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3. War Of the Stars

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • March 18, 2012
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much. Because you have called us for such a time as this as a citizen Esther for verse fourteen. And Laura thank you so much that a man plans the steps but the Lord. Directs his path. And God you have directed us here. Because we know. You have things you want to communicate to us. We just pray and ask that the Holy Spirit would speak. And God we claim that promise in John Chapter sixteen when he the Spirit of Truth shall come he will guide you to all truth. And Lord we know that you're able to do this let's us now God in Jesus name Amen. After these meetings you're going to find out that after each night you're going to receive a study guide over the topic that we covered so if I'm speaking in just a little too fast for you I'm going to do my best to slow down right after the meetings you'll see there's going to be somebody passing out a study get any if you don't get one. Just come see me or go see Lily right there Lily do you mind raising your hand. There's really everybody everyone say Hi Lily. OK great you know who will years now so if you need any think you just go talk to her right. OK very very good. By the way are you excited about tomorrow night's message. That's right M.N. there is not a message tomorrow night we have Mondays off right. But when does the next meeting start. Choose day right. And then Tuesday and Wednesday and then wins the next night off Thursday heard somebody say Friday Thursday Thursday you don't want to miss Friday night it's going to be really exciting. Well folks I know that we're on a journey. And tonight's message is going to be another step in that journey. The name of tonight's messages call war. Of the stars I promise you this that you're going to be extremely blessed. And in line in by the Word of God. We're going to continue go over in future topics as well. We're going to cover the anti-Christ we're going to cover the mark of the beast. You're going to walk away knowing what the WHO the anti-Christ is and what the mark of the beast is as well ma'am by the way. In order to identify the mark of the beast you have to first identify the beast. Does that make sense. A lot of people attempt to identify the mark of the beast without first identifying the beast power. But you're going to understand this as we continue in progress. You're going to walk away from this revelation series with your mind blown away with Bible Prophecy. Can you say man so far. We're also going to cover the topic about the millennium and you're going to see it straight from scripture. What the Bible teaches about of thousand years. You know I've heard a lot of presentations about the Book of Revelation in the Book of Daniel and many times those presentations can be extremely confusing. They'll take you off to some text over here and some texts over there for folks were all about context here can you say meant that you're going to see what God is teaching straight from the Word of God. From the Word of God and was to get into the exciting message call prophecies health plan. And that is a message you do not want to miss. Especially in this day and age. While So discover as we continue in this. That you will gain greater confidence in the Scriptures. The Bible would become more clear to become more accurate. More relevant. And more sufficient. By the way. Has anybody ever read a book written by an Eskimo. Raise your hand if you actually read a book written by an Eskimo or one person. Wow that's amazing. Has anybody ever written or read a book written by Indian man. Eastern India. OK About three or four people actually made by people. OK good. Has anybody ever read a book written by somebody from China. I want you to raise your hand very good a few people. Here's my point. The majority of people have not read a book written by an Eskimo written by somebody from India and written from some by somebody in China but guess what. Somebody right now in Alaska. Who's coming out of the igloo. And they're opening up a Bible. There's somebody right now in China. Who's opening up their Bible right now and reading it. There's somebody in India. Who's opening up their Bible right now and reading it. My point is this the bible is a book that transcends culture. Can you say meant that made for all people of all generations. And that's why this book is exceed extremely exciting. God has made it for the simple seeker. All the way to the studious scholar. God wants you to understand His word Amen. Tonight's message is in titled The War of the stars. Has anybody ever heard of this man is very interesting individual. He was actually somebody who was part of the German concentration camps. He's an individual that appears on T.V. He has sat down with various leaders political leaders throughout the world. He's a well educated man he's a speaker. He speaks before colleges and universities. And he shares his testimony about his life as a young man. He grew up in Eastern Europe. And there he experienced a lot of prejudice against the Jews. And as a young man. He was place and a concentration camp. His mother and his sister actually died during that period. His father and him made it out. Shortly after There's actually a picture of him right there. If you see this individual right there. That's him right there. When he was a young man. He's grown some facial hair there was a picture of him while he was there. But he was able to leave the concentration camp. With all these memories. You know it's interesting actually met an individual older gentleman who was actually part of Hitler's use. You ever heard of Hitler's youth. And people who have gone through that time and through that experience have experience. Hardship and pain and experiences that. Continue to rock. Their day. Their lives today. Well this individual he has never forgot about it and to this day. He has written several books. He was this book called The Trial of God. It's called The Trial of work. The trial of God. And it was based upon a very unusual experience that he had war he was in the concentration camp. One day as he was sitting in the bed. He looked out and he saw of the really rabbis three Jewish rabbis who were also in this camp. And what these three Jewish rabbis did was very interesting your mind is going to be born away by what I'm where to share with you. What they actually did was this. He was sitting laying down on his bed and he was watching these three rabbis who had lost all their prestigious who had lost. Wives who had lost family members who are lost children. He was watching these three. Been around bites who weren't allowed to preach and synagogues who were just there were in clothing like everybody else. He was watching them. And he'll deserve the most unusual thing. He watched as these three rabbis. Had a mock trial. And he was watching and paying attention. And in the book elaborates more on this trial and he describes as these rabbis had this unusual court case. And as he was watching them. All of a sudden one of the rabbis says all right. We are going to proceed with this court case. The individual who is going to be tried. Is God Almighty. He is accused of murdering his children. He is accused of allowing suffering to take place in this world. He is an individual who must be brought to trial for his crimes against humanity. And if the end of the court case they pronounced God Almighty. Guilty guilty. The Lord God Almighty Creator of heaven and earth was found guilty of crimes against creation and human kind. Now this is very interesting. When you read this book you discover about a man who had seen so much suffering in this world. And you discover other individuals just like him. And each one of us have been through our share of trials and tribulations. And the questions that come out. After that a while you're going to those times. Is the question why. Oftentimes people ask the question why God are you allowing this. Don't I serve you. Why God are you allowing this to take place. Don't I follow you and the question that skeptics ask. Over and over again as with. Is this god if you are so good why is the world. So bad and I believe. Ladies and gentlemen that Bible prophecy has the answer to that question can you say amen to that. Unfortunately. If you were to ask your average Christian your average Bible believing Christian. Or if the world if God is so good why is the world so bad bill just look at you with a blank stare. But folks we need to understand what the Scriptures teach about this subject. God has an answer for in His Word. Amen. Well everybody take your Bible Let's go to Matthew chapter thirteen. We're going to start of with a very interesting parable. We're going to discover in this parable. That God actually created a world. That was originally. Good. In fact when you read the first few chapters in the book of Genesis. You discover that after anything that God creates he says. It is good. It is good. It is good at the very end of it he said it is very good. In fact there's only one thing that God said was not good in creation. Do you know what that was. It was not good for a man to be alone. There is hope for single people out here. Matthew chapter thirteen. And if you are there go in and say Amen. Matthew chapter thirteen and let's start with the verse twenty four. And that's page nine forty eight. Matthew chapter thirteen starting with verse twenty four. Another parable he put forth of them and by the way there were two purposes of parables. To conceal truth. And to reveal truth. To conceal truth from those who were looking to to condemn Jesus and to reveal truth to those who were looking for it. Matthew chapter thirteen verse twenty four. Another parable he put forth to them saying. The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sold. Good seed in his field. But while man slept. His enemy came. And so tears among the wheat and winter his way. But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop. The tears also appeared. So the servants of the owner came and said to him. Server. Did you not so good seed in your field. How then does it have tears. Now this is very interesting. A man starts off with this good field. And he plants good seeds in this good field. And the next day. His servants come around to check out the crop and all the disk. All of a sudden they discover some very bad. Plants there. And they said where did this come from. And they turned to the master and watch what the Master said yes it's very interesting. Verse twenty eight. He said to them in enemy a word in enemy has done this. The servant said to him. Do you want to stand to go and gather them up but he said no less while you gather up the tears you also uproot the wheat with him. Let both grow together until the harvest. And at the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers first gather together the tears and bind them from bundles to burn them. But gather the wheat. Into my barn. Now watch what Jesus says in verse thirty seven he actually elaborate somewhat the parable means. He answered and said to them heal so so good seed is the son of man. The field is the world. The good seeds are the sons of the kingdom but the tears of the sons of the work. Wicked one. The enemy who sold them is the word. The devil. The harvest is the end of the age and the reapers are the angels. Folks what Jesus begins to describe is the great controversy. He describes how he started off this world. A perfect world with perfect people with perfect conditions. And all of a sudden this perfect world was invaded by somebody who was bent on destroying the works of God God. Introduces a character into this parable. He calls them an enemy. And he a lab rates on who this enemy is and he says this enemy is none other than the devil himself. Now that brings us to another question wait a second. If God is so good why is the world so bad. While the world is so bad because of what the devil is doing. But then that leads us further. If God is so good then why in the world that he created of all what are you going to find out that Bible prophecy teaches that God did not create a devil. He actually created a beautiful angel. And this beautiful enjoy actually had another name. His name was. Lucifer. Look at the Bible says and Isaiah Chapter fourteen. Verse twelve. How you are fallen. Lucifer. Son of the morning. The word Lucifer is a Hebrew word that mean is that actually translates had equal. Which means a light bearer. It means a light. Where are in fact. Named in the Old Testament were a representation of the character of the individual Jacob ments a planter and because he was a deceiver. Abraham meant father of the nations or father of the worlds because he was the father of the world. And so names or representative of characteristics of the individual are being so Lucifer a means light barrier simply because he was the angel that emitted. Beautiful light from him. Looser first name means a light bear. The Bible says something very interesting Isaiah fourteen. A question is asked by is there. And is saying how you are fallen from heaven or another word. How is it possible. Old loose of first son of the morning. That you fell from heaven. When you see those verbs. Fall. Or you see the verb. Cast the way. The word Fall has to do more with a moral degeneracy and casting away or casting out has to do more with the physical expelling. So the Bible here is talking nice here fourteen. How is it possible that chill fell from heaven beautiful characteristic or beautiful beauty you could say. How is it possible that you fell from the glory of God The Bible describes Lucifer fell from heaven is equal twenty eight. Let's take our Bibles Let's go there right now. I want you to see something we're going to learn more about this beautiful angle. Before he fell into rebellion. We're going to his E.Q. Chapter twenty eight page eight hundred and thirty. Is equal twenty eight page eight hundred and thirty. Now watch what the Bible says we're going to start with the verse eleven. Is equal twenty eight starting with verse eleven. Now see what the Scriptures teach moer the word of the Lord came to me. Son of Man take up a lamb in Taishan for the king attire and say to him. First says the Lord God. Well God tells is equal to describe what you may call lamb intention or a crying or mournful song. And he says take it up for the king. Tired but you're going to discover who he's really talking about here. You were the seal of perfection. Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in eat in the garden of God The Bible starts off by describing Lucifer as being an individual who was the sill. A perfection. He was full of wisdom. And he was perfect in beauty. By the way ladies and gentlemen. Do you see anything wrong with Lucifer so far. Absolutely not because if there was something that was malfunctioning. In Lucifer that God had originally put in him. Then God could be worse sponsible for his fall. Or we track in so far yes or no. OK Now watch what the Bible says about Lucifer. He was the seal of perfection. In other words. The mold was broken when Lucifer was created. He was full of wisdom. He had more wisdom then anie other creature. Throughout all of God's universe. And he was perfect in beauty. Now I want you to pay attention to that very first one part right there as it says it could Chapter twenty eight. You were the seal of perfection. Now that word seal was not talking about a large marine animal. This feel the perfection has to do more with. He was basically the the imprint. Or template of perfection. When God had created a looser for everything was gone in to make a lucifer. As as high and whole the and beautiful and just and good. More than any other creature of that existed. In fact the Bible says He was the seal or the. The extent of God's power. The seal the perfection. Now you want to know why that's very interesting because it how. Says to understand something about how much. God's heart is broken in this great controversy. What do I mean by their. Well let's allow breed a little bit more. Does anybody here. Have a relationship with somebody I want you to raise your hand or K.. Very good. How many people here are marrying. Raise your hand. OK good. How many people here have a best friend. Raise your hand. OK. Well if you don't have a best friend I hope hopefully during the seminar you make plenty of good friends OK. What I'm going to bring before you. Is somebody or something that I'm choosing to have a relationship with a friendship with OK. Can we bring out the first model. You're going to see this right now. And I have chosen to develop a relationship. A friendship with this individual and. This individual. He's a very nice person and he heals all the way from Ceres California. His purchase price was about eleven cents. OK. Now this is Harry the fish can you say Hello Terry the fish. Now what I'm going to do I'm going to demonstrate how much of a friendship we have you're going to see how much is given. And how much is received. Watch this. Hey Harry how was your day. OK. Harry. Did you have a good day so far. Well that's very interesting. OK. Harry. I got this one for you I know here is going to speak to me right now watch this one here. I just want to say I love you. I think that's very interesting. I want you to notice something and you probably noticed it there fishes really cannot give you a. Awesome relationship. I mean fishes are great in the fact that you can watch them. And you can see them. Fishes are really great the fact that you can name them. But there's very little that a fish can do for you. And as a in a relationship. Amen to that. I'm going to give this actually to Alexia right now I promise I'll give this to her. So I'm going to have somebody give this right now. OK I'm giving this to her she will shy. OK good while you say OK now that's really great. Well I'm going to bring before you something that's a little bit more advance in Africa. I'm certain that this thing is going to give me more of a relationship. All right. Can we bring out the next model. Now this here is a dove. This stuff is a little bit more advanced in that fish. This of is very mole by all this stuff can go places that fish cannot. And so this by the way what's the doves name. Daisy the Dove very good. Now Daisy the Dove actually can make some noise is true that's what it sounds like. No that's more of a pigeon. OK Daisy. I'm going to put Daisy right here on our stays here few different questions and I'm excited about our new friendship. I'm sure it's going to be reciprocal. Daisy did you have a great day today. Now that's very interesting. OK. Daisy and to bring you a little bit closer to me. What everybody say hi everybody say hi to Daisy. Daisy can you say hi to them. Well the point is very clear. The point is simply this that there is very little that this bird can offer in a real enjoyable relationship. Now you may say to yourself What about a dog. Well probably. But guess what if you were to tell that dog how much you love them. Oftentimes you're not going to hear. I love you back you're going to hear Roth back. Right. The point is this. Don't miss this point. God created. Lucifer. As a being who could understand him. The Bible says He was full of wisdom. And he was perfect in puti and he was the seal of perfection. Looser fur cover simple. Mourner relationship with God. More than any other creature based upon his moral intelligence. His moral intelligence. Far more pursue period than any other creature that existed. And because of it. He could return more to God. And this is what makes this whole pre-trial very interesting because God was in B. trade by some angel that was way off in the ranks. No he was betrayed by the one being who was closer to him. Then any other creature throughout the universe. And this is what makes this great controversy very very interesting. I want you to also notice what else the Bible says about Lucifer. Look what it says every precious stone was your work. Covering the story as Topaz diamond barrel on extracts Purcell fire. Turquoise and emerald with goal. The Bible teaches that Lucifer was covered with shiny stones that emitted. Light. Involved with the Bible says in second Corinthians chapter eleven verse fourteen. And no wonder. For Satan himself. Transforms into an angel of work like the Bible does not teach that looser for Satan or the devil is some type of bowlegged read leotards with a pitchfork ready to go Pope people in hell. The Bible does not teach that that happened. Imagery came in during the Dark Ages. But the Bible does teach that this fallen angel is a beautiful angel of light. And at one time he served God. He followed gone. The word satan means. Adversary or opponent looser fur by his own choice Lucifer the light bear became Satan. The adversary. Well let's discuss or how we need to understand this. Let's call that a bit further though in understanding more about this first position and his character. The Bible says this about a lucifer. The workmanship of your Timberwolves and pipes. Was prepared for you on the day you were created. Temples and pipes or musical instruments. The Bible teaches that Lucifer was a musician. When you read the book of Job The Bible describes how the sons of God shouted for door. Or some for joy. When creation took place. Angel seeing the Bible teaches in the Book of Revelation. Lucifer many scholars believe. Lead out the heavenly choir. So therefore what we can understand about was that he was gone it's best friend. He was the seal of perfection. Full of wisdom. Perfect in beauty emitted this. Colorful light. And he had this wonderful talent for music. We also discoveries equal twenty eight tells us. He was the anointed cherub who covers a cherub is not a chubby little baby with wings that shoots arrow at people OK. Regardless of what Hallmark teaches you a chair of the Bible teaches is a powerful. Angel that surrounds of the loan of God but notice the Bible doesn't just say he's a chair it says he is the anointed cherub. What were the anointed cherub who covers. Well look what Psalms Chapter eighty verse one says. Give year OSHA part of Israel. You who drive between the chair a bomb. Shine forth. The Bible teaches that God Wells between the chair a bomb. In other words there is a certain group of angles. That actually surround God. And Bill His glory to the universe. This was one of the loose of first positions in have been so therefore we understand that this mighty enjoy. Was beautiful. He was wise. He had talent. And he was also given a position. That was closer to God thing. Any other creature in the entire universe. Now when. Need to understand what took place. Did God do something. Did God cause a problem to take place. Well let's see what else the Bible says is equal Chapter twenty eight The Bible says He was perfect and all his ways. Tell iniquity. Was found in him. He was perfect from the day he was created. There was no malfunction. If you buy a brand new car and three days later that car breaks down. You're going to take that car right back to the dealership right back to the manufacturer and you're going to demand a refund. Why. Because a car that new should not break down right. And the manufacturer looks at it and he says well there was a faulty wire. Then the manufacturer is obviously responsible. My point is this that if there was something faulty in looser first creation. If there was something malfunctioning or dysfunctional in looser first birth. Then God himself could be worse sponsible for a looser first fall. But the Bible makes it very clear. There was none of that that existed in this for he was perfect. Until since started in him. But how did this in start. The Bible teaches something very interesting about God's creatures that have an intelligence. He the Bible teaches that God in down each of His creatures with free will. What are those two words free will. That's exactly right the Bible teaches that God in douse his creatures with the with this beautiful concept this beautiful idea this characteristic called choice. And God is in doubt is. The second. You remove choice or freedom from Love Love ceases to become love. It is not love we have an ugly word we use in our dictionary it's called rape. And as one scholar said God is not a divine rapist. God in doubt. Each one of his creatures with freedom of choice. You don't want to when you want to know why freedom of choice is so beautiful why it's so important to God because of this. When someone chooses to love you. That is so much different. When someone is force to love you. When someone chooses to love you. It is different when somebody who is force to be with you. The second you begin to for something. You immediately disqualify I love. One of the things you notice in the Book of Revelation is that the devil starts to steam. And the Bible says He forces everybody to receive a mark. The devil uses deception and when deception fails. He uses military power. He uses force and aggression. In fact in Bible prophecy. When loose for is stated as a serpent he usually being deceptive. When he is stated as a dragon. He's being aggressive. He's being force for. And we're going to discover more of this as we continue in Bible prophecy. But I want you to understand something about choice. It is super important to understand folks that god. Respects. Choice. Anybody who is saved or lost at the end of time. Is because they chose to be good the reason why God doesn't save everybody because there will be some people who wouldn't be happy and have. You know the great atheist Christopher Hitchens who died not too long ago. He said Oh I don't want to go to heaven. An eternity of praise and understanding God. It would be like hell for me. You know why because those who have not been prepared by the Spirit of Christ. Those who refuse God's goodness and his power to transform their lives. Would not be happy in heaven. And so what God is doing right now in this mighty work he is preparing you for that glorious land that's to come. You might have been your way seems by chance but the Spirit of God has directed you here. Because he loves you and he wants to fill those mighty purposes and plans for your life. He wants to start something special for you can you say mentor that. And choice is so important to God. So important to God. One of the greatest ways you know that exist. Now is by the very fact that Lucifer. Rebelled. Did you get my point. The fact that Lucifer. Rebelled. Is a clear indication that he had the choice to rebel. Does that make sense yes or no. That is one of the greatest ways you know that God has given free will by the very fact that we are living in a rebellious world where people choose not to follow God The Bible teaches and second Peter. That God is willing that all men should be saved. Does God want all men say yes or no. But can God's will be forwarded. Yes. You can choose not to be saved. You can choose not to read your Bible you can choose to walk away from the seminar. You can choose to walk away from your relationship with God God respects your choice because what God doesn't want you to be loss. It break God's heart. He's lost one third of all of heaven. Those angels. And it break his heart even more if he were to lose you. God doesn't want you lost. Because there's only one you him and there's only one you. Well what took place. Since begin to develop in is equal in Lucifer's heart the Bible teaches that he was full of pride. And he began to check himself out over and over again to the point where the heart began to be filled more and more with pride. And the Bible teaches that he began to do something very interesting take your Bible good is equal chapter twenty nine twenty two verse nine. I'm sorry verse. Chapter twenty eight. Verse nine eight thirty one. Look at verse sixteen. Excuse me verse seventeen. Is equal twenty eight verse seventeen look at the Bible says about Lucifer. Your heart was lifted up because of your word. Beauty. You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor. Lucifer became corrupted by checking himself out. He intentionally chose to violate God's plan for his life. And he began to look outside of it. To take a good look at himself over and over again. He violated. Heavens behavior. Heavens We haven is all about each other but he begin to say no no no it's all about me. The Bible says He began to be filled with pride. Well what took place after that. Take a good look at verse sixteen it's very key. By the abundance of your trading you became filled with violence within. And you sinned. Therefore I will cast you out as a profane thing out of the Mountain of God. And I will destroy and I had destroyed you all covering cherub from the midst of the fiery stones. Folks I want you to understand something take a good look at the word verse sixteen in the word trading. Lucifer was not a salesman. But the Bible says by the abundance of his trading. He was filled with violence. While you take a good look at this. The World Trading is the actually Hebrew word rock up. And this is actually from a professor of all Testament studies Andrews University he says this The verb. From which this noun derives literally means to go about. From one another one to another for trade or gossip. The noun devil. Derivative rock ill. Found six times in the Old Testament one is equal twenty two verse nine means slander or tale. Bearer. So what did lose for begin to do. He begin to surmise a plan. And he began to tell all the other angels and began to gossip about God. He began to slander about God's character. He began to spread lies about God's character. The Bible teaches that loose first started. Insurrection in heaven. To the point where eventually it broke out in full war. But watch what else the scholar says. With deaf strokes. Is equal paints the picture of loose first going about slandering God in early step towards the open and alternately violent rebellion described so well by John the Revelator as war in heaven Revelation twelve or seven. Is equal twenty eight verse eighteen reveals that after his expulsion from heaven. THE FALL OF FALLEN cherub continues his iniquity of slander against gone. The Bible teaches that Lucifer began to spread lies about God. About God's character or about God's government. About who God was now you think of yourself how is it possible for one third of heaven to be deceived by this angel. Where's Here's one point I don't want you to miss those angels have never heard a lie before you were just said. Those angels had never heard a line before. And because they never heard a lie before they were evenly deceived by the things that Lucifer was presenting confusion took place in heaven. In fact when you take a good look at that word war. The Bible says in Revelation twelve or seven war and haven't. The word war comes from the Greek word poli Mia which means a war of ideas ideas about what ideas about who God was who God really was. And as heaven begin to split into two parties. You have those who are loyal to God and those who are loyal to Lucifer. Lucifer was a great Light Bearer commander in heaven. And many injuries follow him to and confusion began to spread about who God really was about God's government. About whether or not angels really had choice. In heaven. Now you thing into yourself wait a minute. Isn't God God almighty why didn't he just simply wipe out loose for what he just made. They can disappear. He could have done all those things he could have struck loose for down with lightning but Dunder he could have ended this anxious life. And save the universe this grief. But this is an important point lives in German you cannot miss this point. Lucifer. Introduced an idea. He introduced a word. Idea. And when you kill the man. The idea continues. You can destroy the man you all you want to guess what's going to happen to the idea. It's going to be amplified. Here's a case. There is this make believe will disclose this make believe tribe in a some far off country. And you have the great. Ruler of the tribe. Chief good man and chief good man. Rules this tribe. And he's a just man. He's a whole the man. He's a wise man. He's balance he's had more experience than all the other tribesmen. He has seen many generations come and go in the tribe. And he has seen a lot of things but he rules that tribe. With justice. One day one of the local tribes men begins to accuse the chief ten and says. You're just a phony. You're not really a good man. In fact your name is not really good man it's something else. It's bad man. And all of a sudden there's a stir in the camp because nobody has ever rustled the feathers of this village. But now. This this. Distortion is now entered into this tried to days later. Some of the tribesman begin to go out and they discover something. They discover the body of the lowly tribesmen who made that accusation. And as they examine his body. They discover. Arrows. Not in the front. But in the back. They bring the body back and all of a sudden their suspicion about who was. And people began to whisper. I think you just do you see what God's problem was now. If he simply just wiped out Lucifer. All the other angel for began to question wait a minute. Maybe he was right now God was not just dealing with an angel he was now dealing with these ideas these false ideas. These lies. And the only way to defeat an idea is with action. And so that's what God began to do. He said all right universe. You're going to see what is actually true and what is actually false you want to see the real deal you want to see a difference between my kingdom. And what he wants to set up and you're going to see very very clearly. And this is what we're all about in the plan of redemption the Bible says incremental gains that all world is a spectacle the actually the Greek word is the a twenty or a theater for the entire universe. And there are seeing the results of those who follow God. And the results of those who follow after sin. The Bible is showing us. Now we're in the midst of a great controversy. Not just in those great experience of our lives way. Each and every day of our lives there's a battle happening for source. And her eyes were truly open folks. We realize that God is pleading for our souls. And the devil is marching us marching off. After us. Revelation Chapter twelve or seven describes that war broke out. During this incident. And there was to fly there are two sides. The Bible teaches Michael and his angels the word Michael means he used like God and the dragon and his angels. And they fought and they ward. And the Bible teaches that loose for was cast out. He was exiled. And folks. It was during this war. That God. Understood what was really involved. It was during this great controversy battle that weren't still part of now. The first war that's behind all of the wars the war that we're now a part of this great controversy battle. God really knows what sin loose first heart. The Bible teaches in Isaiah Chapter fourteen. How you have fallen from heaven loose fur. For you have said in your heart for you have said where in your heart. Now notices God is pointing out what's in loose first heart not what he is saying. Because what he was saying was much different than what was really in his heart. So what was really in loose first heart during this rebellion. While. He made this claim in his heart. I will ascend into heaven. I want you to notice the first two words of loose first post in his heart. I will. Why this is very important because heaven was a place where God's will was being done now loose for saying. I don't want God's will to be done. Are I will ascend into heaven. I will call the shots now. I will ascend into heaven. Well what else did he say in his heart. I will exult my throne above the stars of God. Lucifer says. I'm going to place my position. WHEREVER I WANT. In heaven. Now this note of discord was introduced into heaven. And it was causing problems. But God knew what was really in this Angel Heart. What he really wanted. He says I will sit. I will also sit on the Mount of the congregation on the farther sides of the north. And that sanctuary language. It's what type of language. You keep coming you're going to understand what this means. He even says in Isaiah Chapter fourteen verse twelve. I will ascend above the hearts of the clouds. All go into the presence of God The Bible says that clouds it says in the book of Psalms that clouds around gods and there is where God's purposes are are understood and created. But Loose for says. I'm born where I want. I'm going to understand what I want. And I'm going to do what I want. But the problem with that is in doing what he would want. He would have to violate the rights of other angels. All to merely. Isaiah fourteen leads us to Satan's all to made desire I will be like the most high. Lucifer was not interested in just being like God in character. He wanted to be God in power. And in worship. He wanted. God's throne. God's place. That was his all commit desire. Throughout this entire rebellion. Throughout this entire insurrection. Throughout this entire war that's taken place. In fact when loose first tempting Jesus you can read about a Matthew chapter for I think you did earlier today. His last temptation to Jesus was. If you fall down and worship me. You can tell that this angel is so sick and obsessed with this idea of worship. He's actually asking Jesus the Son of God to worship him. Folks. We need to understand that this controversy that we're part of prophecy has to do with this Who are you going to worship. Who are you going to worship. You can see the theme throughout the entire all Testament into the New Testament. The theme of controversy has to do with the theme of worship. Who are you going to worship. Because that which you worship. Is that which you place your greatest worth. Upon. But the devil wants that worth for himself he wants that worship for himself. Now take your Bible Let's go to first John Chapter three. The Bible teaches that loose for sin. Now we're going to understand this a little bit more first John chapter three I want you to see something amazing. Right here. And if you have the page number go ahead and call it around eleven sixty eight. Excuse me eleven sixty nine. First John chapter three verse John Chapter three starting with the verse for first John Chapter three starting with verse four. Now this is where it gets very juicy. Get ready for this first John Chapter three starting with verse for whoever commits sin. Also commits work. I want you to read it for yourself in the Bible. Whoever commits sin commits well. Lawlessness and. Sin is work. It is lawlessness or it says in the King James Version transgression or breaking of God's law. OK. So we have a definition of what sin is according to the Bible what is the definition of sin. Lawlessness or transgression of God For Another words the breaking of God's law. There you have right there I want you to see in context this is extremely important going to miss a powerful point. If you miss this OK. Sin is defined as transgression of God's word law. Lawlessness this continue. And you know that he was manifested to take away our work. I want you to take out that word sin and want you to insert the word lawlessness. And he was manifested to take away our well. Lawlessness. Now let's go to verse seven. Little children let no one deceive you here who practices righteousness is righteous. Just as he is righteous. He who is he who since is of the devil. For the devil has what from the word. The beginning. According to the context what is the definition of sin. So what did the devil do in the beginning. He broke. Cards. Law which tells you something. God has along haven't God actually has a law on Haven't it's a law that governs his entire universe. And the Bible teaches that Lucifer sinned against heaven and you can see the context what sin is he broke. God's Law in Heaven which laws are the law of selfless love the devil. Broke the law of love. He violated him who is called love. The Bible teaches in first John chapter four verse a god is love and is based upon his character is the way you once his entire universe. It is based upon the law of love and Lucifer began to say. It's not about everybody else it's about me. And what began to take place was this rebellion. A shadow war began turned into a full out. Insurrection and eventually war. And folks this war has spilled over into our world today. And we are living in the midst of this controversy. But God respects choice. There are some who don't want anything to do with God. But there are some who want everything to do with God. But folks it is God's desire to reveal himself truly to each person the Bible says and John. He is the light that lights every man's world. He is the light that lights. Every man's world. But this devil. He is very wise he actually has a front man. He has a work of from actually somebody on earth who does his bidding. This tame in the name of this front man is called the anti-Christ he's called the well. Anti-christ and you're going to see some biblical names for the anti-christ right now I want to see that the Bible shows or describes the and I crisis because of the man of sin. He's called the lawless one second the phone is chapter two verse a he's called The Beast the Revelation thirteen the anti-Christ is called the Son of Perdition and by the way. There's only one other person all the Bible who is called the Son of Perdition Does anybody know. Judas. Jesus even said I have lost none except the son of perdition. So it tells you something about this and I Christ that he's a Judas all continue more in the support of the summer and you're going to understand who the and I crisis. You're going to see it straight from the Word of God The Bible also defines the enterprise as the little one power of Daniel Chapter seven. But none what I said to you that the and I Christ is a front man for the devil. He does his bidding. The Bible describes one of the names of the anti-christ as being the lawless one. In other words he is trying to destroy God's law. On Earth. He's actually trying to thwart the government of God. The plan of God the will of God God's law of love on earth. Look at certain testimony in chapter two verse nine says about the and I Christ power it's very important. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan you can see that Satan is the one that's instigating this. And he's behind the and I Christ. It says the coming of the while lawless one is according to the working of Satan. With all power and signs and lying wonders. The Devils from man on earth the anti-Christ. Has a big problem he's trying to attack. God's law. He's trying to attack gods were gods one that's exactly why you can write that down your study guide and it's the first question I answered for you on your study guide. But go and write that down. He's trying to attack dogs. Law. And you can even see Indiana chapter seven verse twenty five describing the little one power. The Bible says this. He shall speak pompous words or arrogant words against the Most High. Show persecute the saints of the most high and shell intent to change times and war. He wants to not only destroy God's war or surges so we can say give a misrepresentation of God's law. But he's attempting to actually change God's law. But folks can change God's law. No because God's laws based upon God's character. And the Bible says God is love. You can't change God A man hears the same yesterday right. The same today and the same tomorrow can you say meant to that and the same God who love somebody like Abraham. The same God who love somebody like. Sampson the same God who love somebody like David that sinner. Love somebody like you. A man. Look at Second Corinthians Chapter four verses three to four says about Lucifer. Whose minds. The god of this age by the way the devil is not a god the by was very clear. But he is worship as if he's a God whose mind the god of this age has blinded. Talking about how the devil is responsible for a blinding this world. He's put the covers over this world. About what. Let's continue. Who do not believe. Less the line of the gospel of the glory of Christ who is the image of God should shine on them. You know what the devil has done. He has blinded the world. About the true character of God. Because the devil knows that if he can blind you about who God really is. You want nothing to do with that god. And there's a lot of skeptics in this world a lot of people in this world who might have been abused by their parents. There might be a lot of people in this world who had some very bad experience with religious people. Or you might have heard of some hate crimes committed by some religious people. Of folks I want you to understand something the devil is trying to blind the world by placing a misrepresentation of God. And so when the world looks at God when they look at the Bible. All they see is God who condemns them. All they see is this God who hates them all this is this God who wants nothing to do with them. Who's had enough of people. But folks. The Bible teaches that that is the work of Satan. God is trying to reveal his character to this world. He's trying to reveal who he is because God knows. If you see him for who he really years are going to fall in love with him. Both the same god. The same God who died on across two thousand years ago. Still loves you and God wants you to understand there. And Satan is trying to confuse this world. He's blinding this world the Bible says about the light of the gospel of God which is the glory of God who is crisis. Jesus came to a certain do two things. To not only be. Man's representative to God to be man's advocate to God but he came to this world. To be God's representative to this world. And so when the world wanted to see what God was really like all they would have to simply do would be to look at Jesus. A man. All they would simply have to do would just be to look at what Jesus did now he healed those who were sick and he hoped those who were hurting. How he loves sinners and embrace those who are considered. Outcast. He took those individuals who had no purpose in their life. Those are called Loser by the rest of us were up God places all around them he said I will make you a fisher of men. That gave to those men purpose. He gave to those men plans. And if you want to see who God really is all you simply have to do is just look at Jesus and man. The Bible says and first John Chapter three. Jesus came to destroy the work of Satan. Destroy this deception. About who God really is because God wants to reveal Himself to you folks. Like I said before. If you know God is your form love with him. And you might have had a bad experience with God in the past you might have had a bad experience with church you might have had a bad experience you open up the Bible you think yourself. There's nothing for me. The folks. Today. I believe God is saying I want you to see me for who are really. And on the cross of Calvary. That is where love. Was most manifested. That is when the heart of God was exposed to this world where the son of god gave us life or world. That did not love him. The Bible says that while we were still sinners Romans Chapter five. While we didn't even love God are one nothing to do with God The Bible says while we were still sinners Christ died for us. Christ died for us. Amen. God loves you maybe hear somebody. Somebody may be here today doubting whether or not that the God of the universe actually watching over them. Hears folks. If you're hearing this today if you're here today I believe it because the Lord of Heaven and Earth impressed me today as I was putting this together he was impressed me to tell these people. What the scriptures are teaching about who God really is the real Jesus. Amen. The real God. You know there's a very interesting story. Very interesting stories taking place now in India. So young Indian lady right here. And this is her mother. About a year and a half ago. This beautiful young lady was crossing the street. She was a college student. Crossing the street and a motorist came out of nowhere and hit her and she was in a coma. For several months. Came out of a coma. And she's nothing but a vegetable to this day. All her plans. Her dreams and ambitions last she lost it all bad right now and our moms by her side. Taking care of are. But there's this young man right here. His name is Sonny. That's her boyfriend for the last two years. He's been taking care of her too. And every day he comes to her side. Several hours he's given up school doesn't have a lot of money and he's taking care of her on the bed. And the one thing that he does for her. He takes a piece of cloth. And he wipes away the tears that slope and arise. Each and every day. Each and every day. There are tears that come from this woman's eyes and her lover. Her boyfriend. Comes to her and just takes some quad and wipes away those tears and kills her tells her each day that he loves re actually put signs up. Right over her head that says. I love you and all she can respond is just by putting your hand over. And that's all she can do. But this man says. I love or are married to her. She see me no it anymore but I've given my whole life for her. Several thousand years ago when mankind fell into sin. Where we were left by the side of the road wounded. Full of iniquity. Full of transgression when this whole world this whole universe. Abandoned us who plundered and Rod by Satan himself while we were left on the road. Dying. The Bible teaches that God came alongside of us. And he wrapped us. In his own arms. And with his own garments he wiped away. Our tears. Any wiped away. The blood from the woman's. This is what Jesus and God has done for each and every person your folks. Well God has done. God loves you so much he said his only Son into this world right in why that's very interesting because two thousand years ago when Jesus was dying on that cross when he was dying in that garden there was no want to wipe away his tears. There was no one to wipe away. His his tears in the wound. When he was brought before all the people. The very people who he was dying for there was nobody there. When Abraham was raised that knife raising the knife to sacrifice and Isaac all of a sudden voice came from heaven says don't do it Isaac I know you're not to withhold your son for me I know this but when. God's own Son was on that cross. There was no angel to stop it. When Jesus was dying in the garden. Dying for you and dying for me not even knowing if he was going to be resurrected. There was no angel to stop them from taking place. And when he was there. The last few moments of his life alone for say can back out seemingly forsaken by God forsaken by the very people he came to live. To die for. When he was surrounded by just darkness a void of emptiness. Nothing there. No joy no hope no one to come alongside and to help him while he was lying alone on that cross. He made that decision to go all the way for you ladies and gentlemen. Because that's what loved God loves you ladies and gentlemen. And that's what he wants you to understand that he is a God of love. And he's been watching over your life. Even up to this point right now. And what he's revealing to you is who he really is because he wants you to know him and share in His glory. Amen Leeson gentleman. This is so important. We're continuing this journey. If you're somebody today who wants to say Lord I want to see you see you for who you really are want to continue to see you want to keep coming to this seminar. I want to learn more about the real God I want you to raise your hand is the Lord God wants you to keep learning keep growing. Let's pray. Father in heaven we thank you so much. God that every sin. Every sin has been washed away by the precious blood of Jesus. Thank you God that you gave your only son for us who took our place that we might take his place. Lord in heaven. Father I just want to pray for any person here who do you Koos questioning whether or not you are watching over them but you really still love them. Pray father right now they would hear a voice saying that YOU to thank you God for the cross of Calvary thank you so much. Jesus for your goodness. In your name. This media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit. W W W dot org.


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