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The First and Final Forerunners

Taj Pacleb
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Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • January 3, 2016
    7:30 AM
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This message was presented at the July seed twenty chosen. And the other resources like this visit us online. A W W W G Y C Web Good morning family. Want to welcome you to our morning devotion to full song that we just listen to how God is calling us to be fishers of men. That's what I want to be how about you. You know the differences between a fisherman and a fisher of men. A fisherman catches fish that are alive in puts them to debt. But a fish or of men catches fish that are dead and brings them back to life. God has called us to share life with the world. That is dying in sin. What a great privilege. Before we pray and get into our message this morning I just want to say it's been a wonderful joy in a great privilege. Sharing this time with you. Each morning. And for the people that I got the chance to meet with in fellowship with. It's been a wonderful blessing and I pray that as we get rid of part ways this morning that by God's grace if we never see each other again or meet each other in God's eternal Kingdom. We might be with the lamb on the sea of glass. Singing that song a victory. Of our deliverance from this world to God's eternal Kingdom we're almost there friends. As a less move forward. By God's grace. And let's finish with a bang Amen and budget our heads as we pray this morning. Father in heaven thank you Lord so much for the rich experience we've had this weekend. And how you've given us this opportunity to be depressed together with each other to get to know you better to learn how we can be faithful in these last days. As you have always been faithful to us and now Lord as we turn to your word we pray that our hearts and minds we will be open and receptive. Give us. Ears to hear your voice and a heart to know your heart and a resolute determination to do Not hour with. But your will please speak to us now is our humble praying Christ name we asked you this morning we're going to continue our study from yesterday. As we been discussing the final four runners. Of the last day. As I want to begin by sharing and beginning with the verse that we actually read yesterday and so I invite you to take a turn to the book of Mark. Chapter one. Mark Chapter one. Beginning with Verse one. The Bible says this march up the one in verse one is says the beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God as it is written in the prophets. Behold I said my messenger. Before your face. Who will prepare your way before you. The voice of one crying in the wilderness. Prepare the way of the morning and make his pass. Straight. Yesterday we talked about what it means to be great in the side of the lone And we saw that spiritual greatness was illustrated and seen in the life of the first four runner of the Lord to John the Baptist's. And we learned yesterday that he was great. Number one because of what he said and thought about himself. Now he didn't say much about himself. But what he did say about himself. Shows us three specific things that makes us great and you remember that. Let's review. Number one John the Baptist was confident in his identity. Number two he was secure in his simplicity and them are three. He was genuine in here is humiliating. That's what John said and thought about himself. This was the content of the character of John. Now his mission as we read here was to simply prepare the way of the Lord and make his past straight. You see friends in ancient times when a king. Prepare for your journey to a specific destination. He would send for runners. Ahead of his royal chariot and their mission was very simple. Their mission was to clear the king's highway. To prepare the way for the coming of the King and these four runners or commission to level the steep places. Of the highway. To fill in the potholes and remove all the stones and the obstacles. So that the king could have a easy and smooth travel to the specific this the nation that he was heading. Without any hindered hindrances. And this is what the four Runner would do to prepare the way of the lower to make his past rate to be pair people. For the coming of the king. That was the purpose and the mission of John the Baptist. And so it is it is ours today because that same king Jesus that came the first time is coming back. The second time. And in these last days. He's looking not only for one but a whole generation of foreigners to prepare the world. For the return of King Jesus and His simply by giving the message is not us that prepares anyone but it's the message that God is one to speak in and through us. It will be a pair of people for the coming of crisis. This will. Is what John was called in chosen to do. He was not on alarmists. He was not a sensationalist or an extremist. He was a revival of this this high in holy purpose is what he lived for you see John the Baptist. Understood that it wasn't about himself. But it was about the one that was coming after him and see no his row. His role was that he was not the king. He was simply the one that was caught and chosen to prepare the way for the king. John simply looked upon himself as a voice of one crying in the wilderness. And he was great in the sight of the Lord because he was small in the sight of himself. But friends. It really doesn't matter what we think or say about ourselves. But rather what we think and say about Jesus. Amen. And more so with Jesus. Things and says about us. And so this morning I want to highlight the second and third reason why John the Baptist was so great in the sight of their own. Yesterday we talked about the first reason and that was what he thought about himself. Today will discuss the second and third reason which are. What John said about Jesus. And number three what Jesus said about John. The Bible tells us. In the book of John chapter ten verse forty one that John did no miracle. But all things that John spoke of Jesus were true. You see John was not. Miraculous. But rather the beautiful words he spoke about Christ were true. And so the question I want to ask is What did John say about Jesus. What was the message that he gave to the world. Concerning the Messiah. Take your Bible and turn it to me to the Book of John. And we're going to go to the first chapter. And we're going to see friends that John said many things about Jesus. Many wonderful things but there are two that I want to share with you this morning. So we're going to John. What's out there that I say. John chapter one. And notice what it says in verse twenty nine very familiar verse. John chapter one. And verse twenty nine. The Bible says. The next day John was saw a Jesus coming toward him and said. Bill Halter. The Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world. It's one of the first things that John said about Jesus when he saw Jesus. He said Behold the Lamb. He has come to take away the sin of the world now friends in this passage. There's a lot of deep beautiful theology. But one. Beautiful practical point we can gain from this is that John saw the Jesus firs and then he called others to look for themselves. You see friends. In order for still point out. Jesus and speak. Accurately concerning him. We have to see him for us we have to see Jesus with our eyes. First before we can proclaim him with our lips. Second. We must see him with the eye of faith. Before we can proclaim him with the words of thing and that's what John did and in this passage. And one thing clear that John said about Jesus. Is that he is the Lamb. Coming to remove sin. To take away the sin the world. And friends this salvific statement is founded upon the theology of the sanctuary. You see we cannot fully understand the complete holistic salvation of crises. Without understanding crimes work in the sanctuary in the outer court. The holy place. And the most holy place. You see Jesus is not just the lamb that died for us in the outer court. But he's also our great high priest that ever lives to intercede for us in the holy. And most holy place. You see the Lamb had to die in the outer cord. But its blood had to be applied in the holy. And most holy place. And that understanding. Helps us to see what it means when it talks about the lamb. Taking away the sin. It's because he died in the outer court. And he blot it out he removes it he takes it away. In the most holy place in the investigative judgment. And John saw Jesus as the fulfillment of that sanctuary message. Jesus was the reality of which that shot we type. Would point to. And so that's one of the first things I want to share with you of what. What John said about Jesus. He is the Lamb. That removes Sienna on the statement. That is founded upon the theology of the sanctuary. And then noticed something else John said about Jesus. As we go to chapter three. And verse twenty nine. Notice John Chapter three. And verse twenty nine. Here's where John says. And it's interesting. He describes the Messiah. In the context of marriage. John three twenty nine. John said but he who has the bride is the bridegroom. But the friend of the bridegroom. Who stands and hears him. Read Joyce's greatly because of the bridegroom's what voice. There for my joy is fulfilled. It's very interesting state. Here John. Describes the Messiah in the context of marriage. Who's the bride. In this passage is none other than the church right. The Bible. The bride of Christ is a symbol of his people of the church. Can write down a feature in five twenty five second Christians eleven in verse two German Chapter six in verse two and many other passages. The Bride of the woman represents the church. And if the church is the bride who's the bridegroom. Is Christ's He is our heavily husband. We are His earthly bride. And then who is the third character that John mentioned here. The friend of the bride groom that John himself claim to be the friend of the bridegroom. Was basically the best man in the way. The one that was closest to the bridegroom. And the responsibility of the best Manna the friend of the bridegroom. Was that he was responsible of making arrangements for the way. His goal was to do all that he could to relieve the stress and anxiety. Of the bridegroom. His road. He was to be the middle man of communication between the groom. And the bride. He was the messenger between the betroth priorities. Preparing for the waiting. And when the bridegroom finally received the bride. Face to face the mission of the friend of the bridegroom. Was fulfilled and saw that best man. When he sees the groom and the bride coming together face to face. His mission is accomplished. And now he rejoices in the happiness of the Union. That he had promoted. And that was the role of John the Baptist. He wasn't just a part of the bride of Christ the church. But he was also the friend of the bride groom the the best man in the wedding and thus he said that his joy was fulfilling. And that's how our joy is fulfilled as well. Just by hearing the bridegroom's voice. And the joy he has. Once he's reunited with his church. Our joy friends. Our joy is full feel. Not in the recognition of the rulers. Nor in the praises of the people. But only that we can play a part in preparing the union or of the bride and bridegroom friends how many of you want to be a part of the bride of Christ. And even more than that how many of you want to be a friend of the bride and that's a wonderful and beautiful picture. That John painted. Concerning Jesus. Now want us to notice in the two passages we just read. We see that John called Jesus the man. And he also called Jesus. The bridegroom. There are two pictures that John painted concerning them a sign. One is more theological. And the of there is more practical. One is more doctrinal. The other is more relational. The more theological and doctrinal picture that. John painted was that of the land. The DOT a skinny the. The relational. And the practical. Is that of the bridegroom. And so we see the John the Baptist's gave a complete and balanced picture of the Messiah. He's not just the theological Lamma. But he's also the relational bridegroom. That is married to us. That was the message of the first four Runner. So it will be the message of the final four runners. This is what John said about Jesus and friends what we say about Jesus to the world must be clear. It must be complete and it must be bad news. And here's the reason. Today friends. We are living. During a crisis of theology. Bad theology of bones in the Christian world today. Because just like the Jews of old mis interpreted the Scriptures. And thus misrepresented the character of the Messiah to the world. So to Christianity Today he has done be exact same thing. Heresies in half truths are being spread far and wide concerning the character of go. The character of God as being misrepresented and malign not just by the world but even by the church. And as a result. Atheism and unbelieve has been the reaction of the world as well as the Christian community is painting a tainted picture of who God is many people are reacting because bad. Because of bad theology. An overcorrection and an overreaction. Has actually taken place in the church. To the point that we have emphasized orthodoxy. To the point that we have become fair to the point that we would rather win an argument then when a so we come across as critical and judgment to in a harsh and mean and lacking grace. Remember friends is not just about what we see. But a ha we see it. And when we say. What we're doing is this. We're emphasizing the rightness of truth. Well miss seeing the person. Of truth. We are proclaiming the Word of God. But not painting a true picture of the God of the word with one sided preach. What we're doing is we're pointing to the theology of the lamb or not pointing to the character of the bridegroom. And this imbalance. Emphasis has caused many people took crash into the ditch. Of a legalism. Which is on the right side of the narrow way of the loans. And as a result. Of this imbalance. Emphasis people crashing into the ditch of legalism preaching the theology of the land without pointing to the character of the bridegroom. On another reaction. An overcorrection has taken place on the other Some people are a crashing into the ditch. Of liberalism. Legalism on the right. Liberalism. On the left. Because see there's not only a crisis of. Yala G. in the world. But there's also a crisis of relevancy. We're trying to be relevant to the world by trying to become like the world. But in seeking to become a like the world. We are actually becoming irrelevant to the world and here's the reason. If the church becomes post modern progressive. Like the world. She loses her relevance. Because if you look like me. Think like me speak like me. And like me. Then what's the difference. Isi friends. We are relevant. That which makes us relevant I should say. Is because we have something different and not only different. But we have something better to offer to the world. So we can't be tried. We can't try to be like the world. To win the World. We lose our relevance if we do that. We are run of the because we have something different. We have something better. And the watchword of all true education is something better. We have something better to off than the world views of the world today. Friends this. What is being called as progress of Christianity is causing many people to downplay the object of doctrine and to exalt and elevate. A subjective personal experience. Many people in Christianity Today. Are becoming more and more focused on questions rather than the clear cut answers that God has given us. In the world. That's what the daughters of Babylon. Are doing. They're saying it's not about doctrine. There's put aside all of those things. It's an over reaction. The same thing as been happening. Perhaps even among us. It seems like ecumenism is emerging. Even among us. It's an overreaction. There are two dishes an either side of the narrow road of God's way. Legalism and. Liberalism and that's why it's been said in the book. Many will stand in our poll pits. With the torch of false prophecy in their hands. Kindled from the hellish torch of state. Wow. Lord have mercy. And that's the reason why I want to challenge and encourage all of us young people that we must study the Bible for sales. We can't take a man's word for it just becomes. Just because it comes from an approved pope It doesn't mean that it is true. We must study to show ourselves. Approved and to God and in order to avoid the two ditches on either side of the way of the Lord. The ditch of legalism. And the ditch of Lisp liberalism. We must study for ourselves and we must give the complete balance. Whole picture of Jesus. Not just picture of Christ based upon a few scriptures. But of all the Word of God because Jesus says that the Scriptures testify of him. The Revelation of Jesus Christ's. The testimony of Jesus is The Spirit of Prophecy. And that's not just one prophet in the last these. It's God speaking through all the profits from the beginning to the end and friends. That's where John came to do. Based upon what he understood he sought to give a complete picture of who the Messiah was. And in order to avoid the ditches. We must prepare the way of the Lord you see as we do this. True progress of ism. Will be restored. You see friends I want to share this with you. What is called Progressive Christianity today. Is not really taking us forward. But it's taken us backward. It's actually taken us. All the way back to the tree of the knowledge of good Eve when the serpent said to the woman. How does God said he was causing her to doubt that which God had clearly said. This is higher criticism. This is the origin of higher criticism. When the serpent said. You will not surely die in other words. God does not mean exactly what he says. That's progress of his. That's what is labelled as progressivism. But it's taking us back to the Garden of Eden the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. You see what the serpent said there is. You know God is not telling the truth he doesn't mean exactly what he says. If you eat of this fruit you won't die. But you will be like God knowing good and evil your eyes are going to be open. You're going to be enlightened and other words it's all relative that's what the devil is saying it's all relative. You can be your own god. You can make your own decisions. You can make your own laws because truth is relative. And you can continue to say and. And still be like God. And still be saved. And this post modern progressive ism is saying the exact same thing. It's not really taking us forward. It's taken us backward you see my friends. To be truly progressive we've got to move forward. And in order to move forward. We have to have a clear way. In front of those. And in order to have a clear way. We like John the Baptist. Have to prepare the way of the loan are you with me yes or no. And so what does it mean then to prepare the way of the lower. What does that mean well some of you ready know the verse I'm going to next. Where is God's way. Illustrated for runs the way. Salvation is found in Jesus Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and the life. But before Jesus came into the world. Where was that way illustrated seventy seven says I would say Oh God is when you see when you look at the sanctuary friends. You actually see a path that leads from darkness into light. A path that leads from the outer court where the lamb was slain. All the into the holy place. And into the most holy place where the bridegroom. Awaits us. You see the way of the more that needs to be prepared before Jesus can come. Is that way that illustrated in the same Sure you a true way of salvation. A straight path that leads from the lamb. Slain in the outer court. To the groom that's waiting for us in the most holy place you see that most holy place if you study it. It's the bed room chamber of God. It's the secret place of the most high. Is the place of ultimate intimacy. It's the place where the bride. And the groom become one. In a tone meant not one. Meant. You know the book Song of Solomon the book describes the union of a husband and one. And did it did you know that the Jews they called the Bible holy. But when it comes to the book The Song of Solomon. They called that book of the Bible. The Holy of Holies. The Song of Solomon they say is the most holy place. It's when the bride and groom become one of atonement. At one ment. Here is where the marriage is consummated with the bride is sealed for all eternity. This is where the center of the world is taken away. Is the friends the ransom. In the outer court where the lamb was slain. Is what prepares for the reunion of the bride and the bridegroom. In the most holy place. So to prepare the way of the Lord is to restore the path that leads. All the way back to seeing our heavily husband. Face to face. That's the path of the first four runner came to prepare or to begin to make straight. But it's that same path that the final four runners who actually finish in making strange. And so remember friends. It doesn't matter so much what you say about yourself. But what you say about Jesus. And what we say about Christ must be complete. He is not just the lamb. He is also the groom. In order to be God's faithful voice. That's give that complete mess. You see we need to be relational in our theology. In order to have relevancy. But our relationships. Need to be based on sound theology. In order to have eternal. Permanency. Because friends when the storm hits. All the heresies in half truths in creeping compromise. Are going to be washed away and. Only the truth. As it is in Jesus is going to remain. And so let us go and make straight. The way of the lower let's avoid the two ditches on either side. Let's point people to Jesus. The lamb. In the outer court. And the groom. In the most holy place. John is great in the sort of lord. Because he gave that message. Let us do the saying we're friends. It's not so much what we even say about Jesus. That makes us great. Or rather it's what Jesus says about us. So non But you turn with me to are. Our next point. As we go to the book of Matthew Chapter eleven. And I want to notice what Jesus said can sign in John the Baptist's math each out eleven in verse of the Bible says this. Matthew Chapter eleven. In verse seven. As they departed Jesus began to say to the multitude concerning John. What did you go into the wilderness to see a reed shaken by the wind here crisis make it a contrast to the life in character John the Baptist to that of a read that shake it and move by the wind of circumstance. And the obvious answer to the question that Jesus is asking is that John was not like a shaken Reed he was not one that was so easily moved by the by the opinions of the day. And the circumstances of his life. Instead of being like a shaking read. John was like an on movable rock. That's what Jesus said about John. He was unmovable. He was firm. He had spiritual backbone. He stood up for the truth. And so number one. Two things I want to say that Jesus says about John that I want to highlight. Number one John the Baptist was on movable for the cause of price. And then notice. The next verse verse eight. But what did you go on to see a man clothed in what kind of arm it's soft garments. Indeed those who are soft clothing are in the king's houses. So in contrast to the kings that like to wear soft comfortable clothes. John the that this was not like that. The point the Jesus is making is that John the Baptist was not only unmoveable for the cause of the Messiah. But he was also willing to be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable for the cause of crimes. My friends. Many people are feeling of reaching their full potential. Because they are afraid of leaving their comfort zone for friends there is no growth in the comfort zone. And many times there's no comfort in the growth. So if we want to grow. We have to get out of the comfort zone. We have to be willing to stand up and stand out and not be ashamed or afraid to speak up and speak out for the cause of crisis. We need to speak the truth we need to do it in love. And as we go. That's how we grow. He said there is no growth in the comfort zone. And there is no comfort in the girl's own. Only the fact that the comfort of the Holy Spirit is what does. And he is growing us. And preparing us for the kingdom. And so what enables us to leave the comfort zone. For the cause of crisis is when we remember that Jesus. Our Heavenly King. Left the comfort zone for you and me. He left the throne of glory. The beautiful mansions above. Born in a barn in a manger of very uncomfortable manger. Grew up in poverty. Mis understood by his peers and. Even his parents. And then he hung make it on a cruel. Ruhlman cross over into THAT WAS SO ON comfortable. Jesus did it for us. And that love. Demonstrated there is is the power that enables us to leave the comfort zones our comfort zones for him to be Sam and Friends in these last days. God is looking for an army that is not moved by comfort but moved by a holy spirit. Conviction. An army that is more concerned with God's glory. Than their own reputation you see friends we have to be willing to be uncomfortable and unmovable. Because the stage is set for the Final Crisis to break upon us. And it's going to be uncomfortable. But in that moment God wants us to be unmovable. I'll never get going door to door. Fears back. We are cooperating. Doing big books. In a real bad city in California. Very dangerous city. It was on a Sunday afternoon they were going door to door. But it wasn't an ordinary Sunday. It was a very special Sunday here in America. It was Super Bowl Sunday during the game were going door to door because we knew that everyone would be home right. And we're facing rejection after rejection after rejection but it didn't matter because the sooner they rejected us. The quicker we could go to the next house and find the person that was interested. And so we're we're heading down the street and on the other side of the street. We saw a group of brothers in the garage watching the football game drinking and partying. And what not and. And we know that we're going to hit the house and so as we're knocking the doors on one side of the street we're praying for those brothers on the other side. We cross the street. And now their house is the next house. They saw us coming from the distance. They knew that what we're doing because they saw us walking on the other side of the street. So they knew that their house was the next house. So from a distance they started shouting at us and thing at us saying you don't want to come here. We're not interested in what you have to say. Keep right on going. You see the devil did not want me to go to the house. Because he knew that something powerful is going to happen. So I just mean like I didn't hear what they were saying. And I just walked right up to the garage right into their house and they couldn't believe that I had to do that and so these five or six Hispanic brothers started surrounding my partner not. And they tried to intimidate us I mean they were drinking their parting whatnot and and one of the guy got in my face and started shouting at me and he was saying. What are you doing your waste your time on here. When was the last time you saw a gun. How can you believe in this. You never seen before. You know was in on it wasn't a comfortable situation. Alcoholic breath spit flying on me it wasn't a pretty sight but thank the Lord I had good devotions that morning thank the Lord I was prayed up that morning. I have the armor of God And so by God's grace. Even though it was uncomfortable. I want not be moved I stood right there. Because this individual is asking a very good question. His question. What was the last time you saw God. How can you believe in something that you cannot see is that a good question. Absolutely. So I tried to answer but he wouldn't let me talk and so finally said hey I have an answer. Are you ready to hear it. So he stopped talking well and by the way my other partner. I don't think he had good devotions that morning. Because he started back in obey you guys are drunk. And he left me. I was all by myself but I wasn't alone because God was with me amen. The Bible says that God has not given us the spirit of fear. But Paul were love. And a sound mind. And so it was uncomfortable. But I stood my ground. And I tried to answer the question and I finally said hey I have the answer. He stopped talking long enough for me to give the answer and I said. Let me answer your question with a question. As a method of crime. Let me answer your question with a question. Have you ever seen your brain before. Yeah. He was half drunk so he didn't know where I was going with this. So he said no and I said all well. How do you know you have one then got to think. And I said Have you ever seen the wind before you know you can't see the wind but if you notice this tree right here. It's moving because the wind is blowing. And I told him. I don't believe in God because I've seen him with my eyes. I believe in him because he is more beautiful in my life. And I started sharing my to personal testimony. How I used to be a druggie a pothead I was chasing the world and burning up my brain cells not caring about anyone but myself and I was and I share with him how the Lord had risky to me and made me free. And that's the reason why I was going door to door. And as I was sharing my testimony with him. All of a sudden he said you know I wish God would send someone in my life to help me stop doing what I'm doing. I'm sick of my life. When he said that. Tears filled his eye. He was a tough guy. The Holy Spirit was breaking him down. He started to cry then he ran away because he wanted friends to see him crying so he he he left. And so I went after it and when I got to where he well as he said Why you. Why are you doing this man you're making me cry. You're making me think. Why are you doing this. I said I'm not doing anything right now God is moving on your heart my friend. And I started telling him about the love of Jesus. How Christ would accept him just as she was. But wouldn't leave him as he wants. How Christ would win the victory in his life. He was listening. And he received the book steps the crisis. Friends in these last days God is calling us to go out of the comfort zone for his cause their souls all around us that need to see the things that we have see. To hear the things we have heard and to know the great God that we know. So let us go and make him known to others. Amen. We must be uncomfortable and on move. Because friends in these last days. In this crisis. Our. Our faith is going to be severely tested. Just like John the Baptist's. And if we have been wearied with the foot man. What are we going to do when the horses come. What I'm going to do when the time of trouble hits friends. We need to pray Lord make me uncomfortable in this world and unmovable in this wall. Uncomfortable in the world. Unmovable in the long. And so that's what Jesus said about John then notice what he said in verse nine. Matthew eleven and verse nine. But what point you out to see a prophet. Yes I say to you and what more than a problem. Then jump down first verse eleven. Should I say to you among those born of women there is not risen a greater than John the Baptists. But he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he FRIENDS IT'S A BEAUTIFUL. Here we find Jesus God. In the Flemish giving a great stamp of approval on the life of John. He says that jhana is more than the prophet. And there hasn't been one. Greater than him. Friends. As we contemplate. These words. This confirmation of crisis. There's a strange and disturbing dichotomy between the life that Jesus affirmed. And the death. The John. Experience. Because John the Baptist we know that the end of the story was that he was in a cold dark dungeon. In prison for preaching. The truth. And I can imagine that as John was in that dungeon sale. He had to been thinking to himself. If Jesus came to preach the leverage to the captives. Why does he not set me free. You see John the Baptist's himself. Did not have a complete understanding of the Messiah's character. And I can imagine that his faith in that dungeon sale. Was test. His Faith. Faltered but it did not fail. And what he experience is what we would experience in these last days. We're going to go through a similar test. A time of shake a time called the time of Jacob's trouble. It's our own personal gift seventy experience. Were our will must die. So that God's will can be accomplished. It is the cross. The comes before the crown. It is the crucifixion. The comes before the resurrection. It's the rain that preceded the rainbow. It's the pit. And the prison before the heavily Palace. It is the time that would show our souls to the uttermost a time that we will be for saken of men and seemingly forgotten by God. And perhaps you're there right now. Today. Probs you've already been in that shaking testing. Experience. Maybe you're experiencing this morning a a major health issue. That is draining the hope. Out of you. Perhaps you feel crushed by an overwhelming debt. You have school loans to repay your house has gone into foreclosure. You don't know how do you. You're going to provide for your family. Or maybe you're a young person. And your parents have gone through. Or are going through a devastating divorce. And you're confused. And you're angry. Maybe you. Your friends have betrayed you and your fiance has walked out on. Maybe your spouse has left you for somebody else. Your children disrespecting you. Your parents are have for say can you or maybe there's a loved one that's abusing. And you're in that cold dark dungeon. Like John the Baptist was. And you're asking the question why. And as you pray. It seems like heaven is deaf to your crisis. Such was the situation. Of John the Baptist's. How can one call it sold GREAT be left to perish in a cold dark dungeon all by himself. How can one that was so. Affirmed by Christ. Be left to lose his head. Or friends the key is this even though John was by him self you wasn't alone. It only seemed that way. The book design of ages to twenty four says. Though no miraculous Deliverance was granted John. He was not for Satan. He always had the companionship of heaven angels who opened to him the prophecies concerning price and the precious promises of scripture. These were his Stanley. As they were to be the stay of God's people through the coming. Ages. And so my brothers and my sisters. If you find yourself all by yourself remember that you're not alone. That God is with us to the very yes. God is with us in the prison. And in the pit. The same way he's with us in the pew. And in the pulpit. God is always there. Even though we don't feel like he's there. He is our shining light when we're surrounded by darkness our God is our faithful friend when all others have forsaken is he is our saving shield when we were being attacked from all sides. Is are compassionate comfort or. When we got nowhere to turn to he is our living bread we have nothing to eat. Our living water we were dying of thirst. He has or healing Ballman we've been wounded by sin and He is our life guard. We're being pulled down by the strong currents of our own sinful flesh. He is our guiding compass. Own little We've lost our way and have no one to turn to is our stable voice. And we've lost. All words and we don't know what to say. He is our solidifying purpose. When we have no other reason to live is our solid Iraq. When all the foundations have been washed away. He is our breath of life. We're drowning in discouragement and despair. He is friends. The great I am not the I was or the I will be the great. I am. That's present tense. The one that is with us in every single situation. And every single difficulty. The present tense God. Are ever present help in time of the and friends if there was ever a time that we needed the Lord. We sure do need and how many of you need Jesus. He is the I Am You fill in the blank. Whatever you need him to be. He is our friend. When we don't have any more friends. Our shelter. Well more homeless. Our bread we have nothing to eat I'm going to Thankful for Jesus a man I want you notice. Trials will come. So let it come. But here's what God says in the book desire of ages page to twenty four we're almost finished. It says this. Or love this passage. It's in the context of the death of John the Baptist's. It says God never leads his children. Otherwise than they would choose to be led when desire of ages page to twenty four. If they could see the end from the beginning and discern the glory of the purpose. Which they are fulfilling as co-workers. With him. If you catch that God never leads us otherwise than we would choose to be led if we could see V.N. from the beginning like he does and others if you're going through something this morning and you rather not go through it or friends if you know what God is going to bring out of that situation. You will be yes I want to go through this situation. And then it says. Not a knock who is translated to heaven. Not in a lie. Joe who is send it in the chariot of fire was greater or more on or than John the Baptist's who perished. Alone in the dungeon. John the Baptist's. Which one do you want to be. We want to be like Iraq and that right. TRANSLATOR without seeing them all we don't mind being like Elijah. Condom in that chair to fun. But to be like John the bathrooms in the dungeon. Normally that's not our first choice in their rights but it says here that a lie. Joey not poor not more on her than John the Baptist. Even though he lost his head in the dungeon. Unto You. It is given in behalf of crimes. Not only to believe on him. But also to suffer for His sake and of all the gifts that Heaven can be sold. Fellowship with Christ in his sufferings. Is the most weighty trust. And the highest on my friends. Come What May God is with us. He is always faithful his presence will go with us. His love will embrace us. His Grace will sustain this his mind to arm will protect us and. If we perish. Alone in the dungeon. His voice will resurrect. So don't worry friends about being great. In the side of the world. But great in the sight of alone. And as we conclude. What makes us great. Three things. Now what WE NUMBER ONE will we say about ourselves. He must increase. We must decrease the number to what we say about Jesus. He's not only the land. He's also the bride. And number three what Jesus says about this unmoveable and uncomfortable for the sake of crisis. How many you want to be that voice crying in the wilderness. To prepare the way of the my last verse. John chapter one in verse thirty seven. Is I believe the greatest compliment. That can be said concerning God's people. It was said of John may be said of us. John chapter one and verse thirty seven. The Bible says. And the two disciples heard him speak. Referring to John the Baptist's. They heard John speak there heard that voice crying in the wilderness. And what did they do when they heard the voice. It says. And vain. Follow Jesus. They did not follow the man. They follow the law that's the greatest thing. Compliment that can be said concerning God's voice be heard to speak. And they follow Jesus made that be said of us may that be said of you. How many do you want to have that experience that when people hear us. Speak. They follow Jesus. Friends it's been a pleasure. Sharing this time with you in these past few days. As we face a brand new year with brand new challenges and brand new victories. Let us never forget that we've been called we've been chosen by God's grace. Let us be faith. And if I never see you again. If we never me to each other again in this we're by God's grace. Let us. Commit this morning that we will meet again in God's eternal Kingdom. Because they that are within are called and chosen a faith. Are you going to be there. Let's pray that we will all be there. And that is close this morning. Father in heaven. Thank you so much to go for your amazing grace. Your marvelous mercy for calling us. For choosing us. Even when we did not choose you. Lord forgive us for using our voices for our own game for our own glory. Lord make us. Like John the Baptist's more so make us like Jesus. Make us your voice that proclaims your word that points people to the land. That died for us. And the bridegroom. That's returning for us we thank you so much for the experience we've had together. Bless us as we get ready to depart today. As we descend from this mountaintop experience. As we go to the valleys below where people are dying. Lord may we be the light to make us the light of the word. There is we're about to experience a great time of trouble. Give us your faith for and help us the truss in your favor and thank you for hearing this in Jesus' name we pray a Met this message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called shows and they fall in level Kentucky U.I.C. the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web. Our G.


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