it's crucial it's a ton show. And I still have a lot to learn. But I learned one thing when it comes to prayer and that is. It's a very important is crucially important as its estimates reminded of a powerful court a ministry of healing obsessed with. We do not the value of the power and the fishes see of prayer as we show it. Prayer on faith will do what no power on in in the world can accomplish this powerful thing put on thing it has cleared. And the person important role in my life and I've been very blessed by prayer. Myself. So this is very important now. I want to share an interesting story here. Sunni Finley age seventy. Itself hearing and history of you. Article finishes. First marathon. In six hours I think pretty early in the her I leave it at least you matter yeah. Matter in New York says the wife of have analyst Mark Finley. And they're quite interesting. This is. This is earlier this year is a quite new thing. What happened was that she decided to run this marathon. First marathon in Celebration Florida. And. She did it to. To sound raise money for a project a big project. A valid some project that she and her house plan is working on in the Virginia and Haymarket Virginia. Basically they are starting a. She called it one of her most of their most exciting projects on there been in ministry for decades to experience so many powerful things around the world. And they are starting a sharp Chinaman GLISIC training center here and there. The plan is to read. Four Million Dollar. I don't remember incorrectly I think it. And in total and they had already raised like three and a half million dollar. At this point. Yeah. Yeah exactly and true this thread that she she the goal was to was it like hundred thousand dollars something she last time I checked. She got like seventy thousand dollars foundries depend on the third in connection with this arrest for this project which is about. I looked it up about four hundred seventy thousand on the initial grounds. So it's quite some money that she got for for doing this race. And you know. As he was running there. She is she and that actually. Yeah she wrote. Romney in six hours to mean it sounds four seconds anyone of you run a marathon before. Now you know how how long it is proximately. Forty two kilometers. So long red specially if you're seventy years old but she ran it. And she she and. Actually number tree in her class and marketing that she told how you know scores of people were almost in this interview in this article. I missed by the seventy year old woman running her first marathon in such a good physical condition and. You know she's. He said that her prayer had always been that god. She wanted to do this for to glory of God and he was interesting. Ali in the morning before this race you know that the risks rise up very early to travel there and get ready. They pray that God would give her extra energy for the stress and and their Sunni understands English is she quote that I promised INSIDE AFRICA or thirty one. But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their Strand. They shall mount up on their wings like annulus they shall run. And not be weary they show war. And not faint. And the they set up God was faithful to they gave her gave her energy. Throughout the rest. Now. Shortly before the race began. Peter landless the health director of the General Conference of our show. He called her. You know about this race and. He called her and she wanted to give her arm and encouragement. So he told a powerful story. To encourage her are actually called all sorts of prayer with her before the race. And he told about this little boy. A little boy that was running along in the stands arrays and. In this race despite he was running and running and running and. And he became tired. But he kept pushing on you know he kept pushing and pushing his little legs they were pumping and his mouth was as he was running his mouth was moving and he was as if he was talking to someone and. And when he finished the race you know someone to be looking at a mighty was running they're moving his mouth you know they asked him Who are you talking to you know he was running there alone the but still he was talking and what it says Who are you talking to and he said. The little boy he answered. I was talking to God. I was praying. So. Well what. What are you telling me what to do pray about. I was praying. Lord. You lift them up. And I will let them down. You least enough and I will let them down. And Mark Phillips throughout there as seen in this story inspired her throughout the rest she PRAED. Lord you lift these legs of mine up. And I will put them down. And they said. That's what he did. And I think it's a. I think it's a powerful story by the way. You know I think tinea marked a really cool. You know blue sunrise real blues on earth are healthy strong you know he's sixty nine he's she's seventy. He couldn't because of. I think was an on your something he couldn't run. But. But both of them are very healthy and. Imagine they're planning to have this big dream. You now to for the Cause of God They're not just retiring sitting down there very active their God is using them powerful it's a really cool good example. But anyway I think the stories are powerful example powerful illustration that we can learn some spiritual lessons from. You know in our Christian lives. We are truly dependent on gobs of every step. That's He lifts our spiritual legs and move them forward you know we can't. Every step we truly need to count every step. We need to live a life of of and fleecing prayer. That we need to guard at every step in him we move and live and have our being. It's the scene in Listen to this quote is from from Iran Herald November town. It's us here at twenty five. I wish I could impress upon every worker in God's Of course the great need of can see New York. An honest. Prayer. You know reliving the battle between good and evil. We need to be connected with can everyday. It's setting great controversy petrified thirty nominees say for a barrier or an hour without prayer and a sense of this. This powerful cult. Their mind should be kept in a prayerful flame. Looking to Jesus moment by moment. Asking at every step. It's just the way of the Lord. This is the way. In the UK walked with God. We have to be alliance of one another on the verge of to wear off down. So the mine should we should always be careful. Friend asked. Step by step. For God's help unfreeze guidance and. In order for our lives to be what God intended to be to be. And outworking peace will this is how we need to label to quote Paul in shortage. Pray without ceasing. That's how he first it's put it's very short. I think too many times. We don't take we take way too little time to praise not like we always have to be honest but we take to little time to pray we don't. And so many times we don't know how to pray and. I think we are far away when it comes to prayer for what God intended us to be and it's actually a parolee powerful book that I would like to recommend on prayers. Came out this fall it's called daring to ask for more by Melody in medicine and really inspiring stories and also practical for a powerful prayer life daring to ask for more a powerful book. Is it to read and I wonder it is really find it on the Internet. There in to ask for more by Melody Mason. And that when it counts of fasting in a manner you know it almost ALL KNOW WHAT I DID YOU KNOW less. Why should we do something like that. No wonder you know when we don't have these things or so little of this things that we don't see more power in the show we do. Anyway I don't have time to really get into that. But it's also something. God. The Bible talks about that I think God wants us to to also to and I think we'll yeah. That was Number true. Frank will. Time to go on a little bit more but not so much out or. It's actually nine o'clock and any. Number for an questions we take on more. And again and getting tired. I think I would. I can take one here though it's very short. And I guess we'll stop there and continue tomorrow. That's number five. And that it's not so much about it I might say a little more about tomorrow we'll see what. How things come together about. Number five order. Number four in this case. We must love on how to know God's way. We must learn how to know God's will in order for life to truly be an opera king of God's will and. In order to be let into his already prepared a good works when it to land a science off from the standing. God's will and how he reveals his will to us how we lived such how he speaks to us and the. I think many times we are far from where we should be. When it comes to the signing and understanding the will of God The signing up. How God which. You know when we take a decision what decision that's God wants us to take you know think well much to land here. In order to to live. To and out. Our Lives us and I'll twerking of scouts when you know he has promised us. We read in this quote Francis I read this page six sixty S.. He has promised us when we sincerely lay our case before him. He will show us or we will know. Yes. What course to pursue. Just promise and also in James try chance one fire. And one lacks wisdom I pray God will give liberally. He wants to live as he wants to show us when we ask for a spurious he will give it he will lead us to will guide us. But many times. We don't experience or to settle on we experience. That's God show us exactly that we see exactly what God wants us to do. I think an important reason for that is that we don't really know how to know god's will understand how he wants to live us and speak to us I think we have. We have things to learn I was in this area. And that's a big topic in itself and. My brother. Least and which is coming in tonight. Very soon. He will. I think our workshop about that letter to squeak. Which where we get more into that So I think that's very definitely connected with this. Mr Chen been talking about and I might mention a few things that I think we can learn from that I've learned my experience. Tomorrow. But that's anyhow. It was important to us well not to rely on to know God's where the SO to repeats. Shortly what we all looked about tonight. Number one we must believe it's possible to live our lives as an al talking of God's will as he will really lead us and guide us what he wants to do about that and that he will do it out. Number to see if I remember. Severe remember a condition. Important condition in the life a full when is a full and continual surrender to God in order for this to really not a for us to really how the hotels with experience try to not stop in the foyer when it. When in full and continuous around there to gather to really count can live us. You know. In order to be feeling you know you have this thing that you know when it's rents. Where as to what their go. Does it go up on the mountains. All the water is gather up on the mountain when it goes down right to the deepest point. The more delete the more we are putting self us tired a more we humble ourselves before God the more God can fill us with His Spirit. Also electricity right I work with electricity. You know electricity you know where I want to wants to go. He wants to take that with a way of least resistance. The less we receive. The more power. The more of his spirit got competent our lives. It's a full surrender sectarian order to that there are a lot of our lives to be what God intends them to be. Number three talked about is that we need to label life. Thing. Prayer and fasting. Every step we need to guard every day every moment. We should our mind just being a profile friend of God will. Would help us to give us strength to give us we start whatever with that we predicate. You know we need the army to realize our dependence on God. You know sometimes some people might think you know that. Prayer you know you talk about you need to pray and to do this and that at such a what you call it. Yan NG focus they are trying to focus on our works right. But actually it's the opposite. I think when you think about it it's the opposite. It's because we realize that we. We are nothing. We can't leave our Christian life we're so dependent on God that we need to teach him for help. Every step we can't live a Christian life without insisting prayer. Where the tenet of God in him we move. Live and have our being. And the fourth point. We looked at bristling is that when it's a LAN. To know God's way to learn the science of how to know God's toil and the. Yeah. Will continue tomorrow look at some wanting some more kids. And the close off at this message on let's let's end with our. What our affair. The only father Frank you that you have great plans for us or what do you want some much more I believe many times done. If you want to do more than we can think and imagine a test an efficient strength of his shop the true the twenty. Through us through the power at work. But help us to put stuff aside truly to let you feel us. You have there is no limit to the useful lesson of won them by putting stuff aside. Makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon these hard. If men will endure to necessary discipline without comprehending or fending by the way God will teach them. Hour by hour and day by day and sorry it is to cease to be Lord help us to learn to walk with you. So that we care is to degrade blessing you have in store for us Lord. Give us strength that there is that blessed and I think we have ahead of us. Bless the rest of the work to this week made us into your already prepared. Good works for us closer to your thoughts our prayer in just a moment. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about body over for if you would like to listen to more sermon the please visit. W W W dot audio first start work.


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