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2. God's Righteousness or Yours?

Gregory Jackson


Gregory Jackson

President/CEO of Surrender Ministries Inc.



  • December 31, 2015
    10:00 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called chosen. Other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Well our Jeanne. We were going around. Into the. The session to. And my name is Gregory Jackson. And this is session two and the topic is surrender. The key to righteousness. By faith. The substance of everything is surrender. And we're going to see how it is the key to rights is miss my faith which is the gospel. Again. Here is one of the clearest different. It is the clearest definition. That's why again I know this is inspired of God. You will never see this kind of cold. Anywhere else. Know of a commentary that you get on the Bible. We're giving this it's awesome. Knows what it says holiness is constant agreement with God. Holiness is constant a good best definition of holiness. I've ever seen. You see if we're going to deal with Rice's my faith we have to get the new definition we have to redefine it like you had to redefine goodness in the last session. Everything is essentially you have to redefine something. The going through we don't have to redefine our understanding of Orion. Just nets. Homeliness. Here's a best definition of holiness is constant agreement with got constant constant continually the enemy of God will seek to draw us away from our legions. But wow we crave to him who who gave Himself for us. We are safe safe. And that's why. H.P. know. In high places in high places. How. And heavenly places that's it and have my mug. Get a senior moment. In heavenly places. Pain started three Paragraph four and how many places. Study three paragraphs for best definition. Now here's additional definition that we as administration have always done. We want to ask what is sin. We say this with much further whosoever committed a sin transgress is also law for sin is transgression a lot that is a definition. As a definition. But you must understand that definition. And you must not stop at that verse. If you want to fully understand and fully quoted. You got it you have to deal with the whole context. All of it because we can use the Bible to say anything. As long as we take it out of context. So it's a is who have a committed sin transgressors. Also in addition to use also transgress the law. Because you know. And it is going to say for same. It is transgression of the law. It is that but notice what comes after that and this sets it up. Verse five. And you know that he was manifested. To Turkey a way. Ousted and. Oh my goodness. And in him is what. Who has a powerful statement. This and it is not going to stop there this stuff is also what I say is who have been abiding in him. Costly agree with him as are you by. You understand why you have a coffee agree. In a minute. They were. And you know that he was manifested take away our sins and in Him is no say in whosoever abideth in yam say never not. Now folks. If you don't. If you into behavior. You know I can beat and of course next quote right there in a way you can so what I'm saying right now you don't have to redefine your definition of see into it except the definition of righteousness. It will help you define what sin is if rightist miss is constant agreement with God and that means abiding in him. Guess what seen is not abiding in here. And I'll tell you why I don't know why but just hold on to these concepts they are radical but they are true. And that's what's going bring the difference. This change is sick. If we stay stuck on what we've always believed. And don't move forward truth is progressive. If the pioneers didn't accept the Sabbath they did you know they've never got the Sabbath to. But they're still more true to understanding the Sabbath which I wanted to but if you don't accept a new truth becomes new light up that shines on the OWN proves that brings. And in the way you can tell it. It doesn't do. Way with the over in the Magna five. And you can see how this thing. Magnified. Takes it to a whole nother level. Further than we've taken it before. And if you can if you. Once they stuck on as additional. Then you will move to the next level. And Jesus is in movement. That's why they call it a movement. Because when once they stop because truth is progressing in a way who have a bite of him because she is going to lead a horse people leads you to all through. He said you don't know it all now. But you just get in Christ. In the Holy Spirit will guide you and then when he guides you. You agree. And it's all you agree. You're holding. Because you are in Christ. Saw whosoever by having him sin if not turn up any don't transgress the law. Because the laws based on two principles. Supreme love to God Jesus. And when you love and then. Unconditional love to your brother and sister and in Christ he'll Egypt Air. Oh boy I wish air temp with. Maybe I'll get there is. If you really want to know how to love your enemy. Remind me. If I can come back to this. How do you love people that are doing the wrong. And it caught me doing wrong and. Does that mean how do you do there. Help me get back if we have time. If that today demanding one last session when I have question answered with a way so. Push about him. Now I'm not and but it doesn't suck to look at this. Whosoever as one of God does not commit sin for see remain in him and he cannot see him come back to that because he is born of God will come back to what he has his would Jesus say. John fifteen four through six. Are binding me. And I in you. As a branch can not bear fruit of itself do you hear that it is an absolute truth. You can not produce fruit. If you are not in Christ you can't do it and if you are wholly your work is. That's what the fantasies. And that's what makes a legal ists the Pharisees were good little as they said. What we couldn't do it and I've been there done that best legalism around. Advantage can be the best legal us in the world you know why because we have more facts than anybody else more facts you had them only will you can be. So it's a good thing that we can be. Because we have more of the facts. But we have to get the truth. In those facts. And so he says without me you can do except it a my is it you cannot bear fruit it can happen a branch can't bathroom itself. Except it a by in a manner. No more can you except to abandon me. I am Divine little branches. He that are bad if in me and I N. him. The saying bring the forth much fruit through to Spirit is love John Peter what with out me. You can do some things you can do a couple things. You can do one thing. You can do. No say we don't believe you listen to how we talk. We don't say that. So what must I do where you need to stop Fran more. You need to start studying a mob or more those are all works. Of a spirit. To food of the spirit in you. You can read your Bible in the flesh and all you get is and facts. And you get legal listed in self rightists that's what you get your judgement on and then you see in a church a whole lot of flesh. But all this knowledge and all its truth that we've had and we're still here. Why if a man invited me. Not in me. Listen to this. If a man doesn't abide in me. Man woman or girl. He is cast for as a brand. And as women and men gather women cast him into the fire and they are heard that if he didn't say. If you don't keep the Sabbath holy then he said if you don't abide in me. That's what he saves. Meaning all come to me in that day and say lot in our did not even say are never do you how can I would talk about what we were just key to. So let's go back six feet Hanna. Let's reverse nine. Why does God put so much emphasis in abiding him. Why is some wind of the wheel daily. So important that absolutely innocent why. Why. WHO HAVEN'T is born of God does not commit sin does not try to live outside of Jesus. Let me just say Fargo for. You need to hear this. Any time we walk enough. Everything we do is seen including keeping the commandments. If you in your for less. You're insane you have to walk in the spirit. On the way you walk in the spirit is being cry so he can crucify the face. And a life you live now is by His power in the spirit. That's only way you walk in the spirit. If the only way. And we can only do one thing. In S. let Jesus crucified us. And then he transforms us. We are born again. Raised up in newness and walk through his power. And now in that state. Even though. You're not all the way there in behavior. There is no condemnation because it's guaranteed. And you want to tell you get a tad. And we want proven to second is guaranteed by law. By law that she will be right. But here's the key. This whosoever is born of God does not commit sin sin is walking your flesh. Being outside of Christ. If you're born of God every day. You are in Christ. You don't see in. Because you in Christ now. And his right isn't his stance where your on rightists. And now you can grow in your space without being condemned and it preserves the law because the law has to be obeyed. Day one. You don't have time to mess up the law. If you break the law you die. But the grace. Now Jesus can justify us in be just without dictating the law does. Is not about get the whole you have to be holy. And in Christ is the way. Did you hear what I said. The only way. This was makes me desperate. I don't know if I don't. I don't care how much I learned and how much I pray. None of it. It's all gone. If I don't you in Christ. I just want to know him. And the power of His resurrection. Therefore I do one thing. Pressed them. For the Haqqani of God in Christ Jesus. When our people get here. We do this one work twenty four seven. Our God is going to work in and through us. And with all this work short in writing this to his power. And it's so easy. Do you know I never rested so much. Is that a do nothing thing is the greatest manual for. Because given it all to Jesus given him control of your life. That's the last thing you want to do. But Jesus will give us the strength to do there. And the joy we will experience in the peace. The peace with Congress has seen his See remain within him. That's why he see. Remain authentic. What is that me. What is you see here it is less a modest gravity Nana three laws of rightists three last three laws three laws. We lost. You must understand all three. In order to deal with writer says he on Romans seven twenty one. I find in a law. Here is rock is of the Apostle Paul. And he's talking about his experience when he first he thought he could be righteous my O.B.'s tomorrow. And so he said I tried it in Sydney. Then you get for it we said. But then you know I found a law that. When I tried to do good. Simonson me. So he said not net net and now he's describing the struggle of somebody converted. He had with him when he was talking around some time and no was talking about converting people. Look what he said. For and finding a law that when I would do good evil as president was you know that's a law. It's a loss in the last thing and that's the first when any goes contrary to law about the First World War God here is he said while they lie in the law of God That's a converted person to sin as do not. The life in God's law. So subset. What as Paul before he was converted no. Les Paul at is converted. But he was a little as when he came to him he said I got a fire. So he tried to do live in the last no not another way because there's a lot of defy the makes it impossible for me to keep my law that law is in your flesh. And even though the law of God is in your mind that all the friends say is the more you try to keep it all you do it reproducing. Because all you're right is Mrs Fidler I know after the in with my. But I see another law. Oh. There's a long goddess in my mind that had like Mana do. But there's another Momo TAF. That was born when there's a lot of laws a part of my flesh. And as long as I'm enough less this law operates I don't care how good it looks that all. I see in my mynde was warning against the law in my mind and bringing me into kept to the long sayin. What is in my memory so when I say I'm going to not do an enema one morning. And I want to say I won't do the right thing on their own Now I don't hear how strong your willpower. Ears. When it comes to being as right is as gone. Ears. You can do it. Now you can measure yourself Bob brothers when I'm not as bad as so and so they are Nacho standard. Neither are they you'll save so stop missing yourself by a puny human being and maybe yourself by God. Can you do that. Can you be as holy as God has low requires it in his neck and give you time to get there were just made a way that our son had of obedience to law is a bad faith in Christ. And in him in a work. He was a queer faith. It would serenely does do nothing. Not true because we don't see another low. But I need to understand you understand. With you can not be wholly. Apart from Jesus. You cannot because there's a law. You're trying to define a law. They were deceased something that drop their skin. Is this ping on Frodo is gone from sad Wayne's. Why isn't it when I don't write that law. I don't believe that law. That goes against what I was taught. But now. So the first law is a law of God to see a man. I'm going to write on the holder of God. As a lot of quietly at holy as God I want to be. There's another law. Because we're born in scene that defies Ed this is impossible. You can never do it in your flesh you can't because there's a lot as that rules your own life. It has us. And even in your right is this is feel free. Because it's all about self and it is not about God. You cannot love God with all your heart and you can you love your brother to society's me. It's impossible. I don't know if you heard or Thurman last night. You need to learn how to love and that's true. But you can do it. You can do it. Not the way God requires it. Because of what I after given what I don't forget. That's that it was forgiven but I got to get away from taps doing on me to find a call in heaven where you can get away from simple. I love him but I'm over another church when we don't but when you get to him flesh wants to run because French king. Do it. But then we don't want to meet him. JUST GET REAL were gods a lot I can't be there. If you don't do it in me it will not happen. Oh I wish I had time to tell you how a lot more to me to say this much. I came to our healthcare. So C.N.N.'s going to listen to just their lawn this because it's their daughter. So crass at all wretched man that's where we need to be all regimen and that I am who show the love of me from his buying I missed dad. I thank God through Jesus here comes the. Here comes the Calvary naff the advantages here we come. I'm going to travel here we come calling I thank God through Christ Jesus our Lord. So with the mind I serve the Law of Christ. But with the Freston loss and when I'm innocent to come in the same command. OK crisis come but now that the man a civil defense Lawson Yes is still the same but there's a difference. Once you're in Christ is a difference why isn't the law Romans a second verse second chapter one through four says. Therefore there is therefore when you in price there is therefore no way to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the fresh but after the spirit out the step and given in Christ. I am made. Holy and righteous in emerging as stated that way for and immediately. That's called justification. If you say we're now you got to make disputed one thing. Because you stay in cries. Your sanctification is guaranteed. Guaranteed guilt free. Right. This sounds too good to be true. Is the gospel. The good news of Jesus Christ. So a cinema like me. Can preach discuss with power because Jesus. Extra getting. It's womanizer known down the line. Jesus saves Jesus. There is no condemnation. Because there's a law in Christ Jesus there defies the laws of scene and makes it possible. If you have a wonder why. A plane can fly. It defines them all grabby that all that metal can get a finance right now when you step on a fine You better believe it when a lot of faith. When you sit your aunts down and see. Because all that metal. King fact at me that plane way is way it's much more to me. And I came flat. Eat don't believe you came from going to top in should jump off he would have. But we don't have one you know one. Because there's another law the law of aerodynamics that defies the law of gravity and makes it possible for me to fly. When. Without that I could never do. Worked. Well there's another lower God in Jesus when you in Jesus. There is no condemnation. Because there's another law that works that guarantee you will be sanctified every long as you are by a by the one thing. Abide. That's right. Stay in IF IT folk in megalo rocking put a seat belt on no one away I'll stay there we go through. Go get the hour now. So success of the face of the. Now message for the home of the Spirit of Life in Christ. Have made me free from the law of sin and death. For what the law of God could not do you hear what I say. The law of God could not do it. No fresh shall be justified by the deeds of the law. None. Now God you work and OK what you know what are you fast and pray you know forty days in for a night's. But you will still end up. You in the flesh. And you may change some out of behavior. But you can't change your soul. Your character. Only Jesus can do that now. There's a law. The Spirit of Life in Christ. Called spirit life. Because you know when we when we come to Jesus I don't care how you may think you are Paul was very pretty always Our though i was our lab in a bag of chips. So I met Jesus. Then I dad. See we're born gay intrust passes in sin. The spirit has to quicken us and make us alive in Jesus. And as long we are bad in a keeper Macwhich mean us and kill in its place because when you come there's a whole lot of flesh. In there. We don't know about. And Jesus says don't worry about I got you don't you stay in me. Loans you keep on surrender and. That's the key is guaranteed. There's no condemnation. When I show you you you on were there and it will make you sick. But you just give it over to me because I didn't show it to do you condemn you. ASHO duty to save you. Because guess what I'm going to save and work. I'm changing your number get there late in the last year. I'm changing your number from sinful six to seven right says six six six. All right. For the Law could not do in that it was we were to the flesh. Only Jesus can kill us. And then we come back alive. You came. Die and come back and I say some else the Bible say The Soul is Senate. It's what the the dying Christ and come alive all you can be die. And you'll see in whatever way you gotta die. So I choose a dad. In the way that get a life because you're already in Christ you could Dasa in your life as well as we're alive now and again take it I love this thing and I'm tending to many times I come to law and I feel like vs because I see surely myself in the stuff I thought was right in number three I want time I shared the Bible with my friends and it was in and spears a great Cuban show that's yet you want to see but you also want to see all the mocked up so you see how much instead. I said Lord forgive me. And the Muslim friends pry pry all up in here and you know if somebody tell me I'm done and out of ribbon ratify. You know somebody a decade I want to focus a bit God showed me me. And then he said don't feel condemned Gregory. I'm showing you that and you just give it over to me say Look. That just makes you more hungry for me please Lord take control of this fish kill me father. Get rid of it. It makes me sick. And I cry out the more the more you show me the more I seek after him. The more I want Jesus. Mayor about Jesus I would no more evenly. The other show. More of him. I just want to know more about him. So here's what happens that the right is that he does all this that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk. Not after the flash of walk after the Spirit agreement with God. Keep on a green. And you keep staying in Christ. And then you walk in the spirit. But if you stop agreeing with him. Then you no longer about. Now you in your fridge. And now you insane. But if you in his crisis. Because it's a stance on your behalf. And it's right to this guarantee you that you will be like him when he's If that is good news I don't know. Makes me shout admiring Gloria there will be in there for a home with a way. Let's go. And then N N N N N N N A That's now I don't have time to time I'll let me just read this pope. Taken from actually apostles. Again man I'm twenty when you really understand when you really stick to the divine to the inspired commentary right on it is that acts as the apostles pay fifty two paragraph ass's having book convicted of sin because it tells you that with the spirit you can pick the same writings and judgement. Then breaks that has come to his inspired come to have in book of fiction a sin. And presented before the minder standing right is convict of sin and righteousness. Can stand there right in this is Jesus conviction of sin sin is. He didn't believe in a lot of same because you believe not in him. You believe in yourself and walking a friend of rights is because he's gone to the Father. And he pleases writes this. So you see sin is walking enough less righteousness is coming to Jesus so he inclusive I'm afraid. Then he says. Then. Then judgment. Now judgment takes place. Does judgment is the Holy Spirit feeling. All of our secret see how the flesh is so in control of everything. Is it. This Holy Spirit will draw the effects this is the work of judgment. The Holy Spirit. Now may now be written my teeth. This comes naturally. When I'm in Christ the Holy Spirit would draw of the affection from the things of this earth and fill the SO with and Love all trust me. That's a process of time. Because it would love how we think we is this like dislike of the wizard of all. I click my heels I'm in Kansas. No. So to the spirit. Because if you so you reap. It is so to speak to remember see we've been so and then he says and then he says for in kill season if you faint not. She will read. Why because you've been so into the flesh for ever and. Now used us onto the Spirit is going to be a process of time. I'm still not as whole as I want to be and bear it in a world class so clearly. But I'm saying not I want to be like you. And he in a cross I get to in the morning shows me. I am now I am and I feel love and if I don't keep my eyes on Geez I get discouraged. I get discouraged. But he says great it's not. It is no condemnation. And the Spirit keeps on reviving me. Because even the smallest a lot i'm now. Or it is a priestess true. I want to be more representative of it was made me more revenue a family as myself. Most people. I'm doing pretty good. I met myself by many young men. Jesus maintenance and Lord I'm so far from you and I worry. I want to represent you better in my life and the losses I got there Gregory now using in spite of yourself. But don't you have to be a M C. If you walk the Lord. He keeps you humble. He Well that's why I say if you walk with God You have to walk humbly. Because trust me. The closer you walk to and a more he will show you how messed up. You will are. And you come home bow naturally. You can be proud and walk with Jesus is impossible. If you probably don't know the law. What makes you fall. David is you start thinking i'm came right out did this and I did that when you know we use a shepherd boy. You trust in a lot he said I came to anything without him you killed a man a banner John. Not a god as exultant. You got all up in the your flesh. And you forgot to do the one thing every day oh yes you were Coast back in the day. But this is today every day you got to do it. And if you're walking with him. If you stay in him he'll keep wanting to do it because you keep you see him who you are and how hopelessly lost you are without him. But a fact then get less it gets deeper. So whenever you get that way is because you've turned away from the one thing and got busy doing other stuff at the top was right when I had to spend more time. I got get out here. Yet with those results you do it at God space you do it when God says do it. I don't do everything people say out to be done to be righteous. That's all we don't want him going to say I'm not trying not in thing but really actually a people don't when I'm going out with I go out when I've been in Spanish they were focused on the drama as a bit of God does not inspire and you do it don't go don't go. You know we think. Well if I don't go out I don't know wrong. That's control. And we get we get caught up in numbers. Well if I got thirty thousand I got a better chance last you got too many out of one three hundred by for this sentence I'm right here. And I'll put my heart out put it in them but you gotta be walking with the Lord to know it. You said you know he'll let you know. You go with this word. The we have a I don't do it if you say we're fast they are say I got him. I don't call a fast for the whole church. We like to be God. He would like to be God. When we do eventually try to control him by his actions. Because we want to we want to bad a certain number that's God's business to be all up in God's business. And then we make strength feel like they don't have a walk with a lower because they don't do what we require. We'll God and. If you don't do this you don't know that self. If you trust that it's God's business. Then you put it out there and say if you feel it convicted then join me F. not don't wear body let God be God. And I got work would follow but we can say. We want numbers with a we said well we had two thousand folks out pass not leadership. You should have had five maybe because too many was not representing right. And so when they looked. Yeah they knocked on doors that made you feel good. But what God looked at is what they saw when you open day. This is the way we've been thinking for years and we gotta stop. Let go of the reins let God be God and he'll take us home. But we have to get out of the way. Having book of business in he will guide you into all truth. The saving declare. If you know willing to be molded plastic kiddie I we willing. If men are willing to be molded there would be born about a sanctification of the whole being here. He will do it is guaranteed. Us. Thank God for Jesus. There will be brought about a sense of his whole being the Spirit will take the things of God The Spirit will take the things of God the spirit world take the things of God and stamp them on both. Oh guaranteed by his power the way of life will be made so prying that none of need and they are N. Who could know. Jesus say. Have your heard the joy of us now Jesus Jesus prayed the Great this is a Jesus a germination the seeds it is this to let you know it's over a process of time. And you will always see it. Stop looking forward to trust God. I'm OK The best way to measure the measured by how well you do. Out a behavior I have another caller on measured by how much you love your enemies. That's awesome a growth. That's awesome and. Because it is the carrot is the cause love. Flash does not love. Suffer Leslie. It doesn't. There's always going to be a reason why I love you. That's tied in the way you treat me. Or the way you're connected to me but God gave me to a place where I asked our love and better. And groaning. Where asked at the way I used to hold a grudge for ever. I don't I'm a holder for two days waiting for our whole for a year or for the rest of your life you can pin it on how you did it. But God will start breaking me down. And I see. I can hold it. And I'm tell you said Mel. Avril as a in the N.F.L. My wife and son and privacy problem existing flesh. I want to win an argument I want to win my way. And I was the obvious A in the level of logarithm to have food. I was a lot of them know what you're going to go make me for years and I'm going to say I'm sure you'll make me go and say I'm sorry and I'm ready yet I want to I want to make them suffer a little bit. I don't want to say I'm sorry I know. In the US and then you just lock yourself in unhappiness I guess it would like to at the bar say I'm acting crazy arcane enjoy my life I'm gonna say I'm sorry. And I can enjoy myself. In a way. Some YAGNI don't mean sit in the same side of the church because you know hold a grudge even forgot what you made about you just made their way. He says his growth assignment in perception yet it is continuous. So is the development of the life of Chris and it is a custom staying at every stage is another my life may be what was the way. Are yet of God's purpose for us is for feel. There will be a continual immensely. If you keep on a green. Because God Go show you. Yes we are to judgment. Sanctification is the work of a lifetime long as I'm livin I'm going to grow on you know what when you get to have you can keep on growing. You don't grow in perfection. You'll be purple grow more and more my God. To have to sift is a debate turn to you will never stop rolling. As I often is most prosperous will enlarge our numbers will increase. We shall be strong to bear responsibility. And I'm a church it will be a proportion to our privies in the prison Jesus Christ cock. Price of the lessons. Sixty five per Graf to let me keep on going let's go. This did the message first John one five to ten this thing is the message. How am I doing in time I'm just curious. Oh I'm real good. Real good. This then is the message which we have heard in of him. This is a good ball but we would go to John to say I'm a tater whole Here's his his inclusion and this is the message after heard all this easy. And we trade and you that God is right and him in Christ is no darkness at all. She is how low works if we say that we have fellowship with him to surrender and walk in darkness. We lack. Walk in darkness. About our sales. Our own spiritual condition. So what does that say about the male to see answers which is a concert. That said we recently is a good lawyer said no you have a feel for a wretched told me that wretched in by. Because we've been told that righteousness is about obedience to the law. Instead a righteous is a surrender. Daily continually to Jesus. As long as we think it's obvious and law. We will walk in our flesh. I'm going with my teeth and won't be holy and will look good in front of my fellow Christians. So here's and say who you know is also he good Christian. He didn't know. You know. Didn't it and he didn't he didn't violate he was he God's will is a set up SEE HOW DO YOU GOT will it is the Sabbath. Make sure you in Christ. Then you can relax and rest. You can see why you keep what you don't a set of us are do whatever I want. I do have a shot by see your car I make sure I do the one thing that makes it every day. I do with Sabbath is our rest in Jesus. I trust. And I know you know what. I don't I want to say I say what I must summit a some as long as you go on what you say you are thinking and saying your own thoughts. Because giving God to guess who is. So whatever came out your mother didn't come out to mouth. Came out because you were right or didn't come out because you thought of were. So you thinking and saying your own thoughts. The way you can not say your own thoughts it is nice and rendered and then the rest in Jesus. Rest in Jesus. You now working to be holy you doing a one Work work work of righteousness that leads to wrist. And now you can just rest in Jesus say whatever I want to saying guess what. When I'm going to find a set of The Holy Spirit a great that's enough. That's enough. Don't talk. Get away stop it. Say this. Whatever. Here let me know and there are times and there are some other people that can carry on with that conversation. Because that is where they are in a walk with God. I don't judge them by Allied God be God in their lives. I know he told me to shut up so I go. I'll do whatever he told me to do you keep on doing it and unless God has told you you still not insane because sin is. When you are no longer. Abiding in cries. Knowledge about inquest always people conviction. At your level. At your pace. See with God He can adjust and adapt his low to where you are and you can be who you are. And he when you grow naturally in him. And you'll enjoy every moment of your life because it is not condemn. And he let you go and you space without condemnation and is guaranteed folk. And so I don't have to watch you and try to be a lot of your lives. You know. You know that you know her does he have messes Usually Mr what I do is us a lot are nearness thing that take control of my appetite and. Today. Today. All that I eat all that drink. And all that I do. Let me do it your glory and God takes me at my place. And I haven't and I really like what he whatever I want. Because I trust God. Order and do what he promises. And trust me he he does so in a no dogmas. If we won't. If we say we in him we were walking dogs about our own spiritual vision not somebody else's our own. Well lack. But if we continue to agree. And walk in the light because they see green as he is the light. Guess what happens. We have fellowship one with another. Yes God and any Tweedy each other to condemn and of blood. This is guaranteed I said guaranteed. Feel magazine in the UP AT THE END down true. Rapid fear in the matter what you feel. If we walk in the light. As he is alive. We have another ship one with another and the brother of gives us Christ His Son. Just what. From what not son. I want that to sink in you hear it because this is new stuff. For most of us. I know it now. Now if we walk on how do you walk in the life. Here is fifteen. Thank you. Oh hell no to go through that. Man I'm. Well I'm a comeback I gotta read the whole thing. That's deep if we say how we have no said. We deceive ourselves. And what you have thought. And the truth is that when doctors and so that's if you can walk in though because God like you know shit. And if you and doctors you want to live your life. That was it. So if we say we have no say in your law. What did he say he became Simeon cries there strew U.K.. But guess what in Christ. He conviction of sin. And you not condemned because you covered by a rotten. And you have to admit that you often feel if you want to stay in No seen in a way. Hey in there with his kids how we stay clear of we what I what sins here favor and just to do one and two why i from. How much. Oh. Now if we say we have not seen you alive again. Now here's the rhythm of produce practically. When you in Christ. There's a law of the spirit that were costly leads you into deeper and deeper levels of what you need to know about yourself. There are many things I've yet to tell you but you're not able to bad them right. But when he the Spirit truth has come. He will guide you into all truth. For he will show you about me. Jesus. And he will grow our family. Here give it to you. Now you have to agree. That's why you see is expedient for you that I go. Because of bad own go to the Holy Spirit won't comment even come see he's gone make it possible for what are complex to be in you everywhere and watch. He comes. You can be with me and I can be with you all the time. And in me. He'll do his work. Of sanctification. Canty by allow therefore I don't have any condemnation. When you see it don't feel can mean just agree. Wholeness. Is agreement with Go. Oh you talk about good new. Now when you start. When you have this good news in you. You came home to people say what it was what makes you so happy. What do you know what he's doing from arrived. Oh my goodness. I want to tell you some things a valid am. What he's doing. And he'll do for you your other state toe up on the flow up here Walter. The moment you give it over to your life going Cheney. I wish I had time to deal with being healed immediately. Oh I wish I had been away. If we say that we have a hell of a loss. So let's assess him committing a sin. Conviction of sin sin. Here and convicted of sins. You can't confess your sins. Until you accept the fact of the conviction of sin sin is living in your flesh and thinking you can do it on your own here can fit you. How you have been trying to be holy how you buy her job it is you convict you of how you've been trying to control your life. By working hard getting the money trying to be God in the food. In all is that he's going to convict you of how you about control trial. And stead of being that was easy. Out what we are control freaks. Control freak. Is a person that wants to be. And as all of us here commit you to show you how deep that thing is in us not to condemn us. So we can be transformed from that number six to number seven. So that when they're sealed and test in time come. There's no six just seven. Because the mark of the beast is six six six. The number of a main man taking God's place. The father six. The son six. The Holy Ghost. Trying to do the work of all those three. And when we have no power. Because we came by can't say oh now we can do is trust Jesus. You received that Mark I don't care how much you know. Twenty seven hundred twenty four hundred one and haven't forgotten no will even and quoted for three hundred twelve trying to turn three hundred day. For some doctrines. I mean we're going to lie. And we will stand in line or see the mark. Because a six. Is in us. And a vis has no number is the number of the name of the beast. It's six to six is sinful. He controls everybody now walks in the face of the fest is done in the domination of here. And if you don't change that number to seven. That beast will control. Ten high right. I'm going to get into that deeper. When we get into session number five. About the seal of go ahead. Now. If you think we have not seen. Now we can see our sins. Because we're in a flash in the flesh can see how sinful we are now we can confess I'm now we still am. But if we confess our sin Lord yes I have been you right I have. It's been me trying to control it. Now we can see the sins that we committed as a result of that I was doing if that was all about me. He shows it to me. Oh Lord forgive me after I was doing a holy thing when I let him read that Bible. And you let me know when I got up and walked out I thought I had to go to the bathroom or what I want to do is show off my new sin how good entertainer. Hello swag when I walk. God can only do that you tell me that I'm going to fight you what you can tell me that in a way. OK OK listen hold this country we've got our second. Isn't your readings. Second message. Book two thirty two page thirty two paragraph three. This is look at how we start. I don't know if I had time to read aloud. And I had understand. Vexing afresh. I hear you read it you read it. Oh it's probably no read. OK. I have read Stepha crisis five two six five three really. OK that's it as it is it is it. Doing OK. Some of the love. And his her. I was in August. Passive for thirty six years and went to similar. I mean I mean absolutely love alone I would say as in a similar. And I'm going to say I was insane. But but I've always been exposed very athletic very good athlete still very athletic still. You have sixty six years old and I add probably not run most else in the pin here. But what they have asked us fresh talk me where I was there. And I was always very good at sports and. I had played basketball in long term south very rusty. And on Tuesday night. They let the community come in and old boys can bowl you know they can bowl. They really play it live on the court like I used to live on the court. And so must of it eroded been years since I played. But I say someone do something physical. You know some kind of sense of I know I'm good. If there's somebody about on Tuesday night because I want to a competition some are we playing and this guy in with the devil used. He he talking. He's he's really challenging my manhood. And he's a man you Chuck. May you can play you know about watching from other folks out here you care to give me a way to get I'm going I'm from the Balkan and now so is halfway through and I'm saying wait a minute now. Because no Greg star and of us a wait a minute. He does not know who he's talking to he think you tell them to look good a good boy have been in a church all their life and don't know how to handle so I'm more into do seem to Gregory Jackson. He goes stop that food. An asset of a massive But I'm not going to act a fool. Up here on a basketball court because I am a pastor. But when I get outside the parking lot I know how to do this think that you know I'm a position master in a DA. When I was this myself in a simulation that like an emcee and like I'm going Mark how we go here. And we're going to talk message around here ways pop and we don't depart a gala. You know I when I get in right spot. I'm a turn around and introduce him to Greg rejects. The chunk that he's been calling me all night. And let him know what he dealing with the Holy Spirit said Gregory. Stop plane. Get your stuff and go home. I did mean and in this the first time crowded terminal heat and made me so he degraded me and made me you know and I'm from this treatment old school and. You cannot touch. You cannot just respect you cannot do because if you listen my disrespect to you my Y.M. go home because you know lost. So disguise disrespected me. I'm see I mean I could stand a little bit of a but it took me to another level. And I'm saying no. He got to pay the price. He's got to pay the price. Well. The Holy Spirit to convict me king and by the time we're kind of celebrating hopes with Gregory get your stuff and go home to not play another game. Silas that has OK guys I'm not because we won we won. Not because a mile before and after one I and then I get myself I'm going home but I'm in a car. And I am a male with a lower. I even got to tell me I'm crying in tears because I want to do some. I said no because in my mind. I could see myself as a I was all the way home saying I've got a million and a lot of debt. And I found it but in my mind go home. And what I could have done. Then I got there and not my natural nature is IMO sweet aholic by nature. All I had given feeling bag of sweets in a is a well of MUST So if they lovely and leave all know why. Give me some sweets is all good for minute. What the law said no go to your bedroom and phones up. And I was rushing We got angry. Prayin crime scene Lord. Why do I always have to be to me oh why can't I be to him a some time. And I'm all ways didn't come on now law. Why is this yet Tang. Because this man does what imagist it's a cinch you know come on and Wesson. And God just work with me. And he gave me peace but you know what not three days after he gave me peace enough because at first I can. I could go sleep. He gave me peace that enough I went to sleep but still hella And it time it came back the Holy Spirit say progress or three days later I saw a guy down. We went to town saw a guy. And it surprised me. Actually feel good about him. And I when I said Man Good to see I mean it. There was no animosity. Now the question is this. When did I start loving and showing love to him. Was it was it. When I saw him and actually felt it all. When i immediately. Did with the Holy Spirit told me to do. Even though when I ran home ask you Can his hand parts where I show love. The moment. I surrendered to the voice of go and. I didn't feel because love is not how I feel love not even when I do love is God. And when you threw into the god. All that to do. Doesn't matter. It is out of love because God is he'll deal with your feelings in town so no moment. I threatened. I love mine. And God will fix me how having to live with on pray. They have a father. Thank you for the way. And then life. In Jesus Name. All right well start session dismissiveness like that at the G Y C twenty fifteen cuts cold. Chosen. They fall in love a Kentucky U.I.C. supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered. And so when Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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