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Great In the Sight of the Lord

Taj Pacleb
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Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • January 2, 2016
    7:30 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen and other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web Our G. MORNING family law and happy Sabbath each one of you and I thank God for this one of opportunity of being together on this the first Sabbath of the new year to experience a fresh revelation of Jesus. We have lost to share this morning so we're just going to pray and jump into our presentation. I hope you brought your Bible. We brought a notebook. And I'll be about a spiritual appetite as we feast upon the living man of the bread of life this morning. But your bar has we pray together let us pray. Thank you so much there God for breathing. Your breath of life into us today. Thank you for giving us another Sabbath. Another year another day to live. And all we realize that time is very short. That indeed you are coming again and all we want to be ready. We understand we recognize that you have called us. You have chosen us now I pray Dear Lord that your faithfulness will be ours. You'd feel this room with your Holy Spirit. Fill our hearts with your spirit. And as we open your word that our hearts and minds will be open to receive the message of this hour. That we might be inspired motivated. Challenge and blessed. Please dear God speak. And give us. Ears to hear your voice and a heart they can know your heart is our prayer in Jesus' name amen amen. Our message is morning is entitled great in the side of the lone. I'm like you take your Bible and open with me to the book of Mark. Chapter one. As we begin our study in titled great in the sight of alone. Mark Chapter one beginning with Verse one. The Bible says this march up to one. And verse one. The Bible says the beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God as it is written in the prophets be a whole lot. I said my messenger. Before your face. Who will prepare your way. Before you. The voice of one crying in the wilderness. Prepare the way of the Lord and make his pass. Straight to our message this morning takes us back to the First Century of the common era. It was a time of great instability and uncertainty in the world. And this. Somber. Uncertainty was mingled with with a solemn expectancy for something that was going to happen amongst the people of God because the Jews of all would start to themselves that soon. Their Messiah would come. Soon the day of reckoning would arrive soon their enemies would be vanquished. Under their feet. So they thought it. But before the Messiah would come to the world. The Bible says in this passage that he would send his messenger. To prepare the way for his arrive. And we know that this prophet promise. Was full feel in the light and in the ministry of John the Baptists. He was sent to be a pair the way for the first coming of price. And so to God is looking for some final for runners in the last these to prepare the way for the second coming of price. John was the first four Runner. God is calling us to be the final four runners in these last days and so this morning as well as tomorrow as we examine the life and ministry and message of John the Baptist. We will see an example of visual aid of what God is calling us to be in the solemn times. His life. In other words. Was a shadowy type. And God is calling us to be the greater reality. To prepare people for the second coming of Jesus in this passage John is introduced. Simply as the voice of one crying in the wilderness. But what kind of voice was that of John's John's voice was a voice calling for revival and reformation. It was a catalyst for revive his voice was a clear voice. Announcing the coming of King Jesus. It was also a penetrating voice a voice that would saw and cry and for the abominations that were done in the church of that time. It was a voice that would break up the heart and soul of spiritual difference. It was also a piercing voice. That will cut. It's hard with Holy Spirit conviction. It was a startling voice calling for revival. Repentance and reformation. It was also a shaking voice. Causing some to be shaken up and others to be sifted out his was a bowed voice. Not afraid to cause seen by its right name. But it was also a balance voice of voice that not only comforted the afflicted. But also afflicted the comfort of a comfortable. His voice friends. Was clear and crying penetrating and piercing. It was bowed and balanced. Also it was a relevant voice of voice that reached all types of different demographics. The young the oh. The rich and the poor. The educated young educated the Jew and the gentile men and women. The religious as well as the religious It was also hopeful voice of voice that would give light. To those who sit in darkness. And it was also a faithful voice a voice that would not keep silent until the mission was accomplished the mission. Simply to prepare the path. And the way for the load. That was the voice of God's first four Runner. John the Baptist's. And so will it be the voice of God's faithful messengers and final four runners in these last days. And my charge and challenged each and every one of us this morning. Is for us the simply stand up and to let God make us. His voice. His final generation of faithful foreign his friends out about you but I want to stand up and be a monk that group Amen. It's time for us friends to run to the world. To announce the coming of King Jesus. It's time for us to be that voice. To give that allowed cry message to lift up our voice in a loud let it ring. That Jesus is coming again. But friends with in our world today with so many different voices speaking so many different things in confusion. The question I ask this warning is. How can we be that clarion voice. Announcing the return of our king or answer that question. All we need to do is examine the life of John the Baptists and we're going to ask the question what made John who he was and that will answer the question as to what God is wanting us to be as well. Is see. When the angel Gabriel. Came to the parents of John announcing his coming. The angel Gabriel prophesied concerning John. In Luke chapter one verse fifteen. And he said that John would be great in the sight of the load great in the saddle alone. John was destined for greatness. And so it is with us today. God has called us friends. Not to live an ordinary. Monday in boring life. But to live a life that is great in the side of the law and that's the life I want to live have achieved Amen. But what made John. So great. There are three things that I want to share with you there are several things that made him great with three things I want to share with you that I want to highlight of with you today and tomorrow. The three things that made this voice so great number one was what John said about himself. Number two what John said about Jesus. And then number three what Jesus said about John. This morning we're going to cover that first one what John said about himself. And then tomorrow morning we're going to cover the second and third. What John said about Jesus. And what Jesus said about John. Now friends based upon what John said about himself which were about to read. We can conclude three things about John the Baptist's that made him great in the sight of alone. And I'm going to give it to you right now which is the three points of our presentation today. Number one. That which made. John great. Is that he was confident in his identity. Number two he was secure in his simplicity. And number three he was genuine. In his humility and those of the three things that make us great in the sight of the Lord as well. And so I invite you to take your bob and turn it to me to the Book of John chapter one. As we see what John said about himself. John chapter one. As the voice in the wilderness was heard the whole nation of Israel was stirred with excitement and anticipation. Many believe that the voice that they heard the wilderness was one of the prophets risen from that it others thought their props this was the promised Messiah. He has come. And then in verse nineteen of John chapter one. Bible tells us that the priest and Levites approach John. Asking John about his identity. They asked the question. Who are you. What do you say. Concerning yourself. And notice how John response of the question in John chapter one and verse twenty. If you're there would you please let me know by saying amen. John chapter one of us twenty John said or the Bible says and he confessed and denied not. But confess I am not the Crites and they asked him what then are lies and he said I am not are that out that prophet and he answered No. Then they said unto him who are that we may give an answer to them that sentence what do you say. Of yourself now friends I want you notice as the Levites increase asked John this question. John could have easily responded and claim to be the Messiah. And the people would have revered him and accepted Him as such he could have also claim to be a lie. Joe or a great prophet. Risen from the dead and people would have followed. You see when John was confronted with these questions. He is faced with an opportunity. Of power and promotion and self. Exhortation in these questions. All that appealing to the carnal flesh of John was presented before him. It was an opportunity for him to exult himself in the eyes of men. But John the Baptist was like one who saw and heard not because he understood that he did not have to be great in the eyes of men. He was already great. In the eyes of the Lord. And so he responds to their question. He doesn't even tell them his name. He simply says in verse twenty three. I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare you the way of the Lord says make his path Make straight the way of the Lord. As said the profit what is the say. The prophet Isaiah noticed friends. John's answer to the questions about what he's thinks about himself. Highlights why he was so great in the sight of alone. First of all John knew his profit and identity. He saw himself as the fulfilment of. Isaiah's prophecy. The Voice. Preparing the way for the coming of Messiah. His identity. Was rooted in prophecy. John understood that his existence. Was called forth by the prophetic word. And that which is it is what it enabled him to fulfill His purpose. His purpose was rooted in his identity. His identity. Was rooted in the profit word. John In other words. Knew exactly who he was and as a result he knew why he was sent to the world. My question to you this morning friends is this. Do you know who you are do you know why that you're here. Allow me to remind us all this morning. That we are not just a church. We are not just a conversation. We are a prophetic movement of destiny. Call it. And chosen by God Himself. To fulfill a specific special mission to present a beautiful. Glorious message for very distinctive and solemn time. Our identity has been called forth by the profit. Word of God. It's rooted in the Book of Revelation Chapter ten. Rotation chapter fourteen. Revelation Chapter eighteen. We find our identity. Not only as a church. Not just as a conversation. But as a profit a movement called to usher in the return of King Jesus. To be the final four runners. We have been called. We have been chosen. The question is are we faithful. In order to be great. In the sort of alone. Number one we must be confident in our identity not obnoxious. In our identity but simply confident knowing who we are and why we're here this was the mindset of the first four Runner. So to the final four runners. But now we go to the second thing that made John the Baptist so great. He wasn't just confident in his identity. He was secure in his simplicity. Easy when he studied the life of John the Baptist there was nothing for last year or extravagant. About his life he lived the life that was characterized by modest. Simplicity in his dress in his diet. In his training in his education. And his message a Bible describes the diet of John the Baptist's in the point that we learn from that is that his diet was simple in nature. He lived by the principle of temperance because you see friends in order to to give a clear message. We have to have a clear mind. And order to have a clear mind. We have to have a healthy about Amy and in order to have a healthy body. We must live by the principle of being temperate. In all things. And that was John the Baptist's. He gave a clear message because he had a clear mind because he had a healthy body because he was live the life of temperance now only that but the Bible describes his dress. Simple in nature and very distinct. He lived by the principle of modesty and friends the spread of prophecy tells us that that the dress of John the Baptist was such that it was an open rebuke to the flashy fashions in the dazzling displays of the time. You see the scribes and Pharisees and religious leaders during that time. They love to giraffes. To impress others of their religious importance. But John understood that it wasn't about attracting attention to himself. But calling people's attention to the one that was coming after him. John was temperate in his diet. He was modest. In his dress. That was the first four Runner. So too will be the final four runners. He was a health and addressed reformer. But he was also an educational report. Reform. It's interesting that when you read the book desire of ages. It describes the training of the first four Runner. John the Baptists. God did not send him to the teachers of theology or the rabbinical schools of the day. In fact the spitter prophecy tells us that that would have actually unfitted him for his work. Instead God called him to the desert. So that he might learn from nature and nature's God. John the Baptist live between the mountain. And the multitude. He. And in this wilderness retreat. He studied God to great books. The Book of Nature and out of Revelation. He searched diligently. The Prophet excludes. He watched the passing signs of the times. He understood the day and hour in which he lived. And he also observed the character of men. So that he can discover the best way to reach their hearts with the message of heaven. And with God as his instructor. John the Baptist received a well rounded holistic education. It will kind of education. Well rounded and holistic now friends we have to understand this morning that John did not have an accredited degree. Those are recognized by the clergy of the day. But nonetheless he was thorough. The educated and trained to live out his purpose and fulfill his mission. Now please listen carefully. And don't misunderstand. There's nothing wrong with pursuing an accredited degree. If it's in within your reach. And if it's within your budget go get it open. Many don't. And if you've got one you ought to thank God for another tool to use in ministry. But friends listen. I believe that as God's children. We ought to aim for excellence in all that we do get a salmon. Moral excellence spiritual excellence. Physical excellence as well as academic excellence. But here my friends this in carefully. Is a forgotten reality that we need to remember and be reminded of today. And that is this. God is not dependent on your degree. Nor is he limited. If you lack what God is the pendant. Upon our humility and are available ity to be used by him. We've been told in the book great controversy page six zero six. That when the time comes for the third angels messages to be given with its greatest power. It says The Lord will work through. Humble. Instruments. The laborers will be qualified by the unction of his spirit. Rather than by the training of literary institutions. Nothing wrong with literary institutions we need them all over the world. But God is not dependent on them to finish the work. He's looking for humble in sions. Are willing to put self and self sufficiency aside to be filled with the Holy Spirit. And I love what it says in the devotional book Maranatha. And on page twenty three it says that God can teach you more in how long. One moment. One moment. By His Holy Spirit. Then you could learn from the great men of the year is see the reason why this ought to be encouraging to us is because you may not have the time. The means or the need to spend many years in a literary institution. But the good news is that the Holy Spirit is available and accessible to us all. He is the greatest teacher. And we did to be careful not to limit the work of the Holy Spirit in the book Gospel workers. On page four eighty eight and four eighty nine it says this very challenging statement. It says this. God can and will use those who have not had a thorough education in the schools of men. Eight out of his power to do this is manifest. Unbelief. It is limiting the on Nippert in power of the one with whom nothing is impossible. All for this less. All for less of this. On called for distrustful caution. It leaves so many forces in the church. On you and it closes up the way. So that the Holy Spirit cannot use. Men. It keeps in idleness. Those who are willing and anxious to labor in Christ lines. And it discourages from entering the work. Many who would become a fish and labourers together with God. If they were given a fair chance. See those you live for Christ on to aim for excellence in all things. But friends. Let us never fall into the devil's trap of equal footing. Formal education with holistic education. Because not all formal education is holistic and seldom is holistic education considered formal. Let us never over emphasize formal education. Over holistic education. To the point that we're we have dop this mindset that if we do not have a piece of paper. Recognized by a secular accrediting institution that somehow we're not qualified for ministry and to work for God spared prophecy calls that mindset. Unbelief. Limiting the Holy Spirit. Hindering the work of God On caught for distrustful because friends if that mindset was true then John the Baptist was unqualified for ministry. Not only John the Baptist But even Jesus God and in the flesh. Because they did not have a degree accredited by some institution but nonetheless. They had God as their teacher. They learn from the experience of the Patriots in profits of zero and they had an experience with their master don't forget what I showed you the of the day. Your greatest qualification is your experience with Jesus. The strongest proof that God has called WANT TO ministry is written the book of Acts of the Apostles page three twenty eight it says this. The conversion of sinners and their sanctification through the truth is the strongest proof. A minister can have that God has called him to the ministry. Jesus said You shall know them by their fruits. Not by their letters. Jesus said in John Chapter fifteen or sixteen. You have not chosen me. But I have chosen you. An ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit. And that your fruit should remain even then when we did not choose God God shows us your dangers to be fruit bearers. It is not the letters but the fruit that is the evidence of Holy Spirit ordination. That's what John had his training was simple. But it was profound. In its simplicity. And because his training was of a higher order. So too was his message and his methods. Easy John did not use. Fancy gimmicks or emotional Fee Act. He actually it's to captivate the crowds. His message and approach was approach was very different from that of the fares. It was very simple. He simply spoke the truth. And he spoke it in law. John did not compromise the message. In order to satisfy the ears of his audience. He did not sugarcoat the message. In order for it to become more palatable for the people. He simply spoke the truth. And he spoke it in love and tomorrow morning we're going to see. Specifically exactly what John spoke. But in this we see that John was secure in his simplicity. Confident in his identity. Number two secure in his simplicity. And that's what's going to give a success for us I want you notice. Testimony to the church Volume two page six so it says. Your success is in your what everyone. Simplicity. As soon as you depart from this. And fashion your testimony to meet the minds of any your power is gone. Success is found in simplicity. When we tried to change things and adopt things to meet the changing cultures and to satisfy the the post-modern mindset friends. Many ministries have no power. Because they're trying to replace the simplicity of God's Word with something else that appeals to the conflict. John was confident in his identity. He was secure in his simplicity of most importantly number three. He was genuine. In his humility. When people asked John who he was he didn't even tell them. His name. His simple response was I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness. He took no credit to himself. He didn't show him. Show them his resume. Even tell them. His name. He simply said. I'm the voice. It was not my name that's important. It's not my title or position. It's simply my voice. My message. That's important. When the people approach John and said John people are leaving you and going to Jesus. It was then that John said in John chapter three verse thirty. He said he must increase. I must decrease. You see John was great in the sight of the Lord. Because YOU A small in the side of himself. And this is what made him safe for God to bless. When you study the Bible friends. The Bible tells us the stories of great men and women of faith that God used in powerful. Potent and profound ways. And that which they all had in common and. It was humility and self destructs would indicate Moses when the Lord called him. Moses said WHO him odd that I should go to Pharaoh. I am not eloquent. I'm slow speech. And it God was able to use him as a powerful deliver. So that the people of free. The bondage of each. Look at Solomon. King of Israel. When God called him. His prayer he did not ask for riches. He did not ask for power he asked for wisdom. He said Lord I'm a little child. I know not how to come into or to go out. I need wisdom. And it tells us that Solomon was not wiser. Wealthier or more exulted then when he spoke those words on just a little child. I don't know what to do you mean home. He leaned wholly upon the Lord's wisdom. You look at Jeremiah the weeping profit. When God called him he said all are got on board a child. I can't speak but the Lord says don't worry I'm going to put my words in your mouth. Humility. Self distrust Daniel when he saw the Lord he said my come Lena's is turned into corruption and I retain no strength. I see you said whoa is me. I am on done a man of unclean lips. Peter. When he saw the glimpse of the divinity of Christ and of his feet and said Depart from me on the sinful man on the Paul the mighty Apostle said. I am the chief of sinners and least of all the apostles even Elo White said. I am a little girl they're not going to listen to me. And even our Lord Jesus said. Of my own self. I can do nothing. And if these were the ones that move the word. And so my friends if you feel yourself. Unworthy insufficient. And in adequate to live up to the holy calling God has placed upon you. If you fear itself. Insufficient. You're in good company. Because that was the mindset of all of those who were great in the sight of the loan. Humility and self destructs. Prophets in Kings page one seventy five I love this promise it says nothing is apparently more what everyone. Helpless. Yet really more what is that word. Invincible. Than the soul that feels. It's nothingness and realize holy upon God. Nothing more helpless but at the same time. Invincible. The one who is genuine in humility. And so. Such was John the Baptist's three things. What were they number one he was help me. Confident in his identity. Number two he was secure in his simplicity. And number three he was genuine in he is humility and that's what made him safe. For God to bless. For as you realize that that God is eager and anxious to pour out all the blessings of heaven upon us. You know sometimes when we pray we are praying Lord bless me. But friends I believe that that we ought to modify that prayer but a bit because God has launched to bless us. But many times he doesn't because he can't trust us with those blessings. So instead of praying Lord bless me. We ought to pray Lord. Change my heart and make me safe for you to plants. And that which makes a safe. For God to bless. Is when we have the mind of Christ. The humility of Jesus. It says in the book ministry of healing page four sixty four seventy six and for seventy. So today. While the humble worker for God is following his employment. Angels of God Stand by side. Listening to his words. Noting the manner in which his work is done. To see what are the angels looking for to see if a larger responsibilities. May be intrusted to his hands. Not by will. Their education or their position does got estimate men. He estimates them. By the purity of one motive and their beauty of care. He looks to see how much of his spirit they possess and how much of his likeness their life reviews. To be great in God's Kingdom is to be as a little child in humility in simplicity of faith. And in purity of love. I want to be like that that was the characteristic of the first four Runner. So to will it be the characteristics of the final four runners in the last days. As they me ask you how many want. And could use more humility. In your life. And for as we to be careful that we don't become prouder of our humility. I think it was C.S. Lewis that said. If you think you have no pride then you. Most surely do we need to be genuine in humility to recognize our own worthy Innes or inadequacies in our insufficiencies. Because it is then that God takes the weak things. Of the word that he shows himself strong through their experience. I'll never forget. Receiving the email. Inviting me to speak at the General Conference session. This past July. In San Antonio. How many were there at the General Conference session was a wonderful experience. My first time. Going there. The General Conference as many of you know is what only once every five years. This past year it was held at the Alamo Dome stadium which seats over sixty five thousand people. The former home of the San Antonio Spurs basketball team. And when I received this invitation this e-mail invited me to do one of the devotionals for the General Conference might even issue a reaction to that was I was shocked. I was. I thought to myself. Of the thousands of of speakers of billable. Why was I choose. It had to be a mistake. I read it over and over again I thought they must have sent it to the wrong person because. Why me. I don't have some high position of leadership in the church. I'm not an ordained pastor. I don't have any formal education that many esteem so important. All I have is a high school diploma. A two year significate from a small Bible College called SOS Wes field experience and a walk with Jesus but I guess that's enough. But I honestly honestly felt friends that there were hundreds of others. For more qualified and far more godly than I was to take this solemn responsibility. I thought on Worthy and inadequate to speak at such a large stage at such a sacred event but nonetheless I accepted the invitation with which with excitement but also a great level of trepidation. But as I prayed. I put it in God's hands. And the Lord gave me what I feel was a timely. Message for his church a message calling us back to our mission to preach the word. In all the word. When the General Conference began is my first time attending there with my wife. And we saw the tens of thousands of people crawling like ants all over the place. I tried not to think about the fact that I was I was going to speak to them on the second Thursday of the conference. I was nervous but of the same time I had a sense of peace knowing that if God could use Moses' Surely he can use someone like me. And the the morning that I stood up on that stage in front of tens of thousands of people. All the fear and nervousness that the Holy Spirit took full control. I could sense lot of people were praying for me it was surreal for him he was like I was in some type of zone. It was just a god and I hope there. Jesus was lifted up the spirit. Moved in the people were blessed. And it was a wonderful experience I'm eternally thankful for. But let me tell you what happened when I descended the stage where all the delegates were gathered. As I began to exit the building. It seemed like the whole world just opened up. The other gets from Africa and Asia and South America and Europe the all started coming and asking me for my business card. Inviting me to come to speak in their country. And I was excited. But I quickly became afraid. I was afraid. And here's the reason why because the Bible says too much is given much is required. I feel like I've been given too much too quick. It's not something I sought but it's something that God brought and friends to be on is just to be very transparent with you. I'm not comfortable being upfront. I don't want to be famous. I just want to be faithful. And naturally I'm an introvert. Very shy. Growing up in Hawaii. I had a disadvantage. Advantage because I was close to the beach. The disadvantage is that in what you we speak a different language there it's called a simplified English. We take a paragraph. And we say it. In one sentence. We take a sentence and we say it into words. We take two words and we say with our eyebrows. It's basically broken English. And so growing up I was very shy slow of speech I'm not the smartest person in. And I would much rather be behind the camera taking pictures rather than in front of the Kim. I don't want to be famous. I just want to be faithful. I don't want to be great in the sight of men only great in the side of the loan. That night that I preached preaching the morning but that night three B.N. was reviewing the day of at the G.C.. And they made a comment on the devotional that I share that morning and someone on three B.N. called me a rising star in Adventist my human nature was flattered but I quickly became afraid. Because we had been told friends than many a star that we have admired for its brilliancy you will go out in the dark. German said to his scribe Rupe seek a style great things for yourself sick them not and the reason is because if we're not watchable if we're not sober. The devil make us think we're something special. We have seen so many bright and shining stars. Lose their light and fall into darkness. We've So we've seen so many spiritual mentors flaws turn back to the world. So my friends. Let us stay humble. Let's allow Jesus to close with humility day by day. Let's stay on guard and keep and stay with Jesus. The devil is coming after you for us he has a truck prepared for you because Satan knows that if you can if you can get you. He will get all those whom you have influence over. And so stay with Jesus. Stay with Jesus. Stay with Jesus. Be sober. Be vigilant. The devil is like a lion seeking whom he may develop be sober. Be vigilant. But don't be afraid because Satan even though he's a wily full even though he's a mighty enemy. He is also a defeated enemy Kitty salmon. The greatest. One that you ought to fear is not the devil. He's a defeated enemy. The one that you ought to fear the most is the one you look at every single morning in the mirror cell is the enemy we need fear most. I want to share with you few more things. As we bring this to a close to the Bible tells us that perfect love casts out. Fear. We don't have to be afraid of Satan. But we ought to be afraid of self. Now there's a lot of things that people are afraid of in life. Lot of people are afraid of heights and Evie fraid of heights. For the flying of friends. God has taken that fear out of my heart you know growing up in Hawaii. I was I grew up jumping off of cliffs into water. We've done skydiving and bungee jumping in and the steps of jumping off buildings and so I don't have a fear of heights like many people do. Now there are others who are afraid of speed fraid of going fact. I grew up riding dirt bikes. Racey doing all of these types of activities are riding skateboards downhill and hills and what not and so I'm not afraid of speed like many others are afraid of him and this next one some of you will think I'm crazy but many people including myself growing up in Hawaii. Had a great fear of sharks. But in recent years I've learned that man sharks are maze. I love swimming with sharks is a picture of my life and I swim with sharks. Sharks are amazing amazing creature I'm not afraid i've of swim with many times a reef sharks and I've even seen with hammerheads and bull sharks at a tiger shark. And if you ever get the chance to go to Hawaii. Let me know and we'll go. Seumas some sharks to get how many want to do that sound good. All right we have some adventurous people here. Some people are afraid of sharks I'm not afraid of that others are fraid of death but I've I've boarded planes in the past where it wasn't certain that the plane would land. And I'll never forget it was just a few months ago in fact my wife and I boarded a plane heading to Fiji we're going to speak there. And about fifteen minutes into the flight we realized that we were flying a lot lower than we than we were then we should. And then we were sitting in the front row and we saw the flight attendant in his seat and. The captain called him over the phone. And then we saw the phase show expression of the flight attendant. His face becomes serious and somber. His eyes began to blink his breathing became heavy. And we were just watching wondering what was taking place. And then we heard him say. So you want me to prepare for an evacuation Landi. And at that moment we started to become nervous. Into the phone call. And look for some manual use frantically trying to find something that would instruct him how to prepare for evacuation landing. Then he got on the on the intercom and told all those on the plane. We have a serious problem. The captain has informed us that the landing gears are stuck down and that we need to go back to the airport. We're not sure what's going to happen so we need to be a pair for an evacuation land. The landing gear is stuck down and you know it's better to be stuck down been stuck up a man. So Elise he was stuck down and not stuck up. And so we were heading back to the airport and he's teaching us how to do the brace position and what would happen in case we crash. And since we're in the front row. He looked at us and he told us. I need your assistance in opening the evacuation emergency doors. And he got a verbal from every single one of us his face he was there was no joke. Somber and serious. And then he said this to us. He said. And if for any reason. I get knocked out. Unconscious. Would you please remove my body from the airplane. And that's when we knew it was serious. As we head back to the airport we saw the far in the fire trucks. We don't know is going to happen. But I thought to myself Lord. I'M ON YOUR IN MY LIFE IS your hands. And if you are finished with me then by your grace. I'm rich and there was a serene calmness in peace in that moment that I can't describe with words. There was no fear of death. In that moment. Because when your life is in God's hands. You have nothing to be afraid of him. And while I can say that I'm not afraid to die I'm not afraid of jumping off cliffs and going fast and swimming with sharks. There is one thing that I know that I am deathly afraid I'm afraid of funding. I'm afraid of a moral phone. I'm afraid of hurting my gun disappointing others misrepresenting my church. Embarrassing my family making a fool out of myself. Friends we've seen so many bright shining stars in Adventism flaw. Let it be a warning to us that we are not indispensable. If we're not faithful to God Can you somebody else. To finish the work. And as we see others falling. Let's not kick them while they're on the ground. Our response as we see others falling in fairly is Lord. But for your grace. There go on to recognize our own humanity. And so recently. It's especially as these opportunities have come our way. I've been praying. A different Probyn praying Lord. If you see that I'm ever placed in a compromising situation where I would end up falling. Disappointing others. Tarnishing a word and or breaking your heart. Lord let me die first. I would rather die. I would rather die. Untarnished the work of God. Because I see the pain that it causes others. Pray for your leaders for pray for yourself. I've seen so many of my own spiritual mentors follow. Pray for though he were engaged in ministry. Because they are on Satan's most wanted list. The devil knows that if you can smite the shepherd the sheep will scatter. And so I told my wife recently that I've been praying that prayer. Just in case. I die. She would understand why. And half jokingly she said. You've been praying that. So you want me to be a little sheaf he said I'm. I'm glad that you distress yourself. We ought to also pray that God will give you a victory. And that you can run like Joseph friend as well. My friends in Syria. But I'm thankful for this opportunity. Because I know that this is how God is saving me so friends as we get rid of the clothes. Let's never seek fame. Let's only seek to be faithful. Not to be great in the eyes of men. But great. In the eyes of the low price object lessons page for over three. There are many who have given themselves to crisis yet. Who see. No opportunity of doing a large worth or making great sacrifices in a service. These may find comfort in the long that it is not necessarily the martyrs self-surrender. Which is most acceptable to God It may not be the missionary daily face danger and death that stands highest in heaven direct the Christian who is such in his WHAT LIFE. Private Life in the daily surrender of so. Insincerity a purpose in and purity of thought it under provocation. In faith and piety. In fidelity in that which is least the one who in the home life. Represents the character of crimes such a one in the sight of God. Be more or precious than even the world renowned missionary or Mark so my friends. Do the duty that live news be faithful and that which is the source be confident in your identity knowing that your call. Be secure in your simplicity. Knowing that your chosen and be genuine in your humility. Because that is which makes us safe. Faithful faith. John the Baptist's was great in the sight of the lower because he was small in the side of himself. If you want to be like John the Baptist. More importantly. Do you want to be like Jesus. And so let's pray and make John's declaration. Our proclamation as well he does increase the. Let's live a life. That's pleasing and brings joy to our king lives be great. Not in the sight of men. But in the side of the loan. If that's the experience you desire has me. With me as we pray we thank you so much for calling us and for choosing to be your forerunners your victorious voice in the solemn time. We recognize that we're not worth. We're not being just could do for a much better John thank you lord that you have chosen us. Not just for the sake of those who will hear the news. You chose it because through the process. You're trying to save or please save us from are so close with your humility. Your simplicity. Your identity and make us. Your children. Make us your move make us your people less us the rest of the for here in Jesus name we pray that all of God's forerunner say this message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called for supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Young people to be bible based Christ centered Christian to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online web.


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