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How to Study the Bible and Empower Your Devotional Life- Part 2

Christian Hjortland


Do you want to empower your Bible studies and your devotional life? Learn how you can make your Bible Study and prayer life exciting and meaningful!   


Christian Hjortland

Speaker/Director of Empower Missions, Sweden.


  • July 24, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven I think you. That too. Once again. Can. And the lead us. I asked her to misspeak to us and again Senator Holy Spirit for understanding and direction. In Jesus' name amen. So as we left off yesterday. By the first of all the talking about how to study the Bible and empower your devotional life. And we started looking at this. Seven seven Ways to or seven points or steps to empower your Bible study. And now where Point number three. And we talked in the any about or organize and prioritize and then surrender. And now we're talking about digging deep. And we talked about the importance of asking questions asked or starting and. I gave you. When you went through three faces. And I showed you an example I'm John. And I was a giant other Chan The thing was twenty seven. When how we can apply its. And there so it's observation as to read where to ask yourself what's the take what this it takes thing. Number to interpretation interpret the text what does it mean think about it and pray and. You know try to understand their regional in town thought of right there. And what God wants to communicate through what does it mean you know it can mean many things. And then number three employ it. Apply it's your own life ask yourself Do I need to heed a warning is that a warning here. Is there an example for me to follow. How can I apply D.S. how the seats speak to me in my situation right now. And there are several other methods and I couldn't even include morphing Syria but for sake of time. You know I've I'm just going to mention some of them on there's even more. You can do a topical study based on a topic. And dig deep in to look after text. In the Bible what the Bible is saying about so let's say you want to look up the topic. Prayer or. You know you've got to know how can you pray and how is Jesus praying house or disciples brain. And the prophets and so on they will get a deeper understanding or open a certain topic. And there you know maybe. Well so basically you can analyze the topic. By digging deeper. And then. Well. Of course this will also avoid to build a doctrine of on just one text or two Bible texts that's. Some people are doing. But when it's a look at the Bible as a whole and look at. You know at a certain topic look at all the things said about the topic to get the is wrong the Collini are on their standing. That's a many to take the topic of hell. If you look up a few Bible texts about how and below doctoring a doctrine upon it. You can misunderstood it. Misunderstand it. If you look at all of them together to talk about hell. It will be hard to mist understand it. Because you will find out that a majority of the Bible texts are so clear. What is happening when we die in the altar months. You know you can just goes to John chapter three verse sixteen What does it say for so God love the world that he gave It's his only begotten Son that whoever believes the name. Will not perish but have everlasting life so that means he will give everlasting life that was to receive a son and believe in him. But those who don't. What will happen that I am perish does that mean their eternal torment in Hell. No parish parish means parish. So only with a simple taxes that. I mean you're going to see. What's you know what is all about what a gospel is about but also what would happen with a lost and now we can make a word study which is actually very important I often look up on look up words you know. Because Greek and Hebrew is such rich language us. It's not like Danish or English or whatever it's. It's very deep and even the names have a meaning in the Bible and we talk about Daniel which means what they've done only and you know. Got a smile John. And you know. It's all gets so exciting when you start to look closer than. Let's take you mean. If you. Let's say you take the word love. The word love an Englishman. And in Danish I mean it's only one word. How many words of love they have in the Greek. In the Bible. You know. You have a gap alive. And so on you have four different. The forty four different words for love. So if you go to study what they actually mean and look up again in context you will get understanding. Wow this is no different by mentions of love and they have a gap of which it which exceeds the mall and see if but if your topic is prayer for instance look up. Search I mean use. User computer search. You know. Searching the Bible for friends of the word. Well then you need to look up it will be as the word pray pray in different forms solve it's prayed. Prayer. Ask asking intercession crying or cried. Supplication petition. And you know. Sin is a locked up. Some synonyms. To get if you want to define all there is to know where talks about prayer and make a thorough study. Often when we are sitting down to two men there are devotions often where you know. We can count from from joking around in one a moment's to tomorrow on moment or praying. That's going to be hard to be focused. Or will starting out so are you know I heard out for Muslims for instance and they had to have some certain pretty preparations before they're praying. And that the preparations going help to gets focused. It talked about that earlier how are you know how you can get focused when I see wake up in the morning. But we need to take it seriously and that's my point though I mean we joke around and one of moment and then we go on the read it's going to it's going to affect the rigging. I mean we have other things in there mine. If you read a love letter from someone. I think it's very likely that they will read it more than once. You will value it. You will read so you will make sure you don't miss any word or any anything which when the lines. It will start it. What if you treated the Bible in the same way with treated it as a love letter to us personally. That crude. How boss to understand. Then we have is a quote from Christ Oblon. Page one one eleven where White says it is essential for young and old. Not only to read God's word but to start it with whole hearted. Earnestness. Praying and searching for truth ask for a hidden treasure. Dolls to do this to will be rewarded for Christ will quickened understanding. And you know this is. This is what we do. I mean. Sometimes we read it but she says what we shouldn't. Not only read it you should stop me. It's like searching for a treasure. I mean that's digging deep. This is really digging deep. And we should put the it's like this. We don't to read the Bible to fulfill a daily obligation. We should started to borrow and spend time in there weren't to know or God and understand his love for us and his plan for us. So that we can learn to become like him. It's only when we treated like that that we will be blessed by who treated like an obligation to something I just have to do. We're not going to get blessed in education paid to sixty into sixty one. He says many. And this is this is quite profound many even in their seasons of devotion fail or receiving the blessing of real communion with God. They are in wants to great haste with her a step to press through the circle of Christ loving presence Possingham. Perhaps a moment when the secret prison. Pressing bots not waiting for his counsel. They have no time to remain with the mine teacher. Whatever burdens they return to their work. These workers can never attain the highest success until they learn a secret the strings. They must give themselves to think the fray. To wait upon God for a renewal of physical mental and spiritual power not the postes for a moment in this press and it's presence but personal contact and crisis faith down and companionship with him this case our needs. What does that tell you don't read hastily. Starting it's read it again really. Reread the contents. Compare with different translations. Like I said look up to the orignal weren't so also there are some free software is out there and I will show in later what you can get them. You can do that and also we don't have we shouldn't expect to to understand the Bible at once and to get the exact everything at once it's located we don't understand anything we can go back later and study things again. Any Matthew chapter thirteen for us for to for Jesus talks about the king and we haven't assessed It's like an to trash or hit in a field. There which when a man has found he Haida and for enjoy their own goals and sells. All that he has and buys the fields and winds comments and she's this about this she says the seal. Containing the Treasury presents the Word of God. So that's the field. The Word of God Now was the trash or whiskey breeding asked the treasure was found in this field so by Ernest searching the Cheshire is found in scriptures. The Bible is God's great lesson book is great educator. All true science is cons. Contain in the Bible. Every branch of knowledge may be found by searching the Word of God. But few are true Bible students. If you understand that it contains instruction not only spiritual matters but in all branches of knowledge. So if to feel is the Bible the Word of God. The seal is the Word of God. And it has a treasury in there what does the trash or represents. If the Gospel and the wine she says it's the gospel. That's the treasure. And this. We have to dig deep in order to to get it and it is not only instruction in theater all matter success but in all branches all knowledge is going to a dozen all or so life is going to make as wiser happier. It's the Treasury and they're going to seek for sept the Christ page ninety says Ask the miners discovers veins of precious metal concealed beneath the surface of the errors. So will he hoop perseveringly search it's the Word of God ask for a hey Dresher find truth of the greatest value which are constantly from the view of the careless seeker. So that means. If you're a careless Sikh If you're just looking at the surface. Something is said and for him you reach conceal it's. If you can't see it's why. Because you don't. The the. How many We like exercising and since I own doing it's. I like exercising. And some of you may know I mean it takes some time to get warmed up. How much time would you say D. and what doesn't want to you know how long it's time. They take for the bonded to the can I get the warmed up and watch it there's a certain point where the body started getting more benefit from the exercise you're doing this anyone know for instance jogging. I've heard it takes about fifteen minutes. That's when the real benefit comes. Of course if to me if you thought fifteen minutes of better know nothing about. After the day's time is going to you're going to get more benefit out of it. You know. I would say it's a labor the same with God. If you want to spend time with God you know. Seek for Ford a blessing. It takes some time to get warmed up in the Word of God and in prayer in a sense. Then you know it as to seek out your get blasts. OK so I thought earlier about when to ask questions as we study. And you know you can put yourself into stories look at the different characters and imagine how it was how it is for damn what they're thinking what they are. What it what I mean how it effected affects their lives. And there's also another study you could do actually or a person like your character study. Look up everything that is said about one person in the Bible and all the scripture and see the kind of biography study. And also the Bible contains symbols. Symbolism special in the prophecies but there are. You can find elsewhere too in only there are types of certain things. There are another thing of course. And you will be highly blessed I don't know how many of you have memorized there will be like down. An effort in memorizing Like been trying to figure the mind. This is a great blessing that Jesus memorized valves weren't even did you know it by Aren't all over and over again he would quote the word. He memorized to say why did it and how to defy temptations in. You know asked own affairs baptize started his ministry what happened he was led into where the wilderness. And then what happened the Devil tempted him. How did Alice or if they send the word referring to the Bible and even the devil claw quoted it. Unless we know the Word of God we will get tricked. So memorizing the Bible. Can help us to guard against say in them patients. Psalms on our nineteen verse eleven by word have I head in my heart at the time might not sinning and see could have had a whole lecture only about memorizing the Word of God I would encourage you to do soem. There are many ways that. That can help you to do it to do it's what we don't have time and fortune to talk about the pray God's word se read it. Pray about it don't pray about what they read game out of standing lore. How can I do this. Lord help me to be like Daniel. Or like Dil self these heroes of faith and help me to. Two To shall needle as much as Steve's asked Daniel lives in the Babylonian influence Lord help me yes I am. Have Babylonian inference around me in this where a lord help me to stand firm to your word and purpose in my heart. And I pray God's word. You know the word isn't a bit like the ocean. Here you see the ocean this is this is Spain. This is Alex on the quite nice. Climb there. Lived there for some months last year. Anyhow so you see the ocean. Any serious is a nice mountains in the background. So you see the ocean is not far away. And it's pretty beautiful asked it's easy. It's quite fresh. And good but if you look closer. Doesn't get more beautiful or less beautiful. I would say more beautiful. If you get close to one centimeter omits. This is from Norway. One centimeter of it's you will see or a few centuries you will see something creatures in the seeing you will see more what is actually inside ocean. This is always what I warn of God. The closer to the more that the deeper with dig the more beautiful it gets. So let's take a look at how you can use some started tolls. Use dictionaries use. This addiction to call strongest and it's all too often integrated in Bible software so you can find online. It's the Greek and Hebrew dictionary and they looked up the word and. I will highly recommend that it will help you to understand certain words and names or the Bible. Then use commentaries. Use the Spirit of Prophecy is a lot of comments there and I know if you have the software but if you don't have the software of. And why it's writings. You can find online. And you can. Of Friends as many times I put in a Bible takes to see if he says something about it. And all look at the look up the reference us in your Bible. That's also very helpful. And then are some online resource. Resources. The fairly new one arrow if you know it's Bible Tools dot info. Check that out because there. You put any Bible text is made by an amethyst any Bible text and what comes up is commentaries. And I'm Clark and Matthew Henry. But also to seventy out of his commentary on the Bible. And then White quotes. Very very good I mean if you don't have that the seven down his commentary in book form which I wish I don't this is how full this very helpful. Hand there. You have Blue Letter Bible dot org There you can also look up. You know in the dictionary in the Greek and Hebrew. And also you can what you can do there. You can look up the word and see where all the places in the Bible it is written. And it was you can listen to how to pronounce it and. And so on and also use go real. I don't Sometimes I google a Texan and and also of use him you can use other. You know friends are making facts ask quite a lot of resources there. They have. I mean the. They have a radio program. And many questions about Bible texts and you can. You can search for the Athenaeum many sermons you cannot look up sermons and lectures based on by bible reference. And they have study guides and booklets the streets are so you can even Google. Something together with a major American will see if they say something about it or other other websites as well. Then use softwares I have a maxim use something called eloquence. It's a free Bible software you can download Bibles and you can. You can also use down all the Greek and Hebrew lexicon. And commentaries. And the if you have Windows you can use a sword or something else. And also on the smartphone you can use. But. We talked about Jordan Dorner ling to take notes. That will help you. And the gab can. You know use that then you can go back later and will help with a process if things have started in the now. Number five. Apply. We have talked about it also but apply it's. To your life your situation. And the earth for good steps that we partly have looked at in eastern Chapter seven. Verse ten. Is for us seven worst tan. In says for Easter I had prepared his heart to seek to lower the low of the Lord and to do it and to teach status and ordinances in Israel. So he prepared. His heart. When it moved her or her through her through prayer. Number two is sought. God through. Haste weren't seized it was seeking the law. And then what he did do. He was going to do it he applied it. Number three a number four's was applying in a sense it's teaching it is to witness thing is sharing what will do you what what you have read in his word. So prepare through prayer. Seek out through his word and then practically apply it and then teach it. Ask yourself how can I apply it to to my situation what is God telling we me. How does he want to transform me. And by the way God has promised Jeremiah twenty. Chapter twenty nine or thirteen what this is saying. And you shall seek me and find him and usual search for Me with all your heart. Seeking out that he's learning even when he'll promise has promised. Doubts. We will find him. Soul. But actually this means that you can study the Bible every day and do it diligently but unless you Cheri. If you keep it to yourself you're not going to grow. If you just let it be to and watch assess spiritual growth depends upon giving to others. The lie that gap has given you. This is Love You know we have to apply it also here. The cannot just in a selfish way in a sense. Just read and read and study and we do. I mean we can't read without being transformed then if we are transformed who rely realize that we talked about yesterday also being a bastard for Christ we want to share the good news to be fine here as we dig deep and started God's word number. ARE WE ARE ONE MORE called here from affection reflection. Eleven reflecting Christ. The more. One tries to explain the word of God to others with the love for souls. The plane there it becomes to himself. So again if you love our There's an induced case you love others by sharing what. You know by explaining us word. It may also bless you. It may become plain there to you. So that's a blessing. Number six studies something relevant. We touched on this earlier and. It's not that's. You never can read something around the me I think that's a mean that can be OK assess God lives. But also try to study something relevant and. You know down you'll have to go to family this. Indiana line did he started something relevant. He discovered the prophecy. Talking about the seventy years in captivity. He started it. It was relevant for his time. And what happened he got so blessed. He had a such a blast that experience by it. You see is pouring out his heart of God. And then what happened. Gabriel came and gave the their four hundred ninety year prophecy. Such a blessing. He was blessed by starting something relevant. So on we need oil in or lamps. For daily living and for our lives. So and we also you know in this in this time. What is Rowlands for us many things in your personal lives are many things are men in general we have a time of trouble ahead of us as Christians and. You know. So we need to be can look at things and big perspective and smaller things maybe you need to make our. Well let's say. I mean all of us friends we have to prepare for the times coming in hand. So you have brains in Matthew twenty four of us fifteen and. Jesus himself he says when you eat when you're there for a seed abomination of desolation spoken on by down with the prophet standing the holy place. Who so religious. Let team understand. Saw The Obama Nation that makes desolate is talking about the union of secular secular secular and the religious. And Jesus says you know you need to started this to be prepared and for us. Now is the times of parent for this thing. Now and now it is time to start of this things about. Also start I mean. Take your daily experience. If you're a student. For instance at the secular university. Try to find out there know it is there somewhere. Is there someone in the Word of God that this in the same situation as me. There are many. You have Daniel. Right we talked about he was he was at the highly cicle or university if you want he was starting in Babylon. So maybe you can learn some lessons from him. Then you can learn some lessons from Esther who was. You know. Who was to the who became the queen of a country and then Joseph. Also in Egypt. Be a mole first. Yeah. I was also there. So you have people in a secular environment. Maybe you can learn something from that as a you are in a secular university or starting to just after seven I was is true elegant. And there are some steps in order for you to to figure out and write down a list of the things in your life that is important right now. Maybe have to make decisions. Maybe you are starting at the university and so on and. And then just right on the key words that you're dealing with in your life. And then armor to prioritize one of them. Fine of which one you know. Which is the most impact in right now which is the most ardent prioritize it. And then organize right down past the distance you are you think. Deal with this. And maybe you can get help from to Mars and ask around and look for synonyms. And then go to the Bible and find. And look at the. You know choose the right literature which is right places where we're just start an organized it and then study that will. I mean this is going to empower your devotions for sure because then you need help through the stay focus it helps you to get excited and while you know I'm I'm seeking something that is relevant to me now. That should make us excited. We learned yesterday that devotion empowers us and we talked about how devotion this. You know. Means to Be loyal to to have a passion for something to to. Yeah I don't mean to really. Give yourself about something in cities all the while their devotions about in the anybody in this case. It is how you can empower your and devotional life and how or devotion the gap on. We need to get that empowered. OK so. Study something relevant. Number seven. May it cries heard this is also very important. First going to assume for I determined not to know anything I'm on your Accept Jesus Christ and Him crucified. And occasion page one twenty five the one twenty six. The central theme of the Bible the theme about which every other in the whole book. Clusters. Is there redemption plan the wrist aeration in the human soul of the image of God. From the first in team. Intimation of hope in the sentence pronounced in Eden. To death last glorious promise in Revelation they shall see is phase and his name shall be in there for in the burden of every book or and every passage of the Bible is unfolding on this wondrous thing. Man's uplifting the power of God which gives us the victory through the or Lord Jesus Christ. Here grassed this thought passed before him an infinite seal of first study. He has the key that will unlock to him the whole treasure house of God's word soul. This is the theme that is about all other cries in Him crucified. And here comes. Something interesting. Christ is often called a second. Adam. Right. We know that's what. What does the name Adam mean that really means man. Christ is the second man. And if you read in the Bible. Those the president tries to will find. There are many types of Christ. And this is when the bible starts getting even more exciting. Who gets. At a ball. For instance. Could the. I mean. Is Jesus the second Abel. Well it takes a while he was he was faithful their instruction how to worship God as the S.C. sacrificed. But then able. He got killed. What about Jesus he was faithful and his worship. To his father and his mission and then he got killed. You know you see so when we read about Abel. We're going to ask ourselves is there a type you know Christ can I see Christ in what them reading here. Yeah I can name some similarities. Wow that's exciting and then it reminds of Christ and it gets all powerful. By just doing that and you have David. He was called a man after God's own heart. He watched the sheet and then he then he killed and then me by bruising the had no school Liath right. So the guard of the sheep What about Christ. He was all over the sheep the house all over Israel. Our Or us. Still a man after God's own heart. Fave will taste past and. When he died on the cross. Hebrews. The enemy's hand because what does the word gold gas I mean the means. Their place of a skull. And to us you know prophecy from Genesis. That he shall bruise his hand. The Serpent's hand. That was Christ the did that. So it gets very exciting when we start asking us this question this is a type of Christ that I read about here that I can see Christ in this. What can I learn about God what's going on or about Christ in this path or whatever you're reading. I don't know if your heart is called for the main thing is a good The main thing the main thing I've heard of this is a good one. And this should be it was the main thing Ross. Christ and what he's doing for us that's the main thing went in to keep that. When it the. Yeah. The main thing is the cave the main thing the main thing. It always has to be the main thing. And seeing this in the context of the great controversy. You know if we would have had time I could even I've given you take that you know you have there. The new start. The health principles right. You know those. You should know by now since we've had a health expert about this. Well this is an acronym for all the AIDS Health case. You can even take all of them and apply it how you can start of the Word of God I tried. And it's like wow I tried office that it. Yeah the first one attrition. Symbol of. You know. Also the spiritual food lower their talk about. You know how you you can ask yourself how how can I. How can I get spiritually full by what I'm reading. Now. Yeah of exercise. It's the mild talk about exercise to make yourself a prude. You know buy a soda weren't. If there's something I need to that I can apply to you know exercise my faith. You have water with the living water you know. And sunshine. Witnessing were supposed to to shine for others and in the you know. You can go on and it's there through so many ways you can going to help you stay focused our study. Now finally the last the remaining part in our not so much. I hope we're going to talk a little bit about more in particular about the the prayer life how you can empower your prayer life. Well two parents. They were going to they were telling some good not well actually we're doing. Goodnight prayers with their child there are some and. You know as they finished. He. He started crying and. You know about bombing cried. And is there more days more days. And then try to finish it off three times. And he kept saying to more Jesus more Jesus. When Also last time you said. More days when you finish your devotion. Are you passionate about praying. You believe there is power in prayer. If you stop breeding now for five to ten minutes. What's going to happen to you and I are going to die right. And you see on the screen. Pereo the breath of the soul. Without prayer you think the sweeter life will die. Definitely it will. A message to young people quote continuous. Prayer is the breath of the soul it's the credit of spirit all power. No other means of grace chemist substituted and the health of the soul be pursued a prayer brings the heart into immediate contact with the wellspring of life and strengthens the scene to scene you and must all of the a religious experience. Neglect to exercise a prayer or engage in prayer session mode they call a now and then asked him communion. And you lose holds only god. So what are the words if you're a follower of Christ. It's impossible. The. Well prayer. Some of us. We don't pray much morning in church and for a meal. Some was in church we have a DEAD. Prayer life. I don't know Mark you take this man a man of prayer I don't know if you know George Miller. Have you heard of him that I just heard some wonderful stories about him so he once was on a ship. It was going to speaking engagements. It was on a Wednesday and here in. And he started getting foggy. So he also on the ship and he went to the captain and. Because he had to go slower now. There's a captain. I have to. I must being Beck Canada. On Saturday evening. That was started the afternoon. Hand happens that it's impossible I mean. And it's a well. If your ship cannot take me God will provide another way for me to go in there. I haven't ever broken on engagement in fifty seven years. He said. Well I you know I would help you Captain said but I have Cal can I am helpless and George. Let us go down to the charger room. And pray. So the captain looked up at the George and him for themself. I mean is he from a lunatic institution or was. I mean we missed the Mr Millard. Do you know how dense the fog of I mean. Can't you see this fog and. Miller George Miller replied. Not my eye is not on the density of the fog. But on the living God who controls every circumstance of my life. The New York now. Down on their knees and George. He started praying. One of the most simple prayers. And instead this. All Lord. If that is consistent with your will. Please to remove this fog in five minutes. You know the engagement you made for me and you back Saturday I believe it is your will. The captain for. You know this prayer thread a childish. What's he doing mean. So when he finished the captain was going to pray No but George put it on a shoulder. Not the brain. First of all. You don't believe he will. Second I believe he half. And there's no need for you to pray about it. So the captain looked at him and or and said. And George Miller told him. I have no my lord for forty seven years and there has never been a single day that I have failed to gain an audience with a cane. Instead we talked about this in the audience with the king. Get up Captain and open a door and you will find out the fog is gone. He got up in the fog was gone. How is your prayer life. You know. Miller has spent hours in the lead prayer. And he got thousands and thousands of prayer and several to them in a drawer and all his answers. And in so many amazing story I haven't heard a lot about him about them and his is a really amazing I think. And he was actually he read through the Bible. Four times in one year. Devotional on M. Powers. So how shall we pray. Maybe they're all you're familiar with the with their act. Prayer abberation confirmation Thanksgiving. Supplication saturation you know we praise God and it's a time to pray seen. Confession Professor sins. And then Thanksgiving me thankful for the things in our lives and there are so many of them. Supplication request to God and we you know you can find this. For ingredients you can find the mean. Daniels praying done online for time we can go there but we don't. And we can find it also in Jesus' prayer. The Lord's Prayer. How we taught us to pray in the watches the Lord's Prayer was not intended to be repeated Merlin to for about. But it is an illustration a what our prayers should be simple honest and comprehensive So if you look at what. You know what we need this sort of for insurance we need in the powerful prayer. Went in to take time to thing. Job to to praise him. Now I am in Psalms seven discern or certain not sure what it says in Danish both in the King James. Die away or God is in the saying. Jury. So can we expect to find some of these things. Even in the sanctuary. Let's take a look. You know. You can call it if you want to say interior prayer. And I well my learn is I going to excited about it I started. I started praying. According to the same through model. But when we want to use the model we have to be careful that it doesn't become a form you know but we're making we find things in the sanctuary that can help our prayer life to know what to pray for. It's really amazing. Because God said my ways in this is over he says he's waging the century. So first. When a scene there came with the lamb or whatever it was sacrifice he came first where it came to the gate to the door says in Psalms hundred words for and there is gates with thanksgiving and there is course with praise. Saw how often you give praise and thanksgiving to go on. You know you can ask the question. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BE THANKFUL FOR ask God what can I missing from for. Show me. He will show you this so March. In Missouri me ask you know how can a me so thankful. I'm having so many struggles in my life. I have so many trials how can I be thankful you can admit thanks for your trials because got a lot of them for your good. And praise the Lord for doubt. If I wouldn't have known that they would have given up a long time ago. But praise the Lord. He's merciful and he takes care of us. But let's make some things there because some. Someone asked we don't know there. The difference between Thanksgiving and parade. Maybe some of you do. Can you help me what's the difference. Absolutely. Says OK so exactly that praise is something not what crop Gallus done much for who he is praising for who he or his character is after abuse. Talk about him and his name. You know. But you know think about who Eastern and. This alone can change your attitude on Thanksgiving instead thanking God for what he has done for Often what he will do. Right. So that's the difference this is praising artist adoration. At the ration Thanksgiving present Thanksgiving. You can also seem to gab thing praises to him by singing you know that's where praising him. Depends on the song of course. Well. If it's a good the biblical song. To be praised as a gun. And then the scene there will come. Well. It will come face to stay in on this. Lamb. And what is sin. What is sin. A transgression of the law Cain So it's about breaking else law. So we can come. You know the four first commandments is about what or relationship between us and God. In the last six. Or relationship with others. OK. So we can count the gun and we can ask him if we know if you have known since we were going ask yourself in OK How have I seen the against God how I stand against my neighbor and think about that for a moment as I pray meditate or buying God may may remind you of something. But there's nothing that can separate you from Price love no matter how sinful you feel and. You know you can trust that if you confess your sins. He will free you from them. He will kinds of are more righteous a success. So you can claim. Christ sacrificed on the cross which the altar sacrifice or else there are sacrifices. Same along. And then you have you go today to delay verdict the the third. Is there and wait there and then the priests are to cleanse themselves free from from the blob. From from anything before we enter an interesting jury and waking and then we can claim that Christ will cleanse us we have to confess their sins. He will cleanse us. He will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. And Christ was to give us the water of life and there. This also should make us want to forgive others. Then we get into the holy place. I don't know what's going on with this one on here we go. And what we find they are fine issue Bren use that I'm the bread of life. And also we know that. The bread is similar God's word. We have sixty two stacks of bread one with six another one with six. In a book in the Bi-Lo how many books. Sixty six. This can remind us of God's promise of the he will supply for our needs we encounter requests to him here. Supplication ask God to supply your name. Come to him with your war eastward with your petitions. God help me today in your service to help protect me today. Be with my family or. You know I'm struggling in school please help me. Come to him claiming you can also claim God's word. Because in the same today were always the bread on the table. Gas promises gals who art is always there. And we can claim them. So if you have problems in your life it's because God want to do something great. It's because God wants to mold your character and. And help you to behold him. Rather than the waves around you. Place and that they're called here. That should make us pray in from second or so like the message. While him to page three seventy seven. Ministering angels or waiting. About the phone that instantly obeyed the man they thought Jesus Christ to answer every prayer. Offered in their US living face. Every prayer. There are a nose there just waiting for you to praise that they can act and answer your prayers. That's amazing. And then we have the candlestick. And where you can pray for the Holy Spirit's. You know we have the always there and the light. Symbol of the Holy Spirit to pray for a Holy Spirit in your life. To enlighten you to guide you. And how they ask God I'm asking God every morning Lord please help me to to to understand your with your voice and to listen to it and to follow me it's helping ask for help to to become more efficient witness where others in this world. Feel. How do you know you have the Holy Spirit. Look at the fruits of the Spirit. And they will loan. And God wants to long to give these fruits. Than an altar instance. You can pray is smoking to go all over the veil to the most holders were God wells and it says in you know you can pray for others. I talked about there are a whole day earlier that I have a prayer list that I pray and here's a good time to pray for others. Says and Heber's five seven. Who in the days of his flesh. Mother cries when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying in tears and to him was able to save him from death and was heard and that he feared. Christ is pleading. He has been pleading with tears for you for all the people in this world. Jesus was the man of prayer. So you can pray. Here for at the altar of Ensign's the supplicant the supplication for the need of others. Pray for us it will be a blessing for us. Well the CIA how God. Powerful can change people's lives. Because of your prayers. We just read the news and angels are just waiting for you to pray. So that they can work and act. Then in the most holy place. There is chaos precious and take time to listen to Gans reply to you maybe here as I mean to tell you maybe reminds me of a Bible six or or something. If you called and. And here's how to how you can have more power in your prayers if you feel that my prayers of stopping in the ceiling they don't go up and then a balance down and hit me on the hand. If you feel like that sometimes. Listen to this testimony as well in five page three seventeen. We are to sparingly overgiving Fang. If the loving kindness of God called forth more Thanksgiving and praised. We would haue Watts. Far more power in prayer. We were bound more and more in the love of God and have more bestowed to praise him for you who complain that God does not hear your prayers change your present order and mingle praised with your petitions. When you consider his goodness and mercy. You will find that he will consider your one. Parade and Thanksgiving. She says we should do it is more. This will make make our prayers good much more powerful. Soul. What is the result of these ingredients. If you pray adoration praise and thanksgiving. You confessors into you also pray. Common supplication before God acts. Action for a walk will have all the word risk all to be the self will see. Number two the Holy Spirit me. The well enough. Number three. We will be more thankful and praise God more. Number four there will be far more power in prayer. Number five all get allow for souls and lead them to Christ. This is our prayer will do. And this is being blessing. Here's a quote from written by the hand of a light in her own Bible. In their own handwriting and know when and they are placed it is its axis I don't know where it is from a she wrote this. Pray. Till prayer makes you forget your own wishes and leads. Or merges them in the gas world. The divine wisdom of the given us prayer not as a means to obtain the good things of earth. But as a means whereby we learn to do without them. Not as a means to escape. Evil. But there's a means to whereby we become strong. To meet it. You can. You can keep a prayer drawer. Drawn Also you can write down your request. I have a prayer drawn on I should use more often by what I put there. I put my request and I put the space for answer. This is what George Miller needed when you know when you have about I can go back and read how God has blessed and answer prayers. You can write down praise and thanksgiving. You can. You can write songs together and sing them if you want. And you will see how how good goddess. Small. In conclusion. How long maybe just on when you're asking this. How long should I pray and study in my devotions just a quiet common question. What would you say. What would he answered I asked for a tough question isn't it. Yeah. How much X. accolades so pray on to pray on tell you know that you have been in his presence pray and study. You know it. If you don't feel blessed. Or moved. Have you been an expression. Pray and started you have been in the presence of God and until he has blessed you. Course I know there are there are days when you wake up late and you have almost no time. And the other rush off the word. Jim and I'm not telling you to go and keep working to keep this keeper in an expanding school because to you. You didn't spend two hours with gal before. You know the Kemet difference. Some days it can you know you can be blessed by reading fifteen minutes ten minutes you can very blessed in five minutes. And you can steal your been expressed and you have touched and moved you. But other times it can be. You can it can take longer before you really feel you have been expressions. So here's a little funny. Or what can I say. Acronym. M M F. Campbell's. Also simple thing how the Started Bible. When the first one is in the sigh I what does it say about Messiah. What does it tell me about Christ and their second and me. What does its part what does it tell me personally. How can I apply to my life and then ask salvation. How do you know the tell me something how I can be saved or something I need to avoid or something. You know that about coming in danger of losing eternal life. So God. He wants to restore his image in us and he also sent us an M M S. When to turn on our phones and be alert and. It's a great image that he wants to send Also it takes time. It takes time. The bigger picture loaded the longer time it takes and went in to be patient. How God is working with else. He came in devotions and in general in life. And we know that the holy scriptures such were in second Timothy are able to make us a wise for salvation through faith. Which is in Christ Jesus. And two more called Series. In Christ over Justin's search will search. The precious Bible with Hungry Heart. Explore girls weren't asked the mind of course there are defined veins of gold to never give up the search on till you have a certain your relation to God in haste will in regard to you. So be aware of a state that is trying to distract you from starting his word. But we need to see Cam. Search team search a scripture so De with Hungry Heart. And don't miss the center. We read about the out there is one thing we have to keep in front of our minds. And it's Christ and Him crucified sown. Three steps. Some powered living and empowered by a prayer and power by God's word and power by testifying don't keep it to yourself as Christ feel it feel see what HIS living water. It will or flown you want to give it to others. You can't keep it to yourself. The Washington power. So how many are you want to say I want to empower my devotional life's a mountain. I want got them power mine. I hope the same for you. So let us the Deep in the God's word and that our common theme in prayer and non forget. Praise and thanksgiving. Let's let's stand up and Prince again or. Father in heaven I sank you for your word is so power from Soul DEET. Help us not to Mr Talboys not the midst of trash or. The we have to dig for. And Lord and pray that you may help us to get blast. By abiding with you by spending time with you in prayer and in your word in through the day Lord. You know the worst us pray without ceasing is not something we just do is a ritual. Whether he's praying or reading you mean something that is part of your life you give us a love for you on your word and studying or awareness we talked about yesterday. Please and power our lives and power or devotion and help us. Also sharing. We don't there's in Jesus name of praise the name of this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for if you'd like to listen to more sermon the please visit. W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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