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4. Jesus' Formula for Success & Holiness

Gregory Jackson


Gregory Jackson

President/CEO of Surrender Ministries Inc.



  • December 31, 2015
    3:00 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference called chosen. Other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Well over G We're on session. Number four. And the title of this session is the key to success which we kind of covered on the last and so I'm not going to get internet too much. And the keeping of the fourth command I have in those two times in the gather. And they do and have our hit to the role of service which is the key to success God sat success and. So we're going to see how that task into the fourth commandment. Jesus hit the last seven this we ended with this I'm going to start off again with just in case somebody just joined us in this session here. By the way if you're just joining us in this session. You missed a lot of building blocks. Some of the things you may not understand always even agree with because you haven't gotten some of the information on our advise you. They have tapes available and they're going to have be seldom have nothing do with that. But of all the sessions so you might want to do that so here it is. Here is the law of service. Which is the connecting link to dog and man. It connects us to God. And it fits into all of the other laws have not called both of us right now I get them at the end. No man can serve two masters for either he was helped the one. And love the other or else he was home to the one. And despise the other. You cannot serve God and Mammon. Can't do it. This flies into the face of our interpretation of the Fourth Commandment. And we're going to do with head. And I'm going to come up with some concepts. That will China and outer additional understanding. But it will not your fat. The principles. It will expand the principles and take them to another level it will not do away with the old. It will expand the role. And take us to our whole nother level. So that what we understood it all. Is this a new piece of it. We will get a full blown now and see what God's purpose and how it is the city the thing that will sill us. It will seal us. If we keep the four. And then fact I'm a say this one thinking about it to the man I think about keeping the Fourth Commandment is the key to keeping all the rest of us because if you don't. If you try to keep them in your flesh. You're not keeping any of them. You have to Christ has to be in you for you to keep any of it in of Christ is not in you. Then you say why. I'm not going to take the last name in vain you take me in in vain because really you not really a Christian. You know I'm not going home or love my enemies no you know I know you know I know really here I'm a I'm not I'm not all committed adultery and in your mind you trip and all attack and now with females all male adultery is love and something more than God That's spiritual adultery. So you can't you just no way the key to keeping the other not. Is to really have the relationship of the four and their people to me say this. There are people who are keeping the fourth commandment. And going to church on Sunday they just haven't gotten to day because the rest in in Jesus. They're my sheep. They know me. They know mom voice. And when I call the. They come into They've been resting in me over there. And then today heard today they sell the you. And those of us that haven't been resting we knew the facts. But we've been trying to keep it in our own strain and say I have been keeping the seven holy. I like your first day folks and Nolan. And then a say. You came by say are now when I get this mock are you going to die. If because you haven't. Even servant two masters. That's why I don't know didn't come yet. This is my people get it and it's more true to learn about the said right now they got maybe steps. They know about today but they don't know about me. Could it trying to serve Mammon six days. They gave him oh you know why because that money and money. The love of money is really love yourself. And all who love self and flits love self. Don't you know flesh did not want to die we once did. The first say I don't want to kill Jesus don't kill me. I have to be dog this money you made it trust didn't God That's what is the on the dollar that's a big alive a toe. Get off that take that thing off the dollar you trust in God. When you don't. That in me will have when I am no I'm not stupid. I think because of the dollar the guess. Who gives me the dollars. And guess who gives works it. Even when I don't have the dollars. I've got his nest me was stuffed an unpaid napkin if I said now that means I'm not one. Now as quick. Preform. As you have to learn a thing we see here is New English. All right now you cannot survive as a law that's a lot of some of the slow. The last service. Savage's that same law. Now now. He said therefore take no thought. See first came down rightness. All these things be added That's that's the that's the formula for success right there. Stop where both serve God Jesus God what I had in your gods are success. Everybody has done great things live by their you look at it moves. He won't take and thought as we did he want to challenge Pharaoh. This is not a came to his last it don't worry about it. I'm your power was set in your hand there Rod remember last faith in me. Every time you raise it up you look to the hymns and have called Pot ward for to my power. Take no for. Rest in Jesus. Sabbath true. You know as the work of rights is a tell you the work of right this year will be so when you. You can know when you doing when you bought your father's business because you grow in peace and rest. You into God's rest Sabbaths told Sam a stream of His rest. Because Jesus has given you rest. Because you are now working guess whose work in Jesus. You remember sap to keep it holy. And do no work because your work as an unholy. If A was wholly in you can do it on the Sabbath. And that's and will go so proper earthly occupation. With else in the heavenly preparation mean. I can see like a proper earthly occupation with in daily. Sanctification. So you'd kill him. Two birds with one stone. You are you you're doing in ministry. Twenty four seven and making a living. Why you doing ministry. You're paid by the workers. That's your job. And you came loser because God is your boss. When a man give you a pink slip the law allowed it because you see I got another venue for I got another church for you to go to to worship me. And reflect my glory. So you don't fall apart when you're right the pink slip and jobs are gone on since stuff is so packed we live in a long time now when you have no secure future. No secured it come on Sabbath true folk one. When they when you get it right the right way folks I need that kind of walk with the law. Because others lost my job or I'm about to lose around worried about losing it. But this way. I got a whole new purpose. And I have a whole new trust and faith in the law. Because when I work for him and never get a pink slip. He always pains. And you grew in that trust. Now I know. See that need you know many practice he has you take baby steps but you. The first step is to flip and start thinking like that. Now. You can do surrender on a daily the Holy Spirit were convicted. Grade. You nothing can write. And I can know what your problem is your problem is not out there. Cylinder and I'm a good a formula at the end I'm not going to show I'm tempted. I have a formula that will solve every problem in faced. Because it's a form of the gang T. you will do surrender. It guarantees it a move give it to you but you go have to come for the succession of serious folks. It was solve every problem you face today that's too good to be true. Jesus is too good to be true. But he's a true. And he says in him do wells all the fullness of the Godhead bottle. And in him you can be complete. There's no weapon formed against you that show prosper all things work together for good. When you are in line and on course for him. Can't nobody at tatts you. Nobody can stop you from a combination of what God has for you is for you and all the one that can stop it is. But if you do the one work. It will happen. So. Proper earthly occupation. Because the biggest thing is how women are going fine time for God I'm trying to do this and then by the time. I work all week long when I come home on task I understand that come home then I got to deal with the kids. They would hurt or the wife and all isn't it. One of my dogs I guess where God comes in at the end. When we think ministry. Even our family is Ministry and God taught Mr Grig your responsibility. You cannot save your children are never made to the same values you know you take a. You are going require Where's my frock not. Yeah. But you hired. He never expected you to be to say. You know what your job is to recognize that show. Give your children back to God like they did send and say lot. Show me how to cooperate with no plan for your China. The gift you blessed me with. And every day. You are Kohli with Jesus and He will tell you how to raise. He is China. And you will be peace. I always realize there because a lot show me their early. I'm a share testimony. Last show me and you know he noticed I was teaching stuff and stuff was invaluable. I am a disciplinary and by nature. You have to worry about discipline. From me because that's my nature see if our. If I'm on my death be any disrespect me I'm all need my last breath reason up to straighten that mess out. So you know. Disciplinary when the Lord. The. You know my mother. Where we're going and things are always. I had a clear picture of guarding me because you show me love you she raised two boys who vague and be on my mac and you know. Hi and she was single I mean she was married but my father nak raining and voices for shoes raisin us. So you know but she knew before while I was still married. She say you know. She didn't do it one cute Well hello born I raise my hand he looks cute when the little is that him play that I let you know when you before. With but he didn't answer understand it is easy. Yes he did us. Because you want to raise it up if you didn't he think their kidneys you laugh at yourself OK at the flat moments funny. She said no don't ever think you can get away with that. And she did it. In her but her emotions if she did me in a little pot. Same time you got to go. All for your kids. Some wrong. You don't raise them right. Now I'm not trying to feel you know. I don't know a perfect person in the world. So we all make mistakes after I'm the same realize a mistake has been made and in turn over the Jesus. Welcome ten yesterday let's you know this. Now I knew some principles early so hours and I got the step and borders of being you see. I mean that I mean they make me. Because their mother's family is tall. Her see the show in a fancy about my and and. But like their own cousins that they have six seven six five six. So Johnson a man and a come. And so out of people so they did they did not succeed but mama sixteen. And I mean big boy broad shoulders there. And so I me. Is half Media Minute today as they could probably whip me but I really don't believe it because I say I don't raise in nobody in no one in my house they can whip me I don't believe No sir. But in a way to our that's fine but the last show me early. I had a problem with discipline. I would discipline my children in anger and so I had a tendency to be with them and innocent. A cultural thing for us to as well. Black coaches. You know we've been resolved to Grandmother be a mother we wouldn't have been talking to you what a weapon. Did not and you did not tell you Chuck stop that try. What if you stop hit me I might cry. No but. But I will tell you they showed us love. So love covers a multitude of sins and I look back and I say well they were but they will be able some love and community so it covered that today. Defo don't know that you'll need is a big sum. But you go too far and I say more don't. To do my own no spare the rod spoil the child. They need to rob but he needed in law and the Lord show me because I would do it and I'm in a lawsuit now Greg you know what you taught them. All you taught them was your anger. That's all they learn. All they are always will and. You cannot discipline them like that you let me calm you down. Before you deal with any kind of discipline. So I would I had a rule Where's the turkey to say in the say go in a room. I began a minute. Now I don't always use that you know. Because most time a new some other form because you know my mother would be after a while spying comedian working away. Just make me stay in a house that's worse than you do I said Gone spying inside her get out here. You know. When I was younger she said so she had to say. You can't go outside. You go in your room. And that killed me. But it was in a way I say you know I there were times when I said. So I deny going in I become an odd spring to them what they did in one can do this then I give them. I had a rule I want to do more than three. But they were man of the three now. OK. I'm now. Then afterwards. I will go to him hug him and talk to him. No mother did that with me when I was younger and I always and in theater men told me volumes. And she did it calmly when she spoke and then she would come and hug me. I felt loved. Now. Because our snow. Of bread. At some time when she come home as it is she still when away. But then one day she did have me say where's mom a well known ones. And in she finally did have me did you let me know yeah you want the hug I know you do so stop talking and trash. So in a way. But what I'm saying. The Lord help me with that now I realize when I got older because my children. Just like I did my mother did because my mother was truly a Gallup parent. And my grandfather was like that as a five it's amazing how my grandfather was and. I got there from the now is a blessing to address my life and I have we understand something. I always felt love I was surrounded by love all my life. As I'm a confidence has always been off the charts. But. You know. And with me mistakes and women and my children. Just like Alan the ACA. My mother did all that stuff she sacrificed to save me to Christian school and then went to a public school. But when I got for fourteen years old because my mother were our snake I was out there are always at S.C.A. hours do the hours the strong. The force of God was strong with me. But so was the doc's ask the doc sad and see all that stuff is based on some truth in the devil use it in the the way. Although I don't crave the stuff is some truth to it. So so so so but. But I sell it limited to the point. I realize it's made mistakes in my children. When off the hook too. They are finally coming to themselves with said time to talk about parenting and how trust God his seat do because the some things are really had to distrust God on I me. I could do little do nothing but trust. But the Lord had give me enough time to plan it in him and so I could trust in there but. But I saw him going to and I got with a messy. As a person when I never Anyway I said down with a mass it. Tell me where I feel good and I mean seriously I know I have been a perfect parent. But. And I need you to help me understand where I made a mistake so I can repair guide and help other folk. Now so you're telling me what I did wrong. I mean the things because I know I've done something wrong. So do you know just damn you can't help me. And what they tell me one times have ass in it they said that I wish you stop this is there because really you know we don't see that you didn't thing wrong and I'm willing to. I know that death. But they're saying the thought of a mother no she made. You know why because this is what they've always felt whatever dad is doing he do it because he loves us. So to me on Philomena mistake. Yet I would put her. Yeah when that time I did lose it all my middle son. A couple of times. Even after that because that would test you to the fullest. And he did that then and we rolled up more like this. And I lost it because he did some to his brother and then act like it didn't mean until when I say. That's your brother man when I came in and saw hockey and did his ear. And then he talked on the phone to the little hoochie mama. That. Yeah said it could that's what she was like nothing. I went from zero to one thousand. And I was over in Iraq. I hear a miniature flag about. If later. Then the algorithm the loss of grit What are you doing stopped. And I quote myself and I talk to him and I asked why I walked away and I can't claim back and I said. Michael. I'm sorry what idea what I did you was totally wrong. And there's no excuse for it because I was supposed to show you the love of God international Jim Gray and you know what he told me and he was wrong but he decipher. Is a day. I deserved it. I deserved it because the way I acted was totally wrong. And I was wrong. But you see what I'm saying. God will help cover those thing. And he I ma. I believe much we're going to say with all of my mistakes with or whatever. I was a Motown. But I got to get off dead no. I really do. But I'm I'm bringing some practical stuff that makes your life so much better in every area. In every area. Because Jesus. Bottom line. The load is on him. I'm yoked up with him but he cares a load. And I just go with him. And when I fear. As a father. My mom my mom won't partner. You know that's your wish in Nashville me how to cooperate. Give me strength are do my part is you give it to me. But the burdens own you. Slight easy. Now. OK. I don't have time. But I'm just sure you have all these the law all these are truly surrender in the law of God the Fourth Commandment is the law. There really keeps us in it. So let's look at Ted Let's go there now. And remember the law the spirit of serve God twenty four seven you can't serve God and Mammon. Give him six days. And God one. You had to give God. Twenty four seven. Or you give the devil twenty four seven. Cancer bow. Now the law of God comes in the Law God comes in. Let me just say this. How much. The year and you haven't eaten. Third OK good. Christ in His teaching was an old truth. Of which he himself was the originator. Remember old truth which itself is written it can go deal with that in when it comes to Silva. Truth which he had spoken through patriarchs and profits. But he now. Shann upon them. A what truth is progressive Don't get stuck. Even when God use it the profit he gave it. He said But there's more yet to give how different appeared their meaning. How different. Appear. Them meaning. Not definite sense that it defied their own notice what is a is a further right and spirits are there was bored by his explanation. And he promised that the Holy Spirit when light in his disciples that the Word of God should be ever. On phone doing today. Oh. There will be able to present. Is truth in what new beauty cries are good lessons. One twenty seven and second paragraph. Now here's how you can tell that it's new life and not New true in every A There is a new development of truth in every age. And we were at the last stage and. This new development is going to take us all away in the kingdom. In every raise there is in this is present through call presence of I would say a time deal with that concept. A message of God to the people of what that generation. Present true true for that generation. And this truth of the Sabbath. Them share with you is the truth their school seal. Us. The all through. Listen here's how you can tell the old through all essential. New Truth is not independent of the know what and unfolding it. It is only as the old rules Listen to this. Understood that we can comprehend. When Christ is not open to His disciples the truth. Of resurrection. He began and Moses and all the prophets and expounded unto them in all the scriptures the think concerning himself. Luke twenty four twenty seven. But it is the light which shines in the fresh unfolding of prove that glorify the all listen to this though. He who with jacks or neglects the new does not really pulls us to zero for him. Oh boy. It loses its what and becomes what having a form of godliness. Keeping the Sabbath. But no power to cry sobbing lessons. Page one twenty seven for paragraph. Now here is Jesus. Dealing with the Sabbath. Back then all truth. With new light is going to see it but you've got to have the O.L. and understand the whole to accept the new look at what Jesus was trying to teach. Back to his people been so they can understand the Sabbath this would say. And it came to pass that he went through the cornfields on the Sabbath day and is a sadness began as they went to proc the ears of corn. And the first scene is room set on him the whole wine do they on the Sabbath day. That which is not a law for now he is Jesus he should have been reprimanded say you know what you write is going to be as picnic or needless concern because that's what they taught. I mean Das. The ministers. And you can Jesus define that and say Look. When a minute. He say any said under them. Have you never read what David D.. When he had need. And was a hunger and he and they that were with him. See how he went into the house of God in the days Abby after High Priest and did eat the show bread. Which is not lawful to eat but for the freeze and gave also to them which were with him. Now wish I had to maybe I should him bring it up because I don't have time straight now so it's hard to deal with someone wanting to emulate their low. And he said unto them. The Sabbath was made for who and not man for the they are for the Son of Man is one of the said. When he said there is a YA THINK. I didn't create the Sabbath. In the beginning. For man to keep it holy are created the Sabbath. So the Sabbath could keep him holding. And therefore that makes me a lot of the Sabbath because when you keep that day. I will be a lot of your life. You hear that because you want to tell you after this if you don't hear that. Ha. I said what Jesus was trying to tell them. Here is that when he said the Sabbath was not. Was was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. Therefore the Son of Man of law also of the Sabbath. Here's what he was saying. I did not make the Sabbath. Originally in man tension with the Sabbath was not for some for man to try to keep it holy. It was to keep man holy. In the very beginning. If he kept it he never want to say man. When Adam Neeson they broke the Sabbath. You'll understand why I say that better. As grown specially in the book. He said this. Sabbath. When you. When it was made to keep you holy. And when you keep that day the way I intended. It will make me a lot of your life because I am lord of that day. Now let's look at it in this new light light that a lot want to share. And if they had it taken at bases dn all what they would have been begun new. But if they had data been the people. Because he could build them on to the next level. Until we accept that we can move on you are. Because this new is built on that. None. Here is where his Sabbath true. Now remember all the last service and everything. Number say here the law. You can't serve God and Mammon in that allow of God. I mean these are saying that now. Now you know how we interpret the Sabbath. It gives you room to serve Mammon six day. Yes it does in about it. Disagree with that. I'm not I'm not I'm not the don't we are I'm not going to be cheerful. I want to explain I want to hear why you disagree and if you can explain. What does it mean if it is neat you know how when we say you can. You can do your work on six days what we talk about how we talk about. You know doing a job to make money for say six days you can do that for mammon sake. For the purpose. But the seven day. Don't do it why. Because it's not how did it because it's not how it is you want to be holy on a seven day guess well you'd stop working. Now. This baby steps. He says now. You know recently. When he gave a decision on how the innocent cake was you know. You know I'm a lead them he said. Really he wanted you to he say look I want to talk to you personally said no to Moses tell him tell him to give you the laws and then you tell us it was new all that he says will do it even he met and he said I want to I want to talk to you. I want to know we want to talk to him. Give us some laws and some rules and whatever rules are will do or covered or said that never worked a new in in the beginning but you get what you want to do. He said but I got a new covenant based on better promises not your promises about you but you going to but my promise our kids my promises not yours because your sweet to the flesh of mana strong. To the speed. OK. Now. So he says but he says he says. Remember. Remember the Sabbath day. Remember. Remember the Sabbath day. Why. So you can be ready keep it holy when the seventh day come that's how we've taught it. You know. Remember it for what. To keep it home or day every day. Now how do you keep it holy bursting. But the seven day the sabbath of the law that got in it. Not do any work. Than a son under a. Now he's in physical things. To teach spiritual lessons because this is a spiritual truth. And he's going to reach them because he knows that they're fresh and they've been in Egypt and bandies. And so he has to deal with them from a freshly standpoint. That's why you see the RAST of God. Because they didn't get couldn't understand God's love and mercy. As to you know. So anyway I can get into all that is one. So he's teaching baby steps he says. Now I know you can relate this to work but that's OK because it's teaching a spiritual lesson. I'm teaching you dear child work to San I'm teaching you work or sing. Because in order to be holy. You have to stop doing it. Get that last. Then we can get to remember to keep it holy. And then the verse that comes after keep it holy is now you can go six days of label now. Less thing is six days a labors. Is my work. And that means. I can work for mammon because I have to pay bills because I have to take hear me and my family. That's God's job stop taking his plays. That's how the Gentiles think you say you know his will that take that as a thought. Because I'm a faithful follower and I will take care of our do a better job of it than you have accrued. All you have to do is stay hooked up to me and walk in holiness. And I will do a work in what will happen. Is our will be sanctified Ucas not its use in if they kept a didn't have a sand. But not if you sin that is done. This is a sign of your sanctification as well as your creation. This is how you have sanctified. You keep it holy. And I'm a star with baby steps to go over leave it there. But you learned that if you want to be holy it can be any of you working. Because when you work in it's. So who can work a lot. You mean to Madison around know when you understand surrender. You understand. And that are. But Christ. So now to work you do is going to be off the charts. Because it's great or great as he to thin you. When he does in the world. If not all the worse because she is the work of a fresh. And they're not impressed. To serve your god. Because you act just like they did. So remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. How does what is holy he is not you were can now. Once you understand to keep it holy. Tennis is six days down. Labor and do all the work. Now I ask you after reading the law of service in all of that. What is your work. Is it the work for mammon six days or it's a serve God. Room. That's right. Because on the way you go to work at work. Is Jesus has to be working in you. You have to remember to stay surrendered. So it is not I but cries. And guess what. That's how you enter his rest. Because you are not working you know that all saves he says it. I'm the Sabbath. Come unto me. All you that label. And I have a Laden. And what will you do I'll give you rest the rest. Why. Because you will have to work you. You you rest in me. And our revive you. As I work through you. I don't get tired of the people say. Don't you need them. Don't you need a break you need to retire. You can't ever retire from is acting stop doing this. This is who I am. I love it. It revives me. You talk about vacation. Let me be. Let me be preachin in. Preachin in given God's word. And then you know. I can do twenty four seven and then there's some days I am going to mangle golf we need to know and get all of that admin and that's where they came in where when I'm on vacation people say. We do preach was a well I don't want to where you are don't know here in Miami og. Let's say hey let me preach use me let me go. You go guitar before I do. That's why as we're going to keep it right if you keep your course that are born and on and on and on and on and on. Now our mum ten from this stuff which hypes me up because I got a comma after Does this Jesus taught all in a way no way. So six days after See when. When the church get some far from God were entered by the manifest in his character where generally. That's how we hasten his comment. Because you are preaching you preaching at you can go places. If in leave me. We can go in even D.P. range around here is going to see only admin is impressed with feeling. I'm in the NE Let him a but you know we so often if you tell them I don't know what up has a feeling I'm pretty say so what. I'm go here T.D. Jakes or something like that we're impressed with that the world doesn't care about that. But you see. But what they do care is if you do see every day at the job. Only playground. At the store where median. Whoever else. Consider the van was are not they are they need to see Jesus. And they were never here. Greg. Mock or anybody else. You say you call it the mark. They call Jesus Jesus didn't. They don't call him Mr What was the last name nobody even know it. Respect is an attitude. And Jesus say. You call me see any. That was his name chains of and is to reference of your heart because you can say. Pastor Jack who went out and hate markets. Talk about me like a dog. And I respect the way you feel. And relate to me. So we can all in these titles and trip. We're getting Komi past the so what that's natural name anyway. Even get their way there a birth certificate passed the Gregory Jackson. Gregory Jackson is going to birth certificate. So so so these titles all or did not pay a doctor so and so that's the name babbling gave you you are witness. You may be witnessing in the medical feel. But you are not there for. Like all other doctors to show off your skill and try to be God who you are there to reflect the growing of God to our ambassador for Christ in the medical field. That's what you are stopped taken babblings named Ahmed gotta. I am a lawyer you better shut up dispose be a witness for. That's higher than a conception of life than you've ever known. Ambassadors for the creator of the universe. You term of being important. Now don't trip. And this is there for emphasis. But it a humble you has you know you're not worthy. You know you're not already in or make you are grateful to God that this awesome privilege to be yoked up with the crew of the universe. And he is Joe partner. Your cone laborers with Jesus. Actual talk now that's job. Probably you will hear my hope for life. So when you walk through life. See if I walk through life. And I had the most powerful person a world walking by my side. How would be afraid of anything to have a powerful man of riches person just take seven richest person in the world. Dinner. The most the toughest person when some physical. You got the gangster over here. You got the back why are the best of luck. So you got all that out of that isn't Jesus. If you walk with Jesus. What should you fear. No one even death can take you down because you're Ross and of Jesus in red if you go. They can pull that trigger in a blow to his self. After tested this for I'm not talking about some. I thought after had to face down guns I have a friend at a cost me every day my wife was right there. She every week every month because we caressed him money every month too. But but but he's in a he's going to know but he had this letter so long that once the police did kids are with him. He you know he's in there and to these come here where he went he told me when I buy medically say if that's so and so pizza company imo. I'm appealing. In my memory someone had to go to because he thought I broke up his happy home because there was shakin and Webster. Once the mate said I'm not for live like anymore he said I'm a killer so and so prison. Well the Lord impressed me to go there. And I came when I talked to him after fifteen minutes. He pulled out is he canon and say you know what. When you came into this house. Because I can T. get away with a seat criminals know the law is a I could key in my house your mouth. Oh. I'm a good shit. OK. Them. That twenty want to eleven. I'm physically Chung mentally I mean hand Shalyn levelly right I got you OK. You know he said you said you know I but he put it when you first came here I see Emma killers were asked. He said but she talked pretty strong. And after about ten minutes. A fifteen minute I say. I'm not on kill. But I'm a pistol whip him and he don't wish I killed him but he said at the end he said but you know what I want to hear more which is the number ten this actually happened. And the law impressed me to do this now don't try this at home. But I must tell you what the Lord for told me to do. Now this man threaten my family that's why I called him because he call was attack on a while because some I gave him the number and. And a calm wife and say you know he threaten my family and my wife call me hours hours out of town it's time for the I went somewhere up in D.C. for some stuff. In a way she can stay there and I said I call the guy I say look I had to call my family. You hold on don't talk to him in a more you talk to me. I'll be there what you want to say where you want us to where you want me to meet you say I want to move my mouse and I'll be there to serve to date so. And I prayed about it or impress the Lord impress me to go no to think I just took it on my own. I've prayed about in law say go with the announcement or whatever and then the Lord said to do this. He said. Offer to take him home with you. This man threaten my family. And he's a criminal. And I have a wife and young children in the last year. To offer to take them home I say would. I have more to share with you would you like to come spend some time at my house. And he said yes. He stayed at my house for about a month. Now the Lord impression I don't just do this. Trust me trust me. But the Lord tone me to do would and I did it. Bless my home. You bless my own he talked to much and see Children are you know. Are in them it was for gangster. Image. Specially boys and specially those of my blood because I was like bad and that's why the street always called me in the way. He'd have been he would tell much only said Man Don't try to be like me. He see your father is the real man and I'm trying my best be like him and ya'll need to follow your father's footsteps. Then a man dressed my heart in God is dress in the eaves spend more time after that. And here's what he told me see. He was a can. You couldn't preach to him. He had to see it. He tell me you say I never I never trusted pastors. I thought all passable. Con men and he had a good car. And I you know your past can tell me. And then he when he said he said man I have lives he said. I didn't really live like this because he came for his mother was a holiday father with the bootlegger all examples of criminals all he knew was crime. Cheating unfaithfulness everything. And he he said. I didn't know a belief. People could live like this. This it but I've seen. And I'm not. This is just tricky because the I was in suspended this point I had always been in my minutes lower Had bring me to it but you know as ever I still have faults. But the Lord. See what he saw in me was not the Falls see the glory of the law will override Joe falls. He will. That's why you can be a witness from the moment you come to him. Then as you grow him. It gets brighter. But his glory overshadows your weakness. And people feel your sincerity and a power gone in your life they feel that they feel it. And so you know. And that's what he needed and let us see it. I want him to see the Gospel. And that's what he wants in you. You don't assume have to bring him to your house. When you go to work. When you now have the Lord if you know if you connect with a lot of the Lord said do it you know. You know. And you'll be comfortable with it but don't just get in and say why her past that and say do a summer do to I you get your head blown off. So you know. But that's what that is I mean women into a mob here believe that. Where am I going to tap somebody. Oh he's back at zero dollars trouble. Oh OK I hear he say we didn't really help them help them help. Yeah you get ready get him in trouble in a way and said and doesn't are doing the work now now. So six days of labor. We do understand and rightly is the work of rightists which results in peace peace. Because Jesus is with you and your mind is stayed on him. So when trouble comes up and I was a committee more to visually. You may get a fearful. But the Holy Spirit's agree. I'm with you Jesus in only if these with you don't worry about it. The book the storm comes up a new very find a way didn't Jesus say I'm in the boat. And nowhere. When you call me to come live pray and no law instead of saying Lord analysts have this help me. Is a lot don't you do you care about us you can let us pass laws of our you said he woke up and says she said I am in a way. Stop this oh my goodness. It's a little affair of little faith who are you have with here rests with me now Matt. This in a. There is nothing to offer about what have you faced God is more than a match for. You can be more than conqueror through him. And as you walk with him and keep your mind and when you can in cheeses the Holy Spirit keep bringing it back to to maybe you know where I am not saying that only. You know my. But less and less. I have less and less worry and more more peace because the more to the spirit. The more you reap and I've been someone through Spirit so I'm going and at peace. I'm trying to add on to replace Now where's. I know immediately when because I'm so used to peace. That when I get a little bit of where I know work work work work where you've got some work to do. And it's not physical work it spiritual I have to go to Jesus and I have to be surrendered. How to use Mindanao. We won't get to that Morsi that's why the TRIED to all assume in all the say you'll be here tonight fall. And I know Jesus can do that he did it but I ain't Jesus and I can feed him for Thousand all our cancer and that yet. When I tell you what of the Lord put it a good work it but right now they always say go so I can't do it now. So I'm going to deal with them about how developed tastes. When the fear comes. Do the work of righteousness. Was that. Jesus and fight the find a face surrender me. So we think I mean I can just give it to evoke a low it's you think I you got a for us. It's a lot I'm scared to death to give it to you. This is wormy now. I got a bill here around a lot of payin to give it to you I don't know why I'm scale had. And I told him no one outside just to be on a tad and off Actually it was when it cause I had a he'll have allowed it to be what I had a bill that I had I was in school and had his term without one player made to be wiring. And he or we turned off when I say tat I said offering that the law didn't see the often as most spirited in a tad a tad legal. Spiritual is the time the law said I am not computer limit on offering you. I'm a late to decide as your walk with me determines the more you will ask my blessing the more spiritual. So I say lower than in math thing is our we's want to give more honest if so how much can I give that you would have because I want to give as much again and Laura put a certain amount of my head that's the minimum has not the max is the minimum. I'm committed to giving that paid. But then I give all kind of one a loss a gift it off. Thank you not to everyone as a spirit leaves some of when you legal rights as you say. I want to pass by anybody if somebody and. I'm a pick them up. You get get to the BEGIN to be better pick up the one Jesus or yours and you can trust it. I don't fear I don't walk in fear are rest. I give myself to the Lord I'm a share how to do that. I do that first thing in the morning like Jesus dear. Then I walk in rest. I don't worry. I don't worry. I believe everything that happens. Is order of the Lord and he intends it for good. So I just surrendered to it if I need to pray the Holy Spirit say Greg star prayer. If I need to sing a song hearing a song to my heart and I start singing. I don't have to think it out said. I need so when I need some. Because a song Help me with one another that's me. Most our hookup the Holy Spirit if I need to saying here put a song in MA and the need of pride here put a proud man lips. What have I need when I needed I am will give it. And I rest and then I don't worry so what do you do. I do whatever comes naturally. At that trust because the promise is. If you acknowledge me in all your ways are we'll. Not that I might I we'll the retro pay a swag knowledge here and now as in not just saying your god and saying I know that you are God I'm not so I'm giving you control in this. So you can be God in my life. You say you do that with everything and our audio steps and everything that happens will be for your good. Even the negative. You can get a better deal in the world. And what keeps you working with him is the fourth commandment. If you. You remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. You do you have to go to Jesus. Because otherwise you walk on in your flesh. And your flesh is not holy and you in his desires and intents are not in in line with God's purpose. Because you can't serve God and worry about some Vava in your children survival. And their safety. My key is you know when we get so maybe we do suffer because specimens of my wife. Do their mother and I got a divorce. I wasn't in the house I had to trust God in one area and they were rounded doing crazy someone I was I'd be crazy if that. And God kept me. Oh I wish I had time. Eight six a countdown. You know. Other crazy stuff. People Say. What we think will be status of discussion we've won a lot is that going home with you net. Now when you've gone past your limit he won't. In you were consciously do that I wish I had time to be there. But I've been in drug houses. And they came shooting and people next to me get killed at didn't. I don't tell me to do no one keeping me. But there's a reason what I wish I had more time. Because even in that. I still had a relationship was alone. That's why I tell young folks. I say I don't know who said. I'll tell him you don't need to be out because you see. But if you can go take these with what. Yes. Because when I went out there are two guesses with me as a lot I'm no on doing stuff that I got no business. And I'm asking you to be with me. And don't let me go too far. And you know what. When I was gone too far the Lord told me clearly say Gregory. If you don't do it now. This is it. And I prayed like a desperate man and never have turned back sense. When you go too far. You have to fight your way to hear God it will make it easy for you can stumble in the hill. Oh no you won't choose it clearly because God paid much too high price for you to dad anything who I wish we could understand him. We could deal with our children little bit better too because we make them think. If they want to go out here and try some stuff and some of them like me are determined to do it that Jesus can go with them. Stopped at Fulton's. Tell him hey maybe Jesus loves you now he's not condoning what you do. But he will never leave you. You make sure you don't leave him. Talk to him and ask him don't let you go too far and if he tells you don't go preach you better here. But do not go alone take him with You see I know we scared of that. Because we want to control them you can't control. Because they could be in a church and still be lost causes in I'm Dr older son. Never went out there. But to park your son came back home and found. Because Jesus with. And when you heard him he came. The young the oldest son who thought he was all right because he was own premises but he wasn't in the presence. And when he went and when they had a good time. Up in the big house with God He said What is all that joy about I don't know number dead I'm not here to feel work and he says you're going to mean a sudden a feel you should win and I haven't the father. Because you have ever been here with me. It was your choice to see he left the father to his own the premises but he was gone. Working out his salvation and he got mad it is younger brother when he came in and he and then in the world. And he got all this he said laws you never kill that there are these. I didn't enjoy our modern lives. I will work until I crawl so one day I can get a crime. He said that was your tours you should have been up in a big house which you could head this older time. I'm in with this. Two minutes old lowered. It is here last hour where they paid that man opinion at the came in last minute. And is a think I was so unfair because I didn't understand surrender. And wouldn't know a showman Sigrid. You know what happened in people that was working from day one. They was with Jesus all that time. Had his security. Had if he knew everything was thinking. That man is that the last hour he didn't know when it was come for see you. Because we think like that because he will. He was laboring. If you doing the right label you could you walk in coals and whole thing to do this you know it. If I get mad at somebody for finding the joy. You had enjoy if I live and I was he had a for one a new man adding one for all he get the same pay was that deformed as a dog the Jordan noise. You had a fall I was you and whether what a lot. Did what if you did now you have said he's a good way to live but you have said about you know enough what we do list and I do think that's unfair. But no sand. It was all. See when you enjoying your life. You are happy when somebody else comes and get the same joy you have does it not taken away from your joy is adding to it that you see it and are you in a cameo senses. And you got someone is goodness. Is Over abundance enough way or by Cohen up in the house and have a good time to gather your file they got it. Let's pray Dimon for help us Jesus. To learn how to keep the Sabbath home because we walk with you and serve only to you twenty four seven. I mind state alone you trust thing in depending on you and you alone. Oh geez. That's what we want. In Jesus Name. In this message was recorded at the G Y C twenty fifteen conference cold. Chosen. They form in Louisville Kentucky. U.I.C. supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based price centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C Web dot au or G.


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