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Natasha Dysinger
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Natasha Dysinger

President of GYC and speaker with her family's ministry, Pathway of Promise



  • December 30, 2015
    4:30 PM


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This message was presented at the Jew Y.C. twenty fifteen conference called chosen and other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web. Good evening friends. You know many many people this weekend will probably come up here. And call you G Y C. But Sue me this evening you are my friend. I know that there is there's a big stage up here there's beautiful flowers. All of the lights. But in many ways in all ways. The people that you see up here are really very ordinary people. Just like you. I have the privilege of introducing you to our speaker this evening. She's someone that. I've known for a very very long time it actually struck me. Just today. And that I've almost known her for half of my life. Known her for a very long time and. She's someone that has grown very near and dear to my heart. Near and dear to my heart because we share a heart passion. To see the majesty and the glory of God. Return. Into the lives in the hearts of this generation. To return and to my life and into my heart. I simply want to share with you. Some of the heartbeat that I know pulses through her veins. It's one that pulses through mind as well first of all. She has a heart. A deep. Sincerity and a heart for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A heart for the work of God. Here in this world. And a heart. That is touched. For the week. And the broken. For the orphan. And for the trafficked. It's a heart that poll says. With the heart of Christ as he looks on to a broken world. She also has a heart for sacrifice. Many of you may not know. In fact probably most of you do not know. The sacrifice that she has gone through simply to stand on the stage in front of you. She has a heart to lay everything on the altar to see our Savior. Lifted up. And she also has a heart. In a generation. Where where there is so much confusion. In a generation where we have strayed so far from the image of God and humanity. She has a heart for biblical femininity. To stand as a woman in an age where we hardly know what it means to truly be a woman. And to be a man. She caught this vision at a very young age. And I can surely tell you that I know no one that has the ability to on URN to respect and build those in her life. Especially the men in her life and to lift up the cross of Jesus Christ. She as I've already mentioned she is someone that is very near and dear to our hearts and and to be to my heart and to be very honest with you. We should we share this heart pulse this passion. Honestly we we are somewhat tired of of stages and lights and pretty flowers and and beautiful minute. Music over for the glory of God would come into this place. That the Spirit of God would fall on our hearts that we would truly see him face to face. And so this evening I introduce to you. Not a president. But a princess. And not just any princess. But my princess and. My beloved say Natasha noble it. Like Natasha to come up on to the stage now. I sweetheart. So we are we share a passion for the vision of seeing God's Majesty returned to this world. And I challenge you this morning. I mean the CD. As you speak. Be not afraid of their faces. For it is the Lord our God. That goes with you. He is your strength. I also challenge you to be Bowl. We live in a generation that. Frankly we're tired of politically correct speeches. We want to hear the UN diluted word of God. Challenge you to be bold and to stand and share the word with strength and with power. And I challenge you to humility. Because ultimately we are simply dust in his hands. You and I are simply here. To wash the feet of those we come in contact with. Let's pray. I have only Father I pray that your Holy Spirit would come and wash over my beloved fiance as she shares your word the C. evening. Father I pray that you would take our minds off of any form of production in stages and lights in that you would face. That we would see your face. That your Holy Spirit would enter this building and to our hearts with power and with the quarry. That we would go from this place knowing that you are almighty God. And with the love that is built. Father I pray that you would put your words into Natasha's mouth. That you would give her boldness to speak your word. And that she would be given humility to forever stand humbly before your throne. We pray that you would take each one of our hearts and soften them this morning. This evening. Soften them before you because all of us are simply dust in your hands. May we see your face. And Jesus name a man of you. I'm a man. Welcome to do I see everyone. It is so good to see the work of a whole year. Coming to reality. In the faces that are in this room and I see actually taking place is such a blessing. To know that. How much we have leaned on God and prayed. Hours and that prayer is coming to reality and God will bless. I know he will. Something about my fiance in his very kind introduction. Something about you I see in my fiance and myself. Two years ago right before Lando in two thousand and thirteen. The day before your lender began he asked to court me. So I was like all. You know. Surprise and everything throughout Orlando and then one week before Phoenix last year. He asked me to marry him. And now in forty five days from today. We're going to get married on Valentine's Day. So I'm a blessed girl. Very very very Plus girl he has put a lot into supporting me and I'm so thankful and my family as well all of my family is here tonight including my sister and brother in law and niece and nephew their missionaries to Africa and last year they were in Africa. We were at Phoenix. But this year because of my wedding in forty five days. Their schedule has changed and they're here to you I see. And that means so much to me in my parents and my brothers and all those who have sacrificed so much. To support me over this last term as being president to do I see. And I have to be honest with you the last several months. I have been thinking and a question has been going over and over again in my mind. And that is if I never had the chance to speak with any of you again. What would I want to be sure. I had communicated to you tonight. Because this is the opening night of July I see but it is also in many respects. My closing. My closing message to you because after a wonderful term being president is you I see I'm getting married and so I'm stepping down as president. And being replaced by an extremely extremely capable president and extremely capable team and I am so excited for where God will lead you I see under my wheezes leadership. But I'm stepping down and so this is my last opportunity to share with you as president of Jew I see and so I've been thinking about you know. Thinking about the last term thinking about my years before that is B.P. of logistics for do I see thinking about this movement which has become so special to me. So precious to me thinking about our God. What would be. What I want to share with you. If it's my last opportunity to share. So I want to talk to you about tonight. Tonight's message is going to be quite a personal one for me and I don't I don't expect a big professional presentation don't even expect a comprehensive treatise of the subject. I'm just going to be sharing with you what has been going through my mind for the last couple months and when God has really been pressing on my heart. As I've been coming to the to the very end of my presidency but by no means coming to the end of my involvement in this movement. And my belief in it and my prayers for it. So before I get in and share. Let's have one more prayer. Heavenly Father. You know I've not had as much quiet today as I would have liked to have had and as much time to reflect and my message is I like. But all to Mutlu father this does not need to be me. In fact it had better not be me. He needs to be you. And you can use me whether I am feeling all collected or from not. So I pray that you would put your stand upon me. Your words in my mouth and that. I would just beseech in Christ and all of me would be put out of the way. And that all of you would come to the front and give me your spirit I pray and give your spirit to all those that are here in Jesus' name amen. So it's kind of anti-climactic. Technically to share the point of my message. At the very beginning you know before I've even gotten into it but I'm going to tonight. Because I don't have. I don't know time in my presentation to just kind of talk away. Before I get down to my real point so I'm just going to tell you the point of my message right now and that's love love for God. And really actually tonight is kind of part one of my seminar because this is been on my mind. So much. You know. There are unofficial like condensed mission statement as G Y C Because all of us in this room are G. White see is that we are a movement of young people on a mission to take this three messages to the entire world. In this generation. This generation. And while of course we cannot actually measure a spiritual thing. By earthly measures. Yet the same time it is a very defined goal. The three interest messages. Entire World. This generation. It's a very defined goal so as I have been president to do I see I have often spent a lot of time thinking about. Are we accomplishing what we set out to do. Are we taking the three into his message to the entire world. In this generation Carton was up here talking earlier and he's going to have a seminar about the Middle East has U.I.C. done anything about the Middle East. Have we done anything about India. The turn for the window I mean it's like the need is so enormous and what we're actually saying is that the. Every single person in all of those countries will hear. The thirty three in tools messages and the messages that we have a Seventh Day Adventists. In this generation. Us. So that we're not going to get old and die and then our kids get. You know whatever before Jesus comes Russia is saying no that's going to happen before then. And I think what's going to what's going to take for that really to take place. And of course we can't always see the movement of God on on people's hearts. But as we look around us we say you know what the need is extremely great What's a good take for us to actually get this done. And I'm convinced that. Love is the one ingredient that we need more of for this to get done. Not just the job of taking the messages to the entire world in this generation. But also lack of love is involved in lack of true conversion in doubt and complaining in lack of unity in pretty much everything. That is involved. In our lives and in the church in lack of purity backsliding unfaithfulness criticism and love is what took into coliseums to be torn. Of lions and to be lighted on the streets of Rome. And at the same time. Took the Gospel to the entire world. In one generation. And love gave people a completely different perspective listen I've been stewing over this story for two months now. I was reading in Fox's Book of Martyrs and you know I don't meet very many people who like to read Fox's Book of Martyrs. But I would strongly encourage OK tional e. To pick up and read a bit of it because it sets forth Christianity. At strongest. At its best. It's amazing this is a story from Fox's Book of Fox's Book of Martyrs it was right at the beginning of the St Bartholomew's Bartholomew massacre which was the one of most infamous massacres of Protestants and the. The Prince of Navarre it was a champion of Protestantism and so the king in an effort to take him down. Are fully a range for a marriage between the prince. And the king's sister. THE PRINCESS. And all of her professions of love for the principle of Ari was just an artful way to bring him down. Not sick and. So picking up what fart Fox's Book of Martyrs has to say. They had like a week's worth of celebrations over this new marriage and everything and four days after their celebrations for their marriage had ended. Thinking up quoting Fox's Book of Martyrs. Four days after this. THE PRINCE. As he was coming from the council was shot in both arms. He then said to me. Who was a family friend because he had been the pastor of the prince's deceased mother. He said to own my brother. I do not perceive that I am indeed. Beloved of my God. Since for His most holy sake. I am wounded. Although by damage vised him to fly yet he abode in Paris and was soon after slain by them just who afterward declared he never saw a man more valiantly than the admiral. I mean what kind of reaction is that he comes out this is a week. He's just gotten married and he realizes in this moment when he comes out of the council and Shotton both arms. This woman was a total joke. The King was a total joke they arranged this whole thing. To take this man's life. And what is his reaction. Is it anger is it. You know frustration is it anything like that know his reaction is. I do not perceive I am beloved of my God since for His most holy sake. And a few days later he's killed for good. You know. The job was finished a few days later. And even the man that killed him said he had never seen a man. More valiantly. That is the power of Christianity and that is the Christianity I want in my life. And you know what that kind of Christianity is not caused by having in our minds the we're going to be that way and that if we get wounded were granted. It just does not produce it. That kind of determination. That is produced. Only by love. It changes the way we think it changes our perspective entirely. It makes people on earth leave the world was not worthy of these people. Because of love. So let's turn to our theme verse revelation. Seventeen and verse fourteen. This is where our theme comes from a theme of called and chosen and faithful. These shall make war with the lamb this is talking about the beasts in the Dragon and all those make war with the lamb. And the lamb. Shall overcome them. Can anyone say man. For he is Lord of Lords and King of Kings and they that are with him. Are called and chosen. Faithful. And we're going to be digging into what that means to be called and chosen and faithful this week and it's a profound thing we digging into the concept of the remnant millennial don't like the concept of the remnant. But you know what. And it's in the Bible. And so I love it. But what I want to focus on tonight. Is those that are with him. Those that are with him. All this earthly power. Earthly. And the power all the parts of earth and hell. Are against the lamb. But then there's this little company that are with the lamb and my question is who is with him. Tonight. Who is with him tonight. Obviously I'm getting married in forty five days. And so because I'm getting married in forty five days I've given a lot more thought to the two wedding vows. For better or for worse. Well very familiar with these words in sickness and in health. To love and cherish for say King all others keep you all laid to him till death. To Us Part. Powerful words. What I am saying what I will be saying by saying those words and forty five days when I get married to my beloved Paul. What I will be saying is you know what it does not matter if his life. If he is. If he is wealthy or if he is destitute. If he if his life goes well or doesn't go well. If we have health or God forbid some lingering illness comes the last for years and years of suffering and slowly lost what I am saying by saying why didn't the hours and forty five days is it does not matter if it's going well or if it's not going well. I cast in my lot with him. He cast in his lot with me. Why is it just because I'm like I'm going to do this if it kills me. I'll be with him. Is that is that I mean. No no lie. Because I love him because I love him and his love that makes me say that if his life is better or of his life is worse. I'll be with him. It's not just some intellectual assent. Yes I will admit that marriages have happened. On Earth that we're just into a lot you know people go into the altar knowing fully well they should not be there. But that's not the case now and should not be the case in Christian marriage. The cases. I'm casting in my lot with Paul. Because I know. In my mind. And I know in my heart. Love. And you know what marriage is supposed to be an example of our relationship with Christ. That for better or for worse for richer or for poorer in Christ is never poor. But sometimes on earth. It is not profitable to follow him in society's us. It's not just Rod knowledge. Richard worm brand. Who was tortured for fourteen years. For the name of Christ and never once was willing to renounce his face. Never once that. When he came out of out of jail somebody asked him. Basically how do you withstand fourteen years of torture. Many of those were in solitary confinement. And this was his comment. If the heart is cleansed by the love of Christ. And if the heart. Loves him. You can resist all tortures. He continues on to say what would a loving bride. Not do for a loving bridegroom. What would a loving mother not do for her child. If you love Christ. This is him. Quoting him still. If you love Christ as Mary did who had Christ is a baby in her arms. If you love Christ as a bride loves her bridegroom. Then you can resist such tortures. God will judge us. Not according to how much we have endured. But how much we could love. I'm a witness he says. Concluding for the Christians in communist prisons. That they could love. They could love God and man. Right now it's pretty easy to be a half hearted Christian. If we give our heart partially to Christ or if we choose not to. If we decide to ride the fence or if we decide to be all in for him or decide to be. Not all in for him. Doesn't make that much difference but time risk. The time is soon coming. When being a half hearted Christian is not going to be enough. When have heard of Christians will find the going to rough. To keep sailing number the parable of the Pearl of Great Price. But the merchant man finds the goodly Pearl. And he goes and sells everything everything. Same thing with the parable of the treasure in the field. He finds the treasure in the field and he goes and sells everything. To buy that field in the rest of the world looking at him like What are you doing. Why are you selling your house. Why are you selling all your go out of stock at the time your why are you selling all your earthly assets to buy a field. Because he knew the value of the field. Why are you selling everything you have to buy the pearl. Because he knew the value of the pearl. Why am I going to for sake all others and marry Paul. Because of the value. Why would we for sake the world for Jesus. Because of the value of Jesus. Who is with him. Tonight. Who is standing here and wondering the Pearl of the world up both. Actually not both the time is coming where we will sell the world for the pearl or we will sell the pearl. For the world. One of the two one of my favorite books is Pilgrim's Progress and one of my favorite quotes in Pilgrim's Progress is when Christian is talking to this guy called By ends who wants both got in the world. And he's like men these go together just great and will live my life with both and Christians. Statement to him is. If you go with us. You must go against wind and tide. You must own religion in his rags as well as in his silver slippers. You must stand by him to when bound in irons as when he walks the streets with applause. Who tonight. Will follow Christ in his rags. As well as in his silver slippers. Who will stand by him. When everybody's applauding and wants him to be king after the feeding of the five thousand. And who will stand by him when he's hanging on the cross. This is not a mere intellectual assent it's a level of bonding. That is fused to the person of Christ. So much so that you would rather die than hurt him. And I have slowly learned. What that level of love means by being in a relationship and getting married and suddenly it's like. What would I rather do. Be tortured or turn poll over torture. Suddenly the issues are clarified. Love makes a difference it makes a difference in the way we live our lives so I want to share. Let me share this quote and then I want to share three things that the Lord has been putting on my heart. Over the last part of the three months especially on the subject of learning. Love for God. And this is not kind of this is not a comprehensive study of the subject by any means but just three things that God has really been pressing into my heart. This quote first true holiness this is comes from Cry subject lessons true holiness is wholeness in the service of God Love. Must be the principle of action. Love is the underlying principle of God's government in heaven and earth. And it must be the foundation of the Christians character. The thought of his honor and His glory will come before anything else. This is the religion of Christ. Anything short of this. She says is a deception. The strong words and so I want to share with you st things that God has really been pressing into my heart and like work. Oh. Have you found it just the world is set up to not let us have love like this for Christ to to esteem him yes and think highly of him and want to worship it want to serve Him in everything but. But to love him consuming Lee and passionately and with every single thing we have just the world is set up. We know we can't see him and the world set up to make the eye of faith grow very dim. So have you ever wondered. All you guys esteem him and I want love for him but I know I don't quite have it. If you have had that I want to share with you. Three things that God has really pressed in my heart. And the first one is the No one will love Christ passionately until they know how much they need him turn with me in your Bible to Luke seven. Luke Chapter seven. Starting in verse thirty six. This is the story of the woman who poured the alabaster on Christ's feet. Mary Magdalene. I'm not going to read off for the sake of time for this going on quickly but we know the story. Prices in biology this beast he comes in he's eating there and then this woman Mary mantling comes in she cracks the thing over his feet and she's wiping his be with her hair and crying in the smell goes through the whole room. And everybody starts muttering about this woman and not what kind of ways this is because that's a whole year's worth of stuff that you just poured on his feet and it's gone now we should a sold it give to the poor. And then Christ. Ask this question of Simon who is the host of the feast. And he tells them the story. He said you know there was certain creditors two people that owed him. One five hundred pence the other fifty. And when they had nothing to pay he frankly forgave them both. Which one loves more. Simon's like oh yeah well the one nine hundred right. And you says you see this woman and use begins to compare the actions of Mary Magdalene her gratitude to Simon. Now let's compare their two actions again. Mary Magdalene. As we know had been. What a prostitute in Magdalen a Roman party town. Had seen very much the underside of life. Seven. Demons. Christ cast out of her. Seven and. At the end of all of that her love for Christ was so intense. The she poured out her whole life savings. Basically on his feet. SIMON On the other hand is the Spirit see and we know from the desire of ages that. It was his sin that actually set Mary on the trajectory that. And that her up on the streets of Mangalore. But Simon is over here thinking feeling pretty good about himself. He had been. He'd been healed of what was the even. He should have a lot of reason to have tremendous gratitude for Christ but he's looking at Marion he's like all that woman. Have mercy. Of course knew she was he when mother touch it. When Simon was in as desperate need of Christ's forgiveness. As mirrors. But he thought himself. Not to need it. And so what is he doing. Criticizing both Mary's conduct and Christ's conduct for allowing this to take place from Jews on the other hand it's like Mary. Washing his fee perfume. Simon. No perfume. No water no nothing. No kiss. Both of them needed him just as desperately. One knew she needed him. And the other one did not. And I'm convinced that this is one of the dreadful downfalls of my generation and of myself. It's like on oh I need him. I do realize I need God. But do I know how desperately I need God. Do I understand the desperation of my own soul poverty. I am nothing without him. Nothing. Going back to to tell this progress on of my other favorite parts and parents progresses. When they're going to the Chechen ground and hopeful is sharing his conversion how he decided to go on pilgrimage and Ellen White says that program's progress lays out the path of the Celestial City so clearly that. Thousands have been saved through it and a way. Hopeful is sharing his conversion story and he talks about how he was all he loves simple company he loved doing all the things of this world. And after a while he came under conviction that that was wrong. And so he turned away from and he decided he was going to do this right. So we are we paying for his sins he started fasting he started praying and everything and for a while he thought he was pretty good pretty well off. And then he said he started reading such verses as our righteousness is more like filthy rags. And by the works of the law shall no man be justified. And after a while just just quoting progress progress here he said for a while. I thought myself well after he had been weeping. Weeping for his sin and having all his prayer and all that for a while I thought myself well but at the last. All my trouble came tumbling upon me again. And that over the neck of all my reformations. There were several things that brought it upon me especially such things as things as these all our righteousnesses are filthy rags. By the works of the Lost on the flesh be justified. When you have done all these things say. We are on profitable. And this is his conclusion I believed that was true that had been told me to wit that without the righteousness of this Christ. All the world could not save me. And therefore thought I with myself if I leave off I die but I can. But die. At the throne of grace. How many of us have decided. We don't want to live the life of the world. And so we're going to reform our lives. And we do reform our lives and then we think ourselves. Well. When we have nothing to commend ourselves to got what we done to deserve his favor. What have we done to make him think that we're wonderful. Nothing nothing and yet his love is still stretching out to us. And if we knew how desperately we needed in Him If we knew that without the righteousness of this Christ. This one Christ there is no other name under heaven given among men were by women to be saved without the righteousness of Christ all the world cannot save us tonight. In this very room. We have one option for salvation. Only one and that is Jesus Christ. Without him. We are all doomed. All didn't. How much do we realize it when we know how much we need him. And that he is there in that we can run to him and find shelter in his under his wings. Then we will who love our Savior. When we know how much we need him. But as long as we think ourselves well. Juice is a wonderful body. But when the things God has been pressing upon my heart is the Tashi you do not know how much you need me. You still have that little idea running in your mind as much as I strive to renounce it and got has been working in my life and I thank him that I know so much more tonight. How much I need him that I knew two years ago. But without the righteousness of this Christ. All the world cannot say this second part is communion to love. Do you run me six. Four and five hero Israel. The Lord our God is one Lord. Love the Lord thy God with all the in heart with all thy soul and with all the might Christ again quotes this verse in the New Testament and he says this is the first. And great commandment. The word first primary. Foremost in time. Place. Order or importance. And the word great in the Hebrew. Probably not pronouncing it right. Excuse me all you Hebrew scholars. But in other words is the is the word from what we get the word mega from In other words crisis like this is the. The one that's primary in place order and importance this is the mega commandment. Love God with all your heart with all your soul. Will your mind. With all your strength. All of them. Love God. This is the mega commandment. Then the second one is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself. And when we see that we're struggling to love our neighbor as ourselves in the world. And in the church. We can look to the fact that the first and mega commandment. Love the Lord with all your heart. With all your soul. With all your mind. With all your strength. A somehow not gotten deep into our hearts. Communing to love. We've lost the art of loving God. I would have told you that. Two years ago from an intellectual perspective but I'm going to tell you that tonight from my personal experience I can tell you with a resoundingly resoundingly yes that we do not know really what it means to be in love with God. I would know. So about two or three months ago. My fiance was at a conference. And I was not there I was at home. But he was going to be on stage that night and I wanted to watch it was being live streamed. But it was at the same time as my workout and everything so I was like ah. I'll just put it on my i Phone political My jester I was working at my room. I'll just work out. And I'll be able to hear what he has to say on stage. It'll be great. So I put myself up on my dresser and I'm listening to it and everything else all the other things were happening. And I was just working out. And suddenly this familiar voice comes on to my phone and I tell you I did not have time to reason through my reaction I world apart the ground I had been doing a ton of exercises core exercises and I whirled about the ground snatched my phone off a definite I was looking at it like this. And then I thought wait. That's kind of weird. I mean the and go work out. It's not going to change his thousand miles away it's not going to change if I'm looking at it like this or if I'm not how often. When we hear the name of Jesus being spoken to we immediately react and want to know what he has to say. When the Bible is there how do we rush to have I'm like What is it saying. That's what it means to be in love. That's what it means to be in love with Jesus Christ. The one we hear his name being spoken we perk up. It's like. But if you have. Why do we expect that of people in love with people and we don't expect. Of people in love with God. What is wrong with the way we think about it won't because we don't have. We don't have examples before us of martyrs. Going to their death. And singing in the flames. In the Dark Ages their way of killing men was mostly burning them at the stake there with murdering women was burying them alive and. And if you read. Back in fact the book of murders and such. This is the women went to their graves. To be buried alive. In their best clothes and with a smile on their face in the song in their seeing me why. Because they loved him. They loved the one for who they were going to die. That is love song Salman says that love is stronger than death. And it is true. It is true communal love. We have lost the art of loving God. When it comes to my family or my fiance. I want to know what makes them happy. I want to know their likes and dislikes. I want to understand them because why I love them. And it works the exact same way with God we want to know him we want to know his likes and dislikes we want to know what pleases and what satisfies and will bring some glory. Because we love him. One we love him. What does it. What does it take to make God feel loved. But human race. There's a story of a man who deeply loved God. And he loved to pray. And he said to his servant one day. I'm going to go pray for half an hour coming get me. When when when half an hour is over so the man went up to his room to pray. Half an hour later the servant went. Looked in and the man was so wrapped in prayer praying out loud he was so wrapped in prayer the servant felt really bad about interrupting him so he thought I'll just give him a little more time. I'll come back later. So the servant went away. While later the servant comes back. Looks in the man still completely absorbed in communication and better come back a little but. This continued on until three hours later the servant was like Now this is awkward because he told me to get him after half an hour. And it's been three hours and he goes there. And the man still lost in communion with God but the servant felt like he had to interrupt him and so he's like you master. You know. It's time. And the man turned to me he said Oh. Half an hour goes so quickly. When I'm communicating with him. I want that experience where after three hours. I think all half an hour goes by so quickly. When I'm in the presence of Jesus Christ. The one the all in one that can save me. How often do we commune. Not to tell God all this happened amidst was terrible and all God please make that person be more agreeable and Lord this happened and such and such and hate please I need help with this test and all finances Lord. Oh my finances. How often do we go to God just pepper with him and. Treat them like a gumball machine. Quarter gumball quarter gumball quarter. Pray. Answer. Find this is money that person. Deal with them and stay start thinking of the fact that God loves us so much he would love to just communicate with us exclusively for the purpose of just loving him. How would my family or Paul like it if the only reason I would talk to them was just be like Honey fix this. Honey do that some marriages probably are like that but that's not. They're not vibrant communion. Just to love this is the second thing I was been pressing on my heart I'm running out of time guys been pressing on my heart Natasha. Sometimes come to me just to love me. Sometimes come to me just so I can love you. But ultimately Oh let me let me share this. We find the same principle in the Bible. For instance Moses. Right after the scenario with the golden calf it's awful his Tabernacles removed from the camp. He's outside in the tabernacle. Away from camp. Interested in for these people and go to Exodus and read it because he's there interested in for these people. You can search you can actually watch. In the in the river in the account. Most is becoming more and more distracted just from the people and more and more just in and chanted with God. Until the final like. All he can think about God's glory is I just proceed to show me your glory. Would you like to be distracted from the things of this world. By God. Same thing with the beloved John. Well everybody else was out. Hiding behind Bush is. John was at the foot of the cross why. Because he thought this was supposed to happen. You know because he loved him because he loved him. Commune to love. There was a world then seeing martyr. In the Dark Ages who's a pastor. And he was caught. And he was told that his wife and his son were going to be killed. And that he would be killed all the perfected tortures of the inquisition if he did not renounce his faith in Christ Jesus response or the pastor's response to torture is worth ten thousand deaths of such a kind. Would be too few to express my love for him. How do we fall in love with him. Ultimately it's knowing how much he loves you. Jeremiah three fourteen says. Turn back sliding children say if a Lord for I am married to you. What would pose this the God of the universe to look at stubborn humanity and be like married to you. For better or for worse for richer or for poorer to love and to cherish I'll keep myself. Only to you. Friday turning to God Jesus Christ never gives up his humanity. For say King. All others keep himself a human race. Till Death Do Us Part. And not even death can part. God is in love with the human race. For some inexplicable reason. How much do we love Him in return. Why are we all this. Why are we discussing this mission statement. Like I mentioned at the beginning. The movement to young people on a mission to take a train those messages to the entire world. In this generation. That means that we're going to see all the prophecies a revelation to build in this generation. That's what. That's our goal that's what we know it's what we want obviously God is in control of all these events but that's what we're saying. We desire. And only one thing is going to suffice to accomplish that. And that is when our hearts are so lost with love for God that nothing else can suffice some of you may ask why are you telling us so many murder stories. I thought at the beginning. Because I love how clear crystal clear Christianity is in the lives of these people so I have one more to close off with you for you the well done scenes during the Dark Ages were. Well. They were persecuted for a millennium right. So it was many many times when they had to run for their homes but this particular time. Their persecutors chose the dead of winter to even touch them from their homes. Cold and icy where the peaks This is Jay Wiley history of the world and he's called and I see where the peaks that look down upon this miserable troop. Who are now forming the torrents are now struggling up the mountain tracks. But the heart of the persecutor was colder still true. And alternative was offered them. They might give up their faith. Did they have bailed themselves of it. The historian Ledger informs us that he had a congregation of well ninety two thousand persons. And that not a man of them. Accepted the alternative. I can well better than this testimony he observed seeing I was there pastor for eleven years. And I knew every one of them by name. Judge reader whether I had not cause to weep for joy. As well as for sorrow. When I saw that all the fury of these wolves could not. Was not able to influence. One of these lands. And that no earthly advantage because shake their constancy. And when I marked the traces of their blood on the snow and ice over which they drag their lacerated limbs. Had I not cause to bless God that I had seen accomplished in their poor bodies what remained of the measure of the sufferings of Christ. And especially when I beheld this heavy cross. Borne by them with a fortitude. So noble. This is the Christianity. They can and will come back to this generation. Not because we will will it not because we like pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps and decide that we are going to renounce everything of the world. And that we are going to go with spill our blood on the fields that is not going to be what does this. It's going to be understanding. The passionate love of God for my soul that for better or for worse. He's committed to me for richer or for poorer. He's married to me. He's dedicated to me. He will never leave me or for sake me. And without the righteousness of this Christ all the world cannot save me and therefore I turn my life over to him at the beginning of U.I.C.. As you I see is starting. I want to challenge all of you to reflect. Just how much do you love God. How much is your heart turned over for him how much are you willing to trade the pearl. Pardon me. Charade the world. For the pearl is not the land that with rain. Worthy to receive the award reward of his inheritance. This message was recorded at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called shows and they fall in love all Kentucky. Jew I see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web or G.


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