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3. Jesus' Peace

Gregory Jackson


Gregory Jackson

President/CEO of Surrender Ministries Inc.



  • December 31, 2015
    1:45 PM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen for other resources like this president's online at W W W G Y C web over Gene. We're going to continue my name is Greg Reed Jackson. And this is session. Three and is the title of every is the key surrender the key to perfect peace and happiness. If you are you know. Discovering in. And you didn't have a word here for the previous two. We have we've been building on some some truths to get here and there with our move further and you'll catch some of it but if you. If it's a little confusing to you or. You have some questions you might want to get the previous tapes I believe they're taping the. So that you can get the whole series because there are some each each session. Is a building block for the next session. So you kind of coming in on what the third grade level and we've already had Grade one and two. So you understand it. So let's get into this now. The key to perfect peace and happiness surrender. I have dealt with a quote that I just want to put those of you that weren't here are whereof and that was that the surrender of the wheel is the substance of all of the teachings of Jesus is the substance of everything in the Bible. Because the script is Rose assess the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life but they are they that testify. Of me and they say but you don't. You don't understand because you will not come to me in S. and John. Five thirty nine and forty. I believe as my room service me. But that was Jesus talking to the Pharisees and you say yeah I know you are thinking he said but yes. You know. But if you really want understand scripture. They are they that testified me and when you really understand a little easy to come to me and. So that's what we're dealing with surrender. And that's the way to come to Jesus at the end. I'm going to me in the say in. In the six. Session which is going to be Sabbath. Evening. I'm going to get into. It's going to be a practical applications of all the things that I'm going to go step by step Mahanta go about it. And entertain questions so it can be as practical as possible. So if you have questions we may get time get to some of them. But if you don't make sure you're going to be in session six. Because we're going to bring all of this together and make it as practical as possible. OK. All right now. The key to perfectly sane happiness as a twenty six three says that will keep him. And what. Her fits peace. So latitude on the West are possible to have perfect peace where you can grow into that in cries. So whose mind is what stayed on the. Because he trusted. In the trust in the last forever. For in the Lord you hope for is everlasting strength. And that's what surrenders are bound. Trusting the Lord and. We dealt with the rich young ruler. And where says go and serve as. That's built on trusting in the Lord. Then we dealt with the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ. As he dwelt in him. Now we're going to get into the law of service and we're going to connect all of these laws together to show how and really I can call it right is man law. But not the kind of law. We think the law of surrender. All right here it is it says now. This is this is the inspired commentary and I'm going to get this were for our desire Vedas three thirty one paragraph two. It says those who take Christ at His word and surrender their souls to his keep by the way let me just say this when I'm thinking about it. Ma. I am I am. I have thirty six years of ministry and Lauren for Esmie to leave ministry. I have written three books and the Lord has impressed me to leave ministry so I can go where he sends me when he tells me instead of being locked into one church and also I am doing a do weekly blogs or Starbucks or. And I have a website. I'm a five A one c three taxes a corporation. So I have a website. In on that you can. If you want you can sign up where the. The weekly browse will be sent to you when dealing with these kinds of things on a regular basis. So you can get those with a bus free. If you just wanted you can sign a proxy. And I'm a good pass out more cars to those who want it so that you can know how to get on the website you can sign up to get the weekly blogs. Also you can get the materials like the books. And that kind of thing from my website as well I have books here. There are make available to those who would like to get him after each session will we can you can. We can see if we have a time or two to work at the end so. If you want one of those cars my wife again. You sure give you one of those cars and you can go for me and those who take Christ at His word and surrender their souls to his keeping their lives to us or NG will find peace and quiet. Nothing of the world can make them sad. When Jesus makes them glad by his presence in a perfect. Acquiescence. That means. Fixer and when you give over to acquiescence in perfect acquiescence. There is perfect. Rest. Sabbath language here with on time into that well. How you enter into God's rest. There's a rest that remain Steadman people have yet. For Jesus had given the rest he would not have spoken of another day. Anyway. There is imperfect acquiescence there is perfect rests. The Lord say is the will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is state only because he trusted. In the our lives may seem a tangle. But as we commit ourselves to the wise master work at their wrists and render again. Again. In spite of commentary in as for the surrender of ocean. That means is that is that is that surrender message. Because is the bases of all truth and we don't get into even deeper. Ones. And the hand out here a lot but it doesn't touch as many as they are. He will bring out the pattern in life. This is one of the. But as we commit ourselves to the wise master worker. He will bring out the pattern of life and character. That will be to his own growing don't have to worry about it just do the one thing God will do the rest. And that character which expresses the glory. Character of Christ. Perfectly reproduce. Will be received into the paradise of God. I renovated ratio walk with him in right. For they are worthy of desire of ages. Three thirty one paragraph. Now says Here let me this go back up because well obviously we're here. What is it is now eight. If we keep our mind stayed on him. He will keep the center. How do we keep our mind stayed on the law. How do we do that. Well. Surrender is the key but I'm going to ply. Again. Everything I'm telling is based on surrender. Everything. But I'm just don't see how practical surrender. Is when we really understand it fully. Now. And after the way I've understood the issues because the understands the Lord taught me what's render reason when I've applied that. That principle to everything in the Bible I began to understand scripture more deeply than I ever understood before. That's why I'm able to present these different wrote in a simply to say how do you know is that I deal with seminars on marriage on on every subject. Because when you deal with serene the Christ is able to fix anything. Anything. So we were man you have all this now it's how do you know all these were all you know one thing. Surrender. Jesus will fix it. That's what I know. And I tell you how to get in Jesus and no matter what your problem is he will fix it. So that's all we have to do just one day. Because Jesus is the answer. He's answer when we get. When we understand and get people to just lay all before the Lord let him do his work get out of his way say nor fix me Jesus. I trust you I repent and do their daily. Jesus will do a tremendous work. I'm telling you I'm a walking walking testimonial to the power of God through surrender. And the serious while I'm there. Because of always and see this thing is for people who are desperate. So when people are ready to commit suicide I got some detail. I can tell you when people and people have been people believe that I'm sitting there were a you cross looking to me a war. Now I can tell you how to get it Jesus then this is good for people who are going to tell them they really can't say. Will cause I have a way you can die. But you can find some life. Because this when you have to die. But see the laws you think you have an option let me tell you this. As long as we think we have a human. Option will take it. We'll take it. Jesus is the last the one we want to go through to give him everything. Well a lot of after water mom to say this real quick because I want to do when he taught me about Akon be all conspiring thing this near and dear to us as human companionship. Because we are born separated from God So we're born along with that. Aching for commands companionship. And we want the companionship that only God can give because we want. Unconditional law. We don't want conditional. But will take any kind of laugh because with that desperate and cause with. I don't want to go too far can this more stuff was so much more I could say. But it never disco here. When I'm alive is open book. I'm on my second marriage because my first marriage I don't understand a truism sharing with me now is the pastor. When I went to divorce now. The choice to divorce was mine. I have said. But it was mine originally I wanted out. And I let her know I want our But I was too afraid to do it. And until on guard because you know what I'll believe in it because our When I see you know I'm looking for you suppose God gave you gave you to me to make me happy and a lawyer so much said no I didn't. I am the source of your happiness. And never gave you another human being to be your god. I am your God. And if you love the gift morning love the giver then you can't treat the gift. The way it should be treated. Gotta show me how to love when I when you may be doing something that makes me feel that you don't know because he's the source and have no law wants me to be in that relationship. There been times we even with other people and on some of mathematics and do the most difficult. But just another relationship while working with individuals and try to lean in Christ and go of all kind of changes and in a subject. I'm saying. I'm done with you and the law said no you're not. And gives me desire keep on going on one of my friends there. Man I know how you how America's man has a number of sad that man number two minutes and that's it I'm numb with this fella. But the Lord said no and gave me what I needed to continue. And I wanted to. But that come from connecting with the Lord. So when. When I love. I want to get within a more say. You show me and asked for this because he told me and I had this put in by basic lines with our all unreal. I told a lot. When he showed it to Mr Grig. I will be there to you as they will know what I believe you can do anything but guess what I do not want you to be my woman. That's right I'm free alas I want to be my woman. I want to real high and the whole you know. Our lot on who you Jesus and you can do anything but get high. This is not that. Now that NO NO NO NO NO. And after what I want him. Most are OK. And here. I got more miserable Now one thing I would not do. I would not get a divorce. Unless God told me I could even when I had ground. That legal in the US A is a way are the reverse because of the hardness of your heart. You will listen to me. So I give you some promise because you have no voice and focus inverted food that's what they would do and I'm saying is that there is room with. He said I had give you the most because he won't listen to my spirit. So here are some laws. But guess what the law isn't a sport media. That was a really bad gave those human laws advantage. Human A suffered a because the hardness of your heart. Because you were come to me. Because he came to me I will give you the strength to stay in it if that's what you needed to do our the strength to let it go. When it was time but you won't listen to me. So I have to give you some rules but that's now has always been in a kingdom is now complete. There's a whole lot can be say ah I'm trying to get back to his shell. I really am. But a stuff hit me right now there so practical. And you can see. I want it now no had shown. Once and for is so but eventually acid when the cars are so desperate I say I'm miserable law and I can let me out this way. Cuts all of us in law we made a mistake. I was young and dumb. And I was I was out there. I don't need to give in but when I came I turned around I was and I had my momma first wife was pregnant with much on I said I want to raise my children never want to you know baby. Here So I say you know. Let's do the right thing and no anything got consumers to work and he could see a greater than man has started. I can make it. You turn to me and shift your motive for marital or dollars in a book arcane. Given how Shut up. Let's get to the point. He showed me. You know. Once I have a fully I get desk because I couldn't get out of it. I was miserable or I think the data Tom but you get to know and. SAS are growing. And I came to the truth that. In Christ twelve all the fullness of God in him. I'm complete. I never would have tried him to that limit. Because as long as I had another option. I would take it. And I was put in on my wife burns that had not been it's been you suppose that made me happy. You suppose maybe complete. And if you don't deny begrudging because you're supposed to God put you in my life for that. And if you don't do what I need you for make me miserable. Know how and think so that I said No I didn't give you that for their purpose. That's leading me to not a point. Because we tell people. He where it is now good to be alone. And we flip it to sin for reasons. Reasons not good for me long so you can make me happy. You know. That's the way we feel cause we're born in sand with that wouldn't have risen on purpose. The original purposes. Is that goofy to be alone because if you buy yourself all you think about is yourself. And you have to grow more like me and it means you have to give of yourself. Self-less away. So if you've done good. We need to be alone cause all you be thinking about. You need to be challenged by other people cause the make you grow and data self. That's when me. So even if you're single. It doesn't mean that you can't be made whole is not good for you to isolate yourself from everybody else. Because you need to learn how to be selfless too and grow in His love which will form field you. And start when I start receiving from God. Then I could start giving to my wife. Even though she wasn't giving to me. At first I couldn't do it because I needed some love because she will drain and me. And I said I need some help acking get it from you you killin me at me to get away from you. And it was true in the flesh but it was not true and God. But I had learned that. And that's where I learned surrender this is well and surrender to this little heart. Which were a bit wild worst trial became my greatest blessing. Because it forced me to go to Jesus. I had nowhere else to go. And he wouldn't let me out of it he said no it's not and when the time came. Your lot it happened. And I'm with my wife and I told a joke and she went to give me some odd. Rest that woman is a good woman synagogue. That's me she didn't have foreseen. But it does mean she's know what I know that when I am acting like a knuckle here she go to Jesus and get what he needs as he will love in me where I am and let me go in my space. And I do the same for her and it's just like is. I go and get it from the Lord and he gives and he gives me gives her source of circle. Idea. And we've gone growing more and more in Jesus getting closer and closer and we've had our battles. But the battle of bring us closer. All on income for all that is here yesterday it went away. Let's go let's go let's call the SCA OK on how where was I who let's get back on track. Christ followers have been redeemed for service. Our Lord teaches that the true object of life is what. The question is how do we keep our mind state on these us. I know whole Wedeman now. The our Lord teaches the true. OBJECT OF lie. Is not to get money so you can take a you'll say our job mentality is not to get a career so you can have a certain kind of life. That's what the world gives you a job mindset or career. It's about you. And so you trying to serve the devil. Yes I said it. Six days. Because he's Mammon. If you go into work for money. Used you serve in Mammon. Was a god of this world who is under the control of the princes world. The devil. We're going to see with Sabbath is really all about in a minute. You can serve him six days and got one and think you go and walk in groom in the lower No sir you cannot know what. God said it is the law of service which you can read here. Last services I'm jumping all here myself. You cannot serve God and Mammon on job. Nine said got to go. Career mindset got to go that's what the world will give you the best when is Korea. God has a better one. A higher one ministry has served him twenty four seven. You know that all six days to do your thing that's different from God staying. What is that but that's how we've been into and God knows the truth is progressive You see that's where you were but I have more true for you son that will keep you once you learn its name you will see how the Sabbath will see how I stop right there. You're come to that. OK. Crisis was a worker and to all his followers he gives the was the law is another one. All these laws are really the loss of render every last one of them said in different ways. But the law. Service. The law service. Now. That's service to God and to their fellow man. That's evangelism twenty four seven. We don't do very innocent. We are evangelists not just our mark we are a witness. Twenty folks have no off. No six days to do your thing and then come back to square one. Ah. You serve twenty four seven. It's a mindset. So when I go to work. The difference is evidence is going to make money. So they can survive. Job. Or make money. So they have a higher plateau of life career. You go on to reflect the character of Jesus Christ. Technophobe what you know what you don't break what you can wear. That's not show business that's had a ten thousand think at that show back. You go there to to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Kneeling that. And I will say that. But we interpret it in god as work with it because you see that's where we are that's a as brain. That's kindergarden separate true but I've. It'll be the full blown. It's not. Six days you do your thing. And one day. You about God's day. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Remember it every day. To not to pay off for a one day when it gets here. But to keep it holy. Every day. Walk with me. Gregory have fellowship with me. Don't depart from me six days. And then come back with me one. I'm not giving you six days to break from me and wonder serve me. Are the we try to cram everything spiritual in one day and away as out when we should be resting because we've been dealing with it almost a signal now we come apart to rest of Allah and some of the how good God has been through of to God in six days as we walk with him and talk with him. Did Now hoss burn. Along the way. And as that burning shined up in as other folks older grower A And we're either repelled by some folks. Or drawn by. But either way they saw some light because you came. And when you go there my purpose is to do the job. I was System father for come and talk about the good Christian god boy she said look why if you know mostly with me. There's a good job. This good career you got you had a job when use. First got here and that was bus and an intern slob Jost but she didn't like ministry. And then the Holy Spirit God said Look at that board is a different spirit in him and he saw the dismay and he said he I'm working for me he was he doing here as a desperate way he does. The way up to them slob Das's a Bible study to me he'd talk about them he walked about him. You want talking about it he was being about it. And a lot point in their mouths a look at him. You can find a smear in him you don't find anywhere else because he don't work job. He don't work ministry. He works I mean he don't work Korea. Because he would be messed up to be saying powdered laundry while you give me my brother sell me at that big green you gave me. I don't want to be here look at here I'm up here in buckets with Mugu in there were no worries there is you gave me this dream I was going to be great then look at what's going on I am sick of being he could been proud Garcon a showed him in and he could have told. Don't look at that war. Because you will see me a lot have mercy don't look please. If you have a job I said. That's what you can do good at him he just dad to make good by working for my yourself. And then you were Evan and maybe I can do some ministry. How are you going to ever nanny. That's the whole purpose should be. But you're in if it is. You have to always be talkin bout Allah bomb in the northern just lead a people go see it. And then you'll have opportunity when you told your listeners they saw the sermon. Before you preach. And even when you don't know what people are watching because the Lord Goldsmith and say look at it. Look at her. You could have a deal. Some different about it even works are practically. Because everybody don't you know people are looking for people that will work with good. Is of a good work as you could a business the hardest thing a fine. Is a good worker and if your ass manure that's what chilled number one. If I miss and good people. We've gone is gone work. And when you work for God. You have a mindset of excellence in every little thing you do. I want to do it to God's glow red. See this is Ministry. You do the same thing. See you doing evangelism. Naturally. Every day. You have to go out here not constrained as those. You have been a like right when you are doing what you do twenty four six things we normally do on the Sabbath. And you know have to get out your comfort zone. Do you just get in God comfort zone and you'll be more comfortable because you keep your where you could be a man staring at when you get over look. You know fetch a rod but you turn to do you say Lord. Work with me because I know I'm here for ministry but my flesh is actor no right now. Yeah you got to be Rio a fence is acting up right now a lot. I don't appreciate nobody does this mean real would go well I'd like you all are who I didn't hear when fast yesterday. But take a disease us. Keep in mind stayed on him. So I have a possible. The moment I have anything other than God's peace is because my mind is not on him go but I rue the moment you are but you go know what you will find out you so used to Rama you and you know you have said. You year I reckon I'll say. I'm going out upset five hours didn't realize it when I'm in a head. I walk by does I have been upset for a long time I'm just not good thinking the about Jesus. I'm so used to it. Now I'm not. I'm so used to peace because I've been doing this and I'm so used to peace the moment I said no to promise. IMO stop focus on a person. Because a lot I think about them on the may add more gets you can shoot. You made me. You'd use the water Margo you came to what Margot if my goal is to serve the Lord. You can see where my goal if I got another agenda though. If I am that ministry man did see him come apart the stuff. You can talk about seven alone all actually want but if you don't get your mind on him. The latter is foolishness. That's a something to say is not to control your emotions. Because your motions will know what your in of thoughts are and your in a bonus in anybody that frustrates your purpose in if your purpose. If you not call according to His purpose. In a no good. And when we are out of whack. Is because our purpose is our own way with God somewhere down the line. And if you go to the Lord. Here show you what it is. When you can handle it and he'll work with you. He's attended ship. I love the way God work. Life. I'm telling you when you start been swindled you fall in love with Jesus. Because he's a source of your life. And it becomes so much better. So I forgot my warm way of course but I'm really on course or would work with me. Will get what we need to get in a way here Christ has been into the world are higher conception alive than they have ever known. Because all we've known as job and career. By living to minister for others. Man is born into connection with Christ. When you do the right way. You have to connect the cries because self doesn't do it naturally. And you find yourself or who are open a job you did made you upset. He gets Man I'm not allowed because you're here to represent the we get upset and think we have a right to shoot of Boby have said they mistreat me here yet again mistreated. They mistreated users. This is the. We in we in we on a devil's play you at war. You know you think your civvy you know you integrate this battle and ever was and you fight in of for the most in a stronger force that ever was a russian out and then I have a fan on Lucifer. You bet. Ahmad Aus in vietnam war. You know who got killed the most civilians. Because they weren't prepared for soldiers were ready for the. Everything else and walking and looking the invisible we walk around here no. I'm here just like everybody else I just can't get me a job in the family and I'm a pretty low and that's what we want you to have now or new ground. You and Chris yourself like soldiers. You know you've got to get out of there that man said. Service. Who you go serve today who are you on. When a great controversy a the greatest bad levels of a fort. And we are soldiers. The greatest soldiers and eternity depends on the way we act. Because God is Spirit has been the case when ourselves. And he says now work through use of even the engines will see the growing of God because they don't fully understand it they want to look at these words. It took that rascal Gregory got up or go and say he's a bad somebody. Oh look a hell. I now. My living to minister other the law or service the law of service is becomes a connecting link where Ricky. Sabbath you can see is what connects us and keep us connected. We'll see it. I don't know if we'll see it in this session how my had to fold over to the next one. How we're doing good I mean give me some. Yes yes yes yes OK. Now all as cries are the lessons to twenty six paragraphs three. All right. I have Let's move on and move. Now this. To this tells us what it can access them come here already. Therefore first Corinthians. Far seventeen eighteen says. Therefore any man be in Christ. He is I what new creation because God is real because now the law the law the spirit has other low. The lot of spirit of life. That's in Christ is Ghost are working. And you can stay the same in Jesus Christ you cannot. It's impossible to be an cries and stay the same can happen because there's a law as alone. That is going to work and that law. Connects to the last service. Because you stay in Christ. The law of the Spirit the Holy Spirit will keep you. Service in service to God because he'll start making you more righteous in your whole goal in life will be the mind of Christ. Christ. Indeed. Equals Christ in me. Equals G.Y. see the generation of you've dedicated to Jesus Christ. To the point that we can get a party yeah. And if you don't have mean you. You can say gee what I see all you want. But you won't see Jesus. Now. OK. All things. All things are passed away how many things a new home. Oh things. Then let me when I go to now Warner. And I have some. If she is if she is and I come up. And I don't have minimal or no behind everything on NEW DAY It's all new he tells you all things are now. It's a mindset that says before. We're living for self and self alone. When we when we get in crisis. Now I hope purpose is the growth of our God. When you touch your purpose. Everything you do is new. When you go to your job. You used to go to get it in order to pay the bills job to get it. Nah we were there for ministry. And now. Because you go to ministry before work away you out now. If you just had a job you hate it I will go to flip in no burgers. But now it's more important than add. I'm going there because I'm an ambassador for Jesus cries. That's the most important job in be one or now you've got a hold of a purpose. And you have a mission now. And then no humdrum job now becomes something that's action special. When you walk into that room. You are. The man of moment. Of God God has a ministry debt your church and your sign to let him see Jesus in need. You know that they have taken thought like the rest of them. Because if you do you go actors like they do. And when you get a pink slip and knew that job. You will fall apart because that was your same year. I needed that money at all but when the law said I'm still God Who is they can get any way. Wasn't the money I wasn't me. But if long as we have the mindset of job a ministry. You can talk depended on a lot are you work the way you think is the way you are. And if you see it like everybody else in Jesus in the in him. He Phipps that thing. You may have a four minute but like in the same onas like this. Or just in your home I'll never heard it like this but the Holy Spirit revealed because I hungered for God. I had my issues and still do. But one thing. I'd be when I came. I truly just wanted to serve. You know last night the woman. The young lady. She said the Fox The book of mine was when my favorite book as it does one of you people ever favorable. I wasn't tripping on all the gory stuff I don't get off on that when I got off on it is. I want to have a kind of relationship with God like these people and nothing can stop it. I want to be so dedicated to my God I was a little more I when I see there was this something. There was a speed the did the day. I was just not my parents because my grandfather was my dad and. Thanks. But I'm thinking. Just as much as I got that. I was one of the biggest rascals. So if I asked my mother with feels something wrong. I was involved Amy who said that Boeing Co never mountain nothing but the Spirit of God was the force was strong with me. You didn't see a god so it had to us in the whole store and get a taste or I left the way of stowaway where he would know all things are now of dog who reconcile us to himself by Jesus Christ and has given us the ministry of reconciliation. That the world know what Jesus don't let the know what God is not God is already reconcile you need to get reconciled to Him He died in David's we've got the whole bar where it's made of all you need to do is accept it does our lobby and look at me and then that's what I'm here for a ten year. You're trying to do you think I'm here to make the monkey line you know. God has me he says this is my son it. It would guess what. When I get a pink slip. I'm not going fall apart because he got another Simon for me because I never work for the boss. In a way I work for the real boss is why you can be to stand when a better stand and lie. Sam you know. I came all I've been walking like just. Since I was a little bit since our little girl now all of a sudden I'm Smoove trust Jesus. I didn't trust him when I was in nano new very thing you think I'm a star trust them all son cuz I know bother some day I added know you can do what you've been known if you want and you can serve who you've been serving is the last service you can see but then let's get to let's hear get less scary IMO him all here ha ha ha. Hey you did see the ambassador's surprise we did we hear. As God was. But the one guy was in Christ in you Christ in you is God indeed. That's the power. That's the power. You know. I have a high. OK. OK. No twenty. OK I'm not in pretty good of you scare me a present five is all a lot I'm a child. You know. As a thirty seventeen. Here's a prince when you need near him. Need to get his S.S.. The what. Say we don't think rights is work. So when I say six days do you labor is talking about this kind of leg. We think it's Mammon labor law services. Werman jump in here. And him. It's not Mammon labor. But God is kin truth is progressive. He said OK. If you're excused the if the church hadn't. You know kind of four of writers by faith in one thousand nine hundred eighty we would have been them and now. But you come back to life. Is it now when you get it and runs by faith is nothing but surrender and seven times as they showed you some of it's written and a man rejected for obedience to law. And I don't want to say. We have priest in law the law of the law so much that we are rather years of little boy have a need to do no rain and job has been waved in the wings patiently. That eventually I am the marchers together. They go him eventually I must take a remnant through with this message. It is right his by faith. It is the three things this message. It is the Gospel Jesus say. And anything that defies that truth is not gospel. If you got some add in the anyway. It's not the cause. What good thing cannot do. There's only one good. It's not a thing. Purves His name is God. And if he's nine in there's nothing you can do. This is what is going to get us home. This is the thing that's missing. Cheesus me. Nothing new but something different because we haven't been there when we haven't been taught to do would. We talk about surrender. But what we call surrender in self not be in that it in the being you doing it every Conaway. And we don't mean it to be that. But the fish. All of no moves is what the flesh can do. So what was we do if we may talk it. And guess what. When you first come to the Lord this when you had our first love for the. When you first come to the law if you will come to an Right. You come to him cuz you know they're not going to know what I need you. But then we get in it we say. Well now you can do this to be holy you've got to make sure you did just that any you get a Mitchell You did it. You got to all good stuff. But there's a first step. That must be taken before we can be renewed. In all that holistic. And that she says gets in me because I give him permission. And I give him control his my will nor today. Make it your. Have you away all my plans. I lay at your feet to be carried out or given up as your providence the way you allow things to work out as your providence you're in the case then I can say. When it doesn't work out. It's all good because I got I'm on car. I'm calling calling God's purpose was there. I want to manifest you can or of Jesus. I want to be reproducing his right to sneeze. And he will use this thing to accomplish there is like this thing they're adding called good where my madness fallen apart. And I said I was not good until last which. My purpose to align with the Lord. Then it worked for God. That's why I must book or new boss a blessing. That's what I'm talking about. Because when you deal with Jesus doesn't matter what kind of thing you hand them your turn at Limon and to live in need. You just have to do the one thing. But that one thing is against our very nature. And Jesus has to kill that nature. You and I can do it but the work of righteousness. Let me hear lucky I love this stuff. Shall be what he says see will do more how I get the right mindset. I have more peace. When I go to job. I have more peace. When I go here I have more peace. Because everything I do is about ministry. Up three hundred some folks have problem with this but that's all right. I don't care military no. See I've always been athletic and lord knows anything I want to be I want to help you know me but you gotta let me be in control of because my mates this is our extreme I'm competitive money. So it would be about how good gravy is and I want to go over war we're in it and God is teaching me. Even through sports now. I'm a take the Lord is good. He's a product of father. He knows what you will love me Figgy he gives you desire the whole lot which you don't know because it was up to me had been spent on money on certain kind of cause that I can vibe or couldn't afford to keep. So now. Car. Whole support in a car. And I came really had money do the things that are brilliant you know. God has made me so you always get in the moments to see her. I was before I won last in kind of car. Because you know where I wanted to car. And I'm in the city. Faith is the substance of the things you hopeful on man just this is so good so powerful. Don't you know you can have everything your heart is natural right now. Right now. Through faith because faith is the subsistence of the things you hopeful. Who. That means. The substances share. That's something real. Now I'm seeing at the say. After what I want to a car. A certain kind of guy name a car because you say. Oh. That means I should have that kind of car that's wrong. Didn't do the car had to demote him a man in assisting a sinful car. Simple. OK. Atlanta. I said OK. And I'm getting. That's a lot of. And and then he's with us once again. You really want a car. The reason you want their car is because their car will make you feel special and it will. I will make you special. I will give you the soft thing. I want a car. Because I think it's going to give me a certain thing. But you lost it. You don't need a car. I'm given the substance of what you hope for. So Nana. Before I got the costs are to make me feel special. Now add make the cost per se as Hooty. He can somebody especially in a sort of caught. Especially because a me. I'm not mates Russia because I have caught. And I rather have a like that could that cause going to tear or a it. And even before deteriorate that the while is just a car I'm sick of it. Plus it's making me broke in a way get rid of a give me a booty I don't hear. So he has a money and your do something that I really enjoy the Lord said I'm a mom. I'm going to give you. I'm going to give me that feeling with the car you have and had to look to and fro car will take you to and fro. And you have money that you can use on things you really like and I let you have it. I love golf. And I play golf. Ah. But not more than God wants me to and I let him guide then he and I rest. Our rest. In that. And I'm certainly I learned more and off because my nature is competitive. And I'd be a pin and be seen you know I'm watching because that I'm good at what to do now don't get it twisted. And what the laws and then when I'm really active. My game is terrible and I say lot on no. I know what you tell you I've given too much into this thing here. And I have. And I'm working and working. God is working on my character twenty four seven. And when I'm out there you see Greg is you. You can show this man that you plan with Magnolia acting like that. Stop that foolishness. Abdon go off in vans and people see as a pastor you don't run into a whole lot of people you just be church folks. But when you do stuff like play golf. Afghan people insured from tennis had intense evangelism. Golfing vandalism. GO FOR STORY band. Bad come seven and twenty follow a man is always known him. And he's a great here. Dude is something that only know what I'm doing at the at the latter are cigar Jews and then you work Dad hour is on a must have took steps of a good man a horde of the hour. And nothing have has it happens to you. It's all in God's will also stop calling it may be negative. In another cell but we need to lower. It's all good because God has a purpose. That's where Joe the say. I know when you did it. I am not naive I'm not stupid I know you did if we evil but jazz were gone. In ten day Ed for good. But if you have a job or career mind said. You can't say that because they have told me I had this great green. You also me to. These people. Now I'm in part of a south. Because A you. And I'll never have my dream. Now you can say it's good because you're not a you not in line with God's purpose. All men work together for good for them who are call who love the Lord and all call to his purse which is Ministry. Which will cause you to walk with him ten. All R.C.I. get carried away in a way that's all right. Walk with him. Twenty four seven. And your fella ship will call him. To me. Ima get here in a can get their lives right back into the store and I better stay there while I'm there because his in-laws serve them here real fast. It's gone come back in the next session. Because I really haven't gotten into the Sabbath on this but I'm going into a next section and begin to deal with the market to be set the same time. No man can serve two masters Here's the last service. Jesus gives it. For even evil hate the one love the other or else he will hold on one is possible. You cannot absolutely cannot serve God and Mammon. That is gone play into the fourth commandment. Because we say in the fourth commandment. We interpret in a way we didn't serve Mammon six and be holy only seven. Because you stop seven Mammon. And you still serving Mammon. Because you try to keep the Sabbath holy in your flesh which is unholy and that's why you can enjoy it because the same power as you walked in and six. You walking on the seven two and it seen. All your righteousness is a tell you had to have a new definition of sin. Of Rights is this a holiness is dwelling. Is agreement was God. So you can stay in him than C.N.N. is to not be in agreement. God. Because you walk in in your French. And so all your words and all your thoughts are yours. I don't you are wholly you maybe see what I will talk about that I just want to talk about Jesus today. That's your thoughts and Asher words because that's what you think makes you holy. Like this hour. And then we say. Come follow us to our new. I'm a summer's going to bring me some relief. Utama more birds. I don't have a so much joy and you try and take that I can't even if I can do adequate. What can I do you have to be in Christ and then you will ask that question. Time. Cassar. And then he says. Take no thought technophobe technophobes. And it's is his if you can serve me. You just. You see first Keenan gone he writes this in all these things your banner and teen death even grasp on the for success. You want to be successful in life. Get a higher concept and I get think ministry serve God twenty four seven. And stop trying to at yourself which gives you stress. Trust God is of all these things that are gentle seek after only. He said Take no thought now you know what first when we wake up we first thing we can talk I came in here his lawyers because we got all caught on holy traffic I thought about what they were getting paid then on our own kind and Gosden trance being to us we got our canister. Even holy stuff. But I got to make sure it just I got one if I don't this going far apart. Look look here. This don't work. Did you ever show his business stop giving the devil all that crazy catch mama their money didn't know or. I want to say that in my friends when things don't go my way but I have to Swindon say Lord. You know what you do and if you allowed it. Yet a devil me into in that it for evil but if you allowed it. You can work it out. Stop giving the devil all the credit who's in charge your life the devil of the Lord who has more power. If the laws plan. The devil can stop a canny was stop telling the dear. And I'm not talking about you I'm Tom but us now. See for scheme of God. All these things should be added unto you if you believe that it will please father who he came he will go on and jump down the way that I want to give a thing here. I ain't seen it but I guess he is I remember him go bad. We'll get into the next. I am with this. I am with this. I know I was in my mind of race interests me. Trust and that's why you're here you're here distinguish jangle thoughts it's shit anyway here's where I am with you going to find this in his press are there. Proper earthly occupation. Results in daily. Heavenly preparation. When you are keep on the right way is going to kill two birds with one stone. So we've been trying to serve God and Mammon two and we try to find time for God. You will never find time. Because you the serve one twenty four seven on the other that's the law service. You cannot serve both. You cannot serve both. You cannot serve one six days in the other one and think that you can serve both. Especially if you get out one six days. You can't even give him one day. You can give him one second. You either serve God or you serve Mammon. You hate the want to love the other. That's the law of service. You must serve God twenty four seven. Was one thought to glorify Him in your life. So others can see Jesus. And then Jesus will be honing you to be more and more like that because you that your will. And you give it to God. Now he'll work it out in your life as you are able to handle it because he is a gentle say that many things to tell you Gregory but never laid it down on you now. It would overwhelm this walk with me and I'll talk with you by the way. Keep your mind stayed on me. Don't be taken about Mammon. Twenty four six days a week or even five eight hours six days to keep your mind stayed on me. Let's work together Gregory Sabbath will bring us to walk and with God. Twenty four seven because you know we're in order room and keep it holy. If you don't be holy. You can do no work. Who's doing the work Jesus. And then of be the work of rights just miss. That will build up the kingdom of God. And we will see God adding on to us. So when they say were you came by a cell with us so work as you never supplied it in a way I've been keeping Sabbaths album in keeping me though it is our right as your right now. The Sabbath wasn't made for you to keep it holy because you clean the Savile's is given to keep you. And that's why it's not a SEAL us. Because I said well not this thing it's probably the seal and we struggling to try to keep the how to word course sealers. We struggling to keep it holy in easy times. Struggling. No threat almost but moves and. When is it over a lot Emerson is a sundown yet. Let the sun go down than a clock we really. Are Now now an argument. Now let's have pulled out of popcorn tenement let's add up. Our air. We really sent a key because that's out there ricin away. When we get this thing. I'm seeing things in job to kill but will is some truth in that. Not that we don't know nor. If we My people are destroyed. For lack of knowledge. We think of neck and nods as them. That is an act of God As for them if all. Thank you so much because he is the he screws up and sees this message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called chosen. Faithful in Louisville Kentucky Jew I see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot au or G.


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