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5. When the Sabbath Becomes God's Seal

Gregory Jackson


Gregory Jackson

President/CEO of Surrender Ministries Inc.



  • January 1, 2016
    8:45 AM
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This message was presented at the Jew I see twenty fifteen conference called chosen for other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y S E Web Our Jeanne Demi follow sold way for your goodness in your love and grace. Now a lot as we have always asked you before. Each meeting. Watch a spirit. An awesome way. And Goddess to the truth. That will see that will make us. The G Y C. That will assure in your coming in Jesus name we pray. And then. All right. We're going to roll I'm a have to do I have to do this manually because I don't have the the clicker here. So I'll be pushing it manually and. So today let me give Be My name is Gregory Jackson is a session fine. And the topic is surrender the bikini to receiving the seal of God now. If you have missed some of the others all of the other sessions. There there are some key issues or key. Scriptures in quotes that we have used as building blocks to get to where we are now so he might want to get the tapes or whatever they are offering here I don't know because I'm not involved with that but they're taping. Every session in. If what you hear here intrigued you. And you want to know more or you have questions but I want to make sure was silent. You can get the other tapes or whatever way they going to be selling them to the sessions. To see but I am convinced that what I'm discussing here is the missing ingredient that. That we need to get into the kingdom because we've been preaching this message for over one hundred fifty years. And the church is not getting closer to God is getting further away. And there is something missing in all these truths that we have. That is key. And what I have been sharing in the seminar. I believe to be the key as a matter of fact from my perspective. I know what years you have to hear in dinette be to sat in prayer whether you feel that way as well. But listen with an open mind because it is something that we're we're. We're not no used to hearing and Matter fact that makes me think about some of the quotes that I had before that pasta any to share here but both proud to say it. And. And you can get now also to quote all the quotes I'm doing. I had handouts but they ran out. And so you can sign up if you want to get a quote give your name and your email address in they are. This is really syndrome to you and you have them. So why are you can do that now. I'm just going to go right into it but I'm telling you what I have what I'm sharing with you not new truth but a new revelation and unfolding of the old from that will take us from one stage of truth to the next because truth is progressive and we cannot get stuck at one level for what that's when we've always believed it. Well. Then there's more truth because evidently it is that's why we're still here. Evidently it is but it did new truth. The new development unfolding of the old truth do not defy the old three day just a stab at some to be greater and expand them. And you will see that what I am giving you. Is an expansion of the truth that we have killed. But it's going to cause us to have to adjust our understanding of some things and we as those who have been following us realize we had to adjust our definition of what's good. We had it just our definition of what rightists. We had to adjust our definition of what is seen. Because the end expanded. So that it makes room to understand this fresh and new on folding of the true. Disrupted here is like we're in a college now we start off with elements three diffuses college or grad school. So I figured the say there's some things that you know jumping in on. If you haven't heard. And you might be someone having to get there. Well again. Get the teams. Now. So I'm going to jump right into it I wrestle with this thing because I've ripped all around some gorgeous impressed with no changes and I've been trying to search you have still in the process. But God will work. We will be working on the run so be praying with me. As we go through this. Let's start here. Because yesterday. I talked about the Sabbath and we had a fresh unfolding of back and. And basically what. What to sum up what the Sabbath is. We have to disagree see it. We six days. We can do hourly but which is what the Bible says and the seventh day. We stop. That labor. Because we the Sabbath is holy and the reason we stop. That labour is because that Labor is secular. And it is what on hold now. But you know let's we are the not that established a basis right there in the basis of truth that it established. There is our work is on hold but there's more to understand. There's going to expand. Is going to expand on that if our work is wholly unholy. Then if we are going to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Then we can not do any work. Any time. Because God wants us to walk in holiness twenty four seven. But he has to meet us where we are and so he was dealing with the children his record just come out of Egypt and. He had to do baby steps. And a status. A basic truth. In the basic truth. Is this in an order to go to the next truth. You have to understand this. Any of our work is sinful. If it's going to be holy It has to be the work of the Spirit. That's what about says don't walk in the fresh. Those who walk in the flesh cannot please go on because the flesh does not know God will never know God does not trust God and will never be converted. It has to be killed. And the Sabbath. Truth is when fully exploded on to stew on fold it will teach us. And keep us. Walking in the spirit and never walking in the flesh. And in order to understand that you must understand the missing ingredient which is daily surrender of the will. Which is the substance of everything in the Bible. And if you don't have that substance. Your interpretation of the of the scripture. Even though you'll be quoting it will be all for kilter. And that's why we are still here. The missing ingredient is surrender of the will now. I don't know if I remembered to put these quotes in here because I did this. Despair for you know ran down the ramp and get here so let me let me just back it up because I think I can get it there from Bear. I'm thinking. I can go there but if it's that not at the end of it I'm not going to keep going back. OK. I'm going to go here. The first step in the path of obedience is to what. That's the first step. We've been jumping straight to obedience. How do you serve get rights is about zero six we define sin this way. Sin is what go straight to keep in the law. And it's true. But a deeper. Definition of sane is not agreeing with God. Not being in Jesus Christ. Then I will put even more simply. The clearest definition of thin is walking in your flesh. Anything you do in the power of your freshly wheel or your freshly grid is C.N.N.. If it's not Jesus in you that's why the title of this is G. Christ in me. Equals G. what I see the doorway we can be the generation of you for crimes. Is that we live by the mocked we're not I but Christ. Not I'm a crisis known to live by that we must allow Christ to crucify our friends. Every day. And the way we do that is by surrender of the will. Because when we give Jesus control of our Will every day. Then he has our total life. In his hands. Because he was a high. I am surrender all you know you have you must surrender all every day. And then God as you have fellowship with the Lord. His process of judgment because he is light in him is no documents. And if you have an intimate walk with God Christ is in you. The law of the spirit of live those of you that have been the law of the spirit of life. Will reveal. And shed light on the things that we have been doing in the flesh and. Even though we've called it wholly sinful because it was not caught. And that's why it says the Holy Spirit will convict you of sin it didn't say since probably sin. Single sin singular is walking in the power of your flesh in a problem. Let me just back up one more step. When Jesus when God created us. He breathed into us the breath of life. Now folks that breath of life was not just physical life because you know what. When he gave life into the animals they have physical life. He didn't breathe into them. And I think there need to cook and bargain. This him a code. He didn't breathe into them. His spirit. We he breathed into man he say in then he said man was made in the image of God. What makes us in the image of God in Carl first Corinthians six. Tells us. Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. When he breathed life it was more than physical life. But I believe that it was the Holy Spirit and we're man and mankind Evony sin. They die. That very day because the Spirit of God left them and they were spiritually dead. That very day. And so were walking dead man looking to find life in Jesus Christ. We don't read that in a minute. So the only way you. And so when we are trying to keep the holy. In our getting us. If seen everything we do in it is seen that for the first step in the path of obedience. Interest to surrender we also Jesus can kill the flesh and call the to be born again. In the spirit. Let me just say this while I'm damned if give you know to review now. There. That doesn't mean this is not the Wizard of Oz It's not like you click heels in you in Kansas all of us that know you we're all in growing snap. But there is no condemnation in Christ. Because in Christ there's a law that guarantee. If you stay in him. You're going to be. What you need to be. When you need to be here. And so if the Bible says. We don't know what we shall be when we do know this when we when he opinions. We shall be like him. And the only way that is going to happen. Is something above and beyond our humanity must be in control. Christ in you. Christ in me. The hope of glory. And we preach that in that's in Colossians one twenty five the twenty seven states. Wherefore we preach. Warning every man. To be perfect in Christ and the way in the power that a gives us to preach it is there. The end he is working by his power in us. Working in us mightily. We can increase the gospel unless we didn't surrender. With power. That's going to convict the world. To get into all the world. One more thing. Or if I go along we have unity it out but I'm doing some review so you can have a least some bases Jesus is not windy. For us to get this gospel into all the world. I want to say it again because you see you know using what Deneb I will say discussed we don't want to yes it doesn't say that but it doesn't say that that's what he's waiting for this very problem it's clear was when the soul is second to three. God is not flat concern but is not willing that any should perish. But that also come to not. So then said What kind of man I will only spotless and without going. He's waiting in the in spirit profits of his in crisis of the lesson I call it is the inspired commentary. Are tells us in crisis object lessons basics in an crisis waiting for the for the manifestation of his character to be perfectly. Reproduced in these people. All of this gone tion to sealing the give receiving the seal of God and rejecting the mark of the beast which is the topic for today. Says yes so that's there he's waiting for us to manifest a character. When his character. The more his characters it's in the way we hasten his coming. So we're all who know we're his followers. Reproducing his character. How quickly this gospel. Who go into all the world wants. Jesus wants in it and then it tells the Romans eight twenty eight. He will finish the work. And he will cut it short. Have in right. This the only to delay is he's waiting on his people able to see. Stop thinking that she which increase was good because of the works. You think you're rich an increase for good because you say you keep the Sabbath only and you got all of the. You have no need of in effect. It's a but you don't know your spiritual condition all their rights is this you have to buy it from me. All the love you have to say. Now you have to baffle me because if you look in the church today just be honest. If you look in the church today. You don't see the majority of the people. Manifest in the food to the spirit you see manifesting the works of the flesh with all this knowledge we been preaching with WE'VE BEEN can discuss when we say we have to get to this a country in Africa we have got to get. And we don't take that same gospel the way we would prefer to them and manifest the same kind of Jesus is not waiting for humanity. To do his work. He is waiting for humanity. To let him do his work in them. So he can do his works through video. And when we get on that key. Jesus will do a work of judgment. Quickly. That's why the judgment is good news. Oh my goodness am God to this thing yet. But it's still a part of it. We always have free will and I know when I was little of scared of judgment. And that's why there's been within the work. People have come up and say that just when it's not possible. Well. In a sense they have a point in a sense. See every era. It has some truth in it you better believe that the US about what power would have. There is an element of truth they did the way we have been preaching it is not possible because the old school and I'm for generation I know what we preach than know it well we certainly do have you say have you scared to say Will you better make sure when Jesus comes your name. You better be right now remember where they are. I mean the first time I eat into the movie or asset of diskette the death of say Lord please don't come in a man named where Tiger not mounted on now not now if he can have negative heathy. And that's why he wants us to take this. This couple and it says. Having the administering gospel was the everlasting Gospel Jesus say that's the bread Gospel that's everlasting. And then you have manifestations or expansions on that theme Jesus saved in that and it tells death generation. Exactly what God is doing to save that generation. The Gospel for no as they get up and all. I was present through. That's how Jesus was working to save that generation. Now you can have a whole lot of problems you can have more than one wife. Abraham. You could be doing a whole lot of things but one thing you have to do you have to hear that present true gospel of how the Jesus was working to save that generation and if you did not walk in that present through. You would be lost if you get up and then you go on down the line. You know if present to present through for the day is this. Fear God and give him grow rare. How you're going to do it why. For that hour of his one. Judgment has come. That's the gospel for to day. That's the good new moves for the day. That's telling us how genes is the saving. But if you're not taking the first step and surrendering to we owe. He can not judge you because judgement is revealing. Every Secret Thing. And that's good news. Before he comes down. The in time just mean is what we basically. When it comes your name is all over now with you walk with Jesus. The like bullshit because as you walk with him. The judgement will be revealed and he'll show you everything you need to know. And if you do the work. Surrender. Jesus were cruising you up so that we need comes you will look like. That's good news I'm afraid some I was in a service I went to Vietnam. God bless me they even in my foolishness that's another story. But but but here's what they did. They told us that the inspector general was coming to inspect our borders. Now if you've been in the service especially when you know are we doing what have they won't you. When the spec generally I mean this white glove. Inspection. Do you want to have a white glove with your wife all over town the cracks everywhere. If he sees any speck of dust. You fail you fail. So when I say. So it's like judgment and say. But the pre won't this is the look. The inspector general has come for you better get the stuff together. Now that isn't that it. The government better net. Here's with the gospel is now. If the we had to get our self together on the net. F. humanitarian. Gospel is Jesus game and come. When he comes you can look just like you because you don't look like him. You can burn up. Now because the same is sinners. Centers. Combustible and the presence of diva sets in on five. He's going to consume sin same can stand in his presence. And if we have a spike in us. So that's why for can say I'm going into the rocks. Thing but he came after me. There is no I didn't price. It was in your it's coming out. Now if you got Christ in you. Good to go. He's with Ghodsee take this gospel have just been into all the way. Left. The people of the world know what I'm doing in heaven right now. That's going to save them. I'm going to show. Every secret sin and all you have to do is agree with me. And serene and say yes launch right. I'll forgive you. We are we with do it those of you I will forgive you and I will clean Joie. And if you keep on when I finish there's not going to be any more saying he's going to seal it. You know he will to it. He will kill would he will to ask good news it make you say she's a wrestler has an opportunity. And not said that because a when Adam and Eve did Jesus has made up the difference. And now all I have to do is what they did make a decision for G.T. like a choice or some have to do. And Jesus will do the rest. Hey. All of this is good news. So don't get mad because of what I had I'm a needy. Because we're sin about it creates this much more about Jesus made up the difference. Now you have no excuse there will be nobody. That will be the standard for go and give a good reason. A good reason why to be saved because of the good just untrue and I plan on being a teen. If somebody that i love can come to the loss of a lot I was lost because so and so was foolishness in the food to stop me from he knew. If they if that's the dumbest a lot you came burn him. No I don't agree with that LHO was free. What ever happened. I my grief made up an animated so to you all you had to do the same thing Adam and Eve had to do every day but had gotten better Ina Garten make a choice. Are you going to let me be daughter of your life are you going to be on your own. Are you going to surrender to me and let me work in you. And stay in abiding you are you know abiding me. I want to remain a temple of the Holy Ghost because if you do. You can be as much like me as we possibly can be. I'm going to be a world. I'm give you a kingdom. You were over whatever you say name animals in F. whatever name you give their name because you are the challenge of son and daughter of God. Your Man. And you got to be like me and I want you to rain like me I want you to be as much let me as possible for you have to have free will and you can choose who you will serve but I tell you if you choose any other. God in me which is yourself. Then you will die. And you lose it all. And guess what I got a plan and points for that too. And I'm Not Gonna Let You Go Daddy's the devil. In the angels were me when God made that move. He soon. What kind of god. This is. We are a theater for the world. Even the NGOs are beginning to understand God better because of us. This thing is going to settle the issue. Not just for this world. But for the universe and sin will never arise again because everyone have seen the results of it. And they say we do not want that to ever happen. And the redeemed. Are going to be closer to God than any other creation. Because of what I'm going to share with you today. If I get a get to the. How has so much more of one ten when I get this is exciting. This is true. And it just unfolds and falls in place when you put serenity in the right place. Everything else falls flat. Set up that's clear to me now. No I never understood how judgment was good news. This is good news because the guarantees. It's again. The only thing is that if they if the general spec to join if they told me the Spectre general is going to come but before he comes he will give you time he will come there and show you everything that's wrong and help you clean it up so that when he comes you're guaranteed to pay it all when when. If anybody's lost. Can I do I have time to telephone. My oldest son got killed. And one that was named after me. When I formed. I saw him come into wows in the birthing place to help the birth process. And when I saw him and. And I felt so I don't walk out of the hospital afro I said that's much how he's got a member and give him a name. Twenty four years later I got a call. I was in the ministry said in reply to nobody said Reverend Jackson. I didn't try to take can explain to him. We shouldn't call a reverend go. Yes. Your surname Gregory Jackson. We're calling to let you know he's been killed in a mine. I don't know man can reprimand at night at a restaurant store where I rushed down. I was living in Cleveland. I'm no where else passing at the time he was in Huntsville Alabama where he used forty four years old he was. He was a golden challenge. He was twenty four years old he was twenty four years old. Thank you always do that he was twenty four years old and he had his life in order so that when he did pass. He had a fiver for one Qaeda was obvious to his mother was able to survive on that for wife. Years. What new cog to new to cost was younger brothers. Paid there. Because they were in college I was paying their tuition and she paid for their apartment for a year me and then she did him and he was he was he was he was. It was special. I walk. When we drove down there. And I went into the room I see he's laying on a sled slab. And he hadn't cleaned them up when I saw holders he would be killed him. They never did find who did it. Later on the Lord show. Revealed through my younger son who was in a way that is it didn't matter. Long story short I priest I preached his unity with power in the place was packed up at their place. Out. It was packed in expected to see me broken up. But God has spoken could normally now me tell you the night after I was asked for him on a slab and I said I want me. I want home I went to sleep. And I went so deep in depression that when I waken I'm telling you literally I could not see. I was. And I felt like I would just fall in a dark. Deep in this pit. And I couldn't stop myself as a free fall. I mean I actually felt this way. I only felt that way one of the time when I was tripped out of acid and I would die in the Lord save me. While the same thing here because our own and then like I'm up like just die and really feeling like it. And one little light of thought came into my mind see it. Talk to God. Talk to God. I start talking to a messy lot. I made a deal with you. Once she gave me understanding of this message I see a lot. I'm all the way for you but you have to give me guarantee that you're going to check my family especially my children. Because the devil can't get to meet and I was in you. But he will come after my family. And I'm putting my children. I'm on import of much was in danger because of my decision. So you don't have to give them extra grace. In the food. For one. When I went home. You gave me the shorts and you see if you will give him every opportunity. Even like you did on the people across last minute. And I do it as it is good enough. And I don't seem like you did your part of your part of the body. Well he's began to talk to me. And I can go through all of but here it's because it's a person experiencing God knows how to talk to that individual what they need. And all I needed was this in this is what he convinced me. This is what he can dismiss grade. I did my part. That's all he had to say to me. I did my part. After that I was good. I was screwed. I said oh cool. If you did Joe Pa that I know the power of your love and know you I love in God and you will go through with an hour. And I want to save us all. And if you did that for much I am good. Because one thing I know is this. I know my child's character plus got it worked out now. Help me here. He worked out with my son told me about a month before and said Dad I have God has been working I want to change my life. Because he was good but he was about money. Most people say oh you got a good chat. Now. He you know him in his last year but he love money. You serve Mammon. Even serve God. You know. And you can be lost and his situation came over me to be told in no story. But it was so I say. I knew that his heart is not that hard that he will fight off. Once you show me. And let him see your loving giving that last you know me. So if that man did that you. If you were handed gather. You were given time together. I'm good and here. And I preach a sermon. With power and authority and I encourage my children I say look and was great when we would all my heart and they bleed because they know of my connection with God They know there is real and we made a pact that day in his work and now because the of Cheney turn around their lives had then that might be in will start happening there now. Wish I could tell but in a way we mere fact I say less if you love me. Let's make a pact that we can be a family for ever and we will see Gregan it can't. And they believed it because again that's. And so that's what they put in a way of seeing an actor in a People may say. How can he have this. You see. God can wipe away. Every team. If we surrender. I don't beat people up with me. When we love mine. But I'm telling you we shouldn't we like folk that have no home. Don't we we all wonder why I see that. But if you see we see if you connect with the law in the Spirit of God is in you. He can speak to you and you hear his voice My sheep know my voice. And he can. Then you can say grade and this whole album in lower Manhattan is thing that. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT listener. Here's a thing their time. When in mockumentary. I miss much are I just want to hear his voice. It or not sometimes if you before I could just pick a phone and call him because he's the sake. You don't just hear his voice. Here I'm OK dad. When those terms come. I talk to my God because he says in your life he said I am not only the resurrection. I am the light meaning. The reason I can read him back up because your life is in me. And if you had a right walk with me. You can still feel the presence of your son. Me. This is the true for the state of the day. We get all in the CD D.V.D.'s get facts. And we fall apart when I Love was that. Because we don't have a true. The fact is all the soul. Happens we go back in the day didn't we can tell all of that but. But we don't know that if you. Not even cry she already day. But if you're in Christ this life. And that life is in Christ. So when I want to feel the presence of my son. Apps for us closer to. And he heals me. And that's why the Comforter can comfort you because he says he is how awful. Jesus is a handsome. Jesus is here. You could wave. He's a true. My if. If you don't get anything else out of this get fat kid. OK Let's roll. As Rome. Who. I don't plan to do all that but I guess the Lord did it in a way. Anyway. The first tell me. In the past of obedience is to Sabrina the will to God. That's the missing ingredient. And we go we're going to deal practically in my sick section which is tomorrow. We if at all possible. Be say. OK now the war. Now. If I'm just reading. One thing yourself the greatest better because people. Well that's nothing no no that's everything. It's great is better you'll have a phone going to bury us to forty five and Jesus will give the strength to fight that battle. See. So the union of self surrendering all to the will of God requires that when you yourself there in you you. The that's the will you give him permission to take control we can be the last paragraph in Sept The cries. The chapter in consecration the last path. You say you know we make promises in Iraq the sand we're going to do good. You had obeyed. We can stop them with and they're like ropes to say. You don't do it you don't do is A You need to understand the power of the will. Then it tells you what you will is the choice is a week we cannot we cannot change. Our hearts we can't stop loving what we love we can't go. None of that we can do he said but we can make a choice. We can choose to serve him. How do you do. You can give him your will give him your will give him permission to control your life. And then he'll work in you both to will and to do. And he won't do it without your permission. It's not like you'll be a robot people say or do not become a robot No you don't because that's why you have to choose it every day is the correct use of your choice is not he doesn't do away with your choice. He says you use it correctly. Come back into connection with me. And you won't lose yourself. And that's in my first book I've dealt with and I tell you about I have it to be bullshit. It's real to tell it would be as we've seen when our greatest fear that if I give God control of my life. Our loons. Myself I will. I won't I become a robot No you won't. You'll be more freedom you have a war because sin makes you a slave. You don't have a choice and then I know I've done a call myself I just want to be free to enjoy myself. But once you get hooked up here you now free. You people say well if you all are free stop doing it. Stop doing it. You can stop now all of you say why do you stop that whatever we do when you issue. When some people say well I don't have a problem. That's your problem right now. Now the using of suffering onto the little guy will cause a struggle. Because humanity fresh wants to be God. That's what sitting there taking God's praise. Oh I'm obey the commandments. You can't be the commander in if your fest does it is sand so stop calling stinking it's right isthmus and we're preaching that across the world and God is God is accepted that that's what we were Course in one thousand nine hundred eighty try to get us to understand rights is by faith. Which is Swindon until you see you can talk righteous by faith in the steel. Doing God's work. Because writing about her writings by faith like this. Well if you know if you have enough faith in Jesus. You keep. You keep the commandments perfectly. You keep it. And I'm not against you know. Perfection. The right way I am against perfectionism. Perfectionism is holy flesh. Meaning. You can obey. If your faith is right. You can obey it. Well as if your faith. If not show faith in a way as Jesus prayed. And when is Jesus face. You don't take to credit for it and you don't quite seem to be all that right if you will never quite be because you a costly seen how to know French yourself or even when you're not falling to it you still see it. And so that's why you never feel that whack a wry. Because the closer you come to Jesus the more you see how ugly. You are naturally and. If you now fall into it you know it's only by His grace Achree trip. Because it's not me. It's Christ in me to give him the glory. Because all I am. I am because of him. Whole help and OK let's I'm almost are going REAL FAKE ass now talking Firefly you know. That's when ya him you got him I don't have the revenue. No man can serve two masters his is a lot. I am going to need to understand for them. No man can serve too much you hate the one love the other. You cannot serve God and Mammon Either way we have interpreted the Fourth Commandment is six days you can labor and serve Mammon. Oh yes. Yes ma'am and his money. You know. Six days you have to work in trying to get money. That's your purpose. And I have a nanny and you want to bring God in it. You want to do some witnessing. Instead of be a witness. When I had to stop doing witness and. You know we were well we would feel like if I go on past are now of Afghan my job as we go away and really. I'm not and I'm not telling you not to grandparent or don't get me wrong. But I'm am telling you that is not what the Lord is waiting for. And that's not what the world when they're waiting to see Jesus and they want you to beat a little child could that piece of paper mean anything to them. They don't know who these people are we're all excited about. They don't notice people as a name a stranger to them and God still worked with that but we can get into the kingdom with that god we get a little little trick Lin's because God got to see if we get out the way our poor Siobhan's. We think we do and someone we. We know in a year we baptize Or thousand a still. I'm a one church. If we go there. I don't think we can do that will give Saturday. But for what Jesus will do will make her look like. Nothing. And we need time. We need to stop wander down here. It's time to go home. Time ago. You know one thing. So we can't. We can so move to the fresh six days. That's another law. Last Song and we thank you so to refresh you recruits do so to the spirit we have a lasting longer Now what do you feel more nature's corruption or everlasting life. And we keep doing the same thing what we've been doing and insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Now I am I do grading to save us no I'm expanding it. When you get to right. When you get to the substance of his preaching in the right place. Then you understand how Sabbath. Will do with C.. And God says. OK I accept that where you are eight hundred eighty eight he was going to expand it then but the leadership. I don't why I'm even inspired. Inspired. You know the opposite of what this is it is it. Chasing what is OK to be a much or. But. But I have to work with and. And so we still in a thing of. Well the Sabbath is in if you. And his. So they're God's people that are walking in Sabbath truth. They just don't have a day yet. But they're resting in Jesus. That's the Sabbath. Truth. The Sabbath fact is the seventh day if the it's not the rest is Assam and the sand. Will be legitimate. When the pressure comes. And a lot say is that in other churches. When I call them because they have the relationship. They know me and they know my voice. And when I call them going Kong. All alone I got ten minutes I mean hit it. Here we go. Let me do this. I'm of all right here. I'm all right here. And we're right here. I had a whole lot of other stuff. I mean. Acting. You know I think people. I can duplicate do OK let's go here. Oh I hear. I don't him down. How we have there talking about rest as time a Hebrew. But if you see this. Let me just say did you say if I had he given the rest I will get it. Then. Would he not after would have spoken of another day every minute there for a rest. To the people of God For he that is entered into his rest. He also sees from its own work. As God get from here. He had feet from his who always you can see from your own works. It led Jesus for Jesus crucified your flesh. That's the only way you can see. And you came into the into rest because if you do need. You work in Hollywood. If prices do need your resting here instead of getting weary good move on average but our understanding of the Sabbath has to be expanded. Where is. We don't think that the labor for the six days is different from the labor of God because all six days we often own in the seventh day we try to get hold of you can so. And nattering. And we are so in six days. To one sixty one. What it out you know as we can get into the kingdom like that. What six does NOW NOW NOW NOW. If I can get the rest of it. Six is the number of the name of the beast. Now that man of sin. One man cannot control the whole world. Unless the whole world. Relates to what he talking about. If you have the number of the name name is character six. If you still have that number. You depend on your flesh. And when the beast tells you you can no longer depend on your friends. Unless you sign up. I don't care what you know intellectually illogical. Just like we fall apart when we lose our lose loved ones even though we know. If the facts about the seated a day. Guess what you will sign up. Because you will say. How can I make it up and you see dependent on. I've been six days. Working in mastering. Now you can see how many I can work in my strange and all. What I'm not going to if you have been keeping the Sabbath holy. And in six days. Doing the work taken no thought but seeking first the Kingdom of God is right is this. You were just doing ministry. I don't have time to cover that get the tapes of already dealt with there that mindset of ministry. You still do the same thing people say well you come a walk in and home with at the still pay bills. Jesus knows you have to pay bills. You not tell any other me just tell you the main form a witness that the world is waiting for. If we you to go to your job with ministry man said. For you to go to the store with ministry mindset for you to do whatever you do with ministry man say. And the gospel is being preached. Every day through you around the world. And people will see. And if there is a meeting that they need to come to the Holy Spirit was something amiss. The to preach in the we like to sit up here. And it's just like the world. There's one man up there. And we worship the many and feel that we can do evangelism. Unless we get to Great may stop it. We need the Holy Spirit. And he's in you and you are the man you are the woman. And we are the people. And when got people going to fast on guard and left God manifest himself in them. The last message them or some quote now. The last message the message will be a revelation of his cat to it in. He is people. Now. So the ceiling. Let me come here. Don't have time. Is Us a day. Let me get here. Let me I get that I get that I get that come. Let's get here that's a ha. That got to get this I'm here to pay for the think where mom. Five minutes. Oh here pay for the thing here they that what key N. What else. Ha. You cannot keep the commandments without having the faith of God. Faith in Jesus came to see. We've been trying to keep the commandments. But these are they are the ones that's going to be C.E.O. are the ones that are going to keep the can keep the commandments of just. God and keep the faith of Jesus. First of all you've got to get to fifty years. If you keep the Sabbath right you keep the faith of Jesus. And if you keep the Sabbath you will keep the commandments. But without the faith of Jesus. You cannot because he is now he's had a fifty's company. That's one hundred up with hopefully I can do it. I'm Chris from Christ. But I will do it this way. I would do it this way. Yeah I didn't see the other number of his name number of his name is sixty all it says Let us hear wisdom let him that understand kind of the numb of the beast for. It is the number of a main. It is the number of all mankind that's why the man of same for we always for. We focus on a fact but I would ask the Pope does the pope. Know what you. The pope is just going to convict you. If you got a number and if we don't and that's why God says get this thing right now. This is our message. This is what we're supposed to teach with our lives. And that's the only way the fix is going to get out of the stone so hearings. A more I would have cause really feasible to want. We are by nature children read that's the way we are we have the quick and by God because we are going to be in a man of sin that's when we get out into the all or I can go to our we did. Here's what I want in the late afternoon was six flesh. Am crucified with Christ number seven seven His righteousness. For completion. The Sabbath. He is the Sabbath coming to me all you that leave us. Six and I will give you rest seven. I am crucified. Apps six natural greed and crucified with Christ. Seven. Nevertheless I was increased by seven Lear. Yet not. Asked six because his day. But Christ. Seven lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh. Alamy about a phase of the son of the faith of Jesus not just faith in Jesus. His faith his righteous. His power His speech. He is Joe I his all. And what we're doing now is G. the as we daily civil and everything. Walking in judgment. God through judgment will reveal the six. We repeat confess. Agree with him and swindle. He forgives and cleans us and puts more seven less. Then he and the more we walk with him he could five six more seven five six mo seven. Phil Phil he gets it all the way seven. And then he will call me when the food is bought for the meeting be he put it in the sickle because the Hobbit says Come crisis waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself number salmon. Fully in his church. When the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people. Then he will come and judgment is the way he will do it. That's why it's the gospel or to NEW DAY Let's pray Devaney father. Please take away the six and seal us with the said. Help us to cooperate in agree with your work. The work of churchmen. And then Lord. As we have had we can give it to other US. So that all who want to be saying we will see. Indeed with maybe. Thank you this message was recorded at the Jew I see two thousand and fifteen conference called shows and they form and level Kentucky. Q I see the supporting Ministry of a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W G Y C web.


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