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What and Where is the Kingdom of God?

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • March 2, 2005
    7:00 PM
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everyone thank you very much for coming before we attempt to answer anything let's bring us most was the on of his father in heaven we come to you was your children at your invitation we need inside Lord answer this question granted once I pray in Jesus name amen okay the first question the only question for tonight is pastor scheme is it possible to live without sinning that's a very profound question the simple answer is yes is not only is it possible is it required and the answer 's yes okay to do it in your own strength the answer is a resounding thunder is no why did Jesus come to show us what is possible in human flesh that holds on to divide power to visit out again Jesus demonstrated his life what is possible in the life of a human being when that person lives hold on and refuses to let go of divine power by Jacob wrestled with the angel vehicles electrical that was Christ Jacob said no positive message and because he overcame the Bible says you overcame with man I was gone it is possible by holding on to God to relive one day at the time without sending with estimates and I shall release you adopt Ellie the next Surgeon General of the United States stopped and again let me ask you this is it possible to live one day without sending a subtle yes if it is possible to do it for one day it is possible to do it from now until Glock which integrated if he chooses to do that before you come because we are required to live what kind of lives one day at a time but if they find that funny when Bob Sandman X see how Muslim with modern amenities and for Monday only enough for Monday authorities said Wednesday only enough for Wednesday that's the lesson you one day at a time not if you ask me after smoking for twenty five years can you give up smoking for another four for fifty years I listed are you crazy but if you honestly can I give it up for one day yes Christians lived one for the future we must live for today and if we live for the day if we use a homeland that God gives us for today of a father promises today we will live a victorious Christian lives somebody save and the answer is yes with it not only can we live above sin by the power of Christ we are required to live above sin and I hopefully we'll talk about that a little more interesting the Knesset member module to pray for the sick and seven afternoon sums of the four o'clock or twelve relieving him is it child called and I see that correctly chat auditorium is an auditorium is different from a whole Chandler Auditorium seven afternoon four o'clock in preparation of asking us to make spiritual preparations I seriously rescind against someone please go to that person and say I'm sorry gone requires if someone is offended you be like Christ come down from the high point position go to that person and say I forgive you and in so doing you release that person in three of their something you eye-opening that's wrong that's go to blog privately as if all that have been wronged I'm sorry forgive me cleanse my heart and optionally refashioning this coming Sabbath from Friday evening until after the four books service the fasting is not required but it is recommended and we pray most all of all spiritually feeding for the power of God 's Spirit in our lives that desperately opens our eyes met we knew realized with the living it really powerless dangerous times all right let's our heads forward of prayer father in heaven as we enter the message the nights I pray the labor of Jesus you will be with us in the personal spirits gradually the words to speak and write your people listening hearts are eager to receive the truth I pray this in Jesus name before missing a man in Exodus chapter three Exodus chapter three Ellis subject is what it is and where is the kingdom of God Exodus chapter three readings in verse nine Exodus three now therefore the private individual is common to me I have also seen the oppression wherewith the Egyptians oppress them come now therefore on I was suddenly on the federal developers bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt I was the most beautiful morning Bush and Moses said of the God who am I that I should go on the federal and bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt he said certainly I will be with me and that shall be at fault and that I have sent be when thou has brought both the people out of Egypt thou shalt serve God upon this month and more sales set underdog for switching when I come unto the children of the Rocco at the golf of your fathers hath sent me unto you of this show certainly what is his name what shall I say on the matter tells us immediately that prolonged exposure to Egyptian culture had rendered the large majority of Israelites no longer able to recall the name of the dog if we allow the world influence is long enough they are some critical things about a religion that we will simply forget of syllables this is only the majority of his people have forgotten what God 's name was he asked a federal reasonable question when I come to the children of his mileage of scent of in the bottom of your fathers has sent me a few out there shall say to me what is his name what shall I say of the van onto that Moses was fourteen I am that I have a shallow server that delivers Ryland I am has sent me unto you God identifies himself as I am this was the dog that spoke from voting Bush this was the goal of the fathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob now it's important for us as we continue with what was a capable to understand who I am is I am being of course the self existent one existed with no help from anyone including several beloved John chapter eight John chapter eight reverse the goods were sixty six John eight fifty six Mrs. Jesus Christ having one of his usual arguments with the scribes and Pharisees and Jesus makes a statement this will restrict it actually is it your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day and he saw it and was glad your father if Bradley said rejoiced to see my and he saw it Jesus as my vigils were shellshocked disempowered not yet fifty years old hast thou seen Abraham and Jesus lives that almost cost him his life the verily verily I say unto you before Abraham walked Wallace finished I have was Jesus doing what does he resume by making a statement that he is thought and it was he will appreciate in the burning bush calls this now we have to understand that the God of the Old Testament is Jesus Christ the son of God and from the entire Egyptian army this was the sandbox was there on that cross we have to understand that as alliterative verse three of the angel of the Lord Buddha delivered a flame of fire to exit three first told of the business of the Bush this was Jesus Christ because of our six moreover he said I have devoted my father would offer there perhaps the visor of the God of Jacob and Moses hid his face for he was afraid to look about alone among bottle Jesus Christ was a dog who appeared to Moses event wording Bush Jesus Christ of Wallace worked on most days of the federal master that I'd like Google it was Jesus Christ call price then just a sunset a member of the Godhead but let us be clear the ball of the Old Testament is Jesus Christ can you say you someone said to be several years ago if you want to learn about Christ revealed testing if you want to learn about the father read the Gospels because Jean is not Jesus did not come to do his own will but most will the will of the father he came to reflect the father that's why he couldn't have felt if the FCC he has seen the father John fourteen course assignments and is not a good one about Holy Spirit your reform acts on through the Pistons it was Jesus Christ now let's read some more words about Jesus Christ let's go to Exodus chapter nineteen axis margin we shall reverse one as we continue what and where is the kingdom of God and time seems to move so quickly when I have what I consider them important message is already seven twenty four if anyone knows of the slow time down please do that for me so I can have an wartime generals exodus like if of course one in the third month literature live Israel upon the land of Egypt the same day caving into the wilderness of Sinai for that will deposit for harassment I look off into the desert of Sinai and a fixed in the wilderness of the issue account before the month is Mount Sinai Moses went up unto God Abdullah quality of the Mt. Saint out of six of the house of Jacob I tell the children of Israel now reading from fourth floor he has seen what I did unto the Egyptians but what about the dips instead of these one of these legs and boss says you will solve enough see what I did on the Egyptians of how I very want Eagles wings and brought you unto home myself also you said zoo with other finally a selfish motive if I can put those two words together he saves you so that you may be a entirety his gall does not share what he has with the world by the world I mean that sinful system run by the devil God brought them out of Egypt all told himself now therefore if ye will obey my voice indeed for fun and will do want to keep my covenant then you shall be update Julia French alternate above all nations all people for all the proof is in the reverse language unless you've ever felt different now therefore if ye will obey my voice is the and keep my comment fan I've told you many times are probably sick to death apparently God is a God of process is a go out of one step before the other is a God of order the systematic therefore if he will be in my voice he did if he keep my covenant then you shall be a peculiar pleasure meeting you something that belongs to him very specially about how many people all table for all the roof is my daughter saying even though every one on earth is my wife works of creation the Bible says the earth is the Lord of the folders that all the world of faith that rather than something over one by fourteen of creation ever be living person on the arts on it also bought my first impression not by virtue salvation might live by virtue of creation of myself so in Christ all says and you'll shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people leaving the and Israel God would have the only people keeping his covenant because all the others were not I will vet this again was the diversity of its industry quickly when I have little permanent excitement I see people who love the word fatal combination knowledge therefore if you will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant I will proceed momentarily to identify the covenant then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me he has a life about all people in other words the Earth is divided into the Israelites but everybody else do you see that it will be politically correct Muslim versus the Israelites and every one else and God wants to use light to be the example of obedience to his work on both Seminoles hold back or Bailey will be a special treasure unto me how many of us will be special to God there was no problem with you to have the rules of my quick growing grass let me tell you something you cannot be special to God in the life of disobedience I don't care how was the address of a subacute charge August okay if the life as a life of this obedience alike this regard involves what we cannot be a special trash up onto darkness let's hope our relationship with God is based on our heartfelt obedience to his commandments for six additional beyond commuting the priests what kind of priest kingdom of priests and what kind of mission a holy nation kingdom mission safely reached the terrible events of holy nation is a kingdom of priests simply for all practical purposes this was Christ's intention when he sent Moses to give the Israelites God always has a purpose but at times we do things for no good reason and because we have nothing else about that's what a lot of people behind bars but bought always has a reason wanted us out so he brought them out that there might be a special trick that they didn't buy the keeping of his commands this problem but what is a covenant data book of Exodus chapter thirty four versus twenty seven and twenty eight as we continue what is the kingdom of God Exodus thirty four versus twenty seven and twenty eight on the positive enforcement measure has bought Visio thank you very much for coming laws of you who've never missed one session afternoon or evening with your hands but missed you I have not missed any either I'm happy for that all right you have a system for verse twenty seven twenty eight of the laws of Moses write how these words for the town of these words I may want up that Wesley and with the Taliban is simply according to these words on the basis of these worth in the light of these words and he was there with the Lord forty days and forty months he denied a great there will want to the root of the journals the words of what the covenant of most government predicaments is going to run except for every verse twelve seven thirty one Deuteronomy for first twelve Deuteronomy to fix book of the Bible the last book of the Pentateuch chapter four verse twelve of the most bigger deal out of the mists of the fire he heard the voice of the words but soluble similitude only your device and he declared unto you his want with the common man to walk off all it was a learned ten Commandments of Iraq those uplifting tables of storms that come if the temperament you see every kingdom must have a Constitution busting them has one of the Constitution in heaven is the Constitution for both be blunt because positive on RF on the early extension of the kingdom in heaven might need more than I will back until I leave it March the tenth the kingdom on earth is but an extension of God 's kingdom in heaven consequently the Constitution is the foundation of God 's kingdom of heaven is the same Constitution that must be the foundation above came to one of the renewal of their forty eight states and continental United States Hawaii is thousands of miles away is a part of the United States that have a difficult decision all same processors of government but separated by thousands of miles have a for the light heavyweight in the distance makes no difference at the Constitution in heaven and the Constitution on earth of the Constitution is the camera come than once are you listening to me but that is something else about this concentration that is the foundation of Australia it was not written by God a man but did not have any input from mankind is needed the Constitution was written entirely by God one dollars eight cents out invitations to come and be a part of the kingdom of the only requirement for participation and citizenship in this kingdom is conformity to his law through faith in Jesus Christ and God is so eager that we be part of his kingdom God sent his son Jesus to show us that admission into his kingdom is eminently possible the standards for admission are possible to or she will be born in sin and shaped in iniquity born after the image of Adam after he found and so Jesus came on by a life of victory he demonstrated that although also accepted by faith I live as he lived by holding onto the father may be admitted into the kingdom of anthologies is a vigil for divorce one netbook to heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me in my father 's house are many mansions if it weren't also I would've told you I go to prepare a place for you I would like going to prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am very maybe also presented with what I would like more you know the way you know in other words you're not going and you will know how to get Nobel event is not required geographical directions for how you get to have it I will not place to find out how to get from you so Jesus asked on when the high school years old and the way you know safe of the blog we go about with the noblest how can we know the way how does one get the government Jesus said you how to get to visit seven four six I am the way the truth and the life the same way I am going to have is the same way you would have I like you I held onto tenaciously to life while this power I overcame he has accepted my sacrifice I am going back you'll follow leave the same way it through my example by faith is made that's how you find a way to talk going to prepare the way for you that is a statement of faith because these with eleven men would run from it and would weather the garlic of seventy one which Reagan did Jesus has faith yes this is a beautiful concept of think that Jesus has faith in us the voice of Simon Siebel Siebel seven of this act attempt was weak but I thought I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not I'm a developer for this type of the private Jesus is telling the yoga yoga try yoga training but I'm going to come from that is divine a him and having confidence in the humor when the human holds onto the divine as of Jesus if I goal to prepare a place for you because I believe that you will make event from frequently about the kingdom of God I say as one Constitution when Jesus was before Pilate in John eighteen pilothouse of a question for certified pilot said final mission of the chief priest after the video to me walked past out to adversities that the Bible says Jesus answered my kingdom is not of this world what you mean pilots was a ruler in an earthly kingdom and he was surrounded by all the trappings Romans to Roman God Roman palace the power of life and death of his hand religion total Jerusalem under his command all the signs of an earthly kingdom and Jesus said to the earthly ruler my kingdom is not of this world he goes on to see if my kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight but I shall not be delivered to the Joe's but now is my kingdom not from hence you see but the point of it all to you when you are a member of the kingdom of Christ you do not use the methods of the world if enough are sociological sets if my kingdom were of this world then would my servants do what I have a Romans did before I thought about what has been the fault of the abortions that if I saw that exact trivia that means that if a soccer of munitions if that is what I find progressives must not deal with the world Jesus said and my kingdom people don't like knocking up I would love mine if my kingdom one of the world may make it likely no one will believe her then would my servants fight with my kingdom not from friends the kingdom of Jesus Christ is both literal and spiritual there is a new Jerusalem in heaven of city some of them is visible it is estimated the city is the size of Oregon while is no a management as we smile or a society outside of Oregon the city God has prepared for us there's a space station out there somewhere my right as a multiple up-and-down the difference six months the date for grocery supplies on fixed milk soy milk have you ever if human beings can go back why can't my dog build the city and have a feeling the eighties can stand on the earth of Connecticut with a satellite millions of miles in space why can't I need on my knees and pray I'm going to hear me as though he's right next gone house of physical and the spiritual kingdom the spiritual kingdom is the kind of life required of the citizens of the kingdom of God life is a righteous life it is based on the Constitution I watch the re- inauguration on the battery when it was twenty President Bush raised his right hand please thwarted what defend what uphold what the Constitution he swore to uphold the Constitution any person convicted on along five to be unconstitutional if done what happens the person is that for anything or permit to be on constitutional if the polls to be removed from the books and because the Constitution is the ultimate standard in this country what's right and what's wrong what's legal and what's illegal the ten Commandments are blogs Constitution and they are required as the standard of living for those in heaven now I've asked the standard of living for goals on the roof now a part of the extended kingdom of God is what Jesus said likely the result of this world is not saying my kingdom is not on behalf of it is on the earth in the lives of his people as all you want I resent the kingdom of God on based on what Jesus has my kingdom is not of this world what if my kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight we understand from that statement and that we must live our lives and take care of our best lives in a way that is vastly different from the way the world doesn't because we are not of this while I did play with father John seventeen Jesus everywhere for Dave I don't give them aware of the world have taken them because they are not of this world this is something he is the churches get along fine with the world something is not right I just don't say that I thought Regiment on the court is that what she said the only reason the church is not persecuted because the George is just like world this one I sent this one I can see you I said this will other just sat because when we trust from the Constitution of the Kingdom of God we become like the world because they are only two constitutions golf amendments of the anti- Commandments which is disabled and limited like that the Constitution of the world golf Constitution is the standard of righteousness on the wall in the calls false facts and limitless of that is the expression of the righteousness of himself and the expression is the ten Commandments at MG is an important flesh and bones on the ten Commandments in his life do you use all the way as I live you live that's the way to the kingdom faith in Jesus Christ of whom it is said I do like to move I will all my golf game fighting all these onto pieces of stone you must correctly quickly and they said yeah fine law if you are how that goes back to the signs are talked about earlier today someone I the sign said it was the apartments the holy the most holy in the most what was the authorities advise one in the middle bullet is not globally outside ten Commandments and that by the mercy seat the form of God First Lady Lex Luther five Moses Dowd Bob tells Moses on eyes that I will meet with me on you will is permanent about how to bend without upon the optimal testimony on an all things with us to give the commandment of the children of Israel everything I say I will say of the sovereign of the universe slipping from with room our present is called a sitting president why because he is currently in office he is a sitting president golf sits on his throne I'm a single never moves it has symbolic meaning it means going he's always in control Board never has term limits are defaulting therefore has George W. Bush in the long run for president through to former president no longer such a intifada three has regularly got President Baucus Madeleine got involved his weblog he's an active blogger supreme blog a rule a sovereign uprising against the Constitution of listing is the ten Commandments that must be the constituents of witnessing one of the columns teaching shown in our private lines than commands that most people don't like most puzzled why people object to the temperament can you imagine a man go to the police station maybe Google Melinda police of the officer Sergeant I have completed to make the best sizes and what is it no longer to the White House my cars parked on the road no one steals what kind of a talentless awesome man also is pretty sick of F11 letter to my wife fifteen years the woman is faithful what I don't understand what's wrong with this one she's faithful are you him will follow that somebody say a man while our happiness I wasn't sure if it would be good that men with redundancy for the seventh thirty minutes to do the attacking the samples said his sources that he is willing to destroy all tend to get one so when people say the command of the Delaware River levee on the grant you awesome does that mean I can kill you know all will feel like they don't want to break into a house that I steal your joy will than what precisely do you mean the commandos have been done away with silence it is a seek and argument on the mind can't become them work that truly expresses the saw plenty of ball they has right to rule out a listing of righteousness because he made me about the heart of this Constitution is a sample of command that explains where we came from River universe came from and gives us why bought has the right to sit on back through I have something to say about himself before neither maybe Thursday video mixed on Friday but about the horrible living boatswain on Friday evening as those that abuse up with them saying I'm times as many things I can second be deceptively ready for personal and as individual autism it is a capable beginning bloggers at are you according to most commandments and it is my gear on the spur of being an extension of God 's kingdom in heaven the computers up to three beautiful horse then but it have a lot of comes looking for the night and wish to have as a password with a great noise of the elements shall melt with fervent heat also and the works that are therein shall be burned up seeing that all these things out because all Walkman of course is lucky to be in all composition ungodliness looking blonde hastening the coming of the day of the gone through the heavens being on fire saga does all of the elements shall melt with fervent heat novelist working visa rights nevertheless we appointed as promised before new heavens gone and nuanced where and what wherein I one more time wherein I write just as Jesus that have gone to prepare a place at the righteousness I thought about was my procedure he worked by a step-by-step process before more lives believe he has life of what he wanted happily for forty years she before adequately certified they wanted to put it through a test before about that if I saw that on the morrow who already have the remote mount therefore and I wanted to send a warning one thing comes before the other and therefore we are admitted to the new heavens and you have Trent Lott of righteousness we must demonstrate on this are that we can live a righteous life with negative and will this must come first I must see that the applying for positions in his kingdom like to put it another way there must don't him what had by limiting the kingdom life and now most rights of the community I did well just in case with the city it is so serious listen to me no one sets forth into the kingdom who has not lived the kingdom life now Apple is not a place to learn how to live right your visitors to do that not just the yard but the master but the last item story because she is coming to save him from sin he's coming to collect those who already overcomes I have said Olson felt beside homeless than he thinks balance here my beloved brothers and sisters this is so serious earth is the place maybe learn to live like Christ not heaven I'm no longer was set foot in a righteous world Beavis is aware of his mother 's righteousness to see the New World when thought comes back make this world brand-new revelation twenty one want my son you have in your thought of verse seven the first of a pass away invite URL whether shoving off all my what amounted the righteousness reigns and house we must be righteous to be admitted about righteousness is the righteousness express in the role that is why the Bible says God sending his son in the likeness of sinful flesh unforeseen condemned sin in the flesh the righteousness of the law might be what fulfilled our welcome to the flesh Roethlisberger investment big mistake we long to live a righteous world why we walk after the flesh of the work ethic washing your hands and trying them in dirt it does not work if we long to live in a righteous world we must walk after this I say again how many Muslims seek across face and live in heaven as you have I believe you best we don't always have and I really mean this earth will be the house of the original I'll pass revisit back-and-forth I don't know but really a thousand has become this is where we have zero video went on it out of me but it is not a visit even restore want to live in a world where people don't lock doors after some lovely lady sitting in front of the right of the limousine give me a great blessing of the moment in the market I wanted one this is our secret for life will talk about in the New World and she held up a metal thing on the steering wheel of the car about to call it wasn't a whole a lot a club sound five okay okay etc. when you leave Islam on Loma Linda scoundrels that was my question I saw Simon and talk and talk a lot about your car okay why I thought we were but I think this but apparently there's some were not and then you elaborate heist has make it you don't have to put up on your nylon material as viewed on me and says that one of the because a lot of people coming in and out on the Angels when the neighborhood watch we top accredited lipids of Sandman and my brothers and sisters were smiling and smiling as good left of the medicine of five minutes a.m. I need to tell you that we need to and told me wrong for a righteous life which is not simply want to do that the second level of righteousness the first level if you are just like politics is more of Jesus and I'd like the delay when will my quality of vital to my heart I put it at all all rights this Constitution on every citizen 's heart and soul being find great joy in being a role abiding citizens of the kingdom the world needs to see the kingdom of God in action of the world must see it in our lives as a church of our lives as individuals because we live by kingdom principles are a few principals Jesus said in John eight forty three the scribes and Pharisees here from beneath I'm from above yet of this world I am not of this world he said that all his disciples he said the same thing John seventy six in there on more of this world he is I am not of this world though that's a tremendous comparison the same way Jesus says that I am different from this world my disciples are different from this world alters about Ms. Wright had quickly known about the boat we must be different from this world I shall not learn what the latest fashion is in the world by coming to church I want the latest maps on my list with young people departed on run-up in the desert because reduced no people laugh at the honesty will be Amish in Pennsylvania goes with addressing the road rider on horse and buggy to do something with the Amish cell phone stuff people buy them the first of these these people will hold on salt safely to their way of life you can trust anything that you can workforce us momentum can the world trust us God wants to put his kingdom in your heart tonight if it's not there with its constitution written more on tables of stone as in Exodus twenty but on the fleshy tables of the heart second Corinthians three verse three how many of you will say with the Lord I want to be a citizen in your kingdom beginning now official is what I wanted to go to minister eight given five more please write on your card all you thrive on the card is a large case I decided out with all my heart bloodlust decisions it always photos below shows one of the other he left decisions when we make decisions for Christ we get into the habit of making decisions for Christ is a mental discipline you're right avocado large Kerry Kingdome I want to be in the kingdom of God I want to be a citizen of that kingdom beginning now observed just right okay one Bible studies check the box one hundred three one one check the box attributed tomorrow we shall have sign up sheets one-on-one counseling begins on Sunday advocates and ninety five on Sunday one fifty Monday through Wednesday of course I depart on Thursday so be sure to sign up I don't misuse ready perhaps not but it certainly be here tomorrow but on the car a large pay all I want to be a citizen of the kingdom of e-mail like the principles of the Constitution gone sacred law that expresses his character precisely all that works with every level of motif and thought and before I get to the level of actual behavior is in the kingdom of God nor business in imaging the season the views of crime is one of all pioneers that you kill someone you commit a crime in the kingdom of God just have to think it and you've committed the sin that's a high in the fold of living large K I want to be a citizen Paul says in Philippians three twenty follow conversation all lifestyle on citizenship is in heaven for whence also we look for the safety of where crisis coming from is with our heart is all those loser with a father at me by my daily life to reflect the principles of the Constitution of your kingdom sent your feet please I want to be serious I tried to be a place if where not reflecting the principles of the Constitution we are bearing false witness against our neighbor because were saying one thing something else the Bible says thou shalt not bear false witness the Rizzuto if the world was either this believes Alonso and we don't live in we are building faults with this and also taking the name of the Lord our God in faith I believe with all my heart that you and I are serious about Lord rewrite your constitution on my heart so I just have my impulses become a wholly interesting to become righteous my first reaction is a holy one is what happens when that which is of the Spirit is spirit of that which is one of the flesh is flesh when we are all spirit out with students like Jesus this power heads these are eyes closed followed by complete of the name of Jesus I begged with all my heart and soul of the receipt was for sick of our Savior who came to the kingdom life others left the way for us to follow him of that weight is his life which we accept by faith and relive out through the power of the father molested her have mercy on us of the give is a privately held misrepresented what the kingdom stands for we have talked about the kingdom with our lips but we have not represented in our lives and we are sorry they talk to follow heart all that is unlike you unlike your kingdom so that we at every level of our lives in details household might behave ourselves and think and speak and respond like a citizen of the kingdom will be notable beer Lord please give us here as I pray father reliving in dangerous times and we need you sure that we're safe under your wing hundreds of the span of my bear witness with our spread that we are the children of blogging the event testimony from FO has to testify that ever was righteous has to testify not always practical father testified to my software access and we indeed are citizens of your kingdom more here this humble proud of me for my part bless my brothers and sisters who love you weren't so much become might have to make it home safely and bring us back tomorrow I pray in Jesus name of this site but also dozens of both kingdoms are with me a man on a man gluttonous you want us to travel safely and we shall see you tomorrow evening or tomorrow early afternoon


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