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Eyes of Fire

Adrien Charles-Marcel


Adrien Charles-Marcel is grateful to be a Loma Linda trained dentist. His burning desire is that one day soon, all his training will make him a more effective missionary in the place where God sends him.



  • December 12, 2015
    10:00 AM
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Dealer thank you so much for bringing us safely through another week. And forgiveness opportunity to be here and to study your word to be transformed by it. And to learn more about you or pray that this morning as we study your word that you would teach us things that we have not seen before. I pray Lord that we would be transformed by what we see. And what I pray that. Jesus would be lifted out. And just name we pray to him. Please pray for me I see it with morning. Because it's huge responsibility to preach the word as it says right here. Like to share this morning. A message. That is basically the result of some personal Bible study. And some things that I believe God has been showing me and setting his word. And I just like to share it. This morning so that we can all receive the benefit you may have seen the title. Eyes afire and wondered what is that about. And sell. Hopefully by the end of the message it will be a little bit clear. And hopefully my. My prayer is that at the end of this message we would all be drawn closer to just through his love and a greater understanding of who he is and what he's done for us. So I can mention it will be a Bible study itself. I hope you brought an electronic Bible would be write a paper Bible. And he didn't bring a viable I hope you find somebody who did because you're going to be going through a lot of verses this morning. First of all. We're going to take a trip back. Several thousand years back of for there was such a thing as the Internet for there is United States of America before cellphones even before printed Bibles like this right here. All the way back to the time of the Roman Empire and. We're going to go to a small island called Patmos. And you might remember where we're going to we're going to see John there. And it was a Sabbath day. And he was listening to someone speak. So right now let's just turn our Bibles to Revelation one. Eleven through nineteen. To hear what he heard. So that's revelation. One eleven to one thousand the text. Will be on the screen. Just of are references so that you can look it up and so you know where we are Revelation one. Eleven through nineteen. And I'll be reading from the New King James Version throughout this morning saying. I am the Alpha and the Omega. The first and the last. And what you see right in a book and send it to the seven churches which are in Asia to Africa Service to Smyrna to Pergamos to five Tyra to Sardis to Philadelphia and to Laodicea. Then I turn to see the voice that spoke with me. And having turned I saw seven Golden Lab stands. And in the midst of the seven lap sounds one like the son of man. Clothed with a garment down to the feet and gird about the chest with a golden band his head and hair were white like wool. As white as snow. And his eyes like a flame of fire. He had in his right hand Seven Stars. Sorry. Fifteen. His feet were like fine brass as if are find in a furnace and his voice was the sound of many waters. He had his right hand Seven Stars. Out of his mouth when a sharp two edged sword and his countenance was like the sun shining in a strength. And when I saw him. I thought his feet as dead. But he laid his right hand on me saying to me. Do not be afraid. I am the first and the last. I am he who lives and was dead and behold. I'm alive for evermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of death right to the things which you have seen. And the things which are. And the things which will take place after this. So suddenly imagine that we're with John and. We see this. This amazing picture of Jesus it's breathtaking. It's dazzling in his his face as bright as the sun. His eyes look like fire. It's no wonder he fell like a dead man at his feet. But this is Jesus this is our friend. This is the same Jesus who in Hubris thirteen five promises to never leave you know for sake you. Mark did a cycle writes that when little children are brought him Jesus took them up in his arms. Ladies hands on them and blessed them. Mark ten thirteen and sixteen. Yet here in Revelation we see a Jesus who so bright we can't even look at this face without turning away. So how is it possible that this amazing. Being is able to be so close to us. Sinful human beings. Put that question on a shelf in your mind because we'll come back to it. But first we're going to look at how just described himself he describes himself as the first. And the last. So that means. If you look far back into history as far as we can go will see Jesus there. And if we go all as far forward into the future as we can possibly see we'll see him there as well. And also means that if we look in between He'll be right there waiting for us. So let's look and see what we find. So the first point back in the Bible that I'm aware of is is he killed twenty eight. Verse twelve or eyes if fourteen. So we're going to go there is equal twenty eight twelve. I'll give you a little bit to get there is equal twenty eight. And verse twelve. This is what the Bible says. Son of Man take up a lamb intimidation for the King of Tyre and say to him. Thus says the Lord God You are the seal of perfection. Full of wisdom and perfect and beauty. You were in Eden the garden of God the workmanship of your temples and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created. You were the annoying to chair of the covers. As stablish you. You were on the holy mountain of God. You walked back and forth. In the midst of fiery stones. You were perfect in your ways. From the day you were created to iniquity was found in you. By the abundance of your trading you became filled with violence within. And you sinned. Therefore I cast use a profane thing out of the Mountain of God. And I destroyed you are covering cherub from the midst of the fiery stones. So who is this covering chair of the Bible's discovering here. It's Lucifer. Satan. How do we know that. Wolf we go to Isaiah fourteen. And also to Revelation twelve. Will again see this same motif of somebody being forced out of heaven. So let's turn to Isaiah fourteen. Starting in verse twelve. And going to verse thirteen. Isaiah fourteen versus twelve and thirteen. The Bible says there. How you are fallen from have an elusive first son of the morning and verse thirteen. For you have said in your heart. I will ascend into heaven. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will also sit on the Mount of the car a geisha on the farther sides of the north. I was sent above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the most high. So this is again another description of the same being. We see him here saying. You'll be like the most high. And he fell from heaven. So when we go to Revelation twelve verses seven through nine will again see this. This falling from heaven again. Revelation twelve versus seventy nine. It says. And war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon. And the dragon in his angels fought. But they did not prevail nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who deceived the whole world. He was cast of the earth. And his angels were cast out with him. So again we see. Satan here. Being cast out of heaven and. This is the same being that we saw earlier in Isaiah and in his equal. When I thought we were looking for Jesus right. He says far as we go back into history will find Jesus. So where is uses in these verses. Well let's go back now to is equal twenty eight. And noting specifically versus thirteen and fifteen. Where it says that Lucifer was created. Who created him. That's the natural question. What we're going to look and see who created Lucifer. John. One verse one is or will be going next. John one one through four. In the beginning was the word. And the Word was WITH God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God all things were made through him. And without him nothing was made. That was made in Him was life. And the life. Was the light of men. So here we see who it is that created everything. The Word. If we look at versus fourteen and fifteen it's pretty clear that's a reference to Jesus Christ as I'm sure most of us are aware. So here we see Jesus. He is God. He is with got and he is God. And he's creating all things all things are being made through him. And elaborate on what that all things means just to be sure. Let's go to. If he cautioned sorry. Cautions one verse sixteen. So we're seeing that Jesus is the one who created everything. We're asking the question Who is it the created Lucifer. And we're going to see how the Bible shows us. Not just by deduction but even clear that he's the one who who created Lucifer. So cautions one verse sixteen. It says. For by him. All things are created that are in heaven. And that aren't earth. Visible and invisible. Whether Thrones. Or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him. And for him. Now the any journey of any of the words in that verse stand out to you. Principalities and powers and we heard that somewhere else in the Bible. If he's right. If we go to a fusion six vs eleven twelve. We again see that term being is principalities and powers. So if he's in six eleven and twelve is what it says. Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. But against principalities against powers. Against the rulers of the darkness of this is a huge against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. So now if we get the wrong idea I'm not saying that Jesus. Created Satan. With Jesus created Lucifer. Who became Satan. And it seems that in these verses the Bible is directly cooling us into understand that the prince of PADI's and powers were created directly by Jesus. So that means that when we went to is equal twenty eight. And we saw Lucifer there. There is an entire reference to Jesus because it says he was created. Who created him. Jesus. There's another clue also on the the Bible seems to get us in these passages to see where Jesus is. At that time. Remember how in eyes if it. Fourteen it says that Lucifer said. I will be like the most high. Now that's another way of saying. I'll be like God. Right. But it's interesting that when we went to twelve. We didn't see Lucifer fighting with God. We saw the fighting with Michael and. What does the name Michael Mean. It means who is like God. So it's interesting because Lucifer says I will be like the most high or I'll be like God. It's almost like he was saying I'll be like Jesus. Because Jesus is the one who is like God. So again we're seeing that. When we go all the way back into history we can see the Jesus is there. He is God and He is the creator. But also a deeper look into how Jesus creates. We saw in cautions one sixteen. That all things were created through Him. But what does that mean. Did he do it all by himself why did say through him. Let's look at Revelation. Again. To see a little bit of more to understand into what this is. If we look at revelation for. Verses. Nine and ten and eleven. We're going to see another aspect of what this is that how just created and what it meant when it says All things were created through Him. Revelation for nine to eleven says. Whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne. Who lives for ever and ever. The twenty four all just fall down before him to sit on the throne and worship Him who lives forever and ever and cast their crowns. Before the throne. Saying you are worthy Oh God Oh Lord. To receive glory and honor and power for you created all things. And by your will be exists and were created. So here we see that the one who sitting on the throne is the one who created all things and. The one who was sitting on the throne was actually God the Father. And that's pretty clear when we look at Revelation five six and seven. Revelation five or six and says and says the following. And I looked and behold in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures. And in the midst of the elders stood a laugh as though it had been slain. Having seven horns and seven eyes. Which are seven Spirits of God sent out into all the earth. Then he came and took the scroll. Out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne. So the one who sat on the throne who created all things has the scroll in his hand. And then the lamb. Jesus comes and takes the scroll. Out of the Father's hand so that was the father and son. So again we're starting to understand how is it the just created all things. Because it's now saying that God the Father created all things. Well now let's turn to if Eason's three nine. To see that it was actually. God the Father creating everything through Jesus. So if you three. Verse nine. Says and to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of the ages. Has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ. So now we can see a bit of a clearer picture Jesus. Created everything. God the Father create everything through Jesus. And that includes everything that we see. That includes principalities and powers that includes Lucifer. That includes the fallen angels that includes the angels in heaven. And that includes you and that includes me. David King David. Made that pretty clear in. Psalm one thirty nine. Verse thirteen. Which says. You for you formed my inward parts. You covered me in my mother's womb. So here we see Jesus as the creator. We go all the way back to the beginning of history. And we see him there as the creator the one who created all of us. When he has another role he's more than just the Creator. So now we're going to fast forward pass the beginning to the time of ancient Israel. And we're going to look at a song that I think most of us are pretty familiar with. Probably most of us could recite it by memory actually what we're going to look at in a slightly different way. Then perhaps you might have looked at it before. So turn to see if you would to. Psalm twenty three. We're going to look at this very familiar song. And as we read it. Think about the blessings the David is ascribing and ask the question why is he being blessed. The way he is some twenty three. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters here restores my soul. He leads me in the paths of righteousness for his namesake. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I Will Fear No Evil. For you are with me. Your rod in your staff they come for me you prepared table before me in the presence of my enemies. You know in my head with oil. My cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy. Shall follow me. All the days of my life. And I will do on the House of the Lord. Forever. So here we see. David describing all these blessings that he's receiving. He says the Lord is His Shepherd who is the Good Shepherd. Jesus. The Bible says that in John ten verse eleven. Says I am to good shepherd. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep. So the question we're trying to answer is Why is it the David has been blessed with all of these amazing blessings and some twenty three. So let's go ahead and list them. First of all he isn't in need. He rests in peaceful surroundings. He is refresh by so water. He's restored. He walks in parts of righteousness. He isn't afraid of evil. He's comforted by just as rod and staff. He has a table prepared before him. His head is annoying to do with oil his cup is full goodness and mercy follow him. All of his life. And he gets to be in God's home forever. That sounds amazing about that is. I mean what more could you want done that but why is he being blessed with this. Is it because he's such a great guy. Probably in heart. I think we're pretty aware. He made a lot of the safe in his life. He took someone else's wife. He killed a man. Actually took more than one person's wife. He killed a man. He was careless and how it transported God's ark. He married like I said more than one wife. And he probably didn't do the best job of raising his kids as we see that some of them kind of turned against him later on in life. But the reason for just as westerns on David is found right there. And some twenty three. It isn't because of David's own righteousness. It's because of Jesus. And it's because Jesus is a shepherd and Jesus. Leads him. Now I don't know about you but I sometimes look at my own life and feel hopeless. That anyone else relate with that sometimes. Life can be overwhelming. Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by our own imperfections. Our own failures. But the basis of God's blessings to us is not on us. It's not based on how good we are. It's based in Jesus. We're bless and we're able to follow God because He leads us. And it's. It's amazing how souls in that song. It says Jesus leads David in paths of righteousness. And he can do the same for us like we said. Davidson multiple times he made a lot of mistakes. But Jesus led him. And he and David in self shows us how to deal with that problem of sin. If we go to song thirty two verses one and five he shares there how he dealt with his own sins. It says. Bless it is he whose transgression. Is Forgiven. Whose sin is covered. A verse five. Ike knowledge my sin to you and my nick witty I've not hidden. I said I will confess my transgressions to lord. And you forgave the iniquity. Of my sin. So when we confess our sins What does God do. He forgives us. And he covers us. It says that in first John. One nine it says the. What if we confess our sins He is faithful and just forgive us our sins and to khans us from on righteousness. So I'm sure you remember how the Bible says that David was a man after God's own heart and says that in two places for Samuel thirteen fourteen and Acts thirteen twenty two. But again as we've seen this was only possible because Jesus was leading. David. It's an example of what Paul talks about back in the book of fusions two percent. Become explains how the process of god. Transforming our life works. If you just to sense says for we are His workmanship. Created in G.'s in Christ Jesus. For good works. Which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. So God prepares the good works. And he leads us into them so that we can be like him. He is able to make us completely like him. As it says in a fees as three nineteen. The you may be filled with all the fullness of God. So just put that up there so in case you want to write that down. It's possible to be filled with all of the fullness of God. And that's an amazing promise to clain. So when God says something we know it will happen. We can have confidence in that. Because the Bible tells us about his word and someone forty seven vs fifteen. It says he sent his command to the earth His Word runs very swiftly. So in other words when God says something. It doesn't just like half heartedly go about happening. His word is not. You know week. It acts. Fast. Look at what the Bible also says and Isaac if the five verses ten and eleven for as the rain comes down and the snow from heaven. And do not return there. But water the earth and make it bring forth and Bud. Did it make if seed to the store and bread to eat or social my word be that goes forth from my mouth. It's all not returned to me a void. But it will accomplish what I please. And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it. So we can have confidence in what God says he's able to make us like him. He is able to do that and he will do it. So now let's go back to that question that we put on the shelf in our mind because remember at the beginning of the message through looking at this description of Jesus in Revelation one where we see him with eyes a fire. Feet of brass. His face as bright as the sun and we ask the question how is it possible that such an amazing a powerful being who we can't even really look at is able to be so close to us as sinful human beings. Well we've seen the he's our Creator. You seen that he is our shepherd. And he's willing to lead us to let's look into Jesus's eyes. To be able to answer the question more fully. So turn again with me to Revelation one verse fourteen. We see this corruption of which is His eyes looked like Revelation one fourteen. His head and hair. Were white like wall as white as snow. And his eyes like a flame of fire the juices eyes are described as a flame of fire. What else in the Bible. Looks like fire. Well multiple things look like fire. You may think of Hebrews. Twelve twenty nine. Which says For our God is a consuming fire. But the verse that I and I want to look at is Exodus twenty four for seventeen. To me if you would two X. is twenty four seventeen. And we're going to see that the Bible says that God's glory. Is like fire. So I says twenty four seventeen. The sight of the glory of the Lord was like a consuming fire on the top of the mountain. In the eyes of the children of Israel. So God's glory. Looks like fire. It as a consuming fire. And when you look at his eyes we see fire. So we see God's glory reflected in juices eyes. What do we know about God's glory. When I was preparing the sermon. I discovered a string of passages in the book of songs. The talk about God's glory. And that link God's glory. With his valuing humility. And with his willingness to help poor human beings. Humble human beings. Like you and me. So let's turn to someone forty five versus eleven to fourteen. And I emphasize where it says glory. And look at what else it says in those verses. And how it describes God Psalm one forty five eleven to fourteen. They still speak of the glory of your kingdom and talk of your power to make known to the sons of men. His mighty acts and the glorious majesty of his kingdom. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. And you're doing minion endures throughout all generations. The Lord. Uphold. All who fall and raises up. All who are bowed down. And that last verse kind of surprising is not exactly what you'd expect to come next. It's talking about God's glory. And how he's above us. And he's majestic. But then it talks about how he's near to those who are bowed down and upholds those who fall. So we see that. You know humility that doesn't go together usually power doesn't go with humility and greatness doesn't go with helping humble poor fallen down. Broken down people. But that's how God is. That's who he is someone thirty eight first five and six shows again this same pattern. Someone thirty eight five to six. Yes. They still seeing of the ways of the Lord for great is the glory of the Lord. Though the Lord is on high. Yet he regards the lowly. But the proud he knows. From afar. So again we see God A caring for poor humble people though he was the king of the universe. He is more than willing to humble himself. And to come down to our level and to help us because poor humble people. I like are important to him. He may have a hard time working with prog people. But when we recognize our own nothingness. He is more than able to do amazing things in our lives. And this is what we see when you look at deduces eyes of fire. Let's look at one more verse and psalm. Psalm one thirteen. Fourth Year nine. Again. Seeing the glory of God and its connection to his willingness to work with us. The Lord is on is high above all nations. His glory above the heavens. Who is like the Lord our God who dwells on high. Who humbles himself to be hold the things that are in the earth. And that are in the heavens and in the earth. He raises the poor out of the dust and lift the needy. Out of the ash heap. That he may see him with princes. With the princes of his people. He grants the barren woman a home. Like a joyful mother. Of children. Praise the Lord. This is an even more amazing pictures is that no we're now seeing in Revelation one we saw His Majesty in his glory. But as we look deeper into his eyes afire we understand. They do flex God's glory and his willingness to be close to us. Let's look one more time into those same eyes of fire and see even more. Love is a strong as death. Jealousy as cool as the grave. Its flames are flames of fire a mostly Hemet flame. Many waters cannot quench love nor the floods John it. That comes from Song of Solomon Chapter eight in parts of verse six and seven. So as we look even deeper we realize that just says I as a fire represent his love for each one of us. So now we know who just says he is God. He's the good shepherd. He cares for the lowly and he's full of love. We've seen him at the beginning. As the creator and we now see him. And we've seen him leading his followers in the past. And in the presence. But what about the future. Because he said he's the first and the last. Well. In the Book of Daniel. We see Jesus again this time it's in a prophetic dream that God gave to King Nebuchadnezzar thousands of years ago. In which he saw an image that represented the succession of worldly empires down to the end of time. In that same vision that dream that he had. Which Daniel interpreted to him by the power of God. We see again. An image of Jesus. So let's look at Daniel two versus thirty four thirty five and forty four. You watched while stone was cut out without hands. Which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broke them in pieces. Then the iron. The clay. The bronze. The Silver and the gold or crush it gather and became like chaff from the summer threshing floor as the wind carried them away so the no trace of them was found and the Stone The struck the image became a mountain and filled the whole earth and verse forty four. And in the days of these kings. The God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed and the kingdom shall not be left to other people. It's a break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it will stand forever. So this stone that we see hitting the image is Jesus. It's a second coming. It's when he comes to rep to replace all of our sinful and faulty an imperfect human. Systems with his eternal Kingdom. And we can see him doing this again in Revelation. If we turn back to the Book of Revelation. Chapter nineteen verses eleven to sixteen. And as we look at this verse. At these verses. Let's remember what we discovered about is this is our best friend. This is the one who in his eyes of fire we see love. And his willingness to help us. Revelation one thousand and eleven to sixteen. Now I saw haven't opened and behold a white horse. And he who sat on him was called faithful and true. And in righteousness. He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire in on his head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except himself. He was clothed with a roll dipped in blood and his name is called the Word of God and the armies of haven't closed in final in white and clean. Followed him on white horses. Now out of his mouth goes a sharp sword there with the he should strike the nations. And he himself treads the wind press. Of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And he has on his robe and on his thigh and name written. KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. So here we look into the not so distant future. We can see Jesus coming back to save us from this earth to set up a better Kingdom. If you want to with that kingdom will look like. Let's turn to Revelation fourteen versus one through five. Then I looked and behold a lamb standing on Mount Zion. And with him one hundred forty four thousand. Having his father's name written on their foreheads. And I heard a voice from heaven like the voice of many waters. And like the voice of loud thunder. And I heard the sound of Harkness. Playing their hearts. They sang as it were a new song before the throne. Before the for living creatures. And the elders. And then in verse four. These are the ones who fall the lamb wherever he goes. These were Dean from lung then being first fruits to God and to the lab. And in their mouth was found no to seed for they are without fault. Before the throne of God does not sound amazing. To be free from sin. To be able to be with God and with the Jesus forever. But yet it sounds also unattainable. As human beings as simple human beings as imperfect as we are. And it is unattainable. Humanly speaking. But as we've seen this morning. Jesus through his great love for us is more than able to make us. Like him so that we can be there with him. He's our creator he's the one who created us. He's our shepherd. He leaves us. And his word is powerful and can transform lives. He invites us to live with Him forever in Revelation twenty two verses sixteen and seventeen. I G.'s us have sent my angel to testify to you. These things in the churches. I'm to root and the Austrian of David. The Bright and Morning Star in verse seventeen. And the spirit in the Bride say Come and let him who hears say Come and let him come whoever desires. Let him take the water of life freely. Every head is about every eyes closed in the quietness of your own heart I'd like to invite you to think and to meditate. On what exactly it is that you really want. Perhaps. You never accepted Jesus as your personal savior. Maybe you know that he can save other people. But not you. Maybe you feel like you've done too many wrong things. Maybe you feel that he can't relate to you. Maybe feels he can't you feel he can't relate to your struggles to to all the things that have gone wrong in your life. But no matter what you think his word has the power to change your life. To transform it. So if you never accept a just before. Right now just in the quietness of your own heart would like to invite you to accept Him into your life. Just quietly ask him to come in and he will. Perhaps you have accepted Jesus into your heart. But you realize that you don't really know him. Maybe there are aspects of his character the you just don't grasp maybe you don't fully understand his love. Maybe you don't fully understand his ability to transform your life. Perhaps maybe you are one of the people that just accepted Jesus into your heart for the first time. And you want to get to know him better. The answer to both of these is found in a deeper study of God's word. Guided by His Holy Spirit. So right now I just want to invite you to make a decision to spend more time with him every day. Once you open your eyes pull out your phone. A pen and paper. Right now. Open your eyes. Plot a kind of paper plot your phone. Something we can make an appointment to spend time with Jesus tomorrow morning. When you get up. God's Word as we saw it's a very powerful. As I This says it does not return to void. So just choose the years to accept and to expose yourself to the power of that word. And you won't regret that decision. Lastly. I also want to make an invitation to people to everyone here. To not neglect. Opportunities to spend time with believe are studying God's word. There are multiple opportunities that he gives us to Bible studies through Need week prayer meetings. To get together with fellow believers and to growing Grace. It's. It's through. Getting together with all the leavers that we are able to become more like him. And I know Abbot hope. Has a lot of meetings that need throughout the week. And I'm sure you all have friends and family that. Have your own Bible studies throughout the week and I just want to encourage us all to take the time to spend in God's Word not just on Sabbath. But also throughout the week. So that we can go closer to our best friend and come to reflect his eyes of fire in our lives. So let's close with her. Dear Lord. Thank you so much for guidance in the study of your word this morning. Or do you recognize that we as human beings are our sinful. We are. Nothing comparison to your Majesty in your glory. But Lord it's that same glory that tells us that you want to reach down to our level. And to help us. To transform our lives and to help us to reflect your own love to others around us. So learned just pray that you please do with us throughout the rest of this day the earth us when the going gets tough the with us when we feel without hope. Help us to turn to your word into the promises that are there. And to be strengthened in order to look forward to seeing you soon we know that we're living in the last days of verse history. The signs that we see all around us. And even on our own community. Show us that this world is just getting worse and Lord we know you're on your way you're coming to take us home solo just pray that you do whatever you need to do in each of our lives and each of our hearts. To help us be able to fight to be able to understand you love to be filled with old to live this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service. Lead to visit. W W W. Audio verse or.


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