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We Shall Overcome

Sebastien Braxton
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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • January 2, 2016
    4:30 PM


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This message was presented at the July seed twenty fifteen conference called chosen in lieu of a Kentucky for other resources like this visit us online. A W W W G Y C web. Our G U I C. Good evening to you I see this is a huge conference. One more time. Sit up straight airing your lungs. Oh gee why CD I love Jesus. Are you sure you love Jesus was. I can hear you. And why do you love Jesus was the on seat close last meet that reason we are all together. Oh my God I love. She sing on how I love seat. Son was how I love Jesus was be. Come see us love me. How many of you that's why you're here tonight because you love Jesus. Amen. Have you had a high summer. Are you full or do you have room for one more spiritual meal. God is good a men my nose is coolly. Holly Louis or. I told someone I don't I don't need any onions or garlic or honey. I did to praise. This stuff out of my nose. Yes exactly what I did. I said who made man's knows. The Lord did can you say men. So it's nice to be able to breathe fresh air. Why you preach. God's word. God is good I know many of you were praying for me and I am eternally grateful. What a privilege it has been to study the Word of gone together with you. So for this final message I just invite your prayers. One more time. Throughout this entire sermon. If you would nail with me as far as you're able as we have prayer this nine. Mighty God. Everlasting Father. Lord what a privilege. It is to be kneeling in your presence. Lord your your prophet said that it is. When every other voice is hushed and in quietness we wait before God. It makes more distinct the voice of God. Lord we just pray that. One more time that you would use this men who is but dust in your sleep. That you would speak through me and you would speak to me. Father that Jesus would be lifted up lower that he would be seen and that we would leave this place with more ardent desire to love and to serve him. Our King. Lord help us to not just be called Help us to not just be chosen. But helpless. To be faith. This is our prayer. And we trust that you will help this to be our experience for we ask. In the mighty name of Jesus that all of God's people say amen. Sam. Walter false. He wrote a poem that I love. Called the calf path. And the poem goes something like this one day. Through the primeval would a calf walk home as good calves should. But made a trail. All bent to skew a cookie trail as all calves do. Since then three hundred years have fled. And I infer the calf. Is Dead But Still he left behind his trail and thereby hangs my moral tale. The trail was taken out the next day by a lone dog that passed that way. And then a wise bellwether sheet. Pursued the trail or veil and steep. And Drew the flock. Behind him to as good bellwethers always do. And from that day. Or Hill and glade through those old Woods a path. Was made. And many men wound in and out and dodged and turned and bent about. And uttered words of righteous wrath. Because twas such a crooked time. But still they followed. Do not laugh. The first migrations of that calf and through this winding wood way start. Because he was bold. When he walked. This forest path. Became a lane. That bent and turned in turned again. This crooked lane. Became a road where many a poor horse with his load. Toiled on being nice the burning sun and travelled some three miles in one. And thus a century and a half. They trod the footsteps of that can. The years passed on in swiftness fleet. The road became a village street. And this before men were aware. A city's crowded thoroughfare. And soon the central street was this. Of a row now and Metropolis. And men two centuries. And a half trought in the footsteps of that calf each day on hundred thousand route. Follow those zigzag calf. About in or his crooked journey went. The traffic. Of a continent. Hundred thousand men were led by one calf. Near three centuries dead. They followed Still his crooked wave and lost one hundred gears. A day for thus such reverence. Is lent to well established. Precedents. A moral lesson this might teach. Where I ordained and called to preach. For men are prone to go it blind. Along the calf paths of the mind and work away from sun to sun. To do what other men have done. They follow in the beaten track and out. And in and forth and back. And still their devious course pursue. To keep the path that others do they keep the path. A sacred groove. Along which all their lives they move. Who saw the first. But how the wise old would gods laugh who saw that first primeval calf. Many things distilled might teach. But I am not ordained to preach. Many of us are walking. The calf path. When we get up each year with the same slides. And the same sermons. Handed down from previous generations. Wondering why. Our hundred thousand dollar budget. Only brought in one so we are walking the calf pound. When we continue to adopt and promote methods of evangelism. And youth ministry that have already been proven not to work. We are walking in the cookie calf. When we simply attend church. Just in time for the sermon and go home only to sleep. We are only walking in the path of a crooked coward. You see when we continue to pursue relationships with unbelievers. Despite the painful examples of Solomon. And the N.T. delusions. We are walking in the crook it. Path of that calf. We need to pause a moment tonight G Y C. And think about why we do what we do. Who is the coward that we are following. Is it your favorite. Pastor is that your count is your favorite person Fessor is that your calf. Is your best friend. Your calf. Is your boyfriend or your girlfriend your county. Is it someone you just feel is more intelligent than you that you were just walking in the beaten path but you see. I believe tonight. That we continue to follow others. Because we are afraid to fail. On our own. But according to Regina Dugan the former director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. She says. The power to truly new never been done before things. Is paved with failure. Along the way. She went on to ask a probing question. She says. What would you attempt to do. If you knew you couldn't fail too many times in our church board meetings. We are not attempting to do what we would do if we knew we would fail. We wonder why we get meager results. Because we had meager plants. The profit of the Lord says. You do not accomplish much because you do not attempt much. We need to learn to recognize that young people want to be challenged. They want to bring all of their being into the work of God God is called a remnant for such a time is this not to come to church to be average. I don't want to be more of the same. I don't want to be like anyone else. I want to be what got me. Me to be. I want to be what God said in his mind. When he said I'm going to make a Sebastian Braxton. And I live a life that God looks at the picture in his mind. And the picture of my life. And he says. Yes that's what I was thinking when I meet you. I don't want to walk in any more pounds of cookie tabs. I have my favorite preachers. I have my favorite writers. I have my favorite sports players are my favorite people in the world. But I've already come to acknowledge and accept that God did not make me to be a CD Brooks two point zero. God did not say OK you're going to be. David our shrink light God Do not call us to just be after another man. He made you a unique human being the prophet says to us and says. To every individual who is made in the image of God. They have a power a kin to that of the Creator. The power to think and to act and were ever. This power is developed. This is what it means to have two education. I don't want to train people to be mere reflectors of other men stars I want them to know that God can lead them. And please believe brothers and sisters. We can easily create spiritual hazy. You gotta go through what. I went through before you become a leader. You got to go through what I went through be for you become an elder. You got to go through these hazing rituals of the church. Before you can serve. Ellen White says that in the last days. What days that I say in the last days. Men and women will come into this church. And they will learn in months what took others years to understand. God doesn't need to take them to your cookie cast. God has his own direct way to lead his people. God is calling us to do more than just a tent. What we think we can do we need to stop being afraid of failure. I asked myself this question. Sebastian what would you do. If you knew you couldn't feel. I said Lord if I knew I couldn't fail. I would play the piano. I said Lord if I if I knew I couldn't fail. I would memorize whole books of the Bible. If I knew I couldn't fail. I'd sing a duet with my wife Lord knows that would be a miracle. If I knew I couldn't fail. I'd see Jesus come in my life time. I would see his work finished. I would see revelation eighteen in Thief or my very eyes. In Vivo. What would you do. G Y C If you knew you couldn't fail. We don't need to leave this conference to go home to do more of the same. Whatever programs are on your church books. Whatever. Things you have on your academic or. Eventually some calendar. That's not finishing the work. We cannot leave this conference to go home and continue walking. The cook it counts just following precedence. We should be challenging ourselves a say Lord. Take us to the next level. If I knew I couldn't fail. You see I believe I can think of at least one thing tonight. That each and every one of us would do and should do. If we know. We cannot fail. And that is to gain victory over sin. You see throughout Revelation. We are reminded that somebody is going to overcome. I want you to take your Bibles and go to Revelation Chapter two. Beginning in verse seven. Revelation Chapter two. Beginning in verse seven when you're there you can say men. Are you there. If you're not there you can just say Have mercy. The Bible says in Revelation Chapter two in verse seven. He who has an ear. Let him hear what the Spirit says to the church use. To him who overcomes to him who what overcomes. I will give to eat. From the Tree of Life. Which is in the midst of the paradise of God. Brothers and Sisters. Someone is going to overcome. The Bible goes on to say in Revelation Chapter two in verse eleven Are you there. It says He that hath and here. Let him hear what the Spirit say it unto the churches. He that. Overcome it shall not be heard of the second death. Someone is going to overcome. Revelation to versus even teens. The Bible says He that hath and here. Let him hear what the Spirit said into the churches. To him that overcomes. Well. I give to eat. Of the He didn't matter. And will give him a white stone in the stone. A new name written. Which no man no saving he that receives see God's going to give you a name between you and him alone. God is going to give you a name that. When he says it. Only you in Jesus no i doubt about that ning. Can you say man. I'm excited about what my new name is going to be. Although I do like the name Sebastian. But someone is going to overcome. The Bible goes on to say in Revelation chapter three in verse twenty one. It says to him who overcomes. I will grant to sit with me on my throne. As are all solo overcame and sat down with my father on his throne. Someone is going to overcome. How little you. You see how do I know that someone is going to overcome. How can I be certain that someone is going to overcome You see I've got two reasons why you see gee why see. I know that someone's going to overcome because God wouldn't make these promises to a person that has never and will never exist. God is not going to make these promises that he doesn't have always someone's going to be from the tree of life in going to get a new name. Knowing full well that no one is going to overcome. Are you with me. God doesn't go up and say I'm going to have a tree of life for no want to eat from. He's not going to have a white stone. What someone's new name and no one's going to get a new name or you with me. But number two the other reason I know is because the Bible says that John saw them. Go to Revelation fifty. Revelation Chapter fifteen. We're going to begin in verse two are you there. Want you to say man if you're there. The Bible says in verse two it says and I saw something like a sea of glass. Mingled with fire. In those who have the victory it's the same word in the Greek. Those who have overcome the beast. Over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name. Standing on the sea of glass having the hearts of God. Can you say amen. John has already saw them in prophecy. And I'm wondering. Lark did John see me on that sea of glass. Maybe you're wondering tonight did John see me on the sea of glass. Well I believe that your decision tonight. And each and every day until the end of time will determine whether John saw you or not I want you to know that you don't have to be discouraged. You don't have to feel overwhelmed in counseling and in preaching to young people all over the world. People are getting tired of seeing people are getting discouraged. Some young people are coming to a place where they say Lord. I don't know if I'm going to make it to get tired of the same old sins over and over and over and over again. But I want you to notice the song. Of these people who got the victory. Revelation fifteen. Beginning in verse three The Bible says and they sing the song. Of Moses. The servant of God and the song of the land. Saying great. In marvelous. Are your words. Lord God Almighty. Just untrue. Are you always OK of the saints. Who shall not fear you all Lord and glorify your name for you alone are holding. For all nations shall come and worship before you for your judgments. Have been manifested. I want you to notice in their song. There is no just in true are my waves. These who have gotten the victory over the beast over its mark over his image over the number of his name. They're not up and have been saying oh yes. Worthy. Worthy M.R.. They're not up and have been singing the song and saying oh great and marvelous are my works no no no no no. When they get to heaven. The Bible says they're saying Great. And marvelous. Or your works all the word. These are the ones who got the victory. How can your victory song. Be about anything else but your victory are you with me. And if this song is about their victory. Then the question is what is it teaching us about how they got the victory. They didn't get their victory because of anything inside themselves. They didn't get the victory because of what they knew they didn't get the victory because of some inner power inside there so the Bible says. They look down and he said lord. Just in true. Are your waves. They came to a place where they said you know what jesus. The only reason we're here is because you have been faithful. G Y C I got a message for you tonight. And the message is very very very simple. When you when I get to heaven. We're not going to be standing before God talking about on here because I was faithful. Because you were not both know. We haven't been safe. We've done not even if we fail. We've been cowards when we should have had courage. We compromised. When we should have been committed. We wavered. When we should have been walking the path by saying we strayed away. We got discouraged. We were overcome with grief. When we should have been faithful and rejoicing. With joy in the Lord. Not going to be sitting on that sea of glass. Talking about this is what I have done. You see the Bible says. We are to overcome. As Cheesus. Also overcame as means. In the same way. And I love this quote from our father. Cares. She says we must overcome as Jesus. Overcame her next sentences. By trusting in God's promises by trusting in his what his promises he received. Strength to keep his commandments. I'm going to say that again. She says Jesus overcame by trusting in God's promises. He received strength to keep God's commandments. The Bible says that the dragon is wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed. Who do what. Keep the commandments of God. How are we going to keep the commandments of God by trusting in His promises. Do you want to see I need you to know tonight that there's no reason to be discouraged. Because what the Bible is trying to teach us. Is that when we look at the promises. We find out that Jesus has always been faithful. You see when I was in the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps had several different models over time. They used to be to the shores of Tripoli. Used to be fortified. But then something happened in eight hundred thirty six or eight hundred thirty five. Where they decided we're going to choose a different model. And they chose the motto. Semper Fi delis in law to that means. Always Faithful. And they wanted to make sure that people understood with the Marine Corps. Even to this day. This still continues. That the Marine Corps is all about this exact phrase. Always Faithful. So they said look. In order for you to always be faithful it takes three things. It takes honor. It takes courage. And it takes commitment. So I remember being in boot camp. And I remember when we were practicing with the rifle on rifle range. I'm not indorsing this. I'm just telling you a story. And I remember that you had to hit the target. Eight times out of ten times. And if you didn't hit it eight times out of ten times from five hundred yards that's five football fields away. Then you failed. But you Cebu can't was very interesting because a Marine Corps boot camp. When you come back to what they call the squad they where you sleep in do all your work and everything and shower. They tell you to get online so they have this little line across and you stand on line. And the drill instructor walks in and instead of saying. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. He stands in front. And he says. If you fail to rifle range. Step out. He already knows who failed. But it is a test of honor. Do you have the honor and the courage to step out in Own your mistake. Knowing the consequences that man is going to make you do pushups and to you Don. You already knew what was coming. But even though you knew what was coming. You recognized that all that difficulty of doing pushups. All that difficulty of being punished. Would be compared as nothing to me losing my honor. It would be compared as nothing to me losing my courage. I would rather do pushups for four hours. But at least I'm still an honorable man. You see G Y C This is the place that you and I have to come to. And to recognize that this is where Christ. Is this is where Christ was. And this is where he's always been one to take you back to the book of for Samuel to show you that Jesus has always been faithful. For Samuel Chapter thirty. Turned there quickly. First Samuel. Chapter thirty. The Bible says here in the life of David. Beginning in verse one the Bible says Now we came to pass when David and his men King to Zick lag. On the third day that the amount had invaded the South and Zyklon going to toxic Lagan burned it with fire. And I taken captive. The women in those who were there from small to great. They did not kill anyone. But carried him away and went their ways. So David and his men came to the city. And there it was burned with fire and their wives their sons and their daughters had been taken captive. Then David and the people who were with him. Lifted up their voices and wept until they had no more power to weep and gave its two wives. You know on the just relied is an abbey go the widow of NEIGHBOUR The Kilmer liked. Had been taken captive. The Bible says in verse six now David was greatly distressed. Do you know why David was greatly distressed the Bible says. For the people spoke of stoning him. These are the men who have been walking with him. They spoke of stoning him. The Bible says. Because the soul of all the people. Was bitter. It was discouraged. Every man for his sons and his daughters. But the Bible says. But David. Strengthen himself in the Lord he has gone. Listen sometimes you come to a place. As a leader. Sometimes you come to a place as a father. As a mother that you try to lead. And all the sudden. As you're trying to lead your family. Lead your church. Leave your youth group. Lead your ministry. Things get difficult things go wrong. For the people that you are following and for your own life. And you're saying Lord. How can I bear this burden. The people I'm leading are suffering. As I'm trying to follow you into the work you've called me to do. And now Lord it's gotten to the point where the people are thinking about stoning me. The Bible says that David recognize something in that moment. He said wait a minute before I get bogged down by what I see. Before I get the stories by what's going on around me. Before I sit down and start meditating on all the gossip. He says let me remember how God has led me in the past. Saul tried to kill me twenty something times. I had saw in my hands and saw had me in his hands. So all has an enormous army. I only got three hundred men. But God has led me and I survived. And now that David has survived the Bible says He strengthen himself in the Lord he's gone. G Y C I need you to know that if you're discouraged about your struggle with sin and Satan and self. Even though you're overwhelmed. Just sit down and think about how God has led to in the past. And what you're going to find is that he's always been face. And you strength in yourself in the Lord your God. But you see it's not enough. Go to soem three. When it take you to song three because David has some of my favorite promises in the Bible. Saw him. Three When you're there say men. The Bible says a some of David when he was running from. Absalom his own son. Lord. How they have increased who trouble me. Many are they who rise up against me. Many are they who say of me. There is no help for him in god. But you all Lord are a shield for me. My glory and the one who lives some my head. I cried on to the lawyer with my voice and he heard me from his Holy Hill. I lay down and slept. I awoke for the Lord has sustained me. Somebody better same and. Sometimes you're not even sure you go make it through the night. David said I lay down my head and I woke up. Because the Lord has a stinking. Sometimes you're so sick. Sometimes the cancer is so bad sometimes the disease is just so debilitating to your body you say Lord. I don't think I'm going to make it. But David said Listen to me. When everyone said there is no help for him and God when everyone was increased against him. He said But you all Lord are a shield for me. You are my glory and a lift or of my head. And I lay down my head. And I slept. And I got up the next morning. Because the Lord has sustained. You see Jesus has always been faithful want you to go to Isaiah Chapter fifty nine. Isaiah Chapter fifty nine. I see in the fifty ninth chapter. The Bible says. Beginning in verse nineteen are you there. The Bible says so shallow they fear the name of the Lord from the west and His glory. From the rising of the sun. When the enemy comes in like a flood. The spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard. Against him. Somebody better save than. You look at these promises and recognize that right here he says. When the enemy comes in like a flood. When the dragon sent that flood after the woman did not the spirit raise up a standard against a yes or no. Yes because he's always been faithful. But here in Isaiah he says. Listen. Jesus receive. Strength to the promises of God. So that he could keep the commandments of God. We need to stop focusing on the commandments and start focusing on the promises. Let's now to do and get in the nitty gritty. Well. What does this mean to keep the Sabbath. We don't need to lower the standard. We need to increase our strength in dependence on Christ. Too many people want to sit and say well this is too difficult. Maybe it is for you. But there is nothing too difficult for you and the Lord. We don't need to preach. Easier standards. We don't need to make it easier to be a Seven Day Adventists. Because I'm a tell you right now. When I joined this church. People said you know. Brother Sebastian. I'm so excited you know as you joined our church. There in Georgia. They said you know the one thing I love about new converts. Is that they're always on fire. They're always ready to go. They're always ready to get into evangelism and I look at the person. And I said you know what. I'm an explainer that in my next sermon. And I stood in a pulpit the next day and I said I need you to understand something. Church family. That when people come into the church. The reason why we come in hitting the ground running. The reason why we come in willing to do all that Jesus is the reason why we come in second ready to surrender. Is because it cost us something to be a Christian. We had to give up things in order to follow Jesus. We knew that look I wasn't born into this. I didn't inherit this. I didn't grow up singing the songs of Zion. I don't recognize that if I'm going to follow Jesus is going to cost me something. So you better believe. If I'm going to lose my friends. I believe one hundred percent of this. You better believe. If I'm going to give up having all of these relationships and family gatherings. You better believe I believe this one hundred percent. Because when it cost you something that's all of the sudden where people are not so sure to join. So let's not make it easy for people to join the church. We need to recognize that when Jesus. Laid his ideal for us which I know my sense is higher than the highest human thought can reach. Is God's ideal for his children. Godliness. Godlikeness is the goal to be reached. How do you think you're going to become God like in your own showing how do you think you're going to become like Jesus. In your own strength. You will never do it. We don't even know what it's like to be holy because everything you know as the Bible says all of our righteousness is our ass filthy rags. Dummies even the good things you do we're not talking about just since we're talking about the fact you got up this morning to have devotion righteousness. Filthy rags. We are never going to do it in our own strength. And so the Bible doesn't say when the enemy comes in like a flood. Make sure you have your book it's ready. The Bible doesn't say when the enemy comes in like a flood make sure you dig a deep enough ditch. To swallow up the flood. No the Bible says. When the enemy comes in like a flood. The spirit the who. The Spirit will raise up a standard for you. Amen. We need to be less dependent on men. And more dependent upon Christ. Price object lesson says. The success. Our success in the work. It is not the capabilities. We now possess or ever will put says that will give us success in the work. It is only. It is what only that which the Lord can do for you. We need to have less confidence in what men can do. And more confidence and what God can do for every believing. So all but a quote doesn't stop there. She says God longs to have us reach out after him in faith God longs to have us. Expect great things from him. Who do you understand the word longs. You see of somebody was at lunch this afternoon and I said hey brother you going to finish that. That sandwich over there ought really like your sandwich. That's one thing but if the brother looks at your food and says Hey brother. I'm longing for your son wish that doctors feels like a deep soul desire are you following me. So in the Bible says that God says. I'm longing to have you expect great things from me. That is a deep. Define so desire that God says When all you can to come to me and asked me for things that only God can do. When you say Lord. They said. There's a twelve step. Stop smoking program. Lord I want you to do it and one step. Because only God can do that. Lord they said Oh. There's a process of healing from these broken relationships but Lord. I need you to do it today. Because I need you to do something that only God can do. Let's stop asking God to do things that men can do. And then we will see God work. Brothers and Sisters. Jesus has always been feet. Want to go to my last verse. Hebrews chapter twelve. Hebrews Chapter twelve lists are in there quickly. The Bible says. Verse one. Therefore we also. Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses. Let us lay aside every weight. And the sin which so easily. Ensnares us. And let us run with in durance the race. That is set before us looking until Jesus. Not the finish line. Looking unto Jesus. Not the finish line. Looking unto Jesus. The author and finisher. Of our faith you see when Paul says. We are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. One commentator says that Paul is using a limp dick. Language. When the runners would gather there in Greece. As they're all lined up as they walk onto the track to run the race. Along the hall as they would see those who have run the race before them. They would see them wearing their crowns. So that as they're coming to the starting line. And they say look this is a marathon. This is going to be a long race. This is going to be a hard race. But you see as you walk by these men sitting in the stands with their garlands on the runner remembers that. When I'm in the race and I'm getting tired. When I'm in the race and I'm getting discouraged. I remember that I saw Abraham in the stands out remember that among that great cloud of witnesses. I saw Daniel into stands out remember as I'm coming to run this race. That I saw no law in the stands. Whose faith lasted one hundred twenty years. I remember that I saw Jesus in the stands. Saying I've run this race. And we have won. Because he's always been face every head is about every I is close Avonlea father. Is there someone in this room. That is discourage that is tired of living an average Christian life. That is ready to come to Jesus tonight. Up to this altar and say Lord I want to ask you for something that only God can do. I want to ask you for a victory that only Jesus can give. So that when someone says. Where are the Daniels today. Where are the asters. Where are the Josephs worthy enough to take. And someone's going to look down at that little church. Wherever you are no say these are things. These are they. If that is your desire as Nestor sings this song. I want you to be an answer to the song. When they say where are the Daniels we're going to be able to say the right here in Louisville. If that is the call that God has placed upon your heart. Say Lord I'm coming here to ask you to do something that only Jesus can do. I want you to come to this altar. As he sings this song. I'm tired. I'm struggling. I'm coming. And I'm asking you to do. What Only Jesus can do this message was recorded at the Jew I see two thousand and fifteen conference called chosen and Louisville Kentucky. Q I see a supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered. And so when Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web or G.


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