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11. Antichrist Exposed- Part 2

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • March 28, 2012
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much again. Lord that we can be like Mary and just sit at the feet of Jesus Lord we know that you are the God who lives burdens you are the God who invites us to come into your presence where we may find rest. Jesus. We pray that you would bless us with the Holy Spirit that you would guide us to all truth. We want to see Jesus to the Lord. We think you and your holy name we pray Amen. Well what I do every single night is I do a little bit a review about the previous night. Because each night is built upon the previous night and though yesterday that we covered a very heavy topic. And so we're going to do a little bit of a review and it's just going to be the runway as we take off for next topic OK. Tonight's message is untitled anti-Christ exposed. Part two anti-Christ. Exposed part two Friday nights going to be a message called anti-Christ. Greatest deception. That is a mash message. You do not want to miss. And that's Friday night. We also have a Saturday morning message and a Saturday night message. It's a two for one. So you'll be blessed as well. We only have hope you know this just a week and a half left of our seminar is waiting for that. Just a week and a half left and you know our folks. God has been blessing us and you may not even realize it but you have grown. You've actually grown. You know it's interesting if you were to look at a plant. You see the plan is green. And you look at the plant. And you remark well that plant is growing but you don't actually see the plant is growing. But it's growing nonetheless. Just like you may not even notice. There's been some changes in. All right now let's go to God's word and they do a little bit of a review. We learned that we covered the AM a crisis there are several names for the and I Christ. We learned he's called The Man of sin. We learned that he's called the lawless one we also learned he's called The Beast of Revelation thirteen. The son of perdition. The little horn of Daniel Chapter seven. As we are going throughout Scripture you going to notice that. Every one of these individuals are talking about the same entity. The same entity. And we discovered when we were doing some study yesterday. More about the little one power of Daniel Chapter seven. We also discovered that the word anti-Christ does not mean who was one who outrightly opposes. Christ or God. But one who tries to take the place of. In other words in attempted substitute. And we discovered that the anti-Christ is not somebody who is just outwardly attacking Christ. But somebody who's trying to be a substitute for a mediator and heaven can use a man to that. And we'll look at some of the biblical characteristics of the and I Christ. We discover. Daniel Chapter seven he would rise up out of the Seas. He would pluck up three kingdoms or three times after divided role we learn that he was a religious power that receives worship. And he would rule for forty two prophet months. And that is so remarkable because that is a he identified or point. In discovering the identity of the anti-Christ. We also learn. Or a few more characteristics. Would persecute. God Saints are God's people. He would think to change times and laws. There's a reason why he's called the lawless one. He has a big problem with God's law. We also discovered he would speak pompous words. Arrogant words. And he would blast green. You know what's also remarkable about that is that the fairy sees a Q.'s Jesus a blasphemy. Do you know why the accuse Jesus of blasphemy. It was for two reasons. Number one claiming to be God. And number two claiming to forgive sins. But when we look at this little one power we discover that he actually really does. Commit. Blasphemy claiming to be God and claiming to forgive sins. We also discovered that he would have a deadly wound. But that deadly wound would be he'll. We also learn that the whole world would wonder rafter this beast power. And that his number would be six six six. And when you take these ten. Key. Identifiers. You look at them. If it's perfectly to only one power and that is the Papal Rome. System. The Roman church system that took place. From pagan Rome. All the way to pappy people Rome. This is what the Bible describes as a little warm power of Daniel Chapter seven. And when you look at all of the characteristics found in the Bible. You discover that it. This power. This system that God has a big problem with. Now question comes up with. Why is it that this system is identified in Scripture as a system of error and not the system of Hinduism or the system of is law or the system of Buddhism. When every one of those systems or an error as well. Here's the thing to understand. It is counterfeits that closely resembled the truth that cause. Now pay attention to me that cause more damage to the care of her of Christ. It is counterfeits to the real deal. That cause more damage to the work of God to the character of God and it is counterfeits that actually more people away from the truth of who God is the second reason is this is because this beast power will play a key. Prosthetic wall. In the future. This keep this key player will play a role in the future. Now this is extremely important this is why it's and it's necessary that you continue to come out to the seminar. Because this next week we're going to learn more and more about how this power is going to play a very important role in the future. Daniel Chapter seven verse twenty four to twenty five. I want you to see the ten horns or ten kings who show rise from this kingdom and that was Rome. And another shall rise after them. He shall be different from the first ones. He shall subdue Three Kings. He shall speak pompous words against the most high show persecute the sense of the most high and shell intend to change times the law. Then the Saints will be given into his hands for a time times and half the time. And you can clearly see by just doing some history. That after Babylon came medio Persia after media Persia came. Greece. And after Greece came Rome. And this is where Daniel Chapter seven verse twenty four starts. And after Rome came ten tribes. And who would come after these ten tribes. It would be one power. And the Bible teaches that he would pluck up. Three of these tribes. And sure enough it was the papal power. All you need to do is just take an elementary. History book and you'll discover that's exactly what took place. The top three tribes to no longer the longer exist. They were wiped out by the papal power. And sure enough there are only seven seven these entities that remain today and they are modern European nations. And sure enough this was done by the papal power. We also discover that the papal powers a religious power that receives worship. Not just directing. Worship to God but also receives worship in the various ceremonies. You know I was born and raised a Hindu. I know exactly what Hinduism looks like. And folks I want to tell you something in the system of the Roman church system. There. It is Hindu ism there I know exactly where Hinduism looks like. And you see the similarities that are there. You also discover that the worldwide power of paper Rome became official and eighty five thirty eight when Emperor Justinian to cremate the papacy supreme making the papacy Supreme was no longer opposed the papacy was dealt what appeared to be a death blow and seven hundred ninety eight. And that's exactly forty two prophet months. One thousand two hundred and sixty years. To the mark. There were plenty of reformers who were during that time who were predicting on this year the papacy would lose its power. And sure enough. It took place by Napoleon's general. The papal power. Was stripped. On that year. And you can see that by looking into simple history. You also discover that during the Dark Ages of the Church of Rome. Shed more in a simple word. Then any other institution. Millions upon millions upon millions of Christians who stood for the Word of God. Were persecuted. You know it's very interesting one of my favorite heroes of the Protestant Reformation. Reformation was a man by the name of Thomas Cranmer. He was a very interesting individual. He was bald in the Protestant Reformation and bring him back those beautiful truths that were lost during the Dark Ages. But one day as he was being pressured to recant. For his stance upon the Word of God and was he was being pressured to give up those beliefs what the Bible teaches. He decided after all that pressure to recant. He was actually a Protestant reformer who once stood for the truth of God's word. But he recanted. And here's the thing folks. When you stand for God's Word you become a target of Satan. You become a target for say Chip. He was an individual who actually recanted. He signed the recant notice and says All right. On the back away from this. I don't want to end up like my brothers or sisters that were burned at the stake. That very night he goes home and you know what he ends up reading. He ends up reading the story about how Peter. Rejected Jesus. Peter. Rejected Jesus. He gets so convicted by this. He marches Ryback and he says I We can't my recant. And sure enough. Sure enough they put him on that stake. And they're about to burn him. And there's an all right we're going to give you one more chance to recant would give you one more chance to walk away from this. And you know what he said he said burn my hand first for signing that we can do this folks for the courage of martyrs. If we'd all the have the courage of martyrs today. To stand up for what the Bible teaches. But too often today we walk away from the Scriptures. Too often today we cave up believing what the Word of God teaches. But it was for the simple truths of Scripture that reformers died for. And if you got the spirit of the reformers the Holy Spirit you're going to stand for those exact same truths can you say man to that. And God wants His people to stand for truth in these times. One looter you can see was somebody who identified very clearly who this Anti-Christ power was. And it wasn't simply because of the persecution I was taking place. It was because they could see from Bible prophecy. That is these prophecies fulfilled. The papal tyranny. No question in the minds of all these reformers who the and try Christ was. They were going through that same experience they were going through that exact experience. The Bible was referring to the great thing about history folks. Is that it goes hand in hand with Bible Prophecy Amen. We can check out the Bible. And we can check out history put pro-forma on it. And we can see why the Bible can be trusted can you say amen to that God wants His people. Today to stand up for the truth. Remember one of the things that Jesus said would take place at the end of time. What he said would be so ramp it. He said that deception. Would increase that there would be worldwide deception. But folks that's why we have the Word of God. You may be somebody today who doesn't feel that God is close to you you may be somebody today who is wondering whether or not there is a God in heaven. Folks I want to let you know something. Don't go by feeling. Go by the Word of God Amen. And the Bible says and Romans Chapter ten verse and team. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God Can you say man to that and over and over again you see plenty of evidence to clearly identify who this papal power worse. Obviously you notice from Revelation Chapter thirteen that the money. This number of the beast will be six six six. A representation at this is man's number of Jimmy what a man was created. He was created on the sixth day. And so what this papal power represents. In that number. He represents man made attempts to get to heaven I want to say that one more time. Man made attempts to get to heaven. Folks. It is only through the grace of Jesus that we are saved a man. And we discover that these pompous words will be spoken here some of the quotes coming from Catholic literature and Catholic leaders themselves. And I want to state something folks were talking about the system more than we're talking about the people and it is the system that God has a difficult problem with. Because the system is a counterfeit. Of what the Bible actually teaches. Now watch some of the quotes you're getting it straight from those sources. And by the way if you want more I have about three or four pages of this. The pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ. But he is Jesus Christ himself. Hidden under the veil of flesh. Folks to remember what the Bible teaches that there is only one Jesus Amen. And he isn't haven't on our behalf mediating. But the Bible teaches that no man is God. Here's another one for the our heart another god on earth folks the Bible is very clear about this. Remember what the fair sees accuse Jesus of blasphemy. And they said for two reasons number one he claims to be God. And number two he claims to have the power to forgive sins. Now did Jesus commit blasphemy in claiming to be God. Did he commit blasphemy in claiming to forgive sins. No because he was God. And number two he could forgive sins can you say man to that. But the Bible makes it very clear that this little one power. Commits blasphemy and if we look from scripture what the definition of blasphemy is it is number one claiming to be God. And number two claiming to forgive sins. And you discover that these elements are very present within this system. Claiming to be God and claiming to forgive sins. And I praise Jesus that I don't have to go to a temple or to church but I can go straight right into my closet. And I can worship Jesus and I can ask for forgiveness and praise the Lord that God is excessive boy at all times. We also discovered that there were many more identifiers we discovered that this. Anti-Christ power has a big problem with Gone. Wall. We discovered Indiana chapter seven he would intend to change. Times and laws. And we learn that this power. Actually changed the fourth commandment. And deleted the Second Commandment. Watch some of the quotations that come from Catholic literature. The pope is of great authority and power that he is able to modify declare or interpret even divine laws. The pope can modify Divine Law senses powers not a man. But of God in the axis of my situation to of God upon earth. But the Bible makes it very clear that his last chance for ever and ever. Can you say man to that and it was through the changeable laws that corruption. I don't treat. Entered in to the Dark Ages. And it's these things the Bible warns us against that we should not put away the Word of God Can we say meant to that now let's take our Bible Let's go to Second testimony and chapter two verse three second verse alone Ians chapter two verse three. And by the way you can find all the books that start with T. in the New Testament. There are grouped together so look for any book. In the New Testament that starts with T.. And you'll find Thessalonians there and there are four bit ties as well. We're going to second testimony ends. Chapter two. Starting with verse three. All right guys I hope you got your. You see both of them because we're about to start speeding up our let's go. Let no one deceive you by any means for that day will not come and do less work. Falling Away comes first and the man of sin is revealed. The son of perdition. Who us in the Bible was called the Son of Perdition. And you member what Judas was he was somebody who followed Jesus. But an worldly. He was corrupt the Bible teaches extra early. He followed Jesus but inwardly. He was corrupt. So this Anti-Christ power from all. From all views from all perspectives would seem to be in outwardly religious a religious a good power. But actually the Bible points to now that it's not let's keep going. For the mystery of what. I'm sorry skip ahead of you guys. Look at verse form. Who opposes an exultant self above all that is god called God or that is worship. So he sits as God. In the temple of God. Showing himself that he is gone now look at verse five. Do you not remember when I told when I when I was still with you that I told you these things. Now watch what he says it so keep. And now you may know what is restraining that he may be revealed in his own time look at verse seven. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work only here who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. And then go lawless one will be what. Reveal now. I want you stop right there. Notice what Paul is saying Do not miss the sequence. Here saying. Yes one of the believers. Before Jesus comes back there's going to be a revelation of who the man of sin is this son of perdition this and I Christ power. And then Paul says something very interesting. He says. But before he is revealed here who now is will be removed. Now. What time of Earth's history was Paul living in Paul was living at the time of pagan Rome. Paul was living at the time of pagan Rome. And Paul knew the prophecies of the Book of Daniel. And he knew that when pagan Rome. Would see that this power would rise up. And sure enough. Just as Bible prophecy predicted this power. Did rise up. But pay ten thousand to this. It talks about the coming of the lawless one. The coming of the lawless one. Now that's very important the anti-Christ power is called the lawless one. Why is it called the lawless one. Because he has a big problem with God's law. And his boss the devil has a really big problem with God's law. And I'm going to show you something very interesting go to Revelation Chapter twelve. Revelation Chapter twelve. Revelation Chapter twelve. Revelations the last book of the Bible. Revelation Chapter twelve verse we all there. OK Revelation Chapter twelve. Look at verse seven. And war broke out where in have in Michaelmas Angel spot with the dragon and the dragon is angels fought but they did not prevail. No was a place found for them and haven't any longer. So the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who just see the whole world. The whole world now what is it is even the whole world about his deceiving the whole world. About the character of God. He was cast to the earth and his angels were cast out with him. Notices. This is the war behind all of the wars. This war starts in heaven. And then it migrates. The planet Earth. Now watch at the very last verse of the central chapter of the Book of Revelation. We're the devil launches his final attack. At the end of time. Verse seventeen. And the dragon was was an ex were enraged. Whose enraged with. He's in rage with the woman and a woman represents the church or God's people in Bible prophecy if he was in rage with the woman. And he went to make well. War with the rest of ROFF spring now watches who are the rest of the offspring who keep the world. Commandments of God and have the testimony of what Jesus Christ notices. The devil was wanting his final the tact. But he takes it from heaven to earth. And at the very end of time. He is honing in on this target. And the Bible makes it very clear that it is those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. This is the very end fact when you read the very next chapter it shows you what he does to cause this war. The Bible in Revelation thirteen talks about the mark of the beasts. And you don't want to miss the next few nights because that's where we start getting into the mark of the beast. So the Devils last attack. Is done through the mark of the beast. But the Bible makes it very clear. He is not just happy with the people of God He's definitely not happy. But the Bible says he's in rage. Now when is the last time you've ever used that word I'm in re hopefully not right. Here's the thing that is a word that you would generally use when you are just utterly fewer Reus. When you've had enough. When you're about to make your last stand your authority everything in this. And you are just putting every. Think on the line and you're going to do your best at this moment. To stop what's about to take place. And the Bible makes it very clear he's in rage but who's Ian rage with the Bible says voles who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. Folks the Bible makes it very clear as we continue to step forward to the end of time. We will discover that the devil will become more and more exposed and you will see that is war will be completely honing in on those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. Now we're going to try we're going to see why the devil is so angry with God's law. What is it about God's law that is so important and why is it that we should keep God's law. There's a lot of mystery concerning God's law. There's a lot of secrets concerning God's law. But we need to see what the Bible says about the God's law can you say mental map. So make sure you write this down your study guide OK we'll start with this. Facts. Of God's law. Facts about God's law. We discover in the Book of Exodus that God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses. And God says something about this. Read the Book of Exodus Chapter thirty one verse eighteen. You're going to discover a very important fact. The first fact about God's law. And this thirty one verse eighteen that's the second book of the Bible so go there right now. We'll there that's page eighty three page eighty three now watch what the Bible says about the law of God. And when here and made an end of speaking with him on Mount Sinai. He gave Moses two tablets of the testimony. Tablets of stone written with finger of God So the first fact we need to understand about the Ten Commandments. Is that God's law was written and by his own finger and fact when you study the Book of Throughout the Bible you'll discover there are three things that God writes with his finger. The Bible says that God writes his wall with his finger. You read the Book of Daniel God wrote. Judgment. With his finger. And you discover that when Jesus is around maybe Madeline that he's writing the sins of the fears see in the ground. Three things that God wrote with his finger. He wrote. Righteousness with this finger. He won't judgment with his finger. And he wrote sin with his finger. Jesus talks about the whole the spear and he says when the Holy Spirit comes he will convict you of sin. Righteousness and judgement. Very interesting. So the first fact we need to understand is that God's law was written by his own work finger very good very good you also discover something very important about the same shit where services throughout the entire all Testament. You discover that inside the ark of the of art of the Covenant was God's law and I'll take your Bible Let's go to Hebrews Chapter nine versus three and forth. This is extremely important you're going to see why this is important. Hebrews Chapter nine versus three and four. That's page eleven fifty three. And here Paul is describing what's in the century and what's inside the our look at verse three and behind the second veil. The part of the tabernacle which is called holiest of all or most holy place. Which had the golden censor and the Ark of the Covenant. Overlaid on sides with gold in which were the golden paws that had manner that budget and tablets. Of the Covenant and above it were the chair bums of the glory overshadowing the mercy seat. Folks the Bible makes it very clear and you can also look at exits Chapter twenty five or believe it's verse ten to sixteen. That God chose that. Inside the are worth the ten Commandments inside they are where the Ten Commandments. Now why is that very important because the Bible says. Besides the or was the Book of Moses. Besides the ark was the Book of Moses Now we gotta make sure we get our facts straight from the Word of God Can you say meant to them go to Deuteronomy Chapter thirty one vs twenty four to twenty six. Deuteronomy Chapter thirty one vs twenty four. Through twenty six. The ten commandments are inside the ark. The book A Moses was besides the ark. In fact you'll discover that the Ten Commandments were written in stone. And the book a Moses was put in a Paris book. Look at verse twenty four. So it was when Moses had completed writing the words of the law in a book. When they were finished that most as commanded the Levites who bore the Ark of the covenant of the Lord saying. Take the book of the law and put it beside the Ark of the covenant of the Lord your God. And it may be there as a what. Or witness was an ex word against you now this is very important paid attention to the language. God told the Israelites. He was telling them look. Take the book a Moses. I want you to write it down all the little laws they have to do with government all the little laws I should say Little all the laws I had to do with sacrifices all the laws I had to do with feast days. With seven year sabots those feet sabots all the laws I had to do with the various types of drinks that took place and eating on those feast days. All the laws that had to do with all the various sacrifices. God told Moses I don't want you to put it in stone I'm not going to put in stone. I'm actually going to put in a book. And I want you to put this book. Beside the ark. Beside the ark. And it will be there as a witness against you. Now this is very important. Why was it a witness against them. You know it's very interesting. I go to the park. Lobo Moorpark. And there's a very unusual sign there you go into the park and the sky talks about golfing. Apparently there's been some type of problem. About golfing that's plagued the people of Loma park and so the park officials put a sign about golfing. And it says. Please do not go off in the park. Do not throw golf balls in the park. Do not carry call sticks in the park. And it goes through this litany of describing things you might do with a golf stick that you may not normally do. Why is that why is that it's because people kept pushing the boundaries. People kept pushing the boundaries. You know it's very interesting. The children of Israel. They were in slavery in Egypt for hundreds of years. Can you imagine that several generations of being in slavery. Not being educated. Not being civilized. Dealing with just a task master who whips you Oren over again the Israel lives. Have lost their humanity. They lost their religion. They lost their their picture of God. But what took place. Is that when God delivered them with a mighty hand and they came to that red sea. That god game the Ten Commandments. But God also gave them the book a most this. To help them understand the Ten Commandments. In other words. As a precondition you continue to push the boundaries of the law. God says OK now I'm going to set up these little laws these little ones are actually going to surround the Ten Commandments and. It's because you keep pushing the envelope. And so what you find. For example when you're reading the first few books of Moses you write we read about laws like this that when your neighbor scour walks away from your neighbor's property. Go take that cow and bring it right back. Now you would think yourself. OK Why is that necessary to state. It's because the people had not been educated. They have lost sight of morals. And the ten commandments were not enough for the children of Israel. God says what I'm going to do I'm going to surround the Ten Commandments. With a bunch of other lost and call to book a Moses and they're going to help you live. The Ten Commandments. But folks I want you to understand something. All the most All that was written a book a Moses was meant to be temporary. It was meant to be temporary. Now pay tension to the language that was found in Deuteronomy thirty one. It's is that it shall be as a witness what against you. Now take your Bible go to collage and chapter till I want you to see something very important. Kolache in Chapter two a lot of people use this verse. And they do use it in context. A lot of people misquote this verse and they'll say things like we're no longer under the law the law was done away with. But you're going to see exactly. Applecross. What was actually done away with take a chapter two. Chapter two are we all there. By the way. A good place of finding where the book kolache in this is true member of this. General Electric Power Company. Galatians a fish and full Libyans kolache and if you could number General Electric or better. We're going to collage and chapter two. And let's start with verse thirteen. And you being dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh. He has made a live together with him having forgiven you. All trespasses. Now pay attention to verse fourteen. Having wiped away the handwriting of requirements that was. What's the next word against us. Which was contrary to us. He. Has taken out of the way having nailed it to the cross. Having this on principle it is empowers. He made a public spectacle of them. Triumphing over them in it now pay attention a verse sixteen. So this is the conclusion. Let no one judge you. In food or drink or regarding a first of all or New Moon or the Sabbath. And so what was done away with Applecross was everything that was incorporated in the Mosaic law. And that was the food. The certain types of foods that were required. On the feast days there were certain ways to eat. On a feast day. The yearly Sabbath the FISA bits were done away with what you also discover is the various sacrifices were done away with. At the cross. But what was not done away with at the cross was the Ten Commandments law. There's a reason why God told Moses. Put this in a book and put it beside the door because it was only meant to be temporary. But there was a big reason why God put the Ten Commandments in stone and inside the ark. Now you want to discover something very interesting pay attention to Revelation chapter eleven verse nineteen. Look at the Bible says right here. Then the temple of God was opened in heaven. John in heaven is seeing a revelation. He is seeing something in heaven. He is seeing the various pieces of the same sure in heaven. Now look what it says. And the are of his club when it was seeing in his work. Temple in half in the Bible teaches. There is a sacred. Are there is a sacred. Are indicating what that God's law is eternal. God's law is eternal. It is the foundation of his heavenly government. Gone through laws. Is eternal God's law is eternal. Now take your Bible. Let's go to Matthew chapter five. Matthew chapter five. Matthew chapter five verses seventeen to nineteen. Matthew chapter five. Matthew chapter five verse seventeen. Matthew chapter five. Verse seventeen to nineteen are we all there that's page nine thirty eight. In your Bible. Now watch what she says right here do nothing that I came to destroy the law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy or for Phil. Now if you just take a simple Greek in cordons. What you'll discover about the word destroy is the word it's also the word. Alter or modify or change. Notice wide Jesus came. Jesus said I did not come to destroy or to change or to modify the law or the scriptures. Look at it says I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. For sure the I say to you till heaven and earth pass away. One jot of one jot or one tittle will by no means pass away from the whole or tell all is fulfilled. Now look at verse nineteen. Whoever of therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever does. And teaches them. He should be called work great in the kingdom of heaven. The Bible makes it very clear that God's Ten Commandment law is still binding. So what was done away have to cross. What was done away up across was the Laws of Moses. The book A Moses that was written. And that was placed beside the Ark The Bible is very clear that Jesus did not come to change the law of God. He came to keep the Law of God. In fact the Bible says and Psalms one of Levin verses seven through a all his commandments are sure they stand fast. For ever and ever. God's law is a foundation of his heavenly government. Romans Chapter three. Look what the Bible says right here. That verse twenty. By the law is work. Knowledge of sin. By the law is now. In the Bible teaches what the purpose of the law of God is. And one of its functions. Is to show us what sin is any sin that you can name. Falls under the category of one of the trans. One of the laws that is being transgressed in the Ten Commandments. The law. Shows us what sin is. And folks when we say there's no law we're no longer under the law. We don't know what sin is. And if we don't know what sin is then we don't need a savior. And I want you to see the launching of that folks. It's extremely important don't miss as point. Watch what Paul says right here in Romans Chapter seven. Burst seven. What shall we say then is the law same. Certainly not on the contrary I would not have NO say in except through the law. The Bible teaches that the law of God is a mirror. And this mirror is the zine to show us what sin is to show us what sin is. Excuse me for just a second. You know it's very interesting is that I can still preach and you guys can still hear me all the way. Even behind this. Can you guys see my silhouette. OK Very good. You know. I really appreciate being part of the seminar because it's at the seminar that I begin to learn a lot of things as well as online as well as on preaching. And it's so remarkable because it's times like this that I really begin to understand all the things that are happening all over the world again. You know I praise the Lord for His goodness can you say man to them. Well it's a little dirty back there and trusty. Well let's continue. All right let's go to our next verse right now. We're going to Rome as we just read Romans Chapter seven vs. All right. First John chapter three verse. Now why you guys chuckling right now. Well first John chapter three verse was on my face. OK. Now here's the thing I want you to understand. I don't know that there's dirt on my face. I don't know that there are marks on my face I have no idea I cannot see the dirt on my face. So you know what I'm going to need it's a device sometimes it's found in a woman's purse it's called a compact mirror. Does anybody have a compact mirror right now. OK Very good thank you Amy. Wonderful I really appreciate that. OK. Well that is small well. I am noticing the marks right there on my face. Here's the thing I want you under. Is that the Bible teaches that the law is like a mirror. Now this mirror cannot clean me from sin. The Bible teaches that this law. Points me and points to me and shows me what sin looks like. And I can see very clearly that my face now has marks on it. This is what the law of God does. And I'll give this right back to you in a dumb. And so when you realize that there are sin in your life. Folks this is why the blood of Jesus is necessary can you say amen to that. And this is why that. The. The blood of Christ. The heart of God is extremely necessary because when you begin to realize that there are same in your life. You're able to take the blood of Jesus. And you're able to apply it to those sins can you say to that. And when you apply the blood of Jesus. You discover that your sin has been washed away. This is washed away. OK Very good. Praise God folks and that's what the Bible says and Romans chapter three verse twenty. By the law is knowledge of sin. By the law is no of sin. One of the reasons why the devil hates the law of God is because it points to us. It points to the fact that we are sinners. And that we need. Gaunts grace to cleanse us can you say meant to them. But if there is no law. If the law is done away with if the law is removed then folks. We don't know that we are sinners and if we don't know we are sinners. Then we don't know if we need the blood of Jesus. But that's why the Ten Commandments are extremely important. Take your bible go to first John chapter three verse four first John chapter three verse four page one thousand one hundred sixty nine and these are one of the this is one of the pistols of John. First John chapter three verse four. Now watch what John the Revelator says. First John chapter three verse for whoever commits sin also commits work. Lawlessness and sit now watch the definition of sin sin is work. Lawlessness or look in some translations as sin is the transgression of God's law. What sin is the Bible makes it very clear. It is the breaking of COGS law. It is the breaking of God's law. Well look at Proverbs Chapter twenty nine. Verse eighteen. Look at the Bible says this is fact number seven. The war brings us happiness look at the scriptures teach. Happy is he who keeps the law. Happy is he who keeps the law. The Bible makes it very clear the law brings us happiness. Now your thing into yourself. In which way does the law bring us happiness. While imagine. Marriage. Imagine marriage folks. The Bible makes it very clear in one of the Commandments thou shall not commit adultery. And what God is doing. He is safeguarding the marriage. And it is marriages that are a holy it is marriages that are pure. It is people who are committed to each other and understand God's plans for their life who find happiness in obedience to the Word of God Can you say amen to them. And what God's law is God's law per Tex us from getting off the path. God's law protects us from falling off the way. The Lord Jesus gives us the Ten Commandments. So that we may be happy. Christians can you say men to that and that comes to keeping the law. God God's law protects us from falling into error. God's law protects us from falling into sin. Songs nineteen. Verse seven. Here's another fact. Fact number a lot transforms us. Reforms nineteen verse seven. The law of the Lord is perfect What's the next we're converting the soul. The Bible makes it very clear. Then when we take the ten commandments. And we live a life in accordance with God's law to the best of our ability. What makes place. Is a transformation. What takes place is a transformation. And one of the clearest examples I can give you is my own life. I was somebody who was involved in the worship over three hundred million did tease. I was somebody who lived a life without morals. I was somebody who came up with his own law and its own way of living. But when I begin to realize that there is a God in heaven and this God of heaven. Has the best. Holy is happy most noble way to live a life. Found in the law of God. My life began to change. Folks. Here's the thing. If anybody ever tells you were no longer under the law. We don't need to keep the law we can't keep the law. All you simply need to do is bring up with XAMPP all. Here's the example. If you find somebody for example who is a Hindu. OK. And Hindu are polytheists or somebody who is worshipping many many different gods. And you say to them. I want to introduce you to the God of the Bible. And they say something to you. They say this. We're no longer under the law. You would say What do you mean we're no longer under the law. I don't have to worship just that one god as the first commandments because we're no longer under the law. Do you see why common sense teaches us. Not the law cannot be abrogated the law cannot be removed. If you meet somebody who's an adulterous relationship. Who's cheated on their wife. And they're committing adultery with somebody and you would say to them. Hey you need to make sure you need to change your ways here too many You're Wong's you need to stop committing adultery. And they'll say something like this to you. While we're no longer under the law. Do you see why the law cannot be changed the Bible makes it very clear. We are no longer. No longer under the laws penalty. But we are still under the laws requiring minutes. We are still under the laws responsibility. Gone cause us in our best efforts to follow the law. And he supplies. The grace. He supplies the grace. We also discover an Exodus thirty three. That bone loss is a transcript of the character of God. The law is a transcript of the character of God. You know it's very interesting. One day Moses was on top of the Mount Sinai. And he was praying Lord show me your glory. Load show me your glory and you know what God does. God says this is what I want you to do. I want you to go hide in the quest of the rock. I want you to get to tablets of stone. And I want you to see something but you're not going to see my face you're only going to see my path. And so the Bible teaches at the moment that God. Shares with him his beautiful character. And it says the glory of the Lord passed by and God gives him the ten commandments. And what you discover throughout the entire Bible. What the law is it is a picture it is a transcript of who God really is is a picture of His Holiness is a picture of this character of his behavior. And folks the reason why Satan hates the law of God is because it is a picture. I love using this example because I really believe that it bears an important point. If there was a man and a woman who won stating and they broke up. And the woman is very angry with her ex-boyfriend and there she is going through all remember really year and all of the. The various things that once belonged to her boyfriend she comes across a picture. She comes across a work a picture. And when she sees that picture you know what she does. She gets in rage that's exactly right. And she. He decides what she's going to do with that picture. She's going to destroy that picture she's going to burn up that picture. And so when the devil sees the law of God. We need hears about the law of God. He gets in a any sixty destroy the Law of God. Because it reminds him of God. It reminds him of God And so when Moses solved the glory of God what He actually heard was the character of God and what was given to him on those tablets of stone was a transcript of the character of God. Maybe Friday I have to get you a sheep where Jack she describes various adjectives and nouns that we used to describe God. And the exact same adjectives and nouns are used to describe the Law of God. All say God is holy the laws holy God is just the laws just. And over and over again you see an entire page for how God. Compares himself to his law because the law is simply a transcript of who he is. And folks this is exciting. Because the Ten Commandments. They define two things for us. Number one the character of God. We see the holiness of God We see the goodness of God. We he see his love. The law of love. And we discovered the character of sin. What sin really is and a world that has removed from itself the law of God. It has plunged more and more into darkness into more chaos and problems. Folks the Bible makes it very clear. God wants us to follow his law. Can you say man to them. First John Chapter five Verse three in first John Chapter two verse three verses six say something very interesting. It says this. This is love that we keep His commandments I want to say that one more time. This is love that we keep His commandments. The largest shows us that the way we're going to show love or response to God's grace and gone salvation for us is to keep the Ten Commandments. Now we know we fall short of the glory of God but God supplies the grace. And where we make mistakes and where we fall into sin. Folks we ask for forgiveness and accept the righteousness of God Can you say amen to that. And it is the religion that only comes from God. That leads to God that he has to God you look at for example. The the Constitution. And you look at the first ten. The first ten rights of the Constitution. And where they called the Bill of Rights. Write the Bill of Rights for example. You know some people will tell you things like this they'll say. All we need to do is love God and love your neighbor. But folks if you were to take just go through simple principles and not say what those me. What those things actually mean. If you were to go to India or Pakistan or several different other countries. You will discover that were Hindus do essentially they'll tell you is that we love God and we love our neighbor. But you see it is those two principles which hold up the Ten Commandments. The first four commandments. Represent our love to God and the last six. Represent our love to mankind. Love for God and love for a neighbor and how does the Constitution plan this. Folks if we were just to simply say hey this is the foundation of our government. All you need to do is be free and respect the freedom of others. Folks you don't know take place there would be absolute chaos and anarchy. And so what we find in the Constitution is gone. What we find is mankind's best attempt right there. To make sure that all there is various rights that need to make sure they are respected in order to fully understand those principles. And so what you find in the first four commandments is what Love to God represents. And what you find in the last six of those commandments is what love to your neighbor really is. Can you say man to that. Isaiah Chapter forty two to twenty one says this fact number ten. Jesus taught and kept the Law of God Jesus taught and kept the Law of God. Watch what the Bible says about him this was a messianic prophecy. The Lord is well police for his righteousness sake. He will. What's the next word. Exult both law and make it work on or a ball. You know what happened during the time of the fair season the various Jews and Sadducees. They took the law of God. They corrupted the law of God. They took the law of God and made it so much burden. Burn some that when it came to the long God. People wanted nothing to do with the law of God on the Sabbath commandment for example the fourth commandment. They added four hundred extra laws. In addition to just what the Fourth Commandment was simply saying. And by doing flow. People became so worn out with it. And Jesus had to correct that. When it came to the First Commandment or the second commandment or the commandment about adultery. There were so many stipulations that the fair sees added that the law became so Purdon some. But what Jesus came to do was to teach and example of five. What the Ten Commandments. Look Like. And so when the Bible says Christ is the finality of the law what it simply saying is what the law looks like as it's being kept in completion. Is what you find in the character of crisis. Now watch this. Jesus keep the law Sam's forty versus seven. Then I said Behold I come in the scroll of the book. It is written of me. I'd learned it. I delight to do your will ALL MY GOD. And your law is within my heart. What is synonymous with doing the will of God. Keeping the law. Synonymous with the will of God is the law of God. One of the reasons why we're praying for God's will to be done on earth. Because Earth is a place where clause will. Is not been accomplished. God's law is not being kept. But do we need to pray for God's will to be done in heaven yes or no. No because God's law is already been practicing haven't. God's laws already being kept in heaven. There are supreme love to God in heaven. And their supreme love for each other in heaven. And folks what you find is that the turn a lot of his government reigns. But it's on earth that this doesn't take place on earth. This doesn't take place. John Chapter fifteen verse ten. Watch what she says is right here. If you keep My commandments. You will abide in my love just as I have kept my Father's Commandments and abide in his love. The Bible makes it very clear that Jesus kept the commandments of God Jesus. Followed the law of God Jesus. Exulted the law of God And folks. God calls for his followers to do the same God calls for his followers to keep the laws well. And folks it's so remarkable when you realize is that the God of heaven and earth. Gives us this law. This way of living. He gives us this noble purpose. And what we can do in practicing the law of God To the best of our ability and with the grace of Jesus. We bring heaven on earth. By our characters by the work that God does in our life. Anybody who ever tells you there is no law anymore anybody who ever stops following. Or teaches that the law's been done away with folks. All you need to do is point to only one example. One clear example shows you that God's law cannot be changed is the cross. What you mean. Because if God's law could be changed. Then Jesus would not have had to die. If God's law could just simply be adjusted. Then Jesus would not have to die. But because in eternal law was broken and have it. Because an eternal law was broken. Jesus paid the price for us. Showing that the law of God is cannot be changed. And that's why the Bible teaches that God is the just is God is just. And the justifier of them who love God is just. And the justifier of those who love him. Folks we're all sinners on the path to understand him or Marv God's goodness. But God says something very interesting John fourteen verse fifteen. If. If you love me he says. Keep My commandments. And why do we love God because He poured out his love to us. Keeping the commandments. Doesn't save us. But it's in response to his salvation. It's in response to God's grace. And folks. It's times like this where God's law has been cast down with a lot of heaven and earth has been thrust aside that God is calling his people. Again. To keep his law. To follow after Him to do the things he asked us to do. Folks in these N. times the dragon is very angry with the people of God who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. Folks if you look in your harness look in my heart. What you'll discover is something very interesting. Will discover that we are so far off the mark. And we go to Jesus we see so many times that we have sinned against God and we say Lord house is possible. But God covers us. He cleanses us. And the same God who says. Neither do I condemn you. Also says to us go and sin no more. Neither do I condemn you. And go and sin no more. How many people today want to say Lord I want to follow you. I want to keep the law. Let's pray. Father in heaven we thank you so much. God how many times we for sure yet the Great Law Giver of the universe. Still loves us. Thank you Jesus because we can't even keep the law without your grace. But you promise that we can do all things. To Christ who strengthens us. And Lord the change begins in our heart. Now perfect people lord you're the only one who's perfect. And you're the only one who can lead us and guide us on this journey. How we want to live a life. That's after your character we want to be like you board. Like Jesus. Thank you so much in your hold an imaginary. This media was brought to you by audio force. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about your first. If you'd like to listen to more service. Please visit. W W.


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