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A Double Portion of The Spirit

Doug Batchelor

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts



  • December 18, 2008
    2:30 PM
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I will e-mail as we begin this segment for him and him and him and loving father in heaven thank you again for this opportunity we have to does come the site 's beautiful place and in freedom to open your word and to better understand what is truth nor the time this afternoon will be wasted if we are not able to hear what you're saying and if we're not surrendering willing to do what you are saying give us both years to hear and hearts that are willing to do not only hears but doers of the word remove every distraction I pray you be with me and that was as a result may we be spirit filled and willing to go wherever you lead and willing to follow Jesus name and if you can take your Bibles please and turn to the second book of Kings Stella brother Kelly was talking about the Holy Spirit and so while I don't have a four-part series on the other two-part series and the Holy Spirit I did want to share this message with you on the subject of the Holy Spirit and more specifically the filling of the Holy Spirit homeport in the need of the Spirit is I like to teach theology to Bible stories stories in the Bible really are a springboard to understand theology will find that the stories in the Bible don't contradict good theology they reinforce it and doesn't this is an example of that turn pleased to second Kings to and will start with verse one funny most of us know the story of where Elisha is filled with a double portion of Elijah 's spirit but with your permission I like to walk through this with you in and make some comparisons both with the Ministry court him know where we are today what this means for us this is what is written for history this is meant for us today in two thousand eight how we apply this how we experience when Elisha hath Chucky to second Kings verse one and it came to pass when the Lord was about to take Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind that Elijah went with your lies have from Gilligan now the word yell yell means rolling our circle and my son Stevens checking in with me okay you GoToMeeting now okay fifteen orders longer around him I can start over again although the door Neil Gell means of circle or rolling actually got the name because when they crossed over the Jordan River they reinstituted circumcision to roll away the reproach from the years when it lost faith and of each one of the names of the places where he lives any license go so something about our walk with more for one thing I never noticed that that sometimes it seems like you're going in circles in your walk with the Lord to Elijah realizes book I'm getting ready to ascend to heaven God had revealed to Elijah through divine revelation I'm not sure how it happened but not only delighted to know that the sons of the prophets knew that he was going up that he was with them for a limited time and I'm getting a ringing in the microphone that's in a wreck the whole tape out of someone knows how to control the mastery is bringing down a little bit here I see some a your looks it is a hard it is to bring the master venue here Graham now I own this one to three for you have bring Dennis probably a little bit that's all there is nothing else I'll get things echoing off on right under Speaker Hollister that's what was Nichols feedback I guess I will overhear him to know it what if I was a kid today as when I was going up I will be medicated I can promise you is I I had an attention deficit disorder and I've never gotten over it you can distract me so easily it's disgusting Bartlett was a parts of the Lord had revealed that he was anything he lines up in the heaven supernaturally and before he ascends he wants to go around and to strengthen the schools of the profits of this is very much like what Jesus did by the way the naming Elijah two principal characters in our story today are you like John which means my God is Jehovah and Eli Shaw which means my God is Savior and the like the name of Jesus that effect on a life says Jesus name is Joshua which is Elohim is Savior and Elisha 's name very much it's a very similar before Jesus ascended to heaven you notice he went and he appeared to the disciples and apostles very surprised about forty days the needs and the other thing is interesting is when Christ ascended events of the spirit when Elijah ascends to heaven he gives a double portion of the Spirit to Elisha and so you can see a lot of parallels here between the ministry of Christ and what life is going into one thing that really thrills me with what I see happening here at UIC and just what I've observed in the short time I've been in the administered president of comparatively is that there is a grassroots movements to train the laity for ministry and you got the schools like arise my desk only black hills that are training Lehman to do ministry and evangelism I find that this thrills me to the core because not everybody because of the finances are where they are in their lives can always go back to school and go the whole route of seminary and I just praise the Lord Adam many of you may know that when I became a Christian and I had three kids and high school dropout and it just wasn't practical for me to go back and start from scratch near theology degree and so the first evangelism I did was just as a length I started out working with the pastor in the church I attended in Canada little by little the Lord this was blessing I was bringing people the Sabbath school in bringing people to evangelistic meetings and Bible studies and I can tell you the whole story does not have enough time that Doctor started opening doors and so much of what was ministry as a layman but what I noticed was happening with all these pastors and conference people said the new got gifts for ministry you want to be a pastor younger school the study to be a pastor and I believe in it don't misunderstand but they automatically assume that if you got the ability to link someone to the Lord that your supposed to be ordained as a pastor I think every member of a learning how to bring people galore not every member needs to then take over church because first of all some are pastors in some credentials you don't set exactly what the Bible says some pastors some evangelist stands to reason that there are some passages that are not an analyst and arsenal of Angels are not pastors that make sense it's a later different gifts in their arsenal in the half pastoral care 's that are very nurturing and then there are some Lehman have very evangelistic gifts you suppress swings and so well notice is exciting to see these different schools in the province that's refusing today with these different groups served are springing up ancestors is very exciting for me I'm hoping I'd almost integrated everyone are not aware they are in their walk had time to go to one of these programs either the short version one version and get training in hot boiling salted Christ and I joined the talk that that young lady gave today on talking about that anyway so alike this is the largest they hear pleased the Lord has sent me on to battle the word Bethel means else house of God Bethlehem house of bread and I was on was interesting that Jesus was a bread of life was born in a town called the house of bread and they put him in a trough we put grain bread for animals the bread of life for the house of bread Place the bread trough that something so that means house of God and this is where Jacob had the vision of the latter the reach to heaven forgot his name and Elisha said to Elijah as the Lord lives and as your soul lives I will not leave you so they went down the battle together simple lesson when the Lord builds the house of God we underwent a light shower was the master of your life shot your life shall follow him wherever he went for the hundred and forty four thousand these are they that follow the Lamb whithersoever he go I you willing to follow Jesus wherever he goes sometimes it can seem like he's leaving you in circles sometimes it's committed to believing in the house of God I remember hearing a Baptist preacher say one time and never forgot if you don't have enough faith to get you to church once a week I him him and I were young pastor of folks and he was less okay well you know I had a rough week well this weekend now we just decided to keep the Sabbath out nature so we went to the beach while we went snow ski this is really hard to picture person hot dogging him locals think about Jesus on the Sabbath they were the others and out into the sort of becoming more pervasive is like church is optional and by the way you know is not only part of the Sabbath command that you rest on that day upon the Sabbath command is that you go to church if you look at Leviticus twenty three says the Sabbath is a holy convocation were convocations convening I was absolutely nauseated when I heard the Seventh-day Adventist minister said it kept meeting that will remain nameless right now from all these folks who are you struggling in the face is not in the Bible that says you need to go to church on Sabbath you can go on nature and keep the Sabbath you don't need a church on such of his portrait is part of Sabbath keeping his corporate worship what was example of Jesus and the Sabbath as his custom was he went to the synagogue heat networks and that means the gathering is a holy convocation they came together he read the Scriptures is corporate worship that we reengage and know you here off in the middle of nowhere and there is no church in many times our families and in some dark County with his wasn't in charge but I can also play a lot of stories we go a hundred miles church one way is that was the closest one that is without this is important on vacation our family thought we were crazy I mean they're just the heaven was again around big celebration was ever going to church but it's Christmas Day on what everything is a is set and not is more important than the Fourth of July whatever the occasion allocating the family room the church is on the follower of you know that a vessel any Senate will now the sons of the prophets verse three Greg Bethel they came out to Elisha and they said to him do you not know the Lord will take away your master from your head today meaning from being over you he said yes I know it your piece in other words you will no longer be the lowly apprentice of Elijah you will be a prophet in your own writer in a promoted business excited he won't be ordering you around do any of the menial service and you've been involved in building three -year-old man and hot Elisha responded that idea that Elijah was leaving he would have him bossing around anymore broke his heart he was happy to serve you I can imagine being the servant Elijah you all read about the mansion though I delivered the fellow servants of like the ravens and the like to when he finally did find a place to live it was with a window who had from day-to-day handful of meal and a little bit oil left in the lives out in the woods he runs and hides from Ahab and to be the servant sleeps under a broken tree out in the desert when the Angel Pearsall he started us being less if you can imagine the intended that somebody like that I mean it's not a lot of unloved benefits and put you know what one time it says in them I believe it's in second Kings it is that when they identify which a hot shift that identified shot is that this is the Prophet who poured water on the hands of Elijah for life annuity how I should put a water wash his hands philosophy one he was a servant of Elisha how many would like to be the servant Elijah talk about what that be a learning experience for any help landed at half while he worked miracles after he didn't pay very well I didn't have a real good retirement on earth policy but had out of this world benefits right and solicit all you want have him ordering around anyway so hold your peace on him he was happy to serve scale I don't know usable lifetime talk about this point but for group like this I think I feel impressed us to say a little more our minds had been distorted by the culture in which we live it is our concept of success it is not like the biblical concept in the Bible it was considered honorable telework even if it meant something menial service and always marveling when I read the story of Abraham who has yet three hundred man in his camp better soldiers not counting all the other hundreds of servants is fabulously wealthy but when visitors came by ketones and he personally ceased to the dinner series starts the kneading bread with her own hands and he personally took responsibility NCM Paul was a tent maker I even though he was also an educated man with the service how do they pick a wife for Isaac did Eliezer say honestly outside the gates of the city Lord and the girl that comes out he's dressed in the finest clothes and I can go to shop at Nordstrom shall be the one whatever Sherry she writes to say almost chariot she's the one because she was successful for wealthy new mother in Israel but someone's got the trappings of money but what was the past thing applied to see who is going to be a wife for the wealthiest prince in Canaan will she want her camels to know I read just yesterday that a camel in one sitting this is a whole caravan of camels can drink twenty two gallons in one sitting this is a well-known separate on one drinking had one visit to the bar they can drain reportedly wants that's when she said let me wander in here somewhere for you your camels to surface so when you're thinking about what you do with your life nor not a lot of schools disconnect from Mike Morella 's University has a great school I've spoken to don't colleges across the country and got a lot of schools the teachers and students but there is a trend that worries me my talk one-on-one a lot of young people is what you so much of what they're thinking about is where you have got to find some of course pursing anything about his house and opaque as I before igniting a imagery pays enough and on the finest biblical putting a discreet that right off the grill continues to learn what you want me to do what ever it yes you want to bus tables and some foreign countries I can be missionary is I so often we first can consider we can select our comfort and convenience that was once uncomfortable and inconvenient in the board that I'm willing to serve you but that's not what Jesus says Alisa pick up the cross where it relates to follow you how comfortable are inconvenient it might be so why just this July servers for a license to before the sermon the right mess this up because Elijah and Elisha sound a lot like I've never gotten to determine operational things up somehow something selling ahead of time he's a senior please alert the sender Jericho pasted as the Lord lives and as your soul lives I will not leave you Jericho means fragrance to wield his words in the Bible and sometimes alertly exists in circle sometimes the house and got sometimes fragrant places he goes to Jericho and the sons the profits were within the Jericho they said to Elisha you not know the Lord is to take away your master from being over you today and he said yes I know it keeps silent hold your peace I don't hereby and Elijah said to him stay here please assume it's having on his going from one of the schools the possibilities and how long he was there missed a few days trying to encourage them exhort the word of God now you realizing in the southern kingdom of Jerusalem the Levites principally to care of the proclamation of the word but the northern kingdom has sort of split off and most of the Levites in the southern kingdom because Jeroboam the King in the north which is where Elijah worked it sort of ticked all the Levites artisan would appoint our own priests what made it a little difficult because the priesthood it's our become corrupt in the northern taken just and whoever could be applied to Jeroboam where the king was they got a salary and they got to be priests the real ministry of the word then fell upon the shoulders of the schools of the profits and a willing that was ensuring the work and the outlet you apply that whoever you see fit that I think were facing some of the same circumstances today and the sons of the prophets were Jericho said the same thing don't you know you are loser massive you will use your sixth alike this is one stay here please send one realities of the system making the circuit so the Lord has sent me to Jordan middleware Jordan means descending its most interesting piece of geography in the world because I aboard their wealth it begins up in the mountains of Lebanon runs down to the Sea of Galilee that runs through their runs out the other side of the Sea of Galilee runs under the debt ceiling goes from way above sea level to the lowest point honors for the most radically descending rivers as in this big Valley Valley is the lowest point on our thirteen hundred people a single that's what baptism took place in the Jordan because baptism is a symbol of death burial and resurrection and so when Elijah says to Elisha Lord has led me to Jordan that means the Lord led me to death its descending through the reason the name and was washed in the Jordan River is a gentle go back to a certain wash in the rivers of abandoned parts are they better than all the waters and he was right against the majority John the Baptist picked the Jordan is baptized and one of the many pools that they had good baptism the Sea of Galilee and baptized in his river the representative you ever noticed how many times in the hands it refers to the Jordan those him writers of great theologians and they understood that the Jordan represented death the children of Israel before they got from the promised land also said that long before the children of Israel got to step from the wilderness when they have to cross most people get from this life to the next gift a cost of your gaggle to death to get to haven't seen people go right there we need time to send it that's the barrier between this world if you hasn't always says follow on going down to the Jordan analyzes is ongoing with you Jesus said whoever would come after me let him deny himself daily take up his cross and follow me where Jesus take his cross to his and so what is Christ asking us to do when he asks us to follow him when Jesus did the men the following is really beating the coming guy he will seek to save his life will lose it but he will lose his life for my sake and the gospel he will find if you try to live yourself in your own happiness even lose everything but if you say Lord I'm willing to spend and be spent for you that's when you really find it so again Elisha says as the Lord lives and as your soul lives I have not been only in oh I love that verse in the book of Ruth whereof Naomi lost everything that she's going back to Bethlehem another significant story then Oprah follow surface over what I thought was there for a little ways and your because it was always nice they get you take somebody to the door they do carry was her heart is trying to train me I had absolutely no manners a step back in the social grace and of some came over to my house on this and delete in its infancy later she said she can walk in the door she didn't and I could stand and walk about and see and listen this advised not to single out if I come back to combat him and he was going on it's just taken her longtime but anyway so you are not offended or obediently individuated and only in Hebrew they always did that in many countries whence you we want to possibly throughout his life a living hell were not anxious for you to link and Christian alike unveiling at him let anyway so if you walk down the road is doing so she was demanding Córdoba was that no this is not just a gesture of kindness isn't I'm going with you ashes go back she says in his new walks far enough for appearances in the home now she's now this is not for appearances and she made a beautiful statement where you go I will go where you live your life your people will be my people your God will be my God and God do so to me and more also on this death separates you and me always thought he was really going to weddings over very many and I discourage people from asking me because it's just not be like to have many backs were signed under certificate that when I do wedding a logical that factors in such a commitment where you go I will go we like to have larger people of my people he baptize a supper to automate when you join the church your people are my people here God is my God what you die their lifetime it was a very we are crucified with Christ were buried with Christ risen with Christ etc. San ongoing communist state to use animals as before he died is recommended to stay that you will be under the lawyering awareness will that you include they did have low back and it was from that you include the more I truly feel that we can have trouble with me follow from a distance and a window for appearances for a while Howard people are looking and this was the thing that Jesus said when he began his ministry that these scribes and Pharisees were so preoccupied with what men thought about the religion they didn't really care what God thought it was all for outward appearances and on again you seem to be seen they prayed to be seen as another really being heartfelt for no matter what anyone thinks what anyone seems to follow you wherever you go as of this as well I should say not to follow you where ever you go now is or anyone here that doesn't know when the story ends ally she has a double portion of the Holy Spirit does everyone here know that would you like to have a double portion of the Spirit then look at how your life nation 's leading Hawaii say is following a life you and that right there is a think one of the most important clothes in the last days of God going to pour out the spirit again in that kind of Pentecostal measure do we want to be recipients of that what happens what happened if the note someone said well you know I don't want to go to the upper room today because I have been there for ten days I've been there nine days and they miss the day of Pentecost but for failure the ones that stuck with until it happen it did there needs to be this persistent resolve this tenacity done the following wherever he goes on that's a received the filling so they go on to Jordan together we follow Jesus down to the Jordan course ascends the profs come to him again and they they warned him it says in verse seven and fifty men of the sons of the prophets went and stood facing them interesting fifteen men what is the word Pentecost mean Pentecost was fifty days after Passover and the like Pentagon five this story sort of an echo of Pentecost in the New Testament of Elijah says they have in the Holy Spirit falls and Elisha fifty men from the sons of the prophets watching from a distance Jordan River this is what happened when Jesus and Pentecost is fifteen and of the sons of the prophets went and stood facing them in a distance while the two of them stood by the Jordan now Elijah took his mantle and rolled it up now this problem is probably the springtime because getting it across the Jordan sometimes of the year but in the spring if lots and they can get across about doing something apart the water business obstacle of what kind of your Jesus die springtime and Elijah took his mental another word for that is his role and he rolled it up and he struck the water it was divided this way and that so the two of them crossed over on dry ground on judging at this point then your time here this morning will not be in vain what is it that's going to get us no morning it is realized that it is actually going somewhere but not hearing what is getting get us across the Jordan River clean on the other side she not only did the river part of the river pardon they went across on dry ground what that means is they did not go slogging through the mud they went a cross-sectional clean on the other side she took his mantle that's his role and he rolled up and he struck the water in it you may never have brothers Delphi and who knows maybe he took his mantle and the Jordan River just split like when the children this is across the listings were dramatic to me in that way and the two of them went across the dry ground in verses fifteen people from the sun the plot is watching you let's read that the spiritual swing low Sweet chariot come up with your meal I will forward Jordan wanted I see is talking about when Elijah crossed the Jordan River but I'm getting ahead of myself so the crossover and Ashley calls over the waters full limiting inflammation another wanting off in the wilderness together which is very is very interesting and symbolic and he says so it was when they crossed over our lives are says to Elisha ask what I can do for you before I'm taken away from you ask what is the word Elijah mean my God is Jehovah what had Elijah done before let's make a list this is a fellow that he prays in it stops raining for three and a half years he prays again and it starts raining and another dentist floods he prays fire comes down from heaven see praising its fiery for James Taylor at the title song but he doesn't one day praise fire comes out of prison and ringtones them I had about enough of the only done three times aligned in prison by her consent to other times individuals that an entourage of soldiers arrest him and never disrespectful they cemented under younger retinoic and wants to talk to Chris that this is chapter one of the same book and Elijah says Obama may have gotten the fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty soldiers fire come down with him and his horses up to false smoldering carcass in the cases where are they happen in our backs and another fifty and so became distinguished stubborn in all the repented heard that seven hundred fifty soldiers may come down there not any nicer anticapitalist ideologues is on a hill like a spiritual aesthetic him the parent node you must deceive the latest come after you any set of automatic goblet of fire come down from heaven and open up the fire comes down is more polite evil is the will if I was a second group of fifty hours in only the carcass is a little more humble enough to him to the changes December fifty soldiers to arrest Mister Captain Scott he's had an attitude adjustment becomes a little more carefully he sees the smoldering carcasses of a hundred now soldiers and horses and he comes of the man of God Lisa stumbles and systematic practices in all the kinks that the soldiers newborn will not provide in order not following what if we please lozenges iPhoto I guess I just got a be nice it depends on how you ask him in but now this is the man like Jeff and goes out into the wilderness and God sends earthquake to teach Melissa is an earthquake and is so great when the cares of optimism fire sweeps through the desert in a God does all this one man and he's got a connection with God is dead by arrangements I would have a theory where the agreement of the bread during a fan that the difference may have been Jezebel when they weren't looking the ravens for shoving him she's anyway and so this is the solid scientific hundreds of lines he sees the greatest profit we talked about him this morning and so he's working on with these decisions something you'd like to ask me before him taken away from you what would you ask for at central church right now doing a new series on Solomon never done that before and of course God appears a solemn midnight Solomon offers thousands of other animals this is for the Solomon love the Lord and the Lord appears in the dream this is asked what I should do for you while reciting what would you ask this is where I think we can reset we think what it would be nice if we could have award asked us that question we cannot contemplate what when I asked if I had that kind of a blank check and no we fantasize if we had these wishes about a billion dollars for what I do and I'm had those fantasies before two I want to know I always Re: noncompete mai tais for same but I still think about how much touristy visa kidney flange genies in the bottle and I feared Jean and I may give you three wishes and you know it's always so aggravating and invariably all these stories and analogies of people who find the genies they always we still wishes some is not thinking and I heard one story about three guys that were shipwrecked on this deserted island all of South Pacific somewhere and there is there for days to bleed the rest of months went by nothing is all I have used coconuts that you crabs and collect on the beach is blistering in the sun all day long drinking coconut milk watching the waves come in and does nothing to do all little irritated with each other just want to get off the island one day they say that the something floating on the water on the waves can close that close in the alley I'll get up and walk out the shake down the short number what his ways and slowly bring it in filing a alternate water graphic 's shiny object and Robin and lo and behold if the genie bottle tree story Internet was in his genie pops out and Pulitzer unusable normally I give out your through what is free if you have followed the same time to do each one wish for one manual goes pretty fast he said look desiring on our designs the higher of this blistering heat on this island is a solid and able to think about his snow skiing in Aspen Colorado so I want to be snow skiing in Aspen Colorado is the second one saw that his friend was right it is must be real as well I know what he says and coconut coconut coconut on the menu I just can drain you of all these other things that rather it is I want to be the biggest fish more of his work in New York City and from to disappear the third one is obviously not as quick as the other two because it's taken a while Jesus is one which the Jesus one with more citizen actions I'm not sure what I should ask friends were here him in one of many shall let you know I really like is the one I heard about this man he found Jeannie Jeannie Zedillo three wishes nothing in the typical things you said you know I want a Swiss bank account with a billion dollars and poof he had this bank account with them building dollars Switzerland and so I went to the fastest Ferrari red one in the world proof you this beautiful red test for our and in the third pieces is now I want you to make me irresistible women and it turned into a box of chocolates him in other words anywhere but here is to be careful as they know I sell that is because we get this idea in our mind we fantasize off I could just have anything off I just wish if I like to ask me that what would ask for if if God would ask me that when they asked for and you know I think we feel the realize him that he doesn't see that Jesus was a God of Elijah who delighted his spirit and not the father who popped in Solomon Arnzen got to talk to Solomon his Jesus and Jesus said ask the music that you print a retraction anywhere that you know is it still true when he said ask that you then being evil know how to give good to send your children how much more will your father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to them that ask on the what's the one thing that Jesus specifically mentioned that we should ask for how much more will your father in heaven give the Holy Spirit was that when Solomon wisdom and now in Chronicles of says wisdom you know enough in first Kings Solomon never even mentions what wisdom he says that you give me an understanding heart to know how to discern between right and wrong good judge of people but what do they really are asking for is the Holy Spirit because one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is with them Isaiah Chapter 11 verse two one seven spirits of God wisdom and James is of any of you lack wisdom this is a gift of the Spirit so they're asking for the Holy Spirit and documents will is gone less willing to give it to us today now back up why would the Lord so openly asking Elisha and Solomon what you want what's most powerful thing that God can give anymore spirit and the most powerful Christians in the Bible when even the most powerful Christians what made sense and so strong spirit working on but they David sing so well right so well spiritual working on I mean I like to outline a house chariots of the spirit working on so what's the best thing that you can ask for the Holy Spirit is the most important thing but kids that it's a power you put a eleven -year-old behind the wheel of a twelve cylinder four hundred horsepower car wash is not old enough in another relationship I can handle it they can't be trusted with if you are totally committed to the Lord if she gives you what you use it right how much money to give your kids how much can handle right and the more faithful you are when that which is least the Lord will give you if you are faithful will listen to the voice of Holy Spirit and simple things got in the speaking more directly if you are faithful to be used of God in his spirit administrate in the simple areas receiving opportunity to give you more as the Bible teaches us is this a simple principle to do trustee Lisha Peter Charles Solomon Law Lords of God gave him a lot of the Spirit because he would then you guys well when you have the spirit but if it were sliding and grieving and reflecting the spirit of God and the basics of the Christian walk can God trust us with the Pentecostal measure of the spirit USA is not up in heaven watching the clock and singing on the pour out my spirit I got marked my calendar and just the Titans not quite ready yet she's not looking or watching public and Medi-Cal is looking at us and he wants to give us the spirit willing to pour out the spirit of the apostles went and happened to get to the testator when they were ready happen to be the candidate that is when they were ready went video I show pray for Israel the family meets the worst part they were many hits when the people were ready they then bow before the Lord the Civil War he is God they finally have humbled themselves acknowledge the Lord they got rid of the profits and Dale to perform some of us might have some profits avail of our lives so there was this reform and any similar injury but single ring to God wants us in the spirit is ready God cannot sell awful vessel if we will empty ourselves he will fill us to believe that sought in all of this in the Bible when you keep an eye on my time here is his ask what I shall do for you before and taken away from you and Elisha said please let a double portion of your spirit be upon me you know we think about who comes in the spirit and power of Elijah first one to come in the spirit and power of Elijah was not John the Baptist of John the Baptist it it was Elisha so when God said when Jesus talked about the return of Elijah the Jews were so mixed up in the time of Christ they would think Elijah was the reincarnated that's why when the religious leaders came to John the Baptist they said are you Elijah he said no but was she the Elijah that was prophesied yes they are asking a wrong question they were sooner you Elijah reincarnated he's now well they misunderstood they become in the spirit and power of allies of Elijah yes now is God going to have people in the last generation that will come in the spirit and the power of Elijah first you got Elijah came in the spirit of powerful engine the new revelation who comes in the spirit and the power of Elijah then you got John the Baptist who comes in the spirit and power of Elijah but in Malachi chapter four as always I like the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord has a great vent a little more happening and when they asked Jesus Jesus said I'm telling you that utilize shop Joe rather scheduled in the Elijah has come in Indonesia whatever they will and Elijah will come together Jesus said Joe will come and Elijah has come alive you had come because it was John the Baptist the argument arrested beheaded at this point because it needs that statement but is it and he will come so is not going to still fill people with the spirit and power of Elijah in the last days when immigrants can be painted in the Army people I think I like the hundred and forty four thousand in the same work that Elijah and Elisha did in Israel and revival the same work the John the Baptist in preparing the world for Jesus first coming God is going to have an army of the Elijah 's in the last days repairing the world for the second and I would trust that some of them are hearing my voice right now and I don't think you can see folks in the last days that are part of the hundred and forty four thousand walking around with some marathon number on their back to help us identify which one of the hundred and forty four thousand they are but I think that some of them are walking your today and that God wants us to be filled with the spirit that's the first prerequisite to doing the work of John the Baptist analyze and Elisha which is a work of revival in preparation were not done yet so I wanted double portion of your spirit I asked for double portion was being greedy well a couple reasons first of all who got a double portion according to Jewish law the firstborn son I was Eli does firstborn son never heard of Mrs. Elijah jointly married Elijah but we never made it only be running all these years may have been helping a lot gotten were taken into heaven of you that a family left I think that he was a bachelor which is why I want him to really them I don't especially will be here tomorrow not too often does one get married become a bachelor that my wife vision so he said basically look alive shall was hauled by John I like to walk till Monday while he was plowing by the way Elisha was a wealthy son of this farmer says he helped found with well-heeled box and that's like twelve John Deere tractors are very expensive and Elijah comes along the for-profit than a place to lay his head and he puts his cloak on his shoulders and that means you're being called to be my practice to succeed me and he without hesitation says Levin mother and father goodbye and make sure that he'll never turned back ally Shep kills the oxen plowing with offers of the Lord Burns among the influence the wooden implements it is plowing with that's what Jesus is talking about when he says any man puts his hand to the plow and looks back I think Jesus is thinking about the echoes of relation when he said I'm not to look back on the wealth and inheritance at my earthly family can offer me I'm willing to follow you Lord and he turns his back on all that he loses his earthly inheritance any Gaza followed this for profit so when he wonders of God what a heaven which is tantamount to denying I mean you know you can way when someone goes to have it disappear like that in the act of the will and so what was he going to receive the firstborn missing double portion saw why shall you single-engine even like my father I left my earthly father I want a double portion of your greatest asset which is the Holy Spirit that there is another reason and who else got a double portion you remember when Hannah was she had had no children and she was being verbally abused and mistreated by an inner and Al Qaeda as he loved her and he gave her a double portion so because he was adopted and because he was loved he asked for double portion he seen the context of that now it's as if you left me and if you conducted me that I wanted double portion of your spirit of Elijah response is if you ask a hard thing to work hard to really need you best the big thing they don't want us to pray the prayers given us his alone pleaser disappointed when we ask the press when Josh was a Florida office understands the God looked down succumb to it a long day and I found taking care of his other galaxy over here is not referred to heart the Lord nothing too hard for the Lord so that you ask that anything is Inigo I think the Lord is more disappointed more frequently that we ask too little than ever that we ask too much for Jesus at the very best nothing in my name ask that you join my people he was encouraging us to ask God knows what you need to ask does a lot of things and never receive the God warranty because you can ask scary to think about the warehouse we get to heaven at state-of-the-art people so why was the less the whole of lesson wanted to give you bring in draft form when the present and he said even as the hard thing nevertheless if you see we are taken up from you it shall be so but if not a woman be so so there's a prerequisite to the prayer meeting answer what is it guessing when opinion in so it happened as they continued on the top but suddenly a chariot of fire appeared and horses of fire that separated the two of them and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven as their walking and talking together noticed in the context of that is having a relationship that walking along the talking animals with their talking about they were friends that's when all of a sudden something sudden and amazing happened when we can receive the Holy Spirit is given in the context of a personal relationship with Jesus it may catch you offguard when it happened you may not know that this can happen could happen suddenly but for the next chapter so the place where they were assembled wishing they pray there many times before suddenly I think suddenly it can happen again in the Bible says he went up by a whirlwind verse twelve now you license on it Christ said if I am lifted up I will draw what is of me position of visibility was enemy so they can see you and I are to lift up Chrysler people can see the Holy Spirit is poured out when we see Christ is up in heaven interceding in our behalf that is aligned to the right hand of the power of heaven the children of Israel win the battle against Amalekites Moses went up the mountain they did seem and when they saw him looking at the rod of God and interceding their behalf stretching out his hands they won the victory something wonderful it all seems very important helpful convert software what converted Zacchaeus he wanted to see Jesus him him across what brought about his conversion he saw Jesus lifted up right next to I can go through the litany of stories in the Bible and they saw Christ the solid and it brought about a transformation in the lives we see Jesus today through his word through the lives of those that live for Christ through nature sometimes the province but principally through his work so if you'd like to see him he spent time in the word we don't know what he looked like except for what's right here and has a transforming power on our lives and says any sought and he cried out my father my father told me he believed he was adopted my father my father the chariot of Israel and its horsemen and he saw him no more don't miss this friends see them running out of time to get into this he took hold of his own clothes and he poured them into pieces and he took up the mantle of Elijah that it fallen from him notice when Elijah first called Eli Shah to symbolically put his mantle on the shoulders of elections and he would come to my properties and I went alleged to be back that's called justification he basically silicon cover you up this is my mantle but I needed to credit for it now you follow me but now that Elijah has ascended to heaven I can just picture this is a lighted lamp in this vortex of fire into heaven he tells the angels walking on stop the horses and he throws his mantle visited fallen from and I basically said you are nonprofit and is an enormous it didn't land on him he had taken up crisis left his role behind you the only thing that Jesus had only earthly possession we know that he left behind I tore apart his other post was a little once they enroll in math represents the righteousness of Christ and we must take Keesler Air Force pictures is owned to teachers and learners any tips of all hinges is not what we do all of our righteousness is like filthy rags and we pick up a crisis left for us and then he goes back to the Jordan River and he takes the mantle of Elijah and he strikes the waters in cases where the Lord God of Elijah that wasn't a question or doubt he's basically claiming the promises as you promised if I saw I saw now I want to see the evidence of the car but doing it across your anyway and so gone party forming in any Ginny goes over on dry ground and from then on if you read in the Bible looks like Elisha does twice as many miracles as Elijah and he received a double portion of his spirit matter fact is one of my favorite subjects in the Old Testament I challenge you to find one time in the Bible when someone came to Elisha with a predicament and he didn't help everybody that came to him for help everyone that came to him and asked received data matter there was a sinking accent with adults who didn't taste good whether the water guarantees good or there was a famine in the land of Israel whenever they came to Elisha he answered a member Jesus is like Elisha also can we still asking today this human answer our prayers know what's the most eloquent thing that we can offer when we pray to God sincerity sincerity goes along with train from your heart talking like your friend having some desperate need the more desperate more earnest more sincere you are against me the heart of God and God is wanting to do great things for us I believe you are support out his Holy Spirit with God he would do during this week this pour out his Spirit in this assembly were were seeking after God promises you'll search for me and you you will find me when you search for me your heart into this week it would take time to pray it will he seek after God I believe your support up the spirit medicals of the story back during the Civil War there was his infamous prisoner of war camp that was operated by the Confederate soldiers in a place called Andersonville it was probably the most notorious it was tantamount to a concentration camp because they building for ten thousand prisoners and a little spit of grounded up towards the end of the war they had thirty two thousand northern prisoners they are in ground that was meant to have themselves in the conditions there were absolutely appalling most of them the only thing they had as far as protection her clothing was whatever they had when they were captured they took some of the blankets and maintenance out of their clothes were absolute rational 's the net men who've been there for years will just get virtually naked he wanted anything in the wintertime it was freezing cold thousands of them died they didn't have clean sanitation and there was a little place where a quick sort of drivel through the camp it was fouled because of all these men it was a virtual silliness overhead for water and event any water other than the filth that ran through the camp it was his absolutely pitiful suppertime that would dry up and the men would just be out there baking in the that the conditions were some almost apply just to give you an idea and I want take this too far the only war criminal that was executed Lincoln was very compassionate the only war criminal that was executed after the Civil War was the Wharton Hendersonville because it was so egregious what they did the disorders at the one summer when the men were absolutely baking and they were desperate they decided to call a prayer meeting and ask for rain because they were not aiming you can water and a bunch of men got together and build a camp thousands of them and had a prayer meeting and they prayed and prayed all day long and it was a totally brazen sky no clouds in the sky some of the Confederate soldiers were mocking them because they were praying and but they prayed in the belief that God was in her prayer and instead send brains and water homesite out of nowhere the sky just started turning dark clouds moved in and determine under his and he began to absolutely poor and not only did a poor get poorer in a report and it just washed that can't and don't wash humanity given the water with able able to drink and they were washing their clothes at the top at all off thunder and lightning began to come and one lightning bolt shipped right in the middle of the camp and it hit the ground and water began to come out of the ground with lightning and it brought up a spring in that spring is still running today is called father and spring you can go and look at it there at the ruins of Andersonville and even after the rain went by that spring rental in war providing fresh water in the middle encampment and it's as first-class miracle and what a video they were desperate and they prayed I wonder if we are that desperate for cleansing giftware that desperate for the refreshing of the Holy Spirit at Kiva hungers and thirst after righteousness will be felt are you thirsty we like to be filled with the Spirit we can ask the gas with all our heart God is more willing to get in we are to ask when you pray that he'll make a small dwelling task in what we close the session with prayer and we can heal us we pray him and him and father heaven who are not highly in my own heart is stirred by this message again and again and when we began by his asking that you forgive us for our indifference forgiveness for apathy about your offer of the greatest gifts not only have you already sealed this offer by sending your son to be evidence of how much you want to give us the spirit but when Jesus ascended he sent the spear we know that is not retracted I promise that you are still telling us ask for increase our faith hope is to ask for big things up is to ask for the most important things guidance regarding a life of ministry a willingness to be filled with your spirit being faithful in the little things that we can be faithful in the most important being spiritual Christians bless each person here in their lives you know how to apply this message board and I prayed in the prior spirit on our meetings that will follow in this whole weekend that your spirit will just come down on this conference is whole convention be with every speaker and all that are listening to your lovely sense and felt enormous the asking price or will this media was used by audio person she was generation of Christ if you would like to learn more about G1 please visit and dimes life that God will work like this is an online service is www. audio versus nonwork


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