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How to Study the Bible and Empower Your Devotional Life- Part 1

Christian Hjortland


Do you want to empower your Bible studies and your devotional life? Learn how you can make your Bible Study and prayer life exciting and meaningful!   


Christian Hjortland

Speaker/Director of Empower Missions, Sweden.


  • July 23, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Today and tomorrow we're going to take a look at something vital for spiritual lives for devotional life. Well basically. We're going to take a look at how to study the Bible and empower your devotional life. So we have forty five minutes today and for five minutes tomorrow. So we'll see how far we were each of the in the things we're going to cover today and the dress tomorrow. And that's just official prayer as we begin a new phone and have a nice thank you again. That we can get it to get around to to to learn more how we can get closer to you. I pray Lord to missing your Holy Spirit. City mystique to each harked including my own. And that's you me. And power or lives in Jesus name. Human. Orion asked. Christians we said. The last the last lecture rehab is a follower of Christ obviously and. It's it's a special friendship. Crisis a special person is our savior he's a cure or a creator or sustain their or a Deemer and spot a question it's you know how can we actually gets annoyed about how can we get this into a daily lives. And usually or. Many times to me when we talk about things about the Word of God I mean it's a lot of thier the. And I will try to make things practical I hope that you will find some things that I share. To be useful in your life in your walk with Christ. So we're going to take. Some time to go through some some different points but first I want to just tell you that this book is not just any book. This is this the Word of God. And you're invited to open up this outstanding amazing revelation of God's will for our lives of God's will. Can you say to food. Spiritual food. We all need this was all third by God and the information here most of it was given through the Holy Spirit to men and wrote down what God wanted them to write to us is God's. It's like a big letter for us personally I read that part of it this is for you know in the things that happen in the past we can read about theories for learning. But the enemy is trying to get rid of ya's weren't all since the beginning also the beginning of the great controversies trying to distract us in from starting is trying to even kill us because we all want to be on God's side. But the Bible has provided through. They just you know who the dark ages. When it was very tough to stand up for gals word. It has survived and praise the Lord for out at the deeds of. He says he. Occams to me shall never hunger he believes in me. Shall never thirst. John six thirty five. So what do we have to do in order to fulfill this text is we have first with a come. Them Out to believe in Christ. So I'm going to try to make this. Practical. Today and. Because this is what Christianity is about Christianity. If practical. Being a follower of Christ is not going to follow Christ or sitting on a chair in their own house and do nothing. It's not about theory it's about a transformed life. When we meet Christ. Testimony surcharge poem six page three ninety three. The Bible is God's voice speaking to us as I said. Just as surely as though. We can hear it's with our heirs. We realize this. We had that all would we open gal's word. And we'd walk earnestness. Would be surgeries precepts. They're reading in the contemplation on the Scriptures would be regarded ask an audience with the infinite the one. Do you. Did you have an audience with the infinite one this morning where today. Have you had its figure in this week and all the ends with an indefinite one with our creator with or Redeemer. You know if you only understood. What a privilege to have an all dance with infant. I mean much greater have an audience with the. The King of Denmark or or whoever has an audience with the one that has always existed. So by opening the scriptures you are given an audience with the king of the human Their us. Have you ever told God or ask a question. God why don't you speak to me. Why Dielman to talk to me why don't you show me. I think you all have of the one point. You know God was just talk to me you know I can't hear you. If you want him to speak to you studies weren't. We saw or we know. Jesus. He was at his father's feet as well as he grew up in this world. You know as I remember he was starting we described in Temple. And he said you know when when Joseph and Mary that the last slide. It's all Jesus. For three days. They didn't see Jesus. After three days to found him. Where in the Tampa all. And Jesus said this. How is it that you saw to me. We stay in office I must be about my Father's business. Even ascribes were impressed in a Stalinist at his teaching. So you know if you lose. Jesus out of side. One day. You may have to spend three times. The fine fine him again. Because we are living in a great controversy. Relating in the war for. So just like Mary and Joseph did lose sight of their cries for three days. We made may happen to us if we're not careful. And even longer. Course. And we know that in education. While I why it's writes about this she says. In childhood. You. And manhood that Jesus started the Scriptures. Asked a little child he knows he will daily at his mother's knee taught from the scrolls all the prophets. And if you if their early morning and evening twilight often found him alone in the mountainside or among the trees of the forest spending a quiet hour in prayer. And the thought of gas weren't. During his ministry his intimate acquaintance with descriptors testified to diligence in their study and seen. He gained knowledge asked so we may gain it. He had to learn all or just as we have. We may women also get it in the same way. He's a wonderful power bold mental and spiritual it's a testimony to devalue of the Bible as a means of indication. He got his knowledge from the Word of God and he got the knowledge at his father's seat. Early morning. And indeed evening was found in the mountainside. Spending time with God and he's torn. Devotion empowers. You know. And the word devotion. And it's. You can imply to you know a time when God. Taking a time when what to worship God. But not only doubts you know it's. It means. And Susie asked him loyalty or lot of for something and in this case is for the Word of God. So let's say the get or the vote shown. Em powers. I wanted to remember not to call this. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT THE of ocean. Loyal to those decimal of God and in His Word. Do you know how much devalued scripters. Back in back in Jesus' day. You know. It could take story months in copying the old testaments. Three months. Ninety days. I mean this defense a big price. A lot of time. I mean. A lot of money. But we had herself. Do we value the Scriptures today as they did. I mean always so easily. I mean we have this is just such each has access to which we can read it on the computer on our phone and our Norwalk. You know. It's amazing we have so much opportunity of to study God's word but that we do it the way Valerie I mean it's so cheap in a sense now that I was back then because they had to work for it or they had to spend a lot of money to buy it. Do we spend enough time in God's work be excited about it. Or do. Popular media or day digital or or hard copy. Squeeze out the Word of God in our lives. As at this time of Jesus you know he were child. When he was twelve years old he will come see in her own adult. He was expected to know the Bible and take the responsibility to live according to its. What is expected of children today. You know if you're a parent. Do you teach your children the Scriptures and for dress of you do you think individually sponsibility in your life on the forgotten his word. How powerful is in the Word of God. Let's read a quilt. And this is very interesting quote I personally think. From Christ Albert lesson page thirty eight and wants rights in every command any. Every promise all the Word of God is the power. The very life. Of God by which to call man may be fulfilled in the promise realized. Here by faith. Received the word is receiving the very life and character of God. You know what these days basically saying that means. In the very words. There is power. There is life like Jesus. Another means that we can claim. The promises of this word. If I read. During my it's thirty three verse see. Says call on to me. And I will answer to you and show the grade in my these things which you don't know. And I can figure out when I read this. I'm calling to you. I can claim his promise that you will show me things. You know that you want to reveal to me I can claim a promise. I can yell to Haber's thirty immersed five an hour where he says I will never leave the nor for sake the. There's power in there weren't. But we have to reach out in faith in God I believe in this. It does come out of your mouth. I believe in it. This is your voice and I believe the like. It's best it's power in the long for the word to empower you. It's sets from youth instructor. June one eight hundred six. And I want to pay attention to this we're going to get look at the this excess. It may be difficult for you to love to start of the Word of God at once. When you have not been in the habit of studying it. But God will help you. How many you have felt it difficult to love the Word of God. I will be the first there is of my hand. Because it is difficult to I mean it's not natural This is supernatural thing this is a practical thing I mean it is not according to our nature to love. Fewer things to love good things are less continuously fast in this. First of all is a God will help us to do it. He's the one that can teach us to love his word and Jesus pray for his forgiveness for neglecting his holy word so long and then bag of the Lord to give your love and interest in his word. Being Earnest in the matter. When I loose my love for the Bible I am alarmed. I know that I don't love Jesus. If I don't love to search the book that testifies. Of ham. What does this tell you first of all. What are your thoughts about this. Maybe I should ask you before I telling you mine. What's you know what can a mother or. When your it is water is thinking what their thoughts. Does that tell you something. Now what does it tell you how this big to OK. Ha. Very good. Thus that's mean that even and wine. There were times when she didn't allow the Word of God she said I know the ideal of law does as well actually before she says when I lose my love for a Bible. When i just doesn't say if she had when the prophet of God have has not always love the Word of God Well. She's to him being there she was you me as well and one else another common. Now thank you for your honest must and I think we can recognize yourself in that I mean we don't. We don't always feel like studying and sometimes we maybe even do it just because we feel like we have to wait I bet you will and fall asleep or just their K.. Let's see here five minutes. But if I mess and then down on them. You don't get even get blessed and then you continue with the day you know. I'm not thinking about something here except pray for his forgiveness for neg Lek thing he's told the worst so long and then beg of the Lord to give your love and interest in haste learned. Why don't we take a minutes right now. Individually to pray to God and ask for forgiveness for not loving is worn. When do you think that's a good idea. Then make it look as practical already. Let's do it out this taken just a minutes and pray for your for yourself we can pray for honest about. Just tried to ask you if you feel it's appropriate to ask for forgiveness for neglecting a solo word for not loving it as that I had a father I just did not want to ask for forgiveness when I have not loved they weren't. Lord reliving a great controversy and it's it's indeed challenging I pray Lord a to me. Empower us today. And that's you me change just maybe change our attitudes. Speak to us father and. Give us a love for you and your word. And I both not to separate you with your word in Jesus name Amen. OK so first when into patients. Right. We can see that they go see cammies may be difficult to love. The Bible at once. Second of all we have to pray for forgiveness and asked a lot to give you a lot of an interest for his word and. We just did that a minute now. And you can do it more. And later on and. Well let's like opinion pointed out the last the last part of this call to let's take an example. I know there are many of you here that are stunning. Medicine. OK. So how many of you do however know you love. Medicine a lot of this. This. This field. And I see rounds. Maybe you don't do NOT THE even if you study don't know. Not all your here. Gehrels Sure OK. But I'm but let's not focus on this thought about just the just the topic medicine and health how many of you love the topic of healthful medicine. Yeah. I do. OK. Another question. Do you love the reading about it. Yeah. That's always does I would show Dina sounds right. I know I don't even if I'm interest in something I can struggle of ridding it all so I know I know the feeling. But you know if we love the Word of God. We will and if your lab. Jesus is his lawyer we have to also love. Starting it. But again it's a supernatural thing we have to ask yon to give us interest and love for his word and. Maybe maybe maybe you know some US We think that being a pastor or leader evangelist for days to this kind of people it's easy every day with the oceans. But it's not so it's not so I don't feel like studying the word every day every morning when I wake up sometimes I'm thinking more of the things rather do when. And I'm just a man I just need to check my e-mail and to check if I could go and sort of a day for whatever. I don't know. But if it's appears boring. If that were no got a pretty boring well or tell you can pray. And we have. We have some. You know for I go out when we have friends of it when you can pray it is. Psalms hundred nineteen verse eighteen. Open my eyes. The time is see wondrous things from your law. Psalms nine hundred nineteen verse Honorine three. How sweet Oreo words to my taste sweeter than honey to my mouth. Prayed is things. Say God you know. Open my eyes as I miss the Warner things out of the law because if we do Pierce boring aberrantly where I start out open or something it's. You know we may not be focused as a moment. Whatever. But devotion and powers. So parade is to begin real into your life claim gal's promises and. This will have an impact in our lives. And I'm going to give you seven steps. That can empower your Bible study. Seven steps and the. There are many ways with the how we can do this but first of all. If you want. How many are WANT TO OUR your bible study in person was the main to a month. OK so. But we have to realize that the devil. He hates God. He's a word and gas people. He is going to try through this gorgeous you. Every time you open an even when you make decisions were God is trying to discourage you and make this boring. Does what he's trying to do. Part of part of it's of course but let's see what we can to first of all. Number one when into our organize and prioritize. This is important. I mean just as you're organized maybe starting other things. Now doing homework at your work. Why don't we or get organized more with Gatting is more serious about it. So choose a time. Write it down there scandal or plan if you know it's at the time this is when I should study gallants wern and then get to focus. You know. It is very hard to as there are so when I wake up in the morning I don't know about you but when I wake up in the morning. I'm tired. I hope I hope they smell not only me a feeling that. About the I'm tired and I don't feel like well when even I would. And it has happened if I take my of my Bible. To read like this are full back asleep what did I read. You know. You know how it is so. Get focused on how can we get focused. One thing you can do is pray. I have what I do usually before I study. I have a prayer list for people or projects that I can pray for. I write them down. I have used my phone and I connect it with my computers I my prayers on my computer and my phone. You can use it on paper also but you know. I really encourage you. If you get focused and praying. Maybe for others also I mean I pray in general for today I mean I do both. I mean a surrender of God and then in Dan I pray for the spray list or. I have many lists. I have I have done different lists. And maybe i can we can get back that up later. But that then you get focused on the spiritual thinks that's could help you. And as you pray. You can also. You can also organize your day. You know I said so we should set off. You know time. How long and plan or to plan. She's a real threat earlier in fact that's success in. And the line demands a definite aim. When you have a definite aim we need to to to have a clear plan all things in order get her fests also a spiritual things. So in doing today. You know you can make a plan and approximately how long things will take you will get much more efficient she says. Some people spend four hours on doing something. While others that you know if planets you can you can spend two hours on its soul. If you organize your day you know S.T. is just around to God and then you may make a little plans in surrendered those plans to God. That's also way and get some fresh air that can help us get a more focused. Go for a walk that I know some people are like to go for a walk in the pray. You know they go out in nature and pray to God they're very fresh I tried out also figure shower. And I'll see you about some somehow times. I you know some people almost feel it like a stand to leave the bed until you have done their Or you have read the Word of God I don't know if you've been thinking like that I have I mean even though I had all these thinking this very words but I feel like you know. I don't want to do to many things before I do this you know that there were no God but. I mean to taking a shower you can maybe help you wake up. And because. It's. I mean the Bible doesn't say a rule that you know you can take a shower before you study or you can't leave your bed before you start a. But I don't know but it's something in lives that I have channel had to my mind many times that you know I'm going to stay in my room until I'm done this and I almost don't want to go that Bassam move across is. But I mean. Get focused. Yeah. I know. Yes I know. Yeah I know I know and that's that could be that could be a problem so if you do if you choose to do something to get focused I mean. Don't do just anything. Because if you start. What can I say planning for your work in the day. I mean before you do devotions start planning to pay your bills or or talking weed out about some problems. That's not the good way to start because then you're just focusing on the day's a task. Even though I think it's could be OK to ask as you have prayed to to maybe ride to work schedulers or planned for today and can pray by the pot if you go more into details of going to mess with mine. It's going to distract you. So what I will suggest and people like drawing devices shut off until or dominant your devotion. Not necessarily shut off totally. Because I used is. You know I I this deactivate my phone and wife I and during the nights. And when I woke up. When I wake up. I mean used to sit with this preludes that I have on here. You know. I said I think that's OK but them start checking your email stand and you know. Doing things. And I know I mean there are times when when I've done that as well but it doesn't the good idea because then your mind goes out a ways and then suddenly you don't have time and longing for your devotion. You have to get going with the I mean maybe at the get eating and leave for work or something. So it is a make a plan to choose a place. Also. Well in fact. I also sometimes used by my computer for my study. I take notes and. And maybe look up some of them maybe I Google something that's reading about them. Let's see if you know if there's any thoughts about this or where I used the corner store or different bible or since I think that's OK too. I mean we should do what we have but try not to go other places on the computer while you do or devotion and get distracted. Just a place you know that if privates and freedom must manage tractions as possible. Some of you may be like me. Like to be social and go out to and maybe you've gotten living room or where you have other people also staying. And you start talking in your devotion is no longer devotion. Matthew six six. That's about you when you pray answering to your costs and when you have shut the door pray to your father wishes in secrets and your Father which stays in secret shoulder reward you openly. So we have the Bible. Miracle Council that the goal for yourself or inappropriate or private praised God your self in us again you can commune with God. And then. Yeah may make a make a plan for your bible study. Decide what to study. You know having a specific plan on death will help keep you motivated also and. I don't know about you but many times I've just randomly been studying something akin to see. Thing go to the Psalms here yeah. This Psalm here. It will be enough time for five and now it's very easy to do that. I'm not saying that there's not the time for for doing that sometimes God can impress us there is something in and. Maybe you don't have that. Half an hour or hour to do to do continue your study that the old it was your plan. But you know if we choose. If you make a plan what to study to keep us motivated and focused. Get back to a little bit later. How often should we study. It's maybe a question. What do you think what you suggest. Every day OK. Yeah good. Now we have the acceptance in an eleven. To the day receive their word we all read in essence search all scriptures. How often. Daily. Exactly like like a banana said. To find out whether days things were so. So we all know example then we have second Clintons for sixteen cents for which cost we feign not. But dull or outward man perish. Yet the aim toward man is renewed day by day. So every day. We should surrender to God we should. Give our lives to him and commune with him. Soul. And Jesus. I mean just it is also read the thesis. And in the morning. Well Roland rid read the whole quote the Bible in the morning rising up a great while before day he went out on the part of the into solitary place then he pray and so was I am actually manic samples of Jesus taking down the got every day many times a day in the morning in the evening I quit reading the quote earlier. Remembered Amana when they gathered amount of in the mornings. Yes. OK. And. You know. Excess. When the sun. You next to this one a sound. Became hot it melt and would only work if they waited too long to pick out the man I need meltdown that could also be a lesson for us spiritually that these waits too long you know it's not the best part of that they to do it because they were older than to distract about many things and you're already spend some day without devotion I mean that's. In the mornings are good for me. I really like sleeping so this is something I mean strong wind. To get up early enough to take time to study because if I don't get enough sleep I will feel so tired a whole day. So many times I progress my sleep. About the it's so vital to take that time in the morning. To to start your day with God gets focused and. And in commune with Him and prioritize this. And this is interesting quotes from John. But Nyan He who runs from got in the morning will scarcely find in the rest of the day. And I think that's very true. Because if you run from God in the morning don't take this time. And I mean my the days when when this happened with me. I see a difference. You know I'm not prepared to face what I'm facing or I don't feel like God is really. Guiding me in the same way. I don't know if you can relate to that but still take the time I mean. Take some time to get in the morning that's that's very important in a manner. Many of us. If we have put something in our calendar and appointments. And you. You get invited or something and he said well I'm sorry you know I my more debased you know I wanted stick that asked. What if we would cheat. And you know what if we lose they would gals were let's say you. Some want to call so does one thing and you say well actually I'm basing all of the I'm going to community I'm going to I'm going to Monday ocean I'm planting my devotion. What who treated. Job. In the same way as the Colline ing imitations that is something or request. Because we want to spend time with John. I mean this. This shouldn't be any shouldn't be worth less than other appointments for today. So when is prioritized by prioritizing. You will show what is important to you or K.. Number two surrender I mean talk about that in knowing as well but. But also studying gal's word. This is important and how and why systems across patient one never should the Bible be thought it would all prayer before opening its pages we should ask for the enlightment of the whole if we are done it will be given. This is very important this is a spiritual book that is understand in a spiritual way. We need to pray before you open the pages to understand it forgot to speak to us. Second rate us to thirteen to fourteen. All men Time is flying here I say. I don't know what happened. So I have some minutes left. The singer intends to thirteen to fourteen. It says he was talking about comparing things. Compering spiritual things with spiritual just like I said. And that's because there are spiritual discern. In the James four eight says draw nigh to God and He will dry. Do you. Cleanse your hands dinners and purify your hearts to double minus so we don't forget him running across. You know why she says this. In such a crisis again page seventy consecrate yourself to get in the morning. Make this your very first work. To talk about the very first work. Doesn't say you know you can't take a shower to get the more awake to study else word. I mean in fact if that makes your way commune. You should do with. She says let your prayer be taken me oh Lord asked Holy dine. I lay my plans at your feet. Use me today in your service Abide With Me and let all my work be of rot in the. This is a daily matter she says. And I think there's a beautiful play I'm trying to prayed as myself in the mornings. To let the conscript myself to God and let him lead me in a bind in me. Each morning consecrate yourself the gap for death thing. Surrender all their plans to him to be carried out or given up asses providential indicate this dust. Day by day you may be giving your life. Into hands of God and thus your life or limb all that more and more after a life of Christ. This is what they are that are and what are we to surrender. From this quote surrender your life. Number one. Surrender your plans. Number three Ask God to use you in His service. And then ask God to let all your work. Be done through him. Let him be in charge of it. And how often while we're going to do this every day. Sand and water for a solved to be as busy. In the end there with a quote. There's all this with us your life will be molded more and more after the good life for Christ. And this is what we want US Christians. OK. Number three D.. The dig deep into the Word of God and occasion page one eighty nine it says in daily started the verse by verse the method is often most helpful. Let the student take one verse and concentrate the mind on a star taining the thought that got us put into that verse for him. And then dwell upon the thought until it becomes his own. One passage doesn't study until its significance is clear is on more value than the per usual of many chapters with no definite purpose in view. And no positive instruction gained. So what method is to recommending. She's a verse by verse. And you know she didn't do not. Don't just read it but start it. Think about what they're reading there's a poem or again reading at Northview of course. But she's a this is the most helpful. This method. So. And I can share I mean I've used his method by starting because revelation. Actually not the whole one yet to my verse by verse. Doing that but. Wow I've seen so many I mean. I could they do want one verse for a long time in trying to figure out what it means I mean that's a blessing to really think about it and and brain studies. Then we have to ask them questions to ask for a study looking at our boss. Who are we talking about here what who you who are we dealing with here. What is the situation what is going on when was this written what when when was this situation. When it takes place where and why it here was in the Bible. Why. I mean. What can we learn from this and perhaps you can ask also how the how of how mean how how was this being done or will. And so on and there are three phases of starting that I want to to emphasize a show you that has been a blessing for me and I can see a big difference. But I'm using this principle here and first observation. Read a passage shops serve and ask this question What does the text say. So in fact. Let's And we will do this the last thing we do in our cause we don't have so much time. Now let's all go through this to three in and we're live because we know that. Well let's just take an example. So you can get but I'm saying let's go to John Chapter ten or twenty seven. John town. Since twenty seven. Just to take one verse and just the thing. Use his principles here. The get it more practical inserted there my sheet. Here my boy. Jesus speaking. And I know them and they fall of me. But only only by this verse it can tell us a lot by asking these questions and following this. So far as we obviously are what they hear of course when you consider the context. What does the context what is the context here. OK. So the content is Jesus is in Jerusalem. During the physical dedication. And there were some doubting deuce approaching him that's the context in short. And then what does the text say. It's less. Jesus then she hears his voice and fall of him. OK. As simple as that and. What else does it say well maybe this is more in the potato but these are people that. That he knows. That's what a Texas thing. You know these people. And then interpretation. What does that mean just what we want it want to understand. Why does it happen. Does it say anything about Christ. About God and is there any type ear in the text in a symbols. First of all we can say this out from this text. Not all are to shape of Christ. Can you say that's what is that fair to say from this text not all are people on Christ. Only those who what hear his voice. Those are his ship. His ship. Only those that Christ knows. And what does that tell you as we interpret this. They have spent time with him. That's how they know him. The found it. Understand him his wife's and their children the fall of him. It's all. Following Christ. Also means to walk in his footsteps. We can say salvation is a choice. We can choose to become the sheep of God. So legend comes through Christ and. So we need to focus here to to also discovered their authors or regional in town. But the reason why you put this here was to towards understanding. Number three which is also very important to not get. When NEWSSTAND me. I mean this is how it makes more practical. And that's what I want us Christians. OK. How does this apply to my life. Think about look at the text. What are you saying any anyone. How can this apply to your life personally. What we just have seen in this text. We need to listen to Christ for is looking good. And we ask the questions. What is God. Saying to me and asking me to do. And she said when in to listen. OK. Is there an example there to follow. We can ask is there is no mention here that went into void where whatever read. Is there a command to obey. Is there a promise to claim. So we can see. We have to ask yourself Am I like one of the dolphin Jews. That approached him in the context. Taking consideration where my part of Christ sheep that listen to his voice. Do I listen to his voice daily. We can ask. Do I daily spend time in his word through prayer. So you know you can the slide. Was only by reading this passage. Though I want to follow Christ on the listen to his Why do I want to know him. And we can claim it or promise there by the way. If you're promising we can claim. A man. Christ will speak to his sheep. We can claim it. There's power in the world like we're at his power in the very word here which you know we can claim it and on the whole faster by face and asked you to study. You can take note. And that's true also that can also help you to. You will remember Mormon. I mean in fact studies are showing shown that if you hear something. And read something something will stick to their mind about the when you take notes. Maybe you have heard of the thing in school. But I also hard now. Quite recently doubt taking notes on a computer is not as good at taking in those by how not are about you but I don't like fighting my hands to dust a struggle for me. I always like the go. Have it on my computer because it's is there are out faster. It looks much nicer. And I even know where I have it. You know I can I have access to it almost wherever I travel you know whatever so. But anyhow it's good to take notes whether it's on the computer on my hand money will help us also as we commune Reagan and I think we can go back. OK. Yeah we'll continue this tomorrow and. So let's just several prayer and then we go in and the Father in heaven I think what this short time I've had now and. And what I pray that I think that we have taken look out the. The may be a blessing to ask and that through also may be able to hear the rest on this workshop so now that we can. Yeah. Even yet more blasts and your feet than help us fall dress we study or were to to get a lot of Forth an interest in it done and to to realize that they may meet the an important part of our lives to not just not just the ritual that we do daily something that empowers us. The that can mull us become more like you pray to six inches. 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